The Toons Unite Saga is an ideal cartoon crossover project of the near future. It's a Disney, Teletoon, DIC, Nintendo, and various other cartoon companies crossover.

Toons Unite

It's take place millons of years after the Superanimals were created by an advanced race called the Drivinas, overthrowing their creators, and taking over Superanimalia and discover Earth. Jellie Bellies' son, Tyler Bellies, a sloth bear with a long tail went to an unseen world called the Rainbow Railway, a railway system which led to other galaxies by using trolley beasts, trains, and other sorts of transportation. He discovered to an underwater city under the railway system.

Yet Suki Higurashi Where it was Suceeded to find, And Failed to Stop The Villains. Dr. Nightmare Arises to Stop its Heroic Hope and Proceed to Fly Off The City

Although He discovered that remaining Drivinas are living in a city, not as advanced as they did in Superanimalia. They worshiped creatures called the Elemental Beasts. The Elementals tested him for bravery, loyalty, and courage. Tyler fought countless numbers of Dark Beasts like Gargons (a gargoyle\dragon\gorgon hybrid), Wereanimals, Space Worms, and many others.

After he was tested, the Elementals gave him the Sword of Light. As The Elementals told him that countless worlds are the verge of darkness and Tyler must use the Sword of Light to defeat a looming evil that can destroy everything he's loves.

List of Worlds

Disney Castle

Total Drama Island/ Total Drama Island

Xiaolin Temple/ Xiaolin Showdown

Land of Dragons/ Mulan

Arabagh/ Aladdin

Olympus Coliseum/ Hercules

Bending Nations/ Avatar

Mushroom Kingdom/ Super Mario Bros.

Smurf Village / Smurfs

Deep Jungle / Tarzan

Hyrule / Legend of Zelda

Beast's Castle / Beauty and the Beast

World of Pokemon / Pokemon

Pride Land / The Lion King

Alantica / The Little Mermaid

Peach Creek / Ed, Edd n Eddy

Planet Mobius / Sonic the Hedgehog

Toad Hall / Wind in the Willows

100 Acre Wood / Winnie The Pooh

Wild Jungle / The Jungle Book

Brooklyn, New York / Time Warp Trio

Bikini Bottom/ Spongebob

The Dark Wasteland*

  • Note:It's an orginal world

Toons Unite II

It's takes place a year after the events of Toons Unite, Tyler is going back to his planet.