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Tom and Jerry in Dragon Ball: The Adventures of Goku (トムとジェリー:ドラゴンボール 孫悟空の冒険, Tomu to Jerī: Doragon Bōru - Son Gokū no Bōken) is an animated action-adventure science fiction fantasy martial arts film staring Tom and Jerry, based on the Dragon Ball manga and anime series by Akira Toriyama.


The Changing History

Prophecy of the Dragon Balls and the Saiyans

Toki Toki City

Goku's Adoptive Life and Training

Beginning the Adventure

Tom and Jerry Comes to the Dragon World

The Real World Team Meets Goku, Gohan and Bulma

The Adventure Continues

The Flying Nimbus Cloud

Taking on Oolong

Three days later, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Goku and Bulma end up in Aru Village, where Goku is being mistaken for Oolong, a shape shifter who has been kidnapping the daughters of the villagers and his real form is mysterious unknown. When Bulma found out that Grandma Paozu, an old lady in the village, had a Dragon Ball, she forced Goku to disguise himself as Pochawompa (Oolong's next target) to find out where Oolong was kidnapping the girls. When the plan ended up failing, he decided to take on Oolong in combat and capture him. After Oolong revealed his real form which was a pig, he showed the villagers where he kept the daughters and Bulma was given another one of the Dragon Balls by Grandma Paozu.

Dangers in the Diablo Desert

After the village was saved by Goku, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy, Bulma forced Oolong to join them, thinking his shape shifting ability would be useful. Oolong, who was completely against the idea, ended up being controlled by a vitamin Bulma gave him to make him go to the bathroom whenever she says piggy. Bulma ends up losing her Dynocaps (another name for "capsules") and ends up not having any vehicles for the rest of the journey. After walking a couple of miles, Tom, Jerry and the Dragon Team end up in the Diablo Desert where Bulma goes crazy before moving to some shade of the nearby boulder to avoid heat and taking a nap. While the group rests, a Desert Bandit named Yamcha and his sidekick Puar (who was a former classmate of Oolong at the Shape-Shifting Academy) ambush Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Goku and Oolong and try to rob them. Goku fights back with his Power Pole, revealing to Yamcha that Goku is Gohan's grandson. Yamcha uses a powerful attack called the Wolf Fang Fist, which is his signature move, to knock Goku into rocks trapping him under rubble. Just before Oolong gives up his capsule, Goku comes back with a little bit of energy left, and together with Tom and Jerry, he sends Yamcha in a rage which is stopped when Bulma wakes up and Yamcha is scared off due to his fear of women.

Later that night in Oolong's House-Wagon, Bulma is taking a shower when Yamcha and Puar come again to spy on them. Yamcha ends up seeing Bulma naked and then goes to the other window and hears Goku tell Oolong about the Dragon Balls. Yamcha hears the conversation and then dedicates his mission to getting the Dragon Balls instead of robbing them. When Bulma and Goku fall asleep from Oolong's special juice, Oolong is interrupted when trying to search the room Bulma is sleeping in. Puar who is disguised as Goku ends up luring Oolong who is disguised as Bulma out of the trailer for Yamcha to go and steal the balls. Yamcha ends up failing when he sees Bulma completely naked.

The next morning Bulma is disappointed that the only clothes she has that would fit her is a bunny costume. Yamcha who is outside shoots down the house wagon with a bazooka and knocks Bulma out. Goku, Tom and Jerry engage in a rematch with Yamcha, ending it with Goku chipping his tooth out with a kick in his face. Yamcha then surrenders and comes up with a different idea and let them collect the Dragon Balls and give them a car with a tracker.

The Destruction of Fire Mountain

After traveling a while, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and the Dragon Team end up at Fire Mountain which is the site for their sixth Dragon Ball, with Yamcha and Puar tailing them from behind. Oolong was scared to go because he knew legends of the Ox-King and knew he would kill them. Bulma forced Oolong to come with them to go find the ball. Goku went to the top with the Nimbus, but it was too hot for him to manage. When he got down to tell Bulma the Ox-King began to fight Goku in battle. At first the Ox-King seemed to be much for Goku but when Goku got on the Nimbus the Ox-King changed his mind and asked Goku to go with his daughter Chi-Chi to get the Bansho Fan to put out the fire from Master Roshi who was his and Gohan's Martial Arts Teacher.

When Goku and Chi-Chi got to Master Roshi's house, Chi-Chi was not convinced that the old man was really Master Roshi so she decided to test him by throwing the blade that was atop her helmet straight at Roshi while his back was turned. Roshi tried to deflect the attack with his can but ended up getting a blow to the head. After Roshi showed his id to the two, he went on to say that he had threw away the Bansho Fan along time ago but agreed to put the fire out himself if he was allowed to touch Bulma's breasts. When they got back to Fire Mountain Master Roshi revealed a powerful technique called the Kamehameha Wave and destroyed the mountain. Under the rubble, Bulma found the sixth Dragon Ball. Goku who was amazed by the wave and tried to perform it himself but ended up destroying the car Yamcha had gave them. The Ox-King was thankful for getting rid of the fire and gave them his car. Just before they left Chi-Chi asked Goku if they would ever see each other again and Goku agreed.

Conflict with the Rabbit Mob

On Jerry, Tom, Tuffy and the Dragon Team's way to Emperor Pilaf's castle to get the final Dragon Ball and prevent him from fulfilling his wish for world domination, Oolong sees that the car is low on gas and decides to stop at the closest town to fill up. While there everyone looked in fear of Bulma who was still in the Bunny Costume Oolong had given her. While in town, Bulma was able to get free stuff. When she got different clothes on everyone stop being afraid of her because she was mistaken as a member of a local gang called the Rabbit Mob. Once Bulma met back up with Oolong and Goku they see two members of the Rabbit Mob bullying the villagers. When they noticed Bulma they started to hit on her but when she rejected them they got mad and Goku came and defeated the two in a matter of seconds. Afterwards the two called their boss over which then caused the whole town to run in panic. When the boss of the rabbit mob Monster Carrot showed up he turned Bulma into a Carrot with his handshake. Monster Carrot then threatened Goku to not move or he would eat Bulma allowing the two members to beat up Goku. Yamcha and Puar who were still hiding decided to temporarily switch sides and help Goku defeat Monster Carrot. Puar turned into a bird and stole the carrot while Goku and Yamcha tried to fight Monster Carrot. Puar dropped the carrot when crashing into a mushroom tree and Goku caught it. Monster Carrot then got scared off when Puar transformed into him and threatened to touch him. Monster Carrot then turned Bulma back to normal and was tied up with his two minions and taken to the moon where they were forced to make marshmallow treats for children.

