Tom and Jerry: Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July (also known by its on-screen title as Tom and Jerry with Rudolph and Frosty: Christmas in July) is a proposed direct-to-video feature film starring Tom and Jerry and featuring characters from Rankin/Bass Productions' timeless holiday specials Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman, among others. Produced by Turner Entertainment, Warner Bros. Animation, and Rankin/Bass Productions, it is the third Tom and Jerry production to be animated overseas by the Japanese studios including TMS Entertainment and its subsidiary Telecom Animation Film, Studio Ghibli and Studio 4 °C, with sound effects provided by Fizz Sound Creation, Swara Productions, Anime Sound Production and Jet Sound Engine, and additional sound effects by Toho Sound Studio. The film is set two years after Frosty marries Crystal and have a snow family of their own, and also took place long before the events of Tom and Jerry: The Legend of Frosty the Snowman


Long, long ago, the North Pole was ruled by the good fairy Lady Boreal, and her enemy was the wicked wizard Winterbolt. To protect Santa Claus from Winterbolt's foggy fury, Lady Boreal grants the last of her magic to a red-nosed reindeer named Rudolph.

Years later, Rudolph, his snowman friend Frosty and their families are reunited with Tom and Jerry, who have arrived on summer vacation from Starling Enterprise in America with their own families, and together, they are called on to save a needy seaside circus at a special 4th of July benefit.

But their big-top act turns to big-time trouble when Winterbolt appears – with a plan to extinguish Rudolph's glowing red nose, and to steal Frosty's magic hat so he can create an evil army of snowmen to help him regain control of the North Pole along with the entire world. But to make things even more worse, realizing that Tom and Jerry will unwittingly interfere with his disastrous scheme, this cold-hearted sorcerer is also determined to kill the most wonderful cat and mouse duo too! Will Rudolph and Frosty protect Tom and Jerry from Winterbolt's icy reign of darkness? Will the four friends team up to foil Winterbolt's plan and save their first ever Christmas in July?

Find out in Tom and Jerry: Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July, an all-new full-length movie coming only on Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital. It returns the all-star cast of characters, the animation of various Japanese studios, and original songs including Santa Claus is Comin' to Town, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman. Don't miss this final Tom and Jerry feature ever to be involved with the animation magic and the Christmas fantasy of the legendary Rankin/Bass Productions.

Roku/TV summary

For another adventure in a Tom and Jerry: The Movie timeline, the cat and mouse duo reappears in a hand-drawn anime remake and retelling of a stop motion crossover between Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman. Tom (Richard Kind), Jerry (Stephanie Nadolny), Rudolph (Kathleen Barr), Frosty (Seth MacFarlane), their families and their friends assist Milton the Ice Cream Man (Charles Fleischer) on helping his love Laine Loraine (Jodi Benson) and her mother pay off the debts of their circus, by guest starring in a show they put on. However, Rudolph's in danger of his magical red nose going out when a winter tyrant from the North Pole, known as King Winterbolt (George Takei), along with an old returning rival of Rudolph's, Scratcher (Billy West), plan to extinguish it for good, and then steal Frosty's magical hat, ice heart and soul for their idea of making an army of Frosty clones, and then destroy Tom and Jerry to end the prophecy of being the chosen ones, all part of the evil king's effort to overthrow Santa Claus (Kevin Michael Richardson) and rule the world.


Thomas "Tom" Cat and Jeremy "Jerry" Adam Mouse live peacefully with their owners Robyn Starling and her father Gilbert Starling, her aunt Pristine Figg and uncle Lickboot, and their dog Ferdinand at Starling Enterprise. As creation of the new level of friendship and love in the Starling Enterprise family tree, the cat-and-mouse duo have their own families consisting of their wives Toodles Galore and Toots "Chérie" Mouse, and their seven kids consisting of three kittens Slats, Jackie and Coffee, and four little mice Tanner, George, Leo and Dorothy, who are in the same age as Jerry's nephew Nibbles "Tuffy," Mouse but do not wear diapers unlike their cousin because they're growing. Tom and Jerry receive a letter that was sent from the North Pole. The letter was written by Tuffy, asking Tom, Jerry and their families to come to Christmas Town for a winter-styled vacation to not only beat the summer heat, but to reunite with him, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman and their friends. The Cat and Mouse families are delighted to accept Tuffy's request, and Mr. Starling lets them use a helicopter to get to their destination. With their wives and their kids on-board along with them, Tom and Jerry flew away on a trip to the North Pole, while the Starlings, Pristine and Lickboot wish them good luck.

In Christmas Town at the North Pole, Rudolph, his wife Clarice (often nicknamed by Tuffy as "Mrs. Rudolph") and their three children: Robbie (a young reindeer, who perfectly resembles Rudolph in his young age, and has the same red nose like his father), his sister Zoey (in the same age as Robbie) and Arrow (the oldest of the siblings) are paying a visit to Frosty, his snow dog Willie (who have his ability to speak, but with a Scooby Doo-like accent), his snow twin children Millie and Chilly, Hermey the Elf, the Tooth Fairy (who is Hermey's wife, but her children is not seen until the near end of the film) and Tuffy (who wears his elf suit duplicated from Hermey's and the other elves). At the same moment, the Cat and Mouse families also arrive in their helicopter, and Rudolph and Frosty are happy to see Tom, Jerry, Toodles and Toots again with their children; even Tuffy realizes that Tanner, Dorothy, George and Leo are his cousins without diapers. Frosty explains to his friends that Millie, Chilly and Willie are have new invented new magical abilities in addition to the snow twins learning to belly-whop like their father. After Willie demonstrates his new shape-shifting power by turning his body into a snow wrestler's body and gives Tom a single slam to the ground much to the families' amusement and laughter, Millie and Chilly ask Rudolph (who are their adoptive uncle, with Clarice as their adoptive aunt, with Donner and Mitzi as their adoptive grandparents) to light up his nose for them, but when he tries to do so, he finds that it seems to be going out. After the opening credits, Santa Claus, providing the opening narration, explains to the viewers why this is happening.

A very long time ago, an evil wizard and king named Winterbolt had caused havoc upon the people and animals who entered his domain to fight for their North Pole's rightful justice and freedom. After killing some of his rebels with his army of ice warriors or ice soldiers created by his Ice Scepter and his two Snow Dragons, he was confronted by his long-time rival, Lady Boreal, the Queen of the Northern Lights, who took on a human form and placed a spell that put him and his forces to a deep sleep for eternity as punishment for his cruel nature toward all he enslave and murder. But eventually, years after Santa (as Kris Kringle), with his wife Jessica (a school teacher from Sombertown ruled by the evil toy-hater Burgermeister Meisterburger), Topper the South Pole Penguin, the Winter Warlock (later revealed to be Winterbolt's former apprentice in sorcery) and the Kringle Elves, came to the North Pole (as seen in Santa Claus is Comin' to Town), Winterbolt woke from his coma, breaking Boreal's spell. After seeing a vision of Santa and his Christmas Town crew on his "eye of snow" (a magic crystal snowball), he asked his "Genie of the Ice Scepter" (which is really more of a soothsayer) what happened in his absence. Upon learning how Santa's magic powers grow out of the love of children around the world, Winterbolt devised his scheme to conquer not only the North Pole, but the whole world (Planet Earth). His first phase is to trap Santa and his reindeer in a massive snowstorm by next Christmas Eve, which would prevent him from delivering his toys. However, in her final act of magic before turning back into the Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights), Lady Boreal transferred her strength to the newborn Rudolph by creating the the mark of the "star in the snowflake" on his hoof and awakening his red nose's glow, telling him that it would stop glowing if he is ever tempted ― even once ― to use it for evil. After this, the events of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer occurred, and Winterbolt's plans were foiled by Rudolph guiding Santa's sleigh every foggy Christmas Eve.

When Winterbolt saw that happen on his crystal snowball, he began to workout his magic to invent his new spells and unlimited level of maximum power, hoping to use them to get rid of Rudolph. After two years of successful training, Winterbolt tries to take Rudolph out of the picture during his other adventures (Rudolph's Shiny New Year and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys, which take place after the original Rankin/Bass classic, Tom and Jerry: The Movie and Tom and Jerry Meet Frosty the Snowman, so said the timeline), even by using his Ice Scepter to transform into a mightiest Snow Dragon that is larger than his own two dragons and intelligent unlike them. But despite his infinite power, the evil king is defeated once more when Bumble, the Snow Monster of the North, and his new ally, the Snow Mouse (from Tom and Jerry Tales) fight and chase him away by forming an alliance as "Team Bumble" in a kaiju-style battle, saving the red-nosed reindeer from being crushed by the gigantic dragon while he, Clarice and Frosty are miss-understandingly in pursuit of Mr. Cuddles the Teddy Bear (as the Toy Taker) in a assumed case of stealing toys from children around the world. Over the next few years (leading to the events of Tom and Jerry: Frosty's Winter Wonderland), after healing his wounds and injuries in the rejuvenation chamber, Winterbolt is disgusted when he see from the eye of snow that Rudolph and Clarice are wed, along with Frosty and Crystal, Tom and Toodles Galore, Jerry and Toots, Quacker and Fifi, and Pristine Figg and her lawyer Lickboot at their fund-raising winter festival in Karen's hometown during the New Year celebration.

Back in the present, Winterbolt, appearing on the far mountain of ice above the Cat, Mouse, Frosty and Rudolph families, tries to extinguish the magic from Rudolph's nose, but after a pep talk from Frosty, Hermey, the Tooth Fairy and Santa's donkey Speiltoe, Rudolph manages to survive this and his nose is lit up again. When Winterbolt returns to his lair, the Genie of the Ice Scepter explains that Rudolph's nose is powered by the Aurora Borealis, the evil wizard decides that he will lure Rudolph out of the North Pole and then make him use his nose for evil, thus extinguishing it. The Genie then warns Winterbolt to be aware of the prophecy on Tom and Jerry, who are to be destined as the "chosen ones" to help Rudolph ruin his plans to take over the world again. After watching the flashback of Tom and Jerry's former rivary, current frienship and adventures through generations, Winterbolt realizing that he has seen Tom and Jerry earlier when he attempts to steal Rudolph's power, Winterbolt ensures that the two animals will not be getting in his way, even if he will destroy them either before or after doing away with Rudolph.

In Christmas Town, an ice cream man named Milton arrives to pick up his annual stockade of ice cream that he sells at the sea shores of America on the Fourth of July. Milton explains to Rudolph that there is a big problem back home in Florida; he and his girlfriend, Lanie Loraine, had planned to marry, but her mother's Circus by the Sea is in danger of being shut down by an evil carney named Sam Spangles and his trio of Siamese cats: Tin, Pan and Alley due to being in heavy financial debt and unable to gain enough profit to pay the debt off. Winterbolt, seeing this in his magic snow globe, plants an idea into Milton's head - to have Rudolph, Tom and Jerry star in the circus, so they can draw the crowds that the circus needs to survive. Chilly and Millie want to go to the circus too, but Frosty says that, since they, himself, Crystal and Willie are four snow people and one snow dog, they would never survive the Florida heat. Winterbolt appears before the group at this point, pretending he wants to help the Frosties. He presents them with magic amulets that will prevent them from melting, but they will wear off after the last of the Fourth of July fireworks finishes. He even gives Willie a magic collar that has the same designs as the amulets.

Later, while the Cat and Mouse families, the Christmas Town gang and Milton explain this to Santa and Jessica (also known as Mrs. Claus) after Fireball, King Moonracer on the Island of Misfit Toys, Queen Camilla on Castaway Cove, Cornelius, Team Bumble and Speiltoe decline their request to go to the circus with them, Winterbolt then gives Santa the idea that he and his wife should fly into the circus on the Fourth of July to pick up Frosty and his family right before the fireworks are finished. The next day, Milton took the Rudolph and Frosty families on a hot-air balloon transportation to the circus in Florida, with the Cat and Mouse families following them on their helicopter. When they all arrive, Milton introduces them to Lanie's mother, the circus' owner Lilly Loraine and her new partner, current carnival owner Captain Kiddie and his parrot puppet Squawk. More members of Lilly's circus staff and performers consists of Tom's twin brother Timothy "Tim" Cat, their younger sister Thomasina and her daughter Baby Booties, their cousin George Cat, Jerry's old-aged mother Mrs. Mouse, his two uncles Pecos the Cowboy Mouse and Harry (from the 2014 version of The Tom and Jerry Show), his sister Geraldine (who is Tuffy's mother and similar to Jerry, but with black hair on her head) and his super-strong cousin Muscles (another lookalike of Jerry), Spike and Tyke Bulldog, the ducklings Quacker and Fifi, Karras the Vampire Mouse (also from the 2014 version of The Tom and Jerry Show), as well as Butch Cat and his fellow alley cats Lightning, Meathead and Topsy.

Back at the North Pole, Winterbolt recruits the help of an evil reindeer who is everything Rudolph is not - Scratcher, a rejected member of Santa's sleigh team who was replaced by Rudolph, and was attempting to take revenge on him and Santa despite Speiltoe's warnings, but he was arrested on his attempt to destroy Santa's sleigh, fired and imprisoned in the Cave of Lost Rejections. On July 4, while Winterbolt sends Scratcher out to the seashore of Florida, Santa and Jessica take off in their sleigh with half of the sleigh team (including Donner and his brothers Blitzen) pulling it, leaving the Winter Warlock, Topper, the Boss Elf and the others in charge. At this point, Winterbolt has his two Snow Dragons conjure up a terrible hurricane, trapping the couple and forcing them to continue their journey on the ground until the storm subsides, severely delaying them from reaching the circus in time.

Over in Florida, the Cat, Mouse, Frosty and Rudolph families are taking part in the circus's parade with Robyn, Mr. Starling, Pristine, Lickboot, Ferdinand, and even Karen and her family watching from among the crowd, having arrived in Florida for vacation earlier after being contacted by Tom and Jerry. At that time, Scratcher arrives in the crowd and meets up with Sam Spangles and his cats Tin, Pan and Alley. He forms an alliance with Spangles, saying he has "an interesting proposition." Later that evening, at the circus, Scratcher comes upon Rudolph, Tom, Jerry and their families claiming that he has been really down on his luck and would like a job at the circus. At night, after Rudolph's acts in the circus' performance, Scratcher cons him into using his nose to help him retrieve a briefcase with the performance's receipts from Lilly's wagon. Scratcher then makes Rudolph, Tom and Jerry give it to a nearby police officer and his police cats (who are the disguised Spangles, Tin, Pan and Alley), claiming the "cop" is going to deposit it at the bank for safekeeping and to cover part of the circus' debts. After the circus' performance is finished, Lilly sets off the fireworks, and Frosty is worried that Santa will not arrive before the last firework fades and the amulets wear off.

Later, Lilly and Kiddie, along with the real police officer, Kelly, and the master detective hound, Droopy, finds out that the circus has been robbed, prompting Rudolph, Tom and Jerry to realize that Scratcher tricked them. Winterbolt then shows up in his own sleigh, pulled by "reinsnakes". Rudolph, Clarice, Frosty, Tom, Tuffy and Jerry begs Winterbolt to make the amulets' power last longer, but he says he will do it only if Rudolph's nose is still extinguished. When Rudolph tries to light his nose, he sees that his nose is now permanently disabled. Winterbolt tells Rudolph that he have used his nose for the evil purpose of handling the money to Sam Spangles, with Tom and Jerry as his accomplices. Noticing Spangles, Tin, Pan, Alley and Scratcher appear next to Winterbolt and realizing that he, Tom and Jerry are tricked by them, Rudolph says he is going to go tell the truth to everyone, but Winterbolt warns him that if he does that, Frosty and his family will melt and the rest of the Cat, Mouse and Rudolph families will be either harmed or destroyed before the gang's very eyes. Faced with a no-win situation and unwillful to let their families pay the consequences with their lives, Rudolph is forced to take the blame and let his nose go out forever, and even Tom and Jerry agrees to share in Rudolph's guilt.

When they return to their remaining families and the Frosties with Lilly, Kiddie and Squawk, Rudolph, Tom and Jerry tells them about their crime they have committed with no reason, shocking them and then upsetting them. Despite Frosty's attempted protests, Rudolph reminds him of what is important: his own nose or the lives of their friends and their families, including Tom and Jerry's. Frosty, Clarice and Rudolph even notice that the star inside the snowflake on his hoof have disappeared too. His victorious plans for world domination completed, Winterbolt heads back to the North Pole, telling Scratcher that now he will be the number-one reindeer there. Before they leave, Scatcher asks Clarice to abandon Rudolph and join with him as her new love interest and future husband, but she refuses, saying that she'd rather be eaten by Bumble, just like she, Donner and Mitzi almost were long ago. Sam Spangles saves his plot to take over the circus, but little does know, his twin brother Professor Hinkle and his pet rabbit Hocus Pocus had been spying from behind the circus tent, and they edger to do something about everything they hear about what has already happened to Rudolph, Tom and Jerry as courtesy of Winterbolt.

The next night (July 5th), Tom, Jerry and Rudolph's performances in the circus, set up by Spangles, are severely hampered with jeers and boos from the angry audience. Even Laine and Spike are very furious with Tom, Jerry and Rudolph for double-crossing the whole circus, but only Milton, Hermey, Tyke, Karen and her parents, the Starlings, the Figgs, and the rest of the Cat, Mouse and Rudolph families felt sorry for the three fathers. While Rudolph, Tom and Jerry wallows in self-pity with Tuffy and Hermey, and even Professor Hinkle quietly following them, Frosty, refusing to believe them to be criminals and knowing they are innocent, laments to Robyn, Karen, Tyke, Clarice, Toots, Toodles and their kids that there must be something he can do to help his three friends. Having overheard everything through the eye of snow, Winterbolt is told by the Genie of the Ice Scepter that Frosty does have something Winterbolt would want - his magic silk hat, the source of his life-giving power and the collaborate of both his enchanted ice heart and soul. After showing him a flashback of Frosty's origin and adventures with Tom and Jerry (as seen in Tom and Jerry Meet Frosty the Snowman, Tom and Jerry: Frosty Returns and Tom and Jerry: Frosty's Winter Wonderland), the Genie suggests that Winterbolt could find out the secret of the hat's magic, then duplicate it repeatedly and make a whole army of living snowmen resembling Frosty to overthrow all of Christmas Town. He even tells Winterbolt that if he succeeds, then Frosty, since he knows the true secrets of Rudolph's nose, will be lifeless permanently. Scratcher adds Winterbolt another evil scheme; Since Clarice won't love Scratcher instead of Rudolph, Winterbolt would create a Snow Scyphozoa which will brainwash her into dating with him by implanting thoughts about Scratcher into her mind to erase her memories of Rudolph forever. Pleased with his new ideas for world domination, Winterbolt implants the idea into Frosty's head and makes his flying return trip with Scratcher to the circus lot in order to make Frosty give up his hat (and soul).

Rudolph, Hermey, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Professor Hinkle and Hocus are walking on the beach when they hear a voice coming from the Northern Lights; it is the voice of Lady Boreal, who tells Rudolph that if he can be brave, then the star in the snowflake will return and his nose will be un-extinguished. Just then, Big Ben shows up, saying he had an urge to come here. Meeting Tom and Jerry for the first time, Big Ben reveals to them that two years back after Rudolph brought Frosty and Tuffy, he were on his brave adventurous mission with Tuffy, Clarice and Hermey in the Archipelago of Last Years to recover Happy the Baby New Year and save the worldwide public holiday on January 1, assigned to them by Father Time (as it happen Rudolph's Shiny New Year). At the circus lot, while Scratcher is looking out for Rudolph, Tom and Jerry, Winterbolt lies to Frosty, Karen, Robyn, and the remaining Cat, Mouse and Rudolph families, claiming that he will restore the Borealis light in Rudolph's nose, if the snowman give him his magic hat. Not wanting Frosty to be lifeless again, Karen, Robyn, Toots, Toodles and Clarice state their suggestions that they will have either Professor Hinkle give him his own hat or ask the Tooth Fairy to grant him unlimited time to continue all living without the hat. But though understanding their concern about him, Frosty refuses and prefers to sacrifice himself for Rudolph, Tom and Jerry, saying that "he must do what a snowman got to do".

Back to Rudolph and his friends, after the red-nosed reindeer finish explaining his predicament, Big Ben tells Rudolph that he has to get his nose back on. Then the clockwork whale abruptly swim off, saying he is going to South America.

Rudolph, Hermey, Professor Hinkle, Hocus, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy return to the circus lot, but they arrive too late, just as Winterbolt has taken the hat from Frosty, reducing him to his inanimated state (or transferring his soul and ice heart from his body to the hat) and shocking Karen, Robyn and the remaining Cat, Mouse and Rudolph families. Winterbolt reveals to the group about his jealously and hatred of Santa, Father Winter, Jack Frost and the Miser Brothers, and his plans to get rid Rudolph, Santa and all of Christmas Town along with Tom and Jerry. Rudolph, Hermey, Tom and Jerry chase after the Winterbolt and Scratcher, leaving Tuffy, Hinkle and Hocus to look after Frosty's body. Crystal, Millie, Chilly and Willie return only to find Frosty in his motionless form, and are heartbroken when Hinkle and Tuffy told them everything. Looking back to the direction Rudolph, Hermey, Tom and Jerry go in pursuit of Winterbolt and Scratcher, Robbie becomes worried for his father and friends and decides to follow them with Muscles and Tuffy riding on him. Realizing her son's destiny to succeed Rudolph as being told to her one year earlier by Lady Boreal, Clarice joins Robbie. Fortunately, the mother and son reindeer, Muscles and Tuffy are met the Snow and Hear Miser, who also appear on the flying cloud to help Rudolph, Tom and Jerry recover Frosty's hat from Winterbolt.

Once the four heroes and the two villains land in the desert, Winterbolt announce that Rudolph, Hermey, Tom and Jerry will pass three rounds of a battlefield if the want to take Frosty's hat from him. On Round 1, the talking cat and mouse, the red-nosed reindeer and the dentist elf fight and demolish the ice warriors, but they regenerate every time they crumble apart and some of them split into two to create more. When Clarice, Robbie, Muscles, Tuffy and the Miser Brothers arrive on the scene, Round 2 began with Tom, Jerry, Tuffy (who takes his elf suit off and reverts back to his diaper-wearing appearance) and Muscles (who quickly removing his shirt) looking at the full moon and transforming into their muscular monster forms, and Snow and Heat fusing into a single superhero of fire and ice, known as Miser Man. Together, they, Rudolph, Clarice, Robbie and Hermey destroyed more of Winterbolt's ice warriors.


Starling Enterprise

  • Thomas "Tom" Cat: A grayish-blue cat who is Toodles' husband.
    • Monster Tom (a.k.a. WereCat Tom) (Tom and Jerry Tales)
  • Jeremy "Jerry" Adam Mouse: A brown mouse, who is Toot's husband and Tuffy's uncle.
    • Monster Jerry
  • Toodles Galore: A white cat who is Tom's wife.
  • Toots "Chérie" Mouse (The Tom and Jerry Show, 2014): A light-brown mouse with a purple scraf, who is Jerry's wife and Tuffy's aunt.
  • Tom and Jerry's Children: A group of kittens and young mice resembling Tom, Jerry and Toodles in their childhood ages, but only they were matched with the same colors of the rainbow. With the exception of Dorothy Mouse, some of the kids were named after the original six MGM lions. Tanner, George, Leo and Dorothy are in the same age as Tuffy, but do not wear diapers unlike their cousin.
    • Slats Cat: A purple kitten/ Tom and Toodles' first son.
    • Jackie Cat: A blue kitten/ Tom and Toodles' second son.
    • Coffee Cat: A green kitten/ Tom and Toodles' one daughter.
    • Tanner Mouse: A yellow mouse/ Jerry and Toot's first son.
    • George Mouse: An orange mouse/ Jerry and Toots' second son.
    • Leo Mouse: A red mouse/ Jerry and Toots' third son.
    • Dorothy Mouse: A pink mouse/ Jerry and Toot's one daughter, named after Dorothy Gale from Kansas.
  • Robyn Starling: Tom and Jerry's owner and friend.
  • Gilbert Starling: The head of Starling Enterprise, the father of Robyn and the husband of the late Andrea Starling who died when Robyn was a baby.
  • Charles "Chip" Mulciber (mentioned): A wizard from Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring, who is Gilbert's brother-in-law and Robyn's uncle.
  • Aunt Pristine Figg: Mr. Starling's co-member.
  • Lickboot: Mr. Starling's lawyer, who is married to Figg two years back on New Year's Eve at Rudolph and Frosty's fundraising winter wonderland, along with Tom and Toodles, Jerry and Chérie, Quacker and Fifi, Rudolph and Clarice, and Frosty and Crystal.
  • Ferdinand:

North Pole

Christmas Town

  • Nibbles "Tuffy" Mouse: A grey mouse/ Jerry and Toot's nephew, and Santa's elf mouse.
    • Monster Tuffy
  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (in 1964/ 1979, Rankin/Bass)
  • Clarice (also in 1964/ 1979, Rankin/Bass): Rudolph's wife who wears a red bow with white polka dots.
  • Robbie (full name: Robbie the Red-Nosed Reindeer): Rudolph and Clarice's first son, born with the same blood and glowing red nose as his father.
  • Zoey: Rudolph and Clarice's daughter, who wears the same red bow with white polka dots like her mother.
  • Arrow: Rudolph and Clarice's second son, and older brother of Robbie and Zoey.
  • Santa's Elves
    • Hermey: A blonde-haired elf whose two jobs are being a toy maker and a dentist. He is the wife of the Tooth Fairy from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys.
    • Hank
    • Boss Elf
    • Jingle and Jangle Bells
  • The Tooth Fairy:
  • Donner: Rudolph's father.
  • Mrs. Donner: Rudolph's mother.
  • Blitzen: Donner's brother and Rudolph's uncle.
  • Cupid:
  • Coach Comet: Donner's brother/ Rudolph's uncle and physical educator who runs the Reindeer Games.
  • Vixen:
  • Prancer:
  • Dancer:
  • Dasher:
  • Fireball: Rudolph's classmate and buddy/ a blonde-mained or haired reindeer.
  • Yukon Cornelius: The prospector of the North, interested in finding silver and gold, as well as peppermint.
  • Bumble the Abominable Snow Monster: Cornelius' companion who has his ability to speak just like in Tom and Jerry: Frosty's Winter Wonderland. And even like in the previous film and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys, he retains his set of human teeth given to him by Hermey.
  • Frosty the Snowman: (1976, Rankin/Bass)
  • Crystal the Snow Woman: Frosty's snow wife (1976, Rankin/Bass)
  • Millie and Chilly: Frosty and Crystal's children/ Rudolph and Clarice's niece and nephew (1979, Rankin/Bass)
  • Willie the Snow Dog: The Frosties' snow pet.
  • Santa Claus: The narrator of the film.
    • Kris Kringle (or Young Santa Claus):
  • Mrs. Claus (full name: Jessica Claus): A former school teacher from Sombertown, and wife of Santa.
  • Jack Frost: an icy artist/ snow elf
  • Father Winter:
  • Snip
  • Holly
  • Lady Boreal: An elder angelic woman, who resembles The Enchantress from Walt Disney Pictures' Beauty and the Beast (1991/ 1997 Version).
  • King Winterbolt:
  • The Genie of the Ice Scepter:
  • Scratcher:
  • The Keeper of the Cave
  • Speiltoe: Santa's kind-hearted, not-so-stubborn donkey who often talks a lot about his ancestor, Nestor.

Easter Valley

  • GB Bunny (formerly known as Stuffy)
  • Spats
  • Flops
  • Whiskers 


  • Burgermeister Meisterburger (mentioned)
  • Grimsly (mentioned)

Other North Pole Citizens

  • Topper: Santa's penguin companion from the South Pole, who can talk just like Tom, Jerry and all other animals of the world.
  • Winter Warlock: The ruler of his ice palace in the Mountain of the Whispering Wind, and Santa's friend who redeemed himself once he was given a toy train. Santa asks him to look after the North Pole while he's away and he gladly accepts. He was trained as a young apprentice by Winterbolt to share in his goal of dominating both the North and the world, but abandoned his evil purpose to join Santa and his friends
  • Zero:
  • Bruce the Snowball:
  • Nestor the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey: Ancestor of Speiltoe.
  • Tilly

Island of Misfit Toys

  • King Moonracer
  • Misfit Toys
    • Charlie-in-the-Box:
    • The Spotted Elephant: King Moonracer's footman.
    • Dolly:
    • Scooter
    • A Choo-Coo with Square Wheels
    • Water Pistol (or Jelly Pistol)
    • The Swimming Bird
    • A Cowboy and his Ostrich
    • The Sinking Boat
    • Peggy the Piggy Bank
    • Rocking Horse
    • The Boomerang Who-Won't-Come-Back
    • Duck
    • Kite
    • Meowing Wind-Up Mouse
    • Telephone

Castaway Cove

  • Queen Camilla
  • Queen Camilla's Gingerbread People
    • Gingerbread Guards

Mother Nature's House

  • Mother Nature:
  • The Miser Brothers: A sibling duo consisting of Snow Miser and Heat Miser.
    • Miser Man: A superhero fusion of the Miser Brothers, who aids Tom, Jerry, Rudolph, Robbie and their other allies fight Winterbolt in their effort to steal back Frosty's hat from the evil king. He is a warrior who fight with many Japanese martial arts judo and karate He wears a karate uniform with a cape and a belt that all have the letter M, showing this is his symbol. His head is a modified version of Snow Miser's head that still have icicles under his nose, but have Heat Miser's hair. When Winterbolt summons his ice gorilla to trample everyone around him, Miser Man grows into his giant size through the power of Mother Nature, and he is joined by Bumblee the Snow Monster sent through teleportation by Mother Nature and the Tooth Fairy for a confrontation with the ice kaiju.
  • North Wind: A reformed sibling of the Miser Brothers, who realizes the errors of his own cruel actions of replacing Santa Claus and taking over Christmas.
  • Earthquake
  • Thunder and Lightning
  • The Tides.

Father Time's Castle

  • Father Time
  • General Ticker
  • The Great Quarter-Past-Five
  • Big Ben
  • Nanny Nine O'Clock

Archipelago of Last Years

  • One Million B.C. (O.M.)
  • Sir 1023
  • Humpty Dumpty
  • Rumpelstiltskin
  • The Three Bears
    • Papa Bear
    • Mama Bear
    • Baby Bear
  • Sev (1776)
  • Eon (formerly known as Eon the Terrible)


  • Sunny
  • The Children of Kidville
  • Hallelujah Jones
  • Gadzooks
  • The Hendrew Sisters
  • Chugs


  • King Bruce
  • Dowager Duchess Lily Longtooth

Easter Valley

  • Old Stuffy (G.B.)
  • Spats, Flops, and Whiskers

April Valley

  • Peter Cottontail (in 1971 version): The Chief Easter bunny.
  • Donna Cottontail (in 1971 version): Peter's wife.
  • Peter Cottontail, Jr.: Peter and Donna's son.
  • Colonel Wellington B. Bunny (1971)
  • Seymour S. Sassafras (in 1971 version)
  • Antoine (in 1971 version)
  • January Q. Irontail (in 1971 version)
  • Montresor the Bat (in 1971 version)

Halloween Valley

  • Madame Esmeralda (in 1971 version)

Town Square/ Circus by the Sea

  • Spike Bulldog:
  • Tyke Bulldog:
  • Timothy "Tim" Cat (Tom and Jerry Kids, grown up): Tom's twin brother
  • Cousin George (or George Cat)
  • Tom's Grandfather (Tom and Jerry Kids)
  • Toodles' Mother
  • Toodles' Father
  • Mrs. Mouse (Tom & Jerry Kids): Jerry and Geraldine's mother.
  • Geraldine "Mariana" Mouse (Tom and Jerry Tales): Jerry's sister and Tuffy's mother.
  • Thomasina Cat (Tom and Jerry Tales): Tom and Tim's little sister and mother of Booties.
  • Booties Cat (also known as Baby Booties): Thomasina's son and Tom's brown kitten niece with gigantic Baby Huey proportions
  • Maurice "Muscles" Mouse: Jerry, Geraldine and Tuffy's cousin, Mrs. Mouse' niece/nephew, Uncle Pecos and Harry's older brother.
    • Monster Muscles
  • Uncle Pecos: Jerry's cowboyish uncle, who is the elderly mouse with white mustache. Like Mrs. Mouse, he is the older sibling of Harry and Muscles.
  • Harry Mouse (also unknown as Uncle Harry) (The Tom and Jerry Show, 2014): Mrs. Mouse, Cousin Muscles and Uncle Pecos' younger brother/ Jerry and Tuffy's uncle
  • Dinky Mouse (The Tom and Jerry Show, 1975)
  • Dinky's Mother (The Tom and Jerry Show, 1975)
  • The King of Cats
  • Lackey Cat:
  • Dr. Malevolent:
  • Butch Cat:
  • Meathead Cat:
  • Lightning Cat:
  • Topsy Cat:
  • Fluff, Muff and Puff: A trio of kittens
  • Napoleon Rat (The Tom and Jerry Show, 2014):
  • Hamster (The Tom and Jerry Show, 2014):
  • Newt (The Tom and Jerry Show, 2014):
  • Karras the Vampire Mouse (The Tom and Jerry Show, 2014): A black mouse-like bat, who lives in Hildie and Beatie's house in the forests. Unlike ordinary vampire bats whose diet are blood from other animals, this mouse-like bat creature can eat fruits and vegetables. He is friendly and immune to the sunlight, and does not transmit diseases or viruses.
  • Bat Jerry (Tom and Jerry Tales):
  • Quacker Jeff Duck: A yellow duckling who is Jerry's friend.
  • Fifi Duck: Quacker's wife.
  • Eagle (Tom and Jerry)
  • The MGM Lions
  • Lion (Tom and Jerry)
  • Jumbo (Tom and Jerry)
  • Jumbo's Mother (Tom and Jerry)
  • Morizzlo: A purple-colored, French-accented octopus with a green hat and an orange bandana
  • Green Crab (Tom and Jerry):
  • Droopy:
  • Dripple:
  • Screwball "Screwey" Squirrel:
  • Barney Bear
  • Butch Dog
  • Red:
  • Slick McWolf:
  • Tin, Pan and Alley: A trio of Siamese cats who works for Spangles.
  • Professor Hinkle
  • Hocus Pocus
  • Karen (aged 15)
  • Karen's Mother
  • Karen's Father: A man who resembles Arthur Rankin, Jr.
  • Karen's Uncle: A man who resembles Jules Bass.
  • Tadahito "Tad" Mochinaga (cameo): A Japanese stop motion animation pioneer.
  • Ignatius "Iggy" Thistlewhite
  • Mr. Thistlewhite
  • Mrs. Thistlewhite
  • Glinda
  • Calliope
  • The Traffic Cop
  • Mr. Cuddles: A teddy bear from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys.
  • Steven: Mr. Cuddles' original owner.
  • Steven's Daughter: Mr. Cuddle's new owner.
  • Milton: An ice cream man
  • Lilly Loraine: The owner of her circus
  • Lanie Loraine: Lily's daughter and Milton's future wife
  • Officer Kelly:
  • Sam Spangles: Professor Hinkle's cruel twin brother

Cameo Characters (Rankin/Bass)

The New Adventures of Pinocchio (1960–1961)

  • Pinocchio
  • Cricket
  • Geppeto
  • The Blue Fairy
  • Foxy Q. Fibble
  • Cool S. Cat

Willy McBean and his Magic Machine

  • Willy McBean: A school boy.
  • Pablo the Monkey: Professor Rasputin Von Rotten's pet monkey and Willy McBean's friend.
  • Professor Rasputin Von Rotten: A reformed scientist and history teacher
  • Mr. West: A candy store owner who resembles Bufflo Bill Cody
  • Mr. Columbo: The market man and Christopher Columbus' look-a-like.
  • Arthur: A mailman who looks like King Arthur.
  • The Mayor: A resemblance of the Pharaoh of Eygpt.
  • The Mayor's Wife: A woman who resembles the Pharaoh's wife
  • Officer Stone: A policeman who resembles Ned the Caveman.

