Tom and Jerry: The Space Giants - Mastermind Rodak is the first theatrical film installment in Tom and Jerry: The Space Giants, an American/Japanese one-hour animated TV series produced by Turner Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation in association with Dentsu and Tezuka Productions based on Tom and Jerry by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, and Ambassador Magma by Osamu Tezuka.



The alien mastermind Rodak has been conquering planets throughout the galaxies for years. He sees Earth and wants it, as it is the best he has ever seen. But Ambassador Magma and his robotic family are sent from the Planet Kanata in the ZRF Galaxy to protect Earth from Rodak. And this edition, they team up with Tom and Jerry as they pull out almost all of their martial arts techniques to foil the space conquer's attempts to destroy Magma and take over the world.


The Arrival of Rodak

In 1960, an unknown man came to Tokyo and walks into the telephone booth where he contacts young Mikko Mura at his home. After identifying himself as a messenger from outer space, the caller tells Mikko that Rodak, the emperor of space, will take him and his father Ito on an interesting journey at 6:00 AM. Before Mikko's mother Tomoko could have her turn to speak to him, the man commits suicide by self destruction, destroying the telephone booth along with himself. Mikko began to explain everything to Tomoko about Rodak, but although she barely understands, his mother brushes it off. At the United Press International which was in collaboration with the new Starling Enterprise base in New York City, reporter Ito and his co-worker Kita receives a call from Tomoko and learns the information about the incoming of Rodak. Ito promises his wife that he will return home late. That night, Mr. Starling, her daughter Robyn and their pets: Thomas "Tom" Cat and Jerry Mouse, their wives Toodles Galore and Toots "Chérie" Mouse, and their kids; Slats, Jackie, Coffee, Tanner, George, Leo and Dorothy have arrived at the Tokyo International Airport through a flight from New York where her father establish the new Starling Enterprise headquarters after giving his mansion to her reformed Aunt Pristine Figg and Lickboot the Lawyer. By the time Ito came home to his son and wife, the Starlings and their pets meets the Muras and their three pets: Spike and Tyke Bulldog, Tom's kitten-hood twin brother Timothy "Tim" Cat and Jerry's black haired sister Mariana Mouse. The Muras Rodak's arrival. The Muras agree for they knew that her father was Ito's partner.

The next morning, Mikko, Robyn and their pets awakens and they finds that the neighborhood has been transformed into a prehistoric jungle in the age of dinosaurs. Mr. Starling, to and Tomoko have also discovered what has happened to Tokyo. Taking Tom and Jerry with him, Mikko runs into the jungle to observe its primitive, but natural beauty. But a large dinosaur-like monster appears and begins to chase them. Mr. Starling, Robyn and Ito came to their rescue as the monster attacks with its ability to breath fire. Before the monster could destroy them, all of a sudden, the spaceship of Rodak suddenly came from in the sky and destroyed the beast with special energy rays. Landing his spaceship, Rodak himself appears with his three Siamese cats, Tin, Pan and Alley to greet the group. After letting Mikko take a picture of him, the evil alien emperor tells him, Ito, Mr. Starling and Robyn to print in the newspapers what they have just witnessed and convince the Earthlings to surrender their planet to his supreme rule. He even advises them to know that if the Earthlings won't obey his supreme rules, then he will destroy them along with their entire planet.

While Rodak flies back to space, the Starlings, the Muras and their pets quickly went back to the house as they got transported back from the jungle to present-day Tokyo. Mikko retains the camera with the picture of Rodak which he is not ready to develop yet. The next day, the Muras and the Starlings hears the load roar of a jet engine, and their pets did the same. Only Mikko, Robyn, Tom, Jerry, Tim, Spike and Tyke look outside to see a huge golden rocket landing beside the Muras' house and quickly changing into a fifty-foot tall robot. The robot introduces himself as Ambassador Magma, sent from the Planet Kanata in the ZRF Galaxy to defend the Earth against Rodak. Magma asks Mikko to give him the camera so that he can find out what Rodak's real form looks like in the picture. When Mikko refuses, Magma forcibly takes the camera from him by sucking it up to his hand with his magnet powers. Feeling sorry to see Mikko upset, he re-explains his reason and asks Mikko, Robyn, Tom and Jerry to come with him. The four friends agreed, and after transforming back into a rocket, Magma carries Mikko, Robyn, Tom and Jerry on a journey to his secret hideout, leaving Spike, Tyke and the remaining Cat and Mouse families to take care of Mr. Starling, Ito and Tomoko.

Molesaurus The Subterranean Monster

Ambassador Magma takes Mikko, Robyn, Tom and Jerry to his base, located deep in the heart of the active volcano called Mount Olympian. There, they meet Silvar, Magma's wife; and Methusan, the elderly, white-haired scientist and wizard. Methusan explain to Mikko, Robyn, Tom and Jerry that on Kanata, he created Magma and Silvar in an effort to track down Rodak and save the Earth. Magma admires Mikko, Tom and Jerry and asks Methusan to create a son resembling Mikko, along with his own pet mouse smaller than Jerry for him and Silvar. Agreeing to grant the two robot's wish, Methusan uses Mikko as a model and creates Gam: a robot boy who wears the same clothes that match with Mikko's, and a white helmet with antennae. Appearing along with Gam is Nibbles "Tuffy Mouse", Jerry's nephew who is also a robot with "emerald city" green-colored antennae. Magma also gives Mikko a supersonic whistle to call for help whenever he and his friends are in danger. One whistle will summon Gam and Tuffy, two whistles will call Silvar and three whistles will bring Magma into action.

Meanwhile in space, Rodak sends his first monster Molesaurus to Earth as a show of force to those who won't let him take over their planet. Mikko, Robyn, Tom and Jerry returns to the Muras' house onboard Gam and Tuffy in their rocket forms. Toodles, Chérie, Tim, Spike, Tyke and Tomoko tells them that Mr. Starling and Ito has been assigned to cover the story of Rodak. Ito and Mr. Starling boards a train, but suddenly, Molesaurus attacks from underground. The survivors of the trainwreck seek shelter. Robyn, the Muras and their pets learn about the accident and wonder if Mr. Starling and Ito are still alive. Meanwhile, Mr. Starling and Ito are able to escape from the train wreckage caused by Molesaurus, and begins to look for help. As strange earthquakes begin to take place all over Japan, Rodak appears on every TV screen and announces his plans to conquer the Earth. He convinces the people to surrender the Earth to him peacefully within two days, or they will be destroyed if they refuse or resist him. Mikko, Tomoko, Robyn and their pets were on their way to find Ito and Mr. Starling. Remembering his directions given to him by Magma, Mikko blows his supersonic whistle, and Gam and Tuffy flies to the aid of their friends after hearing the one-time signal. After meeting Tomoko with the rest of the Cat and Mouse families, the robot rookies turn back into rockets and carry Robyn, Tom, Jerry and Mikko up on the airborne search for their fathers. They spot Ito and Mr. Starling walking on ground, still alive after all, so they land to help him. Molesaurus comes out of the ground and attacks. The group discover that Molesaurus is a mole-like animal that can move under the Earth. Gam and Tuffy fought the Molesaurus with every more including firing rockets and heat beam rays, but the monster shot them down with an energy wave from the tail which they try to destroy. Mikko takes out his whistle, and calls three times for Magma, who quickly arrives and challenges Molesaurus to a fight. He finds that Molesaurus is carrying an H-Bomb in his body, implanted in there by Rodak. After being told about this by Methusan, Magma is forced to let Molesaurus escape deep within the Earth's crust. Gam is injured during the encounter with the monster, leaving him unable to transform into a rocket and fly. So Tuffy and Magma takes Gam back to Mount Olympian for repair of his electronic system by Methusan.

The next day, Rodak reappears on television before the citizens of Tokyo, and demands that they will either let Rodak rule the Earth or he will blow up the entire planet with an army of monsters including Molesaurus. He also starts that he will wait for the white flag to be raised atop Tokyo Tower. In Mount Olympian, Methusan comes up with a solution. He gives Magma a powerful magnet to force Molesaurus to move toward the North Pole where the bomb can be exploded without harm (except to Molesaurus).

