Template:Infobox television 3Tom and Jerry in Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure (トムとジェリードラゴンボール 魔訶不思議大冒険 Tomu to Jerī: Doragon Bōru Makafushigi Dai-Bōken, lit. Tom and Jerry: Dragon Ball - The Great Mystical Adventure) is a an animated fantasy martial arts adventure film and the third feature installment in the television film series, Tom and Jerry in Dragon Ball, featuring the characters from William Hanna and Joseph Barbera's Tom and Jerry, Osamu Tezuka's Ambassador Magma and Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball. It was based on the Dragon Ball manga by Toriyama, the creator of Dr. Slump, and was produced by Turner Entertainment, Funimation and Warner Bros. Animation in association with Toei Animation, Tezuka Productions, Dentsu and Yomiko Advertising, and written by Gene Grillo and John Burgmeier, with original scores from Scott Bradley, Shunsuke Kikuchi and Naozumi Yamamoto, and new music by Michael Tavera and Kenji Yamamoto.

This was the final film chapter of Tom and Jerry in Dragon Ball, and a chronological part of the Tom and Jerry: The Movie timeline, which comes after Tom and Jerry: The Space Giants and before Tom and Jerry: Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July.


One year after the Dragon Team's search for the Dragon Balls, and the defeat the Pilaf Gang and Count Lucifer, Goku and Krillin, along with Tom, Jerry and Tuffy, have completed their training under the mystical Master Roshi, the Turtle Hermit. Now, the five friends are off to test their newly acquired skills at a prestigous martial arts tournament in the kingdom of Mifan, sponsored by the young Emperor Chiaotzu. The winner of the tournament is said to get an audience with the Emperor, and a wish for anything they want.

But sinister plans are underway beneath the facade of the elaborate tournament. Chiaotzu's wife, the mysterious Empress, has been kidnapped! The emperor's right-hand man and Master Roshi's long-time rival, Master Shen, the Crane Hermit who taught Chiaotzu and his only friend Tien Shinhan in martial arts, has convinced him the Dragon Balls must be gathered to wish her back. But secretly, he and his henchman and brother, Tao, plan to overthrow Chiaotzu, and with the help of the Dragon Balls, rule Mifan and the entire world. Earlier, they even strip Emperor Pilaf and his agents of their own plans for world domination, and have them overshadowed before they could again be seen by the Dragon Team.

And to complicate matters even more, Bulma and the rest of the Dragon Team are desperately searching for the Dragon Balls as well. As the tournament begins, the action all comes together. Will Master Shen order Tien to kill Chiaotzu before any interference with his evil scheme? Will Tao be the one to kill Goku, Tom and Jerry instead of Pilaf? Or will the wizard and scientist Methusan send Ambassador Magma and his robotic space family from the ZRF Galaxy to the Dragon World, to support Goku, Tom and Jerry in an even larger battle for the fate of this Earth and the Dragon Balls?

Roku/TV summary

The young Saiyan hero, Goku, and his two animal friends from another Earth, Tom and Jerry, are back in the third and final chapter of Tom and Jerry in Dragon Ball, a series of television films produced exclusively for the Cartoon Network. In Mifan, Emperor Chiaotzu's wife has gone missing, and he is told by Master Shen that if he collects the seven Dragon Balls he can call upon the Eternal Dragon and wish for her return. Meanwhile, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Goku and Krillin, after completing their training with Master Roshi, attend the World Martial Arts Tournament, which is hosted by the Emperor; Bora and his son Upa attempt to hide the Dragon Ball they found from the Emperor's forces which are under the control of the evil Shen and his younger brother Tao; and Bulma conducts her own search for the Dragon Balls with the help of Yamcha, Puar, and Oolong.



