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This is my remake version of the movie Trolls World Tour. It is the fifth installment of my Trolls fanmade film series. Many of the cast members reprise their roles, and the film introduces new characters. It was released on June 20th, 2020.


Queen Poppy, Branch, Creek and Mayor Zuna discover that there are many other different Troll tribes scattered over separate lands. Each tribe was devoted to a different kind of music, like for example: pop, rock, funk, classical, country, techno and more. However, when rockers Queen Barb and King Thrash, the leaders of the Rock Trolls, were planning to destroy all forms of music forever, Poppy, Branch, Creek, Zuna and their friends must embark on a daring mission to unite many different Troll tribes to save the diverse melodies from becoming extinct. 

Full Plot

The film starts off with a celebration of the Techno Trolls, led by King Trollex, until it was crashed by the Rock Trolls, led by King Thrash and his daughter Queen Barbara. After Barb destroys his DJ station with her guitar's power, King Trollex is forced to surrender the string that powers Techno music. After that, 

Meanwhile, the Pop Trolls and the Wild Trolls are finally getting together, thanks to the new mayor of Wild Troll City, Zuna. Also, Guy Diamond gave birth to a baby Hip-Hop Troll named Tiny Diamond. Then, Branch's friends Wacky, Albert and Lulli introduce the gang to their new friends Legsly, a Pop Troll with super stretchable legs; her cousin Richard, a Pop Troll with super stretchable arms; Arabesque, a magenta Glitter Troll who loves to dance; Rudy, a Sporty Troll who loves all sports; and Wim, another Fuzzling Troll. Branch wonders where the rest of the Trollimals are, but Lulli replies that they are visiting the Bergens, but they will be back soon.

Suddenly, Poppy, the queen of Harmony Village, recieves a message from Barb and Thrash that invites all Trolls from every tribe to a party to unite their music. Zuna and King Peppy tell the story of how the Troll tribes became scattered throughout their world Troll Kingdom. Each tribe was represented by a different style of music: for example, Pop, Funk, Classical, Techno, Country, and Rock (which are the primary tribes). The music is powered by a magical string kept by the leader of each primary tribe.

Poppy wants to help Barb and Thrash unite the different forms of music, but the adults, Branch, Creek, Zuna, Wacky, Albert and Lulli warn her not to trust their intentions and to accept that the other Trolls are different. Poppy does not listen, and sends a cheerful reply to the Rock Trolls via Debbie, Barb's pet bat. Meanwhile, Thrash gloats over the Rock Trolls' victory of snatching the Techno string, revealing his plan to string an enchanted guitar with all six strings, and play a power cord strong enough to destroy all other music, replacing it with rock. However, unbeknownst to him, Barb is insecure about joining him in the plan, and wants to so bad unite all the Trolls.

Wanting to prove herself as a good leader, Poppy takes their tribe's string and goes on a journey to unite the other groups of Trolls, via a flower balloon named Shelia B (driven by an Italian-accented TrollHippo named Fabriton), being joined by Branch (in an attempt to express his feelings towards her), his pet stuffed animals Snowy and Croco, and Trollex. As a result of chasing a squirrel over a snack, Creek, Zuna, and the former mayor Ralph accidentally stow aboard the balloon and join them. Wacky, Albert and Lulli are very worried about Branch's safety, so they use the flying car machine to follow them without them knowing, bringing along newcomers Harvest and Marcy. Zuna tells Branch that she wants to express her feelings towards Creek.

Meanwhile, Cooper and DJ Suki feel different among the Pop Trolls, so they decide to split up and look for Trolls who are just like them. Pansy, Raven, Jules, Crane, Lukas, CJ Suki and DJ Sonic decide to go with Suki, while Kiara, Autumn, Esperanza, Milo, River and Katana go with Cooper. Suki's group went to the shores of the destroyed Techno Grove, and they meet a pale sky blue Techno Troll named Vapor, the sole survivor of the destruction of the Techno tribe. DJ Suki is shocked to find out that she is a Techno Troll as well, and is also Trollex's long-lost twin sister.