Emperor Pilaf and the Eternal Dragon

As explained earlier in this film chapter by the narrator, Goku and Bulma were not the only ones seeking the magical Dragon Balls. Emperor Pilaf, who is yet be destined to be Goku's arch-nemesis, was also seeking the balls and hoping to have the Eternal Dragon grant his wish of becoming supreme ruler of the entire world. Many of Pilaf's attempts to steal the Dragon Balls away from Goku are foiled by the young warrior, causing great embarrassment to the villains. However, he is able to finally steal all seven balls from our heroes by trapping them in a room and knocking them out with sleeping gas. Without delay, Pilaf rushes to his castle and summons the Eternal Dragon, Shenron, but before he can make his one wish come true, Oolong jumps in at the last minute to put a stop to it by wishing to be the best shape shifter with unlimited times (a suggestion in which Goku, back at the Diablo Desert, gave him as his new opportunity to have more than five minutes in order to exceed Puar). After doing so the balls gather in the sky and are separated once more, never to be used for another year. Enraged for being interfered once more with, Pilaf imprisons the heroes in his maximum security cell where he intends to use it as an "easy bake office" to burn the group to death by morning.

The Return of the Great Ape

Final Battle with the Pilaf Gang

Goku's Explanation and Fear of Needles

Separate Ways

Tom and Jerry's Promise to Return

Back to the Real World


  • Thomas "Tom" Cat
  • Jeremy "Jerry" Adam Mouse
  • Toodles Galore
  • Toots "Chérie" Mouse
  • Robyn Starling
  • Mr. Starling
  • Mikko Mura
  • Spike Bulldog
  • Tyke Bulldog
  • Droopy
  • Dripple
  • Screwball "Screwy" Squirrel
  • Red
  • Slick McWolfie
  • Ambassador Magma
  • Silvar
  • Gam
  • Methusan


The Real Universe

The Solar System

  • The Real World (Planet Earth)

The ZRF Galaxy

  • Planet Kanata

The Seventh Universe

  • Toki Toki City
    • The Field of Time
    • The Industrial Sector
    • The Time Machine Station
  • The Time Nest
    • Chronoa's Residence
    • The Time Vault
  • Crack of Time
  • The Other World
    • The Demon Realm
  • Planet Vegeta
  • Planet Vampa
  • Planet Frieza
  • Planet Namek
  • Dragon World (Another Earth)

Objects and Accessories




  • Doc Morgan as the Narrator
  • Richard Kind as Tom
    • William Hanna as Tom's vocal effects (uncredited)
  • Stephanie Nadolny as Jerry
    • William Hanna as Jerry's vocal effects (uncredited)
  • Alicyn Packard as Toodles
  • Kari Wahlgren as Chérie
  • Reece Thompson as Slats (purple kitten)
  • Chantal Strand as Jackie (blue kitten)
  • Michelle Ruff as Coffee (green kitten)
  • Robert Martin Klein as Tanner (yellow mouse)
  • Benjamin Diskin as Leo (red mouse)
  • Tara Strong as Dorothy (pink mouse), Vegeta (child)
  • Ellen Kennedy as Geraldine
  • Kath Soucie as Tuffy
  • Spike Brandt as Spike Bulldog
  • Brianne Siddall as Tyke Bulldog
  • Anndi McAfee as Robyn Starling
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Mikko Mura
  • Colleen Clinkenbeard as Kakarot/Goku
  • Maggie Blue O'Hara as Bulma and Future Bulma (Time Patrol)
  • Bradford Jackson as Oolong, King Cold
  • Ted Cole as Yamcha
  • Matt Smith as Tien Shinhan
  • Cathy Weseluck as Puar, Chiaotzu, Thomasina Cat
  • Kyle Hebert as The Ox King
  • Andrea Libman as Chi-Chi
  • Chuck Huber as Emperor Pilaf
  • Teryl Rothery as Mai
  • Chris Cason as Shu
  • Jeff Bennett as Gilbert Starling
  • Charlie Schlatter as Chip Mulciber
  • Tress MacNeille as Aunt Pristine Figg, Mrs. Mouse
  • Corey Burton as Mr. Lickboot
  • Emma Jackson as Tomoko Mura
  • Sonny Byrkett as Ito Mura
  • Christopher R. Sabat as Ambassador Magma, Shenron, King Vegeta, Zarbon, Grandpa Gohan, Turtle
  • Mona Marshall as Silvar and George (orange mouse)
  • Greg Cipes as Gam
  • Tony Amendola as Methusan
  • Dameon Clarke as Rodak (flashback)
  • Eric Vale as Future Trunks (Time Patrol)
  • Felecia Angelle as the Surpreme Kai of Time
  • Kent Williams as the Elder Kai
  • Stephanie Young as Towa
  • John Michael Tatum as Mira
  • Sonny Strait as Bardock
  • Christopher Ayres as Frieza
  • Andrew Chandler as Cooler
  • Paul Dobson as Dodoria
  • Brian Drummond as Vegeta, Master Shen
  • Michael Dobson as Nappa
  • Jason Gray-Stanford as Raditz
  • Chris Patton as Turles
  • Scott McNeil as Mercenary Tao
  • Ian James Corlett as Monster Carrot


  • Setsuji Sato as Tom
  • Junko Hori as Jerry
  • Maria Kawamura as Toodles
  • Ikue Otani as Slats (purple kitten)
  • Naoko Watanabe as Coffee (green kitten) and Puar
  • Chika Sakamoto as Leo (red mouse) and Ferdinand
  • Yuko Minaguchi as Dorothy (pink mouse)
    • Yoko Maekawa as Dorothy (pink mouse) (singing voice)
  • Yu Shimaka as Spike
  • Etsuko Kozakura as Tuffy
  • Yu Shimaka as Spike
  • Masako Nozawa as Kakarot/Goku, Gam, Tyke, Bardock, Tullece
  • Shigeru Chiba as The Great King Pilaf, Son Gohan (Dragon Ball), Raditz
  • Ryoko Shinohara as Robyn Starling, Karen
  • Hiroya Ishimaru as Mr. Starling, Ultraman Taro
  • Sachiko Kobayashi as Aunt Pristine Figg
  • Minami Takayama as Mamoru Murakami
  • Rica Fukami as Tomoko Murakami and Mol
  • Jurota Kosugi as Atsushi Murakami
  • Toru Ohira as Goa (archive recordings/flashback, uncredited)
  • Akio Otsuka as Ambassador Magma
  • Naoki Tatsuta as the Narrator, Earth and Oolong
  • Takeshi Kusao as Future Trunks (Time Patrol)
  • Ryoichi Tanaka as Elder Kai
  • Kanae Ito as the Surpreme Kai of Time
  • Masako Katsuki as Towa
  • Hiroki Takahashi as Mira
  • Ryuzaburo Otomo as Shenlong
  • Aya Hisakawa as Bulma and Future Bulma (Time Patrol)
  • Toru Furuya as Yamcha
  • Hikaru Midorikawa as Tenshinhan
  • Ryo Horikawa as Vegeta
  • Tetsu Inada as Nappa
  • Ryusei Nakao as Freeza, Coola


Part 1

  • A Warner Bros. CARTOON
  • "Tom and Jerry"
  • "Tom and Jerry in Dragon Ball"
  • A Turner Entertainment Co., Inc. and Funimation Productions, Ltd. Presentation
  • A Co-Production of Warner Bros. Animation, Inc., Toei Animation Co., Ltd. and Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd.
  • Based on:
    • "Tom and Jerry" by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera
    • "Ambassador Magma" by Osamu Tezuka
    • "Dragon Ball" by Akira Toriyama
    • "Dragon Ball Xenoverse" by
  • Music by Michael Tavera, Kenji Yamamoto, Norihito Sumitomo
  • Original Scores from:
    • "Tom and Jerry" Composed by Scott Bradley
    • "Ambassador Magma" Composed by Naozumi Yamamoto
    • "Dr. Slump" and "Dragon Ball" Composed by Shunsuke Kikuchi
    • "Dragon Ball Xenoverse" by Composed by Yoshichika Kuriyama, Shiho Tereda, Atsushi Yokozeki




