Disney's Twisted Tales, or simply Twisted Tales, is an animated series based on the A Twisted Tale book series developed by Disney Publishing. The series is distributed by Disney+. Similar to Marvel's What If...? series, Twisted Tales asks what if in relation to Disney movies and television shows. Each episode is roughly a half-hour to an hour in length and those that originated in live-action are rendered in cell-shaded 3D, similar to What If...?


Yen Sid (Corey Burton) hosts the series from his tower as seen in Fantasia. Every episode begins with the sorcerer trying to concoct a spell before he addresses the audience with this narration:

What if everything you knew, did not turn out exactly as planned? What if it all did not turn out the way that you were told? Through the use of my magic, we will see how these events could have alternatively unfolded. It could have been different...it could have been worse...or just maybe it could have been...twisted!

Yen Sid then introduces the segment by showing his cauldron which then displays the episode. His intro and outro will reflect on the general theme of the episode, similar to Rod Serling of the The Twilight Zone. In the case for the episode "Great Day", he admits that it is difficult to address a "what if" scenario so he simply shows a time in which the characters themselves make up their own "what if" day.

The tone for each episode usually shifts between dark and dramatic, to lighthearted and comical; showing the versatile nature of Disney stories throughout the years.


† indicates that it was adapted from the books.

Season One

No. overall No. in season Title Based off "What if" scenario
01 01 A Whole New World† Aladdin "What if Aladdin never found the Lamp?"
Jafar secures the lamp for himself and successfully takes over Agrabah. Aladdin and the deposed Princess Jasmine find themselves leading an underground resistance against the evil ruler in an effort to take back the kingdom.
02 02 So This is Love† Cinderella "What if Cinderella never tried on the glass slipper?"
The search for the princess is halted and Cinderella runs away from Lady Tremaine to work in the castle to be closer to the Prince. When visiting royals uncover a conspiracy to dethrone the rulers as well as banish all fairies, Cinderella must step up to save her kingdom.
03 03 Circle of Life The Lion King "What if Scar decided to raise Simba?"
Following Mufasa's death, Scar takes Simba in as an adoptive son; filling his head with lies and convincing him that his father's death was his fault. Now older and bitter, Simba must come to grips with his new dark reality and must prevent a harrowing draught from taking over the Pride Lands.
04 04 A Pirate's Life for Me Pirates of the Caribbean "What if Jack Sparrow never lost the Black Pearl?"
Jack Sparrow manages to oust Hector Barbossa from his crew just before they find the cursed Treasure of Cortés. Upon retrieving it, Jack ends up unleashing a different kind of curse that endangers his crew. The Ghost of Cortés himself! Now on the run, Jack looks for allies to call to his side.
05 05 It's Gonna Get a Little Weird Star vs. the Forces of Evil "What if Star Butterfly never left Mewni?"
Insteading of sending Star to St. Olga's, Moon and River send Star to an isolated cabin to train with a long retired warrior of the royal family. While bored at first, Star begins to unravel a conspiracy and furthermore learns about this strange new place called "earth".
06 06 Define Earth WALL-E "What if WALL-E and EVE did their jobs?"
WALL-E continues to clean earth with no problems while EVE arrives to have a lay of the land before leaving. As the universe continues to expand and expand. Both robots fail to tire out and start to form a sentience that is unknown to their programming.
07 07 Let's Get Dangerous Darkwing Duck "What if Drake Mallard never became Darkwing Duck?"
As a child, Drake Mallard had dreams of being a superhero, but instead found his calling as an accountant for Sal Mann's Canned Salmon. Drake is happy with his life, so why is St. Canard such a terrible place to be right now? Good thing, there's a time machine.
08 08 Digital Frontier Tron "What if Kevin Flynn chose to stay in the Mainframe?"
Kevin Flynn, who once tried to escape the Mainframe, decides to stick around with his friends' avatars Tron and Yori. The longer he stays, the more he decides to glean from this amazing technological world. But is it too much for Flynn?
09 09 Le Festin Est Sur Mon Chemin Ratatouille "What if Remy did not team up with Linguini?"
Remy continues to live his existence in the sewers of France with his family as opposed to helping Linguini. However, this does not stop a passerby from filming the rat and turning him into a viral sensation. Remy faces a newfound fame that baffles even those at Gusteau's.
10 10 Conceal, Don't Feel† Frozen "What if Anna and Elsa never knew each other?"
Elsa must prepare for her coronation as queen, but feels that a piece of her life is missing. When her powers reawaken lost memories, she is determined to find the mysterious girl from her past and wonder what other secrets have been kept from her.

