This is based off Tyrannux's work, just without his OCs as compiling a very loose canon where not only would Goku & Superman have to fight each other but they would actually have a reason to.


Justice League

The Bat Pack

  • Son Goku/Overdriver (Sean Schemmel): A carefree, cheerful & friendly, but serious, aggressive & strategic-minded Saiyan who has several Ki-based abilities & was a former sports star in the Tenkachi Budokai before his ex-wife, Chi-Chi & youngest son, Goten were imprisoned in the Shadow World by the vengeful demon Akuma. Having lost the taste for professional fighting, he was without purpose until he was approached by Batman to fight the forces of evil.
  • Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon (Stephanie Sheh): A carefree girl with an enormous capacity for love, compassion & understanding who, after her 2nd reincarnation following the defeat of Chaos, chose to let the other Sailor Scouts live their lives & carry the burden alone thanks to the Silver Crystal which she made into a combat staff that can cast illusions or disguise herself, but was taken in by Batman so she wouldn't have to fight alone anymore.
  • Chibiusa/Sailor Mini Moon (Sandy Fox): The future daughter of Usagi & Tuxedo Mask in the 30th century; she arrived in the past through the use of Trunks' time machine to warn her future mother about an upcoming threat to the cosmos that she could not handle alone, which more than proves Usagi's acceptance of Batman's offer as a good decision in hindsight.
  • Trunks (Eric Vale): Vegeta's son from the future; when his timeline came under threat from the same dark force that nearly wiped out the 30th century, he was forced to use his time machine to go back to the past and warn the Justice League to get their act together and unite in order to stop the threat before all of reality was destroyed, though he is dismayed to learn his father is all too willing to allow the dire events to happen in order to get a proper challenge. He and Chibiusa are close to one another due to their similar histories as the future heirs of once powerful alien empires.
  • Ichigo Kurosaki/Deadface (Johnny Yong Bosch): A Soul Reaper who was swept up into working with Scarecrow after being abandoned by the very allies who refused to help him restore his Zangetsu, but the Bat Pack brought him out of the darkness & back towards the path of the hero.
  • DLN No.001 Rock/Mega Man/Mega Man X (Yuri Lowenthal): A robot originating from the Farwood, created by Dr. Light's research of the Reality Gem, but was left unfinished after he died at the start of the Robot Master Rebellion on their home planet. Despite being incomplete, he still singlehandedly stopped the Rebellion & even later got his completed form, though he gained a lack of sympathy & tolerance for his new enemies, while retaining his humanity. He can copy the powers of other beings.

Super Avengers

  • Lord Bilsaratourioxus/Beerus (Jason Douglas): A beast of legend awakened by the creation of the Infinity Gauntlet to help stop Thanos & left him too wide awake to return to his slumber, so he chooses to carry out his divine duties & deal with the aftermath of its creation with his God of Destruction powers.
    • Whis (Ian Sinclair): Beerus' martial arts teacher & attendent who wields chronokinesis, which can allow him to rewind time, though only for 3 minutes, often whenever Beerus makes a mistake or does something stupid.

Additional Members

  • Saitama/One Punch Man (Max Mittelman): A stoic superhero who, by all outward appearances, is just some dork in a crappy discount Superman costume, but because he's endorsed by Ken the Eagle & even working as his partner. Mary are now wary of his true potential, which he attributes to a daily training regimen of 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, a 10-km run, eating right & not using the air conditioner or heater to reinforce his mental fortitude.
  • Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury (Kate Higgins): A quiet but intelligent bookworm in Usagi's class with a rumored IQ of 300; her power was originally handed down to Usagi to allow her a chance to achieve her dream of being a doctor, but circumstances forced her to reassume her mantle in the wake of the Titan's recent rampages. She currently works in the tech division of the Justice League, using her personal tablet to research anything and everything the team needs for their missions.
  • Minako Aino/Sailor Venus (Cherami Leigh): A perky dreamer and leader of the Inner Senshi; her power was originally taken by Usagi to allow her the chance to find love free of her curse, but circumstances involving the Titan have forced Mina to reassume her mantle. A veteran superhero in her own right before uniting with the other Senshi, Mina tends to work alongside All-Might in galvanizing the junior members of the League into action.
  • Rei Hino/Sailor Mars (Cristina Vee): An elegant shrine maiden; her power was originally handed to Usagi to allow her the chance to follow her dreams of practicing the family trade of watching over the Hikawa Shrine, but she was forced against her will to become a Senshi once more due to the upcoming threat of the Titan. She and Usagi have always been at odds with one another over their many differences, but the recent struggles against the newest incarnations of evil have put their friendship to the absolute limits, to the point where Rei has started to meet up with Vegeta and the Saiyans in secret to discuss whether or not she should join a more forceful team in ensuring the Titan is dealt with in a more permanent manner...
  • Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter (Amanda C. Miller): A girl who was a student in Usagi's class & has immense physical strength; her power was originally taken by Usagi in order to allow her a chance to live a normal life free from bullying, but recent events have forced Makoto reassume her old powers in order to assist Usagi in battling the threat of the Titan. Makoto is both the moral center and powerhouse of the Senshi, knowing the great responsibility the Justice League and Avengers must uphold to protect the civilians of the world regardless of their desires to live their own lives.
  • Ryoko Habuki/Seductra (Mona Marshall): An artificial lifeform created by an unknown party for an unknown purpose. She doesn't remember the past nor does she really care as she's a In The Now person. Her morality is on mood swings & she's a hopeless romantic to boot.
  • Tsuyu Asui/Froppy (Monica Rial): A native of Genosha with frog-like abilities who was inspired by stories of Spider-Man & went out into the world to use her powers to help others, but then upon finding out what has become him, she surprisingly puts off all her other affairs on hold & helps Raven try to get Spider-Man out of the pit he fell into.