Poppy and the gang went to Retro Island, where they meet Princess Roxy, co-leader of the Disco Trolls. Wacky, Albert, Lulli, Harvest and Marcy meet up with the gang and tell them that they were worried about their safety, especially if the Rock Trolls could hurt them. Roxy introduces her friends Tresillo (a Reggaeton Troll from Latin Beach), Wani (a K-Pop Troll from Global Pop Forest), Jazzy and Waldo (two Jazz Trolls from Smooth Valley, and Mr. Roller (a Hip-Hop Troll from Hip & Hop City), as well as her mother Queen Trollee. They are the leaders of the unpopular tribes. She hears all about what the Rock Trolls are doing, but Poppy cannot believe it and wants to see for herself. Roxy, Jazzy, Waldo and Mr. Roller decide to go with Poppy and the gang, while Tresillo and Wani are nowhere to be found.

The balloon ends up in Symphonyville, the land of Classical Trolls, which, to Poppy's horror, has been decimated by Thrash's armada, who captured all the citizens. The group meets the leader of the Classical Trolls, Wolfgang Trollzart, who was hurt due to the destruction of his tribe. Two more Classical Trolls named Allegra Bell and Pennywhistle tell Poppy the truth behind what happens, and Poppy decides to now unite the other Trolls to stop the Rock Trolls. Creek, Wacky, Albert and Lulli urge her to return home to protect the Pop string, but Poppy reveals it hidden in her hair. Ralph was starting to freak out a bit, but Poppy makes a pinky promise to protect him and the whole kingdom. Trollzart and Allegra go with the group while Pennywhistle stays to rebuild Symphonyville.

The gang then winds up in Lonesome Flats, the home of the Country Trolls, where they meet Colt Chesterton, who shows them around. After hearing how despondent and downbeat their music is, they try to cheer them up with a pop medley, but this offends the Country Trolls (including their leader, Delta Dawn, and her lieutenant Teresa Tumbleweed), and they wind up in jail.

Suddenly, Colt and another Country Troll named Hickory, who claims he is moved by Poppy's motives, break them out, leading to a chase to a ravine, where the group falls into a river. Creek and Albert do not trust Hickory, even when the Troll builds a raft to take the group downstream. The conversation is interrupted by Chaz, a Smooth Jazz TrollWeasel who was hired to catch Poppy for Thrash, who was incredibly offended by Poppy's reply letter. Hickory incapacitates Chaz, but Ralph, disillusioned and annoyed by Poppy's poor leadership, decides to return home, being followed by Harvest and Marcy to comfort him. Shortly after, the group is abducted by a spaceship wielding magical soap bubbles.

Inside the spaceship, the group arrives at Vibe City, home of the Funk Trolls, and meets up with Cooper, who is revealed to have been a long lost identical twin prince of Funk all along, and his group. Cooper tells Poppy he finds comfort in identifying with both Pop and Funk, and his parents, King Quincy and Queen Essence, reveal to Poppy that the Trolls divided their music long ago because Pop Trolls had attempted to steal the strings, like Barb and Thrash are doing now. Quincy explains to Poppy that differences aren't bad, and trying to make all Trolls the same doesn't help the problem.

After the Rock Trolls hi-jack the Funk Trolls' ship, Cooper ejects both groups (including Rachel) in bubbles, accidentally separating Poppy, Branch, Creek and Zuna from the others. The four fight when Poppy refuses to return home to their friends, and Branch admonishes her insisting that she can't be a good queen if she's a poor listener and that Albert was right when he said that she's an "idiot", and the four go their separate ways, heartbroken. Branch, Creek and Zuna are soon captured by both Wani and Tresillo with their groups of friends. However, Snowy, Choco, Jazzy, Waldo and Mr. Roller arrive and convinces them to stop capturing and fighting and save Poppy and all music.