The Flying Birdaurus

After being defeated by Magma in their first fight, Rodak retreats back to space where he and his Siamese trio concentrates on examining the structure of the Ambassador, and his component parts to find the robot's weakness. Back on Earth, The Muras, Robyn, Tom, Jerry, Spike and Tyke have decided that a vacation is in order. While the Muras fly in a jet airliner with the Starling Enterprise Helicopter (with Tom, Jerry and their friends) following from behind, the plane suddenly sways. But it is not turbulence, for the plane's instruments do not function because of some outside disturbance. A strange saucer is seen flying outside the plane, then leaves the area. Ito meets with Kita, and together, they investigate the whereabouts of the flying saucer. Jerry and Tuffy's uncle Harry Mouse was on vacation, and he even meets the rest of the Cat, Mouse, Mura and Starling families. The saucer is located and turns out to be a small glowing mechanism that appears to be breathing. The object is brought back to the lab as scientists try to discover its origin. Not having the right equipment for further tests, the object is shipped by truck to another facility. On the back of the truck, however, the object begins to grow. As it crushes the truck with its increasing mass, the object changes into a new monster of Rodak's: Birdaurus. The pterodactyl-like beast went on the high-flying rampage. Two of the Japanese jet fighters are called into action to stop examine Birdausus. Back at the resort, Mikko receives a telephone call from Ito, who informs that Birdausus has been located, and that Magma will stop him. Before hanging out, he told Mikko that he must stay safe with Tomoko, Robyn and the Cat and Mouse families. Mikko then summons Magma to tell him about Birdaurus and ask to come with him, but Magma advises him that Mikko must do as his father said to him. At his space, Rodak was delighted to see that Magma is falling straight into a trap, a fight with Birdaurus.

While Silvar is watching the fight between Magma and Birdaurus, Tuffy and Gam sneak out of Mount Olympian, and quickly turning into rockets, they meet up with Tom, Jerry, Slats, Jackie, Coffee, Tanner, George, Leo, Dorothy, Tyke, Robyn and Mikko at the playground. They told them that Mr. Starling and Ito have asked for Magma's assistance, and the gang decide on their own that they will attack Birdaurus. But during their search for the monster, Rodak's spaceship appears above the group, and before they could either retreat or fight, they are captured. Back with Magma, he returns to Mr. Starling, Ito, the scientists and the soldiers of the Japanese and United Nations armies to tell them that he was recently blinded by Birdaurus and unable to find him, but prepare to wait for his return. Silvar then meets the group and informs them about Gam and Tuffy's disappearance. Meeting Silvar for the first time, Mr. Starling and Ito learns that this family of robots from outer space is on Earth to help defeat Rodak, whom they have been following for quite some time. Kita came to Ito and Mr. Starling, telling them that Mikko, Robyn, Tom and Jerry were gone, too, according to his telephone call from Tomoko, who had recently seen Gam and Tuffy in their rocket forms. Magma said that the kids, Tom and Jerry have gone after Birdaurus, and may get themselves into trouble in doing so. With that, Magma and Silvar transform into rockets and went on a search for their friends.

Meanwhile, Mikko, Robyn and their pets were unconscious when they wake up and see Rodak and his forces. The space conqueror tells them that that are in his transparent cage as prisoners, but asks them to consider themselves as welcomed guests. To the heroes' confusion, Rodak reveals his secret purpose to gain their confidence and tells them that on his ship, children and pet animals from other planets only play all day long, rather than doing homework or getting scolded by their parents. As proof, Rodak shows them many children and animals in to greet the gang. Among them is a girl named Lilly who meets Mikko. Robyn, Mikko, Tom, Jerry, Slats, Jackie, Coffee, Tanner, George, Leo and Dorothy thought that this may be a good idea, but Gam and Tuffy knows that Rodak is not telling the truth. The moment their friends left them alone with Rodak, he learns from Gam and Tuffy that they are robots, but tell them that Magma will never be called to help them, since they are in Rodak's spaceship coated with a certain alloy that deflect any attacks. Tuffy and Gam then tries to attack the space conqueror, but are knocked out by one of his men with one blast of his stun pistol, giving Rodak a lucky chance to discover the source of Magma's robotic weak point from within their bodies. While Tom, Jerry, their kids, Mikko and Robyn play with Lilly and their friends while secretly feeling sorry for their two robot friends in which they were pretending to believe their enemy, Rodak, his Siamese trio and his henchmen takes the unconscious Gam and Tuffy to the laboratory where they exam the two robot rookies of their electronic parts on the platform. Tin, Pan, Alley and Rodak's henchmen explain to their master that their bodies are component with dynamo, similar to the substance of diamonds with stronger resiliency, but found on Venus and not yet discovered by Earthlings; their brains are the same as ordinary humans and animals', but each has special built-in resistance to shock, and their motors are charged with approximately ten million volts of energy, while Magma's power level is fifty million. Rodak admits that Mamga has used forty million volts in his fight with Birdaurus, but his men corrected him that according to their computer calculations, Magma's actually level of energy is thirty million. He then reveals their plan to attack and destroy Magma with energy of over fifty million volts.

Back with Birdaurus, the space dino monster attacks an atomic power plant and begins to destroy it. Magma, having failed to find Mikko, Robyn and the others, reappears to stop the creature, but is tricked and drained of his power by Birdaurus. The monster then heads toward the power plant to destroy it completely and release radioactivity throughout the world. Mr. Starling, Ito and Kita run to the plant and— with the help of scientists— attempt to pull out the safety pin of the furnace, thereby eliminating the danger of radioactivity if the plant is destroyed. Ito succeeds, and the furnace is shut down. Silvar appears in her rocket form and fires a volley of heat beam rays at the creature, which flies off. Silvar goes to Magma who is too weak to stand. She supplies him with enough electrical energy to return to Mount Olympian. Mr. Starling, Ito and Kita return to their car, but as they drive away from the power plant, their car is drawn up into the air by Rodak’s spaceship, along with them. Unaware that Mr. Starling, Ito and Kita has been captured, Mikko, Robyn, Tom, Jerry, Tyke, Slats, Jackie, Coffee, Tanner, George, Leo and Dorothy gets Lilly to help them release Tuffy and Gam. The robotic duo turns into rocket ships and the gang escapes with Lilly, returning to Earth.

The gang, Lilly and Tomoko are visited by Kita, who says that he, Ito and Mr. Starling have escaped from Rodak. He tells them that it is important that Mikko arrange for him to see Magma, but the boy thinks that there is something strange about the reporter. Little do Mikko and his friends know, Kita are actually a robot in disguise, made by Rodak. The robot Kita buy a box of flowers for Magma and asks Gam and Tuffy to deliver them. However, inside the box is a time bomb. Gam brings the box of flowers with the time bomb to Mount Olympian. Methusan senses something is wrong and orders Gam and Tuffy to throw the flowers out into the open where they explode harmlessly. Tuffy and Gam believes that Lilly was responsible, and is an agent of Rodak. Mikko, Robyn, Tom and Jerry disagrees, never calling her an enemy. Birdaurus appears again, and Tuffy and Gam turns into rockets to see what the monster is doing. The robot clone of Kita offers two charms to Lily as gifts for Robyn and Mikko. Meanwhile, the real Kita, Ito and Mr. Starling escape from Rodak’s ship, by disguising themselves as Robot's men with Mr. Starling as their prisoner and tricks one of them into giving them directions to drive a saucer which they succeed. Back in Mount Olympian Methusan soon discovers that a signal is coming from the charm, and Silvar determines that it is transmitting to Rodak. Mikko sees the fake Kita reporting in to Rodak, and realizes that it is not really him, but as a robot.