Season Two

No. overall No. in season Title Based off "What if" scenario
11 01 As Old as Time† Beauty and the Beast "What if Belle's mother cursed the Beast?"
Held captive in a mysterious castle, Belle manages to touch the enchanted rose that is source of the Beast's curse. She catches visions of her mother who turns out to be the enchantress that created the curse. Beauty and Beast must find the answers to this new wrinkle in the story.
12 02 Life is Like a Hurricane DuckTales "What if Scrooge McDuck never took in his nephews?"
Donald decides to leave his nephews with his parents Quackmore and Hortense Duck who turn out to be rather boring individuals. Meanwhile, Scrooge McDuck must put up with pressure from his company as well as look after Webby, the granddaughter of his maid, whom he does not want anything to do with.
13 03 No Big Deal Amphibia "What if Anne, Sasha and Marcy swapped places?"
Upon opening the Calamity Box, Anne ends up in Newtopia and becomes popular with her ideas, Sasha ends up in Wartwood where she learns humility and Marcy finds herself captured by the Toads and has them accept her more innovative and inventive ideas.
14 04 Because We Care Monsters, Inc. "What if Boo's adventure was just a dream?"
Boo, real name Mary Gibbs, is now a twenty-five year old animation intern who continues to have fantasies about her childhood where she had adventures with monsters. As her life begins to unravel, Mary returns to her childhood home to reevaluate her place as an adult.
15 05 Unbelievable Big Hero 6 "What if Hiro Hamada perished, but Tadashi lived?"
After the death of his younger brother, Tadashi vows revenge on the mysterious Yokai. He becomes the Silver Samurai, an angry, vengeful vigilante who roams San Fransokyo at night to take out wrong doers. As he continues his fight, he begins to lose his way.
16 06 Showtime The Incredibles "What if Mr. Incredible stayed retired?"
In keeping with accordance with the government, Bob Parr remains committed to keeping away from super heroics and his life begins to fall apart. With Helen threatening a divorce and the kids growing up and losing patience with him, Bob tries to regain his passion in life.
17 07 Jolly Holiday Mary Poppins "What if Mary Poppins never left?"
Mary Poppins is convinced to stay in London for a little while longer and begins to enjoy living among the people. She continues her nanny services, gets a home, finds love and even has a child of her own. However, her powers begin to wane and soon the question of her importance to others is brought up.
18 08 You Are a Toy Toy Story "What if everyone knew toys were alive?"
Everyone knows that toys come alive, but they are treated as mere second class citizens in this world. Andy, realizing how important it is for his toys to continue their way of life, launches a campaign to allow toys for their own rights.
19 09 Barking at the Moon Bolt "What if Bolt played a villain on his show?"
Bolt is the star of his own show where he is the hench-dog of a supervillain. Convinced that he is indeed a super powered pup, Bolt escapes to erradicate the world of cats. However, his sinister actions, bring in law enforcement and animal control and only Penny can save him.
20 10 Learn the Business Fantasia "What if Mickey used the hat wisely?"
Yen Sid reveals that Mickey could have actually used the hat wisely had he read the book. He shows this alternative timeline where Mickey finds himself on an adventure across distant lands where he does battle with evil wizards and monsters until finally confronting the Chernabog.

