1. Transformers and Marvel: When the Marvel villains team up with Megatron, it's up to Spider-Man and Optimus Prime to stop them!
  2. Transformers and DC Comics: When Lex Luther powers Megatron with Kryptonite, only Superman and Optimus can stop him.
  3. Transformers and Continuity Comics: Megalith joins Optimus in order to defeat KOMPLEX.
  4. Transformers and G.I. Joe: Cobra teams up with the Decepticons, and only Optimus can stop them.
  5. Transformers and Disney: When the Disney Villains decide to take over Cybertron, Optimus has to take alll of them down.
  6. Transformers and Star Wars: Darth Vader has teamed up with Megatron in order to defeat Optimus.
  7. Transformers and Power Rangers: The Autobots scan the Power Rangers's Zords in order to defeat Master Xandred.
  8. Transformers and Capcom: Ryu Hoshi teams up with Optimus to take down Seth and M. Bison.
  9. Transformers and Hellboy: Hellboy teams up with Optimus Prime.
  10. Transformers and M.A.S.K.: Miles Mayhem has taken control of Cybertron himself.
  11. Transformers and TMNT: The Shredder attacks Cybertron!
  12. Transformers and BMFM: Lawrence Limburger wants revenge on Optimus.
  13. Transformers and Road Rovers: The Road Rovers awaken from sleep and fight General Parvo on Cybertron.
  14. Transformers and Golden Sun: Matthew and his father Isaac fight for the Apollo Sanctum and Optimus in order to save reality.
  15. Transformers and Pixar's Cars: When Chick Hicks raids Cybertron, it's up to Lightning McQueen and Optimus Prime to stop him!
  16. Transformers and Star Trek: When Nero plans to destroy all of Cybertron, Kirk must team up with Optimus!
  17. Transformers and Street Sharks: Dr. Piranoid has teamed up with Megatron so that he can take control over Cybertron.
  18. Transformers and King Syndicate: Flash Gordon and Popeye team up with Optimus to bring down Joe Chill, Ming the Merciless, and Bluto!
  19. Transformers and Arthur And The Knights of Justice: Warpath is again transported to medieval times, when Morgana Le Fey and his son Lord Viper took over Camelot for themselves
  20. Transformers and Sailor Moon: Queen Beryl and her Negaversal soldiers are conquering Cybertron! It is revealed that Queen Beryl was the lost love of Megatron.
  21. Transformers and Extreme Dinosaurs: Bad Rap and Megatron team up together so that they will rule the Dinosaur Earth and only Optimus Prime can stop them with the help of the Extreme Dinosaurs!
  22. Transformers and Terrahawks: Driven insane, Zelda, a local hag of Decepticon City, tries to take over the world, and only the Terrahawks and Optimus Prime can stop her!
  23. Transformers and Starcom: Starcom team up with Optimus.
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