The Daydreamer / The Enchanted World of Danny Kaye

  • Chris (Hans Christian Andersen):
  • Papa Andersen
  • Mrs. Klopplebobbler
  • The Sandman (mentioned):
  • The Pieman
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Father Neptune:
  • The Sea Witch
  • Marmaduke: A former tailor and current prince of Bibbentucker, Jane's husband and another of Danny Kaye's look-a-likes.
  • Princess Jane: Marmaduke's wife, and daughter of Emperor Klockenlocker.
  • Emperor Klockenlocker: The ruler of Bibbentucker, Marmaduke and Jane's father
  • Mufty: Marmaduke's partner
  • Busky: Marmaduke and Jane's adoptive son.
  • Jasper the Clown: Emperor Klockenlocker's court jester.
  • Ivan: Jasper's guard.
  • Big Claus the Gang Warden:
  • Thumbelina
  • The Rat
  • The Mole

The King Kong Show (1966–1969)

  • King Kong
  • Bobby Bond
  • Susan Bond
  • Professor Bond

Smokey the Bear (1966, 1969–1971)

  • Smokey Bear:
  • Big Bear: Smokey's older brother.

Mad Monster Party?

  • Felix Flanken (now Baron Felix Frankenstein): The successor and nephew of his late uncle, Baron "Boris" Frankenstein.
  • Francesca: Felix's wife.

The Cricket on the Hearth (1967)

  • The Cricket
  • Caleb Plummer
  • Bertha Plummer

The Mouse on the Mayflower

  • Willum: A church mouse

The Reluctant Dragon and Mr. Toad Show

  • Tobias: A dragon with black hair, and a allergic reaction to daisies.
  • King Herman
  • Sir Malcolm
  • Little Girl
  • Ugliola
  • Irving the Bold
  • Sir Andrew
  • Mr. Toad
  • Badger
  • Rat
  • Mole

Festival of Family Classics (1972–1973)

  • Cinderella
  • Alice: A main character from Alice in Wonderland.
  • Alice's unnamed older sister
  • White Rabbit: Alice's friend and Hocus Pocus' uncle.
  • The Mad Hatter: Alice's friend.
  • March Hare: The Mad Hatter's assistant.
  • Dormouse
  • Cheshire Cat
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Johnny Appleseed
  • Puss in Boots
  • Snow White: The queen of King Maximilian
  • King Maximilian: Snow White's husband.
  • The Seven Dwarfs
  • Jack O' Lantern
  • Tom Sawyer
  • Swiss Family Robinson
  • Robin Hood

Others (Rankin/Bass)

  • Special Delivery "S.D." Kluger (Santa Claus is Comin' to Town and The Easter Bunny is Comin' to Town)

Other Cameos

  • The Wizard of Oz
  • Dorothy Gale
  • Toto
  • The Scarecrow (Oz)
  • The Tin Man
  • The Cowardly Lion
  • Glinda the Good Witch of the North
  • The Munchkins
  • The Mouse Queen
  • The Hungry Tiger
  • Queen Ozma
  • Billina
  • Tik-Tok
  • Jack Pumpkinhead
  • The Gump
  • The Quest Team
    • Dr. Benton Quest
    • Jonathan "Jonny" Quest
    • Bandit
    • Race Bannon
    • Jessie Bannon
    • Hadji Singh
  • Willy Wonka
  • The Oompa Loompas
  • Charlie Bucket
  • Mr. Bucket
  • Mrs. Bucket
  • Joe Bucket (also known as Grandpa Joe)
  • Augustus Gloop
  • Harold Gloop
  • Gretta Gloop
  • Violet Beauregarde
  • Veruca Salt
  • Mike Teavee
  • Mr. Wilkinson (formerly nicknamed Arthur Slugworth)


  1. Santa Claus is Comin' to Town - Chorus
  2. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer - Chorus
  3. Everything I've Always Wanted - Crystal (singing voice by Shelly Winters)
  4. Everything I've Always Wanted (first reprise) - Milton
  5. Everyday Is Just Like Christmas - Lily Loraine (Mary Elizabeth McGlynn), Chorus
  6. Chicken Today And Feathers Tomorrow - Lily Loraine (Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)
  7. I See Rainbows - Santa Claus (singing voice by Bob McFadden), Chorus
  8. Don't Let The Parade Pass You By - Lily Loraine (Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)
  9. A Marshmallow World - Harry Mouse (John Michael Higgins)
  10. Run, Rudolph, Run - Uncle Pecos (Scott McNeil)
  11. The Miser Brothers' Song (Snow and Heat's Editions) - Snow Miser (Juan Chioran), Heat Miser (Frank Welker), the Miser Brothers' Men
  12. Friends to the End (from Tom and Jerry: The Movie) - Tom (Richard Kind), Jerry (Stephanie Nadolny), Puggsy (Bill Farmer), Frankie Da Flea (David Lander)
  13. There's Always Tomorrow - Clarice (Debbie Lytton), Rudolph (singing voice by Michael Lloyd), Tuffy (Kath Soucie), Tom (Richard Kind), Jerry (Stephanie Nadolny), Toodles Galore (Alicyn Packard), Toots (singing voice by Tara Strong)
  14. The Little Drummer Boy - Tom and Jerry's Children, Tyke (Sam Lavagnino), Little Quacker (Tony Anselmo)
  15. I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day - Chorus, Willie, Millie and Chilly
  16. We Are Santa's Elves - Hermey (Scott McNeil), Milton's Elves
  17. Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree - Lanie Loraine (Jodi Benson), Chorus
  18. Everything I've Always Wanted (second reprise) - Frosty (singing voice by Jackie Vernon)
  19. No Bed of Roses - Rudolph (singing voice by Billie Mae Richards)
  20. Frosty the Snowman - Chorus
  21. Now And Then - Frosty (singing voice by Jackie Vernon)
  22. We're a Couple of Misfits - Frosty (singing voice by Jackie Vernon), Rudolph (singing voice by Billie Mae Richards), Hermey (Scott McNeil)
  23. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (Flying Circus Parade Edition) - Lily Loraine (Mary Elizabeth McGlynn), Chorus
  24. Overtune (finale)



  • Richard Kind - Tom Cat/Monster Tom, Sam Spangles
    • William Hanna - Tom Cat (archive recordings/ vocal effects/ uncredited)
  • Stephanie Nadolny - Jerry Mouse/Monster Jerry
  • Alicyn Packard - Toodles Galore
  • Kari Wahlgren - Toots "Chérie" Mouse
  • Reece Thompson - Slats Cat
  • Chantal Strand - Jackie Cat
  • Michelle Ruff - Coffee Cat
  • Robert Martin Klein - Tanner Mouse
  • Mona Marshall - George Mouse
  • Benjamin Diskin - Leo Mouse, Karras the Vampire Bat
  • Tara Strong - Dorothy Mouse, Le Petite Ballerina
  • Kath Soucie - Nibbles "Tuffy" Mouse/Monster Tuffy, Red, Lady Boreal (young), Lola Bunny
  • Anndi McAfee - Robyn Starling
  • Jeff Bennett - Gilbert Starling, Topper (speaking voice in a Petrie-like accent), Cousin George, Green Crab (one vocal effect)
  • Tress MacNeille - Aunt Pristine Figg, Mrs. Mouse
  • Corey Burton - Lickboot, Jack Frost
  • Spike Brandt - Spike Bulldog
  • Sam Lavagnino - Tyke Bulldog
  • Tony Anselmo - Quacker Jeff Duck
  • Catherine Cavadini - Toodles' Mom
  • Trevor Devall - Toodles' Dad
  • Jason Marsden - Tim Cat
    • Dana Hill - Young Tim Cat (archive recording/flashback)
  • Cathy Weseluck - Thomasina Cat
  • Ellen Kennedy - Geraldine Mouse
  • John Michael Higgins - Harry Mouse
  • Maurice LaMarche - Muscles Mouse/Monster Muscles
  • Doug Erholtz - Uncle Pecos
  • Rip Taylor - Captain Kiddie
  • Gilbert Gottfried - Squawk
  • Jeff Bergman - Droopy, Butch Dog, Bugs Bunny
  • Charlie Adler - Dripple, Screwball Squirrel, Lightning Bolt the Super Squirrel
  • Joey D'Auria - Butch Cat
  • Dee Bradley Baker - Meathead Cat, Kris Kringle (credited as Young Santa Claus)
  • Elizabeth Daily - Topsy Cat
  • Simon Helberg - Napoleon Rat
  • Tom Kenny - Hamster, Junior, Antoine the Caterpillar
  • Greg Ellis - Tin Cat
  • Jess Harnell - The Traffic Cop, Pan Cat
  • Richard McGonagle - Barney Bear, Alley Cat
  • Jim Cummings - Slick McWolf, Lion (Tom and Jerry)
  • Brian Drummond - Eagle (Tom and Jerry)
  • Dameon Clarke - The Snow Mouse (Tom and Jerry Tales)
  • Kathleen Barr - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, The Tooth Fairy, Nellie
    • Billie Mae Richards - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (archive recordings/ singing voice/ uncredited)
    • Sean Schemmel - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (adult)
  • Myriam Sirois - Clarice
    • Debbie Lytton - Clarice (singing voice)
  • Seth MacFarlane - Frosty the Snowman
    • Jackie Vernon - Frosty the Snowman (archive recordings/ singing voice/ uncredited)
  • Nicole Oliver - Crystal the Snow Woman, Booties Cat
    • Shelly Winters - Crystal the Snow Woman (archive recordings/ singing voice/ uncredited)
  • Colleen Clinkenbeard - Robbie the Red-Nosed Reindeer
  • Vanessa Morley - Zoey
  • Roger Craig Smith - Arrow, Lightning Cat
  • Kate Higgins - Millie
  •  ???? - Chilly
  • George Takei - King Winterbolt
  • Mari Devon - Lady Boreal (old)
  • Kevin Michael Richardson - Santa Claus
    • Paul Frees - Santa Claus (archive recordings/ flashback/ uncredited)
    • Bob McFadden - Santa Claus (archive recordings/ singing voice/ uncredited)
  • Catherine Disher - Jessica Claus (credited as Mrs. Claus)
  • Paul Frees - Topper (archive recordings/vocal effects, uncredited)
  • Matt Hill - Donner
  • Rob Paulson - Blitzen
  • David Kaye - Cupid, Mauricio Octopus
  • Scott McNeil - Hermey the Elf, Coach Comet, Yukon Cornelius, Speiltoe
  • Lee Tockar - Vixen
  • Robert Axelrod - Prancer
  • Kyle Hebert - Dancer
  • Paul Dobson - Dasher
  • Terry Klassen - Fireball
  • Billy West - Scratcher the Reindeer
  • Garry Chalk - Bumble the Snow Monster, The King of the Cats
  • Peter Kelamis - Boss Elf
  • Brent Miller - Hank
  • Ward Perry - King Moonracer
  • Jamie Lee Curtis - Queen Camilla
  • Lee Tockar - Charlie in the Box, Gingerbread Guard
  • Rick Moranis - Mr. Cuddles
  • Ian James Corlett - Paulie
  • Christopher R. Sabat - Big Ben the Clockwork Whale
  • Juan Chioran - Snow Miser/Miser Man (shared with Frank Welker)
  • Frank Welker - Heat Miser/Miser Man (shared with Juan Chioran), Willie the Snow Dog, Tyke Bulldog (vocal effects)
  • Brad Adamson - North Wind
  • Matthew Lillard - Peter Cottontail
    • Casey Kasem - Peter Cottontail (archive recordings/ flashback/ uncredited)
  • Iris Rainer Dart - Donna
  • Roger Moore - January Q. Irontail
    • Vincent Price - January Q. Irontail (archive recordings/ flashback/ uncredited)
  • Ariel Winter - Karen
  • Christopher Lloyd - Professor Hinkle, Seymour S. Sassafrass
  • John Cusack - Hocus Pocus
  • Mary Elizabeth McGlynn - Lilly Loraine
  • Jodi Benson - Laine Loraine
  • Charles Fleischer - Milton

Additional Voices and Vocal Effects

  • Don Brown
  • Ted Cole - Ice General
  • Clancy Brown - Ice Lieutenant, Rejected Arctic Puffin #3
  • Samuel Vincent
  • Billy Bletcher (archive recordings)
  • Daws Butler (archive recordings)
  • Candy Candido - Winterbolt's Snow Dragons (archive recordings/ vocal effects)
  • Masao Nakasone, Kohji Moritsugu, Goro Naya, Saburo Shinoda, Ryu Manatsu and Hatsunori Hasegawa - Miser Man (archive recordings/other grunts and shouts)


  • Setsuji Sato - Tom Cat, Hocus Pocus
  • Junko Hori - Jerry Mouse
  • Maria Kawamura - Toodles Galore
  • Ikue Otani - Slats Cat
  • Naoko Watanabe - Coffee Cat
  • Chika Sakamoto - Leo Mouse, Ferdinand, Karras the Vampire Bat, Little Quacker
  • Yuko Minaguchi - Dorothy Mouse
  • Ryoko Shinohara - Robyn Starling, Karen
  • Hiroya Ishimaru - Mr. Starling, Lickboot
  • Sachiko Kobayashi - Aunt Figg, Red
  • Etsuko Kozakura - Nibbles "Tuffy" Mouse
  • Kappei Yamaguchi - Timothy "Tim" Cat
  • Masahiro Anzai - Captain Kiddie
  • Akira Kamiya - Squawk
  • Tokuma Nishioka - Santa Claus
  • Yu Shimaka - Frosty the Snowman, Spike Bulldog
  • Mika Doi - Crystal the Snow Woman
  • Minami Takayama - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
    • Koji Yamamoto - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (adult)
  • Aya Endou - Clarice
  • Naoki Tatsuta - Scratcher the Reindeer, Butch Dog
  • Ryusei Nakao - Professor Hinkle, Droopy
  • Masako Nozawa - Robbie the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Tyke Bulldog
  • Tomohiro Nishimura - Butch Cat
  • Megumi Urawa - Topsy Cat


  • Joachim Tennstedt - Tom Cat
  • Anna Carlsson - Jerry Mouse, Karen, Red, Rudolph
  • Susanne Kaps - Robyn Starling
  • Gerald Schaale - Professor Hinkle, Tyke Bulldog, Droopy, Hocus Pocus
  • Tilo Schmitz - Frosty, Butch Dog, Spike Bulldog

French (European/Canadian)

  • Gérard Loussine - Tom Cat
  • Jackie Berger - Jerry Mouse
  • Claire Guyot - Robyn Starling
  • Henri Courseaux - Ferdinand
  • Claire Guyot - Karen, Red, Tuffy Mouse


European Spanish

Mexican Spanish

  • Arturo Mercado - Tom Cat, Ferdinand, Droopy
  • Maria Fernanda Morales - Robyn Starling, Red
  • Francisco Colmenero - Frosty
  • Cristina Hernandez - Karen
  • Juan Guzman - Professor Hinkle, Hocus Pocus



  • Francesco Vairano - Tom Cat, Butch Dog
  • Ilaria Stagni - Jerry Mouse, Tuffy Mouse, Tyke Bulldog
  • Mino Caprio - Spike Bulldog, Ferdinand
  • Mauro Ramos - Frosty
  • Fabrizio Vidale - Professor Hinkle, Hocus Pocus
  • Marisa Leal - Robyn Starling, Karen
  • Perla Liberatori - Red, Rudolph
  • Vittorio Amandola - Santa Claus, Mr. Starling






  • Produced and Directed by Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone
  • Written by Gene Grillo, Paul Dini and Bill Kopp
  • Based on:
    • "Tom and Jerry" by William Hanna and Joseph Barbara
    • "Droopy" by Tex Avery
    • "Barney Bear" by Rudolf Ising
    • "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" by Robert L. May and Johnny Marks
    • "Frosty the Snowman" by Steve Nelson and Jack Rollins
  • Original Screenplay by Romeo Muller
  • Executive Producers: Sam Register, Jules Bass
  • Associate Producer: Jim Wyatt
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  • Music by Michael Tavera
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Voice Casting

Voice Acting Trivia

  • As replacement of the late George S. Irving from Underdog (1964–1973), The Year Without a Santa Claus (1974), Pinocchio's Christmas (1980) and the sequel A Miser Brothers' Christmas (2008), Frank Welker's voice role for Heat Miser is an imitation to the voice of Dr. Jeremiah Surd from Hanna Barbera's The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (1996–1997). Snow Miser's current voice actor Juan Chioran, also from A Miser Brothers' Christmas, reprises his role for the supporting character in this film.
  • Since Hans Christian Andersen's Thumbelina (1994), an animated motion picture produced by Don Bluth Ireland Ltd. and originally distributed by Warner Bros., this is the first Warner Bros. feature to star Jodi Benson from Disney's The Little Mermaid (1989) franchise, who voices Laine Loraine.

Concept Art

Character Designs

More Character Designs (coming soon):
  • Toodles Galore
  • Toots "Chérie" Mouse (The Tom and Jerry Show, 2014)
  • Slats, the purple kitten
  • Jackie, the blue kitten
  • Coffee, the green kitten
  • Tanner, the yellow mouse
  • George, the orange mouse
  • Leo, the red mouse
  • Dorothy, the pink mouse
  • Tuffy, the grey mouse with a white diaper
  • Robyn Starling
  • Mr. Starling
  • Aunt Figg
  • Lickboot
  • Ferdinard
  • Tuffy in his elf clothes (from Rankin/Bass' Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer)
  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1975/1979, Rankin/Bass)
  • Clarice (1964, Rankin/Bass)
  • Robbie the Red-Nosed Reindeer (Rankin/Bass)
  • Zoey (Rankin/Bass)
  • Arrow (Rankin/Bass)
  • Frosty the Snowman (1976, Rankin/Bass)
  • Crystal the Snow Woman (1976, Rankin/Bass)
  • Millie and Chilly, the Snow Twins (1976, Rankin/Bass)
  • Willie the Snow Dog (Rankin/Bass)


  • Jerry runs back into Robyn's house, holding Tuffy's letter (recycled character animation from Tom and Jerry: The Movie)
  • Tom notices Jerry coming though with the letter (recycled character animation from Tom and Jerry: The Movie)
  • Tom stops Jerry holding the rolled up letter ("Hold it!") (recycled character animation from Tom and Jerry: The Movie)
  • Tom holds Jerry and the letter ("What's the big rush?") (recycled character animation from Tom and Jerry: The Movie)
  • Jerry shows Tom a letter from the North Pole ("Read this!") (recycled character animation from Tom and Jerry: The Movie) (Note: Jerry's line was re-dubbed through Stephanie Nadolny, who replaces Dana Hill)
  • Jerry identifies the letter to the unseen Tom ("Tuffy's letter is for us!") (recycled character animation from Tom and Jerry: The Movie)
  • Tom is excited after reading Tuffy's idea for him and Jerry ("Hey! He's not jokin' no more!") (recycled character animation from Tom and Jerry: The Movie)
  • Tom and Jerry are delighted at Mr. Starling's agreement with the cat holding Tuffy's letter and the mouse on his shoulder (recycled character animation from Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)
  • Tom, Jerry and their families waving goodbye before boarding a Starling Enterprises helicopter
  • Rudolph, Clarice and their three kids flying above the clouds on their way to the Reindeer Games.
  • Rudolph calling out to Frosty after he and his family landed ("Hey, Frosty!")


Comparison (recycled animation and live-action reference footage)

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Sound Effects

The Toho Sound Studio, a sound production facility of Toho Company that produces the Godzilla franchise, and Hidenori Ishida's Fizz Sound Creation, the sound effects company from Toei Animation's Dragon Ball, teams up to tackle their reuse of many anime and tokusatsu sound effects and have them featured in this third Tom and Jerry film outsourced from Warner Bros. Animation to the Japanese animation studios.

Previously and originally known for its recording and sound effects work as the recording center of Tokyo Eiga on The Monsters' Desperate Battle - Daigoro vs. Goliath, Go! Godman, Go! Greenman, Ultraman Taro and Pro Wrestling Star Azteckaiser, as Toho Eizo Sound Studio on Megaloman and Ultraman 80, and even on the Heisei version of Ultraseven with Katsumi Itō's Swara Pro. from Digimon, the Toho Sound Studio represent some of its various classic sounds of monster roars, punching/fighting, gunfire, energy attacks and explosions. Another sound effects division of Toho, known as the late Toho Effect Group, added more of the sound effects that were taken from The Return of Ultraman, Ultraman Ace and Meteor Human Zone (also known as Zone Fighter).


Background Scores (early workprints only)

  1. Walking in the Air (The Snowman)
    • Composed by Howard Blake
  2. Move Forward Fearlessly (Team Bumble vs. Snow Dragon Winterbolt) (Dragon Ball Z: Budokai)
    • Composed by Kenji Yamamoto
  3. Challengers (Dragon Ball Z: Budokai)
    • Composed by Kenji Yamamoto
  4. Warrior From An Unknown Land (Miser Man) (Dragon Ball Z: Budokai)
    • Composed by Kenji Yamamoto
  5. Duel of the Fates (Star Wars)
    • Composed by John Williams
  6. Encounter (Dragon Ball Z: Budokai)
    • Composed by Kenji Yamamoto
  7. The Battle With All My Force (The Christmas Circus War with Winterbolt's Forces) (Dragon Ball Z: Budokai)
    • Composed by Kenji Yamamoto
  8. The Final Showdown!! (The Three Snow Dragons) (Dragon Ball Z: Budokai)
    • Composed by Kenji Yamamoto
  9. The Man Called 'C' (Snow Dragon Winterbolt's Rampage in Town) (Dragon Ball Z: Budokai)
    • Composed by Kenji Yamamoto
  10. Just Hold On! (Stop Winterbolt!) (Dragon Ball Z: Budokai)
    • Composed by Kenji Yamamoto


  • This film has a lot of references, memories and cameos from many Rankin/Bass productions in "Animagic" and hand-drawn animation, including The New Adventures of Pinocchio (1960–1961), Willy McBean and his Magic Machine (1963, 1965), Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964), Mad Monster Party? (1966, 1967), The Little Drummer Boy (1968), Frosty the Snowman (1969) Santa Claus is Comin' to Town (1970), Here Comes Peter Cottontail (1971), The Year Without a Santa Claus (1974), Rudolph's Shiny New Year (1975), The First Easter Rabbit (1976), Frosty's Winter Wonderland (1976), Nestor the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey (1977), Jack Frost (1979) Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys (2001) and A Miser Brothers' Christmas (2008).
  • In addition to Tom and Jerry, Hocus Pocus and Willie the Snow Dog, all other animal characters in the film have the ability to speak, including the animals of Lilly Loraine's Circus by the Sea
  • The flashbacks of Tom and Jerry's, Aunt Figg and Lickboot's, Rudolph and Clarice's and Frosty and Crystal's marriages and families are made with clips from Tom and Jerry Meet Frosty the Snowman and Tom and Jerry: Frosty's Winter Wonderland.
  • In the early concept artwork and storyboards, Jack Frost carries a curved wooden staff like his counterpart in DreamWorks' Rise of the Guardians (2012).
  • During the battle with Winterbolt for Frosty's stolen hat, the sequences of Miser Man's fight with his ice gorilla, with support from Bumble, are similar to the various kaiju battles from Tsuburaya Productions' Ultraman (1966–1967) and The Return of Ultraman (1971–1972), both in the 2004 PlaySation video game Ultraman (2004). Also, after Tuffy removes his elf suit to change into his regular look with diaper and get ready to transform along with Jerry and Muscles through the full moon's Blutz Wave, the scene has recycled animation of Tuffy's kung fu pose from The Tom and Jerry Show: Tom-Fu, but does not include his translating speech in Chinese: "Prepare to Suffer!/Seppear ot Pruff".
  • The scene where Scratcher commits suicide when Rudolph tries to convince him to change his ways and join him for next Christmas Eve has partial references from the English dubbed version of the 63rd and final episode of P Productions' Spectreman (in Japan; Space Ape-Man Gori, Space Ape-Man Gori vs. Spectrum Man and Spectrum Man) (1971–1972), The Flash Game (part 2) (in Japan; Goodbye, Spectrum Man).
  • The film will be rated G for General Audience with very mild threat, violence, scary scenes, rude humour, very mild bad language.
  • Suggested Running Time: 121 Minutes (NTSC), 116 Minutes (PAL)


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Workprint #1 (Early Version A, Storyboards)

Opening Logos/ ♪ Theme from Tom and Jerry

Starling Enterprises/ A Letter from the North Pole/ "Good Luck, Cat and Mouse Families!"

(The film opens with the sun shining brightfully in the blue sky with whites clouds, then the voice of our narrator, Santa Claus from Christmas Town in the North Pole, is heard telling us what this is all about.)

Santa Claus (off-screen/narrating): Summer, the second of the four seasons of the year.

Families and Friends' Reunion in Christmas Town/ Nose Trouble/ Opening Credits (♪ overtune ♪)

(The white background turns into clouds, which clears away and gives the viewers a get a bird's eye view of the North Pole, with Christmas Town including Santa's Castle)

Santa Claus (off-screen/narrating):

(Suddenly, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Clarice appear flying, zooming past the camera. Then three fawns, Robbie, Zoey and Arrow, have also appeared, following them their mother and father.)

Rudolph: Here we are, kids. Coach Comet's Reindeer Games.





(The beige reindeer at Robbie's size, Zoey, notices some familiar figures that are not yet to be seen.)

Zoey: Dad! There's Uncle Frosty and Willie with Tuffy, Hermey and the Tooth Fairy down there!

Rudolph: Great! Now let's land down there and see them.

Robbie, Zoey and Arrow: Okay!

(Rudolph, Clarice and their three kids then flew down towards the Reindeer Games. The next shot of the scene shows the Rudolph family floating around a tree, landing on the ground, and then walking away from the tree and toward the Reindeer Game)

Rudolph: Hey, Frosty!

(The camera cuts to four familiar figures watching watching the Reindeer Games run by Coach Comet with some other animals. The first one is Frosty, a snowman with a magical top hat made of silk which allows him to continue living as long as it stays on his head; Hermey, an blond-haired elf who is Rudolph's friend and is known for his jobs as toy maker and dentist; the Tooth Fairy, Hermey's former girlfriend who is now his wife; Topper: Santa's honking penguin friend from the South Pole; Nibbles "Tuffy" Mouse, Jerry's nephew and Frosty's guardian who is wearing his elf suit duplicated from the other elves including Hermey; and Willie, Frosty's snow dog with two potato-brown sock ears and a red plum nose. They then heard Rudolph's voice and turned to see him and his family.)

Frosty: (waving out:) Hey, Rudolph, Clarice!

Tuffy: You've made it!

Willie: R'whoopie!

(Willie barks happily as Frosty stick his broom on the snowy ground to keep it standing still and went to the two, with the snow pet and Tuffy running after. Frosty shook Rudolph's hoof, as well as Clarice's.)

Rudolph: What a great June day!

Frosty: Yeah, positively balmy. Only 10 below.


Robbie: Are you kidding, Uncle Frosty? It's only the first day of the summer solstice, and yet it's still like more winter here in the North Pole?










The Tooth Fairy:




Willie: R'I don't know, Tuffy.

(Just then, the sounds of a helicopter is heard in the background as Frosty, Willie, Hermey, the Tooth Fairy, Tuffy, and the Rudolph family look back to the sky.)

Hermey: Hey, look!


Tuffy: It's a helicopter, from Starling Enterprises. And guess who's driving it?


Frosty: Yes, that must be Tom and Jerry!


Tuffy: Tom! Uncle Jerry! Toodles! Aunt Chérie! Everyone! We welcome you back to Christmas Town!

(The helicopter's doors were open, and Tom was the first to hop out.)

Tom: Ahh!

(Jerry jumps out, too, landing on Tom's head and laughing. And even Toodles Galore and Chérie comes out of the Starling Enterprise helicopter as their husbands starts happily exclaiming Frosty's trademark catchphrase to their old friends, much to the girls' confusion)

Tom and Jerry: Happy Birthday!


Frosty: Hey, that's my line.


Frosty: You know? Some things never change here on Earth, and neither do Thomas Cat and Jeremy Adam Mouse.













Tom and Jerry: Okay, kids! You can come out now!


Hermey: Oh, dear. Three kittens and four toddler or child mice. It seems that Tom and Jerry does have families of their own, now that their marriage was completed.

The Tooth Fairy: And look how colorful they are, Herm.


Frosty: Gosh, little fellas. What's your names?


Purple Kitten: Slats!


Blue Kitten: Jackie!


Green Kitten: Coffee!


Yellow Mouse: Tanner!

Orange Mouse: George!


Red Mouse: Leo!

Pink Mouse: Dorothy!


Three Kittens: Together...


Four Mice: We are...


Tom and Jerry's Children: The Rainbow Squad!

Santa Claus' Introduction/Lady Boreal's Magic

(After the credits had finished, we fade into a scene where Santa, outside his castle and workshop, is walking toward the camera and speaking to us. The camera is zooming toward the man in a red suit at this time.)

Santa Claus: Yes, sir. Believe it or not, Rudolph's red nose is going out unexpectedly, much to the surprise of his wife Clarice, his three reindeer children Robbie, Zoey and Arrow, as well as Hermey, the Tooth Fairy, Frosty, his snow dog Willie, his twin snow children Millie and Chilly, and even the Cat and Mouse families including fathers Tom and Jerry, mothers Toodles Galore and Toots, their nephew Tuffy and their colorful sons and daughters Slats, Jackie, Coffee, Tanner, George, Leo and Dorothy.

(The camera stop zooming in at Santa.)

Santa Claus: As you've already seen, it happened when Millie and Chilly have asked their reindeer uncle to light up his nose for them, just this once. But clearly, it wasn't the snow twins' fault that Rudolph's nose is flickering in a warning signal-style condition, whether on purpose or by accident. It's all because of something terrible, and much evil that started years and years ago.

(The camera switches to a close up at Santa.)

Santa Claus: And I mean, years. Long before I came here to the North Pole...

(The camera cut to the back of Santa as he looks to the sky over the snow/ice mountains)

Santa Claus: This most beautiful territory on the Planet Earth was ruled over by...

(The scene dissolves to another scene, taking place in the dark mountains of ice with a massive snow storm, as well as thunderbolt and lightning effects.)

Santa Claus (off-screen): A powerful, magical king of the North Pole named...

(A Thunderclap sound effect is heard before Santa reveals the name of a single king of the North Pole.)

Santa Claus (off-screen): Winterbolt.

(We then see two snow dragons breathing icy smoke around, while roaring. Up above, a stern figure watched outside a cave. That figure was Winterbolt.)

Santa Claus (off-screen): And this terrible tyrant's fantastic powers came from his scepter of solid ice.


Winterbolt: Ahh, back for more action. I'm proud of you, my little friends.


Winterbolt: Now let me, your king of the North Pole, show you the real taste of my power!


Winterbolt: My ice soldiers, go show those elves and the animals what will happen when they challenge the great King Winterbolt!


Ice General: ATTACK!


Santa Claus (off-screen): All the creatures who were working under Winterbolt's dark rule fought harder to resist his wickedness, but despite their best efforts, they were no match for him.


Santa Claus (off-screen): Some where killed by ice soldiers or warriors...


Santa Claus (off-screen): ...even by his two gigantic Snow Dragons.

(In the next sequence, Winterbolt watched as the elves and critters scurry away from the place in fear.)

Santa Claus (off-screen): And the others were driven away from their north-land homes.


Winterbolt: (heartlessly) Ha ha ha ha ha!

Santa Claus (off-screen): Old Winterblt's tyranny lasted for ages, and it look like there may be no hope of defeating him and bringing the North Pole's right justice and freedom back...

(Then as he turned around to go back into his lair, a bright light shined suddenly down upon him, making him stop.)

Santa Claus (off-screen): Until one day...

Winterbolt: Ohh! *turns back with a sneer at the light while holding his ice scepter* Oh...

Santa Claus (off-screen): There came a being who was more than his match.

(We not cut to a background painting or digital matte painting illustration of the ice mountains with the light glowing brightly up in the night sky.)

Santa Claus (off-screen): Lady Boreal, the queen of the Northern Lights, who took on human form in order to confront King Winterbolt, her long-time rival, and defend the oppressed and innocent citizens of the North Pole.

(In the next shot of the scene, the Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis grew brighter and a familiar young woman appeared in it, with a stern look down at the unseen King Winterbolt. It was Lady Boreal herself.)

Lady Boreal: King Winterbolt? For years, I have seen your malevolent cruelty.


Lady Boreal (off-screen): And now I have taken human form to command thee.


Lady Boreal: Stop this tyrrany at once! You've caused enough pain and unhappiness toward all you enslave and then execute.

(Back to King Winterbolt, the sorcerer of winter only scoffed Lady Boreal off.)

Winterbolt: You don't frighten me, Lady Boreal. No matter how much magic you have better than I do, you won't be able to compete with me either.

(One anime swing sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation, Swara Productions, Anime Sound Production and Jet Sound Engine play in the background as Winterbolt aims his ice scepter at the unseen Lady Boreal.)

Winterbolt: Die!

(He fired an icy-cold energy beam out of his scepter at Lady Boreal, but she held out her hands, blocking the blast and then distinguishing it, which left the evil king stunned.)

Winterbolt: Uh...


Lady Boreal: You've had your chance to give up your evil ways, cruel monarch of the north. And your magic with what you respond with as refusal.

Lady Boreal (off-screen): And now, I must silence you!

Winterbolt: Silence me? Forever?


Lady Boreal: (shakes her head) Alas, nothing is forever. But you, along with your ice soldiers and your Snow Dragons, will fall into a deep, deep sleep.

(The camera zooms slowly away from Lady Boreal as she continued.)

Lady Boreal: And so, you shall remain, so long as my magic burns bright.

(After the camera stops, Lady Boreal casted out her hands with one anime swing sound effect, sending out magical waves of energy from both of them on him. Then in the next shot of the scene, the energy waves struck Winterbolt, making him grunt.)

Winterbolt: G'AHH!

(With a few more grunts of agony, he puts a hand on his chest, feeling overpowered by the waves.)

Winterbolt: AAAAUGH! Uhh... Too...powerful for me! =

(He was forced to drop his ice scepter onto the ground, which surprisingly didn't break. He continued walking weakly with the camera zooming away from the ice staff.)

Winterbolt: Your!

(We now dissolve onto the scene where Winterbolt was asleep on his bed, and the camera zooms away from him.)

Santa Claus (off-screen): And he fell into a profound sleep of many, many winters... as did his ice soldiers and the Snow Dragons.

(Outside, as told, the ice soldiers are starting to feel strange.)

Ice General: Lieutenant, I think...I'm starting to...get...sleepy.

Ice Lieutenant: So am I, General.