Gam and Tuffy takes Lilly, Mikko, Robyn, Tom, Jerry and Kita's robotic imposter to a deserted island, making him believe that this is Magma’s base of Mount Olympian. But the fake Kita discovers the trick, while Birdaurus is called into an attack. Suddenly, the real Kita appears and confront his faker, surprising the gang. They fight until the Rodak's robot melted and collapse into pieces due to his massive anger. Magma, now fully recovered, comes to battle Birdaurus. He manages to defeat Birdaurus by reverting him back into an orb with his Gamma Rays and sending him back into space. The now victorious Magma, Gam and Tuffy returns Mikko, Robyn, Lily, Tom, Jerry and Kita safety to Tokyo where, Silvar, Mr. Starling, lto, Tomoko, Mr. Starling, Spike, Tyke, Uncle Harry, Tim, Toodles, Chérie, Slats, Jackie, Coffee, Tanner, George, Leo and Dorothy are waiting. They happily reunite, and the Cat, Mouse, Starling and Mura families resume their vacation peacefully.


  • Thomas "Tom" Cat: A grayish-blue cat.
  • Jerry Mouse: A brown mouse.
  • Toodles Galore: Tom's wife.
  • Toots "Chérie" Mouse: Jerry's wife
  • Tom and Jerry's Children
    • Slats Cat: A purple kitten.
    • Jackie Cat: A blue kitten.
    • Coffee Cat: A green cat.
    • Tanner Mouse: A yellow mouse.
    • George Mouse: An orange mouse.
    • Leo Mouse: A red mouse.
    • Dorothy Mouse: A pink mouse.
  • Nibbles "Tuffy" Mouse: A grey mouse with a white diaper, who is Jerry's nephew. He plays his role of Gam's robotic pet mouse, wearing his "emerald city" green antennae (his costume accessories).
  • Harry Mouse (The Tom and Jerry Show, 2014)
  • Robyn Starling:
  • Mr. Starling:
  • Aunt Pristine Figg
  • Lickboot
  • Ferdinand:
  • Timothy "Tim" Cat: Tom's twin brother.
  • Spike Bulldog: The Muras' dog.
  • Tyke: Spike's son.
  • Droopy:
  • Dripple:
  • Screwball Squirrel:
  • Red
  • Slick McWolf (also known as McWolfie):
  • Mikko Mura (Mamoru Murakami in the Japanese Version): Tom, Jerry and Robyn's friend.
  • Ito Mura (Atsushi Murakami in the Japanese Version):
  • Tomoko Mura (Tomoko Murakami in the Japanese Version):
  • Kita:
  • Ambassador Magma:
  • Silvar (Mol in the Japanese Version)
  • Gam
  • Methusan (Earth in the Japanese Version)
  • Rodak (Goa in the Japanese Version): An alien overlord who was been conquering many peaceful planets in every galaxy, and making his attempts to take over the Earth with his monsters (kaiju) from space
    • Rodak's Henchmen (Goa's Subordinates in the Japanese Version)
    • Rodak's Monsters (Goa's Kaiju)
      • Molesaurus (Moguness in the Japanese Version)
      • Birdaurus (Birdora in the Japanese Version)


English Version

  • Richard Kind - Tom Cat
  • Stephanie Nadolny - Jerry Mouse
  • Alicyn Packard - Toodles Galore
  • Kari Wahlgren - Toots "Chérie" Mouse
  • Reece Thompson - Slats Cat
  • Chantal Strand - Jackie Cat
  • Michelle Ruff - Coffee Cat
  • Robert Martin Klein - Tanner Mouse
  • Mona Marshall - George Mouse, Silvar
  • Benjamin Diskin - Leo Mouse
  • Tara Strong - Dorothy Mouse
  • Anndi McAfee - Robyn Starling
  • Jeff Bennett - Mr. Starling
  • Kath Soucie - Nibbles "Tuffy" Mouse, Red
  • Jeff Bergman - Droopy, Butch Dog, Lightning Cat
  • Charlie Adler - Dripple, Screwball Squirrel
  • Jason Marsden - Timothy "Tim" Cat
  • Russi Taylor - Mariana Mouse
  • John Michael Higgins - Uncle Harry
  • Spike Brandt - Spike
  • Brianne Siddall - Tyke
  • Garry Chalk - King Cat
  • Jim Cummings - Butch Cat, Rodak's Henchman #5
  • E.G. Daily - Topsy Cat
  • Frank Welker - Meathead Cat, Rodak's Henchman #3
  • Greg Ellis - Tin Cat
  • Jess Harnell - Pan Cat
  • Richard McGonagle - Alley Cat
  • Dee Bradley Baker - Mikko Mura
  • Emma Jackson - Tomoko Mura
  • Sonny Byrkett - Ito Mura
  • Doug Erholtz - Kita
  • Tim Curry - Rodak
  • Christopher Sabat - Ambassador Magma, The Man from Outer Space, Harry Mouse
  • Greg Cipes - Gam
  • Tony Amendola - Methusan
  • Pat Fraley - Rodak's Henchman #1
  • Dameon Clarke - Rodak's Henchman #2
  • Clancy Brown - Rodak's Henchman #4
  • Cherami Leigh - Lilly

Japanese Version

  • Setsuji Sato - Tom Cat
  • Junko Hori - Jerry Mouse
  • Etsuko Kozakura - Nibbles "Tuffy" Mouse
  • Ryoko Shinohara - Robyn Starling
  • Akio Otsuka - Ambassador Magma
  • Masako Nozawa - Tyke, Gam
  • Hiroya Ishimaru - Mr. Starling
  • Minami Takayama - Mamoru Murakami
  • Rica Fukami - Tomoko Murakami, Mol
  • Jurota Kosugi - Atsushi Murakami
  • Taiten Kusunoki - Goa
    • Toru Ohira - Goa (archive recordings, uncredited)


  • Production: Warner Bros. Animation, Turner Entertainment Co.
  • In Association with: Dentsu, Inc. and Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd.
  • Directors: Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone
  • Original English Screenplay for Lakeside Television Company by Bernard H. Schulman
  • Based on "Ambassador Magma" Created by Osamu Tezuka
  • Based on Characters Created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera
  • Written by Gene Grillo
  • Executive Producer: Sam Register
  • Co-Producer: Alan Burnett
  • Line Producers: Monica Mitchell and Kimberly S. Moreau
  • Music by Michael Tavera
  • Original Score and Songs by Naozumi Yamamoto and Ryusei Hasegawa
  • Casting and Voice Direction: Maria Estrada, Wes Gleason
  • Associate Casting Facilities:
  • Overseas Animation Production: Telecom Animation Film Co., Ltd., Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd., Digital eMation, Inc.
  • Additional Animation Services - Digital eMation, Inc., Studio 4 °C Co., Ltd., Sunrise, Inc.
  • Backgrounds: Mushi Production Co., Ltd.
  • In-Between Animation: Asahi Production Co., Ltd., Bee Train Production, Inc.
  • Key Animation: The Answer Studio Co., Ltd., Magic Bus Co., Ltd.
  • Ink and Paint: Madhouse, Inc., Production I.G, Inc.
  • Original Matte Painting Animation Sequences: P Productions
    • Matte Painting Composition: Yoshio Watanabe, Keitaro Hama, Takehiko Uchida
  • Sound Effects: Fizz Sound Creation Co., Ltd.
    • Stock Sound Effects: Hidenori Ishida, Katsumi Ito, Shoji Kato, Akihiko Matsuda, Hidenori Arai, Mutsuhiro Nishimura
    • Sound Editors and Mixers: Masahiro Shoji, Kentaro Washio, Masami Kitakata, Yui Kazama
  • Additional Sound Effects - Toho Sound Studio (Toho Effect Group, Toho Eizo Sound Studio)
  • Original Sound Effects Compositor: Tetsuya Ohashi (P Productions)

Production Notes



Voice Casting

English Casting

Japanese Casting

Concept Art

More Concept (coming soon)