Voice Casting

Concept Art

Model Sheets

More Character Artwork (coming soon):
  • Mikko Mura
  • Ito Mura
  • Tomoko Mura
  • Kita
  • Ambassador Magma
  • Silvar
  • Gam
  • Magma, Gam, Tuffy and Silvar as rockets
  • Methusan
  • Rodak
  • The Dragon Ball Gang (Puar, Yamcha, Master Roshi, Goku, Bulma and Oolong) as seen in the Emperor Pilaf Saga, courtesy of Toei Animation
  • Goku (child) and Shenron as seen in the Emperor Pilaf Saga, courtesy of Toei Animation
  • Goku (child) in his base and Great Ape forms as seen in the Emperor Pilaf Saga, courtesy of Toei Animation
  • Goku (child) on the Flying Nimbus as seen in Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure, courtesy of Toei Animation
  • Krillin and Goku (with his Saiyan tail) as seen in in Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure, courtesy of Toei animator and character designer Tadayoshi Yamamuro
  • Goku with his original martial arts clothes from the Emperor Pilaf Saga and Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle
  • Goku with his Turtle-School uniform
  • Baby Goku
  • Great Ape Goku
  • Krillin with his Orin Temple uniform
  • Krillin with his Turtle-School uniform
  • Puar and Yamcha as seen in the Emperor Pilaf Saga, courtesy of Toei Animation's Tadayoshi Yamamuro
  • Puar and Yamcha as seen in the Emperor Pilaf Saga, courtesy of Dragon Garow Lee
  • Bulma and Yamcha as seen in the Emperor Pilaf Saga, courtesy of Dragon Garow Lee
  • Akira Toriyama's manga sketch of Oolong and Yamcha playing soccer, courtesy of Shueisha, Inc.
  • A reused concept art of Puar from Dragon Ball Z: Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!!
  • Master Roshi, the Turtle Hermit
  • Turtle
  • Grandpa Gohan
  • The Ox King
  • Chi-Chi:
  • Launch in her good (blue-haired) and bad (blonde-haired) personalities
  • The Pilaf Gang (Emperor Pilaf, Mai and Shu), courtesy of Toei Animation
  • Master Shen, the Crane Hermit
  • Mercenary Tao, the general of Mifan
  • Tien Shinhan
  • Chiaotzu, the Emperor of Mifan
  • General Blue as the lieutenant of Mifan
  • Ninja Murasaki
  • Android 8 (later renamed Eighter by Goku)
  • Major Metallitron
  • Bora and Upa
  • Korin
  • Yajirobe
  • Fortuneteller Baba
  • Arale Norimaki and the Gatchans
  • Future Trunks (Dragon Ball Xenoverse)
  • Chronoa, the Supreme Kai of Time
  • Towa and Mira
  • Demon God Demigra
  • King Cold
  • Frieza
  • Cooler
  • King Vegeta
  • Vegeta (child)
  • Bardock
  • Gine
  • Raditz (child)
  • Nappa
  • Turles

Storyboards (opening and closing sequences)


Sound Effects


Insert Songs

  • Ambassador Magma (theme)
  • Makafushigi Adventure!

Short film

The television special will be accompanied by the short film, Catch to Date, a sequel to 1946's Springtime for Thomas, featuring Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Butch, Muscles and Toodles.


  • As with the rest of series, the Tom and Jerry in Dragon Ball film trilogy features many "What-If" alternate changes from FanFiction's Dragon Ball project, Monkey See, Monkey Do.
  • The first film chapter are composited from only the first thirteen episodes, plus the new pilot.
    • Pilot Episode: The Boy and the Beast
    • Episode 1: The Secret of the Dragon Balls
    • Episode 2: The Emperor's Quest
    • Episode 3: The Nimbus Cloud of Roshi
    • Episode 4: Oolong the Terrible
    • Episode 5: Yamcha the Desert Bandit
    • Episode 6: Keep An Eye On The Dragon Balls
    • Episode 7: The Ox King On Fire Mountain
    • Episode 8: The Kamehameha Wave
    • Episode 9: Boss Rabbit's Magic Touch
    • Episode 10: The Dragon Balls Are Stolen
    • Episode 11: The Penalty is Pinball
    • Episode 12: A Wish to the Eternal Dragon
    • Episode 13: The Legend of Goku



English Version



Toodles Galore

Toots Mouse




Robyn Starling

Mr. Starling

Mikko Mura

Ambassador Magma




  • Chronoa, Surpreme Kai of Time... There is somebody who can help you.


  • Now listen well. I will not repeat myself again, you little blue bug. Your obbjective task for Lady Towa and Lord Mira's Time Breakers is to collect Goku's DNA. Why are you collecting the Dragon Balls and not going after him?



Screwball Squirrel


Slick McWolf

The Narrator

Trunks (Xenoverse)