Meanwhile, Wacky, Albert and Lulli finds Poppy, who breaks down in tears after realizing that she is a terrible leader since she 

Cast and Characters

  • Anna Kendrick as Queen Poppy; the cheerful and optimistic ruler of Harmony Village who is Branch's love interest. She is the leader of the Pop Trolls.
  • Justin Timberlake as Branch; the now good-hearted and protective Elf Troll hero who is Poppy's love interest. He is the co-leader of the Pop Trolls.
  • Skylar Astin as Creek; the now over-cautious and secretive reformed Demon Troll survivalist who is Branch's best friend and Zuna's new love interest. He is the co-leader of the Wild Trolls.
  • Amanda Leighton as Mayor Zuna; the new mayor of Wild Troll City and most popular Wolf Troll songstress who is Poppy's best friend and Creek's new love interest. She is the leader of the Wild Trolls.
  • P!nk as Queen Barbara "Barbara"; the co-leader of the Rock Trolls, and the queen of Rock n' Roll City. She sticks by her father's side to destroy every single tribe and turn them into rock zombies, so rock could rule forever. But she wants to unite all forms of music, despite her father's wishes.
  • Christopher Lloyd (singing voice by Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy) as King Thrash; the main antagonist of the film who is the evil, mean-spirited and power-hungry king and leader of the Rock Trolls, and Barb's father. He wants to destroy all forms of music and turn every Troll from each tribe into rock zombies, so rock could rule forever. But his daughter Barb was secretly against it.
  • George Clinton as King Quincy; the king of Vibe City, and Cooper and D's father. He is one of the two leaders of the Funk Trolls.
  • Mary J. Blige as Queen Essence; the queen of Vibe City, and Cooper and D's mother. She is one of the two leaders of the Funk Trolls.
  • Anthony Ramos as King Trollex; the half Troll half fish leader of the Techno Trolls, and the king of Techno Grove.
  • Anderson Paak as Prince Darnell "D"; a Funk Troll who is Cooper's twin brother. He is half funk half hip-hop Troll.
  • Kelly Clarkson as Delta Dawn; the half Troll half horse leader of the Country Trolls, and the mayor/sheriff of Lonesome Flats.
  • Carrie Underwood as Teresa Tumbleweed; a Country Troll who is Delta's lieutenant and best friend.
  • Gustavo Dudamel as Conductor Trollzart; the leader of the Classical Trolls, and the mayor/conductor of Symphonyville.
  • J Balvin as Tresillo; a Reggaeton Troll who is the leader of the Latin Trolls, and the mayor of Latin Beach. He and Wani are rivals.
  • Wendy as Wani; a K-Pop Troll who is the leader of the K-Pop Trolls, and the mayor of Global Pop Forest. She and Tresillo are rivals.
  • Sam Rockwell as Hickory; the leader of the Yodelling Trolls, and the mayor of Yodeller Hills. He disguises himself as a Country Troll with his brother Dickory just so he can take the Pop String, but he has a huge change of heart like the other leaders of the secondary tribes.
  • SZA as Princess Roxanne "Roxy"; the co-leader of the Disco Trolls, and the princess of Retro Island. She is one of the unpopular tribe leaders who wants to help Poppy unite all music. At the end of the film, she becomes Barb's new best friend and love interest.
  • Ne-Yo as Jazzy; the leader of the Jazz Trolls, and the mayor of Smooth Valley.
  • Jamie Foxx as Waldo; a Jazz Troll who is Jazzy's lieutenant.
  • as Mr. Roller; the leader of the Hip-Hop Trolls, and the mayor of Hip & Hop City.
  • Christina Aguilera as Queen Trollee; the leader of the Disco Trolls, and the queen of Retro Island. She is Roxy's mother.
  • Richard Steven Horvitz as Snowy; Branch's pet stuffed worm.
  • Carlos Alazraqui as Croco; Branch's pet stuffed crocodile.
  • James Corden as Ralph; the former mayor of Wild Troll City who is Zuna's good friend.
  • Michael Cera as Biggie; a chubby and friendly Giant Troll who is one of the Pop Trolls. He has a crush on Legsly. He was previously voiced by James Corden.
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Mr. Dinkles; Biggie's pet stuffed worm.