Season Three

No. overall No. in season Title Based off "What if" scenario
21 01 Somewhere in the Woods Gravity Falls "What if Summer never ended in Gravity Falls?"
Bill Cipher is defeated, but leaves behind a curse that encases Gravity Falls in a perpetual state of Summer. Five years later, no one has aged and the Pines twins, Dipper and Mabel set out and undo Cipher's final curse with the help of the residents of Gravity Falls.
22 02 How Far I'll Go Moana "What if Moana never returned the Heart of Te Fiti?"
Moana blames Maui for the darkness coating the ocean and decides to use the Heart of Te Fiti to get revenge on him. The Heart begins to have a terrible effect on Moana as Maui must learn from his mistakes and find a way to calm the girl before her situation worsens.
23 03 I Live Again Gargoyles "What if the Gargoyles lived through time?"
The Gargoyles are not turned to stone as Goliath brought Princess Katharine back before the Magus could curse them. The Gargoyles are reunited with Demona, but as time passes on Goliath and Demona's views on humanity begin to differ leading to an unexpected outcome for both.
24 04 Go the Distance† Hercules "What if Meg had to become a Greek God?"
Meg is told that she cannot be with Hercules due to her mortality, but is offered a chance at godhood if she completes a task. Unfortunately that task is to rescue her ex-boyfriend from the Underworld and face numerous demons and monsters including Hades himself.
25 05 Trust Again Raya and the Last Dragon "What if the Fang Tribe retrieved the Dragon Gem?"
The Fang Tribe has now become the most powerful tribe in Kumandra, shattering Chief Benja's dream of a unified nation. With no other choice, he leads the other tribes into war, but Raya starts to develop her father's old beliefs and works with some other rebels to stop the war.
26 06 Necessities of Life The Jungle Book "What if Mowgli stayed in the jungle?"
Mowgli resists the charm of Shanti and decides to remain in the jungle where stories begin to spread of his victory over Shere Khan. However, Shanti tells the elders of Mowgli's existence, leading to a drastic confrontation within the jungle that will decide the fates of everyone involved.
27 07 Suspicious Minds Lilo & Stitch "What if Stitch landed in Nevada?"
Stitch finds himself within the Nevada desert and nearly dries up. He is rescued by a boy and his single father who are perplexed by this strange unearthly creature. Soon, his existence gets out as Stitch must not only escape the U.S. government, but also the aliens in charge of capturing him.
28 08 Great Day Phineas and Ferb "What if Phineas and Ferb were ordinary boys?"
Not your typical "What if" story as Phineas and Ferb decide to devote a day to being "ordinary boys" after Buford dares them to. Candace decides to use the day to go out with Jeremy, but immediately gets bored. Meanwhile, Dr. Doofenshmirtz creates a "What if-inator" to decide his future actions.
29 09 What Once Was Mine† Tangled "What if Rapunzel's mother drank a potion from the wrong flower?"
Queen Ariana drinks an elixir made from the moonstone drop and Rapunzel is born with long silver hair. Locked in a tower for years when her terrible abilities manifest, Rapunzel finally escapes with the help of two thieves and must learn the secret behind her incredible powers.
30 10 The Favorite Epic Mickey "What if Oswald became the favorite instead of Mickey?"
Oswald escapes the Wasteland and traps Mickey within abandoned world that was created for him. For the next several decades, Oswald becomes the reigning success in entertainment, but a hurt and vengeful Mickey arises to take back what was supposed to be his destiny.

Christmas Special

Title Based off "What if" scenario
Believe The Santa Clause
The Nightmare Before Christmas
"What if Scott Calvin lost his powers?"
"What if Jack Skellington chose another holiday?"
"What if Nick did become Santa Claus?"
Scott misses his chance to retain his powers and is now forced to find a proper replacement to fill out the red suit.
Jack decides to venture through the other doors and make the ultimate holiday.
Noelle convinces Nick to fulfill his duty as Santa, but why do brother and sister feel miserable?