  • (seeing the many changes in the timeline of seventh universe including the history of Goku in his childhood:) History... is changing?
  • Surpreme Kai of Time, we need to do something.
  • Methusan from Planet Ludar? And Chip...from another Earth?
  • Yes, Surpreme Kai of Time?
  • Right away.
  • Shenron, Eternal Dragon of the Earth! Give me a group of strong allies from another Earth in a different universe, including two anthropomorphic animals with the kind of power by the names of Tom and Jerry, to help me defend time itself! This wish I ask of you, Shenron!
  • You're all surprised, I'm sure. Uh, what are you names again?
  • Well then, Tom, Jerry, Robyn and Mikko? It is a pleasure to meet the four of you.
  • I'll have to explain it all to you guys later. For now... Let's see how much power you have.
  • No... I don't mean all of you.
  • Who I am clearly talking about... ...are Tom and Jerry.
  • Now, are you ready, Tom and Jerry?
  • HAAAAAH...!!!
  • Yeah. Come at me anytime.
  • Now... Tom? Jerry? It's about time you showed me your full strength!
  • Enough!
  • Your...your muscles' have reached your peak with magnificent powers. You've finally proven it.
  • Looks like the little warm up is complete.
  • No regular medical help will be needed.
  • Thanks, Thomas.
  • Isn't it obvious? Just as the two wizards, wise wizard Methusan from the Planet Ludar has prophecized... You four were chosen and brought here from your own world by Shenron.
  • Tom? Jerry? Sorry for attacking you, by the way.
  • I'll introduce myself. I'm Trunks, an Earthling-born Saiyan warrior.
  • Well, yeah. Just like you are, Mikko, in this dimension, that is.
  • Uh! Hey, calm down! You're not remaining a Saiyan for a long time. When you guys return home to your world in your reality, you'll turn back to being an Earthling again. I hope you can understand this.
  • Anyway, I'm currently on a mission.
  • As you guys can see, this place is not the world you're familiar with.
  • This is the Toki Toki World, right here in the Seventh Universe, where the flow of time gathers. You can call us...the Time Patrol.
  • That's right, Mikko. When history goes off course, a false timeline is created.
  • We work to correct any of these changes to history. As Time Patrol members, we'll fight all throughout time...and space.
  • Sometimes, we deal with legendary fighters or dangerous forces. Whatcha think?
  • Would you like to test your power here? To see how effective it is, and to impress Chip the Wizard, Methusan, Magma and his rocket humanoid family, who help you defend your world against Rodak, his Lugo men, and his gigantic monsters from space.
  • Oh, right. I should probably explain a few things first.
  • Look around, my friends.
  • In this space, there are many other Time Patrol members.
  • Some were Earthlings like you, including anthropomorphic animals. And the others were more of the Saiyans, the Namekians, the Majins, and more of these extra-terrestrials or aliens from different planets in each galaxy.
  • If you'd like, go ahead and talk to them. I'll hear your answers after you've had the chance.
  • Wait, you guys!
  • I've forgot to give you additional details.
  • This is the Toki Toki City's Field of Time. And there is also the Industrial Sector and the Time Machine Station here. You see Time Patrollers everywhere. Try talking to them.
  • Oh! Tom, Jerry, Robyn and Mikko! You've come back.
  • I've seen that you're here, that means you want to help the Time Patrol, if you like to continue your right to assist Magma in defending your world against Rodak. Thank you so much!
  • I wasn't worried. I wished to Shenron to bring me somebody strong that can fight with me.
  • Come this way.
  • We call this, the Time Nest.
  • The Supreme Kai of Time, Chronoa, lives here and manages this entire place.
  • We also have the Time Vault. It has many important texts.
  • There's something I need you to take care of, not a big deal.
  • So let's head over to the Time Vault.
  • This... is the Scroll of Eternity.
  • All of time... All of history... Everything... It's all listen in here.
  • Like, did you learn from Methusan about how my friend Goku comes from another planet to my Earth, where he is raised by his Grandpa Gohan, an independent martial arts master who trained him in the arts of combat over the years, goes on his first hunt for the seven magic Dragon Balls, making new friends along the way, and unintentionally protects his new world from evil forces like Emperor Pilaf?
  • Huh? Goku actually has control of his Great Ape form in this timeline, starting with the accidental first use of his transformation at the full moon when he was three-years old? And his grandfather was not crushed to death by Goku when he was eleven-years old?
  • Wow. Never thought this would result from Grandpa Gohan calming Goku down and his hearing seems to be too agonizing from the louder shouting until he soon get used to it, and then to Hopefully, during the end of the quest at Pilaf's castle in the desert, my mother and the others won't be too badly startled when he transforms in front of them.
  • Yeah. But...
  • Here... Just take a look at this.
  • Horrible, isn't it? As you can see, if history... is in any way altered or distorted, it could change the world and the universe as we know it.
  • We have no choice, guys. We have to stop it.
  • We can't let history change.
  • What was not yet happening is that Emperor Pilaf have managed to steal all seven Dragon Balls immediately so that he can achieve his desire of unlimited world domination. So far, before stealing the final Dragon Ball, which is the Four-Star Ball, he have somehow killed Goku and his friends with poison gas instead of knocking them out to sleep with sleeping gas.
  • But don't worry. These other Scrolls of Eternity are represent the events of Goku's first adventure collecting the Dragon Balls. But with these terrible changes in history coming up later on, he and his friends will be in danger. They're in need of help. Please!
  • Good. Now, your first timeline-observing destination is the time where Goku and Bulma meets with Gohan being still alive, where Bulma told Goku and Gohan about the Dragon Balls, and three embark on a journey before Gohan decides to return back to his house, but not before wishing his grandson good luck.
  • Two more things. Do NOT be confused at this. The Gohan that we know is the son of Goku in this present day, and like myself, he is also a part-Saiyan, part-Earthling.
  • And one more thing. Here, take these watches.
  • They're not just any clocks. They're Time-Communicators that allows you to make transmitting calls to me. I have one, too. When you need to call me, press the yellow button and I will hear your respond, or you can wait for my signal. All right.
  • Good luck, my friends.
  • (through the Time Communicator call) Can you guys hear me?
  • (through the Time Communicator call) Okay, good. Now, I'll be backing you up from the Time Nest. Listen, Goku is 12-years old in this time period that you're all in now, and he is still training with his Grandpa Gohan in Mount Pazou. It's been nine years since he starts having control over himself in his Great Ape form and becomes able to shoot energy attacks out of his mouth from there, thanks to his grandfather. And in the following years, he was training harder to stay consciousnesses as a gigantic, beastly, but gentle monkey.
  • (through the Time Communicator call) Positive, Mikko. There is defiantly no sign of unnatural dark energy reading in that point in time yet. As I'd repeat, your first phase is to observe Goku's life with his Grandpa Gohan in this alternate time period. Make sure everything goes as it should just like in its normal counterpart where Goku is living alone after he accidentally, but unknowingly killed his grandfather while in his uncontrollable Great Ape form one year ago.
  • (after Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Robyn, Mikko and Gam returns to the Time Nest) Thank you so much. That was wonderful. I didn't think it was your first time...that you're in Goku's new home world, the Earth.
  • You corrected the timeline, helping Goku to defend Mai and Shu by defeating the wolves in Skull Valley.
  • Yeah, Tom, but my mother did not like that different dinner that Goku have, with you and Jerry sharing in an innocent monkey-boy's meal.
  • Robyn? Mikko? You and Gam did the right thing, not winding up like Goku.
  • Good Job. And with no side effects either.
  • Alright... Once we have the Supreme Kai of Time put it in a scroll, it'll
  • Oh! You don't have to worry about the first showdown with Emperor Pilaf, who is still struggling to try to steal the other Dragon Balls on which Goku and Bulma will be searching for, since they have the first three. It'll be coming up after they and their friends...or allies have all six of those balls.
  • Oh... Yeah... And, well, that scroll... isn't the only one with a "history change". And neither is Goku's surprise capability of retaining his consciousness as a Great Ape when the moon is full.
  • Just talk to me whenever you're ready. Take your time.
  • (after showing the dangerously altered version of Goku's fight with the Bear Thief for Turtle) Right here... History is changing. I would really appreciate your help.
  • Go to the part where Goku finds Turtle during his morning exercise.
  • (through the Time Communicator call) The Bear Thief that tried to make seafood out of Turtle, he's stronger than he was when he first appears, most importantly to Goku. Now is your chance to be his assistant. Please, help him defeat the bear.
  • (through the Time Communicator call) You! You're Rodak, one of the evil overlords of the universe, aren't you?
  • (through the Time Communicator call) But weren't you suppose to focus on fighting Ambassador Magma in order to conquer the Real World? Not the Dragon World that has the same name of Earth?
  • (through the Time Communicator call) Ugh... Looks like the Bear Thief won't stay down for the count, and Molesaurus is not just resurrected somehow, but he, too, is a lot stronger under the same influence of dark energy that surround the wolves of Skull Valley. Now, Rodak will use this subterranean monster to stop you guys from completing your mission, though he is not responsible for these changes in the seventh universe's history. At this rate, we're going to lose. Mikko, listen to me. Robyn, Tuffy and Gam will distract the monster! You have to call Magma and Silvar, and hurry!
  • (through the Time Communicator call) Magma! Silvar!
  • (through the Time Communicator call) Yes, but he's mysterious brought back to life, but not by the Dragon Balls. He is even using the same dark energy that made him more stronger than you. So, you got to help your friends defeat that creature again. This was the another phase on correcting this timeline.
  • (through the Time Communicator call) Keep your guards up, guys. I can sense that evil energy still charging within Oolong. That evil power, when people or animals are engulfed in it, is multiplied. You have to help out to free Oolong from the dark magic, and return his wrongly unlimited shapeshifting time limit back to five minutes, so history will progress how it's supposed to. Otherwise, he'll destroy Goku, Bulma and the Aru Village, and then take Pochawompa.
  • (through the Time Communicator call) All right! Oolong's five-minute shapeshifting ability is back!
  • (through the Time Communicator call) Tom and Jerry, Oolong has changed into a rocket, and Goku is now chasing him through the mountains. You have to join in, until five minutes are up, and Oolong will turn back into his real form. Use your flying abilities that Rudolph have taught you.
  • (through the Time Communicator call) You did it! You let Goku save Oolong from his own demise! Now, bring him back to the Aru Village, where he'll show everyone where he kept the stolen girls, in his mansion.
  • Thank you.'s back to normal now. The Scroll of Eternity has been corrected.
  • Still... Why did something like this even happen.
  • It should be impossible. You can't change history like this.
  • Ah...Hello there. This is the master of the Time Nest. She's the Supreme Kai of Time, and a very important person.
  • That's right, Tom. And her name is Chronoa. She manages the flow of time throughout the entire universe, keeping a close eye on history and protecting it.
  • (when Toki Toki lands on Chronoa's head) What the...! What are you doing?
  • (while Chronoa is chasing Toki Toki away:) As I said... She's a very important person... Just trust me...
  • Um, Supreme Kai of Time...?
  • You know... She may not seem like it, but she's in quite a high position in the universe.
  • Best friend that steps on you maybe...
  • Tom... Jerry... Robyn, Mikko... and Tuffy? Thank you very much.
  • But sadly... until we find the cause... This is far from over.
  • What the... What in the world is happening?
  • A time traveling duo...? Who could that be..even if they are Rodak's allies, too? Let's start by finding them. Let's do this!
  • Uh... It's them! They're the ones changing history! And now, it's returned to normal!
  • Wh-What?! Yamcha killed Goku? A--After using the Wolf Fang Fist attack on his enemy, he just finished him by impaling him on his sword?!
  • Sorry, but I need you to deal with Yamcha.
  • (through the Time Communicator call) Of course I'm worried about Yamcha...but we have to watch out...for him!
  • (through the Time Communicator call) No... Yamcha shouldn't be powering up to the max and then fighting Goku like this, not with that dark energy. This... This distortion in history already happened.
  • (through the Time Communicator call) No. It's too late to change what's already been done. We're just going to to have to fix things from this current stage.
  • (through the Time Communicator call) I sense something fishy. Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and Gam? Be careful.
  • (through the Time Communicator call) He seems strange. Did his power rise... because of that...? Hold on! In the changed history, Yamcha did extended his Wolf Fang Fist and used his sword as the final blow on Goku?!
  • (through the Time Communicator call) Uh! It's them! They're the ones changing history! And now, it's returned to normal!
  • (through the Time Communicator call) No... There's no mistaking it. Those two... They're the ones behind it!
  • (through the Time Communicator call) Wait! It's dangerous to follow them now!
  • (through the Time Communicator call) Tom and Jerry, no! Please, you have to come back.
  • Excellent job. That was a great fight.
  • Now... history is back to normal.
  • You've found them. You've finally found the ones changing history. They call themselves Towa and Mira.
  • Correct. They're thieves... Stealing energy and DNA from warriors of all time periods.
  • And because of that, history is changing for the worse.
  • Those two...what're they about? That one, the man named Mira. He's especially dangerous.
  • If the seal is released, what will happen?
  • Oh, no! Then they're horrible people.
  • This feeling...?
  • No! It's too early! Why would a history shift happen so quickly?
  • Damn it. Let's check it out. Talk to me when you're ready.


