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Transformers: Battle Planet is a 2019 American/Japanese animated robot superhero web series based on the Transformers toy line by Hasbro. Created by Hasbro Studios, Allspark Animation, and produced by Man Of Action, TMS Entertainment, Toei Animation and Nelvana, The show was released in May 1, 2019 on Netflix. In Japan the series was released on TV Tokyo in April 29, 2019.

Japanese Release Date: April 29, 2019.

From The Writers Of Pokémon, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Legend Of Korra, and Voltron.

Directors: Eugene Lee, Steve Ahn, Alex Soto, Scooter Tidwell, Colin Heck.

Rotten Tomatoes: 100%

Average Audience Score: 90%

First Episode: May 1, 2019.

Final Episode: October 29, 2023.

Season 1 Release Date: May 1, 2019.

Season 2 Release Date: June 20, 2020.

Season 3 Release Date: September 19, 2021.

Season 4 Release Date: October 15, 2022.

Season 5 Release Date: August 20, 2023.

Shorts Running Time: 9 Minutes.

Wave 1 Set Toys Release Date: May 10, 2019.

Wave 2 Set Toys Release Date: July 4, 2020.

Wave 3 Set Toys Release Date: September 20, 2021.

Wave 4 Set Toys Release Date: October 22, 2022.

Wave 5 Set Toys Release Date: September 1, 2023.


The show is about a teenage boy named Logan Davis, and his three friends named Winston Shock, Ava Jones, and his pet dog named Sid, met some robotic lifeforms that came from a planet called Cybertron. The four protagonists met a humanoid robot named Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots, a faction of the Cybertronian race, logan said to his friends that when he was 6 years old, he saw an escape pod, where the Autobots came to earth, but logan saw a bunch of escape pods falling at night, not even Logan saw the escape pods, escape pods all over the world came to earth. Optimus and the rest of the Autobots need Logan’s help to stop the Decepticons, a faction of malevolent, brutal, and merciless race of the Cybertronian, from destroying the planet Earth, So it’s up to Logan and his friends to save planet Earth from the Decepticons before it’s too late. Also, the true villain in Transformers Battle Planet is Mayor Winchester (Real Name: Chester Winchester) is the mayor of the whole city, in episode 1, The Origin Of Cybertron Part 2, Chester was watching radical one’s videos, after he got done watching the videos, he searched up the planet Cybertron, home of the Autobots, and Decepticons, so Chester wants to travel to Cybertron to learn more about these alien species, and find the core to the Cybertronian’s power and source.



  1. Jeremy Shada As Logan Davis (Optimus Prime's Partner)
  2. Khary Payton As Winston Shock (Bumblebee's Partner)
    • Shemar Moore As Adult Winston Shock
  3. Kate Higgins As Ava Jones (Arcee's Partner)
  4. Gregg Berger As Sid The Dog (Logan's Pet Dog) (Ratchet's Partner)
  5. Ryan Potter As Bill Jackson (Blurr's Partner)
  6. Robbie Daymond As Dan Waves (Logan’s Friend)
  7. Josh Keaton As Timmy Benson (Logan's Friend)
  8. Tara Strong As Daisy Scottfield (Logan’s Friend)
  9. Ashleigh Ball As Gwen Andrew (Logan’s Friend)
  10. Wendee Lee As Rebecca Winter (Logan’s Friend)
  11. Cherami Leigh As Jessie Sky (Logan's Friends)
  12. Johnny Yong Bosch As Noah Carson (Logan & Winston's Bully)
  13. Sarah Williams As Lia Davis (Logan's Little Sister)
  14. Christine Marie Cabanos As Terry Davis (Logan's Little Sister)
  15. Cassandra Lee Morris As Emma Davis (Logan's Cousin)
  16. Erica Lindbeck As Elizabeth Davis (Logan's Cousin)
  17. Yuri Lowenthal As Mayor Chester Winchester (The True Villain, Logan’s Enemy)
  18. Kevin Michael Richardson As Commander Eddie White (Military Leader, Villain)
  19. Cathy Weseluck As Cake Wintergreen (Librarian, Spy, Villain)
  20. Greg Cipes As Tony Luck (Rockstar, Villain)
  21. Ashley Johnson As Kitten Lars (Dancer, Villain)
  22. Carrie Keranen As Logan's Mom (Real Name: Veronica Bellmore)
  23. Paul Eiding As Logan's Dad (Real Name: George Davis)
  24. Quinton Flynn As Tommy Davis (George's Brother) (Logan, Lia & Terry's Uncle) (Elizabeth & Emma's Dad)
  25. Melissa Fahn As Amelia Bardot (Logan, Lia, and Terry's Aunt) (Elizabeth & Emma's Mom)


