Trent Jackieman


Ninja Zero 5.0

Personal Information
Aliases The Ninja Crusader
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 16
17 (Season 3)
18 (Season 5)
35 (Rise of the New Ninja)
Hair Color black
Birthday May 15
Residence Billings, Montana
Friends Tony Kent
Stacy Bushman (girlfriend)
Francine Von Deedee (former love interest)
Matsuki Usagi
Zackary “Zac” Howardman
Master Jenji
Enemies Lord Dragonort
Dr. Thunder
Boxer Joe
Interests Martial arts, girls, winning trophies, getting straight A's on tests, pancakes, rock and roll music, etc.
Parents Gem Jackieman (mother)
David Jackieman (father)
Spouse(s) Stacy Bushman
Children Athena Jackieman (daughter)
Kyle Jackieman (son)
Siblings Emma Jackieman (younger sister)
Pet(s) Mushu (dog)
Others Mike Leonardo (cousin)
Production Information
Voiced by Paul Tylak
Laura Bailey (younger)
Fred Tatasciore (older)

Trent Jackieman is the main character of the show Trent: Martial Arts Extraordinaire. He appears as a major/minor character in Rise of the New Ninja.


Trent is known to be smart and comic relief.



Early Life




Gem Jackieman

Trent and his mother have a caring relationship. Even though he lives with his mother, but she loves him very much and concerns for his safety.

David Jackieman

He and his dad had a sometimes difficult but good relationship since David and Gem's divorce. But David does care about his children every much.

Emma Jackieman

Trent thinks of Emma as an annoying little pest. But he does care deeply for her well being.


Tony Kent

Trent's childhood best friend who he stood up for him against bullies. 

Stacy Bushman

Trent only thought of Stacy as a friend. In Season 3, he and Stacy started dating. In Rise of the New Ninja, he and Stacy are married.

Max Stewart


Lord Dragonort

Dragonort is Trent's worst enemy.

Powers and Abilities

  • Peak Human Condition -
  • Voice Manipulation - Trent can manipulate his own voice.
    • Vocal Replication - Trent can mimic the voices of others or imitate any sound.


  • Shuriken
  • Smokebombs


  • Trent resembles Leo Walker from Egyxos.
  • Trent's voice sounds exactly like Rabbit from Skunk Fu!.
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