  • The flow of time... Something's very odd about it. At this rate, history... No, everything will collapse.
  • I know what you're saying, but you can't do this alone, Trunks.
  • No... We can't let this happen, but...we need a solution. We need someone or somebody strong enough to join us.
  • Huh? Who's there?
  • Use the Dragon Balls to summon Shenron, ask him to bring Tom and Jerry and their gang, who can help us to defend time and space by joining the Time Patrol.
  • It seems, someone traveled through time and changed history. Just like you did in the past. Right, Trunks?
  • Helloooooo!
  • (to Toki Toki:) Really? Just what in the heck do you think you're doing?!
  • (to Toki Toki:) What is your deal today? Are you using my head as a perch now?
  • (to Toki Toki:) Shut up! I don't care if you're mad! I demand an apology! You're heavier than you look, ya know?
  • (to Toki Toki:) Gaaaaaaah! Hey, you wait a minute!
  • Oh, geez!
  • Oh... Oh, sorry.
  • Anyhow, you four must be the warriors Shenron summoned. I'm Chronoa, the Surpreme Kai of Time. Nice to meet ya!
  • Tom and Jerry, huh? And Robyn Starling? And Mikko Mura? Pretty names. Excellent mannerisms, too.
  • Shenron picked the four chosen ones, alright. I bet you're the same guys that the Ludarian wizard Methusan... and Chip the Wizard from your Earth in your galaxy... has told me and Trunks all about. And I believe you're the ones who are needing the help of Ambassador Magma and his rocket-humanoid family from the Planet Kanata in the ZRF Galaxy to defend your planet against that wicked galactic emperor Rodak, his giant monsters from across space, and his Lugo Men from their home planet in the Nastrix Galaxy.
  • Speaking of your good deeds, Tom and Jerry, back before then, did you go more some great adventures with Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and Curious George?
  • By the way, that bird you saw just now? That's my best friend, Toki Toki.
  • This is good. You guys seem quite talented. In other words, I think you all make a good team.
  • It seems there is not just Rodak, but there are two time travelers with stranger energy, who are joining forces with him. And they're messing with the flow of time together.
  • I don't know what they're up to, but I'll tell you what. I have a bad feeling about this.
  • They're inhabitants of the Demon Realm, from hell in the distant future.
  • Towa. She is the little sister of Dabura, the Demon King. And Mira, he is a strong warrior that Towa created for her own purposes.
  • Together, they are stealing energy and DNA, in the hopes of releasing the seal that contains the Demon Realm.
  • The balance of this entire world will collapse. And not just this world, but the entire universe.
  • Nothing will remain the same.
  • Villains exist in every era. I'm afraid. In the past, there was another who tried to overtake the Nest of Time and seize control. But luckily, he failed.