(Then all the ice soldiers dropped their weapons and collaspes on the ground, with the anime sound effects playing along with their action. As for the two dragons, they, too, fell into the deep sleep as well, snoring and growling.

Santa Claus (off-screen): And eventually, Winterbolt and all his evil forces were forgotten. 

The Origin of Santa Claus/♪ Santa Claus is Comin' to Town

(After the last scene where Winterbolt and his army have been put under a sleeping spell by Lady Boreal, we now cut to the sequence of the pine tree forests in the snow. There, time had passed as one day at the North Pole with no blizzards blowing, the animals were back, chattering and socializing with one another.)

Santa Claus (off-screen): Then the good and gentle creatures returned to the north. First, the animals...

(We then see the elves and reindeer returning, seeing the bright light from the Aurora Borealis.)

Santa Claus (off-screen): And then, the little ones, the Kringle elves led by Tanta.


Santa Claus (off-screen): And I suppose it was Lady Boreal's which led me, my bride Jessica, who was a school teacher from Sombertown ruled by Burgermeister Meisterburger, and our friends to these northlands.

(The young Santa Claus or Kris Kringle then saw a big open area in the distance.)

Kris Kringle: There it is, everyone. The perfect place for us to build a new castle and toy factory.


Kris Kringle (off-screen): Here, I'll carry out my life's mission far away from all, especially the Burgermeister and his guards, who would stop me.

(They all cheered while throwing their hats up like at a graduation ceremony, even Topper honked happily two-times. The Winter Warlock, who lived in his palace of ice at the Mountains of the Whispering Wind near Sombertown, look down to Kris with a smile.)

Winter Warlock:

Kris Kringle:

Winter Warlock: Heh, heh, heh. Winter, please.

(Later, Santa's castle and factory had been finished, and as years passed, we see Santa and Jessica helping the elves with making the toys and other presents, with the Winter Warlock and Topper examining the toys for any minor damage which the wizard can heal with his magic.)

Santa Claus (off-screen): Yes, the passing years were good to all of us, but Lady Boreal's monumental efforts had drained her of most of her magic and all of her strength, because just like Jessica and I, she is now in an old age. Boreal knew her days as a human were numbered.

(The bright light of the Aurora Borealis shined outside, gaining the attention of them all. Lady Boreal, now an old woman, looked at Kermit and all who were close to him, solemnly. Her voice is similar to Digimon characters: Togemon, the champion-level form of Palmon; Arukenimon, and even Renamon and her champion, ultimate and mega-level forms.)

Lady Boreal: Alas, as I've said before, nothing is forever. But in Santa, the northlands have a kind and true leader. And thus, I may rest with ease.

(She then disappeared into the Aurora Borealis's glow.)

Santa Claus (off-screen): And she became again the magic glow of the Aurora Borealis.


Santa Claus (off-screen): Back at our own town, which we named Christmas Town, I was preparing to set forth on this night of December 24th, which you call Christmas Eve. My first destination is Sombertown, where the children loves me more better than the now deceased Meisterburger.


Santa Claus: How goes the current weather, Mr. Warlock?

Winter Warlock: Winter, please.


Winter Warlock: I've got my magic powers working just fine, now that they have been restored, thanks to Lady Boreal.


Winter Warlock: I can cast up a big freeze if she don't mind, Santa. Yes, just like the world, I can guarantee...


Winter Warlock (off-screen): ...a white Christmas.

Santa Claus: Wonderful! Then, let's be off!

Winterbolt's Plot/"Something Small"


Santa Claus (off-screen):

(The camera cuts to Winterbolt waking up as the ice block that surround him and his snow bed starts cracking with various classic anime and tokusatsu sound effects by the Toho Sound Studio, Hindeori Ishida's Fizz Sound Creation, Katsumi Ito's Swara Productions, Shoji Katō's Anime Sound Production. They kept playing out as the ice shatters and Winterbolt roses from his bed.)

Winterbolt: (amazed:) I am awake. I live again!

(He laughs triumphantly and wickedly)


(Next, we see Winterbolt walking around until he finds his ice scepter on the ground, picks it up and holds it like an old friend, which it sort of was.)

Winterbolt: Ahhh, the Ice Scepter, my old friend. Together again.

(He chuckles a bit before going to another part of the lair with some crystal ball made of snow. There, the ice soldiers who are now freed from Lady Boreal's sleeping spell, see their master approaching and raises their hand to worship him.)

Ice Soldiers: Welcome back, King Winterbolt!

Winterbolt: Oh, thank you, my children. I can't wait to see what's been going on, while we was resting.

(Another another laughter, Winterbolt sits down on his chair and gazes into the crystal snow ball, which shows him the vision of Santa Claus and his Christmas Town staff.)

Santa Claus: Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho! Ohh, ho, ho, ho!

Winterbolt: Who is this "ho-ho-ho-ing" creature my magic eye of snow show me? He looks to be a new king?


Winterbolt: There can be no ruler of the North, save me!


Winterbolt (off-screen): Oh, if it isn't my apprentice, the Winter Warlock.





Winterbolt: Well, there is also that so-called ruler of the North Wind, but he only has a quarter share of the rulership I have, which means I am the real REAL ruler of the North, but now I hear there is new competition?


Winterbolt: But how?


Winterbolt: Tell me, Genire of the Ice Scepter.


Genie of the Ice Scepter: His power comes from the love he receives from children all over the world, 'o master.

Winterbolt: Is he as powerful as me?


Genie of the Ice Scepter: At the moment...far MORE powerful.


Winterbolt: Then I shall make the world's children love me instead of him. Tell me, Genie, how does he please these children?


Genie of the Ice Scepter: Each Christmas Eve, he sets forth in his sleigh pulled by his reindeer including the lead reindeer, Donner, and leaves every child at least one present, most likely a toy, before the dawn of Christmas Day.


Winterbolt: Is that all? Tell me, how might I stop him from going forth.


Genie of the Ice Scepter: Next Christmas Eve...

(The genie opened his dark mouth, which then showed a simulation image of Winterbolt's snow dragons breathing ice and fog all over, eventually creating a storm.)

Genie of the Ice Scepter: Have your Snow Dragons create a storm of ice, fog and snow...


Genie of the Ice Scepter (off-screen): ...of which the likes of the north has never seen.

(We then see the vision of Santa in his sleigh being pulled by the reindeer heading straight for the fog and becoming lost inside the Genie's mouth.)

Genie of the Ice Scepter: Santa will become hopelessly lost, and the toys will never be delivered.

(The image then disappeared back into the darkness of the genie's mouth, before he close it again. The camera switches to Winterbolt lking this idea. He grinned eagerly and evilly while the genie continues to speak to his master.)

Genie of the Ice Scepter (off-screen): Otherwise, Santa could just cancel the whole delivery all together. Either way, the children will feel he has let them down and may lose their faith in him.

Winterbolt: Bravo, excellent! I love this plan, but why not have them create a storm THIS year?

Genie of the Ice Scepter: Because your powers have not been fully restored at this time.

Winterbolt: Fair point. Maybe I should start my training to get my powers working again. Still, it'll be worth it when the time comes. I could be greater than this Santa!

(He began to leave the room as he continued, with the ice soldiers following him.)

Winterbolt: I'd give the little brats twice as many presents, and they would love me more. They'll become lazy and dependent on me, and I would rule them all!

(The evil king and his warriors then came to the entrance of his lair.)

Winterbolt: And when they grow up, their whole, round world will be my own... (raises his ice scepter) personal SNOWBALL!

(The ice soldiers cheered in agreement as they raise their swords, axes, spears and other weapons before Winterbolt raised his left hand, signaling them to stop. He then stopped to think, before turning to us.)

Winterbolt: (ponders) Hmm.. Though, of course, I wasn't the only one given the knowledge of Santa Claus, the same as Winter Warlock.


Winterbolt: North Wind, sibling of Snow Miser and Heat Miser from the house of Mother Nature, also knows about him. Only last year, when Santa has a mild-severe cold which forces him to take his time off as a "holiday" or vacation", he seeks that old man's position, so he could have the same plan as mine. But the Miser Brothers, after agreeing to let a little winter in Southtown, USA, and a little spring at the North Pole, overheard North Wind plotting to overthrow Santa and take his place. They took him to Mother Nature and force him to admit his terrible scheme to her. Now she has punished North Wind by making him do household chores for the next several thousand years.

(He groans in pity, and so did his ice soldiers.)

Winterbolt: I feel sorry for this handsome fellow. Well, I've already beaten him to it, but this time, I'll make sure that Nature and the Miser Brothers will not be involved in my own plans.


Winterbolt: Like I said before, my friends... When I get rid of Santa Claus and wins the love from the children, including yourselves, I will soon take control of your world, and you will know me; especially in the North Pole Times newspapers, or the papers from wherever you live... as "Winterbolt: Emperor of the Planet Earth!"

(Then Winterbolt and his ice warriors started laughing evilly. Unknown to Winterbolt, he was being watched by Lady Boreal in the Northern Lights up above. She was overhearing Winterbolt's lessons about Santa Claus and his extending plans to dominate the Earth.)

Lady Boreal (off-screen): How little King Winterbolt knows of the ways of Santa Claus and the children of Earth. There's more than just giving toys.

(She then appeared in her human form again.)

Lady Boreal: There is kindness, and the loving warmth of a family on Christmas morning. (shakes her head) These things cannot die, and Winterbolt shall not have his way with the planet, created along with the heavens by God who commands the universe, and formerly inhabited by dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures before the human race. I will not let them. 

(The Queen of the Northern Lights then sighs) 

Lady Boreal: But I am so old and weak. 

(Boreal then thought of something before continuing.) 

Lady Boreal: If only there may be the Fountain of Youth, which is now at the Garden of Paradise, I would at least need a jug of this magic water for a drink. That way, it would not only make me young again, but give me the right to preserve eternal youth. But what the Sandman would say is that things must take time, so will the need of my patience. 

(She looked down upon Santa's castle below, which her light shined on.)

Lady Boreal: Ice, snow, winds and fog on Christmas Eve to hinder Santa's sleigh?

(The camera switches back to Lady Boreal.)

Lady Boreal: I must leave something...small, I fear, to guide him on his way.

The Star in the Snowflake/ ♪ Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

(Then, we dissolve to a familiar cave, where we see Mitzi, better known as Mrs. Donner, is lying with her newborn son who had an ordinary black nose like all reindeer, nuzzling him gently. That baby reindeer is Rudolph.)

Santa Claus (off-screen): And a little later that day, a tiny, ordinary reindeer was born. Born of Donner's wife, Mitzi.

(Baby Rudolph opened his eyes and saw his mother.)

Mitzi: Have no fear, my little one. Soon your father will be home, and I must rest for the moment.

(But after his mother went asleep near him, Baby Rudolph saw a bright glow appear in the middle of the cave, and there stood Lady Boreal in her human form. Baby Rudolph looked on in awe, before he giggled a bit.)

Lady Boreal: (smiling) Do not be alarmed, little one.

(She walks toward Baby Rudolph.)

Lady Boreal: I am Lady Boreal, the Queen of the Northern Lights, and I've come here in peace, but will not stay for long. (kneels to him) I have so little magic left to leave you, so I recommend you use it wisely and well.

(Boreal holds up one of Baby Rudolph's hooves.)

Lady Boreal: On this small hoof, I shall make a magic mark in the shape of a crystal star, cradled by a snowflake.

(She waved her hand around the hoof, and there appeared a crystal star inside a snowflake.)

Lady Boreal: And with this secret mark, the magic of the Northern Lights lives in you. 

(The camera cuts to Lady Boreal and Rudolph) 

Lady Boreal: (releasing Rudolph's hoove) And to ensure you that wasn't all... 

(In a close-up shot of the scene, Lady Boreal's finger appears in front of Rudolph's black nose as she points it carefully and gently at him) 

Lady Boreal (off-screen): I shall also make you...a red-nosed reindeer. 

(Boreal's finger shoots a red beam of energy, and Rudolph's nose absorbs it as if he is inhaling that warm light through his nostrils. Then, some red magic dust appears as the color of Rudolph's nose changes from black to red, astonishing the baby reindeer) 

Baby Rudolph: Whoo... 

(When his nose's magical transformation was completed, Lady Boreal tells him on what should he do in his new form) 

Lady Boreal: Now, as a red-nosed reindeer, you can use the magic to make your nose glow as bright as the Earth's sun. Supposedly, it will happen depending on your emotions. 

(Baby Rudolph looked confused, for he had no idea how his new red nose would glow, not just yet.)

Lady Boreal (off-screen): How, you' ask?

(The camera switches to Lady Boreal)

Lady Boreal: Think good thoughts, and you will see.

(Back to Baby Rudolph goes the camera, he then closed his eyes and thought of something good. And suddenly, his transformed nose lights up for the first time, making a humming sound effect.)

Baby Rudolph: (surprised:) Ooh!

(The camera cuts to a Lady Boreal and Rudolph)

Lady Boreal: Will the magic last forever, you wonder? (pets him) Nothing is forever, as I've said for the third time. 

(Baby Rudolph turned his new red nose off and wagged his tail a bit.)

Lady Boreal: But this magic is strong, and your nose will glow so long as you use it for good.

(As she continued, the camera zooms in to a near-close up at Lady Boreal)

Lady Boreal: If you are tempted, even once, to use it for an evil purpose, it will be extinguished forever. Do you understand?

(The camera cuts to a close-up at Baby Rudolph)

Baby Rudolph: (nods) Uh-huh.

Lady Boreal: And will you never use it for evil?

Baby Rudolph: (shakes his head) Uh-uh.

Lady Boreal: (chuckles) Now listen, I know this may seem so sudden and overwhelming on your new form, but when you grow older to be like your father, you'll understand why I gave you this magic by transforming your black nose into a glowing red nose.

(The camera cuts back to Baby Rudolph, who is listening to Boreal while looking at his newly-transformed nose.)

Lady Boreal (off-screen): And if anyone or any other young reindeer ridicules you for your difference, I apologize in advance, but try to remember that it'll be for a significant purpose someday.

(The camera cuts behind Baby Rudolph, with Lady Boreal being above him.)

Lady Boreal: You might even forget this day we've met, and the purpose of your nose's power once, but later on, it may come back to you, providing that you keep it in your heart once it does.

(With Baby Rudolph, he looked a bit concerned, but tried to stay positive. Then the camera cuts back to Lady Boreal.)

Lady Boreal: And now, little babe, I leave you to your mother's love.

(The camera zooms away until stopping to show a sequence of Boreal, Baby Rudolph and the sleeping Mitzi.)

Lady Boreal: Use your secret magic well.

(She then disappeared into the light for the last time, and so did the light. Baby Rudolph was still amazed, and then Mitzi woke up.)

Mitzi: Oh. What was that?

(She then looked to Baby Rudolph, not realizing that he now has a real nose)

Mitzi: Was someone here?

Baby Rudolph: (nods) Uh-huh. (realizes his second miss-understanding and shakes his head) Uh-uh.

Mitzi: (chuckles) Can't you make up your mind, my son?

(She licks Baby Rudolph a bit, then the voice of Donner is heard calling out for her.)

Donner (off-screen): Hey, Mitzi! Where's my boy? Is he here yet?

(Into the cave came galloping Donner, along with Blitzen, Coach Comet, Dasher, Cupid and Prancer.)

Mitzi: Right here, Donner, my darling.

Donner: (coming up to the two) Blitzen and I flew 300 miles in only 15 leaps, when I heard the news, and...

(The lead reindeer talk with his wife is halted as he sees his new son with his eyes closed again, and smiles at this)

Donner: Aww, will you just look at him? (chuckles) My little buck.

Dasher: Wow, quite a chip off the old buck.

Prancer: He certainly looks like a sturdy kid. You must be proud.


Donner: We are, indeed.

(He looks back down at Mitzi and Baby Rudolph.)

Donner: Nah, we'll...we'll call him Rudolph.

Mitzi: Rudolph is a lovely name. (looks down to her son) Rudolph.

(Baby Rudolph then re-opened his eyes and turned to his parents, hearing his name. )

Donner: He-hey! He knows his name already!


Coach Comet:

Donner: Hello, young Rudolph. Your father's finally here, and these are your uncles, Blitzen, Comet, Dasher, Cupid and Prancer.

Dasher: Hello, little fellow.

Prancer: Welcome to the world, Rudolph.

Speiltoe (from outside the cave): Mind if I come in and see the newcomer?

Donner: Not at all.

(The donkey enters and sees Rudolph)

(The camera cuts to a near close up at Rudolph, with Santa being heard narrating yet again)

Santa Claus (off-screen): And thus, the tale of Rudolph, now transformed into a magically red-nosed reindeer by Lady Boreal, had begun.

(Baby Rudolph's red nose glows for the second time with another humming sound, and Mitzi, Donner, Blitzen, Comet, Dasher, Cupid and Prancer as gasped in surprise upon discovering it for the first time. Speiltoe is kind of satisfied at the sight of the nose. Then the Rudolph theme music started playing in the background as the reindeer family looked at each other in puzzlement about how Rudolph's nose looks different now)

Chorus: ♪ Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Had a very shiny nose

(Donner scraped his hoof against the dirt, getting a big glop of it and placing it over Baby Rudolph's nose, making it look black again.)

Chorus: ♪ And if you ever saw it

(Baby Rudolph gets up as Speiltoe, Donner, Mitzi, Blitzen, Comet, Dasher, Cupid and Prancer smile at him, and then at each other, meaning to keep a secret to themselves)

You would even say it glows

(Next, we fade into a scene that takes place at Coach Comet's Reindeer Games in April of the following year, where Young Rudolph and Young Clarice met during the flying lesson)

Female Chorus: ♪ All of the other reindeer

(Young Clarice licks Young Rudolph's disguised nose two times, removing the mud and exposing its glow which surprises her, as well as Coach Comet, and the yearlings including Young Fireball)

Female Chorus: ♪ Used to laugh and call him names

(The camera zooms away to show the entire Reindeer Games as Young Rudolph is forced to leave, but Young Clarice follows him. Speiltoe, the donkey of Santa Claus, is seen among the reindeer, and he disappointed to see them being mean to Rudolph because of his new form)

Male Chorus: ♪ They never let poor Rudolph

Join in any Reindeer Game

(Months later, it was Christmas Eve where the big storm, that Winterbolt brewed up, had hit, and right when Santa was about to call off the annual Christmas Eve launch. This time, the scene shows us Santa's castle with the violent stormy snowfall.) 

Chorus: ♪ Then one foggy Christmas Eve

Santa came to say...

(Inside some area, we Santa Claus stating his request to Rudolph, now a teenager or a young adult with long antlers that matched the same Coach Comet's and the other male adult reindeer)

Chorus: ♪ "Rudolph, with your nose so bright...

Won't you guide my sleigh tonight?"

(A bit later that night, the reindeer team with Rudolph in front began taking off, pulling Santa's and the sleigh onward and upward, with Rudolph's nose lighting the way, and everyone else cheering, including Mrs. Claus, new elves such as Hermey, the other reindeer Donner, the former leader of Santa's team and Mitzi, Clarice and her father, the North prospector Yukon Cornelius and his dogs that pull his sled, and the formerly Abominable Snow Monster, Bumble, who is now reformed, but with his missing original sharp teeth that were pulled off his gums by Hermey, and not yet developing his ability to talk.)

Chorus: ♪ Then how the reindeer loved him

As they shouted out with glee?

"Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer...

You'll go down in history!" ♪ ♪

(The crew soon made it past through the storm and were up above the clouds, on their way to the first destination: the Island of Misfit Toys.)

A Different Story/ More of Rudolph's Adventures in the Past

(At his lair, Winterbolt's eye of snowball is showing him the vision of Rudolph's current job of guiding Santa's sleigh, which left him anxious to learn all about it)

Winterbolt: Oh, eye of snow, what's this you show? A red-nosed reindeer?

(The king then gets off his chair.)

Winterbolt: So that's how Santa defeated my Snow Dragons, even without his bare hands or weapons. (snickering) He may be very clever, but little does he know that our war is just moments and moments away from conclusion. There will be a different story which cannot be underestimated. Next Christmas Eve, in the future, a red-nosed reindeer by the name of...Rudolph will be no match for King Winterbolt!


Santa Claus (off-screen): No, King Winterbolt wasn't defeated that easily. He was bound and determined to make sure that Rudolph's new power was gone for good, and that he ruled the North Lands once again, then ruled the Planet Earth. He looked forward to have the right opportunity for our little red-nosed hero to be brought down, so he again started his workout to unlock his new maximum power level and new spells.


Santa Claus (off-screen): After two years of training to expand his magic to the next levels of infiniting power, he has to look out on the magic eye of snow for what other events in which Rudolph was involved with.


Santa Claus (off-screen:) First, after bringing back Tuffy and Frosty, the grandson of the Snowman in July, who was reborn as a snowman with his new body created by Tom, Jerry, Karen and the others and brought back to the living by his snow grandfather's enchanted ice heart and his magic hat that was temporarily owned by Professor Hinkle the Magician, Rudolph was chosen for the emergency quest to find Happy the Baby New Year, who ran away from Father Time's castle to the Archipelago of Last Years.

(Later, Winterbolt saw the night Rudolph and his friends including Tuffy, Jerry's nephew who is now an elf mouse with the same suit copied from the other elves including Hermey, were out venturing to search for Father Time's castle in the eye of snow, as it all happen in a tale that is known as Rudolph's Shiny New Year.)

Winterbolt: Just have to figure the right way to finish him off. Maybe I could have my Snow Dragons create an even more ferocious storm than this one. Hmm, of course, there's the possibility of freezing the world for good, and that means there'd be no souls left to terrorize and kick around.

(But before Winterbolt could make his move, he saw Eon the Terrible swooping in and chasing after Rudolph and his team when they are hitching a ride with General Ticker on the Great Quarter-Past-Five while trying to avoid the bald eagle.)

Winterbolt: (smirks) Ah, Eon the Terrible. I can rely on him to take out Rudolph, as well as his friends who associate with him. That would save me the trouble of almost freezing the world all over and the trouble of using my magic period. I may as well just relax while formulating my plan for the next storm to defeat Santa for sure.

(Winterbolt walked away from the crystal snowball, feeling victorious. But he was wrong, for the following days, on New Year's Eve, Winterbolt was devastated to see Eon and all of the good guys laughing joyfully inside the magic eye of snow.)

Santa Claus (off-screen:): Of course, Winterbolt never would have suspected that instead of becoming Eon's victims, Rudolph, his girlfriend Clarice, my first and only mouse elf Tuffy, and Happy would have reformed the beastly bird and cure him from freezing forever.

(The camera shows a scene with the Genie of the Ice Scepter explaining this event to Winterbolt while Santa's narration continues.)

Santa Claus (off-screen:) But when he saw the results on New Year's Eve, with the Genie of the Ice Scepter explaining what had happened since Rudolph set out, he was NOT very happy about that.

(Winterbolt then turned away from his genie, fuming.)

Winterbolt: (angry:) Ooooh! I can't believe that not only a red-nosed runt like him would light the way through a fog, but also help an infant brighten Eon's spirit! I guess I'll have to figure out a way to lure him away so I can dispose of him myself!

(The king holds his ice scepter)

Winterbolt: After all, not only does my ice scepter contain powers of winter, but after my two years of hard training to have plenty of energy in one limitless max power level, it allows me to use my new spells and my new ability to transform into one Snow Dragon, a dragon that is larger than my own two and intelligent unlike them. In other words, it should be called, the mightiest Snow Dragon of all! All I feel is appropriate! I must use them when he leaves the North Pole again!

(But Winterbolt calms down and thinks for a moment.)

Winterbolt: But according to my Genie of the Ice Scepter, Rudolph set out only once a year, Christmas Eve, unless an event happens that makes him feel like leaving earlier. I can't wait all year! Surely there has to be something to make him leave earlier! But perhaps, there possibly will be if I have to wait until December. But then, there possibly will not be. I must l keep him posted, but if I'm not when the appropriate time comes, then I must strike.

(Months later, Winterbolt saw Rudolph, Frosty, Hermey and Tuffy, now a mouse elf with the same clothes as Hermey, sailing through the Northern Seas in Hermey's Tooth-Mobile at night in the mirror. This flashback took place in the events of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys, and it was also the time in which Frosty is not yet given his new scarf created by Santa's elves, the yellow scarf with orange squares that is seen nowadays starting with Tom and Jerry: Frosty's Winter Wonderland.)

Santa Claus (off-screen:): When the next December came, and it was getting close to Christmas Eve, Winterbolt oversaw Rudolph's departure with Hermey, Tuffy and Frosty for his second trip to the Island of Misfit Toys where they gave their ruler King Moonracer's root canal for the greater decay on his tooth. The winter king waited until nighttime, the time when the misfit gang is traveling on their way back to Christmas Town. But instead of transforming into a mightiest Snow Dragon on which you will not see just yet, he thought of another potential use of his new powers: to conjure up yet another storm that will hopefully lose our heroes and Tuffy forever.

Winterbolt: This storm is one that I know won't fail.

(One anime sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation, Swara Productions and Jet Sound Engine play in the background as he lifts up his ice scepter)

Winterbolt: Stormy powers, I summon thee. Bring forth a storm to the sea, one that would swallow ships whole or sink them to the harsh, unforgiving waters so Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and his friends shall not survive. Drown them all, and melt Frosty the Snowman back to what he was, just like his snow grandfather before him. Now go, and serve me well!

(A lot of anime and tokusatsu sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation and the Toho Sound Studio's Toho Effect Group, are heard as a heavy lightning storm was conjured from Winterbolt's ice scepter, and it had traveled from the cave all the way to where Rudolph and his friends were, and the mighty Winterbolt watched what is happening on the magic eye of snow, hoping the storm would bring them down. They crashed into an iceberg, cracking it and sending the parts collapsing onto them and sinking the vehicle and its passengers down below. In doing so, it bounces Frosty off as it shoots him up higher in the air.)

Winterbolt: (triumphantly) Yes! (laughs evilly) VICTORY, AT LAST! (laughing maniacally)

(Then he sees Frosty falling down to the water. But before he could hit the water, Frosty stops, turning out he's beginning to fly above the sea waters, surprising Winterbolt.)

Winterbolt: What?

(Howard Blake's Walking in the Air, a score from the 1982 British animated Christmas musical special, The Snowman, plays in the background as Frosty continue to fly around the air with his body. The "all-living" snowman is confused to see what he is doing, and so were the evil Winterbolt, who is observing from his crysal snowball)

Winterbolt: Frosty has the power to fly?

(Then he saw a certain red light glowing and humming in the sea, before Rudolph, with Hermey and Tuffy holding on, emerged from the waters, with Frosty watching from the air.)

Winterbolt: (shocked) No!

(He then watched Rudolph, Hermey and Tuffy make it to land, and the Tooth-Mobile come back up floating, leaving the group dumbstruck even further. Frosty flew down to his friends and stops in mid air.)

Frosty: Guys, are you okay?

(They look up to see Frosty still floating, and they were surprised.)

Tuffy: (amazed:) Hey, Mr. Frosty! You're flying!

Frosty (smiling:) This isn't flying, Tuffy. This is falling, or maybe floating with style.


Winterbolt: Why didn't my storm sink them?! And not only that I see, but how did Frosty fly like this? Hmmm, luck must obviously be on that reindeer's side that time! Probably, that wasn't the magic feed corn. That Frosty must have believed in his own faith, and that, along with the memories of his friendships, gives him the ability to fly, and to be immune to rain magically, making it impossible for him to melt!

(Then an anime punching sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation, Jet Sound Engine, Swara Productions is played out when Winterbolt slammed his fist on the left arm of his ice chair in frustration, making it crack a bit.)

Winterbolt: That's it! I'm going back to the original plan that I was saving: becoming into a Snow Dragon, go down there and kill them all myself!

(Next, we fade to a scene where the Genie of the Scepter, now summoned by Winterbolt, is speaking to his master after being told about his original intention of destroying Rudolph all by himself..)

Genie of the Ice Scepter: Word of advice, 'o master, with news of the one criminal. The mysterious Toy Taker's toy thievery spreading throughout the globe and wrapping up here.

(The camera cuts to Winterbolt with the Genie being heard speaking to him)

Genie of the Ice Scepter (off-screen): Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman and their crew may return to the Island of Misfit Toys to apprehend him.

(The camera cuts back to the Genie of the Ice Scepter and Winterbolt)

Genie of the Ice Scepter: There would be a good chance to use your new maximum powers and then try to finish Rudolph off, along with everybody else who support him. But first, let it play out, and when they later start to chase the Toy Taker all the way back to Christmas Town, then you will follow them and destroy Rudolph.

(The next day, December 24th, Winterbolt is watching though his eye of snow. He sees the Island of Misfit Toys with all the toys hiding in their boxes, while waiting for Rudolph and his friends to arrive, looking around.)

Winterbolt: They should be here any time now.

(Then Winterbolt heard the sound of the Tooth-mobile arriving onto the island. He saw the Rudolph, Frosty, Tuffy and the others arriving on land to inform King Moonracer of their plan to disguise themselves as Misfit Toys for the Toy Taker to capture. But to his surprise, he saw the toothless, partially intelligent Bumble with them, making him gasp.)

Winterbolt: The Abominable Snow Monster of the North! A mean and nasty beast who hates everything to do with Christmas! The Genie of the Ice Scepter told me that nearly over three years ago, when Rudolph agrees to pull Santa's sleigh through the fog on December 24th, he has been reformed and trained to become their bodyguard and Yukon Cornelius' co-worker for his peppermint mine! Well, I'll take care of him, too, when the time's right! But first, I need to let him and his allies carry out their mission.

(The events of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the Island of Misift Toys continued with Winterbolt watching on his crystal snowball as Santa Claus's narration goes on.)

Santa Claus (off-screen:)

(The next scene shows the Toy Taker standing on a blue background.)

Santa Claus (off-screen): Little do they know, the Toy Taker they are willing to catch...


Santa Claus (off-screen):, in fact, none other than Mr. Cuddles, a teddy bear who was received by a young boy named Steven on Christmas Day long ago.

(The camera shows us the scenes of Mr. Cuddles original life with Steven through the years until his accidental disposal)

Santa Claus (off-screen):


Santa Claus (off-screen): Now, as the Toy Taker, Mr. Cuddles is secretly rescuing all the toys from suffering the same fate as he had did misunderstandingly.


Santa Claus (off-screen): Not realizing this, and thinking Mr. Cudd-- Uh, I mean, the Toy Taker is stealing toys just like had taken Queen Camilla's from her palace on Castaway Cove, the Christmas Town gang are ready to seize him, by allowing him to take them without knowing that they are dressed as toys, which are made by themselves.

(The Toy Taker, secretly known as Mr. Cuddles, got out his magic flute and began playing the same tune he played before to lure the misfit toys. Then, each toy came popping out of their boxes and were in a trance, following the flute's tune, like the other toys. Out of a couple big boxes, popped Rudolph and Clarice with fake wind-up keys attached to their backs with some safe sticky material or washable glue. They tried to act hypnotized and walked like a toy would normally. Then Hermey hopped out in a tooth costume, and so did Tuffy as a piece of green cheese, and Frosty as a incorrectly snowman-shaped, chocolate-flavored ice cream with his magic silk hat transformed into a ice cream cone to make him look like he is upside down, following their friends, who glanced back.)

Rudolph (whispering:) The idea was to dress as toys, Hermey.

Hermey: Um, I'm a...Misfit Molar. (looks down to Tuffy) And Tuffy's a piece of green cheese.

Tuffy: (whispering:) Hey, cut me some slack, will you? Those are the costumes we all made that could find that was our size on short notice!

Frosty: (whispering): I'm glad I don't need one, guys. I use magic to paint myself brown and turn my hat into an ice cream cone. Silly stick in the mud, I may not be as good as I am, but on the inside of myself, I scrumdiddlyumptiously taste like real chocolate. It's all compliments of...

Tuffy and Frosty: (whispering:) Mr. Willy Wonka, the maker of chocolates and other candies.


Yukon Cornelius: Oh, brother!


Rudolph: (whispering:) Just follow the others.

Frosty: (whispering:) At your orders, Rudolph.

(As Winterbolt looked on through the magic eye of snow, all the misfit toys and the disguised Christmas Town squad being sucked in. Then Bumble grabbed the hose and stuck it to his head, but unfortunately for him, he was stuck there, floating a couple feet above the ground. The Toy Taker was astonished, even though he still had that creepy grin face.)

Toy Taker (Mr. Cuddles): You're an awfully... big toy, aren't you?


Toy Taker (Mr. Cuddles): I'm sorry, but I can't take you with me. You're too... enormous!

Winterbolt: Ha ha-ha-ha-ha! What luck! That gigantic furry-coated monster in a bunny costume won't be such a problem to me after all!


Toy Taker (Mr. Cuddles): Good luck, my hoppity bunny friend. (sniffs) Been nice knowing you well.


Santa Claus (off-screen):


Santa Claus (off-screen):

(Clarice turned around, seeing the recently-captured toys and looked worried at how they look.)

Santa Claus (off-screen): (narrating:) But...

Claricee: Oh, Rudolph, look at them. They're in some kind of trance.

(Frosty then notice the whole thing, too)

Frosty: How could these toys get to be this way?

Yukon Cornelius: That Toy Taker's flute must pack some kind of hocus pocus voodoo power.

Frosty: Oh, good answering, Yukon.

(Rudolph turned to a certain yellow kite.)

Rudolph: (whispering:) Don't worry, Mr. Kite. We're here to rescue you and the others, and we'll find a way to get you off this ship.

(Mr. Kite, a misfit toy who is scared of heights, looked alarmed, although he briefly breaks out of trance and recognize Rudolph.)

Mr. Kite: We're sorry, Rudolph. We don't want to do this to you guys, but...

Rudolph: Huh?

(The Christmas Town gang looked confused as he, moving back to his hypnotized state, starts calling out for the Toy Taker.)

Mr. Kite: Intruders!

(The other misfit toys joined in, much to the surprise of the heroes)

Misfit Toys: Intruders! Intruders!

Tuffy: (shocked:) What are you fellas doing?!

Frosty: That flute's hypnosis must've had even more effect than we thought.

Rudolph: Not so loud!

(But the toys ignore Rudolph's pleas and continue their warning calls as Tuffy smacked himself on the forehead with an anime punch/ping sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation. Then, the Toy Taker, who heard the shouting, came into the room after leaving the blimp on autopilot.)

Toy Taker (Mr. Cuddles): What is it?

(The Christmas Town gang becomes shocked as the Toy Taker spotted them)

Hermey: Uh-oh! No one told me that this criminal was a lookalike of one of the goblins from Gumby and Noddy's Toyland.

Tuffy: At least he's not Sly or Gobbo, or Blockhead G or J.

(With the Toy Taker, he glares at his secret chasers)

Toy Taker (Mr. Cuddles): You're not toys!

(The group glares back)

Rudolph: No, we're not! We're friends of Santa Claus!

Hermey: And we want his toys back!

Yukon Cornelius: Surrender, you hooligan, or we will have no choice but to ki--!

(Before he could finish, Frosty puts his snow hand on Yukon's mouth, muffling him)

Frosty: Oh, no, Yukon! You should not be saying words like that.

Tuffy: Yeah! It will scare the little kids watching this movie.

(When Frosty removes his hand, Yukon is allowed to speak again)

Yukon Cornelius: Oh, sorry about that.

(He went laughing in embarrassment, while the Toy Taker looked confused with an anime sweat drop rolling down his face.)