Season Four

No. overall No. in season Title Based off "What if" scenario
31 01 The Most Powerful Witch The Owl House "What if Luz became Lilith's apprentice?"
Luz arrives in the Boiling Isles, only to quickly abandon Eda when the guards arrive. She runs into Lilith and is drawn to her incredible powers and is quickly given the VIP of Bonesborough. But as Luz begins to manifest herself as a powerful witch, she begins to suspect that something is off.
32 02 Once Upon a Dream† Sleeping Beauty "What if the Sleeping Beauty never woke up?"
Prince Phillip arrives to kiss Aurora awake, but he instead gets pulled into her dream world, concocted by the evil Maleficent. Now in a new prison of her own making, Aurora, Phillip and their allies must escape the dream world and defeat the evil fairy.
33 03 Perfect World The Emperor's New Groove "What if Yzma used a different spell on Kuzco?"
Yzma attempts to poison Kuzco, but instead it gives him amnesia. Embarrassed by the blunder, she decides to instead have him be her "delivery boy" for the kingdom. Kuzco ends up enjoying his time as a "regular" person, but a chance encounter with Pacha may ruin things for the tyrant.
34 04 Friends on the Other Side The Princess and the Frog "What if Dr. Facilier approached Tiana first?"
Tiana hopes to open her own restaurant, but circumstances make this seem like a far away possibility. She meets with the eccentric Dr. Facilier who offers her everything in "three easy payments". But as her life seems to get better, things around her begin to worsen.
35 05 Change Your Fate Brave "What if Merida turned into a bear?"
Merida seeks to show her dominance in the world, rather than be heard. This results in the witch transforming her into a bear. In an effort to get her family to understand, Merida ends up making the situation worse by transforming everyone in the kingdom into ursine creatures.
36 06 Straight On Till Morning† Peter Pan "What if Wendy first traveled to Neverland with Captain Hook?"
A teenage Wendy finds herself still holding onto hope that Peter Pan will come as she still holds his shadow. However, she gets a sudden visit from Captain Hook who takes her to Neverland, only to find the place in terrible ruin. Now she must save her fantasy paradise and rescue Peter Pan.
37 07 What's the Sitch? Kim Possible "What if Kim Possible had a different line of work?"
Kim Possible website ends up getting the attention of a detective. Instead of super spy, Kim becomes a super sleuth and sets out on solving home town mysteries with her friend Ron, but when a dangerous criminal sets their sights on Middleton, Kim and Ron need to step up their game.
38 08 A Wholesome Place 101 Dalmatians "What if Cruella had her own Animal Plantation?"
Cruella De Vil has created a foundation for lost and endangered pets. However, it is al a ruse to hide her true goal to sell and trade illegal furs. Her former friend Anita discovers this and she, Roger and their Dalmatian dogs must put an end to her mad plans.
39 09 Hope for the Future 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea "What if Captain Nemo did not go down with the Ship?"
Nemo is rescued and nursed back to health at the last moment by a remorseful Ned Land. Angry and bitter about his failed demise, Nemo refuses to rejoin the world. However, this changes with the arrival of a cynical, yet intelligent nursemaid who may be just what Nemo needs.
40 10 Mirror, Mirror† Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs "What if The Evil Queen poisoned the Prince?"
Snow White begins working at the castle under the Evil Queen. She eventually discovers that the death of her parents may not have been as sudden as initially thought and Snow finds herself teaming up with the seven dwarves and a kind Prince in an effort to overthrow the queen.