Toki Toki

  • Toooh...
  • Kiiiii!
  • Toooh! Kiiiii!
  • (to Chronoa:) Tooooh! Toooooh!
  • (to Chronoa:) Kiiiii! Kiiii!
  • (to Chronoa:) Tooooh toooooh!


  • We've waited patiently for a long time and lost very many allies.
  • How will we get their attention?
  • And how many do we have now?
  • Only ten?
  • So, we only have ten, but the strongest there are, only a handful of each species.
  • It's such a shame that these creatures are at the bottom of the food chain, some of them are such interesting things.
  • As if, the only thing some of them are good is for target practice, with my targets gone, I will have to find replacements.
  • True, but they're just so weak. I need a real target or an alley to help us in our work.
  • I've already destroyed fifteen. It's no fun anymore.
  • Now, that is an excellent idea.
  • Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee. You guys are pretty sharp.
  • It must have been you guys snooping around. I hope you aren't thinking of interfering. That'd be a mistake.
  • Looks like it, Mira.
  • Tom and Jerry... We've been making things interesting, too. What a disappointment. But you two becoming Yamcha's first victims instead of Goku was a splendid move! It made me laugh! Hehehehe!
  • We'll see about that, Tom and Jerry?
  • Hold on, Mira...
  • Say, who's supporting you—Who's backing you up?
  • You can't have done this on your own... Travel through time like this... just to fight us.
  • So... The silent treatment, huh? No matter.
  • Let's leave them for now, Mira. You don't mind, right? They're nothing right now. I can't extract much energy from them anyway. For now...that is.
  • Well, let's move onto the next time period.
  • Ha ha ha... I'll let you and your friends live for now, Tom and Jerry. But... Get in our way again...and we'll have you erased.


  • This is it, Towa. The time of both creation and history has began.
  • They were useless and you took it upon yourself to eliminate a majority of them as I recall.
  • I have come with two options. We can either send in an army of these meat sacks down there or we can test our new pets
  • According to your brother Dabura's scientist, we have two new species giving us now ten Rejects species.
  • For now.
  • Correct. The weaker ones can cause enough damage on their own, but as for the large ones, we keep them here until it's necessary to let them cause their oen havoc.
  • From the sound of it, Towa, I'd say you actually fell sorry for the Rejects.
  • Use some of the Earthlings, that's the only good they're for.
  • You could always go terrorize a planet.
  • Then I guess we'll have to get you those so-called Time Patrol fools to be your new toys.
  • Let the games begin.
  • A costly mistake. I will eliminate you here and now.
  • Towa, that's Tom and Jerry, who has been greatly interfering with us all along.
  • Hmph. You two must be very confident in your skills. Am I right?
  • Show it to me.
  • Seriously? Is that all? What a disappointment.
  • It's over. Don't worry. I'll use your energy well.

Shenron (Xenoverse)

  • You, who have gathered the seven Dragon Balls... I shall grant you any one wish. Speak your desire.
  • Your wish is granted.
  • Brave warriors, including you, Tom and Jerry...
  • Trunks summons you and your team from your own Earth in a far away universe. Now, come forth from the light!
  • Farewell.


  • (in flashback:) Frieza! Come out and fight! You coward, come out!
  • (in flashback:) (chuckling) No way! You've lived long enough. Actually, it's been too long for my taste. Frieza, listen up! We quit! Got it? We don't work for you. We're free! You can find someone else to do your dirty work! Oh, yeah...there's one last thing. This is for all the people we killed in your name. But at least we were never foolish enough to obey you. Here, catch my RIOT JAVELIN!
  • (in flashback:) What!? No way!
  • (in flashback:) (becoming seemingly engulfed by Frieza's supernova to be killed:) It's you, my son. You will be the one to defeat Frieza. (chuckles proudly) KAKAROOOOOOOOOOOOOT!
  • (in flashback:) (his telepathical final words) Kakarot, my son. Thank you for helping me. You were right, it wasn't too late. I wish I could've held in my arms when I had the chance. It's now up to you. You must live your own life on this Planet Earth, where you will train and grow up in survival. When that day comes, you will avenge the Saiyans and Planet Vegeta, and to do that, you must destroy Frieza. Until then...good bye, my son.


  • Don't forget us, Kakarot!


  • What is it?
  • Impossible!
  • Vegeta, you have a brother, don't you?
  • What's wrong, Vegeta? Are you getting sick?
  • Are you sure you're not getting sick, Vegeta?

Raditz (child)

  • Well, I guess we're pretty lucky, aren't we? It's a good thing that we decide to ignore Frieza's order to head back home.
  • Yeah, but he was just gonna be a lower class warrior. He was still at home, sleeping in a nursing capsule. A disgrace.
  • Huh? Wait, I think Mom said she and Dad sent Kakarot off to this Planet Earth in a space pod, though. Oh, well, I couldn't care any less.

Vegeta (child)

  • Now I'll never get to be King Vegeta.
  • (thinking:) Oh, Tarble? My weak younger brother that I never got a chance to meet?
  • Oh, yeah. I wonder if he got blown up, too, Nappa. Huh! Not that it matters.

Raditz (teenager)

  • Vegeta, who would be stupid enough to spread rumors about you?
  • Whatever you say, Vegeta.

Vegeta (teenager)

  • Ahhh-choo!!
  • No, someone on this Planet Earth must be spreading rumors about me.
  • Like if I should know. And speaking of which, I wonder if this Kakarot is able to survive on his own there.
  • Ahhhh-choo!
  • I swear, whoever you are, when I come to your planet and find you, I will kill you from telling every single Earthling about my legacy!
  • Of course I am, you idiot! I never get sick! And when I find the bastard that unknowingly learns all about me!


  • So, the fiery meteor has destroyed Planet Vegeta?


  • (in flashback:) (chuckles, laughs) Oh, my! This is stupendous! Wow, what a great show! Unbelievable! Look at that! (laughing) Zarbon! Dodoria! Come look at the fireworks! Aren't they splendid? (resumes laughing)