  • Keke Palmer as DJ Suki; the Pop Trolls' resident disc jockey who is Zuna's other best friend. She is also revealed to be a Techno Troll due to her mother being a Techno Troll and her father being a Pop Troll, and is also Trollex's long-lost twin sister. She is the leader of the DJ sub-tribe.
  • Travis Willingham as DJ Sonic; the Wild Trolls' resident disc jockey who is DJ Suki's cousin, and Creek's other best friend. He is also revealed to be a Techno Troll, and is a MerTroll.
  • Fryda Wolff as Kiara; Zuna's older sister who is Cooper's love interest.
  • John DiMaggio as Smidge; a young female Teaspoon Troll with a masculine voice who is one of the Pop Trolls. She has a secret crush on Milo. She was previously voiced by Walt Dohrn.
  • Ron Funches as Cooper; a Giraffe Troll who is Zira's love interest. He is also revealed to be a Funk Troll.
  • Icona Pop as Satin & Chenille; a duo of Maker Troll twins who love fashion, and are two of the Pop Trolls.
  • Kunal Nayyar as Guy Diamond; a Glitter Troll who is always naked, and one of the Pop Trolls.
  • Uma Thurman as Gia Grooves; a Glitter Troll babysitter who is Guy Diamond's love interest.
  • Sean T. Krishnan as Arabesque; a pink Glitter Troll who is Guy Diamond's cousin.
  • Zoran Korach as Fuzzbert; a Fuzzling Troll who is one of the Pop Trolls. He was previously voiced by Walt Dohrn.
  • Tress MacNeille as Wim; a Fuzzling Troll who is Fuzzbert's love interest.
  • Ben Schwartz as Rudy; a Sporty Troll who is a total sportaholic.
  • Rihanna as Harper; a very artistic Maker Troll who is one of the Pop Trolls.
  • Walt Dohrn as:
    • Cloud Guy; an anthropomorphic cloud.
    • King Peppy; the former ruler of Troll Village who is Poppy's father.
  • Zak Orth as Wacky; a brown fun-loving and generous TrollPuppy.
  • Cooper Barnes as Albert; a white egotistical and bossy TrollHare.
  • Bebe Rexha as Lulli; a blue cynical and intelligent TrollBird.
  • Lyza Bull as CJ Suki; DJ Suki's young niece from Wild Troll City who is one of Zuna's friends from Wild Troll City.
  • Susan Lucci as Milo; a young male Tiger Troll with a very feminine voice who has a crush on Smidge, and is one of Zuna's friends from Wild Troll City.
  • Billy Boyd as River; a Grizzly Bear Troll who is Katana's brother and one of Zuna's friends from Wild Troll City.
  • Becky G as Katana; a Panda Troll who is River's sister and one of Zuna's friends from Wild Troll City.
  • Jason Derulo as Harvest; a teal hybrid TrollWoodpecker who is one of the new members of the Snack Pack, and Branch's closest friend. He is always kind, loyal and protective of his best friend, and can sing Pop, Jazz, and Retro. He later fell in love with Marcy.
  • Ally Brooke as Marcy; a pale pink hybrid TrollBear who is one of the new members of the Snack Pack. She is usually ladylike, smart and protective, and can sing Pop, Techno and Retro. She later fell in love with Harvest.
  • Kenan Thompson as Tiny Diamond; Guy Diamond's newborn son who is a Hip-Hop Troll.
  • Kat Graham as Legsly; a Pop Troll who can make her legs really long at will. She has a crush on Biggie.
  • Usher as Richard; a Pop Troll and Legsly's cousin who can make his arms stretch at ease.
  • Khalid as Prince Elvis; an enthusiastic and energetic Rock Troll who is Barb's brother.
  • Rachel Crow as Princess Rachel; a diva-like and charming Funk Troll who is Cooper's cousin.
  • Charlyne Yi as Allegra Bell; a peaceful and reliable Classical Troll.
  • Blake Shelton as Colt Chesterton; a Country Troll who lives up to his name.
  • Pharrell Williams as Vapor; a Techno Troll who is DJ Suki's love interest.
  • Felicity Jones as Pansy; Branch's younger sister.
  • Diego Luna as Raven; a Beast Troll who is Pansy's love interest.
  • Shawn Mendes as Jules; a hybrid Vamp-Demon Wolf Troll.
  • Roger Craig Smith as Crane; a Sporty Wolf Troll who is one of Jules' friends.
  • Adam DeVine as Lukas; a Rainbow Wolf Troll who is one of Jules' friends.
  • Chloe X Halle as Autumn & Esperanza; a duo of Wild Troll twins who are singers.
  • Adam Goldberg (singing voice by Chris Stapleton) as Finn Cascade; Creek's long-lost father who is a very famous Troll singer and Branch's idol.
  • Delta Burke as Willow; Branch and Pansy's loving mother.
  • Ester Dean as Miss Guffin; Zuna and Kiara's mentor and personal guardian.

