Trolls - The Beat Goes On! 2
This is my remake version of the TV show Trolls: The Beat Goes On!. It now includes 26 episodes for each season. It now aired on Universal Kids and streamed on Netflix. It takes place after the events of the third film of the same name. It is a series based on the Trolls film series.

Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Skylar Astin and Amanda Leighton reprise their roles as Poppy, Branch, Creek and Zuna respectively. Delta Burke, Ester Dean, Fryda Wolff, Khary Payton, Nika Futterman, Travis Willingham, Zak Orth, Yuri Lowenthal, Meghan Trainor, Gilbert Gottfried, Dan Castellaneta, Kevin Michael Richardson, Ron Funches, Kunal Nayyar, Jason Derulo and Uma Thurman also reprise their respective roles as Willow, Zira, Ralph, DJ Suki, DJ Sonic, Wacky, Fixit, Jodie, Dimwit, Raymond, Mr. Dinkles, Cooper, Guy Diamond, Harvest and Marcy. Cooper Barnes, Fran Drescher, John DiMaggio, Grey DeLisle-Griffin and Cristina Pucelli reprise their roles as Albert, Lulli, Smidge, Satin and Chenille from the TV special Trolls Holiday. Maia Mitchell, Jessie J, David Fynn, Kel Mitchell, Navia Robinson and Zoran Korach provide the new voices of Panna, Sleaze, Biggie, Cooper, Harper and Fuzzbert, respectively. Also, Jeffrey Tambor reprises his role as King Peppy from the first film.

Later in Season 5 onward, Candi Milo, Matt Lowe, and Rita Ora join the cast as the new voices of Milo, River and Katana, while Lyza Bull and Adam Goldberg also reprise their roles as CJ Suki and Finn.


The series follows Queen Poppy and her friends Branch, Creek, Mayor Zuna, the Snack Pack and the Wild Pack as they experience everyday life in Harmony Village and Wild Troll City (later Trollstopia).

In Season 6, CJ Suki, Milo, River, Katana and Finn were promoted to being main characters in the show.

Cast and Characters

Main Cast

  • Anna Kendrick as Queen Poppy; the cheerful and optimistic ruler of Harmony Village who is Branch's love interest.
  • Justin Timberlake as Branch; the now good-hearted and no-longer grumpy Elf Troll hero who is Poppy's love interest. He decides to turn his bunker into a brand new home for his biological family.
  • Skylar Astin as Creek; the newly reformed Troll survivalist who is Branch's rival/best friend and Zuna's love interest. He was once a villainous and fake Zen Troll who betrayed everyone until he was reformed in the third film. He was previously voiced by Russell Brand in the first film. 
  • Amanda Leighton as Mayor Zuna; the most popular Wolf Troll songstress who is Poppy's best friend and Creek's new love interest. She was previously voiced by Emily Osment in Trolls: The Sequel. Later in Season 5, after the events of Trolls Gone Wild, she is the new mayor of Wild Troll City.
  • Jeffrey Tambor as King Peppy; Poppy's father, and the former ruler of Troll Village.
  • Delta Burke as Willow Rosiepuff; Branch's loving mother, and the daughter of the late Grandma Rosiepuff.
  • Ester Dean as Miss Guffin; Zuna and Zira's mentor and personal guardian.
  • Maia Mitchell as Panna; Branch's younger sister.
  • Fryda Wolff as Zira; a Wolf Troll who is Zuna's older sister and Cooper's love interest.
  • Khary Payton as Ralph; a Dog Troll who is the mayor of Wild Troll City until Season 5, and Zuna's good old friend.
  • Nika Futterman as DJ Suki; the Trolls' resident disc jockey who is DJ Sonic's love interest.
  • Travis Willingham as DJ Sonic; the Wild Trolls' resident disc jockey who is DJ Suki's love interest.
  • Zak Orth as Wacky; a brown fun-loving and generous TrollPuppy who is the leader of the Trollimals.
  • Cooper Barnes as Albert; a white egotistical and bossy TrollHare.
  • Fran Drescher as Lulli; a blue cynical and intelligent TrollBird.
  • Jessie J as Sleaze; a purple carefree and romantical TrollUnicorn.
  • Yuri Lowenthal as Fixit; a yellow diligent and thoughtful TrollBeaver.
  • Meghan Trainor as Jodie; an indigo aristocratic-like, but very positive and helpful TrollRodent, and Raymond's love interest.
  • Gilbert Gottfried as Dimwit; a green loud-mouthed and clumsy TrollParrot.
  • Dan Castellaneta as Raymond; a black hotheaded and strong TrollAlligator, and Jodie's love interest.
  • David Fynn as Biggie; a chubby and friendly Troll.
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Mr. Dinkles; Biggie's pet worm.
  • John DiMaggio as Smidge; a young female Teaspoon Troll with a masculine voice.
  • Kel Mitchell as Cooper; a Giraffe Troll who is Zira's love interest.
  • Kunal Nayyar as Guy Diamond; a Glitter Troll who is always naked.
  • Grey DeLisle-Griffin and Cristina Pucelli as Satin & Chenille; a duo of Maker Troll twins who love fashion.
  • Navia Robinson as Harper; a very artistic Maker Troll.
  • Zoran Korach as Fuzzbert; a hair Troll with two legs.
  • Jason Derulo as Harvest; a teal hybrid TrollWoodpecker who is Branch's pet and adoptive brother.
  • Uma Thurman as Marcy; a pale pink hybrid TrollBear who is a newcomer of the Snack Pack.
  • Lyza Bull as CJ Suki; DJ Suki's young niece from Wild Troll City. She joins the cast in Season 5.
  • Candi Milo as Milo; a young male Tiger Troll with a very feminine voice, and one of Zuna's friends from Wild Troll City. He joins the cast in Season 5.
  • Matt Lowe as River; a Bear Troll who is Katana's brother, and one of Zuna's friends from Wild Troll City. He joins the cast in Season 5.
  • Rita Ora as Katana; a Panda Troll who is River's sister, and one of Zuna's friends from Wild Troll City. She joins the cast in Season 5.
  • Adam Goldberg (singing voice by Chris Stapleton) as Finn Cascade; Creek's long-lost father, and Branch's idol. He joins the cast in Season 5.