  • Toodles Galore
  • Toots "Chérie" Mouse
  • Slats Cat
  • Jackie Cat
  • Coffee Cat
  • Tanner Mouse
  • George Mouse
  • Leo Mouse
  • Dorothy Mouse
  • Robyn Starling
  • Mr. Starling
  • Pristine Figg
  • Lickboot Figg
  • Ferdinand
  • Mikko Mura (Mamoru Murakami in Japanese)
  • Ito "Tom" Mura (Atsushi Murakami in Japanese)
  • Tomoko Mura (Tomoko Murakami in Japanese)
  • Timothy "Tim" Cat
  • Mariana Mouse (Tom and Jerry Tales)
  • Spike Bulldog
  • Tyke Bulldog
  • Kita
  • Ambassador Magma
  • Silvar (Mol in Japanese)
  • Gam
  • Nibbles "Tuffy" Mouse
  • Methusan (Earth in Japanese)
  • Rodak (Goa in Japanese)
  • Tin, Pan and Alley
  • Rodak's Henchmen (Goa's Subordinates in the Japanese Version)
  • Rodak's Monsters (Goa's Kaiju)
    • Molesaurus (Moguness in the Japanese Version)
    • Birdaurus (Birdora in the Japanese Version)


Sound Effects





  • The television series' first motion picture was combined from the first eight episodes.
    • Episode 1: Rodak
    • Episode 2: The Subterranean Menace
    • Episode 3: Attack of the Molesarus
    • Episode 4: The Monster Bomb
    • Episode 5: Birdaurus: Terror of the Sky
    • Episode 6: Battle of the Flying Beast
    • Episode 7: The Victorious Creature
    • Episode 8: The Winged Horror
  • Like the series' first episode, the film uses the original pilot opening sequence from the live action TV series where Rodak demolishes the city of Tokyo and then confronts Mikko until he summons Ambassador Magma who introduces himself before preparing to fight his foe.
  • Like the original tokusatsu TV series from Tomio Sagisu' P Productions, the series uses stock footage of the matte painting animation sequences by Yoshio Watanabe, Keitaro Hama, Takehiko Uchida
  • Rated PG for Parental Guidance Suggested with mild horror, threat, slapstick violence, very mild bad/strong language, as well as mild strong sex references.

Character Quotes

English Quotes

Tom Cat

  • Don't be so sure, sweathearts. This is Japan, and the language is Japanese.

Jerry Mouse

Toodles Galore

  • (giggling) Oh, Tommy and Jerry. I never seen how everything by words are different here in Japan.

Toots Mouse

  • Neither do I, and look how strange these people are taking.

Slats Cat

Jackie Cat

Coffee Cat

Tanner Mouse

George Mouse

Leo Mouse

Dorothy Mouse

Tuffy Mouse

  • Kon'nichiwa, everybody!
  • Tom, Uncle Jerry and Robyn, I miss you!
  • [To Methusan] Yeah, sensei. Let us do the transportation.
  • [To Methusan] Thanks, Methusan! Gam, you first.

Tim Cat

  • Yo, Mikko. What's this telephone call all about.

Spike Bulldog

Tyke Bulldog

  • Is it about Uncle Thomas, Jerry and their families from Starling Enterprise in New York City?

Robyn Starling

  • Here we are, Cat and Mouse families. Tokyo, capital of Japan.

Gilbert Starling

Mikko Mura

  • I'll get it, Mama.
  • Good morning to you, Papa.
  • Uh, no. My father isn't home yet, sir. Who's calling?
  • What? You're from Outer Space?
  • Mm-hmm. Not long ago, he learned everything in self-defense including karate, judo and tai chi. Now what do you need of him, sir?
  • Rodak?
  • It's a giant lizard, that's what it looks like.
  • Get away!
  • Don't come any closer to us! Go away!
  • Papa! Mr. Starling!
  • Ah! There's a spaceship up there.
  • Are you a monster?
  • From space? Who are you called?
  • Magma, huh? You'll help all of us?
  • Did you hear that an alien called Rodak has threatened Earth?
  • Yes, I have, Magma. But I haven't developed that picture just yet. My father's going to use it to prove his story to United Press International, so that he and Mr. Starling will spread the news all over the world.
  • I want it! (gasps)
  • I want the picture! You can't take it! Give it back to me! I got to have it, and I got to help my father and friends prove that Rodak is real! Give me back the camera, please! I want that picture!
  • Oh, it's you, Magma.
  • Where did you go?
  • Mount Olympian? So, is this where you live?
  • [To Methusan] Where is the photograph? It's for my father and his partner Mr. Starling, and you have to give it to his editor.
  • Thanks, Silvar.
  • Who's that?!
  • We don't understand.
  • Oh, he's dangerous.
  • Rodak is a terrible threat to the Earth. And that is he who will make all of us enter into a war.
  • So that's why, huh, Methusan?
  • How do we stop him?
  • We never saw such a fantastically giant space robot in our life.
  • [To Methusan, about Gam] He looks like me.

Tomoko Mura

Ito Mura


The Man from Outer Space

  • Is Mr. Ito Mura here, young man.
  • My name does not matter. I am from Outer Space.
  • Exactly. Listen to me carefully, Mikko, and tell your father everything you hear from me. Your father's a current reporter of the United Press International wire service, and a former student of the Shimokawa School of Martial Arts. Isn't that correct?
  • Tomorrow morning at 6:00 AM, the great Rodak will see your father.
  • Yes, he is the emperor of space, the king of his home planet Macaw. He will take you and your father on a fantastic trip at 6:00 AM.
  • It will not be necessary, just tell your father of what I said.