Special Cameo Appearances

  • Zooey Deschanel as Queen Bridget; the Queen of the Bergens. 
  • Christopher Mintz-Plasse as King Gristle Jr.; the King of the Bergens.
  • Patton Oswalt as Tommy; the leader of the Bergen knights, and Gristle's best friend.
  • Amy Adams as Laura; the current scullery maid of the Bergens, and Bridget's best friend.
  • Jessie J as Sleaze; a purple carefree and romantical TrollUnicorn.
  • Yuri Lowenthal as Fixit; a yellow diligent and thoughtful TrollBeaver.
  • Meghan Trainor as Jodie; an indigo aristocratic-like, yet positive and helpful TrollRodent.
  • Gilbert Gottfried as Dimwit; a green loud-mouthed and clumsy TrollParrot.
  • Dan Castellaneta as Raymond; a black hotheaded and strong TrollAlligator.



(After Barb and Thrash steal the Techno String and destroy Trollex's DJ station)

  • Trollex: (nervously) Okay, okay! That's enough! Please stop! You win, you win! You can have the string, alright? Just please don't hurt us! You're already harshing the vibe we've worked very hard to built to!

(During the song "Trolls Wanna Have Good Times")

  • Wacky: (runs over to Poppy, Branch, Creek, Zuna, Biggie and Cooper) Guys! Guys! You gotta come with me, quick! There's something wrong with Guy Diamond! He's sitting on a mushroom screaming in pain! Gia Grooves is with him right now!

(Guy Diamond was heard screaming in pain)

  • Guy Diamond: (sitting on a mushroom while in pain) Poppy! Everyone! Come quick! It's a emergency!

(The Snack Pack and the Wild Pack run to their friends)

  • Everyone: Guy?
  • Gia Grooves:
  • Poppy: Hey, Gia! Guy Diamond, what's wrong?
  • Guy Diamond:
  • Zuna:
  • Guy Diamond: (freaking out) I think I'm having a... BABY!

(Everyone screams in panic, while Cooper gasps and Zuna squeals with delight)

  • Zuna:
  • DJ Suki:
  • Harper:
  • Satin and Chenille:
  • Fuzzbert:
  • Wim:
  • Cooper: 
  • Smidge and Milo: (throwing temper tantrums; furiously) NO FAIR! WE DON'T WANNA BE BIG SIBLINGS!

(While the gang is on their way to Vibe City, Marcy sees Ralph looking depressed)

  • Marcy: Hey, Ralph. Are you okay? Is there something wrong?
  • Ralph: (sighs) I can't do this anymore. We need to go home.

(Everyone looks at Ralph shocked while Marcy tries to comfort him)

  • Creek: Huh? Go home?
  • Choco: What? Now?
  • Snowy: But we just got here!
  • Ralph: Yeah, and we've been attacked by lots and lots of different Trolls.
  • Zuna: But dad, are you trying to say... we should quit?
  • Harvest: Look, dude. We got here not so long ago, and we can't just walk away like everything the Rock Trolls did was nothing!
  • Ralph: We need to be safe! We are in foreign lands that we've never been to before, and we were harassed on every side! It's just not good for me! It's not good for any of us!
  • Poppy: But Ralph, we can't stop now! The Funk Trolls' territory is not that far from here!
  • Ralph: And what good would that possibly do? They'll end up suffering the same fate as everybody else we've encountered!
  • Poppy: Ralph, please! One more boat ride and we'll make it to Vibe City in no time! It'll be okay, I promise! As long as we keep going, nothing will ever hurt us!
  • Ralph: (to Poppy, frustratingly and angrily) No, no, NO! I wish you would just stop saying that and listen to me for once, Poppy! Just please! We are all here on this boat going to Vibe City because of your decision to unite the whole kingdom! But the Rock Trolls already destroyed almost everything! Symphonyville was burnt to the ground, Lonesome Flats had us all nearly jailed for life before being invaded, and Techno Reef was probably already destroyed as well! And who knows what's gonna happen to Vibe City too? We all saw what Queen Barb and King Thrash are capable of, but you, in addition, don't even care to listen at all! You just don't give anyone else a chance! All you ever care about is yourself and saving the world! You only hear what you want to hear, and it puts us all in danger! DJ Suki, Cooper, Smidge, Guy Diamond, Tiny Diamond, the Fashion Twins, everyone! And even me! We've been following you on your mission, and everywhere we go, you nearly got us trapped or hurt! How are you supposed to save the world if you can't even keep us safe? Or more importantly, yourself?

