Ultimate Green Lantern

Ultimate Green Lantern is a reboot of DC's original Green Lantern and is set in the Ultimate DC universe details of the Green Lantern origin has changed, e.g Hal Jordan is not present in this timeline and a new Human has become the Green Lantern a young man named Tom Dragon, Sinsestro was never a villain and the Green Lantern corps is the only corps in the univserse at the moment


Nineteen-Year-Old Tom Dragon is just an average Farmboy and is getting ready to enlist in the army but before he can enlist he sees a huge green light drop in the forest he goes to investigate it and he sees a huge hole in the middle of the forest and sees an ship with an alien inside it Tom is shocked to see that Aliens actually exist he attempts to help the alien but the alien says no and introduces himself as Abin Sur and says that he is dying from a battle with a predator named Parallax and tells Tom that the ring chose him, puzzled by what he's talking about Tom thinks he's losing his mind. Abin Sur tells him to take the lantern also and speak the "Oath" and dies, Tom takes the ring and lantern and goes back home and attempts to speak the "Oath" after many times of failing he finally succeeds and is suddenly taken to another planet: Oa and becomes unconscious. When he awakes he finds himself in a green costume then he is greeted by a rookie Green Lantern named Tomar-Re and explains about the Green Lantern corps after the lecture Tom decides not to enlist in the army and become a superhero and protect Earth as the Green Lantern

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