  1. Peter Cullen As Optimus Prime (Logan's Partner)
  2. Seth Green As Bumblebee (Winston's Partner)
  3. Tara Platt As Arcee (Ava's Partner)
  4. Jeffrey Combs As Ratchet (Sid's Partner)
  5. Ben Schwartz As Blurr (Bill's Partner)
  6. Alex Desert As Jazz
  7. Dan Green As Ironhide
  8. John Goodman As Hound
  9. Patrick Warburton As Nosecone
  10. Seth Rogen As Lightspeed
  11. James Horan As Wheeljack
  12. Roger Craig Smith As Prowl
  13. Nolan North As Smokescreen
  14. Brian Dobson As Red Alert
  15. Tom Kenny As Inferno
  16. Corey Burton As Brawn
  17. Steve Blum As Skids
  18. Patrick Warburton As Trailbreaker
  19. Dwayne Johnson As Cliffjumper
  20. Troy Baker As Sideswipe
  21. Chris Pine As Sunstreaker
  22. Dee Bradley Baker As Bluestreak
  23. Clancy Brown As First-Aid
  24. Bill Fagerbakke As Bulkhead
  25. Seth MacFarlane As Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime
  26. Michael Ironside As Ultra Magnus
  27. Peter Dinklage As Metroplex
  28. Christopher Sabat As Warpath
  29. Matthew Mercer As Drift
  30. Bryce Papenbrook As Springer
  31. Kunal Nayyar As Blaster
  32. Cree Summer As Elita One
  33. Erin Fitzgerald As Chromia
  34. Laura Post As Windblade


  1. Frank Welker as Megatron/Galvatron, Soundwave, Laserbeak, Ravage, Skywarp, Vortex, Runabout, Runamuck, Sixshot, Megatronus Prime/The Fallen
  2. Steve Blum as Starscream, Scavenger, Bruticus, Menasor
  3. Jess Harnell as Barricade
  4. Peter Cullen as Nemesis Prime
  5. Keith Silverstein as Rumble, Frenzy, Blast Off
  6. Kevin Michael Richardson as Blackout
  7. Nolan North as Brawl
  8. Vincent Tong as Blitzwing
  9. Corey Burton as Shockwave
  10. Patrick Seitz as Devastator
  11. Fred Tatasciore as Bonecrusher, Tailwind
  12. Tom Kenny as Thundercracker, Scrapper
  13. Clancy Brown as Hook
  14. Dee Bradley Baker as Whisper, Long Haul, Dragstrip, Wildrider, Dead End
  15. Matt Lanter as Mixmaster
  16. Roger Craig Smith as Onslaught
  17. Rob Paulsen as Swindle
  18. Charlie Adler as Sunstorm
  19. Vic Mignogna as Astrotrain
  20. Amanda C. Miller as Nightbird
  21. Eric Bauza as Bombshell
  22. Liam O'Brien as Shrapnel
  23. Jim Ward as Kickback
  24. Jamieson Price as Tarn
  25. Travis Willingham as Motormaster
  26. Sam Riegel as Breakdown


  1. The Origin Of Cybertron Part 1/The Origin Of Cybertron Part 2
  2. The Decepticons & The Autobots Part 1/The Decepticons & The Autobots Part 2
  3. Bumblebee & Winston/Barricade
  4. Lights Out/Ruff House
  5. Logan Rules/Pranking The Bee
  6. Dog Daze/Fisticuffs
  7. Megatron/Soundwave, Starscream, Shockwave, & Astrotrain
  8. Sleep driving/The Virus
  9. Heroes/Never Leave A Autobot Behind
  10. The Bully/Monkey See Monkey Doom!
  11. Be Careful What You Wish For/Scanning
  12. New Decepticons/New Autobots
  13. Bumblebee's Honey/Feeling Lucky
  14. New Member Of The Team/Enter Bill Jackson
  15. Little Brats/Decepticons Attack!
  16. Megatron's Perfect Plan/Bullseye
  17. Welcome To The Party/New Members Of The Radical Ones
  18. Good For Being Bad/More Decepticons!?
  19. Ava & Arcee/Alone
  20. Autobots Are Dangerous/The Meteor
  21. New Upgrade/Shine Like Metal
  22. The Ultimate Teamwork/The Big Leauge
  23. Power Up!/Parent Troubles
  24. Turn On The Lights/Optimus Prime & Logan
  25. Decepticons Rules!/Master!
  26. All Hail Megatron Part 1/All Hail Megatron Part 2
  27. Devastator Part 1/Devastator Part 2
  28. Vengeance/Protect And Sever
  29. Logan's Birthday Surprise/Code Red!
  30. The Competition/Race To Win It
  31. Sleepyheads/Game Night
  32. The Decepticons Will Rule The World/True Darkness
  33. Undercover/Saving The World
  34. Water Hazard/Sea Trouble
  35. I'm Coming For You Megatron/I'm Coming For You Optimus
  36. Special Delivery/Ready To Tango
  37. Formal Vist/Stacking The Deck
  38. Speed Drift/Sonic Boom Blaster
  39. Load Up/Wreck It
  40. New Vehicles/Logan's Family Saves The Day
  41. Decepticons Roll Out!/Autobots Roll Out!
  42. Road Rage/Earth Is Mine
  43. The Battle Begins/Optimus Prime VS Megatron
  44. The Allspark Part 1/The Allspark Part 2
  45. Will Call Earth Our Home/Autobots Are Our Friends
  46. Gaining Popularity/The Decepticons Are Evil!
  47. The New Optimus Prime/Our Next Adventure Awaits Us