(Everyone, especially Poppy, is shocked and horrified of Ralph's outburst, speechless of what to tell him)

  • Ralph: (sadly and bitterly) The leaders of Rock are trying to destroy our music, and now they're trying to destroy us. We are not safe here anymore. We're not safe anywhere. And it's all thanks to you. You made a pinky promise to me, Queen Poppy. And you broke it. All because of your selfish and careless ways. I always thought you make a good leader of Harmony Village, but now after what happened, I change my mind about it. I feel like I don't even know you anymore. I can't believe you ever became queen in the first place.

(And with that,

  • Ralph: (turns to Poppy; furiouslyWHAT KIND OF QUEEN BREAKS A PINKY PROMISE?! (turns his back on Poppy and the others as he goes back home to Wild Troll City)


  1. The Other Side (Performed by SZA and Justin Timberlake)
  2. Trolls Wanna Have Good Times (Performed by Trolls Cast feat. Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Skylar Astin, Amanda Leighton, James Corden, Icona Pop, Ester Dean and Kenan Thompson)
  3. Don't Slack (Performed by Anderson Paak and Justin Timberlake)
  4. It's All Love (Performed by Anderson Paak, Justin Timberlake, George Clinton and Mary J. Bilge)
  5. Just Sing (Performed by Trolls Cast feat. Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Mary J. Bilge, Kelly Clarkson, Anderson Paak and Pharrell Williams)
  6. One More Time (World Tour Remix) (Performed by Pharrell Williams and Anthony Ramos)
  7. Atomic Dog (World Tour Remix) (Performed by George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, George Clinton and Mary J. Bilge)
  8. So What (World Tour Remix) (Performed by P!nk)
  9. Beat It (World Tour Remix) (Performed by Fall Out Boy)
  10. Rainbows, Unicorns & Everything Nice (Performed by Walt Dohrn and Joseph Shirley)
  11. Rock & Roll Rules (Performed by HAIM & Ludwig Göransson)
  12. Leaving Lonesome Flats (Performed by Dierks Bentley)
  13. Born to Die (Performed by Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood)
  14. Trolls 2 Many Hits Mashup (Performed by Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Skylar Astin, Amanda Leighton and James Corden)
  15. Yodel Beat (Performed by Ludwig Göransson)
  16. I Fall to Pieces (Performed by Sam Rockwell)
  17. Perfect for Me (Performed by Justin Timberlake and Skylar Astin)
  18. Rock You Like a Hurricane (Performed by P!nk and Fall Out Boy)
  19. It's All Love (History of Funk) (Performed by Anderson Paak, George Clinton and Mary J. Bilge)
  20. Get Lucky (Performed by Pharrell Williams, Keke Palmer and Daft Punk)
  21. Can You Feel It? (Performed by Anna Kendrick and Cooper Barnes)
  22. Just Sing (Movie Version) (Performed by Trolls Cast feat. Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Skylar Astin, Amanda Leighton, James Corden, Uma Thurman, Sean T. Krishnan, Tress MacNeille, Ben Schwartz, Rihanna, Kat Graham, Usher, Jason Derulo, Ally Brooke, P!nk, Khalid, SZA, Christina Aguilera, Anderson Paak, George Clinton, Mary J. Bilge, Rachel Crow, Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, Carrie Underwood, Gustavo Dudamel, Charlyne Yi, Keke Palmer, Pharrell Williams, Anthony Ramos, Sam Rockwell, Flula Borg, Ne-Yo, Jamie Foxx, Red Velvet, BlackPink, J Balvin, Pitbull, CNCO, Berenice Amador, Jamila Hache, and Kenan Thompson)