Season Five

No. overall No. in season Title Based off "What if" scenario
41 01 Reflection† Mulan "What if Mulan had to travel to the Underworld?"
Captain Shang is mortally wounded by Shan Yu and Mulan, still disguised as Ping, must make a harrowing journey into the Underworld known as Diyu to rescue the captain. However, this is easier said than done as King Yama, the ruler of Diyu, is not going to give up Shang easily and Mulan must rescue him by sunrise or be trapped forever.
42 02 Remember Me Coco "What if Ernesto didn't poison Héctor?"
Told in the style of a music documentary, Héctor and Ernesto's lives turn out far separate and different than either of them could have ever imagined. Héctor returns to his family, but begins to long for the life of a musician while Ernesto goes on to achieve stardom, only to be consumed by it. Can either truly be happy with their respective lives?
43 03 Life is a Highway Cars "What if Lightning McQueen made it to his race?"
Lightning McQueen loves to go fast and never misses a race. He achieves his dream and not only beats Chick Hicks and Strip "The King" Weathers, but also gets his endorsement deals, his fame and fortune that he feels was promised to him. So why does he still feel empty? McQueen must go down another road in order to find what he has truly been searching for his life.
44 04 Part of Your World† The Little Mermaid "What if Ariel had never defeated Ursula?"
Five years after Ariel lost her father, Ursula now rules on land with Prince Eric at her every whim. Ariel, now the voiceless ruler of Atlantica, must lead her people in these darkened times. When she receives word that her father is still alive, she must follow a trail that will lead her right back to Ursula and Eric and hopefully reclaim her voice.
45 05 The Chosen One American Dragon: Jake Long "What if Jake Long refused to be the American Dragon?"
Jake Long has been raised to be the defender of the mystical realm. However, he would much rather hang with his friends and decides to transfer all of his powers to the one person he knows is capable of handling them: his little sister Haley. But when she ends up running afoul of the Hunters, only Jake can save his sister from certain doom.
46 06 Rotten to the Core Descendants "What if Mal never reformed?"
Mal, daughter of Maleficent, stays the course by successfully freeing all the villains from the Isle of the Lost and taking over Auradon. However, Maleficent taught her too well. Mal now wants to rule Auradon in her unique way and she is not going to let anyone stop her. That is except Ben who still believes that she can change and tries to stop her before he is too late.
47 07 Out There The Hunchback of Notre Dame "What if Quasimodo was raised by the Gypsies?"
Gerard, or Quasimodo to his "friends", has been living among the gypsies all his life. The only person that shows genuine care for him is his mother, Theodosia, and a kind dancer named Esmerelda. When the gypsies are caught and prosecuted by Judge Claude Frollo, the intellectual Quasimodo becomes a vigilante of sorts and leads a rebellion in the streets of Notre Dame.
48 08 Rightful Heir The Sword in the Stone "What if Arthur decided to be a wizard like Merlin?"
Arthur Pendragon is destined to become King of the Britons, but when he witnesses Merlin performing magic and demands that he learn it as well, how can the old man say no to him? What follows is a daring adventure that goes above and beyond anything that Arthur was meant to see as he does battle with the infamous Morgan Le Fey and meets a certain thief who steals from the rich to give to the poor.
49 09 Unbirthday† Alice in Wonderland "What if Wonderland was in peril and Alice was very, very late?"
An eighteen year old Alice spends her days taking photos and enjoying the things a girl her age would probably find unusual. When her photos begin to remind her of her childhood adventures in Wonderland, Alice finds herself getting pulled back down the rabbit hole to rescue a mysterious dark haired girl named Mary Ann from certain peril.
50 10 How Does She Know You Love Her? Enchanted "What if Giselle and Prince Edward stayed together?"
Giselle and Prince Edward have their fairy tale ending as they go to live in the palace and have ten children. As one might expect, married life can be pretty boring after a while. In an effort to spice up their marriage, they meet a wizard who sends them to modern day New York City and suddenly begin to realize that they may have ended up with the wrong people in the wrong time.

Halloween Special

Title Based off "What if" scenario
I Put a Spell on You Hocus Pocus
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
The Ghost and Molly McGee
"What if the Sanderson Sisters turned Dani into a witch?"
"What if Ichabod survived his encounter with the Headless Horseman?"
"What if Scratch's spell didn't backfire?"
The Sandersons realize that they would be more powerful if they had a new recruit.
After surviving his encounter with the Horseman, Ichabod decides to have a little fun with his tormentors.
Scratch tries to have a little fun with a ghost hunting obsessed Molly.