Episodes (Season 2)

  1. The Next Adventure Part 1/The Next Adventure Part 2
  2. Bumblebee & Cliffjumper/Red Alert
  3. Blurr The Fastest Autobot/Say Cheese
  4. Military School/Be Quiet
  5. RPM/Grounded
  6. Dogfight/Deal With It
  7. Kingdom Come/You Mad?
  8. Pit Stop/Storm Coming
  9. Burnout/Double Trouble
  10. Blurr’s Mistake/Barricade Returns
  11. The Decepticons Returns/Madness Arrived
  12. Junk Yard/Fire Vs Cool
  13. Lazy Bots/Too Loud
  14. Logan & Daisy’s Date/Third Wheel
  15. Homecoming/Family Reunion
  16. What’s Wrong With Logan?/Chester
  17. Dance Class With Kitten/Rocking With Tony
  18. Blackout/Winston’s Birthday
  19. Special Weapon/Megatron’s Revenge
  20. Galvatron Part 1/Galvatron Part 2
  21. Comic Fan/New Wheels
  22. Sky High/Biggest Fear
  23. Field Trip/Local Time
  24. Deja Vu/No Playtime
  25. Turn Right To Go Left/All Set!
  26. Cyclonus & Scourge Part 1/Cyclonus & Scourge Part 2
  27. Time To Make Vengeance/Megatron & Galvatron
  28. Flame Car?/Nice Car Logan
  29. The Message/Boost VS Speed
  30. Undercover/Don't Let Your Guard Down
  31. The Device/Hunters
  32. Optimus’s Search/Target Acquired!
  33. Show Me Your Power!/Who Are You?
  34. I Am Galvatron!/Rise Of Megatron
  35. Optimus Prime Vs Megatron & Galvatron/Kidnapped
  36. The New Leader/Rodimus Prime & Hot Rod
  37. United Part 1/United Part 2
  38. Electric Tower/Mind Controlling
  39. No One Stands In My Way/Destroy Earth
  40. The Evil Optimus Prime/I'm The New Optimus
  41. Saving Optimus/Ends Here And Now
  42. Call Me Dark Optimus Prime/Rodimus Prime Vs Galvatron
  43. Optimus Prime The Decepticon/Logan & Optimus Bond
  44. Logan VS Dark Optimus Prime/Optimus Prime Is Back
  45. Autobots Vs Decepticons/Theirs Still Saving
  46. Symbols/Violence Was Always The Answer
  47. The God Transformer/Mysterious Transformer

Episodes (Season 3)

  1. Rodimus Prime & Hot Rod's Adventure/Arcee & Hot Rod
  2. Roadeo Adventure/Comic Con
  3. Shut Down/Fire Wall
  4. Science Project/Solar System Test
  5. Autobots On Deck/Video Game Problems
  6. Crank It Up/Sticker Bot
  7. Nuts & Bolts/True Skills
  8. Stranger Fighter/Powerdrive
  9. Elita One Part 1/Elita One Part 2
  10. Arcee, Elita One, & Chromia/Female Autobots Reunited
  11. Wildrider & Dead End Part 1/Wildrider & Dead End Part 2
  12. The Satellite/Bombs Away
  13. The Technobots Part 1/The Technobots Part 2
  14. The Constructicons Returns Part 1/ The Constructicons Returns Part 2
  15. The Technobots Vs The Constructicons Part 1/ The Technobots Vs The Constructicons Part 2
  16. Computron Part 1/ Computron Part 2
  17. Devastator Vs Computron/Technobots Joins The Team
  18. Megatron Is A Fool/I’m The New Megatron
  19. Girls Rule!/Logan & The Girls
  20. Auto Show/Nightmares
  21. New Rivals/Evil VS Good
  22. Mind Controlled/Team Power Moves!
  23. The Insecticons Part 1/The Insecticons Part 2
  24. New Faces/Robot Love
  25. Springer & Arcee/Transformers Sickness
  26. The Combaticons Part 1/The Combaticons Part 2
  27. Bruticus Part 1/Bruticus Part 2
  28. Sunstreaker & Sideswipe/New Quest
  29. Set On A Journey/Blurr & Bill
  30. Sid & Ratchet/Best Friends Is Needed
  31. The Warehouse/Our Own Base
  32. The Radical Ones's Base/Logan's Family Joins
  33. All Aboard The Astrotrain/Ticket To Death
  34. Mirror Mirror Part 1/Mirror Mirror Part 2
  35. The Nemesis Part 1/The Nemesis Part 2
  36. Nemesis Prime/I'm The Ruler Of The Decepticons
  37. Nemesis Prime VS Optimus Prime/The Rise Of The Nemesis
  38. The Nemesis & The Decepticons/I'm Your New Leader
  39. Destruction Of Nemesis Part 1/Destruction Of Nemesis Part 2
  40. Is That Optimus?/Optimus Is Gone. I'm Your New Partner
  41. Your Not Optimus/Fake!
  42. The Radical Ones VS Nemesis Prime/Where's Optimus!?
  43. A Unknown Transformer/Who Is This Guy?
  44. Ultra Magnus Part 1/Ultra Magnus Part 2
  45. The Brother Of Optimus Prime/Optimus Returns
  46. Team Autobots Vs Team Decepticons/Your Not Real!
  47. We Saved The Day Again/The Autobots New Looks