  • [in a pilot opening] (evil laughter) Mankind is doomed! None can defy Rodak!
  • Rodak speaking, watch how I control the monster.
  • The monster is now under my control. I am showing you and Gilbert Starling a small example of my great power. Write about it in your office, Mr. Mura, and distribute it on your international wire service , so that the world will know.
  • Tell the world it is just the beginning.
  • Gilbert Starling of Starling Enterprises and Ito Mura of United Press International, I have long admired your beautiful planet, and soon it will belong to me. Soon, the Planet Earth will surrender.
  • Ahh, a cat and mouse that can talk. How surprising. Anyway, I know who you both are. You are Thomas "Tom" Cat and Jerry Mouse, pets and friends of Robyn.
  • Uh-uh-uh. Let Mikko take his photographs, that way in a father-son team, you'll both be able to prove to the world that I exist. Members of the Cat, Mouse, Bulldog, Starling and Mura families, tell everyone of what you had seen, and warn them that will be coming back, powerful enough to conquer the entire Earth. And Mr. Mura? I called your son first while trying to dial you, because you are both an independent martial arts expert and a famous reporter for this wire service, and Mr. Starling is the leader and explorer of his company. And together, you can spread the news. Remember what I repeat, tell the people of Japan and the rest of the world to surrender or I'll crush them for my pleasure. You have 48 hours, or I shall release unspeakable horrors upon the EARTH! (evil laughter)
  • [in flashback] Foolish Martians. None of them would have been destroyed in one battlefield if they had sundered peacefully to me. Now, the Earthlings will know of my great powers, and their planet shall be mine. (evil laughter)
  • My men, I want all of you to see something. This is the Planet Earth, one of the most beautiful worlds in this entire solar system. It has been my dream to take possession of that planet, and I will do all within my power to get it. Nothing can stop me, because the Earthlings are not strong enough, especially to challenge me in a single martial arts competition. And once they are enslaved under my power, then all of you will be rewarded.
  • Silence! There is more that I must talk about. Only yesterday, I demonstrated my power toward a Japanese reporter named Ito Mura and an American explorer named Gilbert Starling, with their pets Thomas "Tom" Cat and Jerry Mouse and their families. I transported them, along with Mr. Starling's daughter Robyn, Mr. Mura's wife Tomoko and son Mikko and their pets Spike and Tyke light billions of years into the age of dinosaurs right in front of their eyes. I knew they would take the story to Mr. Mura's wire service at United Press International, and give it worldwide publicity to every company in not only Japan, but many more countries including New York's Starling Enterprises which is in association with this Tokyo-based company. But, look, the Earth remains quiet. I expected its people to panic when they hear from Mr. Mura about my first appearance, but nothing has happened. Those foolish Earthlings are talking my powers for granted.
  • All right! If they want me to show my destructive forces as more proof, then that is exactly what I shall do. Any person or any animal that stands in my way shall be ELIMINATED! Beginning with this moment, I declare war with Earth. In a short while, the Earthlings will discover a surprise I have planned for them. I have sent the monster called Molesaurus to Earth, and he shall destroy everything in his path. His destination: Japan, where the Mura family lives. Do we all get the point?
  • (evil chuckle and laughter) Listen to me, citizens and tourists of Tokyo, including you Cat, Mouse, Bulldog, Starling and Mura family members. My name is Rodak, the king of the far planet of Maca.
  • Aww, come on, Mikko. It's use to change television channels, because I'm on every network.
  • Now where was I? Ah, yes. As I were saying to you all, your Planet Earth will soon belong to me. As Emperor of Outer Space, I have already conquered every other planet in different galaxies. Yes, all the rest of the universe is mine now. All that remains for me to conquer is Earth, and I shall now make you humans and anthropomorphic animals mine. This is my ultimatum. In two days, everyone else beside you must surrender your world to me.
  • (chuckling) Indeed, Tom, Jerry, Robyn and Mikko. You doubt that I have the power to dominate Earth, but I have already demonstrated by power to you and your families. Today, one of my monsters from space, the subterranean creature Molesaurus, smashed the new Tokaido Rail Line. It is just the beginning of world domination's first phase, planned by me.
  • Now, citizens and tourists of Tokyo, including you staff members of the United Press International wire service, and you, Oten, Junichi and Seitaro Shimokawa of the Shimokawa School of Martial Arts who teach Ito Mura your arts of self-defense, you have two days in which to surrender. The day after tomorrow, you must unconditionally surrender or be destroyed. There is no weapon or power on Earth that can stop me. All of your martial arts skills, and all of your armies and air-forces including Gilbert Starling's Starling Enterprises Worldwide are nothing to me. They will be helpless, and I will destroy them. Millions alive will be saved if you surrender and agree to follow my commands within two days.
  • Citizens and international visitors of Tokyo, let this be my final warning. Do not try to fight against me. I warn you, if you fight me or refuse to give up, I will destroy you. All of you! Two days. TWO days, that's all the time I will give you.
  • Oh! And Mikko? Here's my one more televised message I'd like to give just you and Robyn. About the Tokaido Rail Line, your fathers are on a passenger train bound for Kyoto, and it seems that Molesaurus is responsible for putting them in such life-threatening danger. Now don't be so devastated, they're still alive, and if you want to check on them and see if they have survived the train crashed caused by my monster, then you should go out searching for the destroyed area of this railroad. Well, that's all. Goodbye for now! (evil laughter)
  • (After being stopped and confronted by Ambassador Magma) I don't believe it. I don't think anyone like you live here on Earth.
  • Magma?
  • You're going to fight me?
  • Fool! Nobody gives me orders, not even you! You, too, are finished now, Magma!
  • I want the Earth, and you shall not stop me.
  • We shall see.
  • (commanding his spaceship controlled by his subordinates while getting ready to fight Ambassador Magma by the seashores) Fire!
  • (After Ambassador Magma's Gamma-Rays blocked an energy wave from Rodak's spaceship, operated by his henchmen) Is that your only attack?
  • (After being outmatched by Ambassador Magma's other energy attacks, and the air-force planes which attack his spaceship with missles) You have won this first battle, Magma, but you haven't beaten me yet. Now I want the Earth more than ever.
  • I accept your challenge, Magma. This will be much more enjoyable. (evil laughter)
  • (angrily but quietly muttering after sensing that Molesaurus has disappeared into Earth's center:) I don't understand it. (sighs)
  • [to his first subordinate in the control rooms through monitor screen:] What do you to report?
  • Impossible! Who did that? Who could have wounded such a powerful monster, one did I design myself? I personally brought him from the Zetar Galaxy. It couldn't have been an Earthling. They're not strong enough. [looks at the Earth from the window of his spaceship:] Then who? I must find out.
  • [To his other subordinates:] They haven't even reached Venus yet, or discovered other stars. How could they have the power to destroy Molesaurus? If they do not surrender by tomorrow, then I will have to attack! [taking another look from his spaceship's window:] No Earthling can compete with my power and intelligence, and they must be convinced of this immediately. [chuckles before turning back to his minions and pointing at the controls below the window:] Little do they know that one burst of that invisible light beam can change lives of everyone down there, it will trigger the detonator of Molesaurus' explosive device. [looks back at his subordinates:] By tomorrow, if their world won't kneel before me, I will destroy it with everything including cities on it, with one push of a button. (evil laughter)
  • [To his subordinates:] Daylight is near. Upon arrival, you will all be in for surprise. (evil chuckle)
  • [To his subordinates:] It is very important that I know at what point Molesaurus will be coming to the surface. That way I know exactly what area will be destroyed. But if what since everybody arrived near Tokyo Tower, I bet they must have already put a giant-sized white flag of surrender on top of the tower. So, we should first check on them to see if they have finally gave up, and give them another glimpse at my ship. Men, the controls. Get ready to re-enter the Earth's atmosphere, set course for Tokyo. We have more work to do.
  • [When discovering that Tokyo Tower does not have a surrender flag:] No flag?! All right... If that's the way they wanted, the Earthlings have a lot to learn. Return to the safety zone in space, and blow up Molesaurus!
  • [Getting ready to blow up Molesaurus himself:] Now I'll show them! [????:] Huh? [????:] What's going on here? [looks back to his unseen minions:] Why wasn't there an explosion in Tokyo?
  • The North Pole? Who took Molesaurus to the North Pole?
  • Never mind that, you fools! Return to Earth, and burn the city! I want everything totally destroyed...NOW!
  • [Unknowingly noticing Gam and Tuffy as rockets with Tom, Jerry, Robyn and Mikko on board:] What are these?
  • Rockets? Stupid Earthlings. They can't invent such things like those. Destroy them quickly.
  • What? Two children and two pets? [clearing recognizing Mikko, Robyn, Tom and Jerry on the rockets Gam and Tuffy] Ah! It's Mikko, Robyn, Tom and Jerry! I don't do battles with children or pets, not even them. Render the rockets non-operational, I want the four unharmed and alive. We'll deal with them, later.
  • Did you obtain those statistics already?
  • Good, let's have a look.
  • [Not pleased with some information about Ambassador Magma from one of his men in the control room:] Idiot.
  • You're both incompetents. Now project his outline.
  • When I need his statistics for a local beauty contest, I'll let you know. What I actually, but really wanted you to check was Ambassador Magma's weak points. I am NOT interested in anything else about his appearance and fighting skills, though I did learn that he is created on the Planet Kanata in the ZRF Galaxy for the purpose of stopping me from taking over the Earth. Unless I find that robot's vulnerable spots, I don't stand a chance against him. It is of the utmost importance that I would eliminate that robot. I will keep him busy until I learn the necessary information. Now why wasn't that done in the first place?! Must I think for every one of you?!
  • Hmm... This means I must check his vulnerabilities through other methods.
  • Be quiet! You are idiots! Can't you see Magma is too much for you to handle?
  • Besides, for me, it won't be necessary to either send you or take you with me to attack him. I must think, or better yet, conceive a new plan. [sensing another monster appearing as an space egg:] Ah, the solution just came to me. We have another monster, a bird-like creature named Birdaurus. Behold!
  • [To Birdaurus in his egg:] Listen to me, Birdaurus. I want you to stalk the Earth, and cause damage so you can draw in Ambassador Magma's attention. My new scheme will necessitate a very careful observation of him. Now, go.