Secondary Cast


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Season 1

  1. Hair in the Air (Opening Theme; performed by Trolls Cast feat. Amanda Leighton, Justin Timberlake, Skylar Astin and Anna Kendrick)
  2. Adventure Never Ends (Ending 1; performed by Trolls Cast feat. Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Skylar Astin and Amanda Leighton)
  3. Wake Up (Performed by Anna Kendrick)
  4. My Lady (Performed by Justin Timberlake)
  5. Can't Stop the Feeling! (Show Version) (Performed by Trolls Cast feat. Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Skylar Astin and Amanda Leighton)
  6. Happily Ever After (Remix) (Performed by Trolls Cast feat. Amanda Leighton and Skylar Astin)
  7. One And Only Love (Performed by Kari Wahlgren and Sam Lerner)
  8. Sunshine All The Time (Performed by Fryda Wolff)
  9. Party On (Performed by John DiMaggio and Ludacris)

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Season 7

Season 8

Rewrite Changes/Trivia

  • Branch looks just like how he was at the end of the first film, including his unique ears.
  • Creek looks just like how he was at the end of the third film.
  • There is a soundtrack for each season.
  • New characters and songs are added to the film. Songs also include covers.
  • Fuzzbert and Mr. Dinkles can now speak.
  • Biggie's hair changes color by any emotions he feels.
  • Satin and Chenille can separate any time they want to.
  • There are other Teaspoon Trolls besides Smidge, including Wild Trolls. Teaspoon Trolls are also considered Trollings.
  • It aired through January 12th to November 26th, 2019:
    • Season 1: January 12th
    • Season 2: March 19th
    • Season 3: May 13th
    • Season 4: June 17th
    • Season 5: August 2nd
    • Season 6: September 16th
    • Season 7: October 10th
    • Season 8: November 26th
  • Creek's personality has changed a lot in the show since the film of the same name. His personality is now similar to the canon Branch, but only a few traits. He is now usually grumpy, short-tempered, headstrong, egotistical, cunning, over-cautious, secretive and arrogant, but actually loyal, kind, nice, generous, protective, friendly, faithful and helpful. He hates Cloud Guy with a mildly burning passion, and is good at protecting himself from any kind of threats. It's him who has a fear of birds instead of Branch. He builds his very own bunker in Wild Troll City, and he has the possession of Gary now.
  • Branch's personality has changed a lot in the show since Trolls: The Sequel. He is now usually joyful, happy, bright, caring, wiser, nicer, kinder, protective, loving, pure-hearted, good-natured, positive, and not as grumpy as he used to be, and he shares the same things his mother likes. He starts to get along more with Cloud Guy, and he has a new title as the Hero of the Trolls. He has a new stuffed worm named Snowy, and a new remote control named Marvin.
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