Episodes (Season 4)

  1. The Heroes Are Back/Growing Up
  2. Age: 17/Kids Grow Up So Fast
  3. Ava's Birthday/Logan & Daisy
  4. Winston & Gwen/Bill & Rebecca
  5. Darkness/Goosebumps
  6. The Stunticons Part 1/The Stunticons Part 2
  7. Menasor Part 1/Menasor Part 2
  8. Optimus Prime's Flashback/Orion Pax
  9. Orion Pax Story Part 1/Orion Pax Story Part 2
  10. Orion Pax Story Part 3/Orion Pax Story Part 4
  11. Sid Can Talk?! Part 1/ Sid Can Talk?! Part 2
  12. New Factions/Rookie
  13. Dinobots Part 1/Dinobots Part 2
  14. Maximals Part 1/Maximals Part 2
  15. Beasts Part 1/Beasts Part 2
  16. Megatron & Galavtron Returns/The New Decepticon Team
  17. Did You Miss Me?/How Have You Grown
  18. TBA


Transformers: Battle Planet Shorts Episodes

  1. Start Your Engines!
  2. Teamwork Makes It Better
  3. First Aid
  4. Blurr Cybertron’s Fast Autobot
  5. Arcee Home Alone
  6. Optimus Prime’s Sickness
  7. The Decepticons Perfect Plan
  8. Soundwave & Friends
  9. Under Constructicons
  10. Gear Up
  11. Light, Camera, Action!
  12. Hot Rod’s Crush
  13. Player One
  14. Girls VS Boys
  15. Elevator Bots
  16. Shockwave In Charge
  17. Megatron Is A Crybaby
  18. Starscream And His Flight Team
  19. Robot Speedway!
  20. Arcee And The Girls
  21. Metroplex's Size
  22. Soccer Kickoff
  23. Ringout!
  24. Bedtime For The Decepticons
  25. The Insecticons Dayoff
  26. Cyclonus VS Hot Rod
  27. TBA

Wave 1 Toys

  • Optimus Prime
  • Bumblebee
  • Arcee
  • Ratchet
  • Blurr
  • Jazz
  • Ironhide
  • Hound
  • Wheeljack
  • Prowl
  • Smokescreen
  • Red Alert
  • Inferno
  • Brawn
  • Skids
  • Bluestreak
  • Megatron
  • Soundwave
  • Starscream
  • Shockwave
  • Astrotrain
  • Barricade
  • Ravage
  • Lazerbeak
  • Frenzy
  • Rumble
  • Bonecrusher
  • Scavenger
  • Scrapper
  • Hook
  • Long Haul
  • Mixmaster

Wave 2 Toys

  • Rodimus Prime
  • Hot Rod
  • First-Aid
  • Bulkhead
  • TBA


  • Optimus Prime - 1986 Freightliner Cabover
  • Optimus Prime - Red And Blue International Lonestar Truck Harley-Davidson (Scanning)
  • Optimus Prime - Peterbilt Truck (Scanning)
  • Optimus Prime - Western Star Truck (Scanning)
  • Optimus Prime - Red And Blue Tow Truck (Scanning)
  • Optimus Prime - Red And Blue Sports Car (Scanning)
  • Bumblebee - Yellow And Black Ford GT 2006
  • Bumblebee - Yellow And Black Ford GT 2016 (Scanning)
  • Bumblebee - Yellow Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG 2014 (Scanning)
  • TBA

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