  • Thomas "Tom" Cat: A grayish-blue cat who is Toodles' husband.
    • Monster Tom (a.k.a. WereCat Tom) (Tom and Jerry Tales)
  • Jeremy "Jerry" Adam Mouse: A brown mouse, who is Toot's husband and Tuffy's uncle.
    • Monster Jerry
  • Toodles Galore: A white cat who is Tom's wife.
  • Toots "Chérie" Mouse (The Tom and Jerry Show, 2014): A light-brown mouse with a purple scraf, who is Jerry's wife and Tuffy's aunt.
  • Tom and Jerry's Children: A group of kittens and young mice resembling Tom, Jerry and Toodles in their childhood ages, but only they were matched with the same colors of the rainbow. With the exception of Dorothy Mouse, some of the kids were named after the original six MGM lions. Tanner, George, Leo and Dorothy are in the same age as Tuffy, but do not wear diapers unlike their cousin.
    • Slats Cat: A purple kitten/ Tom and Toodles' first son.
    • Jackie Cat: A blue kitten/ Tom and Toodles' second son.
    • Coffee Cat: A green kitten/ Tom and Toodles' one daughter.
    • Tanner Mouse: A yellow mouse/ Jerry and Toot's first son.
    • George Mouse: An orange mouse/ Jerry and Toots' second son.
    • Leo Mouse: A red mouse/ Jerry and Toots' third son.
    • Dorothy Mouse: A pink mouse/ Jerry and Toot's one daughter, named after Dorothy Gale from Kansas.
  • Robyn Starling: Tom and Jerry's owner and friend.
  • Gilbert Starling: The head of Starling Enterprise.
  • Timothy "Tim" Cat (Tom and Jerry Kids, grown up): Tom's twin brother
  • Thomasina Cat (Tom and Jerry Tales): Tom and Tim's little sister and mother of Booties.
  • Booties Cat (also known as Baby Booties): Thomasina's son and Tom's nephew
  • Cousin George (or George Cat)
  • Tom's Grandfather (Tom and Jerry Kids)
  • Toodles' Mother
  • Toodles' Father
  • Mrs. Mouse (Tom and Jerry Kids): Jerry's mother.
  • Geraldine Mouse (Tom and Jerry Tales): Jerry's sister and Tuffy's mother.
  • Nibbles "Tuffy" Mouse: The son of Geraldine and Jerry and Chérie's nephew.
  • Muscles Mouse: Jerry's cousin.
  • Uncle Pecos: Jerry's cowboyish uncle
  • Uncle Harry (also unknown as Uncle Harry) (The Tom and Jerry Show, 2014): Mrs. Mouse and Uncle Pecos' younger brother/ Jerry and Tuffy's uncle
  • Karras the Vampire Mouse(The Tom and Jerry Show, 2014): A black bat with the face of a mouse, who lives in Hildie and Beatie's house in the forests of England. Unlike ordinary vampire bats, this mouse-like bat creature is friendly and immune to the sunlight, and does not transmit diseases and viruses.
  • Ambassador Magma
  • Silvar
  • Gam
  • Methusan
  • Goku
  • Arale Norimaki
  • Gatchans
  • Yamcha
  • Bulma
  • Master Roshi
  • Turtle
  • Fortuneteller Baba
  • The Ghost Usher
  • Baba's Fighters
    • Fangs the Vampire
    • See-Through the Invisible Man
    • Bandages the Mummy
    • Spike the Devil Man
  • Grandpa Gohan
  • The Ox King
  • Chi Chi
  • Krillin
  • Launch
  • Oolong
  • Puar
  • Tien Shinhan
  • Emperor Chiaotzu
  • Master Shen
  • Tao
  • Shenron
  • Announcer
  • Blue
  • Ninja Murasaki
  • Major Metallitron
  • Upa
  • Bora
  • Korin
  • Yajirobe
  • Dr. Flappe
  • Android 8
  • Suno
  • Suno's Parents
  • Emperor Pilaf
  • Shu
  • Mai


