Your favorite cat and mouse are back in an all new 3d live action/animated film, so it's just an ordinary day for Tom and Jerry trying to outwit each other, but when Mammy Two Shoes is warned about loosing her house due to money issues she has but no choice but to get rid of a lot of things including Tom, but when Jerry finds out he stows away with Tom to find out more, but when a little boy named Troy Dexter who comes from an incredibly wealthy family adopts them they know this is a beginning of a new life they live a good life, but then the boys evil uncle and his dog comes to stay a month at the mansion since the family is going to Paris and their not bringing Tom and Jerry, him and his dog Brus are always pampered and taken care of but they have a secret that know one knows about but since the cat and mouse have been there they try to eliminate Tom completely so Jerry must help Tom escape but when Jerry finds out that they actually take a money from them and they have an almost one million dollar diamond from the family Jerry takes the diamond with Tom and try to turn them into the police so the uncle and Brus must hunt them down and get that diamond before the family does.

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