The Ultimate Dc Cinematic Universe was created by Zach Snyder and Christopher Nolan. All of these films are a part of the same universe Man of Steel is in.

Phase 1 J.L.A origins

Man of Steel (2013) Already made

Worlds Finest-2015 Bizarro, The Joker, Lex Luthor

Green Lantern Year One- 2016,  Manhunters, Sinestro post credits scene only

The Flash- 2016- Captain Cold

The Batman 2017- Court of Owls

Justice Leauge-2018 Vandall Savage, Parademeons

Phase 2 J.L.A reassembled

The Batman Gotham Night-2019 Catwoman, Hush

Green Arrow-2019, Count Vertigo

Superman Ends-2020

Green Arrow/ Green Lantern-2021

Green Lantern  Rise of the Guardians-2022

Aquaman king of Atlantis-2022

Wonder Woman 2 Force of Ares- 2023

The Batman Legend-2024-  Maxie Zeus, Ra`s Al,ghul, Talia Al,ghul.

Justice Leauge 2-2026- Darkseid

Phase 3 J.L.A Rises

Young Justice-2027, White Martians

Wonder Woman 3 Invasion 2027 - Ares, Hades

Green Arrow Returns-2027 Myrlen, Deathstroke

The Batman Forever-2028 Bane,  The Riddler

Man of Steel Returns-2028

The Flash 3 Zoom-2029

Green Lantern Sinestro Rises-2029

Justice Leauge 3 Elseworlds-2030 Elseworlds Superman

Phase 4 New J.L.A

Young Justice 2 path of the broken Future-2031

Green Arrow 3 Rise Of Deathstroke-2032


Batman and Robin-2034

Young Justice 3 Graduation Day-2035

Phase 5 Titans


Nightwing 2-2036


Teen Titans-2037

Superboy V.S Superman-2037

World`s Finest New Generation-2038

Teen Titans Go-2038