  • (in flashback:) Wow! I never saw the full moon before! It's so big, and bright, and pretty too!
  • (in flashback:) (as a Great Ape): G...G...Grandpa...?
  • (in flashback:) (as a Great Ape): come you're so small? G..Grandpa, everything shrunk! What happened, and how come I'm still big?
  • (in flashback:) (as a Great Ape): I did?
  • (in flashback:) (as a Great Ape): ape?
  • (in flashback:) (as a Great Ape): (sobs) But I don't wanna be a giant monster ape thing! I wanna be me again, Grandpa! I can't go in our house because I'm too big, or sleep in my bed or anything! I wanna change back now! HELP ME, GRANDPA!
  • (in flashback:) (as a Great Ape): (After accidentally firing a mouth energy wave that blow up the mountain) Wow...did..did I just do that? Awesome.
  • (in flashback:) (as a Great Ape): I don't know, Grandpa. I just...did it.
  • (in flashback:) (as a Great Ape): Well, I remember looking at the moon. I think I went to sleep, then I woke up looking at you.
  • (in flashback:) (as a Great Ape): Hmm. But this is the first time I saw a full moon before.
  • (in flashback:) (as a Great Ape): It's awesome! That I did that blew up the mountain was cool. And I'm taller than you, Grandpa, and everything!
  • Golly, why would you wanna wish for three hundred girls? Huh? How's that kid? Well... It's just I thought you would want to wish for something that you could actually use, Oolong. Like what about your transforming powers?
  • (as a Great Ape): So... you done yet?
  • (as a Great Ape): Good, Bulma. 'Cause you can yell loud, my hearing is a lot better like this. Guess it's not always a good thing after all.
  • (as a Great Ape): Yup! Pretty cool, huh? I've been able to do this since I was 3.
  • (as a Great Ape): Yeah. I always get a lot stronger as a Great Ape. Long before Tom, Jerry and Tuffy came from their own world to ours as being transported by a fifty-foot gold robot named Ambassador Magma from the Planet Kanata in the ZRF Galaxy, I've trained my hardest with Grandpa so that I can use this giant body to fight like I always do.
  • (as a Great Ape:) Wait a second. (to Yamcha:) Yamcha, you were at Fire Mountain? Is it because you've heard that we were finding the Dragon Balls? And how you were aware of us?
  • (as a Great Ape:) When we were dealing with that Rabbit guy, I told her how you and Puar helped me, Thomas and Jerry get her and Tuffy back from being carrots.
  • (as a Great Ape:) What kind of tests?
  • (as a Great Ape:) Is... is that... a needle?!
  • (as a Great Ape:) Y.. You're not gonna stick that into me, are you?!
  • (as a Great Ape:) Nu-uh! Needles are definitely the worse! They're tiny weapons that can sting like bees which I hate! And they're made to stick inside of you and they're so pointy and sharp as any other weapon blades, including Yamcha's sword!
  • (as a Great Ape:) Yes, Tom and Jerry! I know! Back when I was a baby, after my accidental fall into the ravine at Mount Paoz in which I survived with only an injury to my head, Grandpa tried taking me to a doctor and he brought out a super large one and stuck in my butt!
  • (as a Great Ape:) No, no way, Bulma! You aren't putting that thing anywhere near me!
  • (as a Great Ape:) Not if it involves shoving that in my butt!
  • (as a Great Ape:) N.. no more needle?
  • (as a Great Ape:) Uhh... Okay, Bulma.
  • (as a Great Ape:) No, not at all. Thanks for understanding, Bulma. I'm sorry for making you upset, but I just don't like needles at all. Too scary for me, except yours.
  • (as a Great Ape:) Until the moon goes down.
  • (as a Great Ape:) Ugh, I'm hungry. Tom? Jerry? Do we have anything to eat still remaining in Pilaf's castle?
  • (as a Great Ape:) Wha...? Did I destroyed the food along with that castle, you guys?
  • (after turning back from a Great Ape by morning, and waking up with yawn) Goodness. (Oolong, Tom and Jerry: Good morning, kid.) Hi! (laughs)
  • Yeah. But... I'm still hungry. I'm gonna have to eat again soon.
  • Hey, thanks, Yamcha.
  • Nope. I just look at the full moon, and that's how it happens. Like I said, I don't get it, but it's so cool!
  • That's right, Oolong. You made on a wish to the Eternal Dragon that you would be the best shape-shifter ever. So did it work? What can you do now?

Grandpa Gohan

  • (in flashback:) Huh? What is that? If I didn't know any better, I would say that it was...
  • (in flashback:) A child?
  • (in flashback:) Oh, my goodness. A little boy. What are you doing all the way out here, little fellow?
  • (in flashback:) Well, what do you know? A tail. (chuckles) Strange fellow. Don't worry, I'm a little odd myself. Believe it or not.


Emperor Pilaf

  • Ahh, there it is. There is the magical Dragon Ball.
  • Shut up, Shu! You must act like a man, not a coward.
  • Ahh! Come to Emperor Pilaf, my precious. Yes!
  • Aah! Get off of me, you bonehead!
  • Well, enough of that! I'm ready to make my wish. (Mai: Emperor Pilaf?) What?
  • Uhh, more searching?
  • Yes. Yes! I can see it, Mai! Well, okay.
  • (chuckling) I guess I can handle a little more searching. (laughs) Any wish I want, huh? Well, then, I want to rule the entire world! (laughing)
  • (groans) You idiot! Rodak, the planet-destroying emperor of space, and Lady Towa and Lord Mira of the Demon Realm wants us to use the Dragon Balls as bait for our soon-to-come new enemies from another Earth in the distance universe! As they have predicted to us, as courtesy of Trunks, leader of the Time Patrol from the Toki Toki world, a cat named Tom and a mouse named Jerry, with a giant rocket-man from the Planet Kanata in the ZRF Galaxy named Magma, and this monkey-tailed brat by the name of Goku who comes from another planet in the far reaches of space, should be coming to us in my castle, once we almost got the seven Dragon Balls. And when that time comes, we will have to destroy them all...for them.
  • Yes and no, my fools. No matter what they'll do, we have reinforcements on our side to take good care of them... Rodak's space monsters, his Lugo men, and even Lord Mira's, uh... Rejects.
  • (laughs, thinks): I hope you'll be in for some gruesome surprises, Tom and Jerry.
  • Well, did you bring me a Dragon Ball, Shu?
  • Imbecile, you won't get so much as a bone, until you bring me another Dragon Ball!
  • That's a good comment, Shu. You have to trust me on that. (burps) Ahh, just look how this one sparkles so brilliantly. And yet, it is only one piece to the puzzle! I must have those other six Dragon Balls!
  • If I pulled out all of your teeth except one, would that one be enough to chew with? NO! If I cut out all of your paws except one, would that one be enough to run with? NO! Do you see my point, Shu? I can't rule the world, known by all of space, as the Dragon World, with one Dragon Ball! Not only that, but Towa, Mira and Rodak won't take any chance of risking their own lives to try to destroy Ambassador Magma, the Time Patrol, and Tom and Jerry before resuming their attempts to manipulate and alter time and space! Can you understand that?!
  • Well, you have to be able to delegate, Shu. And I've always been good at telling other people what to do. Bossing people around is one of my strong points.
  • There are other requirements, Shu. You have to be able to think big. Not small, big! And though small in stature, I think VERY big. Please note, that King Furry is the current leader of this planet, and his address is his Chow Castle in Central City. Isn't that right?
  • I have all the qualities needed to rule my world, including my will to surpass Furry and show him who has more rules for the globe than any other monarch! What I don't have are those other six Dragon Balls, you dolt! (growling, passing gas) (Shu: Uh-oh.)
  • You know, Shu?
  • Word of this can never leave this chamber.
  • Well, we can’t be too sure, you know? There can be no wisecracks. Some things simply cannot be allowed to leak out.
  • If anyone were to find out about this royal emission, it would disgrace the throne! Do you understand, you fool? People would think I'm insane, and laugh at ME!
  • Well, then, Shu. Could it be that we are both mistaken, and that you are the one who broke wind earlier?
  • Oh, it wasn’t, huh? (yelling, laughing)
  • Note to me, Shu. I must remember to have that button moved to a closer spot.
  • Then you must also remember to never break wind in my presence again.
  • Why, you disagreeable imbecile! I’m fed up with being surrounded by fools, all full of lies! I’m afraid it's time for me to trim the staff a bit. (growls)
  • (chuckling) That’s better. I’ll spare you this time because of your honesty, Shu. But like I said, you will make sure it never happens again. Do I make myself clear?
  • Hmm... Mai, why won't you take Shu with you and see if there’s a Dragon Ball over there?
  • NEVER MIND THAT! We need a disposable agent like you on this mission, Shu! Now stop that worrying, get out of my sight and get me a Dragon Ball! NOW!
  • What? Spit it out. Did you both brought me a Dragon Ball?
  • And...?
  • SILENCE! I'm sick of your lame-brain excuses! Get back out there, and find that Dragon Ball!