Season Six

No. overall No. in season Title Based off "What if" scenario
51 01 Unforgettable Finding Nemo "What if Dory remembered everything?"
While traversing the waters in Australia, Dory gets a knock on her head that causes her to remember everything, including the real reason why she was far from home in the first place. An encounter with a father named Marlin traps Dory in the crossroads of her adventure. Help a father find his son, or return home to her family who misses her?
52 02 Golly What a Day Robin Hood "What if Robin Hood became king?"
King Richard appoints Robin Hood to rule the kingdom in his stead while Prince John disappears and vows revenge. Robin ends up ruling for quite sometime with Marian and they have children of their own. However, when Prince John returns with an army to reclaim the throne, Robin must do everything he can to protect the family he loves.
53 03 Tomorrow is Another Day The Rescuers "What if Bernard and Bianca had different partners?"
Bianca is forced to take on the Penny case with an adventurous mouse from China named Xu. Not to be outdone, Bernard forces himself to take on a side mission with a mouse from Portugal named Maya and ends up getting more than he bargained for. In a follow up mission, both teams cross paths as Bernard and Bianca start to get close with one another.
54 04 Do It All Again Big City Greens "What if the Greens never went to Big City?"
Bill does not give up on the farm after the fire and they decide to visit Tinyville in order to get the Greens' bearings together. Life seems perfect, but when land developers keep forcing the Greens and everyone else to move, Bill must decide what is best for him, Cricket and Tilly, especially since the one person who can take care of them, lives in the last place he does not want to be in.
55 05 You Certainly Will Be Free Wander Over Yonder "What if Lord Hater achieved his goal?"
Lord Hater actually listens to Commander Peepers for once and continues his goal for galaxy conquest. He even somehow manages to make a fool out of Lord Dominator before she has the chance to start up. Wander and Sylvia are more concerned with finding a place to lay low, but when push comes to shove, the two must come up with a way to get some rest from the "best villain" in all the galaxy.
56 06 Try Anything Zootopia "What if Nick and Judy decided to not become cops?"
After getting reprimanded, Judy decides to work outside the law and recruits con artist Nick Wilde to help solve the current going ons in Zootopia. As they cut through the red tape of the city, the two end up getting more than they bargained for when they discover a much bigger conspiracy than what they initially thought. Will it affect their view on the idyllic city for good?
57 07 It's Elementary The Great Mouse Detective "What if Ratigan survived to seek revenge?"
Ratigan is loose on the streets of London. In his ferocious and diseased state, he plans to bring about the second plague not just against his fellow vermin, but the human race as well. Basil and Dawson team up with the adventurous Relda, Basil's old flame, to stop the villain once and for all and hopefully make it back before team time.
58 08 Anything Your Heart Desires Pinocchio "What if Pinocchio decided to remain a puppet?"
While happy with the opportunity, Pinocchio believes that he can do more as a puppet and embraces his appearance. He asks Geppetto to help put together a "puppet crew" so that they can tour as a family. However, they run afoul of the greedy Stromboli who views Geppetto's Puppet Family as a rival and plans to "erase" the competition. Father, son and their friends and family must fight back.
59 09 I Wreck It Wreck-It Ralph "What if Ralph took over another game?"
Wreck-It Ralph is tired of being the villain so he sets out to instead find a game where he can be respected. He discovers Monster Mayhem, a fighting game that he thinks he will be suited for and ends up enjoying his new life as a neutral character and even earns the respect of his fellow game characters. However, Ralph wants to go further and no one can stop the Wrecker.
60 10 Silly Old Bear Winnie the Pooh "What if Christopher Robin took Pooh into the city?"
Pooh wonders where Christopher Robin goes when he is not around. To placate him, Christopher takes Pooh and his friends into the city to see the sights and sounds. Like typical inhabitants of the Hundred Acre Wood, they get more than they bargained for as they cross the streets, go to a toy store, see a movie and ride a bus. Pooh and his friends will never be the same.