English Version

  • Doc Morgan - The Narrator
  • Richard Kind - Tom
  • Stephanie Nadolny - Jerry
  • Kath Soucie - Tuffy
  • Grey DeLisle - Toodles Galore
  • Kari Wahlgren - Chérie
  • Anndi McAfee - Robyn Starling
  • Dee Bradley Baker - Mikko Mura
  • Reece Thompson - Slats
  • Chantal Strand - Jackie
  • Michelle Ruff - Coffee
  • Robert Martin Klein - Tanner
  • Mona Marshall - George, Silvar
  • Benjamin Diskin - Leo, Karras
  • Tara Strong - Dorothy Mouse
  • Jason Marsden - Tim
  • Cathy Weseluck - Chiaotzu, Puar, Thomasina
  • Nicole Oliver - Baby Booties
  • Eric Vale - Future Trunks (Time Patrol), Kita
  • Felecia Angelle - The Surpreme Kai of Time
  • Kent Williams - The Elder Kai
  • Stephanie Young - Towa
  • John Michael Tatum - Mira
  • Christopher Ayres - Frieza
  • Andrew Chandler - Cooler
  • Jeff Bennett - Gilbert Starling, Cousin George
  • Emma Jackson -Tomoko Mura
  • Sonny Byrkett - Ito Mura
  • Charlie Schlatter - Chip Mulciber
  • Tress MacNeille - Aunt Pristine Figg, Mrs. Mouse
  • Corey Burton - Mr. Lickboot
  • Ellen Kennedy - Geraldine
  • John Michael Higgins - Uncle Harry
  • Maurice LaMarche - Cousin Muscles
  • Christopher R. Sabat - Ambassador Magma, Grandpa Gohan, King Piccolo
  • Greg Cipes - Gam
  • Tony Amendola - Methusan
  • Colleen Clinkenbeard - Goku
  • Michael Donovan - Master Roshi
  • Ted Cole - Yamcha
  • Maggie Blue O'Hara - Bulma, Future Bulma (Time Patrol)
  • Brad Jackson - Oolong, King Cold
  • Meredith McCoy - Launch
  • Kyle Hebert - The Ox King
  • Andrea Libman - Chi Chi
  • Brian Drummond - Master Shen, Yajirobe, Vegeta
  • Scott McNeil - Mercenary Tao, Uncle Pecos
  • Matt Smith - Tien Shinhan
  • Sonny Strait - Blue, Bardock
  • Duncan Brannan - Ninja Murasaki
  • Chris Rager - Major Metallitron
  • Ian James Corlett - Monster Carrot
  • Paul Dobson - Korin
  • Mike McFarland - Android 8, Gatchan #1
  • Laura Bailey - Suno
  • Dameon Clarke - Bora
  • Kara Edwards - Upa
  • Chuck Huber - Emperor Pilaf
  • Teryl Rothery - Agent Mai
  • Chris Cason - Agent Shu
  • Michael Dobson - Nappa
  • Jason Gray-Stanford - Raditz
  • Chris Patton - Turles
  • Brina Palencia - Arale Norimaki
  • John Burgmeier - Gatchan #2

Japanese Version

  • Setsuji Sato - Tom Cat
  • Junko Hori - Jerry Mouse



Voice Acting

Concept Art

Character Designs



Sound Effects


Short film

On its broadcast on Cartoon Network in North America and Digital release worldwide, Tom and Jerry in Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure will be accompanied by a 12-minute Tom and Jerry cartoon, Muscles Strikes Again, which will also be included as a bonus cartoon on the film's Blu-Ray and DVD releases.




The Solar System

  • Planet Earth (The Real World)
    • New York City, New York, USA
      • Starling Enterprises Headquarters
    • Tokyo, Japan
      • United Press International

ZRF Galaxy

  • Planet Kanata

Dragon Universe

  • Planet Earth (The Dragon World)
    • Kame House
    • Mifan
      • Chiaotzu's Palace
    • The Sacred Land of Korin
      • Korin Tower
    • Penguin Village

English Script


Origin of the Dragon Balls/The Pilaf Gang's Reward from General Tao

[The film began with a look at the seven Dragon Balls as they float to gather, while the narrator starts to tell us the story.]

Narrator: Long ago, seven Dragon Balls were forged and scattered over the face of the planet. Once united, the Eternal Dragon will be called forth to grant the discoverer...a single wish.


Emperor Pilaf: I did it!

Shu: Way to go, sire!

Mai: By bringing the seven Dragon Balls together, we shall have an opportunity of finding them ourselves.

[Pilaf, Goku's arch-enemy, snickers before he and his two agents heard a one familiar man speaking only to the Emperor himself.]

Man: So, Emperor Pilaf? We see you have completed your assignment.


Pilaf Gang: Master Shen!


Master Shen: Yes, Pilaf, we have been watching you, anxiously waiting for this day to arrive. This Dragon Radar pinpoints the exact location of each Dragon Ball on the globe. (gets up from his chair) Once we gather them, we will have the whole world in the palm of our hands!

[The camera cuts to the Pilaf Gang.]

Emperor Pilaf: (chuckles nervously) I’m sure Emperor Chiaotzu will be most impressed when you tell him.

Mai: Most impressed indeed.

Shu: If there’s anything more you wish of us, we'll always obey you.


Master Shen: No, there’s one more thing. Please, Tao, do explain.

[Shen's younger brother, Mercenary Tao, walks along side him, do what his brother tell him to do.]

Tao: I supply you with gratitude, and demand you surrender your own conquest plans and begone.

[The Pilaf Gang looked confused and look at each other as Tao walked toward them to give them a different present while Master Shen chuckles evilly.]