Rewrite Changes/Trivia

  • DJ Suki is also in the movie instead of being absent. In this film, she is revealed to be a Techno Troll as well as being a Pop Troll.
  • Poppy wears the same dress like in Season 5-8 of the TV show Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, and her hair is loose.
  • Branch still has his true colors and personality like in the first film.
  • Creek still has his true colors and personality like in the third film.
  • A few characters will be voiced by someone else.
  • New characters and songs are added to the film.
  • The song "Crazy Train" is absent and replaced with a remix of "So What".
  • One More Time is now sung by Trollex and Vapor.
  • Born to Die is now sung by Delta Dawn and her lieutenant Teresa Tumbleweed.
  • Perfect for Me is now sung by Branch and Creek (with his point of view about Zuna).
  • Wild Trolls can sing all types of music.
  • For the Trollimals, only Wacky, Albert and Lulli appear as major characters while the other five only appear at the end of the film along with Bridget, Gristle, Timmy and Laura.
  • Trollzart and Trollex get bigger parts as they go with Poppy and the gang on their mission to save all of Troll Kingdom.
  • There are nine members of the K-Pop Gang, including BlackPink who will be playing alongside Red Velvet. They are Deena (Jennie), Jewel (Jisoo), Wave (Rosé) and Tanya (Lisa).
  • Tresillo's group of friends is the Latin Crew; Marimba, Tambora, Jimbo (Pitbull), and L5 (CNCO). The members of V5 are Verde (Joel), Salsa (Chris), Azul (Zabdiel), Rojo (Erick) and Macon (Richard).
  • Most of the plot was somewhat changed.
    • Instead of having six tribes, there are many tribes of music uncounted. The six sub-tribes are now main tribes, despite not having strings.
    • The Bounty Hunters do not appear in this version. However, since the unpopular tribes have no strings, King Thrash somehow bribes them to help him destroy the six main tribes in order to save their own. However, the leaders decline helping and want to help unite all music, just like Poppy.
    • Instead of Biggie going with Poppy and Branch, it's now Creek, Zuna and Ralph. Meanwhile, Wacky, Albert, Lulli, Harvest and Marcy decide to follow them secretly while worrying about their safety.
    • Zuna and Roxy colors up along with Poppy and Barb to become Harmony Goddesses. In this version, Poppy's hair grows longer and reaches her ankles with some of it in a ponytail. Poppy wears her hair down currently as of the end of the film.
  • Some of the characters have different personalities due to having different voice actors.
    • Due to Barb being voiced by P!nk instead of Rachel Bloom, her personality is completely changed. She still retains her wild-hearted personality, 
    • Due to Thrash being voiced by Christopher Lloyd instead of Ozzy Osbourne, instead of Barb being the main antagonist, it was him.
    • Due to Legsly being voiced by Kat Graham instead of Ester Dean, she is spunky, courageous, smart, and helpful, and she has a crush on Biggie. She is good friends with Harper, and they work together to look after Harmony Village while Poppy, Branch, Creek, Zuna, Ralph, Wacky, Albert, Lulli, Harvest and Marcy were gone.
    • Due to Biggie being voiced by Micheal Cera instead of James Corden, he appears to be matured a lot.
  • Rachel, Allegra, Colt and Vapor are the sole survivors of the destruction of their tribes, and they decide to help Poppy unite all music.
  • Pennywhistle and Beat Drop are remade as Trolls. Pennywhistle (renamed Little Pennywhistle or Penny for short) is Allegra's little sister, and TBDB (renamed Beatbox) is Trollex's adoptive brother.
  • A few new scenes were added to the film.
  • There are similar groups of the Snack Pack and the Wild Pack:
    • Hard Rockers: Barb, Elvis, 
    • Electric Hearts:
    • Symphony Club:
    • Funky Friends:
    • Wild West Roadsters: Delta Dawn, Teresa Tumbleweed, Colt Chesterton, 
  • At the end of the film, Troll Kingdom is renamed Trollstopia.
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