Trolls: TrollsTopia is an upcoming animated series based on the Dreamworks film series, Trolls, and serves as a follow up to its most recent film, Trolls: World Tour. This will be the second animated series based on the franchise, after Netflix's Trolls: The Beat Goes On. It will stream exclusively on both Peacock and Hulu on November 19th, 2020.


This series takes place after the events of Trolls World Tour and centers around Poppy, Branch, and all of the Trolls from every tribe going on exciting adventures full of music and harmony in the newly united world of TrollsTopia.

Story arcs / Sub-plots

Trolls: TrollsTopia (Enda McNabola's version)/Storylines


Trolls: TrollsTopia (Enda McNabola's version)/Characters



  • A few characters from Trolls: The Beat Goes On will appear as well.
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