Emperor Pilaf (off-screen): Bu..but, we don’t know what you were saying, General Tao!

Mai (off-screen): Actually, it's a joke.

Shu (off-screen): Yeah, that's right.


Tao (off-screen): Recognize this?

[Emperor Pilaf becomes shocked as the room changes into a bright white background, so did Shu and Mai surrounding them, the Crane Hermit School group. And the Pilaf Gang scream with horror as the scene zooms out of the black background and disappear into it.]

Opening Credits (Scott Bradley's Tom and Jerry Theme and Mystical Adventure)

Turtle Hermit Training Completed

The Dragon Radar/General Blue is Killed by General Tao

The Rest of the Dragon Ball Gang Attacked

Welcome to Mifan/Reunion with Gohan, the Ox King and Chi-Chi

The Sacred Land of Korin/Bulma's Plan

A Battle in the Restaurant/General Tao Appears

The Villains' Other Ideas/Goku Got His Four-Star Ball Back

[Later that night, in Chiaozu's palace, Master Shen, General Tao and Tien Shinhan are observing the Dragon Radar showing the location of the Dragon Balls with only six in their possession, and the last one is away from their location.]

Chiaotzu's Nightmare


Chiaotzu (off-screen): (echoing:) Tien! TIEN!


Chiaotzu (off-screen): Help me!


Tien Shinhan: Emperor!


The Tournament/Deadly Matches

Korin/The Battle for the Dragon Balls

Goku, Tom and Jerry Are Ready for Action

Arale Norimaki Knocks Down Tao/A Continuing Battle for the Dragon Balls


Goku, Tom, Jerry and Arale vs. Tao and Murasaki

[Back in Penguin Village, Arale Norimaki and the Gatchans were curiously inspecting Tao who Arale knock her down with a rock, and his now stuck in the ground that he crashed with only his legs sticking out.]

Murasaki Steps In/Desperate Weapons

Android Number 8

Murasaki is Sent Flying/Tao's Death

Tien Betrays Master Shen/Penetration Through Major Metallitron


Master Shen (off-screen): I don't care how deep that chasm is! Find your way down there, and get me those balls!


Master Shen: Now, Tien. Let's finish our business with the Emperor.


Tien Shinhan: Sorry, Chiaotzu. We didn't plan it this way.


Chiaotzu: You called me Chiaotzu.


Tien Shinhan: Uh?


Chiaotzu: We're still friends.


Tien Shinhan: It's...not that I don't like you.


Master Roshi (off-screen): Then why don't you know what martial arts are for?

Tien Shinhan: *looks over to the unseen Roshi* (surprised:) Huh?


Tien Shinhan: It's you, but it can't be!


Puar: It's Master Roshi!

Launch and Krillin: *looking back to the unseen Roshi* Huh?


The Ox King: Master, you have finally awoken!


Chi Chi: Great!

Grandpa Gohan: For a while, you had us all worried.


Master Roshi: They're not to kill, they're to protect what we hold sacred.


Master Shen: Silence, Roshi! One more word out of you, and I'll have...


Master Shen (off-screen): ...Major Metallitron crushed this boy!


Grandpa Gohan (thinking:) You wouldn't do that to this native child, Master Shen. It won't bring back the Dragon Balls that are still the river's chasm.


Master Shen: Quickly now, Tien, before we lose our chance!


Master Shen: Heh, heh, heh!


Tien Shinhan: Huh?


Master Shen: Grr... Well, come one! You're a professional! Do it!


Master Shen (off-screen): Don't let your emotions cloud through your judgement!


Master Shen (off-screen): Tien? I COMMAND YOU!


Tien Shinhan (off-screen): I can't do it, Master.


Master Shen (off-screen): Oh, I should've known! You're not a warrior.


Master Shen: You're just a little pussycat.


Master Shen: (gently:) Uh, but by the way, I think I now understand how you feel for the Emperor.


Master Shen: (gently:) You don't have to get rid of him, Tien.


Master Shen (off-screen): (evilly): I'll do it myself!


Master Shen: Major, if anybody moves, give them a squeeze.

Major Metallitron: *holds up Upa a bit* Got it.


Master Shen: DODON RAY!


Tien Shinhan: TRI-BEAM! HAAAA!


Major Metallitron: *raising his fist holding Upa higher* Right!

Everyone's Back/Calling Forth the Dragon (Dragon Ball, I Got It!)

Closing Credits

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