Rodak's Subordinates

  • Yes, Rodak.
  • Rodak's Subordinate A: There are no images on any of the channel, sir. We therefore have to conclude that Molesaurus' electronic brain has been damaged. Furthermore, the monster has called too deep into the Earth and our signals are unable to reach him.
  • Rodak's Subordinate A: Rodak, there is no sign of Molesaurus coming to the surface. Meanwhile, the Earthlings including Gilbert Starling and Ito Mura, UPI co-worker Kita, and a trio of martial arts teachers, the Shimokawa brothers, are gathered around at an area near Tokyo Tower. They are awaiting your return, but also expecting to see how big this spaceship is, despite having already done so for the first time yesterday.
  • Yes, sir.
  • Rodak's Subordinate B (unseen:) Molesaurus' explosion just occurred at the North Pole.
  • Rodak's Subordinate B: We don't know who took the monster?
  • The rest of us don't, either.
  • Right!
  • Rodak's Subordinate C: These are rockets, sir. The first one is red, white and blue, and the other is an emerald-green rocket with sculptured mouse ears.
  • Rodak's Subordinate C: But there are two children and their pets in them.
  • Rodak's Subordinate C: They're ready, sir.
  • Rodak's Subordinate D (through computer communication): We have concluded that Ambassador Magma is a fifty-feet-tall robot, created on the Planet Kanata in the ZRF Galaxy by the wise wizard Methusan from the Planet Ludar. He is fourteen-feet wide, and has a weight of twenty times. His many special attacks and skills include the Gamma-Ray, missles, energy bullet and the ability to change sizes which is taught to him by Ultraseven on the planet Ultra in the 40th Galaxy when he is a robot boy.
  • Rodak's Subordinate C: Isn't that what you wanted, sir?
  • Rodak's Subordinate C: Very well.
  • Rodak's Subordinate E: We know what you meant all along, Rodak. But all we had to work with was that the super-photon analyzer. Magma's construction does not permit us to again access to his inner working system. What we gave you, my lord, was all we could learn.
  • Rodak's Subordinate E: Let us destroy Magma. We won't fail you.
  • He's right, sir. Just give us a chance.
  • Our apology, sir.

Ambassador Magma

  • No, a robot. I come from Outer Space.
  • My name is...Magma. I've come to help the people of Earth.
  • Yes, that is why I'm sent here from the Planet Kanata in the the ZRF Galaxy. And not I get to know who you are, Mikko Mura, but I want to be an alley of your new friends, Robyn Starling, Thomas Cat and Jerry Mouse.
  • Mikko, do you have the picture of Rodak?
  • No, I have other important use for the picture. I must have it immediately, and you must give it to me. Do you believe I am here to help Earthlings?
  • Then give me that camera. Give it to me.
  • Thank you. I'm sorry that I have to take it from you by force, but it's very important that I have the picture of Rodak.
  • I can't. I got to learn what Rodak looks like, because soon, he will return to attack Earth, and I must fight him. Mikko, Robyn, Tom and Jerry, come with me.
  • To Mount Olympian.
  • Now, hold on tight as I turn back into a rocket.
  • Yes, Mikko. Are you alright.
  • I left to patrol the area while you, Tom and Jerry are asleep. We are now in Mount Olympian.
  • They're Earthlings. Those children are Mikko Mura and Robyn Starling, and those two animals are Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse.
  • Don't be afraid. She's not going to harm you. She is my wife, and her name is Silvar.
  • Mikko took his photograph that he won't surrounded. I brought him and his friends here, hoping to change his mind.
  • Is that so, Silvar? Then I will have to seek the advice of Methusan.
  • Do not be frightened. Methusan is a wise man with many powers, and he is from the Planet Ludar.
  • I brought it here, Methusan, along with the boy who took the picture with it, the girl, the cat and the mouse whom he befriends.
  • It's alright, Methusan. I'm sure that Mikko, Robyn, Tom and Jerry will be the only ones who knows the secret of our source of fighting powers.
  • Yes, sir. First, the Gamma Rays.
  • Second, the missiles.
  • It will be a pleasure, Methusan.
  • Yes, Methusan. But first, may I ask a favor. I have grown to like Mikko, Tom and Jerry very much.
  • You had the power to bring me and Silvar two more robots from our Planet Kanata in the ZRF Galaxy. Would you grant the wish of bringing us a son resembling Mikko, and a mouse smaller than Jerry, to this mountain?
  • Please, Methusan.
  • Yes, Silvar. Call him Gam.
  • Mikko? I want you to take this supersonic whistle. Use it to call us whenever there is any trouble. Now, pay very close attention to these instructions. Blow it one time if you want Gam and Tuffy. Blow it two times if you want Silvar. Blow it three times if you want me. Do you understand? Three times for me, two times for Silvar and one time for Gam and Tuffy.
  • (in flashback:) Mikko, the supersonic whistle is a symbol of our friendship. Keep it with you always and use it when you, Tom and Jerry are in trouble. Blow it once for Jerry's nephew Tuffy and my son Gam, blow it twice for my wife Silvar, and blow it thrice and I will come to help you. Remember, when you, Robyn, Tom and Jerry are in danger, call us. Do not allow yourselves to be destroyed by Rodak.
  • (confronting Rodak's first monster on Earth, Molesaurus) Get back!
  • [To Gam:] You did very well, Gam.
  • Stay back, Molesaurus!
  • [To Mikko and Gam:] No. The monster is going straight for the center of the Earth. The earthquake will stop soon.
  • [To Tom, Jerry and Mikko:] In Molesaurus' body, there is a dangerous bomb that could blow up. I did not want to take the chance that it would.
  • [To Gilbert and Ito:] Mr. Starling and Mr. Mura, are you alright?
  • [To Tom, Jerry, Ito, Mikko, Gilbert, Robyn, Gam and Tuffy:] Good. When you guys fight a very powerful enemy, you must weigh the differences between right and wrong. To defeat him or her is one thing, but to attack after the battle is one is another. In addition to martial arts that are to protect what he hold sacred and honor, it is good military strategy after winning a battle to gain your victim's respect. Allow a victory with dignity.
  • [To Mikko and Robyn:] Mikko and Robyn, always remember that. And like your fathers, then the two of you, and Tom and Jerry will all grow into wise men and women with the hearts of these legendary warriors throughout Asia. The Shimokawa brothers, who taught Mr. Starling and Mr. Mura fighting skills, will tell you the same thing when you see them again for more lessons in martial arts. Rodak's first move was a very dangerous one. I will have to ask the wise wizard Methusan from the Planet Ludar about how to proceed from here.
  • [To Gam and Tuffy:] Gam, Tuffy, can you fly?
  • [To Tuffy:] It's alright, Tuffy. I'll ask Methusan what to do. Now, let's transform into rockets. You carry Robyn, Tom and Jerry, and I'll carry Gam.
  • [in rocket form, to Gam:] Get on me, Gam.
  • Are you Rodak?
  • My name is Magma.
  • I am a robot, created in the ZRF Galaxy to prevent you from conquering Earth.
  • That's right,. The Earth belongs to humans and animals, and you have no right to possess it. Go back where you came from, Rodak.


  • Magma, welcome back. Who are those children, and what is that cat and that mouse?
  • These four Earthlings are friends of yours?
  • How do you do? Welcome.
  • Wait a minute. You shouldn't have brought the kids and their pets here, Magma.
  • Picture? So that's it. I'm sorry to tell you this, Magma, but the rule is that Earthlings are not allowed here in Mount Olympian.
  • He's coming.
  • Here's the camera, we have a copy now. You can have the camera, Mikko.
  • Oh! It would be kind to grant his wish. Mount Olympian is so lonely when Magma's not here.
  • I will. Come, Mikko.
  • Ah! Our son! He's just what we've always wanted. Maybe, you should name our son, Magma.
  • [Sighs] That's such a wonderful name. [To Gam] You hear? You're going to be called Gam. [To Methusan] Thank you. We are grateful.


  • [To Mikko Mura] How do you do, Mikko? My name is Gam.
  • [To Methusan] Let me and Tuffy do it, sir. Could we, please?