Yukon Cornelius: Anyway, we got you surrounded!

(But the Toy Taker, refusing to give himself up, pulled out a remote.)

Toy Taker (Mr. Cuddles): Ha ha! Do you?

(The Christmas Town Patrol back up a bit as they thought that the Toy Taker is about to attack them)

Toy Taker (Mr. Cuddles): Sorry you can't stay for the holidays, but the real fun is just beginning. Ta-ta!

(More pure classic anime sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation, Swara Productions and Anime Sound Production play in the back ground as the Toy Taker presses the button on the remote, The toys moved out of the way as the floor beneath the heroes opened up and they saw the door was opened up, and they ran in the air in alarm before falling out, screaming. Then Yukon Cornelius grabbed onto a ledge at the bottom of the blimp, with the Hermey holding onto his leg and one of Clarice's hoofs. Luckily, Rudolph, with Tuffy hanging on his back, and Frosty were still able to fly. Back at Winterbolt's hideout in the North, he saw that happened on the eye of snow.)

Winterbolt: Oh, dear! This so-called Toy Taker is trying send Rudolph and his friends falling to their doom! Maybe I should thank him for relieving me of my problem. I cannot be angry at him for stealing my ultimate goal from me.

(Back to Rudolph and Frosty, they managed to keep flying with Tuffy on Rudolph's back. Then the red-nosed reindeer and Tuffy saw the trap door open, before they tried to fly back to it. Then as he got too close to it, it closed up and he hit it hard, knocking the key off his back and knocking him out of the sky. Frosty watch in horror as Tuffy is falling along with Rudolph, and Clarice saw this happening to them, to her alarm.)

Clarice: Rudolph! No!

Frosty: Hang on, Tuffy!

(While Frosty turn himself back to being a white snowman with the magic silk hat, quickly swoop down and catch Tuffy just in time, Clarice, not thinking through, lets go of Hermey's grip and zoomed off after her Rudolph. She caught her boyfriend on her back, and surprisingly, she wasn't falling. She grunted as she carried him through the sky. Rudolph regain consciousness and saw his love carrying him while flying, making him smile.)

Winterbolt (off-screen): Ohhh, give me a break.

Rudolph: Huh? Clarice! (looks back to Frosty carrying Tuffy with his hands) And Frosty! You both saved us!

(An anime sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation is heard in the background as Rudolph jumps off Clarice to fly again.)

Clarice And I earned my wings.

Frosty: (laughing:) Don't you mean your invisible wings, Clarice?

Clarice: I guess so too, Frosty. And that's not all, I think I know the one thing that helped me with it, and we can see that you still can fly with your special abilities, just like the last time when you guys were washed ashore to Castaway Cove.

Tuffy: We're just glad to remember that, Mr. Frosty!

(The two reindeer, the mouse elf and the "all-living" snowman smiled lovingly for a bit to each other, before Clarice realized.)

Clarice: Wait, what about our friends?

Rudolph and Frosty: Oh, that's right!

(With Cornelius and Hermey, the prospecter was struggling to keep his hold of the wheel.)

Yukon Cornelius: I can't hold on much longer!

(His hands then began to slide off the wheel, and Yukon Cornelius and Hermey were sent falling through the sky, screaming. It looked like they were done for, until the Rudolph, Clarice, Frosty and Tuffy came flying in and caught them on Rudolph and Clarice's backs. Clarice flew through the air with Cornelius on her back, and Rudolph flew with Hermey on his.)

Yukon Cornelius: WA-HOOOO!

(Then, the group started flying a bit lopsided through the sky).

Yukon Cornelius: We ain't heavy for ya, are we, Clarice?

Clarice: No, you are as light as a feather. (mumbles to herself) A 780-pound feather.

(Nevertheless, they flew back to the blimp, as the Toy Taker was humming while steering again, until he saw the heroes floating outside his door, to his dismay.)

Toy Taker (Mr. Cuddles): Darn, darn, darn!

(They neared a sliding door that Hermey opened up, and the heroes went in, as the Toy Taker put the thing in autopilot, and the passengers got off Rudolph and Clarice, before all of them looked at the villain.)

Frosty: Happy Birthday! Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman, at your service.

Rudolph: Now we've got you!

Frosty: (smirking) We don't wanna hurt you, Mr. Toy Taker. We're just gonna put you under arrest and custody in the name of the North Pole law. What do you say you give up, and come with us to see Santa now?

Toy Taker (Mr. Cuddles): (whips out remote) I think not, Rudolph and Frosty!

(He pressed the button, which made a hatch above them open up, along with a rope to appear, which the laughing villain climbed up, making his escape.)

Yukon Cornelius: Why, that little... Allow me!


Winterbolt: Yes, members of the Christmas Town police. Keep following the Toy Taker, and struggle all you want with him. I'll be catching with you soon, well only Rudolph alone.

(He gets up from his chairs and leaves his lair to meet up with his army of ice warriors and his two Snow Dragons.)

Ice Warriors: Ah! King Winterbolt!

Winterbolt: My ice soldiers and Snow Dragons, the time has come for me to use my rightful idea. I'm going to transform myself into the mightiest of all the Earth's ferocious dragons, and go after where Rudolph and his friends are chasing the Toy Taker.

(The two Snow Dragons grunted in confusion, and one of the ice warriors, the general, spoke to his master.)

Ice General: You can become a mightiest Snow Dragon, sir?

Winterbolt: Of course, general. They're bringing him back to Christmas Town, where Santa and his staff are waiting to arrest him. But to ruin their mission, I will engage with a single fight with Rudolph alone.

(The ice warriors look concerned, and so were the Snow Dragons, then another Ice warrior, the lieutenant speak up.)

Ice Lieutenant: This is crazy, your Majesty! You need our assistance. So you have to take us, and your dragons with you.

Ice General: The lieutenant's right, we would never let you attack Rudolph all myself.


Winterbolt: That won't be necessary for me to take you with me, my fighters. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Ice Warriors: But, King Winterbolt...

Winterbolt: Grr! Silence!

(The ice warriors yelped as they are told by Winterbolt to keep quiet.)

Winterbolt: There will be no more arguments with me! I do apprentice your need of assistance, but no means no! I will fight Rudolph alone, and that is final! Do you all understand me?

Ice Warriors: Y--y--yes sir.

(Winterbolt then turned away from his army and dragons, then look in the sky while powering up along with his own ice scepter.)

Winterbolt: Now, Rudolph, before you take the Toy Taker into custody, you will unintentionally deal with me, and all the powers of evil!


Santa Claus (off-screen):


Ice Warriors: Good luck, King Winterbolt! Be careful!


Santa Claus (off-screen):

(The camera switches to Winterbolt, in his Snow Dragon form, flying above the oceans in search of Rudolph and his friends. He spotted the Toy Taker's blimp, and is delighted to know where they are.)

Santa Claus (off-screen): And King Winterbolt, in the form of a mightiest and intelligent Snow Dragon, is on the move, to follow Rudolph, the gang and the Toy Taker, hoping to have his lucky chance to exterminate the red-nosed reindeer once and for all.

Snow Dragon Winterbolt: Perfect. They're getting closer to Christmas Town, not to let Rudolph confront the Toy Taker himself.

(Back with Rudolph, Frosty and the others in the Toy Taker's blimp, it was beginning to fall slowly from the sky.)

Clarice: We're losing altitude!

Rudolph: Hermey, try to save the misfits!

(Hermey took hold of the wheel and began steering it a bit, looking like he was getting the hang of it.)

Hermey: (salutes) Aye-aye, captain, with Tuffy as my co-pilot.

Tuffy: You got it, Hermey!

Hemrey: Wait a minute! Do either of you guys have any flying experience?

Tuffy: I once took swiped a pilot's license and steered a bi-plane, does THAT count?

Hermey: I took a crash course myself, when shirking my elf duties.

Tuffy: (groans) Now you tell me.

Hermey: Ah, Tuffy, you know this isn't so hard.

Rudolph: Now, we've got a date with the Toy Taker!

(The red-nosed reindeer then felt awkward about what he said.)

Rudolph: And that's my way of saying that we're going after the Toy Taker, not going on actual date, which is the hobby of a boyfriend and a girfriend.

Clarice: No sweat, Rudolph. Let's go!

Rudolph: Right!

Frosty: I'm joining you, I'm not going to be here when this blimp crashes with these two driving!

Tuffy and Hermey: Hey!

Frosty: Just kidding.

(Rudolph, Clarice and Frosty went out the door, with the "all-living snowman" floating up to the red-nosed reindeer and hitching a ride on his friend. Rudolph yelped and began to fall downward, but managed to keep floating up, but struggled due to Frosty's weight.)

Frosty: (sweating embarrasingly) Sorry, Rudolph.

Rudolph: (giggles) Just kidding, just like you said.

(Frosty smiles back at Rudolph, before moving his arm and open hand in the air.)

Frosty: Broomstick, appear!

(Frosty's broom materializes with a flash a light, and he grabs it.)

Frosty: Iron-fist color mode!

(The broom underwent a transformation, changing its colors from being bright to metal-dark, and Frosty spins it around with one anime sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation and Jet Sound Engine. Then Frosty, Rudolph and Clarice made it to the roof where the villain was, not noticing the Snow Dragon Winterbolt following far from behind, ready to ambush his targets, most importantly including Rudolph. Rudolph shined his nose at the Toyman, who yelped as he blocked the light from his face.)

Toy Taker (Mr. Cuddles): Keep that light away from me!

Clarice: Rudolph, he's scared of your light!

Frosty: His fear has got to be his weak spot.

Clarice: Keep it glowing!

Rudolph: (to the Toy Taker) Wait, why are you scared of my light?

Toy Taker (Mr. Cuddles): Because this particular light is the one I definitely fear! It's too pure, too bright and disgusting!

(He then leaped off the blimp, making the three gasp. Then, the Toy Taker pulled a string hanging out from his back, which activated a parachute, which he used to float down gently to the ground below. Back with the Snow Dragon Winterbolt, he spotted Rudolph with Clarice and Frosty chasing the Toy Taker alone, and saw his chance.)

Snow Dragon Winterbolt: Yes, this is it! Now to act like a savage dragon once I land in front of Rudolph, Clarice and Frosty. Full-speed ahead.

(The dragon then starts charged toward the Toy Taker's pursuers as fast as he can. Back with the Toy Taker, Rudolph, Frosty and Clarice, they landed at Yukon Cornelius' peppermint mine with Rudolph's nose glowing. Then the three heroes starts chasing the one villain on foot.)

Frosty: Come back here, buddy!

(But suddenly, a roar from the Snow Dragon Winterbolt is heard as Rudolph, Clarice and Frosty stops and look up to the sky, with the reindeer's nose glow fading. The Toy Taker also halted, and witnessing coming toward them.)

Toy Taker (Mr. Cuddles): What the--?

(Dashing from the sky, comes the Snow Dragon Winterbolt, acting as a savage, non-intelligent beast. The Toy Taker; who then quickly enter the mine and hides from underneath the entrance, Frosty, Rudolph and Clarice clear aside as the gigantic dragon landed in front of the three good guys with one tokusatsu punching sound effect by the Toho Sound Studio's Tokyo Eiga's Recording Department or Toho Eizo Sound Studio playing in the background, with the bad guy seen from behind. He then let out a monstrous roar.)

Frosty: (confused:) What is this?

Rudolph: It's a dragon.

(The Snow Dragon Winterbolt looked down to Rudolph with some beastly, evil chuckling. Frosty and Clarice looked at Frosty in confusion, and so did the Toy Taker.)

Clarice: Rudolph, the dragon wants you.

Rudolph: But why would it be after me?

(But as an answer for Rudolph's question, the Snow Dragon Winterbolt raise his hand in the air, and attempt to strike Rudolph, and even Frosty and Clarice who are standing next to him, but the three friends dodge the attack by jumping out of the way and landing back on the ground.)

Rudolph: I guess I'll take that as a reason.

(Frosty glared at the Snow Dragon Winterbolt before looking to Rudolph)

Frosty: Rudolph, remember when Tom and Jerry teach me martial arts back in Karen's town, like they told you last year?


Frosty: Yeah! In addition of edcuating, I've been learning to do other things that people around the world does, including ski-boarding, ice-skating, and roller skating,

Rudolph (off-screen):

Frosty: I'd say, stay behind me, Clarice, and I won't let this dragon hurt you.




Rudolph: Okay, ready?

Clarice and Frosty: Ready!


Frosty: Heh! You gotta do better than that! If you can breath magic instead of fire, I can do it, too!


Frosty: I call this trick "Frosty Breath!"


Clarice: Rudolph, are you okay?



Frosty: Frosty Snowballs!


Frosty: Perfect score!

(Meanwhile, the Toy Taker's blimp was still falling through the sky with more air coming out, because it has been accidentally punched several times by Yukon Cornelius' spiky boots)

Santa Claus (off-screen): While Rudolph, Clarice and Frosty's struggle against the Snow Dragon Winterbolt by the peppermint mine continue to wedge on, Tuffy and Hermey have a serious problem of their own, trying to take control of the damaged blimp.

(Inside the blimp, Hermey is having a hard time steering it, and so did Tuffy when he took a turn at the wheel.)

Tuffy: Come on, big baby. Don't let us down. Keep operating!

(As for Cornelius and Bumble, after the prospector had lost his grip on the blimp and falls down for real until getting caught safely by the snow monster, they were paddling themselves to the shore of the North Pole.)

Santa Claus (off-screen): Fortunately for them, help from Bumble and Cornelius is on the way.

(They got off the iceberg and walked on land, looking for the blimp when they saw it still falling slowly out of the sky and looked worried)

Yukon Cornlius: Hoo boy, this is going to end up like a recreation of the Hindenburg incident, and at the North Pole!

(Sure enough, there was a big icy mountain which Cornelius and Bumble notice and realize that the blimp is coming toward it. Bumble wouldn't allow this to happen, and the toothless, no-longer-abominable Snow Monster of the North started stomping his way to. Stopping for moment, Bumble saw his Cornelius trying to catch up as he turned back, picked him up, and ran to the mountain, carrying the prospector under his arm and grunting. Back on the blimp, Hermey spoke into an intercom, while he and Tuffy continued trying to work the helm and controls.)

Hermey: (over P.A.) Attention, passengers. This is Hermey, your pilot, speaking.

(In the other room with the misfit toys, they began to slide around along with some boxes. So far, they are now freed from the Toy Taker's spell due to the blimp's rumbling)

Hermey (off-screen): No need to panic because of my name or the situation. We've got everything under control.

Tuffy (off-screen): Co-pilot Tuffy speaking. We'll find a safe place to land this bimp! Just hold on as much as you can!

(Now understanding Hermey and Tuffy's announcements, the misfit toys starts panicking)

Mr. Kite: (frantically) We're doomed!


????: Whoa!

(The toy telephone managed to stay put. Then Mr. Kite looked out the window and felt dizzy, while feeling ashamed to let Rudolph fall to his own demise.Of course, what he didn't know or realize was that Rudolph is still alive, busy fighting alongside with Frosty and Clarice in a three-on-one battle against King Winterbolt in his Snow Dragon form)

Mr. Kite: Big-time vertigo! And Rudolph's not gonna like this when he watches from the afterlife!

(He groaned as he passed out onto the floor, while a worried Tutter, the toy mouse with a wind-up key, moved around, meowing in fear. Back on the North Pole ground, Bumble, carrying Yukon Cornelius with his left arm, was getting closer to the mountain.)

Bumble: Faster, Bumble! Faster! They're about to crash!

(The snow monster let down his friend gently to the ground, and rushed up to the mountain, climbing it up. The blimp was heading towards the jagged top of the mountain and neither Hermey or Tuffy could be able to steer it away in time to avoid the crash.

Tuffy and Hermey: Oh, dear. Whoa!

(The two elves let go of the wheel as they held each other, screaming, getting ready for the end)

Tuffy: (closing his eyes) Tom, Uncle Jerry, Mama, Robyn, everyone, farewell!

(But with Bumble, the bunny-dressed snow monster came to the top just as the blimp was nearing the top of the mountain. And with one tokusatsu punching sound effect by the Toho Sound Studio's Toho Eizo Sound Studio in the background, the snowman monster caught the blimp, halting its crash. He looked at the two animals inside it and winks at them. Tuffy was so thrilled with joy that he winks back before he spoke to Hermey)

Tuffy: Hey! Hermey, old Bumble saved us! I knew he will never let us down.

Hermey: I'd say, Tuffy, just in the nick of time.

Then Swiper and Psycho both sighed in relief

Hermey: Phe-ew!

Tuffy: Oh... (collapses on his rear, hitting the ground with an anime Thud! sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation and Jet Sound Engine) Thank the lord, it's over.


Santa Claus:


Frosty: Frosty Naginata!


Frosty: Now, Frosty Bō Staff!


Rudolph: (in pain:) Oooh! What do we have to do to end this fight?

(Frosty looked to Frosty, refusing to share in his complaint)

Frosty: (firmly:) Don't give up, my red-nosed buddy.

(Clarice looked over to Frosty and Rudolph as the snowman spoke to her boyfriend)

Frosty (off-screen): To keep the magic of Christmas, and the memories of our friendship and brotherly love with all our friends including Robyn, Karen, Tom and Jerry, we have to keep fighting.

Frosty: Just no matter how much stronger this ice-breathing dragon is, he must be defeated! Okay?

Rudolph: Okay!

Clarice: That's my friend!

(Frosty, Rudolph and Clarice stood their ground in gathering in as the Snow Dragon Winterbolt roared. Rudolph lights up his red nose to gather energy for another of his nose beams. Frosty took an extremely deep breath and holds it. Then together, the two magical misfit friends fired their magical attacks as both Rudolph's red nose beam and Frosty's magic dust and snowflake breath combine in forming a twister pop candy. Immediately, the combined magical energy attacks strikes Winterbolt in the head, causing an explosion of pyrotechnics and white smoke. With the smoke slowly clearing away, Winterbolt seemed to be lifeless and collapses to the ground)

Frosty: See? We've won!

Clarice: You both did it, Rudolph and Frosty!

Rudolph: All right!


Frosty: Maybe I was wrong...


Rudolph: (injured:) Uh...ugh...


Rudolph: AAAH!

(With Frosty and Clarice, they watch in horror, a little too late, as the Snow Dragon Winterbolt has already placed his foot on Rudolph, pinning him on the ground and preparing to squash him to a pulp)

Frosty and Clarice: Rudolph!


Snow Dragon Winterbolt: (thinking:) Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Finally, you have used up almost all of your magical power, Rudolph. And with you body exhausted, I have the advantage now! There is nothing you can do to keep me from doing away with your Santa Claus. But no matter, I'll just finish you off first, then your snowman friend who is alive, your girlfriend who cared about you, and then Santa himself! Ha ha ha!


Santa Claus (off-screen): With the Christmas Town crew and myself, we are waiting worriedly for the return of Rudolph, his gang and the misfit toys.


Tuffy: Santa! Mrs. Claus!


Santa Claus: Tuffy! Hermey! You have recovered the misfit toys! Well done with this phase of your operation.

Hermey: It was nothing, sir. Guilty as charged.



Boss Elf: And wh0 are those two?! A human-sized toy man with a ballerina's dress and one giant bunny toy?


Yukon Cornelius: Wrong answer, old timer. It's us, Yukon Cornelius and Bumble the Snow Monster of the North, disguised as toys!

Boss Elf: WHAT?! You can't be them in disguise!


Hank: (laughing) Come on, boss! You shouldn't be taking it personally.

Boss Elf: Who says I'm taking it personally, Hank?

Speiltoe: Please, need I remind you about that tone of voice?

Santa Claus: Great bouncing icebergs! A roar?


Yukon Cornelius: Was that you, Bumble?


Hermey: I don't think it was him. It was something else.


Tuffy: And it is, far away from here and near the peppermint mine.

(Yanking out his binocular, Tuffy took a closer view at what he is spotting. He sees the Snow Dragon Winterbolt attacking Rudolph, Clarice and Frosty, while the frightened Toy Taker is watching from the entrance of Yukon Cornelius' mine. Then he removes his binocular from his eyes in horror)

Tuffy: Oh, boy! That must be a dragon, and it's attacking Frosty, Rudolph and Clarice before they could grab the Toy Taker.


Tuffy (off-screen): I believe that the Toy Taker must've called upon him to slow down our friends. We'll be getting too late to save them.


Male Voice: That's what you think, little mouse.


Bumble: Huh?

Yukon Cornelius: Gadzooks, another Bumble?


Snow Mouse: No, not another Bumble.

Tuffy: Then what are you?


Snow Mouse: Some people think me is abominable snowman! But in fact, me really Snow Mouse.


Yukon Cornelius: A snow mouse? Wahoo!


Hermey: Do you know this creature?





Yukon Cornelius: Looks like we got an ally!


Tuffy: Now listen, snow mouse! Rudolph, Clarice and Frosty are under attack of this strange-looking dragon that breathes snow and ice instead of fire. Will you help us?

Snow Mouse:


Santa Claus: Perhaps, you should form an alliance with Bumble and this Snow Monster, Cornelius and Tuffy.

Tuffy: Of course, a alliance of heroic snow monsters to fight other hideous creatures! We can do it!

Yukon Cornelius: And so we shall! What should we name it? Hmm...


Yukon Cornelius: That's it! Let it be known as "Team Bumble"


Santa Claus: Well, that's settled. It's time we use Team Bumble to help Rudolph defeat the dragon and seize the Toy Taker.



(With Yukon Cornlius, he soon rips his ballerina dress off his usual clothes.)

Yukon Cornelius: That's right, this cause for some silver-and-gold action! Eh, Bumble?

(A toothless Bumble nodded with a grunt, then he ripped his bunny costume off his white fur covered body, roaring in preparing to get ready for battle. The Snow Mouse walks up to Tuffy, and smiled with his sharp teeth behind his mouse tooth)

Snow Mouse: Need ride, Tuffy?

Tuffy: Sure, Mr. Snow Mouse.


Yukon Cornelius: Hang in there, Rudolph, Clarice and Frosty! Team Bumble is one the way...

Tuffy: And to save the day, that is!


Frosty: Get off of Rudolph, you mean old dragon! It's use you want!

Clarice: Let him go!


Snow Dragon Winterbolt: Ha ha ha ha ha!

Clarice and Frosty: Okay, you asked for it!


Snow Dragon Winterbolt: (thinking:) Meddlesome fools!


Snow Dragon Winterbolt: (thinking:) Now where was I? Oh, yes.


Toy Taker (Mr. Cuddles): (thinking:) Oh, dear. I don't know if this dragon could help me avoid getting caught by Rudolph and his friends. I'd like to be thankful, but this isn't right.


Toy Taker (Mr. Cuddles) (off-screen): (thinking:) Now that Rudolph is in a life-threatening danger, I would had no choice but to give myself up to Santa's Christmas Town patrol. Maybe I should just help him. But how? This dragon is so ferociously bigger, in the same size as this larger toy bunny. Plus, if I step in, the dragon will think I'm involved in this violence, and he'll kill me, too!


Toy Taker (Mr. Cuddles): (thinking:) I'm sorry, Rudolph. This wasn't supposed to end this way. I hope you'll all forgive me for what I did, in which you guys think that I'm stealing toys.



Snow Dragon Winterbolt: (thinking:) And now, the final crushing!


Clarice and Frosty: NOOOO!


Frosty: Hey, that blue beam of energy pushed the dragon off Rudolph.

Clarice: Yeah, but who shoot it at this beast?

Yukon Cornelius (off-screen): That would be us!

Frosty and Crystal: Huh?


Clarice: Yukon, Bumble, Tuffy!

Frosty: You guys are where with a snow mouse?

Tuffy: Everything's okay for you and Rudolph, Frosty We have made our own organization, a super monster squadron!


Clarice: And what is this super monster squadron?

Yukon Cornelius: Just stay where you all are and listen to this motto to that foul dragon!


Rudolph: Uh...huh...?


Yukon Cornelius: Howdy, ice-breathing dragon! Prepare for trouble?


Tuffy: And while you still can, make it double!


Yukon Cornelius: To protect the North Pole from devastation.

Tuffy: To unite all holiday worlds within our nation.


Yukon Cornelius: To denounce the evils of grief and blackest lamentation.


Tuffy: And to extend our reach to the top of the Christmas Tree, and take our place as a substitution for either a star or an angel decoration.


Yukon Cornelius: Yukon Cornelius!


Tuffy: Nibbles "Tuffy" Mouse!


Frosty: Frostcalucis Snowman!


Snow Mouse (Tom and Jerry Tales): Snow Mouse!


Frosty: (giggles) Translation, Bumble.


Yukon Cornelius: Team Bumble rumbles its way through mutiple blocks of solid ice!

Tuffy: Surrender now, or prepare to fight all of us! Rudolph not included.

Frosty: Happy Birthday! That's right!


Snow Dragon Winterbolt: (thinking:) What? Team Bumble?!


Rudolph: Team...Bumble...?


Clarice: Team Bumble?


Toy Taker (Mr. Cuddles): Team Bumble?

Winterbolt Attempts to Extinguish Rudolph's Nose/ "My Nose Just Can't Go Out!"

(After the flashback ends with the flast of light from the energy waves , we go back to the scene where Hermey, the Tooth Fairy and the Frosty, Cat and Mouse families are still surrounded by winds that kept blowing on, until it let up, to Tom, Jerry and Frosty's notice.)

Frosty: Gosh. Weird winds we're having.





Leo: Are you sure, cousin Tuffy?


Jerry: Well, at least, they're gone now.


Clarice: What about Rudolph's nose?


Toodles Galore:

Frosty: Oh, right.


Rudolph: Hey, it's really going out.


Chilly: What's happening, Uncle Rudolph?

Millie: What's wrong with your nose?



Dorothy: Hmph! Very funny.


Hermey: We see nothing funny about this.

(Cut to Winterbolt watching the gang from the top of the snowy mountain)

Winterbolt: Dimmer. Darker, darker, dimmer. Rudolph's magic shall not glimmer. Dark and dim, dim and dark. Now, Ice Scepter, extinguish magic spark!

(With multiple anime energy sound effects by including the Blutz Wave from Dragon Ball, Winterbolt's ice scepter fires a ray of light, which went pass Rudolph, putting out the glow of his red nose instantly. As a result of absorbing the beam, Rudolph widened his eyes in surprise, gasping before resumes feeling strange and grunting in agony. Seeing his friend on the verge of collapsing, Frosty quickly walks up to Rudolph:)

Frosty: Uh, Rudolph! Don't pass out, please?

Rudolph: (weakened:) It's all over, Frosty.


Rudolph: My nose is...completely drained. And not only I did feel very strange, but I feel...awful.

(Nuzzling on Frosty's hands, Rudolph softly groans in pain before the "all-living" snowman gently lowers the red-nosed reindeer with an anime sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation, Swara Productions and Jet Sound Engine.)

Frosty: (patting him:) Aw, Rudolph. Your nose just can't go out.


Hermey: Yeah, Santa depends on it. We all do.

Rudolph: Yeah, but...


The Tooth Fairy: Now, now, Rudolph. It is not the perfect time to give in to your own despair.


Frosty: The Tooth Fairy has a point. There are kids all over the world, like our old friends including Karen and Robyn, who'd never get any Christmas presents if you didn't light the way.


Hermey: And beyond that, what would happen if Charlie-in-the-Box and the other toys return back to the Island of Misfit Toys, along with Mr. Cuddles the Teddy Bear?


Rudolph: You're right, Frosty and Hermey. I can't lose my nose, unless...unless...

Tuffy: Unless what?


Frosty: What are you trying to say?

Rudolph: I can't remember exactly. Something a pretty lady once whispered to me.

(Then a few anime sound effect by Shōji Katō's Anime Sound Production are playing out when Speiltoe arrives pulling a snow plow as Tom, Jerry, Toodles, Toots and their kids look back to him)

Speiltoe: Don't worry, Rudolph. I'm sure you'll remember sooner or later.

Frosty: Speiltoe, did something like this ever happen to Nestor?

Speiltoe: Yes and no. I can't be sure.

Tom: Aw, rats.

Jerry: You could say that again for a donkey.

Rudolph: I...I don't know, Speiltoe. (makes a determined, fierst face) But my nose just can't go out! (getting up) Don't worry about me.

(And the moment Rudolph stood up again, he closed his eyes and concentrated hard, grunting. His nose began flickering on and off, before it gleamed once again, making the humming noise again. Clarice, Frosty, Tom, Jerry, Toodles, Toots, their kids, Willie, Tuffy, Hermey and the Tooth Fairy smiled in relief at this, with the latter three jumping up and cheering.

Tom: Alright!

Jerry: You did it!

Slats, Jackie, Coffee, Tanner, George, Leo and Dorothy: Way to go, Rudolph!

Tuffy: Whoo-hoo!

Rudolph: (prances up in the air) I'm okay now!

Clarice: Oh, thank goodness!

Millie: Good old Uncle Rudolph.

Willie: Really good! (does a Scooby Doo-like giggle)

(The camera cuts back to Speiltoe watching the gang, then turn to the viewers)

Speiltoe: That's a relief. I thought Christmas would be done for. Well, got to get back to work.

(He resumes plowing snow, and back on the mountain top, Winterbolt was puzzled at this, and also angered that another of his evil plans has failed too.)

Winterbolt: No! Foiled again! (groans) It's impossible that his power is greater than mine. There must be a reason!

Prophecy of Tom and Jerry/ Lure for Rudolph, Tom and Jerry

(We now dissolve to a scene with Winterbolt and his Genie of the Ice Scepter in the king's lair)

Winterbolt: Genie of the Ice Scepter, how in the world or the universe were Rudolph's nose be able to withstand my magic?

Genie of the Ice Scepter: He has the wonder of the Aurora Borealis within him, a power far greater than yours. It's clear that years ago, it was given to Rudolph by Lady Boreal on the day he was born. So long as he uses his nose for good, it can never go out.

Winterbolt: Then I shall see to it, that he uses it for evil.

Genie of the Ice Scepter: Not in these Northern Lands, o' master. The memory of Lady Boreal still glows here and protects him. And for further protection of Rudolph, the prophecy will soon happen to be fulfilled on the ones that you have briefly seen earlier, Tom and Jerry.

Winterbolt: (confused:) Tom and Jerry?

Genie of the Ice Scepter: A cat and mouse who are the pets of the Starling Family in America. Look inside my mouth, and I will tell you all about them.

(The Genie of the Ice Scepter opens his mouth, lighting it up and showing Winterbolt a flashback of Tom and Jerry in the past)

Genie of the Ice Scepter:

(A vision of the future then came by, giving Winterbolt a look at how Tom and Jerry will help Rudolph stop his evil schemes)

Genie of the Ice Scepter:

(The flashback in the Genie's mouth disappears)

Winterbolt: Hmm. I see, now. Seems to me that Tom and Jerry are no ordinary cat and mouse. They have the hearts of the true heroes who'd join Rudolph and Frosty to help Santa bring in more Christmas joy to the children, their families, their friends, their pets and everybody else in the world. And yet, they should be destined to help them prevent me from ruling the world. No, I shall not let them get involved with my desire. To make sure they will not interfere with me, either before or after I do away with Rudolph, I'll spare myself some time to destroy those two fur-balled meddlers, too. Now, about Rudolph, he must be made to leave the North Pole.

Genie of the Ice Scepter: But you must need to know, o' master. Rudolph sets forth, but once a year: Christmas Eve.

Winterbolt: (annoyed:) I know that! But I am sick and tired of waiting, especially after receiving so much pain December 24th, including getting battled in a rough fight with that gentle Snow Monster while in my Snow Dragon form! There must be a way to make Rudolph leave, right now! Not only that, but I also must exterminate Tom and Jerry, and left this prophecy unfulfilled! Please, tell me, Genie of the Ice Scepter! How can I get rid of them?

Genie of the Ice Scepter: Look inside the eye of snow, 'o master, and you will find your answers.

(We faed into the scene where Winterbolt looks upon the eye of snow, which shows him a vision of an orange hot-air balloon with illustrated ice cream and other frozen treats)

Winterbolt: (confused:) Huh? What's this? A balloon? How can a hot-air balloon help me lure Rudolph, Tom and Jerry away? Hmm... I wonder.

"Join the Circus"/♪ Everything I've Always Wanted ♪/ Magic Amulets

(Back in Christmas Town, floating in the air is the same orange hot-air balloon, driven by an ice cream man named Milton, then zoom down toward him as he called out for Rudolph)

Milton: Rudolph!

(Next, we see Rudolph and Frosty's families, Hermey and The Tooth Fairy, and the Cat amd Mouse families hearing Milton's voice and looking up to him)

Milton (off-screen): Hey, Rudolph!

Rudolph: Hey, it's Milton.

Tom, Jerry & Frosty: Who?

Rudolph: The flying ice cream man.

(The camera cuts to Milton lowering his balloon near a an igloo-like building)

Rudolph (off-screen): He keeps his stock of ice cream up here, where it won't melt. And this time, every year, he picks up a big load to take down to the seashores of America for the Fourth-of-July weekend.

(Next, we see the celebration of the 4th of July all over America)

Clarice (off-screen): The reason why we get to know about that the fourth day of July is none other than Independence Day, one of the country's official public holidays, commemorating the era of freedom since 1776.

(The camera cuts to clips/scenes from Rankin/Bass' "Animagic" Easter production, Here Comes Peter Cottontail, with deleted scenes in traditional animated form)

Hermey (off-screen): According to Santa, Peter Cottontail went there with help from Seymour S. Sassafras' caterpillar assistant Antoine, trying to offer people some of his color-disguised Easter eggs in order to beat January Q. Irontail in a competition set to prove who will become the Chief Easter Bunny of April Valley.

Clarice (off-screen): And speaking of other holidays like Christmas, do you remember when Irontail stole Peter's Christmas eggs...

Peter Cottontail (in flashback): Come back with those eggs!

The Tooth Fairy (off-screen): ...and went into a power struggle with Santa over them?

Rudolph (off-screen): (laughs) Yeah. And on his orders...

Santa Claus (in flashback and Kevin Michael Richardson's voice:) Rudolph? Remember when I said not to shine your light at Irontail earlier?

Rudolph (in flashback): Yeah?

Santa: Well, forget what I said.

Rudolph (in flashback): You got it, sir. 

(With a glowing sound effect, Rudolph blinds Irontail and Montresor) 

Rudolph (off-screen): 

(The flashback ends) 

Frosty: Oh, how amazing. Uh, this Milton guy always been making trips here, is he?

Clarice: Pretty much.

Tom: Oh, boy!

Jerry: Wow, amazing that we all but you two never took the time to know him.

Rudolph: Well, wait until you guys meet him and know him better, he's a load of a million laughs. Come on!

(The Rudolph family, Hermey and the Tooth Fairy went off, and the Cat, Mouse and Frosty families where about to follow them a when a familiar voice called out. It was Crystal's.)

Crystal (off-screen): Frosty! Millie, Chilly, Willie!

(They turned to see Crystal standing there.)

Crystal: Dinner's ready, sweetheart!

(Frosty, Tom, Jerry, Toodles and Toots walked up to Crystal)

Frosty: Sorry, Crystal, but I gotta meet somebody. (looks back to Rudolph, pointing out his corncob pipe at him:) Rudolph says he's a filled with a million laughs. (puts his pipe back in his mouth)

Crystal: But I've got dinner on the table, it'll get all warm.