Suicide Squad

  • Tatsumaki/Brainstorm (Marieve Herington): A girl who Amanda Waller see as a Avenger replacement as her telekinesis make her a godsend, despite her callous misdemeanor & general disregard for human life.

Other Characters

  • Godzilla (Frank Welker): An ancient Dinosaur-like Kaiju awoken by one of Superman & Goku's battles whose hard to kill when facing the Justice League & can fire a beam out of his mouth.
  • Agumon/Apollo Rex (Tom Fahn, Kyle Hebert): A being of solidified energy who resembles a dragon slaying gladiator who survived centuries of war throughout all of his incarnations; the Powerpuff Girls hired him for his blunt views on justice.
  • Garumon/Silver Fenrir (Kirk Thornton): Agumon's comrade-in-arms who has his doubts, but still goes along with it.
  • Veemon/Star Eater (Derek Stephen Prince): Garumon's partner who's rumored to be a traitor in the Regime.
  • Renamon (Mari Devon): A creature who comes from the same planet as Apollo & Silver & whose relationship with humans is expressed bluntly.


  • Fax Renge Ieha Zar/Frieza (Damian Millis): Darkseid's son who was created from the dangerous beasts from the known cosmos after Orion & Kalibak turned on him & is instilled with his "father's" cunning & cruelty & can create anti-matter balls that destroy plants within 5 minutes, though he's also as ambitious as a tyrant.

Legion of Doom

  • Ulquiorra Cifer/Crowfather (Tony Oliver): The Sonído Master who, unlike most of his former allies in the Arrancar, genuinely believes himself to be the only one who can save this damaged world, but his means of doing so are nothing short of the eradication of mankind as he fights for a world where only metahumans exist & will rehabilitate any superhero who gets in his way.

Other Villains

  • Vegeta/Judicator (Christopher Sabat): Goku's primary rival & the leader of a small band of Saiyans who came to Earth looking for trouble, but was foiled by Goku in a vicious fight. 
    • Nappa (Phil Parsons): Vegeta's partner in combat.  
    • Caulifla (Elizabeth Maxwell): A female Saiyan who joined Vegeta's group for the sheer thrill of combat since most of her home colony was peaceful compared to her.  
    • Raditz (Justin Cook): Goku's biological brother.
    • Babidi (Duncan Brannan): An evil Buskin wizard. He is the true mastermind behind Vegeta and the Saiyans' latest bouts of aggression against the Earth, fanning the flames of their pride in order to manipulate them to do his bidding in bringing about the Silence.
    • Haruka Tenoh/Sailor Uranus (Erica Mendez): A good-natured masculine-acting tomboy; she was hypnotized by Babidi into helping Vegeta & his group.
    • Michiru Kaioh/Sailor Neptune (Lauren Landa): Haruka's partner & girlfriend who's an elegant & talented violinist and painter with family money of an age; like her love, she was hypnotized by the wizard Babidi into helping Vegeta & his group. 
  • Cell (Dameon Clarke): An advantageous, knowledgeable, & intelligent, but disturbing insectoid from Annihilus & Chrysalis' hive known to feast on human biomass; he consistently boasts that his potential is limitless, though given his combat capabilities & psychic powers, he could very well be the ultimate life-form he claims to be.
    • Xenomorphs (Various): Insectoid alien creatures who serve as the elite warriors of Annihilus, Chrysalis & Cell's army.  
  • Twilicious Wandrous/A.M.A.Z.O. 21 (Jeannie Tirado): One of the foremost scientific authorities among the U.S. Government's military science division, having worked personally with S.H.I.E.L.D. & Cadmus on several projects, though she's actually an android double agent implanted by the Tribunal with the goal to simply destroy the world's greatest heroes by any means, thanks to a combat engine that allows her to copy anyone's abilities & a Candy beam that can turn anyone into food.  
  • Nightmare (Charles Klausmeyer): The violent, ruthless, obnoxious & aggressive host, wielder & living incarnation of Soul Edge who’s an animated suit of armor with the power of it keeping him alive.
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