  • [narrating:] Tokyo, Japan. The year, 1960.
  • [narrating:] Almost instantly, the families of Cat, Mouse, Bulldog, Starling and Mura are teleported back to present, on their own neighborhood in Tokyo. But the bizarre events of this day aren't yet over.
  • I have been listening to everything that was said. Magma, where is the camera?
  • I want you to make a copy of that film.
  • [To Mikko Mura:] So, you are the one. You took that photograph to give to your father's wire service in Tokyo. [To Tom, Jerry and Robyn:] And you three have come to Japan to help Mr. Starling supervisor the collaboration between Starling Enterprise in New York and United Press International in Tokyo. (laughing) You are the first four Earthlings to see this hideout.
  • [to Tom and Jerry] (chuckling) Nonsense! That doesn't bother me at all, thought I'd agreed with you. [To Mikko Mura] And you are a very determined boy. Your father must be very proud to have such a son, a warm-heated warrior from within with martial arts skills.
  • Project the photograph, thy magic wand!
  • [To Mikko Mura] His name is Rodak. [To Ambassador Magma] Magma, it is very important that you remember his face. Be on guard against him at all times.
  • [To Ambassador Magma] That is your enemy. Until he can be destroyed, he is full of tricks and evil powers, and he will stop at nothing to take over the Earth.
  • [To Mikko, Robyn, Tom and Jerry] All right, my friends. Rodak is a alien from space who was only interested in possessing this galaxy.
  • [To Mikko, Robyn, Tom and Jerry] Exactly. As an emperor, he's now centralizing all of his forces to control Earth.
  • [To Mikko, Robyn, Tom and Jerry] Yes. Ages ago, Rodak has captured many planets in every galaxy, one by one. He has many energy attacks that are controlled from his spaceship. He strikes with viciousness, and destroys everything in his path. There is no end to his greed and evil methods. Only last time, he has already dominated the Planet Mars, destroys all the Martians who resist him, and left ruins behind. Now, he wants to do the same to Earth. So beware of sudden strange happenings.
  • [To Mikko, Robyn, Tom and Jerry] Hmm. He wanted to show you his fantastic powers yesterday, and he did so by transporting you and your families back billions of years into the time of dinosaurs where he destroys one monster as his demonstration before your very eyes.
  • Exactly, Mikko. Under no circumstances, should you allow Rodak to occupy the Earth.
  • Magma will assist you. After all, he is the Space Avenger, an Ambassador. Only he has the strength which is equal to that of Rodak's. And Magma possesses one magnificent quality...that cannot be matched. And that quality will be the eventual defeat of Rodak.
  • Alright. Watch. The forces that gathered in that volcano are the tremendous strength, and I condensed all of that power to create Ambassador Magma. That strength has remained on equal throughout all of the universe. Nothing can match it, not even his wife Silvar.
  • He is not only a robot, but a rocket; a rocket that is alive.
  • [To Tom and Jerry] Precisely, Tom and Jerry. In fact, Magma and Silvar have the ability to transform from robots to rockets in order to fly anywhere, to fight in battles by firing their various energy attack, and to carry people in their cockpits. And when they prefer to fight on ground, they revert from rockets to robots.
  • [To Tom and Jerry] No, their faces will not be visible in their rocket forms. But their voices can be heard, which means they can talk to each other, to themselves or to you.
  • I don't know, Mikko. That is a great secret which cannot be divulged that easily.
  • Very well, I'll make an exception. Alright, Magma, show our four lads your strength.
  • Hmm... You could be right. Ahh! A husband and wife should have a child, be it son or daughter. Alright, I will grant you both one son, and one pet mouse. Silvar, please Mikko directly in front of the mirror.
  • Now stay still, Mikko. This sorcery will take a while. And Robyn, Tom and Jerry? Stay where you are, where you won't be in the way.
  • [narrating:] From the fiery heart of Mount Olympian comes a living rocket boy, and one living robot mouse.
  • Magma and Silvar, this is your son and pet.
  • Gam is a good name. Now you have a family, just like any other on Earth.
  • [To Mikko Mura:] He was made in your image, that's why I had you stand in front of the mirror.
  • [To Tuffy:] That is correct, Tuffy.
  • [To Tuffy:] No, I made you part real animal, part robot with only a set of emerald antennae on your head.
  • [To Magma:] Magma, return Mikko, Robyn, Tom and Jerry back to the Muras' house in Tokyo.
  • Well, all right. Take Mikko home, Gam. And Tuffy, carry your uncle Jerry, Tom and Robyn with you, and come with Gam.
  • [narrating:] Now, transformed into rockets, Tuffy and Gam takes Tom, Jerry, Robyn and Mikko on a closely-high-speed ride for their journey back to Tokyo. This is the first time in which these four friends can ride on robots that can turn into rockets. As you can, Tuffy is an emerald-green rocket with built-in mouse ear sculptures. Very surprising, isn't it?
  • [narrating:] A report of the train disaster is flashed at the editorial offices of the United Press International, here in Tokyo.
  • [narrating:] Meanwhile, Tom, Jerry and their families, Robyn, Mikko and Tomoko continue their search for Gilbert and Ito.
  • [narrating:] Gam and Tuffy are turned back into rocket ships and now carries Tom, Jerry, Robyn and Mikko.
  • [narrating:] Deep within the fiery heart of Mount Olympian... I, the old wizard Methusan from the Planet Ludar, am talking with Gam's robot parents, Magma and Silvar.
  • [To Silvar, shaking his head:] No.
  • [To Silvar:] Silvar. Those children and their pets are fighting a monster with everything they've got. And they're not yet beaten. Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Robyn and Mikko are young, and they've got to learn independence. They've even got to learn they cannot count on their elders whenever there is danger. When they actually call for you, then you can go. I realize how difficult it is for you stay idle when Gam and Tuffy are in danger. Yet, you cannot go to his aid until he asks for your help.
  • [narrating:] From the fiery heart of Mount Olympian comes Ambassador Magma, also known from a different version of this story as Goldar the Space Avenger.
  • [narrating:] Magma has now converted from rocket to robot, preparing to fight Molesaurus.
  • [narrating:] And by transforming into rockets, Magma and Tuffy took Tom, Jerry, Robyn and Gam on an emergency flight back to Mount Olympian, hoping that I, Methusan from the Planet Ludar, will be able to heal Gam's electronic injuries to his fuses.
  • [narrating:] Meanwhile, back with Magma and Silvar in the volcano base of Mount Olypiam, a few moments have Mikko only summons Tuffy with Tom, Jerry and Robyn...
  • [carrying the now-healed Gam:] He is alright, Silvar. No need to worry. [puts Gam down:] It was quite a job fixing those fuses.
  • [To Magma:] He'll be all right.
  • [To Gam, about Mikko's partially missed one-time supersonic whistle call for him:] You heard it, too, Gam. Didn't you? While we're busy, it just recently brought Tuffy along with Tom, Jerry and Robyn back to Tokyo.
  • [To Magma:] You were correct in not destroying the monster. Because if you had him, he would have resulted in a terrifying explosion that could destroy Japan and the rest of the entire Earth. However, even though you did right, things are far from improved. There is something else that no one on Planet Earth is aware of that could be highly dangerous if nothing is done.
  • [To Magma:] The disaster which you did not allow could still occur in Molesaurus. There is a certain button which Rodak controls.
  • [To Magma:] Hmm... Yes. Rodak has the option at any moment to explode that device implanted in Molesaurus' body. And if he does, the Earth will blow up. Yes, we will have to take immediate action with such a thing controlled by the Emperor of Outer Space.
  • [To Magma:] I'm afraid I don't know. Not just yet. Wait here, Magma.
  • [To Magma:] Magma, this is a small electronic device. It can force the monster to go to any direction, through a remote control. This is done with high frequency waves. While you fly in the sky, in your rocket form, you will control the creature's direction as he travels under the ground. I have not yet, as obtained, just how great an energy is necessary to control the monster, but it worked out several figures carefully. I charge that you will need at least a hundred-thousand volts of your energy on what you have to do. And spending that much energy can be dangerous... just like how the Ultra warriors with Color Timers from the Nebula M78 in the 40th Galaxy need to have just three minutes of solar energy to survive on Earth, where they can fight evil monsters and aliens that invade the humans' world. Now, Magma... as soon as you get Molesaurus' directional senses under this control, then you will have to take this creature to the North Pole.
  • [To Magma:] The area is completely uninhabited, and therefore, it is safer than Japan. A tidal wave will result from the blast. See to it that no one is in the range. [places the device on the rocky ground:] Now, you know why I finally decided on the North Pole. It was the only location I could think of, since all other countries on Earth are crowded. And another thing...
  • [To Magma:] Try to force the monster to travel when he remains beneath the ground. If you can do that, that way, everything should work safely. Rodak's detection device will certainly not function with any accuracy. So long as Molesaurus stays very far underground... Should Rodak detect you without realizing who you are just yet... The creature's device will be terminated.
  • [narrating:] And so, Ambassador Magma, as a rocket, takes the electronic device and took off to find Molesaurus. And while this is happening, a little bit shocked by my decision on the North Pole, young Tuffy silently began to overflow with his emotions about this place in his mind, trembling with worry.
  • [narrating:] And as to be reading Tuffy's thoughts, I looked down to the little mouse and said to him
  • [narrating:] Back with the Mura family, Tim, Thomasina, Baby Booties, Spike and Tyke...
  • [To Tuffy, facing down his back as he trembles quietly with worry:] Tuffy?
  • [To Ambassador Magma when he is struggling to lure Molesaurus to the North Pole or Alaska] Magma, unleash your full strength! You'll got a lot further while it's dark. There's only an hour more to go. Hurry, while there's still no daylight. You hear me? Just one more hour!
  • [narrating:] The morning sun rose over Tokyo, and the people including Gibert, Ito, Kita and the Shimokawa brothers are all waiting for Rodak's spaceship to reappear above Tokyo Tower.
  • [narrating:] The next day, in outer space, Rodak and his henchmen are busy scanning some important information about Ambassador Magma, whom the space emperor is unable to defeat in their first fight on Earth.
  • [narrating:] On Earth, the Cat, Mouse, Bulldog, Mura and Starling families are off for a peaceful trip to a vacation spot that was far, far away from Tokyo. Recently, I have already sent Tuffy there because I believe that he should send more time with his uncle Jerry, his aunt Chérie, his cousins, his mother Geraldine and his other friends. With their pets safely secured in cages inside the plane's cargo, the Mruas and Starlings are looking forward to meet up with Tuffy, Kita, Pristine Figg, Ferdinand and Lickboot the Lawyer.
  • [narrating:] One blow of Mikko's supersonic whistle summons Gam, son of Ambassador Magma, the Space Avenger.
  • [narrating:] Together, as being called from Mount Olympian, the robots Gam and Tuffy has been transformed back into the rockets Gam and Tuffy.
  • [narrating:] The robot rookies Gam and Tuffy has transformed themselves back into rockets.
  • [narrating:] Silvar, transformed into a rocket, see Birdaurus for the first time.