Tuffy: Don't worry, Mr. Frosty. If this happens their oral, Hermey and I were take care of their sensitivities with plenty of boiling clean water.

(Tom and Jerry freaked out with their pupils shrunk and their gasps performed by their original creator and actor, William Hanna.)



Frosty: (turning to Crystal:) Anyway, Crystal, if our dinner gets warm, you can always cool our it down in the ice stove. And I don't think Tom and Jerry should try to take a taste from a single tiny morsel.. (takes her hand) Come on, a million laughs.

(Two sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation and Swara Production play in the background as Tuffy hops abord Willie)

Tuffy: Yeah, time to meet Milton the Ice Cream Man!

Willie: R'yeah!

(Even the snow twins, Tom, Toodles, Jerry and Toot's children insisted as they jumped up and down.)

Millie and Chilly: Come on, come on!

Slats, Jackie, Coffee, Jackie, George, Leo and Dorothy: Let's go, let's go, let's go!

(Then Hermey, the Tooth Fairy and all of the Cat, Mouse and Frosty families went to meet Milton, who Rudolph, Clarice, Robbie, Zoery and Arrow came up to first after the ice cream delivery dog got out of the basket. Unknown to the reindeer family, he was slumped down in the snow sadly with anime sound effect by FIzz Sound Creation.)

Rudolph: How are you doin', Milton?

Milton: (sadly:) Awful!

(The ice cream man cried a bit, to their group's concern.)

Rudolph: What's wrong, Milton.

Milton: I'm in love.

Rudolph: With who?


Rudolph: You're in love with a whole circus?

Crystal: I'd call a guy like that fickle.

Milton: (sighs) No. (looks to the poster's artwork of the same girl) Just with her...

(He sniffed a bit, before showing the group the poster again and reaveling the name of the girl which he actually loves.)

Milton: Laine Loraine.


Milton (off-screen): Her mother, Lilly Loraine, owns the circus, and she has a partner in her work, Captain Kiddie We were going to be married on the high wire. We hired a preacher and prepared a net and everything.

(Lilly Loraine and Captain Kiddie motioned Milton to get ready to climb. He then walked up to one of the poles holding the highwire.)

Rudolph (off-screen): Well, what happened?

Milton (off-screen): Aw, the circus is going broke.

Jerry (off-screen): Is it all because of some bankruptcy?

Tom (off-screen): Which means being unable to pay outstanding debts?

Milton (off-screen): Yes, but that's not all.


Milton (off-screen): At that same time, another showman, a crook named Sam Spangles, is ready to pay off the back taxes and take over the show! He is assisted by a trio of Siamese cats!

Tom (off-screen): We know who these cats are. Tin!

Jerry (off-screen): Pan!

Tuffy (off-screen): And Alley!

(We closened up on the bill stuck on the elephant and got a good look at what it said: "Sheriff's Sale: Circus of Lilly Loraine to be sold at auction to raise money for back on paid taxes. Circus By the Sea; July 6th, 9:00 AM Center Ring". The cop and buzzard came to where Lilly, Captain Kiddie, Squaek and Milton were. Lilly was helping Milton up the ladder when Sam Spangles tapped her on the shoulder with his cane, getting her attention and showing her the bill, making her gasp as she lost hold of Milton, who lost hold of the ladder and fell to the floor, confused at what was going on. Captain Kiddie and Squawl look back to see what's going on.)

Sam Spangles: Okay, tack it up all over here.

Tin, Pan and Alley: Yeah, go ahead, Officer Kelly!

(Milton saw the bill and was shocked and depressed to see what was going on, and Officer Kelly placed a bill on the dog's face as well. The camera switches to Laine looking saddened at this, as she held her umbrella which got a bill stuck on it as well.

Milton (off-screen): So ya see, Laine can't even think about romance.


Milton: And if Mrs. Loraine's show doesn't get a big audience on Independence Day, it'll be sold to Sam Spangles, Tin, Pan and Alley on July 6th.

(The four families, Hermey and the Tooth Fairy all looked sorry for him as Willie whines.)

Milton: Laine will have to go on the road, and we'll never get together or see each other again.

(Back in Winterbolt's lair, the winter king laughed as he watched this on his magic eye of snow.)

Winterbolt: Oh, what luck! Thank you, eye of snow. Ha ha ha! (gets up) Rudolph, Tom and Jerry will never suspect a thing. 

(He then scooped up some snow and crumpled it up in his hands.)

Winterbolt: First, however, I shall put an idea into Milton's empty head.

(He then closed his eyes and whispered to the snow, making it sparkle. He then blew it at the eye of snow, and the snow magically disappeared into it. Back in Christmas Town, Milton placed the poster away as he moped.)

Milton: I don't know what to do.

(The snow then magically appeared and sprinkled upon Milton's head, and then he brightened up, getting an idea.)

Milton: (smiles) Hey! I just got a great idea!

(He gets up as he continued.)

Milton: There's only not just one guy, but two more for the total of three who would draw the kind of crowds that the Circus By The Sea needs.

(Then as Miltom resumes thinking, some more magic snow dust sprinkled upon his head.)

Milton: And that's you, Rudolph, Tom and Jerry!

Tom, Jerry and Rudolph: (surprised:) Us?

Milton: Why, yes! The kids would just pack to see Rudolph, Robbie and their glowing noses, and they'll soon be happier when they hear Tom and Jerry do all kinds of things that people do around the world, in addition of talking.

(The camera cuts to Willie, Millie and Chilly.)

Willie: R'oh, boy! R'oh, boy! R'oh, boy! (barking in joy)

Chilly: Oh, wow!

Millie: Tom, Jerry and Uncle Rudolph in the circus?

(The camera then cuts to Tuffy with Tom and Jerry's children including his cousins dashing toward the duo.)

Tuffy: Congratulations, Tom and Uncle Jerry!

Tuffy, Slats, Jackie, Coffee, Tanner, George, Leo and Dorothy: You're the lucky guest stars of this best circus ever!

Rudolph: Hey, wait a minute!

Tom: (sweating on his furry head:) We'd like to join the circus, but it'll take a long time to practice.

(The camera cuts to a close-up at Frosty.)

Frosty: Come on now, guys. You just gotta go.

(Tom and Jerry then turned back nerviously, starring at Rudolph with lots and lots of more anime sweat drops that turn into ice drops as they fall off, just like when they first encounter Frosty after he come to life with the magic hat in Karen's town.)

Jerry: We guess Frosty's right.

(Then the camera shows the whole gang.)

Rudolph: Well...if you say so, pal. (smiles cutely) Okay.

(He gleamed his nose brightly, as it made the usual humming sound. Then the camera cuts behind Clarice and Rudolph with Frosty and Crystal above them.)

Clarice: (looking at Rudolph:) And I'm coming with you for support.

Frosty: You sure your father would be cool with it.

Clarice: (looks back at Frosty:) I'm kind of a little more responsible and he can trust me. After all, I am his daughter. Besides, he and Mr. Donner let me join Rudolph on the New Year adventure and help him and you solve case to bring back the stolen toys two years before we wed together at our first annual fund-raising winter wonderland festival in Karen's hometown. Right?

Frosty: (nodding:) Uh-uh. Fair point with plenty of good memories.

Clarice: But I'll let them know anyway.

Zoey: Do you have to, Mom?

Clarice: Oh, yes, Zoey. And the same words go to you two, boys.



(The camera switches to Frosty and Crystal.)

Crystal: (looks at Frosty) It would be wonderful if we could go with them, Frosty. I sure would like the twins to see a real circus.

(Milton was amazed at the idea of Frosty and his family in a circus.)

Milton: Wow, if a talking snow person like you would appear too, Frosty, we'd have to get a bigger tent.

(The camera shows Milton, and the Cat, Mouse, Rudolph and Frosty families again, with the snow kids looking hopefully to their snow father.)

Chilly: Aw, Daddy.

Millie: Can we?

Chilly: Please?

Millie: We'll be good!

(Frosty smiles and gently shoves his kids to Crystal with an anime sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation and Swara Productions.)

Frosty: No way.

(As he continued, the camera zooms in to a close-up at the all-living snowman.)

Frosty: The Floridian seashore on the fourth of July? We'd be real misfits; we'd melt in 10 seconds flat.

Millie and Chilly: Awww!

(Their mother patted each of the snow kids)

Frosty: Being snow people has its drawbacks. Sometimes, I feel like a real misfit, just like Rudolph and Hermey before us.

Crystal: Oh, Frosty, I just forgot for a minute. I'm sorry. I wouldn't have us any other way.

(She then hugged him as Frosty takes his pipe out and a song began.)

Crystal: ♪ Everything I've always wanted. You are everything I've always wanted, and I'll never let you go.

(The scene dissolved to a flashback, going two years back to the day Tom, Jerry, Robyn Starling, Karen, Elsie, her brother and their friends were creating Crystal with Professor Hinkle, Hocus Pocus, Frosty, Rudolph, Clarice, the other reindeer and the woodland animals watching.)

Crystal: (off-screen): ♪ I will take desserted byways, dusty roads or cement highways...

(Frosty walks up to Crystal, takes his pipe out and kisses her on her cheek, bringing her to life.)

Crystal (off-screen): ♪ Follow you through rain, or sleet, or snow.

(Then we see Frosty and Crystal, along with Rudolph and Clarice, Tom and Toodles, and Jerry and Toots, dating with some amusement attractions and entertainment in and out of their winter festival including sleigh riding through the festival and taboggining down the snowy hills together.)

Crystal (off-screen): ♪ In my wildest dreams, I never dreamed I'd find somebody, I would love much more than I could ever show.

(We then see the wedding of Frosty and Crystal, Rudolph and Clarice, Tom and Toodles, Jerry and Toots, and Pristine Figg and Lickboot as a live show at the ice castle, part of a countdown to the New Year. The Snow Parson was leading the ceremony, and Frosty's former rival Jack Frost was standing next to him.)

Crystal (off-screen): ♪ You are everything I've always wanted more than anything, and if there's any doubt, well, now you know.

(Frosty and Crystal kissed each other as fireworks exploded at the stroke of midnight, meaning it is New Year's Day. Three months later, after being transported along with Tuffy back to Christmas Town through Santa and his sleigh team, Frosty and Crystal, with their snow kids Millie and Chilly, and their snow dog Willie, all created by Karen and her friends and brought to life by Professor Hinkle and Jack Frost earlier, slid through the North Pole's snow in a zig-zag pattern all the way up to Frosty's snowy house. Inside, Frosty and Crystal were sitting in front of the icy fireplace (without fire) in their recliners, with Crystal knitting a scarf and Frosty reading an edition of "The Christmas Town Chronicle". Then their kids came behind each chair to spend time with their parents with Chilly playing with some snowy blocks on a little table and Millie patting on Willie's head.)

Crystal (off-screen): ♪ You are everything I've always wanted more than anything, and if there's any doubt, well, now you know.

(The flashback ends, returning back to the scene with Frosty and Crystal.)

Crystal (off-screen): ♪ And if there's any doubt, well, now you know

(She held his hand as the song ended. Tom, Jerry and Rudolph looked to Frosty.)

Rudolph: That melting business can be a nuisance, but it doesn't make you all misfits, Frosty.

Hermey: At least, you should take it from Rudolph and me, two misfit before you, Crystal, Millie, Chilly and Willie.

(Rudolph winks at Frosty before taking his turn to speak some advice to him.)

Rudolph: If only there was some way to make you un-meltable.

(Then to everyone's surprise, another gust of wind blew in, and there stood Winterbolt. The snow twins were amazed, and we so were Tom, Jerry and Rudolph's three reindeer.)

Millie and Chilly: Wow.

Millie: Like a fairy godfather.


Winterbolt: (chuckles) Let's just say that like Lady Boreal of the Northern Lights, I'm an old, old magical friend who wishes to help. Heh heh heh heh.

(He patted the heads of Millie and Chilly as he continued.)

Winterbolt: Children should see a circus at least once in their lives, so I will help, for the sake of good encouragement that only Rudolph, Tom and Jerry have made.

(He laughed a bit, as did Millie and Chilly.)

Rudolph: But what can you do, sir, to stop Frosty and his family from melting?

Winterbolt: Observe, Rudolph.

(He held out his hand, and as the camera zooms in toward it, four icy amulets magically appeared, glistening.)

Winterbolt: Magic amulets.

(The camera switches to the Frosty family while Winter continue to explain.)

Winterbolt: (off-screen): If Frosty, Crystal, Millie and Chilly wear them about their necks, they cannot melt.

(The camera switches to Winterbolt.)

Winterbolt: Even if the temperature be hot enough to melt steel, still they will remain cool and icy.

Frosty: Oh, boy! Our troubles are forever!

Winterbolt: No, Frosty, not forever.

Frosty: (groans) I knew there was a catch.

Winterbolt: See these amulets?

(The amulets showed that each of them had a design of 4 "F"'s connected to each other, looking like a snowflake.)

Winterbolt: On each is a design: the letter "F" four times entwined.

Frosty: Yeah, I can see that, four "F"'s on each one like a snowflake. (pointing out at the amulets:) "F, f, f, f." What does it stand for?

Winterbolt: That means the amulet's magic only lasts until the final firework fades on the fourth. (hands Frosty the amulets) You must return here before the fireworks finish, or you will melt in the heat of the summer eve.

Frosty: But until then?

Winterbolt: (smiles) Why, you will be safe.

(He chuckled a bit, before Willie barks in a displeased mode.)

Willie: R'Hey! R'hat about me?

Winterbolt: Oh, my. I forgot about your pet Willie. What this snow dog needs is a magic collar.

(He raises his hand, and an icy collar appear with the four "F"'s on it.)

Winterbolt: This collar has the same message as the amulets, and it's made to resist the rays of the sun. It's all yours now, Willie.

(Winterbolt makes the ice collar disappears from his hand and reappears, wrapping around Willie's neck, much to his surprise. He pants in delight.)

Willie: R'hank you.

Winterbolt: Now, my fellow citizens of Christmas Town, I wish you good luck with your performances in Lilly Loraine's Circus by the Sea in Florida. Good luck to you and your wives and kids, too, Tom and Jerry. And whatever you do, stay strong.

Tom and Jerry: We will, old timer.

(The rest of the cat and mouse families, Frosty, Crystal, and the while the snow-kids were amazed at the thought of going to the circus.

Millie, Chilly, Robbie, Zoey and Arrow: Wow, the circus!

(Then the gust of wind returned, blowing nearly everyone aside tumbling, while Winterbolt magically disappeared along with it.

Milton: Wow! He certainly does blow in and out.

(Then he and all his friends laughed a bit.)

Clarice: Golly, just imagine, us in a circus by the sea.

Rudolph: Wonder if our other friends would be interested.

Frosty: We'll have to ask them, as well as get the okay of Santa.

Tom: Good idea, Frosty. But first, Jerry and I need to go back to our helicopter to call Robyn and her father, the head of the Starling Enterprises military base in America. We just want to ask them if they, Pristine and Lickboot Figg, and Ferdinand would like to take a vacation to Florida, so they can see us act in the circus on the fourth of July. Even Karen and her parents, Professor Hinkle and Hocus Pocus should come to perform in this wonderful circus.

Jerry: It won't take long, Tuffy. We promise you that.

Tuffy: That's fine, Uncle Jer.

Tom and Jerry Contacts Starling Enterprises/The North Pole Citizens' Decline

(We dissolve to a scene where Tom and Jerry are calling Starling Enterprises through radio transmission as we hear Santa resuming his narration)

Tom: This is Thomas, calling Starling Enterprises.

Santa Claus (off-screen): (narrating:)

(As Tom receives a transmission call from Mr. Startling, a single gold line appears in the center of the screen, cutting half of the full screen and showing the sequence of Mr. Starling with her daughter Robyn.)

Mr. Starling: I read you both loud and clear, Tom and Jerry.

Santa Claus (off-screen): (narrating:)

Mr. Starling: A Circus by the Sea?


(Jerry took his turn to speak into the radio.)

Jerry: He's right, could you convince Miss Figg and Mr. Lickboot, as well as Karen and her parents to come with you two?

Mr. Starling:

Tom and Jerry: (through their smiling teeth:) Pleeeeease?

(Later, the Cat, Mouse, Rudolph and Frosty families and Milton start convincing the citizens of Christmas Town to come with them for some important business about Lilly Loraine's Circus by the Sea. First, they meet up with Coach Comet and Fireball at the reindeer games.)

Santa Claus (off-screen): (narrating:)

Coach Comet: No thanks. Got to coach more games

Fireball: Sorry.


(Next, we see the group paying a visit to Sam the Snowman at his cottage.)

Sam the Snowman: Thanks for the offer, but I've got the day pretty much booked.

(The scene dissolve into a sequence where the group was speaking with Speiltoe, Yukon Cornelius, Bumble the Snow Monster and the Snow Mouse, two creatures of the North who formed an alliance known as Team Bumble, at their peppermint mine where there are not just candy, but silver and gold. They are all explaining what they were doing for the next few days.) Rudolph: So, any of you guys wanna come?

Tom and Jerry: (in unsion:) Yeah! To the Circus By the Sea in Florida, founded by Lilly Loraine?

Bumble: Well, you can count us out. I mean, a snow monster duo like us might scare all those crowds. No, I'm better off staying here.

Yukon Cornelius: Say! You know, we'd love to, Rudolph. But Team Bumble and I are too busy with our new supply of silver and gold.

The Snow Mouse: And plenty of munchable, crunchable peppermint candies.

Yukon Cornelius: Indeed. You guys can carry out with some best performance in this circus, but don't let that stop you from enjoying your time at the circus, lads and lasses.

Topper: No thanks, too warm for me.

(Crystal then glanced at Speiltoe.)

Crystal: What about you, Speiltoe?

Speiltoe: I can't remember the last time I went to a circus, mostly because there aren't any circuses up here in the North. Count me out, Crystal. I wish I could come to a new circus that was by the Floridian seashore, but no thanks. Just like everybody else you've already asked as an invitation, I have more work to do. I second that, I wouldn't miss it for the world, and neither would Nestor.

Hermey: Well, Speiltoe, Tuffy and I were going to perform some dental work or assist the other elves with some upcoming games or in toy-making, but I guess we could put each one on hold. I mean, even a dentist and his mousy assistant, who is also Frosty's guardian and roommate. I could use some time off.

Speiltoe: Suit yourself.

(The donkey casually returns to work)

Tuffy: Yeah! All's well that ends well, even for us misfits.

Jerry: Hey! Don't you get the point, nephew? We've invited Robyn and her dad, Miss Figg, Mr. Lickboot, Ferdinand, Professor Hinkle, Hocus, Karen and her parents to come to Florida where they can see us in the circus.

Milton: (grins) Well, looks like we got more help from America, compliments of Starling Enterprise. Now all we have to do is get the okay of the main god of Christmas, Santa Claus.

(Everyone agreed, and so did Team Bumble, Cornelius and Speiltoe.)

Santa's Promise /♪ Everything I've Always Wanted (Milton's Reprise) ♪

(We dissolves to a scene where Santa Claus and Jessica Claus are sitting on their thrones in Santa's castle and workshop. They were told by the group of their plans to be a part of Lilly Loraine's Circus by the Sea.)

Santa Claus: Well, I'm delighted you're all going for a summer holiday, and so are the Starlings, the Figgs, Karen and her parents, and old Professor Hinkle. But...I never heard of any icy fairy godfather.

Rudolph: You should've seen him, sir. (turns to Tom and Jerry) Right, you two?

Tom and Jerry: (both nodding) Hmm.

Santa Claus: I wish I had. (ponders) Who could he be?

(The cat and mouse families, the Reindeer, the Frosties, Hermey, the Tooth Fairy and Tuffy gave confused looks to each other)

Jessica Claus:

Santa Claus: Oh, well, guess I'm just being overcautious, Jessica. (laughs) all go and have a wonderful time.

The gang stood up and cheered, with Milton shaking Rudolph's hoof, but then Frosty stopped cheering, remembering an important detail.

Frosty: Just one thing.

Milton: What's wrong, Frosty?

Frosty: It's too bad my kids will have to miss the 4th of July fireworks, but half a vacation's better than none, I guess.


Santa Claus: (cutting off Tuffy:) No, Tuffy, he's right. Frosty's children should see fireworks at least once in their lives. (closes his eyes and starts thinking) Let me think.

(The camera switches to Winterbolt in his lair, watching Santa from his eye of snow)

Winterbolt: Yes, Santa. Keep thinking. And now to entwine you and your wife just a bit more into a morass from which you will never escape. (evil chuckle)

(Winterbolt scooped up some snow, crumpled it up into magic dust and whispered into it like he did before, and he sent the magic dust travelling magically through the globe. The scene goes back to Santa and Jessica Claus on their thrones in their castle, where the snow dust magically appeared sprinkling over Santa's head before disappearing)

Santa Claus: Say, I just got a wonderful idea.

Rudolph: What is it, Santa?

(Santa gets up from his throne and walks to the Reindeer, the Frosties, Hermey, the Tooth Fairy, Tuffy and the Cat and Mouse families)

Santa Claus: Jessica and I will fly my sleigh down for the fourth with some of your fellow reindeers including your father, and your uncles Blitzen, Cupid, Dasher, Prancer and Comet. We'll pick up Frosty, Crystal, Millie and Chilly just before the fireworks finish and whisk them back up to the North Pole by the time the last one fades.

(Jerry laughs happily before Tom shouts joyfully, in the late WIlliam Hanna's voice.)

Tom: (joyful): (in William Hanna's voice:) THAT'S A LULU!

Jerry: Yeah!

(The camera cuts to Tuffy with Tom and Jerry's children)

Santa Claus (off-screen): And Tuffy? As another addition to Lilly Loraine's first ever Christmas circus in the month of July, you may bring your elf suit, for the good sake of your Uncle Jerry and Tom's children, including your cousins.

Tuffy: Oh, boy!

Tom and Jerry's Children: Hooray!

(The camera cuts to Santa as he state his one last suggestion.)

Santa Claus: And one more suggestion. I'll go to the House of Mother Nature and ask her if she will allow Snow and Heat Miser to be the guest stars of this stupendous circus, if they would make it like in either a white Christmas or a green Christmas edition.

(Again, everyone smiles with joy.)

Rudolph: (smiles) Wonderful.

Frosty: What a neat idea!

Milton: (astounded:) I can't believe it! First Tom and Jerry, then the Miser Brothers, Rudolph and Frosty, and...and now, Santa too! Why, this...this really will be the greatest show in the universe!

(Santa then laughed his jolly laugh, with the Cat, Mouse, Rudolph and Frosty families laughing as well.)

Santa Claus: Ho ho ho ho! Yes! It will! Ho ho hooo!

(Milton rolled out the poster of Lilly Loraine that he still had and began walking out of the room, dancing around while holding it and spun a bit. As this happened, he sang Crystal's song.)

Milton: ♪ Everything I've always wanted

You are everything I've always wanted

And I'll never let you go

(A bit later, Santa and Jessica Claus, Sam the Snowman,the Tooth Fairy, the Winter Warlock, Topper the South Pole Penguin, Yukon Cornelius, Team Bumble, Speiltoe, and all the reindeer, elves and critters waved goodbye to the Cat, Mouse, Rudolph and Frosty families, Hermey, and Milton who were flying away from the North Pole aboard Milton's hot-air balloon and Tom and Jerry's helicopter.)

Milton: ♪ I will take deserted byways

Dusty roads or cement highways

Follow you through rain

Or sleet or snow

(When the flying group stopped waving, Milton looked to his friends, and then Tom, Jerry and their families on the Starling Enterprises helicopter.)

Milton: ♪ In my wildest dreams ♪

I never dreamed I'd find somebody

I would love much more

Than I could ever show

(Then Santa is heard calling out to his friends.)

Santa Claus (off-screen): See you on July the 4th!

(He laughed as the North Pole inhabitants kept waving.)

Milton: ♪ You are everything

I've always wanted

More than anything

And if there's any doubt

Well now you know ♪ ♪

Lily Loraine's Circus by the Sea/Christmas in July/♪ Everyday Is Just Like Christmas ♪

(Much later, as the instrumental version of Crystal's song "Everything I've Always Wanted" continue to play, Tom, Jerry and their familes on the Starling Enterprises helicopter and Rudolph and Frosty's group on Milton's hot-air balloon were flying above a country side in America, and thanks to the amulets and collar, Frosty, Crystal, Millie, Chilly and Willie were not melting. Then Santa Claus is heard narrating )

Santa Claus (off-screen): (narrating:) Yes, the Christmas Town gang, supported by Tom, Jerry and their families, were really on their way to Lilly Loraine's Circus by the Sea in Florida. And thanks to King Winterbolt's magic amulets and collar, the Frosty family did not melt.

(The newcomers were amazed at the sights they saw below them: summer grass everywhere near some quaint houses.)

Crystal (off-screen): Oh, Frosty, it's lovely!

(They then saw a circus tent being set up just over yonder.)

Chilly: (points) Oh, look over there!

Milly: It's the circus!

Milton: Yep, they're starting to set up their tents.

(The ice cream man turned to Tom and Jerry in their helicopter with their families.)

Milton: (calling out:) Hey, Tom, Jerry! Can you see over there?


Tom: We're getting there, Milton! Now let us see who's at the circus. Jerry, can you check it out with a binocular?


Jerry: Hey! It's our relatives and all our friends including Spike and Tyke!

Tom: Yeah! Even Tim, Thomasina, Booties! and Geraldine

Tuffy: In that case, that means I get to see my mother again!

Toots: Are you sure, boys?

Tom and Jerry: Yep.

Toodles Galore: And I suppose Butch and his alley gang are among the circus staff, and even Spike and his son Tyke.

Tom: Now everybody, this weather here in Florida seem to be fine, so when we land this helicopter, we'll take these winter clothes off and leave them here. Okay?

(Toodles and Toots agreed, and so did the three kittens, and four little mice with no diapers.)

Tom and Jerry's Children:

(At this minute, all the tents were indeed being set up by all the animals and staff of the circus, with Lilly Loraine and her new partner Captain Kiddie instructing them. As being revealed, Lilly is the mother of Milton's soon-to-become wife Laine.)

Lilly Loraine: Come on, you guys! We gotta this tent up! Put some elbow into it!

Captain Kiddie:


(Then Laine came over, catching sight of the balloon and the helicopter.)

Laine Loraine: Oh, Mother, Captain Kiddie, look. It's Milton again.

(Most of the staff cheered while waving to Milton, stood at the edge of the basket while waving.)

Captain Kiddie: Ahoy, Milton, my boy!

Milton: (calling out) Hi, Laine! Hi, Mrs. Loraine! and Captain Kiddie!

Laine Lorine: Oh, isn't he wonderful? He's the greatest ice cream delivery dog in the world. It's really too bad we couldn't get married.

Captain Kiddie:: You know perfectly well. Why you two couldn't? We have the debts of our circus to worry about.

Laine Loraine: I know, but I'm just saying...

Lilly Loraine: Oh, forget him, honey. There's one thing life's taught me: you can't live on banana splits.

(Both the helicopter and the balloon then floated gently down to the circus grounds, and they landed. Milton hopped off his balloon.)

Milton: Laine, look who I've got for the show to help pull the circus out of the gutter!

(The camera cuts to Laine, her mother, Captain Kiddie and Squawk.)

Milton (off-screen): Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman!

(The camera cuts back to Milton as he opened the basket's cloth door, showing the red-nosed reindeer, the "all-living" snowman and their families.)

Rudolph and Frosty: (in unison) In person!

(Rudolph's nose gleamed and hummed a bit.)

Milton: And also, these are their families including their wives Clarice and Crystal, their kids Robbie, Zoey, Arrow, Millie and Chilly, Frosty's snow dog Willie, and Rudolph's best friend Hermey.

Hermey: Call me Dr. Hermey, just in case I work as a dentist.

(The circus staff and animals giggle in agreement, before Hermey spoke quietly to Milton)

Hermey: You know, Milton? I figured they might be jumpy in fear if they find lost of cavities or some serious teeth conditions.


(Lilly Loraine and Captain Kiddie were stunned at the presence of Tom, Jerry Frosty, Rudolph and their family as if they are all famous to them.)

Captain Kiddie: My word!

Lilly Loraine: Well, I'll be a... Yahoo!

(She then pulled out a pistol she had from one of her pockets and shot a blank in the air.)

Laine Loraine: Oh, Captain Kiddie, mother, we'll be a hit! So what do you think of Milton now?

Captain Kiddie: Maybe we were wrong about the boy, he seems to be very resourceful.

Lilly Loraine: Really? Milton's like the butter pecan he sells. A little nuts, but mighty yummy.

(Then Lilly pulled out another pistol from her other pocket and shot another blank in the air.)

Lilly Loraine: Wahoo!

(Then Lilly and Milton ran up to each other with arms open.)

Laine Loraine: Oh, Milton.

(Once they came to each other, they romantically embraced and Milton spun her around a bit.)

Milton: Oh, Laine. Now everything will turn out all right.

Laine Loraine: Rudolph and Frosty? I can't believe it.

Milton: And Santa Claus as well. He'll be arriving soon.

Squawk: (stunned:) Santa, too? The man with the red suit and hat who brings toys to kids worldwide every Christmas Eve? 

Lilly Loraine: What an idea for a closing act.

(Lilly grabbed a couple pistols and shot the blanks from them in the air. The Cat and Mouse families, including Tuffy, are surprised to think that Lilly has real guns.)

Tuffy: Hey, what's with the shooting, ma'am? Don't you realize they're dangerous around here, and you might shot any of us.

Lilly Loraine: Relax, little Tuffy. These are only blanks. Uh, I mean, pyrotechnics, and they are part of our act.

(She then turns to the staff, including the smart anthropomorphic dogs and cats in clothes)

Lilly Loraine: Print more tickets, fellas!


Laine Loraine: Why, it's just like Christmas is coming early this year. Oh, Milton, everything is just perfect now.

(The two lovers moved forward to kiss, while Lilly's arm appeared as she uses her hat to block the kissing view from anyone else. Soon, the staff continued pulling the ropes to lift up the main tent.

Lilly Loraine: Yes, now we got something to work for. Come on with that tent!


Lilly Loraine (off-screen): Heave ho-ho-ho! Heave ho-ho-ho!

(The camera switches to the clowns pulling one rope with Lilly Loraine, Captain Kiddie and Squawk seen from the distance.)

Squawk: Arrrrwk! You heard the lady! Heave ho-ho-ho!

(The clowns were confused at this "ho-ho-ho"-ing, before one of them speak up to Lilly.)

Clown: (confused) What's with the "ho-ho-ho", Mrs. Loraine?

(The camera switches to Lilly Loraine.)

Lilly Loraine: (shrugs) Well, the theme is Christmas, is it not?

(She then began to sing.)

Lilly Loraine: ♪ Christmas in July seems early

For a holly holiday

(Milton and Laine held hands in front of a nearby tree with a heart carved on it, with the initials "B & G" on it, meaning that they are still the bride and the groom.)

Lilly Loraine: ♪ In this world of hurly burly

We need it ♪


(As her song continued, she and Captain Kiddie held each others hands, except for the animals who either held each other's trunks as if they were elephants or nuzzled against each other. Then Lilly Loraine looked down at Milly and Chilly before picking the the snow twins up in her arms and holding them like a grandmother with their reindeer cousins Robbie, Arrow and Zoey, and the rest of the Rudolph, Frosty, Cat and Mouse families watching them with smiles.)

Lilly Loraine: ♪ Remember you should have

The Christmas spirit

Only for the whole year through

(She then handed each snow twin back to Frosty and Crystal. Then some of the staff sang with the two on the last verse.)

Lily Loraine, Captain Kiddie, Squawk and the Chorus: ♪ Every day is just like Christmas

(The ring-mistress and the captain then went to Rudolph.)

As long as we're...


You ♪ ♪

(As the song was soon finished, everyone clapped in respect for the song, and Captain Kiddie shake Frosty's hand, while Lilly Loraine patted Rudolph on the back gently.)

Hermey: Nice song, from Mrs. Loraine and Captain Kiddie.

Tuffy: Yeah, Hermey. It really got us here.

Winterbolt Assigns his Snow Dragons/ "Find Me A Reindeer!"

(The camera cuts to a close-up at Winterbolt's eye of snow showing everything in it.) 

Santa Claus (off-screen): (narrating:) Of course, not any one of us knew what else Winterbolt had in store for us to this new plan of his.

(The camera cuts to Winterbolt watching everything with his ice warriors standing behind him.)

Winterbolt: And I suppose they believe everyone will live happily ever after. (seemingly sweet chuckle) Very touching. (frowns) Never!

(He then stepped outside of the cave, with his ice guards clearing aside.)

Winterbolt: And now for the Snow Dragons.

(He looked down at his two Snow Dragons, who had looked up to their master, ready for his command.)

Winterbolt: Make yourselves ready, my pretties.

(Then the dragons started breathing out icy winds of fog all around as they roared maliciously.)

Winterbolt: Build fury in your hearts! Soon I will have a very special job for you.

(A single ping! sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation and Swara Productions is heard echoing, and Winterbolt laughed evilly as the dragons kept breathing fog. Then Winterbolt spoke to his ice general and lieutenant, his commanders.)

Winterbolt: Ice General, Ice Lieutenant, please supervise these dragons.

(The two ice commanders stood firmly with one anime thud! sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation and Swara Productions, before they salute.)

Ice General and Ice Lieutenant: Sir!

(The scene dissolve to the next sequence, showing that Winterbolt has already summoned the Genie of the Ice Scepter for his further need of assistance.)

Genie of the Ice Scepter: What is thy will, o' master?

Winterbolt: Genie of the Ice scepter, find me a reindeer as mean as Rudolph is kind, as cunning as Rudolph is guileless, as selfish as Rudolph is giving. A corrupt, cunning knave of a creature with ambition to equal my own!

Genie of the Ice Scepter: But why, o' master?

Winterbolt: All part of my plan, good genie. All part of my plan to kill Rudolph along with Tom and Jerry, disable this pathetic "chosen one" prophecy about the cat and mouse duo, and rule the world. Find me such a reindeer!

Genie of the Ice Scepter: Beyond the forest of the burned Christmas trees, and the hill of some broken bobbles. There, you will find the Cave of Lost Rejections. Ask the keeper for your help.

Scratcher/ Ready to Open/ ♪ Chicken Today and Feathers Tomorrow

(Winterbolt is entering a dark cave, known as the Cave of Lost Rejections as a sour winter wind blew. We then dissolves to Winterbolt speaking to the keeper, an old man)

Keeper of the Cave: So, King Winterbolt, you want to see a reindeer named Scratcher?

Winterbolt: Yes, indeed. Do you know where he is?

Keeper of the Cave: He's in cave number 13.

Winterbolt: I wish to hire him for some important business.

Keeper of the Cave: You aren't the only one, sire. I've been trying to get rid of him for a long time. He's way behind on his rent, but he's very mean and vicious. And I certainly don't fancy risking my own throat about it.

(Winterbolt glanced at a grim polar bear and bird creature each sitting down and drinking their own beverages and gave sneers toward the winter king, who returned his attention to the keeper.)

Winterbolt: (raises eyebrow) Number 13, you say?

Keeper of the Cave: Yeah. It's right down over there.

(Soon, Winterbolt passed a gallery of unpleasant and malicious creatures staring at Winterbolt menacingly out of their caves with mumbles and grunts. First we see a wolf, then a bat and a walrus with an eye-patch, who was holding a rock, tossing it up and down on a string like a yo-yo. All the creatures mumbled and grunted as Winterbolt walk pass them, and then came to Cave #13)

Winterbolt (off-screen): Ahh, Cave Number 13. At last. (calling into it:) Scratcher?