Season Seven

No. overall No. in season Title Based off "What if" scenario
61 01 Baby Mine Dumbo "What if Dumbo decided to rescue his mother?"
When Dumbo becomes aware of his ability to fly, he and Timothy Q. Mouse decide to prepare a rescue mission to save Mrs. Jumbo. Dumbo teams up with some new animal buddies whose mothers have all been taken away for one reason or another and must confront their personal issues if they want to be a family again.
62 02 Little April Shower Bambi "What if Bambi was captured by preservationists?"
Following the death of his mother, Bambi is captured by a group of wildlife preservationists and is raised in a facility. While happy at first, as he can run away from his responsibilities and his troubles, he is convinced to escape so that he can claim his place as the Prince of the Forest.
63 03 Hero Support Sky High "What if Will Stronghold decided not to be a superhero?"
Seeing himself as nothing, but a failure in the eyes of his parents and other superheroes, Will decides to move away from friends and family and live with his uncle, and former superhero, who decides to raise him to be "normal". Will's powers manifest just as an older supervillain rears their ugly head.
64 04 It's Gonna Be My Time Sofia the First/Elena of Avalor "What if Sofia didn't free Elena from the Amulet?"
Sofia loses the amulet in her time of crisis where it is found by Shuriki. She frees Elena, but places her under her spell to be her progeny and assistant. Learning that her kingdom as well as Avalor, are in peril now, Sofia must make a harsh and dangerous decision to free her new friend and rescue everyone.
65 05 It's All Right Soul "What if Joe decided to stay in the The Great Before?"
Instead of going into the Great Beyond, Jerry asks Joe to stay at the You Seminar to help bring more souls to Earth and agrees. For the next several years, Joe is happy with his job. He ends up encountering a new soul, who displays many of the interests he had when he was alive and realizes that this may be his soul mate.
66 06 Slap Shot The Mighty Ducks "What if Gordon Bombay made the shot in his youth?"
Gordon Bombay is one of the top players in the NHL. His years of playing and giving players a black eye takes his toll and turns him into a sour and bitter man. When he tries to reconnect with what made him love the sport to begin with, he opens up doors previously closed to him and must come to grips with what would have happened had he lost.
67 07 Adventure is Out There Up "What if Carl stayed home?"
Carl's actions to keep his house, earns the sympathy of the public to fight for it to be saved. He begins to suffer with all the media attention and ends up becoming a hermit as the whole world fights for the existence of the only thing he has left of Ellie. But when he spots a friendly neighbor who looks like Ellie, he wonders if she is real, or if his time is up.
68 08 Silencio Bruno Luca "What if Luca and Alberto took Giulia on an underwater adventure?"
Luca and Alberto reveal their identities to Giulia much earlier. Her curiosity of their lifestyle inspires the two of them to take her on an underwater adventure with them to the hidden areas of the ocean. However, with the public still scared of sea monsters and Luca's parents still looking for him, there is no telling what will become of the children.
69 09 Untitled Encanto episode Encanto TBA
70 10 One Sky One Destiny Kingdom Hearts "What if Sora denied the Keyblade?"
Presented in the style of a playthrough, the player is given the option to deny the Keyblade. Sora ends up in the Radiant Garden working odd jobs and trying to make ends meet. He discovers that his friends Riku and Kairi have been consumed by darkness and attack his new home. Filled with remorse and regret, Sora must find the hero within and set his friends free.

Season Eight

No. overall No. in season Title Based off "What if" scenario
71 01 Look Through My Eyes Brother Bear "What if Koda became human?"
72 02 The Time of Your Life A Bug's Life "What if Flick just told the truth?"
73 03 She Never Felt Alone Aristocats "What if Duchess learned to live on the street?"
74 04 My Best Friend The Love Bug "What if Jim kept Herbie?"
75 05 Electric Kind of Guy Dexter Riley "What if Dexter Riley kept all his powers?"
76 06 Strangers Like Me Tarzan "What if Tarzan came to England?"
77 07 Colors of the Wind Pocahontas "What if Pocahontas started a war?"
78 08 Untitled Turning Red episode Turning Red TBA
79 09 Keep Moving Forward Meet the Robinsons "What if DOR-15 teamed up with Lewis?"
80 10 Never Be Completed Walt Disney "What if Walt saw what became of his creation?"
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