Total Drama vs Super Mario is an Upcoming 2020 CGI Animated Crossover based on Super Mario and Total Drama.

Music (Includes Score)

See What I've Become (Zack Hemsey)

Total Drama Theme Song (AKA, I Wanna Be Famous) (Graeme Cornies and Dawna Toews)

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Super Mario

Charles Martinet as Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi

Samantha Kelly as Princess Peach

Kenneth W. James as Bowser

Laura Faye Smith as Rosalina

Total Drama

Stephanie Anne Mills as Lindsay

Scott McCord as Owen

Carter Hayden as Noah

Megan Fahlenbock as Gwen

Kristin Fairlie as Bridgette

Sarah Gadon as Beth

Laurie Elliot as Jo

Barbara Mamabolo as Zoey

Darren Frost as Chet

Carlos Diaz as Lorenzo

Caitlynn Medrek as Dawn

James Wallis as Scott

Tyrone Savage as Lightning

Kevin Duhaney as Cameron


Total Drama vs Super Mario/Transcript

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