Scratcher: (off-screen/ annoyed): What do you want?

Winterbolt: Come forth.

Scratcher: (off-screen): (chuckles) Why don't you make me?

Winterbolt: (leans in, makes an evil smile) Very well. It's your call.

(Holding out his ice scepter, Winterbolt zaps a beam of energy out into the cave, making the unseen Scratcher alarmed.)

Scratcher (off-screen): Hey! What's happening?

(Then a familiar brown reindeer was being pulled out of the cave with the energy beam, grunting. And at the entrance, the beam disappeared back into the ice scepter, dropping Scratcher on his stomach. The reindeer then kneels before shaking, not noticing Winterbolt.)

Scratcher: (frightened:) All right, all right! For crying out loud! I'll pay the rent, Santa! Don't do that again, please!

Winterbolt: Quiet, you fool! I am not the one you call Santa Claus. I am his rival, King Winterbolt.

Scratcher: (stops shaking, then looks up to Winterbolt in confusion) King Winterbolt?

Winterbolt: Yes, it is I. A temporarily former ruler of the North Pole.

Scartcher: (amazed:) Why, so you are! The great King Winterbolt! (resumes kneeling:) Forgive me for insulting you, your Majesty. I thought you were Santa, though you looked like him. Now, how much rent does your icy highness need me to pay you?

Winterbolt: (picking up Scratcher with an anime sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation:) I don't want the rent, Scratcher. I want Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and you will help me get rid of him.

Scratcher: Rudolph? (snarls and crosses arms:) Don't mention that name around me! I was all set to be the next in one of Santa's reindeer, until everyone changed their perspectives on that red nosed kid's different feature, and Santa gave that next spot... MY spot, to him instead!

Winterbolt: Indeed. So Santa fired you to make room for Rudolph?

Scratcher: Well, not solely for that. In a fit of rage and rejection, I made my effort to get even. First, I stole some toys and ate a whole new batch of candy canes to boot.

Winterbolt: (grins) Candy canes!? Excellent! (laughing, puts down Scratcher)

Scratcher: It was all down hill from there, but when I tried to destroy his sleigh to prevent him from going forth to save Christmas, I was finally stopped by Santa's elf patrol, put under arrest and finally ended up in this joint. Before that, Speiltoe, that soft-hearted donkey, convinced me to change, but I refused.

Winterbolt: Well... For your greater vow of vengeance on all the Christmas Town folks including Santa, how would you like to work for me?

Scratcher: Hmmm? In doing what?

Winterbolt: In destroying Rudolph, along with Tom and Jerry?

Scratcher: (eagerly:) Sounds like a good job to me, especially since I vowed revenge on him that Christmas Eve! It seems kind of awkward to vow something but never deliver. (confused:) But who are Tom and Jerry, King Winterbolt? Are they reindeer, too?

Winterbolt: No, Tom's a cat, and Jerry's a mouse. They come from the Starling Enterprise in America where they can spend their summer holidays with Rudolph and his snowman friend Frosty. My only reason I want them wiped out is that they are unknowingly destined by the prophecy as "chosen ones" to join forces with Rudolph on the same goal to prevent me from taking over the Planet Earth including the North Pole once more.

Scratcher: Ahh, so it seems. So what do I got to do?

Winterbolt: Oh, nothing much. First, meet Tom, Jerry, Toodles, Toots, Rudolph, Clarice and their families and spend a few luxurious days with them at the seashore. Second, get reacquainted with only Rudolph, Tom and Jerry. And last, lead all three of them astray, as it were.

Scratcher: Gee, it sounds like a wicked idea, and I mean both wicked good and wicked bad!

(He giggled a bit before Winterbolt spoke to the reindeer that is jealous of Rudolph)

Winterbolt: That's enough. Now, listen closely, you must go to this Circus By The Sea in America's Florida, to which I shall give you the coordinates to. And once you arrive, find the showman named Sam Spangles, and then...

(A few days later, back at the circus in Florida, all tents, stands and posters were set up, as Tom, Jerry, Toodles, Toots, Rudolph, Clarice, Lilly Loraine and Lilly Loraine were walking around.)

Rudolph: Well, Captain Kiddie and Mrs. Loraine, we're finally ready to open.

Captain Kiddie: Thanks for the cabin reindeer's message, Rudolph.

Lilly Loraine: We worked night and day, kids, but we made it.

Clarice: I have to admit, running a circus is no easy job.

Captain Kiddie: I'll say it ain't, Lilly, and neither is fighting for it, not fighting physically. It's almost like a football game; there are tons of obstacles in the way, but you got to keep focused on what you love most and if you do so, you'll score a touchdown in the end.

Lilly Loraine: (giggles) Oh, Kiddie. Always with the football metaphors, but that is what I love about you, being the owner of Captain Kiddie's Carnival, but the king of all county fairs.

(She kissed the captain on his cheek.)

Squawk: (dreamly:) Arrrrwk. How romantic?

Lilly Loraine: Anyway, fellas, a circus life has its ups and downs.

Tom: (confused:) So, Mrs. Loraine, how did you and Captain Kiddie first met each other and end up together in love? You know, seven years ago or less?

Jerry: (confused:) Yeah, after we mistakenly outsmarted him when we trying to protect Robyn from her formerly cruel aunt Pristine Figg until the return of Mr. Starling?

Winterbolt Directs Scratcher/ Warm Hearts, Stormy Winds

(The camera cuts back to Winterbolt patting Scratcher in his lair.)

Winterbolt: Now, Scratcher, have you memorized your instructions?

Scratcher: Don't worry, King Winterbolt. Sam Spangles and I will take care of everything, including your need to banish Rudolph to the Cave of Lost Rejections in the same way as Santa did to me, and terminate Tom and Jerry before this so-called prophecy could be fulfilled.

Winterbolt: Good. Here, nibble on these.

(The sorcerer clicks his fingers, and soon enough, one ice warrior arrived, holding some familiar corn feed to his master's hand.)

Ice Warrior: Your highness?

(The soldier gently pours the ice corn feed from his hand to Winterbolt's hand.)

Winterbolt: Thank you kindly. Now leave me alone with my accomplice.

Ice Warrior: As you wish.

(The ice warrior then walks away, before Winterbolt holds out the ice corn feed in his hand to Scratcher)

Winterbolt: It's Santa's magic feed corn. There's been a lack of it lately, but just recently, I have invented my own made of ice. They're cold as you can feel with a lick from your tongue, but like its real counterpart, it will give the unlimited effects of making you fly.

Scratcher: Hey, that means I'll be able to fly again like Donner, and Blitzen, and all those other goody-goods I was originally going to join. I knew how to fly before I ended up stuck in that cave and while dwelling there for so long, I was unable to gain any space to practice flight, and by and by, it just disappeared.

(His tongue rolled a bit, before he started nibbling on the corn. A bit later, the two were exiting Winterbolt's lair.)

Winterbolt: Now, fly forth and do my bidding.

Scratcher: What's the hurry?

(The two came to the Snow Dragons, who roared. The ice general and the ice lietenent were watching them getting ready for work.)

Winterbolt: Soon my pets, the Snow Dragons, will blow up the worst snow-storm of the 20th century.

Scratcher: Well, what if I get lost? I mean, I don't have a red nose like Rudolph and Robbie, you know?

Winterbolt: You'll be well out of these parts before the storm hits.

Scratcher: (feeling reluctant:) But..I think...

Winterbolt (impatiently cutting off Scratcher:) Will you go forth, you forth-with?!

(He then zapped the reindeer with his talisman, making him yelp as he was sent flying out of the lair, on his way to the circus.)

Scratcher: (calling out:) Wish me luck, your highness!

(The moment Scratcher disappears, Winterbolt scoffed. Then he looked to his ice warriors and dragons.)

Ice General:

Winterbolt: Excellent, general. Now this will move onto the next phase of this operation.

Ice General: When will we start to attack Santa with a massive snow storm, and then exterminate Rudolph, Tom and Jerry, sire?

(The snow dragons roared in agreement.)

Winterbolt: Oh, soon. Soon, my pets and soldiers. We mustn't be hasty. Timing is everything if my intricate plan is to succeed.

(Back at the North Pole, Santa and Jessica Claus were packing for the visit to the circus, as Jessica set down one briefcase, while sighing. Santa came into the room.)

Santa Claus: You really are looking forward to this trip, aren't you?

Jessica Claus: (sits on briefcase) Santa, I haven't had a summer vacation since...well, I can't remember when.

Santa Claus: We work too hard, Jessica, and to think I almost took a Christmas vacation off when I got a cold.

(He sighed as he sat down on the suitcase, next to her.)

Santa Claus: Oh, I guess I'm not the easiest man to live with, though.

Jessica Claus: (chuckles) Well, only when it gets close to Christmas Eve.

Santa Claus: (chuckles and then sighs) Ah, we've had lots and lots of Christmas Eves, Jessica.

(The couple cuddled near each other.)

Jessica Claus: Those were some good times, Santa.

Santa Claus: And I still love you, just as much as the day I first saw you as a school teacher in Sombertown, when I was Kris Kringle.

Jessica Claus: Instead of saying much, you gave me a lovely china doll, in spite of the town I lived in having a law against toys set up by that horrid Burgermeister Meisterburger, before his law eventually was abolished following his death. Even Grimsly decides to forget about his harsh treatments from him, and stick to serve a new Burgomaster who is gentle, according to the Winter Warlock's crystal snowball.

Santa Claus: Well, giving toys is my way of...saying hello...and showing my love.

Jessica Claus: I know that, Santa.

(He kissed her on the cheek, making her giggle, and then he started laughing too.)

Santa Claus: Oh, Mama.

(Then their cuckoo clock chimed as a little elf came out with a present.)

Cuckoo Clock Elf: Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!

(Jessica and Santa saw the cuckoo clock elf repeating the line a few more times.)

Cuckoo Clock Elf: Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!

The elf receded back into the cuckoo clock.

Jessica Claus: 11:00 AM, Santa.

Santa Claus: Oh, dear. You're right, my dear. At least, Tom, Jerry, Frosty, Rudolph and the others have already started to have lunch. Besides, they just can't perform in a circus parade on empty stomachs.

(Jessica nodded as an agreement with Santa's concern.)

Jessica: The circus parade's at 12:00. We better hurry or we'll miss it.

Santa Claus: Winter, will you look after things until we get back?

Winter Warlock: I'd be glad to.

(Then the Clauses got off and suddenly, the briefcase opened up, and clothes were sent flying all over, to their surprise. They groaned a bit, before laughing it off. They soon got to work on getting all the clothes back and repacking them in the briefcase. Winterbolt watched all of this in his mirror and grinned evilly at the two, with his many ice soldiers including their general and lieutenant standing behind their king and watching from behind.)

Winterbolt: Go on, laugh, you two old fools...while you may.

(He himself laughed evilly, followed by his ice warrior army.)

Winterbolt: Oh, shut up!

(The ice warriors stopped at their winter king's command.)

Winterbolt: This is no laughing matter.

Ice Warriors: (in unison:) Our deepest apology, master.

(Back in Christmas Town, the sleigh is all packed and all the reindeer are hitched up, thanks to the elves and critters, and they all came around, chattering and wishing luck to Santa Claus, who are in fashionable clothing.)

Santa Claus: Thank you, everyone. We'll be back late tonight.

(One elf who put the last part of the luggage in the sleigh's hopped out.)

Elf: My bad.

Jessica Claus: Don't wait up.

(The elves continued waving goodbye as the deer started pulling the sleigh, and they with Santa and Jessica began to take off into the air.)

Santa Claus: (calling out) Away! Away! Away-ho!

(Soon, the reindeer flew away from the castle and northern territories all together.)

Santa Claus (narrating:) Well, we had left the safety of our castle and village with the Winter Warlock being in charge as my request, not expecting anything out of the un-ordinary on our journey to Florida, leastwise a storm from King Winterbolt's two snow dragons.

(In Winterbolt's lair, the dark winter king spoke to Ludmilla and Maleficent, commanding another storm.

Winterbolt: Now, Snow Dragons! Use fog to blind and snow to bury, wind to tear the heart that's merry! Ice and gale and sleet and hail! Santa must, in his mission, FAIL!

(The dragons roared ferociously as they brewed up a cold, terrible and foggy winter wind from their breaths. The wind ascended up and out of the lair, travelling to an area where the unsuspecting Santa, Jessica and the reindeer are expected to pass over. Speaking of which, when the group was about to pass over the spot, some strong breezes of the wind blew against them, making them shiver a bit, while Santa tried to keep hold of the reins and keep his hat from blowing away.)

Jessica Claus: Ooh, ooh. That's an angry wind for this time of year.

Santa Claus: Yes, I don't like it all.

(Jessica then gasped when she saw something horrendous.)

Jessica Claus: Oh! Santa!

Santa Claus: Huh?

Santa Claus: (points) Look!

(He then looked and he and the reindeer gasped in fear and alarm. It was a humongous cyclone made of the winter storm Winterbolt's Snow Dragons have conjured up.)

Santa Claus: My goodness! No! We've got to get back!

(Traces of the storm were sent blowing at them, and an umbrella was sent flying out of the sleigh's cargo. Santa pulled the reins to try to get the reindeer to turn back. He called out to them.)

Santa Claus: Back! Dasher! Dancer! Comet!

(However, the reindeer couldn't turn back because they were caught in the storm and fog.)

Jessica Claus: (alarmed:) It's too late, Santa! It's got us!

Santa Claus: Hold on, Jessica!

(So she held on tightly to her husband, who tried to steer the reindeer out of the storm and away from the cyclone, but unfortunately, it was easier said than done, because the strength of the wind and also because Rudolph was not there to light the way through the fog.

Coach Comet: Ahhhh! There goes my coach hat!


Coach Comet:

Donner: (in despair:) Oh, I really wish my son were here!

Santa: (in despair:) I do, too, Donner! You and me both!

(So the sleigh kept being pulled closer and closer toward the cyclone.)

The Circus Parade/♪ I See Rainbows ♪/ Winter Warlock Remembers his Life with Winterbolt

(Back in Florida, it was 12:00 according to the clock tower of this small town as the circus parade had begun, with Lilly Loraine at the front on a giraffe, and the ring-mistress waved her pistol a bit, motioning the marching band in the float behind her to start playing the circus's marching theme. Then all floats and circus members started going down their town's streets, as the crowds cheered. The circus members and all other animals, including the ones from the North Pole, as well as the Cat and Mouse families all waved to the citizens. At the time the parade continues to move on, the image of Winterbolt appeared above on the left area of the screen as he laughed wickedly about his evil plan. He then looked the above direction, expecting one of the elements of his plan to fall into place at this time. Then while Winterbolt slowly diappears, the scene changes into a sequence where Santa's group are attacked by the cyclone that circled furiously and they were now inside the storm's eye, safe and unharmed, more or less.)

Santa Claus (off-screen): (narrating:) Yes, the evil Winterbolt thought he had gotten rid of us, but little did he know, that we were still alive as we had made it to the storm's eye, safe and sound, though we weren't for sure how long it would be.

(The camera switches to Santa and Jessica on the sleigh with the reindeer struggling.)

Santa Claus: Well, we're safe in the storm's eye, Jessica. But I'm afraid it's only so for a little while.

Jessica Claus: Santa Claus, do you think we'll ever get out?

Santa Claus: Storms are strange things,, I mean...

(He tried to rephrase what he said, but he couldn't think of what to say.

Jessica Claus: Are you frightened... (pats his hand) ...of what may happen, Santa?

Santa Claus: No, dear, not at all. Not even with this storm.

(The man held her close as he began to sing a song. His song is "I See Rainbows", and his singing voice is his original actor, Bob McFadden.)

Santa Claus: ♪ I see rainbows when I look at you


Santa Claus (off-screen): ♪ And the rain goes

As the sun comes through

(We then see five rainbows with one more casting over them.)

Santa Claus (off-screen): ♪ All things wonderful

Are what you want

(We then see one particular shining brighter than the rest in outer space.)

Santa Claus (off-screen): (singing) ♪ You shine brighter

Than the brightest star

(We then see a rose rising up and blooming in a patch of snow.)

Santa Claus (off-screen): ♪ I see roses blooming in the snow

(A hand picked up the rose and held it, and later, the rose was turned with a doll.)

Santa Claus (off-screen): ♪ Roses growing everywhere you go

(We now see Santa and Jessica both younger, joining hands in marriage inside a church, with the man placing the ring on his bride's finger.)

Santa Claus (off-screen) and Chorus: ♪ I see rainbows when I look at you

(Then the two said their vows before kissing.)

Santa Claus (off-screen) and Chorus: ♪ Rain or shine

All because you're mine ♪ ♪

(Next, we see the Kringle elves, Topper and animals cheering outside the church with the Winter Warlock smiling at them, congratulating the newlyweds. The couple walked out of there, happy to be wed, when they stopped for a bit with the man resting her head upon her groom's shoulder, as Santa smiled. With the music ending, the flashback turns back to the scene with the now old, but immortal Santa and Jessica on their sleigh inside the tornado. Jessica relaxingly had her head rested against her husband's shoulder, with the couple smiling.)

Jessica: (wraps scarf around Santa's head and hat with a soft anime thud! by Fizz Sound Creation and Swara Productions playing in the background) Santa, we've gotten out of worse situations than this.

Santa Claus: Yeah.

(She then wrapped a shawl around her with another anime sound effect.)

Jessica Claus: I say the best thing to do is to get out of these stormy skies and continue on the ground.

Santa Claus: All right, Jessica, we'll try it. Hang on.

(He pulled on the reins, as the reindeer circled lower through the storm's eye to get down onto the ground safely and out of the storm.)

Santa Claus (narrating:): So we circled all the way through the eye down to the ground for safety, but we knew we would definitely miss the parade.


Santa Claus (off-screen): (narrating:) And back in Christmas Town, Winter Warlock is watching everything on his magic crystal snowball, and he too realizes that we are in a great new danger.

(Topper, who is watching alongside with Winter Warlock, is trembling and whimpering in shock.)

Topper: Ohh, Santa and Jessica are in trouble. A very windy trouble inside the cyclone! (sobs)

Don't Let the Parade Pass You By ♪/ Scratcher and Sam Spangles' Collaboration

(Back at the parade in a Floridian town, the band was playing the "Circus by the Sea" drum as a new song was being sung. Again, Lilly Loraine, the cowboy-circus ring-mistress is seen riding on her giraffe, and he is is the who is singing her circus parade song.)

Lilly Loraine: ♪ Don't let the parade pass you by

Live living it up til you die

(She took off her hat and waved it to the crowd, and Tom and Jerry's families and Rudolph and Frosty's group, on their separate parade floats, kept waving as well.)

Lilly Loraine (off-screen): ♪ Always be hep

And keep in step

(Laine walked on the high-wire while waving to the crowd below and still maintaining balance across the rope.)

Lilly Loraine (off-screen): ♪ With the times a changing

Change your life when it needs rearranging

(Jerry's superstrong cousin Muscles and the strong man were beneath her, tossing the midgets they held in his hands in the air, as they waved to the crowd. We see the clowns and a monkey stacked each other in the form of a pyramid while riding two horses and waving to the crowd.)

Lilly Loraine: ♪ You got to believe in your gut

You'll never get caught in a rut

(Even the elephants, in Independence Day clothing, walked down the road merrily on their hind legs with one holding and spinning its hat with its trunk, before placing it back on.)

Lilly Loraine: ♪ Don't be afraid

You've got it made

On another float, the two unicyclists were peddling their unicycles around like mad. We also see a pair of lions, including the one that escaped the other circus and returns to Africa, on one float pressing their paws against the cages, with the lion tamer inside one of them, just for laughs.

Lilly Loraine: ♪ If you don't let the parade

Don't let the parade pass you by

(The band continued playing as they began a short instrumental break in the song, while the circus members kept waving to the crowds, and Milton was busy passing out ice cream cones to the kids.)

Lilly Loraine: ♪ With the times a changing

Change your life when it needs rearranging


Lilly Loraine: ♪ You got to believe in your gut

You'll never get caught in a rut

The crowd waved back to the circus members, and Milton saw Laine walking on a tightrope on her float, while holding an umbrella. He waved to his love, who waved back with a smile, before continuing her act.

Lilly Loraine: ♪ Don't be afraid

You've got it made

You don't let the parade

Don't let the parade pass you by

Don't lie!

Don't let the parade...

Pass you by..... ♪ ♪

(As the song ended, the parade kept going. But on the float with their families and friends, Frosty gave a concerned look.)

Crystal: Smile, Frosty. Lilly and Captain Kiddie say that in show-business, you got to keep smiling.

Frosty: But I'm kinda worried that Santa won't be here on time.



Millie: Cousins Robbie and Arrow are right, Daddy. The show must go on.

Chilly: That's what Miss Loraine says.

Willie: R'that's right, Frosty.

(Back with Tom and Jerry on their float, they spoke firmly to Frosty.)



(The camera cuts back to the Frosty and Rudolph families, Hermey and Tuffy on their North Pole float.)


Frosty: Okay, fellas, but I got a feeling tonight's gonna be a real wet act. And it won't be the seals.

Hermey: Relax, I'm sure he'll be here, Frosty. And I know we'll be able to pull this off without any surprises.

(So they continued smiling and waving to the crowd, but they failed to see Scratcher in the crowd, trying to lay low. The shifty reindeer snuck away down an alley where a familiar man and a trio of Siamese cats were waiting, with the man tapping his foot with a walking cane.)

Scratcher: Are you Sam Spangles, the circus man?

Sam Spangles: How can I be a circus man without a circus?


Scratcher: Who, me? I'm Scratcher the Reindeer, sent by King Winterbolt.

Sam Spangles: King Winterbolt?




Scratcher: I might have an interesting proposition.

Tim: Really

Scratcher: You bet I do, Siamese gentlemen.

(Sam, Tim, Pan and Alley smirked eagerly before Scratcher whispered a plan. 

Sam Spangles: Oh, it's so dishonest. How could I not agree to something such as that?

(The two crooks and the three Siamese pussycats laughed fiendishly.)

Evening Preparations/ Scratcher Meets Rudolph, Tom and Jerry/"Slink Away All!"

(Later that evening, the sun is setting, and at the circus lot, Hermey, Rudolph, Clarice, Tom, Jerry, Toodles Galore, Toots, their children, Spike, Tyke, Little Quacker, Tuffy, Tim, Cousin George, Muscles, Captain Kiddie, Squawk and Lilly Loraine are having their conversation)

Lily Loraine: All you have to do your act just like to did in rehearsal, Rudolph, and were sure to be a hit.

Rudolph: We'll try, Mrs. Loraine.

Clarice: (chuckles) That's my red-nosed husband.

Captain Kiddie: And don't forget to perform with Rudolph, Clarice and their three fawns, Tom and Jerry. You are the co-stars of this circus.

Tom: No problem, Captain!

Jerry: Says us. Right, kids?

Tom and Jerry's Children: Right, daddies!

Lilly Loraine: Good. Now, we'll have to give a pep talk to the clowns. (pats Rudolph) Hang in there, Blinky.

(So the group walked inside the tent, when Scratcher appeared behind a cart, whispering to Rudolph and Clarice.)

Scratcher: Hey, Rudolph! Clarice!

(They discovered their old foe, but Tom and Jerry are confused upon seeing him for the first time.)

Rudolph: Is that you, Scratcher?

Scratcher:: Oh, the big star remembers his old buddy.

Rudolph: (frowns) We were never buddies

Tom: Hey, Rudolph, do you know this reindeer?

Rudolph: Yes, Thomas. He's Scratcher. In fact, he was always bullying me back when I was at Coach Comet's reindeer games where I met Fireball and then Clarice, at the time when we were all little.

Scratcher: (annoyed:) Aw, come on! That was before, and this is now. (cheers up) Anyway, being away from the North Pole and spending ten and a half years in the Cave of Lost Rejections really gave me a great amount of time to think about how much of a jerk I was. So, I'd like you and I to forgive and forget and maybe start a-new.

(Scratcher then began coughing.)

Clarice: What's the matter?

Scratcher: Boy, I am really down and out. Haven't had a bite to eat in three days, after all my ten years of living my exiled life in the Cave of Lost Rejections. Think you could get me a job with the show?

Rudolph: I guess we could always use another roustabout to help with the tents.

Tom: We'll provide so plenty of food to eat.

Jerry: And lots of water.

Scratcher: You're a real prince and princess, Rudolph and Clarice. And you must be real grand dukes, Tom and Jerry. You know that?

Clarice: Thanks, I think.

(Scratcher notice that Clarice looks like not willing to forget about what he had done long ago.)

Scratcher: Hey, didn't I tell you and Rudolph? You should put the past behind you two, and stick to the future.

Clarice: I don't know if I had to, Scratcher.

Scratcher: Well, actually, maybe your jobs as performers here at the circus should help, with my assistance. Just repeat after me.

(The reindeer chuckles before speaking in Swahili language to talk Clarice into stop remembering Rudolph and Scratcher's rivalry in the past.)

Scratcher: Hakuna Matata.

Tom, Jerry and Rudolph: (confused:) What?

Scratcher: "Hakuna Matata"? It means, in Swahili, "no worries"... especially for the rest of your days.




Robbie, Zoey and Robbie: Pleeeeease?



Jerry: Anyway, we will talk to Mrs. Loraine and Captain Kiddie.


Scratcher: Sure, fellas. You, Rudolph and Clarice just do that.

(When they were gone, he laughed evilly a bit and licked his lips.)

Scratcher: Suckers!

(Back at Winterbolt's lair, the icy villain stepped down his steps with his ice warriors lining up to let him pass them.)

Winterbolt: Perfect, perfect. Everything is going, according to schedule. Now, to tighten the net!

(He laughed evilly as he came to a sleigh of his own with big snakes reined up.)

Winterbolt: Ah, what a magnificent sleigh and team the Genie of the Ice Scepter has created for me. Instead of reindeer, I have... rein-snakes. Ha ha ha ha ha!

(He got in the sleigh and started commanding his snakes.)

Winterbolt: To the top of the porch, to the top of the wall, (pulls out whip) now slink away, slink away, slink away...all.

(He started whipping at the snakes while laughing evilly as they slithered away some more, and soon began flying up and out of the cave, with the dragons' strong winter winds blowing, but it was no problem for Winterbolt or his snakes. When they got far from the cave, the winter tyrant still whipped his snakes.)

Winterbolt: Onward, onward!

(So they continued on to the circus.)

The Christmas in July Circus Show/"Black As Pitch"

(That night, at the Circus By the Sea, the show had started as the band played the circus's fanfare up in a balcony. Once more, we hear the narration of Santa Claus.)

Santa Claus (off-screen): Well, the night had arrived. The night of the Christmas in July performance at the Circus by the Sea, run by Lilly Loraine with her partner Captain Kiddie.


Santa Claus (off-screen): Throngs of customers were packing in the tent like sardines.


Santa Claus (off-screen): Even Tom and Jerry's owners, Robyn Starling, her father who is the head of the Starling Enterprises military headquarters in New York City, her Aunt Pristine Figg and her lawyer Lickboot, and even Karen and her parents are gather together to see Tom, Jerry, Rudolph, Frosty, the magician Professor Hinkle and his rabbit Hocus Pocus, and of course, Ferdinand, act like movie stars under the big top. Everyone hoped this would be a night to remember, with Frosty hoping he and his family would be around TO remember afterwards.

(The audience applauded as the spotlight had shined on Lilly Loraine and Captain Kiddie who was in the center of the ring, making an announcement.)

Lilly Loraine: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the new edition of Lilly Loraine's Circus By the Sea.

(The audience cheered once again.)

Lilly Loraine: Bring on the clowns!

(Then another spotlight went over to a curtain with many clowns and sailors coming out, one walking with a crutch as his leg in a cast, another one who was small and on a ball, one was dressed like a jester while hopping around like mad and one more was dressed like a hobo. Rudolph, Tom and Jerry poked out their heads slightly. The clowns were whistling and honking around like mad.)

Clarice: Nervous, you three?

Tom: A little.

Jerry: Yeah.

Rudolph: What about you, Clarice?

Clarice: Yeah, but I'm sure we'll win them out there.

(Scratcher came by, pulling a wagon of props.)

Scratcher: This is a great job you got me.

Rudolph: Well, just do it well and I'm sure you'll get a promotion.

Scratcher: Oh, I'm not complaining. Oh, uh, yeah, Mrs. Loraine and Captain Kiddie want me to get something out of the office wagon, but it's all dark in there. I think a fuse blew. Rudolph, Thomas and Jeremy, will you come in with me and give me some light?

Rudolph: But, our acts!

Scratcher: (chuckles) It won't take a minute. Let me finish hauling this thing and I'll meet you, Tom and Jerry over by the wagon.

Rudolph: Um, okay.

Scratcher: Oh, you really are a buddy, ol buddy.

(Scratcher continued pulling the wagon away as he groaned.)

Scratcher: I can't stand the job, but I gotta keep up my show as long as THIS show, and then he'll get his. King Winterbolt's counting on me, and with or without him, I must take precaution to make sure nothing goes wrong with the revengeful bidding and operation.

(Luckily for him, neither Rudolph, Clarice, or Tom and Jerry heard him, but still, Clarice had a feeling of distrust.)

Clarice: I don't know if it's right to trust him, Rudolph.

Rudolph: He said he'd been thinking about what he'd done during his banishment to the Cave of Lost Rejections, and he's been there for ten and a half years, and that'd be enough time to change, wouldn't it?

Jerry: (confused:) What did he do?

Rudolph: Trying to keep Santa from using me to guide his sleigh every foggy Christmas Eve with enough chaos.

Clarice: But you won't have to worry about that.

Tom: Well, excuse us!

Jerry: Yeah!

(Back with Santa, Jessica and the reindeer, they were on the ground as the winds blew on, but they still made their way somehow. Then the man in red is heard continuing his narration.)

Santa Claus (off-screen): As for us, we made it safely on the ground, out of King Winterbolt's cyclone, but still trying to brave the storm as best as we could.

(He looked around to see that it's already night.)

Santa Claus: Oh, it's so late, everyone. Poor Frosty!

Donner: We're doing everything we can, sir.

Mrs. Claus: That I should say, Donner.

(Santa looked up, trying to find some light in the sky.)

Santa Claus: Look up there. Black as pitch, not a star in the sky or a single ray of moonlight.

(Yes, the sky was indeed black as pitch and without a single star to be seen, due to the storm. Up above the storm and clouds, the reinsnakes pulled Winterbolt in his sleigh.)

Winterbolt: Onward, onward! Hurry now! Hurry now! We don't want to miss the fireworks! Do we? NO!

(He laughed evilly as his snakes continued flying on.)

More Circus Acts/♪ A Marshmallow World

(Back at the circus, Laine was doing the high-wire act as she walked on the high-wire without her umbrella, unknown to her, but then she began to lose her balance, as she flailed. The crowd gasped in concern. She got up straight as she suddenly remembered.)

Laline Loraine: I forgot my umbrella!

(Luckily, her mother Lilly came on the tightrope, holding the umbrella as she handed it to her daughter.)

Lilly Loraine: How many times must I tell you, dear? Make notes for yourself.

Laine Loraine: Yes, Mother.

(With that, her mother left, and she finished her act with the audience cheering.)

Captain Kiddie: And now, with no hesitation, we'd like you to see the one master magician before William "Lance" Burton. Professor Hinkle!


Lilly Loraine (off-screen:) Professor, show us your favorite magic trick.

Professor Hinkle: With pleasure.


Professor Hinkle: Now then, I put three magic eggs into my new hat, remade as a duplication of the one that is truly belonging to Frosty before I bought it from the hat store in town long ago...


Professor Hinkle: Abracadabra to coin a phrase, and viola! The eggs are now transformed into...

(When Hinkle turned his hat back down, instead of real eggs, it release lots of gold coins which were falling to a nearly barrell. The coins were clinking loudly with every chime that the audience, Lilly and Kiddie were from their spots. It isn't long before every last coin came out, and the barrel is full.)

Professor Hinkle: (smiling:) Solid gold coins!


Professor Hinkle: Want to know who's behind this enchantment? (raises his hat in the air) Hocus Pocus!


Hocus Pocus: Uh... *munches on a carrot* What's up, folks?

Captain Kiddie: Fantastic, Professor Hinkle!

Lilly Loraine:

Captain Kiddie:

Lilly Loraine:

(The camera switches to Tom and Jerry in the karate or judo uniforms standing in front of the king size ice cube. Tuffy is seen standing next to the cat-and-mouse duo, wearing his winter-themed kimono once more.)

Tuffy: (faking Japanese accent) Right away, Loraine-sama! (looks to Tom and Jerry) Now Tom-san and Jerry-Ojisan, meditate your minds and test out your newly increased strength levels by breaking a 25-foot ice block together.

Tom and Jerry: Okay!


Tom and Jerry: KIAAAAAI!


Aunt Figg:

Robyn Starling:

Mr. Starling: (chuckling:) Even you never change during the passing years too, Robyn.

(A bit later, Clarice was up, doing a trick that involved her jumping through lit-up neon hoops in the dark, and also flying her way through some of the hoops which led up like a staircase all the way to the highest hoop with some mistletoe tied to the top. She made it to the top, let the mistletoe loose somehow, caught it with one of her ears and then flew her way back down through all the hoops. The crowd was amazed at this.)

Lilly Loraine: She got the mistletoe, ladies and gentlemen!

(The audience applauded, as Clarice flew down towards Rudolph and their three kids Robbie, Zoey and Arrow. Then, a heart-shaped spotlight had shined on the Rudolph family, with Clarice kissing her love on the cheek, resulting in Rudolph to blush and the crowd to smile in adoration.)

Crowd: Awwww!

Captain Kiddie: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and his wife Clarice, with their three children Robbie, Zoey and Arrow. Are they're not just the cutest reindeer couple you've ever seen, ladies and gentlemen? Take our friend, Jerry's uncle whose hobbbies are vacationing around the world, Harry!

(Next, the hoops of fire were cleared away and some of the lights were turned on, revealing the circus rings to be decorated as a fun winter area, with Uncle Harry sitting on a prop log with a slack-key guitar and wearing not just his boater and his red Hawaiian shirt with yellow flower paterns, but his blue scarf. Tom, Jerry, Toodles Galore, Toots, Tuffy, Hermey, Milton and Laine were there. Uncle Harry began to play his guitar and sing his song as the others did some back-up dancing.)

Uncle Harry: ♪ Well, it's a marshmallow world

In the winter

When the snow comes

To cover the ground

Well, it's time to play

It's a whipped cream day

People wait for it all year 'round

(Rudolph, Clarice and their kids join in on the scene, as fake winter clouds appear along with a big mirror ball, as if being the sun.)

Uncle Harry: ♪ Those are marshmallow clouds

Being friendly in the arms

Of the evergreen trees

(Rudolph lit up his nose at the ball, giving it a red glow, which reflected around the room.)

Uncle Harry: ♪ And the sun is red

It's like a pumpkin's head

It's shining so your nose won't freeze

Oh, the world is your snowball

See how it grows

That's how it goes whenever it snows

(Then some circus employees on bikes rode across two ramps looking like glaciers on two different sides, leaped up into the air, then each rider landed on a different bike and then onto the ground, unharmed. The crowd, including Robyn and her father, Karen and her parents, Aunt Figg, Lickboot and Ferdinand, was amazed as they applauded in enjoyment. Then Cousin George appear next to Muscles, wearing his bowler hat and holding his cane.)