  • It's awfully dark in there, sire.
  • Uh, I have one question, Emperor Pilaf.
  • It's not about your idea to rule the world by using the Dragon Balls. What I really want to ask about is... what did this Rodak guy, along with Lady Towa and Lord Mira, wants us to do again?
  • Ohhhh, I get it. Thanks, Mai. And do we suppose to let Tom and Jerry return history back to the way it was supposed to be, and if necessarily, to stop us from finding the other balls?
  • No, sire. I got real hungry so I came back.
  • But sire, I'm so hungry I can't even think.
  • But why, sire? Isn't this one enough?
  • Yes, I think so. But isn't this world an awfully big place for you? How can you rule the whole planet?
  • Right, that's true, sire.
  • I would never, ever tell anyone of your royal vapors, Your Highness.
  • No, they don't. And I would even never cause a royal stink, sire. My lips are sealed with the right of silence.
  • Yes, o noble one.
  • No, sire! It wasn't me, I swear!
  • If you let me go, Emperor, I'll find you another Dragon Ball.
  • But I did not do it, sire.
  • (screaming) Don’t chop me up! I did it, sire! I’m a big, fat stinko! Oo-wee, did I let one fly!?
  • Yes, Emperor Pilaf. You are clear. (sniffs)
  • Uh, sire, I have obedience school today!


  • I hate to be the one to break it to you. But you can't make a wish with just one ball, you have to find the others as well.
  • There are seven Dragon Balls, sire. You must unite all seven of them before the Eternal Dragon will appear and grant your wish.
  • But just imagine, dear emperor, that glorious day when the seven balls are finally brought together. A beautiful burst of energy will light the sky, and in a blazing surge of fiery power, the Eternal Dragon, known as Shenron, will rise before you for the sole purpose of granting you a single wish, whatever it may be.
  • His Majesty has a point, Shu. They warned us that Tom and Jerry have joined the Time Patrol, dedicated to correct all of history, including our time period, and have now appeared on this Earth on their first mission.
  • Emperor Pilaf!
  • Emperor, I have come to report.

Master Roshi


  • Ow, new pain.



  • (to Puar:) Well, it's about time.
  • Hmm... What have we here, Puar? A monkey-tailed boy, and a pig. Plus, a grayish-blue cat, a brown mouse and their families, as well as a bulldog and his puppy?
  • (to Puar:) Over there in that far distance? No problem.
  • (to the Cat, Mouse and Bulldog families, Goku and Oolong:) Greetings.
  • (to the Cat, Mouse and Bulldog families, Goku and Oolong:) My name is Yamcha. I am the master of the land you trespassed upon.
  • (to the Cat, Mouse and Bulldog families, Goku and Oolong:) There's no need to fear me, and those same words will go to you, bulldogs, cats, mice. Just hand over your money and any capsules you have, and I will let you all pass in peace.
  • (to Puar:) Do you know this pig?
  • (to Puar:) I'd say the tables have turned, Puar. (To Oolong:) Little Oolong, how does it feel to face someone bigger than yourself?
  • Not much courage, huh?
  • (to Puar, the Cat, Mouse and Bulldog families, Goku and Oolong:) Okay, guys, stop bickering. (to the Cat, Mouse and Bulldog families, Goku and Oolong:) As I was saying to you and your friends, Oolong, you either hand over your goods or prepare to fight me.
  • (to Oolong:) Oh, you make a great bargain. I'd thank you. (unsheathing his sword) But how about you repare to defend yourself, too.
  • (to Goku:) I admire your bravery, kid.
  • (to Goku:) You have great power for a little one, don't you? (about Tom and Jerry) And I have no idea that your cat and mouse friends can fly.
  • (to Goku, about the Power Pole:) The pole. The extending Power Pole. Only one man could have given that to you. Who is this grandfather of yours?
  • (to Goku:) I knew Gohan, but even with your magic pole and all that he may have taught you, I'm afraid you're still no match for me. I will have that Power Pole. Give it to me, or prepare to fight to the death.
  • (to Goku, Tom and Jerry:) You three are not the only ones with special powers. Watch this.
  • Wolf Fang Fist!
  • (to Puar:) Now's your chance, Puar! Get him!
  • (to Goku, Tom and Jerry:) If you truly had enough, kid, then why won't you, that cat and that mouse go back asleep amongst the ruble and don't provoke me again.
  • (to Goku, Tom and Jerry:) Grr! That does it!
  • (to himself, when he sees Bulma with Robyn and Mikko) This girl is gorgeous, and so is the other one who is with another boy.
  • (to Puar:) Puar, you know I have trouble around beautiful women!
  • (to Puar:) A warrior tumbled over by two girls with the boy, especially the one with blue hair, is humiliating!
  • (to Puar:) (slams his fights onto his table with a frusterated grunt) You're wrong, Puar! I froze when I saw them, but I will over come my fear of women. That cat and the mouse, their families and their friends will not leave this desert without even seeing the last of Yamcha!


  • Victims. (giggles)
  • (to Yamcha:) YAMCHA! Some victims! Wahoo!
  • (to Yamcha:) They're down there, Yamcha. Can you see them? Can you see them?
  • (to the Cat, Mouse and Bulldog families, Goku and Oolong:) It's my land too.
  • (to Oolong:) I remember, and you were a loud mouth bully!
  • (to Yamcha:) Yes, Yamcha. He's Oolong, a pig who can change into any shape like I do. He always pick on me and stole my lunch money because I was smaller than him.
  • (to Yamcha:) It's just like in the old days, this swine still hides behind whenever he's afraid.
  • (to Yamcha:) That's right! Not an ounce of courage on that porker!
  • (to Yamcha:) Make pork chops out of him, Yamcha! He can't talk to you like that!
  • (after Goku knocks down Yamcha with his Power Pole:) Unbelievable!


  • (after cutting off the T-Rex's head with her helmet's blade) Huh? (screams) Ew, gross! Look what I've done, I just chomped its head off!
  • (after running into Yamcha and Puar): Ahh... I was told never to talk to strangers!

The Ox King

  • (evil laughs) What are you all doing here?
  • Don’t tell me you and your cat and mice accomplices have come to steal the treasure from my castle, huh? Have you?
  • Are you LYING!?

Boss Rabbit


  • Who has summoned me?
  • Tell me your wish. But beware, for it will come true.
  • Speak!
  • [Thinking] By Kami's name... (growls) You tried my patience.
  • Make your wish, now!
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