Japanese Quotes


  • (in a pilot opening sequence/prologue) Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! My name is Goa, conquer of the Earth.
  • (in a pilot opening sequence/prologue) Mamoru-kun? Look me up there closely. I am Goa.

Mamoru Murakami

  • (in a pilot opening sequence/prologue) (sobbing) Papa! Mama...
  • (in a pilot opening sequence/prologue) Darn. It's time for the most greatest hero from space, Magma Taishi!

Ambassador Magma

  • (in a pilot opening sequence/prologue) My name is Magma, a friend of mankind from heaven.
  • (in a pilot opening sequence/prologue) Goa, let's go!

English Scripts

Workprint #1 (Storyboards, Early Version)

Opening Credits/Prologue Scene: Rodak Destroys Tokyo/"Ambassador Magma" (theme song)

A Messenger from Outer Space/United Press International/Starling Enterprises

Methusan (narrating):

"We're in Tokyo!"/Ito Mura Comes Home/Robyn Starling, Tom and Jerry Meets the Muras

Jungle Surprise/A Dino Monster/Rodak's Demonstration and Purpose

Back to Present-Day Tokyo/Mikko's Unsuccessful Proofs to the Other Kids

Ambassador Magma Arrives/An Important Use for the Picture/"To Mount Olympian"

Meeting Silvar and Methusan/Methusan Explains Everything/Magma Shows Mikko His Strength


Rodak and his Minions/Plans of War

Rodak: My men, I want all of you to see something.


Rodak (off-screen): This is the Planet Earth, one of the most beautiful worlds in this entire solar system.

(Cut back to Rodak and his Henchmen)

Rodak: It has been my dream to take possession of that planet, and I will do all within my power to get it. (turns back to his men) Nothing can stop me, because the Earthlings are not strong enough, especially to challenge me in a single martial arts competition. And once they are enslaved under my power, then all of you will be rewarded.

Rodak's Subordinates: (cheering)

Rodak: Silence!

Rodak's Subordinates: (stops cheering)

Rodak: There is more that I must talk about. Only yesterday, I demonstrated my power toward a Japanese reporter named Ito Mura and an American explorer named Gilbert Starling, with their pets Thomas "Tom" Cat and Jerry Mouse and their families. I transported them, along with Mr. Starling's daughter Robyn, Mr. Mura's wife Tomoko and son Mikko and their pets Spike and Tyke light billions of years into the age of dinosaurs right in front of their eyes. I knew they would take the story to Mr. Mura's wire service at United Press International, and give it worldwide publicity to every company in not only Japan, but many more countries including New York's Starling Enterprise which is in association with this Tokyo-based company. But, look, the Earth remains quiet. I expected its people to panic when they hear from Mr. Mura about my first appearance, but nothing has happened. Those foolish Earthlings are talking my powers for granted.

Rodak's Subordinates: (sighs)

Rodak: All right! If they want me to show my destructive forces as more proof, then that is exactly what I shall do. Any person or any animal that stands in my way shall be ELIMINATED! Beginning with this moment, I declare war with Earth. In a short while, the Earthlings will discover a surprise I have planned for them. I have sent the monster called Molesaurus to Earth, and he shall destroy everything in his path. His destination: Japan, where the Mura family lives. Do we all get the point?

Rodak's Subordinates: Yes, Rodak!

Rodak: (sinister laughing)

Ito's Article/"Mikko, Robyn, Tom and Jerry are Gone?"

Creating Gam and Tuffy/Supersonic Whistle/Transportation by Tuffy and Gam

(Cut back to Tom, Jerry, Robyn, Mikko, Ambassador Magma, Silvar and Methusan)

Mikko Mura: Methusan, Magma sure has incredible powers. At least, that's all.

Methusan: Incorrect, Mikko. He has many more than just gamma-rays and firing rockets.

High Speed Train Station/Molesaurus/"Your Fathers Are In Danger"

Rodak's Televised Announcement/Ito Survives/Car Radio News

"We've Found A Reporter and Explorer!"/Molesaurus' Second Attack

Mikko Remember's Magma's Directions/Tuffy and Gam Meets Tomoko/Searching for Mr. Starling and Ito

Multiple Reports/The Gang Finds Ito and Mr. Starling/Battling Molesaurus

"Ambassador Magma!"/Magma vs. Molesaurus/Magma's Explanation and Advice

Rodak's Puzzling/"I Must Find Out!"

Combat News/Mikko Tries to Summon Gam/"Be Patient"

Methusan and Magma's Conversation/"Take the Creature to the North Pole"

Gam is Finally Summoned/Bringing Molesaurus to Alaska

The Flagless Tokyo Tower/"Who Took Molesaurus to the North Pole?"

First Battle with Rodak/"A Papa Just Like Earthling"

Statistics on Magma/Rodak Sends Birdaurus to Earth

Going on Vacation/Birdaurus' Saucer-Like Orb/Kita Sees the Gang

Japanese Scripts

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