Uncle Harry: ♪ The world is your snowball

Just for a song

Get out and roll it along

Well, it's a yum-yummy world

Made for sweethearts

Take a walk with your favorite girl

(The couples: Rudolph and Clarice, Tom and Toodles, Jerry and Toots, and Milton and Laine, walked around to fit the lyrics.)

Uncle Harry: ♪ It's a sugar date

What if spring is late?

In winter...

It's a marshmallow world

(There was a short instrumental break where the group started dancing and some of the crowd moved their arms to the song. Then the bike riders rode around before getting out some guns, shooting out tinsel, ornaments and decorations onto the trees perfectly.

Uncle Harry: ♪ Get out and roll it along!

Well, it's a yum-yummy world

For sweethearts

Take a walk with your favorite girl

(Then a couple acrobats lept and did some tricks, before placing something on top of the tree: one placed a star on top of the first decorated tree, and the other acrobat placing an angel on the second. Then one of the clowns got out a cannon, pointing it at the audience, who gasped.)

Uncle Harry: ♪ It's a sugar date

What if spring is late?

In winter...

It's a marshmallow world


Uncle Harry: Oh, yeah! Here's one more time for you!


Uncle Harry: ♪ It's a sugar date

What if spring is late?

In winter...

It's..a..marshmallow.... ♪

(When Muscles sing out his last word, the camera zooms into the inside of his vocalizing mouth.)

Uncle Harry: ♪ World....... ♪ ♪

(The clown pulled the string, firing sparkly blue and white confetti at the audience, looking like snowflakes. The crowd laughed and cheered at this performance. Robyn, Mr. Starling, Karen and her parents, Aunt Figg and Lickboot are delighted by Uncle Harry's singing voice, but Ferdinand is dazed in pain due to how louder the singing is.)

Ferdinand: (groaning)

Aunt Figg: (sweetly:) Oh, Ferdy. Is Harry Mouse's song too much for you to hear?

Ferdinand: (nodding) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Too much.

Aunt Figg:


Run, Rudolph, Run

(The camera cuts to Mr. Starling who then spoke to Karen's parents about that great performance.)

Karen's Father:

Mr. Starling:

Karen's Father

Karen's Mother:

(Soon, the scenery was changed to a different one with an obstacle course of fake icebergs or fake icy paths with a Christmas present on top of an artificial Christmas tree. The spotshine shines on Lilly Loraine and Captain Kiddie.)

Lilly Loraine: Now watch as Rudolph and Robbie rescues the Christmas present while dodging the many obstacles of the North in Chuck Berry's musical number sung by none other than Pecos the Cowboy Mouse, "Run, Rudolph, Run!"

(The audience cheered in excitement as the ring-mistress turns to the red-nosed reindeer father and son.)

Lilly Loraine: You ready, red-nosed father and and red-nosed son?

Rudolph and Robbie: Ready!

Lilly Loraine: Then here goes!

(She shot off one of her pistols, firing pyrotechnics as Rudolph began to run around, with Uncle Pecos playing a steel guitar and beginning to sing another song.)

Uncle Pecos: ♪ Out of all the reindeer

You know you're the mastermind

Run, run, Rudolph

Your father ain't too far behind

(Uncle Pecos hopped over and/or flew around many of the obstacles, avoiding them. He even avoided a prop of Bumble the Snow Monster roaring and acting evil as he used to, before Rudolph and Robbie shined their lights at the prop, subduing it.)

The Miser Brothers' Song

Friends to the End

There's Always Tomorrow

The Little Drummer Boy

The Nutcracker (background score) ♪

Star Attractions/"Lights On!"

(Some time later after the winter obstacle course scenery was cleared, Frosty and his family were entering with each of them riding an elephant, as the trumpets played Frosty the Snowman. The audience cheered, before the spotlight shined on Lilly Loraine and Captain Kiddie.)

Lilly Loraine: (over microphone) And now, presenting one of our star attractions...


Lilly Loraine (off-screen): (over microphone) Frosty the Snowman and family...

The elephants raised their front legs, before the snow-family got off each elephant and climbed all the way up to a big slide, with the spotlight shining on them and the crowd cheering some more.

Lilly Loraine (off-screen): (over microphone) a sensational, spellbinding exhibition of world-championship, belly-whopping!


Frosty: (motions to his family) Now meet the folks. Like I always say, and so do my snow grandfather before me, the family that slides together, abides together.

Crystal: You don't always say that, Frosty.

Chilly: Stick to the script, Daddy.

Frosty: If Santa doesn't get here soon, we'll be sticking to everything. Come on!

(Then, one by one, the snow family slid down the slide on their bellies, with the crowd watching in awe, and then Frosty landed on a small trampoline, doing a pose, followed by Crystal, Chilly, Millie and Willie, landing on top of them, with Millie landing in one of her mother's arms, holding Willie in her own arms. Outside the tent, the Cat, Mouse and Reindeer families were watching, waiting for Rudolph to be called, when Scratcher came.)

Scratcher: Rudolph, Tom and Jerry! I've been waiting for you over by the office wagon. Come on.

(The four were about to head for the wagon, when Rudolph's theme played on some trumpets.)

Clarice: That's your warning cue, Rudolph.


Rudolph: You're both right, my son! (turns to Scratcher:) Look, as soon as we're all done, Tom, Jerry and I will meet you over by the wagon. We promise.

Jerry: Just remember our motto presented by Puggsy and Frankie.

Tom and Jerry: (in unison:) We're friends to the end.


(Then the Cat, Mouse and Reindeer families, with Tom, Jerry, Toodles, Toots and their kids riding on the backs of Rudolph, Clarice and their children left.)

Scratcher: That's my buddy and his cat and mouse allies. Heh heh heh.

(Inside, the three families came to the center of the ring as the audience watch. Lilly Loraine and Captain Kiddie were on the podium with the band.)

Lilly Loraine: Lights please!

Most of the lights dimmed, except for the spotlights shining on her, Kiddie, Rudolph and Robbie. The captain then called out to someone.

Captain Kiddie: Bring out the fog machine, boys!

(Another spotlight shined on two clowns and a chimp who were bringing out a big fog machine to where Rudolph and Robbie were and they turned it on, with fog pouring out all over and covering the father and son with Tom and Jerry from everyone's sight.)

Lilly Loraine (off-screen): Are you both ready, Rudolph and Robbie?

Rudolph: I am ready.

Robbie: Me too!

Lilly Loraine and Captain Kiddie: (in unison:) Then light's on, fellas!

Rudolph and Robbie: (in unison:) Light's on!

(The red lights from Rudolph and Robbie's noses beamed through all the fog and glowed brightly, as it grew and the fog soon cleared away, with a kaleidoscope pattern appearing, and the two red-nosed reinder stood there.)

Lilly Loraine: They've burned it out. They've burned out the fog.

Captain Kiddie: Let's hear it for Rudolph and his son!

(The audience cheered for Rudolph and Robbie, until the adult red-nosed reindeer flew up in the air, with Tom and Jerry riding, all around the circus tent before departing. Clarice, her three children, and the remaining Cat and Mouse heading out to follow her love.)

Lilly Loraine (off-screen): Rudolph, Tom and Jerry will be back, folks! They'll be back!

Captain Kiddie (off-screen): For now, it's their break time again!

Tricking Rudolph, Tom and Jerry/♪ I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day

(Back outside, Scratcher, Sam Spangles, Tin, Pan and Alley were near the box-office wagon with the reindeer holding a police hat to the man, in a police officer uniform. The Siasmaes trio are wearing their own police unicorns to make themselves like police cats instead of police dogs.)

Scratcher: Rudolph and Robbie's act is over. Quick, here's the rest of the disguise

Sam Spangles: Ha! Just think me, San Spangles, a policeman with Tin, Pan and Alley as a trio of Siamese police cats. Isn't that right, boys.

Tin: That's right, chief.

Alley: (laughing)

Pan: Meow!

(Sam Spangles chuckled as he held his fake baton.)

Sam Spangles: (twirls baton) I bet your King Winterbolt would be proud with this mission you're carrying out for his own purpose. Getting rid of Rudolph, Tom and Jerry, and then ruling the world?

Scratcher: Yes, that's what he is planning to do.

(The jeleous reindeer then noticed Rudolph, Tom and Jerry coming.)

Scratcher: Here they come. Hide!

(So Spangles and the Siamese trio quickly hid as Rudolph came down near the trailer and landed on the ground with an anime Thud! sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation. Then the various sound effects of the Toho Sound Studio and Swara Productions play in the background as Tom and Jerry jumped off Rudolph.)

Tom: You see, we're back.

Jerry: Just as we said.

Scratcher: Good! (turns to Rudolph:) Now, turn it on.

(Rudolph turned his red nose on, and Scratcher opened the door. The two reindeer, the blue cat and the brown mouse went inside the trailer, which was very dark and the only light was from Rudolph's nose.)

Jerry: So this is the box office wagon of Lilly Loraine.

Tom: I think it is, but it's nearly dark all over the inside of that cart.

Scratcher: Yeah, boys. Mrs. Loraine said it's under the table here.

Tom: Huh?

Rudolph: What are you looking for?

Scratcher: She said it was a little leather suitcase, that's what I'm looking for.

(He then spotted the suitcase in question.)

Scratcher: Oh, there it is. Gee, thanks, Rudolph.

(He went to get the suitcase, but then fell down on purpose with another anime Thud! sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation, Swara Productions and Anime Sound Production, though making it look accidental.)

Scratcher: Ow! (groans)

Jerry: Scratcher, what happened?

Tom: Are you all right?

Scratcher: Oh, I hurt myself!

Rudolph: Just taking a little fall like that?

Scratcher: I twisted my nose... (twitching his nose as he groans) neck, back, or something! Now I can't pick up that suitcase. Rudolph, would you do it for me?

Rudolph: Well, sure. All this fuss over a little suitcase. What's inside?

(Tom, Jerry and Rudolph went up to the case in curiosity.)

Jerry: Hmm... Plenty of clothes and other personal possessions.

Tom: That's everything you'd pack for a trip.

Jerry: But why Lilly Loraine keeping travel bags like this here in the wagon instead of her home?

Scratcher: Well, she didn't say, just pick it up and give it to the cop waiting on the corner.

Rudolph: Okay, but...

(He got the briefcase and it opened up, revealing tons of money lined up, to his, Tom's and Jerry's surprise.)

Rudolph: Hey, this bag is filled with money. 

Tom: And look at all the dollar bills per number on each pile.

Jerry: One dollar, two dollars, five dollars, ten dollars, twenty dollars, fifty dollars and one-hundred dollars. They're all the night's receipts.

(Scratcher gave a smirk, while pretending to realize.)

Scratcher: Oh, that's why she wants to give it to the cop, so he can take it to the bank and make a night deposit. Well then, Rudolph?

Rudolph: Well, okay. 

Tom: I'll carry the suitcase, Rudolph. The suitcase's handle might break all your teeth off your gums, just like Hermey did to Bumble's originally monstrous sharp teeth.

Rudolph: (smiles:) Good thinking, Thomas.

(While Jerry hops onto his head with an anime sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation and Swara Productions, Tom closed the briefcase and carried it with his left hand, before they, Rudolph and Scratcher leave the trailer. While the three friends are looking at where they'd going, Scratcher smirks quietly to him, knowing that his rival and Winterbolt's enemies are falling for his trick. But unknown to them, Clarice is seen watching far from behind. She has come out of the tent to see what Scratcher is up to as his old devious tricks on her husband.)

Clarice: (thinking:) Strange, it looks like it's already time for Rudolph, Tom and Jerry to give the money to the police officer. But is it true, or is it Scratcher's trick?

(And pretending to not be unaware of this terrible double-crossing by Scratcher, she follows him, Rudolph, Tom and Jerry as if she is joining them. Back inside the tent, Lilly Loraine and Captain Kiddie stood in the center ring with the spotlight shining on them.)

Lilly Loraine: And now, folks, for our grand Christmas in July finale!

(The lights dimmed before a platform was lowered with a choir made up of Millie, Chilly and Willie, and some of the circus staff, in choir dress-shirts and each holding a candle. They all sang an old familiar carol.)

Group: (singing) ♪ I heard the bells on Christmas Day

Their old familiar carols play

And mild and sweet their songs repeat

Of peace on Earth good will to men

(The platform was raised, before the light shined on the ringmaster couple again.)

Milton and his Christmas Town Gang/♪ We Are Santa's Elves ♪/♪ Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

Lilly Loraine: Whether July or December, Christmas lives in our hearts, but it's at up at the North Pole, remember Where Christmas always starts.

(She removed her hat, as she and Captain Kiddie moved out of the way, before a North Pole prop pole appeared, and then out of the curtains came Milton in a Santa costume with red suit and hat on as well, holding a sack over his shoulder and ringing a bell, marching merrily around the pole. Since Santa Claus himself isn't here yet, Milton had to dress up as the immortal old man.)

Milton: Hi-ho, hi-ho! Ho ho! Ho ho! Hee hee! Ha ha! Hee hee! Hoo hoo!

(He then held the bell over his head, pretending to look for something.)

Milton: Now, where are my elves?

Tuffy (off-screen): We're coming, Santa!

(Milton look back and saw Hermey and Tuffy running out of the

Tuffy: Hermey and Tuffy reporting for duty!




(Then the scene went rumbling with the sounds of heavy footsteps as Milton, Hermey and Tuffy look back)


Milton: Why, you're right, Hermey! Here they come now!

(Then two elephants came out, wearing elf hats and collars with jingle bells. Lilly Loraine, Captain Kiddie and Squawk saw this, and were confused.)

Lilly Loraine: The elephants and lions as elves?

(The cowgirl spoke to the first clown who was holding a stack of pies.)

Lilly Loraine: I thought these midgets were gonna play the elves.

Clown #1: (shrugs) They wanted to play the polar bears.

Lilly Loraine: (sighs) Actors!

Captain Kiddie: What can ya say, Lilly? They're always messing with the director's vision.

Squawk: Or even the producer's. Arrrwk!

(The elephants and the seven MGM lions came near Milton, Hermey and Tuffy, formling a line of singers for a choir.)



Hermey: Now remember, it's for Santa, says our boss. (looks down to Tuffy) Maestro Tuffy, proceed.

Tuffy: Okay!

(The little gray mouse in an elf suit takes out his baton, and turns to the MGM lions and the elephants)

Tuffy: And a one-a, and a two-a, and a three-a!


Hemrey, the Elephants and the MGM Lions: ♪ Ho ho ho ♪

Ho ho ho

We are Santa's elves

(The four MGM lions Leo, Slats, Jackie and Tanner took their part)

Leo, Slats, Jackie and Tanner: ♪ We are Santa's elves

Filling Santa's shelves...

(Then the two elephants and the last three MGM lions, George, Telly, Coffee goes next)

George, Telly, Coffee and the Elephants: ♪ With a toy for each girl and boy

Oh, we are Santa's elves

(Tuffy, as a composer, took his solo, before the choir continues)

Tuffy: ♪ We work hard all day

But our work is play. ♪

Hermey, the MGM Lions and the Elephants: ♪ Dolls we try out

See if they cry out

We are Santa's elves

We've a special job each year

(Then Tom and Jerry's old friend, the lion that escapes from a different circus and currently lives in Africa appears to sing his solo)

Lion: ♪ We don't like to brag.

(The camera switches back to Tuffy conducting the choir)

Hermey, the Elephants and the MGM Lions (off-screen): ♪ Christmas Eve we always fill Santa's bag.

(The little gray mouse looks to the unseen Milton and winks to him. The camera then cuts to Milton who then smiles at the unseen Tuffy, and then at Hermey and the animal choir.)

Hermey, the Elephants and the MGM Lions (off-screen): ♪ Santa knows who's good ♪

Do the things you should ♪

(The camera switches to Robyn, Mr. Starling, Aunt Pristine Figg and Lickboot, Karen and her parents watching the choir with the audience)

Hermey, the Elephants and the MGM Lions (off-screen): ♪ And we bet you

He won't forget you

We are Santa's elves ♪

(????) Lilly Loraine: (sighs) I may be used to the tightrope, but I really hope I don't have to do this regularly. (????)

MGM Lions: ♪ We've a special job each year


Lion: ♪ We don't like to brag.

(Jackie grabs the nearby sack, and he and Leo shoved Tom and Jerry's lion friend in there to keep him out of the way.)

MGM Lions: ♪ Christmas Eve we always fill Santa's bag.


Hermey, the Elephants and the MGM Lions: ♪ Santa knows who's good ♪

Do the things you should ♪

And we bet you

He won't forget you

We are Santa's elves ♪


Tuffy, Hermey, the Elephants and the MGM Lions: ♪ Ho ho ho

Ho ho h. ♪

We are Santa's elves ♪

♪ HO HO! ♪ ♪


Milton: Very good, elves. Very good is that song of yours. But I have an idea. One that will bring all of us lots of cheer. So just to please all the girls and the boys, why don't we have a parade of the toys?


Uncle Harry: You like it how, my older brother!

Uncle Pecos: I'm so glad this guitar costume won't break its own fake strings, just like my real one, my young

Muscles: Well, wherever Tom and Jerry are with Rudolph, they're missing their chance to see them. But we'll tell them later.

(They all stood in the center ring, bowing to the applauding crowd.)

Milton: And now to make us all feel very jolly, my very best toy...

(The song Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree began to play as an instrumental opening in the background)

Milton: A dancing dolly.

(A light shined on Lanie, who came out dressed as a ballerina and moving like a toy for the act. The crowd applauded as she began to sing another song.)

Laine Loraine: ♪ Rockin' around the Christmas tree

At the Christmas party hop

(She twirled around a bit before making it to the ring, where the other performers danced.)

Laine Loraine: ♪ Mistletoe hung where you can see

Every couple tries to stop

(Two classic anime jumping sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation and Swara Pro. is played out as she leaped onto the pole, which began to rise with a big Christmas tree rising underneath.)

Laine Loraine: ♪ Rockin' around the Christmas tree

Let the Christmas spirit ring

(Even Screwey Squirrel and the clown chef danced a bit while carrying the pie stack and not dropping a single one.)

Laine Loraine (off-screen): ♪ Later, we'll have some pumpkin pie

And we'll do some caroling

(Milton, Tuffy and Hermey looked up at Laine, and the disguised ice cream man blew a kiss to her, with her catching it.)

Laine Loraine: ♪ You will get a sentimental feeling

When you hear...

Voices singing, "Let's be jolly!"

(The performers held home-made decorations and tossed them all onto the tree, one by one.)

Laine Loraine (off-screen): ♪ Deck the halls with boughs of holly!


Laine Loraine: ♪ Rockin' around the Christmas tree

Have a happy holiday

(Multi-colored spotlights went around the room as the performers danced around.)

Laine Loraine (off-screen): ♪ Everyone's dancing merrily

In the new old-fashioned way


Laine Loraine: ♪ You will get a sentimental feeling

When you hear


Laine Loraine (off-screen:) ♪ Voices singing, "Let's be jolly!"

"Deck the halls with boughs of holly"


Performers, Living Toys and Laine Loraine: (singing) ♪ Rockin' around the Christmas tree

(The camera cuts to a closer view of Laine.)

Laine Loraine: ♪ Have a happy holiday


Performers, Living Toys and Laine Loraine: (singing) ♪ Everyone's dancing merrily

In the new...


♪ Fashioned waaaaaaaay ♪ ♪

(Then the lights finished spinning, and they all stopped, with the audience applauding some more.)

"Off to the Bank"/ Frosty's Firework Number/♪ Everything I've Always Wanted (Frosty's Reprise) ♪

(Outside on a nearby street corner, Tom, Jerry, Rudolph and Scratcher came to the disguised Sam Spangles, Tin, Pan and Alley, unknown to Rudolph, Tom and Jerry though. Rudolph was still holding the the suitcase full of money with his teeth holding the handle.)

Jerry: Excuse us, officer, but we were told Mrs. Loraine and Captain Kiddie wanted to give you the money to help pay off the circus's debt.

Tom: We decided to take care of it for them, so, here ya go.

(A few anime sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation are playing out as Tom handed the briefcase to Sam Spangles)

Sam Spangles: (faking Irish accent:) Ah, why thank you, me fine lads. Well, off to the bank.

Tin, Pan Alley: (faking British accent:) Ta-da, chaps!

(Quickly, Spangles and the Siamese trio darted off while cackling greedily, leaving Tom, Jerry and Rudolph puzzled, but Scratcher delighted.)







Scratcher: (thinking:) King Winterbolt, the third phase of my mission is complete. And the fourth should be coming soon, and Rudolph, Tom and Jerry will be in for some real trouble. Ha ha ha ha ha.

(Back at the circus tent, Frosty and Tuffy were outside, with the snowman holding a little tree cap with a star on top and waiting for Rudolph, Tom and Jerry to return, which they did at that moment.)

Frosty: Where were you, fellas?

Tuffy: We were just looking for you.

(Two classic anime sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation and Swara Pro. are playing out when Tom and Jerry jumps off Rudolph.)

Rudolph: Frosty, Tuffy, something funny is going on.


Frosty: Well, we don't think there's anything funny here. (starts smiling:) And I'm usually the first one to notice something funny by giving out a laugh.

(The all-living snowman chuckles, and then makes an unhappy face)

Frosty: No, I'm just about ready to give up hope.

Tuffy: They don't mean THAT funny. Right, Uncle Jer?

Jerry: (nodding his head) Uh-huh.

Frosty: (turn to Rudolph) Here's your star.

(One anime sound effect by Anime Sound Production is heard in the background when Frosty placed it on Rudolph's head, as he, Tom and Jerry looked sorry and worried.)

Rudolph: Aw, Frosty, Santa gave his word. He'll be here before the fireworks are over.

(Frosty shook his head before Tuffy jumped onto his top of his magic hat with an anime sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation and Swara Productions)

Tuffy: He's right, Mr. Frosty. If you believe in yourself, he'll always be there for you, the same as you said to Tom and Uncle Jerry when it comes to knowing you are not just an "all-living" snowman, but a jolly happy soul that lives in both your snow body and your magic hat, compliments of your grandfather's icy heart that you possess nowadays.

Frosty: (shrugging:) Hmm, I don't know.

(With Tuffy still hanging onto his hat, Frosty got onto Rudolph with one classic Rankin/Bass sound effect. Then Fizz Sound Creation, Swara Productions and Anime Sound Production did their anime sound parts when Tom leaped onto Frosty's back, and Jerry hopping onto the cat's shoulder.)

Rudolph: Have you ever seen a a policeman wearing a...helmet, with three of his police cats?

Frosty: No, but then again, I never looked at one either, except maybe in the comics.

Tom: Well, we better get in there.

Jerry: Yeah, it's the finale we're doing. And Robyn, her father, her aunt and her uncle are waiting to see us.

(Rudolph carried Frosty, Tuffy, Tom and Jerry on his back, but didn't walk fast enough.)

Frosty: Sure I'm not too heavy?

Rudolph: No, but you're kinda chilly.

Frosty: (smiles:) I get that regularly.

Tuffy: Heh heh heh!

(Back inside the circus tent, to the crowd's happiness, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Frosty and Rudolph went inside and the spotlight shined on them as they flew around the tree until Rudolph landed perfectly on top of the pole, shining his nose brightly as it hummed and gave out kaleidoscope patterns again. More applause came to this finishing touch of the act, and among the crowd, Robyn, Mr. Starling, Aunt Figg, Lickboot, Ferdinand, Karen and her parents smiled to see that their friends have done a great job as actors of the circus.)


Robyn Starling:

(Then Captain Kiddie and Lilly Loraine appeared on the band balcony, with the spotlight on them again.)

Lilly Loraine: Well, that's our show, folks. A little corny but expensive, that's all it is. Be sure to stick around outside for our free annual Fourth of July fireworks display, and come back again next year!

Captain Kiddie: Before we close, here's something

Lilly Loraine:

Captain Kiddie and Lilly Loraine: Enjoy the rest of your summe days, and have a Merry Christmas!

(The audience cheered again as the band played the circus theme, and all lights turned off, leaving the entire tent dark, with the lights on the Christmas tree glowing on and off. Outside, Rudolph came to a landing near Toodles Galore, Toots "Chérie" Mouse and Clarice with Tom, Jerry and Frosty getting off.)

Frosty: (removing the star cap from Rudolph:) You hear that? Time for the fireworks.

Rudolph: We heard, Frosty. We heard. I just don't understand it, and all that business with Scratcher.

Clarice: Something's real wrong here, I know it.

Toodles Galore:


(Th Lixue and Cheung came over to the three.

Chilly: Come on, Daddy, Ancle Rudolph and Aunt Clarice.

Millie: We don't wanna miss the fireworks.

Frost:: Miss 'em? I'd like to stop them!

Millie: Why do you want to stop them, Daddy? Aren't you patriotic?

Frosty: Sure, I am.

(The snowman gulped before continuing)

Frosty: My only regret is... (puts his hand on heart) I have only one life to melt for my country. And before the North Pole, this country happened to be known as the United States of America.

(Rudolph and Clarice then realized something.)

Clarice: Wait! What you just said, Frosty, maybe we CAN stop the fireworks.

Rudolph: That's what I say, Clarice.

Frosty: Yeah! Let's find out who's setting them off.

Toodles Galore: Lilly Loraine and Captain Kiddie are setting the fireworks off, Frosty. They haven't light up the fuse yet.

Tom: Gee, that's a relief, Toodles.



Clarice: Frosty? You go this way, we'll go that. And Thomas and Jeremy? You, Toodles, and your kids better go to your other family members, Karen, Robyn and the others. Pretend your enjoying the fireworks show with them.

Tom and Jerry: Roger!


Toots: (sighs) You know, Toodles? These boys never change after all these years including our marriage.

Toodles Galore: Of course not. The same old things that cats and mice do.

(Then somewhere, Lilly Loraine had a match lit and began setting off the main fuse of the fireworks, and each firework began shooting into the sky, one by one. Frosty went up to the Loraine and Captain Kiddie while the crowd including Karen and her parents, Robyn, Mr. Starling, Aunt Pristine Figg, Lickboot, Ferdinand and Tom and Jerry's relatives watched the first firework explode in the sky.)

Crowd: Ooooohhhh!

Frosty: Mrs. Loraine, Captain Kiddie, you gotta help me!

Lilly Loraine: Anything, Frosty. You just name it.

Frosty: Please, stop the fireworks!

Captain Kiddie: You named the wrong one.

Squawk: Yeah, the wrong on.

Frosty: Huh?

Lilly Loraine: We can't stop the fireworks. Once the main fuse is lit, they keep going, even if a cloudburst poured down on top of them or a twister hit.

(The second firework exploded into the sky as Frosty held his paws over his ears. The circus staff, unaware of Frosty's assumed fate, cheered.)

Captain Kiddie: Just curious, why do you want them stopped?

Frosty: I just got a very sickly feeling, and so did Karen, Robyn, Tom and Jerry.

Lilly Loraine: About fireworks?

Frosty: No, about melting. How many are there?

Lilly Loraine: Exactly 100.

(Frosty gulped in worry, then another firework went off.)

Captain Kiddie: Shiver my tembers! That's firework or pyrotecnic number three.

Frosty: (annoyed:) Yeah, I'm counting! I'm counting!

(The fourth firework then went off.)

Staff: Wheee!

Frosty: So, which one's number one-hundred?

Lilly Loraine: (points) That's right over there.

(The meek snowman saw the one-hundredth firework on top of the other fireworks.)

Frosty: (Unseen:) That's my number, alright.

(The camera cuts to another shot at Frosty, zooming into a close-up)

Frosty: (sad:) And when my number goes up, my number IS up. (looks to the left) And where's Santa already?




(With Santa's group, they were still stuck in the storm going through the countryside.)

Santa Claus (narrating): Frosty, Tom and Jerry weren't the only ones about to give up hope that we'd arrive, for we were still braving the storm as we went through the countryside.

Donner: (sighs) Santa, there's still no sign of any light ahead.

Santa Claus: (sad:) Hmm, seem so, Donner. I'm afraid we're gonna be too late to save poor Frosty and his family.

Jessica Claus: The best we can do is keep going.

Santa Claus: Well, I don't think we'll be able to get there now, so we may as well take shelter until the storm lets up, heaven knows when that will be.


Santa Claus: Oh, I hope Tom, Jerry, Rudolph and everyone will put them each of the Frosty family members in their own jar when we arrive by the time they're melted into puddles.

(So the eight deer took the couple to find shelter. Back in Florida, the fireworks still kept going off, one by one, with members of the Rudolph and Frosty families, Professor Hinkle, Hocus Pocus, Tuffy and Hermey watching as well.)

Hermey: Everybody, that's number 73. And we have only 27 more fireworks to go for the final bang of gunpowder.

(Crystal looked at Millie, Chilly, Robbie, Zoey and Arrow seriously.)

Crystal: Kids, no matter what happens, I want you all to be very brave.


Frosty: Oh, why did I get everybody into this? I should've just said "no".

Willie: R'yeah, "no."

Professor Hinkle: But then, the kids wouldn't gotten to see this, at least.

Frosty: Yeah, but was it really worth it?

(Another firework went off.)

Professor Hinkle and Frosty: 74.


Chilly: We promise to be very brave, mommy.


Crystal: I'm very proud of you five.

Tuffy: I just don't get it. Santa, Mrs. Claus and the other reindeer should've been here by now.

(Yet another firework went off.)

Frosty: 75.

Frosty: (sad:) Oh, Frosty.

Frosty: There, there, honey. I just want you to know that I'm glad I married you.

Crystal: I am too, love.

(Frosty then sang a sad reprise of a song sang twice from a day not too long ago.)

Frosty: (singing) ♪ You are everything

I've always wanted more than anything

And if there's any doubt

Well now you know ♪ ♪

(Crystal shed a happy tear, while Hocus, Willie, Millie, Chillie, Tuffy and Hermey wiped some tears at how touching this was. Then another firework set off.)

Frosty: 76. Boy, I remember when I could only count to five at Karen's schoolyard. The good old days. Our number skills have really improved through education we went through back in Christmas Town. Nowadays we have complete knowledge of everything on Earth, and in time and space.


Professor Hinkle:


Professor Hinkle:


Winterbolt Arrives at the Circus Lot /Extinguished/Rudolph, Tom and Jerry Admit Their Guilt

[Then a familiar sleigh with one figure and his reinsnakes floated above the sky as the fireworks continued exploding. It was Winterbolt, the king of the North]

Winterbolt: Now to go down and put out Rudolph's light for good. And later on, who I can destroy before the prophecy fulfills? Tom and Jerry! (evil chuckle)

[Back down below, Rudolph, Tom and Jerry walked around, looking for Santa to show, when they heard the circus owner, Lilly Loraine, exclaiming in alarm.]

Lilly Loraine (off-screen): Hey! We have been robbed!

[Tom, Jerry and Rudolph then looked and saw Lilly Loraine, Captain Kiddie and Squawk arrive with a blond-haired policeman, Kelly, and the master detective hound, Droopy.]

Captain Kiddie: We went to get the money to give to Officer Kelly and Master Detective Droopy here to despoit to the bank.

Squawk: But the moment we went inside the box-office wagon... ARWK! It's gone!

[Rudolph, Tom and Jerry stunned at what they said]

Jerry: Officer Kelly?

Tom: HE's the policeman?

Lilly Loraine: Well, yeah. Why?

Rudolph: Didn't you and Captain Kiddie send Scratcher to go fetch it?

Lilly Loraine: Either of us, let a roustabout reindeer handle the loot? Well, I ain't that daffy!

Captain Kiddie: Neither am I! Even I know better.

Rudolph, Tom and Jerry: (realizing:) Oh no!

Lilly Loraine: (looking suspiciously) Hey, what do you kids know about this?

(Tom, Jerry and Rudolph looked to each other, all unsure how to explain the situation.)

Rudolph: Uh, would you excuse us for a minute?

[The three friends dashed off, leaving Lilly, Kiddie, Kelly and Droopy couple puzzled. Droopy then looked to the us viewers to explain that something is not right between Rudolph, Tom and Jerry and the missing money.]


[Back with Rudolph's friend Hermey and wife Clarice, Tom and Jerry's wives Toodles Galore and Toots Mouse, Professor Hinkle, Hocus Pocus, Frosty and their kids, the fireworks amount was getting to the last ten, as the ninety-first one went off.]

The Four Families, Professor Hinkle, Hocus Pocus and Hermey: (glumly:) 91!

Tuffy: 90 down, and 9 more to go, you guys.

Hermey: Good counting, Tuffy. But still, hasn't Santa showing up yet?

Toodles Galore:

[Then the snow twins Millie and Chilly, Willie the Snow Dog, the three young reindeer Robbie, Zoey and Arrow. The three kittens Slats, Jackie and Coffee, the four little mice Tanner, George, Leo and Dorothy, and their cousin Tuffy, Jerry's nephew and Santa's mouse elf spotted Winterbolt on his sleigh, but they thought he was Santa they were hoping for.

Chilly: Daddy, Mommy, Aunt Clarice, look!

Millie: It's Santa!

Robbie: You're right, Millie and Chilly. It is him!

(Toodles Galore and Toots, Clarice, Frosty and rest of the friends saw it too and were happy, but again, they didn't see Winterbolt or the reinsnakes closely.)

Crystal: Frosty, it's the sleigh!

Frosty: Yes, I knew he would come through for us!

Tuffy: HOORAY! He made it!

Willie: R'Santa's coming! (makes another Scooby Doo-like giggle)

(Frosty skipped with joy as the group quickly rushed off as the ninety-second firework exploded in the sky, but Tom, Jerry and Rudolph caught sight of the driver and pullers of the sleigh. They quickly alerted their friends.

Rudolph: Wait a minute! It's a sleigh alright, but it's not Santa.

Tuffy: It's not?

Tom: No.

Tuffy: Then who could that be instead?


Jerry: It's that mysterious old guy who granted Frosty and his family the amulets and Willie the collar not so long ago. The so-called "Fairy Godfather".

Hocus Pocus:



Professor Hinkle:


(So Rudolph, Clarice and Robbie, Frosty, Hermey, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy went ahead as Winterbolt's reinsnakes landed. He saw the group arrive, smirking evilly.)

Winterbolt: (getting out of his sleigh) Oh, how I've waited for this moment.

[The next firework went off as the gang approach Winterbolt.]

Frosty: 93!

Tom: Hey! Old Timer!

Jerry: We're here!

Rudolph: Sir! Sir!

Winterbolt: (turning to Rudolph and his friends): I'm no old timer, and we haven't been properly introduced. My name is Winterbolt, King Winterbolt.

Tuffy: King Winterbolt?

Frosty: A king? That never crossed my mind.

(Tom, Jerry and Tuffy fell on their knees and bows down with their arms stretching up.)

Rudolph: Your majesty, Santa never showed up.

Winterbolt: Yes, I know. I just recently saw what was happening on my magic eye of snow, or so Winter Warlock call it the magic crystal snowball.


Clarice: Frosty's time is almost over.

Tuffy: And if so, then Mr. and Mrs. Frosty and their kids will melt back into puddles of water permanently, right here in Florida.

Frosty: Just seven more fireworks.

[Of course, another one went off, to everyone's notice.]

Winterbolt: Correction... (draws a number 6 with a magic finger:) 6. That was number 94.

Robbie: Please, sire, you have to make the Frosties' amulets and Willie's collar last a little longer.

Frosty: Maybe even a lot longer.

Hermey: 'Cause we don't know if Santa's coming or not!

Winterbolt: Of course. Of course, my dear friends.

Rudolph: You hear that, Frosty?

Frosty: (jumping:) Oh, boy! Wait until I tell Crystal and my kids.

[The gang were about to happily rush off to tell Crystal and the Snow Twins, when Winterbolt stops them by holding his ice scepter out.]

Winterbolt: One moment.

Frosty: Huh?

[Another firework exploded, and thus marking the ninety-fifth count]

Winterbolt: 95.

Frosty: Ah, we don't need to bother in keeping counting.

Hermey: Yeah, it's not important.

Winterbolt: Oh, yes, you do. And it IS important. 

Rudolph: What do you mean?

Winterbolt: I will make the magic of the collar and amulets' power last longer, Rudolph, only so long... (pointing his ice scepter at Rudolph's nose:) your nose remains extinguished.

Tom and Jerry: What?

Rudolph: My nose isn't extinguished.

Winterbolt: (slyly:) Oh, really? Try to light it then.

[The ninety-sixth firework exploded as Rudolph began struggling to make his nose glow.]

Winterbolt: 96.

Frosty: Go ahead, Rudolph!

Hermey: Light up your nose.

Robbie: Do your best, Dad!

Rudolph: I'm trying! (grunts) I'm trying real hard!

[Rudolph continue to do so as harder as he can, grunting, but there was no glow out of his nose. Then Winterbolt laughed evilly, as did his reinsnakes.]

Frosty: Rudolph, what's wrong?

Clarice: Why isn't your nose glowing?

Rudolph: won't light up!


Rudolph: I think you're right, son. (thinks of something as he glared at Winterbolt, and Robbie did the same) You probably had something to do with it, didn't you?

Robbie: (also glaring at Winterbolt) What did you do to my Dad's nose, King Winterbolt?

Winterbolt: I didn't do a thing, Robbie. (points at Rudolph) Your father did it to himself.

Robbie: Huh?

Rudolph: What were you saying?

Winterbolt: (turns to Rudolph) I'm saying that you, Rudolph, have used your nose for an evil purpose. (pointing his ice scepter at Tom and Jerry:) Using Tom and Jerry as your accomplices, you robbed the money from the box-office wagon of Lilly Loraine, and gave it to one man disguised as the policeman, Sam Spangles, the soon-to-become new ringmaster of the Circus by the Sea.

[As Winterbolt shows Rudolph, Tom and Jerry what he really and serious meant, Scratcher, Sam Spangles, Tin, Pan and Alley arrive with fiendish looks at the three friends.]

Sam Spangles: Sorry, suckers, for the deceiving. Oh, wait! No, I'm not! (laughing)

Tom: Tin?

Jerry: Pan?

Tuffy: And Alley?

Tin, Pan and Alley: In the flesh, o chaps!

Scratcher: (looks at Rudolph, Tom and Jerry) Boy, you three have fallen for a false "I've changed" story, my own payback trick!

Rudolph: But why do you want to pay me back for?


Scratcher: Well, if only your Daddy hadn't replaced me back in Christmas Town, I would've been leader of Santa's reindeer team guiding his sleigh. But now, just here in Florida, he, Tom and Jerry have committed a crime of giving Mr. Spangles and his Siamese trio the money, so they could just take over the circus. Too bad, after drinking too much egg nog, you snooze, you lose, Rudolph. And you even caused your precious Clarice a greater amount of distress, and brought an entire army of disgrace upon your own family.

Clarice: (thinking:) That's not true, Scratcher. Rudolph would never do something terrible such as stealing money, and never do Tom and Jerry. I knew you were up to something! I just knew it!

Frosty: (confused in shock:) Rudolph, Tom, Jerry, I don't understand!

Tuffy: (shocked:) How could you guys do such criminal acts?

Tom: They tricked us, Frosty and Tuffy!

Jerry: And it's like we've been double-crossed.

Winterbolt: And if they did, then what are you three going to do about it, huh?

Sam Spangles: (together with Scratcher, Tin, Pan and Alley, walking up to Rudolph, Tom, Jerry and their friends and stood next to Winterbolt) You heard the king? Just tell us.

Tin, Pan and Alley: Yeah, we're still listening!

Rudolph: Well, we're gonna set things straight. I'll tell everybody what happened.

Winterbolt: No, you won't! (sternly points at Rudolph) I warn you, if you attempt to clear your name to save your nose, Frosty, Crystal, Millie, Chilly and Willie will all melt instantly! And above all of Rudolph's consequence, Tom and Jerry? Should you defend your red-nosed friend in telling the truth to all the people and claiming your innocence, then your own wives and kids will be severely harmed. And in this case, the first three ones that should be needing a lot of injuries would be Tuffy, Clarice and Robbie.

[The gang becomes horrified at what Winterbolt is saying.]

Robbie: No! Not us!

Clarice: You can't do that!

Tuffy: That kind of violence is pointless!

Tin: Pointless, huh? We'll show you "pointless", with a little taxidermy, right now? How about it, boys?

Pan and Alley: (taking out their giant scalpels:) Right, boss!

Sam Spangles: (halting his Siamese trio with his cane) No, my pussycats! Not now.

Rudolph: King Winterbolt, do not harm our families! Please.

Jerry: They're too young to die.

Tom: Have mercy on them.

Winterbolt: Very good! Begging for mercy is acceptable. I know it's bearable to watch the results happening to your families and friends, but if you don't want to allow this, you must do what is right. Admit your guilt, and I will allow the Frosties to remain frozen, and your families to remain unharmed.

[The ninety-seventh firework went exploding.]

Winterbot: 97!

[Then the ninety-eight firework exploded as Rudolph hung his head in shame, feeling like trapped in the dimension of telling the difference between life and death.]

Winterbolt (off-screen:) 98! Only two more. What do you say, Rudolph?

Rudolph: Okay, I won't tell anybody. I'll take the blame, and let my nose go out.

Tom: We'll share in Rudolph's guilt too.

Jerry: And remember that saying. "If you can't beat them, join them."

[Winterbolt smiled with wicked pleasure as the ninety-ninth firework went off]

Winterbolt: 99.

[Clarice, Hermey, Frosty, Robbie and Tuffy, however, felt sorry for Rudolph, Tom and Jerry.

Frosty: But, you can't just let your nose go out forever, Rudolph.

Clarice: It's not even worth it, even though losing it would be better than losing all of us.

Rudolph: We know, but we don't have a choice, guys. (to the group) Come on, we only have one firework left.

[Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Rudolph, Clarice, Robbie, Hermey and Frosty then hurried while Winterbolt, Scratcher, Sam Spangles, Tin, Pan and Alley look on, and the reinsnakes hissed and laughed tauntingly.]


Scratcher: Yes, sire. Now that Rudolph is finally defeated, I will convince Clarice to abandon him and marry me instead.

[The scene switches to Crystal, Willie, Millie and Chilly looking worried as they held each other to get ready for the end, with Zoey, Arrow, Toodles, Toots, Slats, Jackie, Coffee, Tanner, George, Leo and Dorothy gazing at them].

Crystal: Only one more! Where's Frosty?

[Lilly Loraine, Captain Kiddie and Squawk then came over to see the snow woman and kids despairing.]

Lilly Loraine: Hey, what's going on here?

Rudolph (off-screen): Miss Loraine! Captain Kiddie!

[Tom, Jerry, Rudolph and their crew all returned to their friends.]

Rudolph: Miss Loraine, Captain Kiddie, I stole that money.

Lilly Loraine: (shocked and alarmed:) What?!

Squawk: AWWWK?!

Captain Kiddie: Great wobbling wattles!

Tom: That is correct.

Jerry: And we helped him.

Toodles Galore: Tommy?!

Toots: And Jerry too?!

Willie: Zoinks!

Millie: Uncle Rudolph?

Chilly: I don't believe it!

Arrow: Neither do we.

Zoey: You're stealing?

Frosty: No, they, they, I mean...I can explain.

Rudolph: No, Frosty, don't! (to Lilly Loraine and Captain Kiddie) I stole the money from the box-office wagon, with Tom and Jerry as my accomplices, and we gave it to Sam Spangles.

Lilly Loraine: (dismayed:) Sam Spangles?! That old geezer?! That means he takes over the show! 

Captain Kiddie: Rudolph, Tom, Jerry, what's gotten into you?

Clarice: Well...

Rudolph: Clarice, don't. (hangs head) We can't explain.

[Lilly Loraine and Captain Kiddie then left, downhearted.]

Captain Kiddie: (sadly:) Well, mateys, there goes everything we worked for.

Lilly Loraine: (sadly:) I knew we wouldn't have a chance.

[Then the final firework exploded in the sky, to Crystal and the snow twins' alarm.]

Crystal: 100! (sadly hugging Frosty who smiled at her) Oh, Frosty... (sobs)

Willie: R'It's over now! (crying)

Frosty: Relax, Willie and Crystal, we're not gonna melt after all. See?

[She saw that they were still frozen, and was relieved and overjoyed.]

Crystal: Oh, you're right. Thank goodness!

[Millie and Chilly came running to their parents, escorted by Zoey and Arrow.]

Millie: Mommy, Daddy, we're saved!

[Frosty, Robbie, Hermey and Tuffy see Tom, Jerry and Rudolph hanging their heads, with Clarice looking sorry for them.]

Zoey (off-screen): All right, you've survived.

Arrow (off screen): Yeah!

Chilly (off-screen): Daddy, we aren't gonna melt!

Rudolph: (looking back to the snow family with a smile:) Congratulations. Now you don't have to worry about anything.

Jerry: Yes, you're safe!

Tom: And you should be grateful to us!

Crystal: (holds her kids) I'm sorry, Rudolph, but I don't want the twins associating with a dishonest reindeer or his cat and mouse accomplices.

Toodles Galore: (angry with Tom and Jerry:)

Toots Mouse: (also angry with Tom and Jerry:)

(Willie angrily growled at Tom, Jerry and Rudolph as an agreement with the three ladies, but Millie and Chilly were devastated with tears of sadness.)

Millie: Aw, Uncle Rudolph.

Chilly: Why'd you, Tom and Jerry do it?

Toodles Galore:


Tom and Jerry's Children: But...

Toodles Galore and Toots: Ah-ah-ah! No backtalk.

Tom and Jerry's Children: Yes, mothers. (turns to their fathers) Sorry, fathers, but we have to go.

[Crystal, Toodles and Toots then departed, taking Willie and their kids with them and leaving behind Frosty, Rudolph, Clarice, Robbie, Zoey, Arrow, Hermey, Tuffy, Jerry and Tom.]

Frosty: No, wait! You don't understand!

Robbie: This is all a big...

Rudolph: Frosty, Robbie, you must never tell them that Tom, Jerry and I didn't do it. (looks at Clarice, Arrow, Zoey, Hermey and Tuffy) And neither must any of you.

Frosty: But Rudolph...

Rudolph: (snapping:) NEVER! (calming down:) What's more important? A silly old red nose? Or the lives of our best friends and families, including Tom's and Jerry's?

Frosty: Aw, Rudolph. What can I say? (holding up Rudolph's leg to give a hand shake:) You, Tom and Jerry sure are true friends. (notices a discovered a certain symbol no longer on Rudolph's hoof:) Hey, that funny little mark on your hoof.

[Tom and Jerry looked at Rudolph's hoof with no mark too.]

Frosty: The star inside the snowflake, it's gone!

Clarice: It went with your nose's light.

Rudolph: (sheds a tear.) Yes, I know.

[Tom and Jerry then look at each other sadly.]

Jerry: You know, Thomas. It looks like we don't deserve to be friends to the end after all.

Tom: Right, Jerry. And we've let Puggsy, Frankie, Robyn and her family down.

Victory for Winterbolt and Scratcher/ Sam Spangles' Circus Plans / Professor Hinkle and Hocus Pocus

[Back to the trio of villains at the other side of the circus, they cheered and laughed evilly, celebrating their defeat of Rudolph, Tom and Jerry.]

Scratcher: Hooray! Hooray for Winterbolt, ruler of the North Pole and king of the world!

Tin, Pan and Alley: (performing in their costumes as cheerleaders) All hail King Winterbolt! Long live the King!

Winterbolt: (sitting down on his sleigh and turning to Scratcher) Come along, Scratcher. You are the Number-One reindeer now.

Scratcher: You bet it, your Majesty! (hops in the sleigh) Victory is mine, and yours, too!

Winterbolt: One more thing?

Scratcher: Yes, sire. (calling out:) Oh, Clarice?!

[Clarice appears before Winterbolt and Scratcher, having heard the jeleous reindeer's call for her.]

Scratcher: You know, if you still want to date a number one reindeer, I'm available! Care to abandon Rudolph and join with me?

Clarice: Why would I do that?

Rudolph: Because he is a criminal, a traitor and a number one public enemy in the North Pole and the rest of the whole world, that's why. With the addition of sharing in my work with Winterbolt, you should date with me until Christmas Eve this year. And when this time comes, you and I will wed, and together, we'll help Winterbolt deliver all the goodies to every kid in every country in the world. How about it? (clicks his teeth with laughter)

Sam Spangle: Hmm, very touching.


Clarice: Ugh! No way, Scratcher! There's no way I'd ever date with you or marry you. I'd sooner be eaten by Bumble, just like I almost were, along with Mr. and Mrs. Donner, long ago! (runs away back to her current spot with Rudolph at another side of the circus tent.)

Scratcher: (calling-back) Oh, you want to be stuck with a loser? Fine! Have it your way then, but don't say I didn't warn you! (turns to Winterbolt) Let's go, King Winterbolt!

Winterbolt: And so shall we. (cracking the whip, and making the reinsnakes flew into the air again, taking off) Away, away! (laughter)

Sam Spangles: So long, your royal coldness! Pleasure doin' business with ya and Scratcher! And may the world bow before you!

[He then walked over to the unhappy circus clowns and animals including Screwball Squirrel, Barney Bear, Slick McWolf, Butch Cat, Lightning Cat, Topsy Cat, Meathead Cat, who were just told the bad news by their bosses.]

Sam Spangles: Okay, ya creeps and scuzz-balls! Now that I'm in charge of this circus, there's gonna be some changes around here.

Clown #1: But, you don't own the show just yet!

Butch Cat: It was the law who decide things, not you. And you have authority or power over it, you guys?

Clowns, Other Alley Cats, Screwy Squirrel, Barney Bear and Slick McWolf: Right?

Sam Spangles: Wanna bet? Who's gonna pay to see Tom and Jerry? Or most importantly... (singing mockingly:) "Rudolph the Unlit Reindeer, with a very nothing nose?"

[Sam and his Siamese trio laughed cruelly as the circus folk and animals looked very sad.]

Sam Spangles (off-screen): I can't wait 'til tomorrow night!

Tin, Pan and Alley: Do tell 'em, boss!

[What Sam Spangles and the Siamese trio didn't notice is that two figures are silently watching from behind yet another side of the circus tent. The first figure is Professor Hinkle, a magician who was a former jealous rival and current friend of Frosty, and the second figure is his white rabbit companion Hocus Pocus.]

Sam Spangles (off-screen): And besides, will my twin brother Hinkle be delighted to hear that I have succeeded him and his partners Pristine Figg and Lickboot to be a millionaire too?! (laughing)

"Good Bye for Good"/ Clarice and Hermey Feels Sorry for Rudolph/♪ No Bed of Roses

(The next night, on July 5th, Rudolph, Tom and Jerry under a single spotlight at the circus tent with the entire crowd angrily jeering at them, for they have learned that the circus has been robbed, leaving the people stripped of their own money.)

Crowd: Boo! Boo!

Rudolph: We're sorry, ladies and gentlemen. But I can still do my jumps.

Tom: Jerry and I can even juggle anything.

Jerry: Or martial arts. How about it?

Crowd: No! We want our money back! We want our money back! We want our money back! We want our money back! We want our money back!

(Tom, Jerry and Rudolph sadly walks out of the circus tent. There, only Milton, Clarice, Robbie, Zoey, Arrow, Hermey, Little Quacker, Spike, Tyke, Cousin George, Muscles, Mrs. Mouse, Geraldine, Tim, Thomasina, Booties, Toodles Galore, Toots, their children, and Tuffy were looking at each other, until they see Rudolph, Tom and Jerry.)

Milton: Rudolph? Thomas, Jeremy?

Laine Loraine: (angry:) Milton! How can you even speak to them after what they did to my mother and Captain Kiddie!?

Milton: But there must be some reason.

Geraldine: He's right, It couldn't possibly be like him, Tom and Jerry to steal the money from us without any reason.

Tim: (looks to Tom, Jerry and Rudolph) Tom, Jerry and Rudolph, we're all still families and friends.

Thomasina: You can tell us.

Tom: There's nothing to tell, my brother and sister. We help Rudolph stole the money and gave it to Sam Spangles.

Jerry: And that's all there is to it.

Spike: (angry) Exactly, and it serves the both of you and that naughty reindeer! (growls)

Tyke: (gently) Don't listen to what my dad said, fellas. Surely, you are...

Rudolph: No, Tyke, your father's right. We're such as disgrace to our own families.

Milton: But Rudolph...

Rudolph: Just...just let us be, guys.

(Tom, Jerry and Rudolph sadly walked away, and the ice cream man attempted to followed them, but Laine stopped him, tugging his arm away with the anime sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation, Swara Productions and Anime Sound Production playing in the background.)

Laine Loraine: You heard him, Milton! Let's go!

(She left while Milton, and the remaining Cat and Mouse relatives gave one sad look at the formerly famous reindeer, and the formerly heroic cat and mouse.)

Milton: Goodbye, Tom, Jerry and Rudolph. Goodbye...for good.

(He then went with Laine Loraine, while Rudolph, Tom and Jerry walked alone sadly.)

"Something in Exchange"/ ♪ Frosty the Snowman ♪/ Suggestion of A Snowman Army and Snow Scyphozoa








[Frosty walked up to a circus ball before sitting on it, wondering what he could do to bring back Rudolph's light.]

Frosty: Well, fellas, there must be something I can do alone that wouldn't hurt your families and mine. Maybe I could give King Winterbolt something in exchange.

[Meanwhile, in Winterbolt's lair, the wizard and king himself and Scratcher were watching this through his eye of snow.]

Frosty: But what do I have that he'd want?

Winterbolt: Ha ha ha ha! What indeed? His corncob pipe? His scarf, or even his own broom?

Scratcher: He does have something. I don't know. He must have something. Why not ask the genie?

[The camera dissolve us to the next scene where the Genie of the Ice Scepter, summoned by Winterbolt, is talking to him master and Scratcher.]

Genie of the Ice Scepter: Frosty the Snowman has his own magic, which could prove quite valuable.

[The camera cuts to Winterbolt and Scratcher.]

Winterbolt: Really? Tell me. What is it?

Scratcher: Yeah, spit it, if you don't mind.

[The camera switches to the Genie of the Ice Scepter, zooming in for a close-up at his mouth.]

Genie of the Ice Scepter: His hat. Let me show you, o' master.

[When the genie open his mouth wider, the darkness changed to a flashback of the day Karen and her friends were first creating Frosty with Tom and Jerry, and a familiar song played in the background.]

Chorus: ♪ Frosty the Snowman

Was a jolly-happy soul

[Tom, Jerry and the children put the parts on Frosty's button, starting with his pipe, then his red button nose and his coal eyes. They also add the broomstick in his right hand. This was the time before his scarf is added five years later into the events of Tom and Jerry: Frosty's Winter Wonderland]

Chorus: ♪ With a corncob pipe

And a button nose

And two ears made out of coal

[The children, Tom and Jerry thought names for the snowman until Frosty is decided, then danced the ring-around-the-rosey around him.]

Chorus: ♪ Frosty the Snowman

Is a fairy-tale they say

He was made of snow

But the children know

How he came to life one day

[Then we see Tuffy and Hocus Pocus returning to the schoolyard with the magic hat, with Tom, Jerry and the kids noticing.]

Chorus: ♪ There must have been some magic

In that old silk hat they found

[Karen puts the hat back on the lifeless Frosty's head, and its magic dust transforms him into his all-living form with real eyes and blue pupils.]

Chorus: ♪ For when he placed it on his head

He began to dance around


Chorus: ♪ Oh, Frosty the Snowman

Was alive as he could be

And the children say

He could laugh and play

Just the and meeeeeee ♪ ♪

[Then we see the moment after Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and the kids planned to take Frosty to the railroad station to the North Pole. He led his friends out of school and through town, with Tuffy and Hocus hopping afterwards. Then more clips or scenes from the Tom and Jerry crossovers with Frosty the Snowman.]

Genie of the Ice Scepter: Although it is the source of Frosty's life force and soul, and so were his grandfather's enchanted ice heart, this top hat made of silk used to belong to a magician named Professor Hinkle, long-time partner of Pristine and Lickboot, who was the worst magician in the world. He wanted to get the hat back so he may become very rich and famous, with the addition of destroying Tom and Jerry over the incidents of Robyn and her father's victory over Figg, but lost to the three friends.

[The camera switches to Winterbolt and Scratcher while the Genie continues.]

Genie of the Ice Scepter (off-screen): More important pieces of information I should give you, is that while you were still healing your injuries from your fight with Bumble the Snow Monster inside the rejuvenation chamber.

[The camera cuts to the flashback in the Genie's mouth, showing the scene with Lady Boreal granting Frosty's wish with Tuffy watching.]

Genie of the Ice Scepter: Lady Boreal had granted Frosty the ability to live without his own hat for only two-and-a-half years.

[Then the flashback shows various clips from an unknown film which is known as Tom and Jerry: Frosty Returns.]

Genie of the Ice Scepter:

[And finally, the flashback moves onto Tom and Jerry: Frosty's Winter Wonderland]

Genie of the Ice Scepter:

Winterbolt: (interrupting:) Yes, yes, I get the idea.

Scratcher: Yeah, yeah, Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo and all that junk! Hah! Wrong story, which is Cinderella.

[The Genie of the Ice Scepter closes his mouth before speaking to Wintertbolt.]

Genie of the Ice Winterbolt: Just think, King Winterbolt. If you have Frosty's hat and could find the secret of its magic, you could duplicate it over and over again.

[Winterbolt then began to imagine the possibilities of what could happen if he had Frosty's hat. In the imagination, the hat being magically duplicated multiple times. A bit later, an army of fierce-looking snowmen resembling Frosty appears, and the magic hats land on their heads, giving them life.]

Winterbolt (off-screen): Why, I could bring an army of snowmen to life.

[While Winterbolt continues, the Frosty clones, a stern looks, are spinning their brooms around like weapons with the anime sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation playing in the background, and the camera zooming away from them. They also began marching like an army would.]

Winterbolt (off-screen): New warriors that can perfectly resemble Frosty, and will help me wipe all the citizens of Christmas Town as the first new act of world domination.

[The imagination ends, turning back into a close-up at Winterbolt. The camera zooms away from him before stopping]

Genie of the Ice Scepter (off-screen:) And Frosty is the only one who knows the true secret of Rudolph's nose would be lifeless forever, just like Rudolph, who has no protection from Lady Boreal herself, as of now, thanks to these previous phases of your plan.

Winterbolt: (smiling:) Yes, I'm afraid you're right. To be honest, I'd be fearing that Frosty might also learn of my purpose of conquest soon. But not this time. I shall do away with him, too, then I can be safe. Nothing or nobody will stop me! Not even three new meddlers like Tom and Jerry, and Frosty himself.

Scratcher: You tell him, boss. With that snow-fatty, that talking cat and mouse, and the Christmas Town folks either reduced to dust or frozen in solid ice, the world will be yours. Before we conquer it, we must kill them and their families ourselves first.

Winterbolt: Be still, Scratcher. I know exactly what I am thinking.

[The camera switches to Winterbolt and Scratcher with the Genie of the Ice Scepter.]

Winterbolt: But first, my Genie, what could I give Frosty for his hat?

Genie of the Ice Scepter: Lie to him, my master. Deceive him, tell him that you have the power to restore the Borealis light to Rudolph's nose.

(Winterbolt thought about it for a bit.)

Winterbolt: The light. (laughing sinisterly) Of course, of course!

Scratcher: (laughing) No more Frosty! Says Jack Frost! (laughs, then realizes) Oh, wait! What about Clarice, Rudolph's wife?

Winterbolt: What about her, Scratcher?

Scratcher: Well, she refused to disown Rudolph as his wife and starts loving me instead because I'm older than him. It's obvious that she still knows him by his name and the color of his nose, and she even never forget who he is. We should brainwash her into doing so.

Genie of the Ice Scratcher: Scratcher has proven his point, 'o master. To make her love him instead of Rudolph and forget about that defeated red-nosed reindeer, you must use your ice scepter to summon the Snow Scyphozoa.

Winterbolt: The Snow Scyphozoa?

Frosty's Idea / "I Am No More"/ Big Ben the Clockwork Wale

(The camera cuts back to Frosty, Karen, Robyn, Tyke, Clarice, Toodles, Toots and their children)

Frosty: Gee. I'd do anything, you guys. Anything to help Rudolph, just as much as I can help Tom and Jerry.

Robbie: We all get the point, Uncle Frosty. But what is your idea?


Tyke: You could say that again.


Jackie: Hmph, very funny.

(Back at his hideout in the North, Winterbolt then scooped up some snow, chanted some words quietly into it and blew it to the magic dust, transporting to where the snowman was. The magic dust appeared and is absorbed into Frosty's head, giving him an idea, just like what happened with Milton and Santa earlier.)

Frosty: I know what to do.

Clarice: What is it, Frosty?

Frosty: (looks at his own hat on his head) Professor Hinkle's former hat.


(The next scene shows Winterbolt on his sleigh with his flying reinsnakes pulling it and Scratcher leading in front, all flying their way back to the circus.)

Winterbolt: (cracking his whip:) Faster! Faster! Back to the circus lot!

Scratcher: You know, if you had some ice scepter, why did you need a sleigh with flying snakes?

Winterbolt: I thought the method should be tested at least. Then each year I deliver, I could alternate to delivering presents as a new Santa Claus one year, and via a sleigh pulled by rein-snakes, and you, the next.

Scratcher: (rolls eyes) Still seems redundant to me.

Winterbolt: (irritated:) If I want your opinion... (points out his ice scepter at Scratcher) I'll zap it out of you. Now pipe down and keep flying!

Scratcher: (nervously sweating:) Y..yes, sire! (turns his head back to his direction for their destination, thinking to himself:) Sheesh! I'm beginning to wonder if teaming up was a good idea.

(At the shore, Tom, Jerry and Rudolph were walking solitarily and gloomily, not knowing what to do anymore without his nose. What they didn't know is that they were still being followed by Tuffy, Hermey, Professor Hinkle and Hocus Pocus who knew that they did not give the money to Sam Spangles on purpose. Then, a bright light shined up in the sky, making the three friends look up. At the far distance, their allies also stopped to look at the sky. Back with Tom, Jerry and Rudolph...)

Rudolph: More fireworks?

(But it wasn't more fireworks, it was the lights from the Aurora Borealis, and a familiar voice called out from it. It was the voice of Lady Boreal, the Queen of the Northern Lights.)

Lady Boreal: Rudolph...

Rudolph: (widening his eyes:) That voice. I remember. Lady Boreal!

Tom: Lady who?

Jerry: Boreal, that's who.

Rudolph: That is right. She was the goddess of light who gave me the magical star in the snowflake on my hoof, when I was just a baby.


Rudolph: And in doing so, she also turns my normal nose into a red nose, so that it can glow, even depending on my emotions.

Lady Boreal: Yes, Rudolph. I am please to see you finally remember and understand why I've done this to you, just to show you how you always guide Santa's sleigh every Christmas Eve. Now as you can see, I am no more, but my love, in the form of the Northern Lights, watches over you and your two friends, Tom and Jerry.

Rudolph: Awww, what are we gonna do?

Jerry: We've been tricked into doing a rotten deed by a man named Sam Spangles and his Siamese trio, and another reindeer named Scratcher, who is jealous of Rudolph, ma'am.

Tom: And now, his nose's light is gone forever.

Lady Boreal: Have no fear when you three defend the helpless.

Rudolph: (shaking his head:) We don't understand.

Lady Boreal: Be brave, Rudolph. Be very brave, and redeem yourself. And the star in the snowflake will return on your hoof.

Rudolph: You mean there's a chance my nose will light up again?

(But the lights began to fade.)

Lady Boreal: Be brave. Be very...brave.

(The lights then disappeared all together, leaving behind Rudolph, Tom and Jerry alone.)

Rudolph: No! Don't go! (realizes it was too late, sighs) Alone again.

Tom: No you're not, kid. You still have us.



(The three friends then resume walking along the shores. Back to Tuffy, Hermey, Professor Hinkle and Hocus Pocus, they too were marveloud by the voice of Lady Boreal, that they had watching the conversation long enough.)

Professor Hinkle: Lady Boreal?



Hocus Pocus: Anyone else got a vibe out of what just happened?

Professor Hinkle:

(The four allies decided to step out and continue to follow Rudolph, Tom and Jerry, who walked down the shore even further in sadness.)

Tuffy: Rudolph, Tom, Uncle Jerry!

(Tom, Jerry and Rudolph heard their friends' voices and turns back to see them approaching them.)

Rudolph: Tuffy, Hermey, Professor Hinkle, Hocus Pocus?

Professor Hinkle: Look, whether your nose glows or not, we still care about you, because we're you friends...and more.

Hermey: (awkwardly) Uh, more with the Professor. This include Hocus, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, me and you. We'll just stick with being friends.

Tuffy: Yeah, Rudolph. It's like Scratcher had said last evening. Just put the past behind you, and forget about everything that hurts you. So... "Hakuna Matata", this means "no worries" in Swahili.

Rudolph: Thanks, guys, but we don't think anything can cheer me up again.

(Tom and Jerry nodded in agreement with Rudolph.)

Tom: First, there's no such thing as "Hakuna Matata".

Jerry: And second, that's from the wrong story which is a movie from another studio in Burbank.

Rudolph: Correct. And I don't even know how I CAN redeem myself with Santa still not here and the magic of those amulets and that collar being so conditional. I'll be doomed to having an unlit nose forever.

Hocus Pocus:

(But Hocus' objectable conversation was interrupted when another familiar voice was heard.)

Male Voice: Rudolph? Is that you up there on the beach?

Rudolph: What? Who's there?

Male Voice: Not there! Out here, in the water!

(Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Rudolph, Hermey, Professor Hinkle and Hocus turned and saw a familiar whale swimming up to the beach. He was large black whale with a tail that is mixed with a clock.)

Black Whale: It's me, Big Ben, the Clockwork Whale. I work for Father Time. Don't you remember me?

Rudolph: (happy:) Sure, I remember. You remember too, right, Hermey and Tuffy?

Tuffy: (happy:)

Hermey: (happy:)

Big Ben: Of course, buddies.

(He giggles a bit before he notices Tom, Jerry, Hinkle and Hocus)

Big Ben: Oh, uh, who are these four fellows?

Tuffy: Those are other friends of ours. (points to Tom and Jerry:) Like the two ones I've been telling you about. Meet Thomas, a.k.a. Tom, and my uncle Jerry.

Tom and Jerry: That's us!

Big Ben: It is honorable to meet the two of you, Tom and Jerry. Not bad for a blue cat and brown mouse.

Professor Hinkle: And permit me to introduce ourselves. I am Professor Hinkle, the magician. And this is my little white rabbit, Hocus Pocus.

Hocus Pocus: (nervously sweating while he waves) Uh, hey.

Big Ben: Ooh, I like the little bunny. He's so cute and fuzzy, I could just eat him up with a spoon.

Hocus Pocus: Hey!

Big Ben: Just kidding. It was just a figure of speech.

Hocus Pocus: Well, I hope you're right, for my sake.

"So You Want to Give Me Your Hat?"/♪ Now and Then

(Back at the circus, Winterbolt had arrived before Frosty and the others, with Scratcher off looking for Rudolph, Tom and Jerry. He is even waiting for his master to unleash the Snow Scyphozoa that will implant thoughts of him into the mind of Clarice in the steps of erasing all memories of Rudolph out of her for good, as soon as he take Frosty's hat. Winterbolt was speaking with Frosty and his friends, pretending to be surprised at the snowman offer.)

Winterbolt: So you want to give me your hat, eh?

Frosty: Yes, King Winterbolt. Only if you can turn Rudolph's nose back on.

Clarice: Can you accept Frosty's suggestion?

Winterbolt: Why, of course I can.

Frosty: What did you say?

Winterbolt: It seems hardly worth it, that's what I'd say.

Frosty: It is to me, sire. This magical hat is what keeps me all living.. It's been that way ever since I live inside it at a hat store in Karen's town as an orphan snowboy following the peaceful death of my grandfather.


Frosty: (off-screen) And my life is changed when this hat with a pretty flower was bought by Professor Hinkle, a one-time jealous magician who threw it away at first during his magic acts with Tuffy and Hocus in Karen's school...


Frosty (off-screen): But then he wanted it back to become a millionaire like his partners Pristine Figg and her lawyer Lickboot after its powers brought me to life...


Frosty: Though later, he let me keep it and got a new hat resembling it after writing an apology to me one hundred-zillion times...


Frosty (off-screen): ...after Santa threatened not to bring him anymore Christmas presents.

Scratcher: (turning to the viewers:) Heh, this snowman's smarter than I thought.


Frosty: Without it...


Winterbolt: Oh, very well. I'll make the trade.

Frosty: And would you say goodbye to Millie, Chilly and Willie for me? Especially Crystal.

"To South America!"/Mysterious Things and Secrets

(We now dissovle to the shore, where Big Ben the Clockwork Whale was listening to Rudolph's story.)

Rudolph: And that's the whole story, Big Ben.

Big Ben: Oh, that's terrible. Rudolph, you gotta get you nose back.

Rudolph: I can't.

Tom: If we tell the truth to anyone that was around during the incident, that means Frosty and his family has to melt.

Jerry: Even our wives Clarice, Toodles and Toots, and our many kids will be either harmed or destroyed together.

Tuffy: Hey, at least, you and Tom still have me, Tim, Thomasina and my mother, Uncle Jerry.

Jerry: Yeah...

Tom: Thanks, Tuffy.

Big Ben: Not necessarily. No time to explain, you guys. I got to swim like thunder, but I'll be back for you in the morning. (turns around and begins to take off for his different destination, leaving Rudolph, Hermey, Tuffy, Tom and Jerry alone)

Rudolph: Hey! Where are you going?

Big Ben: (disappearing into the fog) TO SOUTH AMERRRRRRICAAAAAA!

Rudolph: (confused) South America?

(The red-nosed reindeer thinks for a moment, then looks to Hermey.)

Rudolph: Hermey, do you know about this place?

Hermey: I cannot say that I do. Although, I do know that is a continent just south of North America

Tom: You got a point, Hermey. The rest of Africa and Ocenina are also located in the Southern Hemisphere. This is where the schedule for the winter is from June to September, and summer from December to March.

Jerry: Believe us, like when you're in Australia, directly on the beaches of Queensland's Gold Coast, it may never feels like a White Christmas without snow.

Rudolph: Yeah. But I had a feeling there are so many mysterious things and secrets going on here.

Professor Hinkle: That's what we are about to say about, Rudolph.

Hocus Pocus: You guys heard the boss?

Hermey: What is it now?

Hocus Pocus: (doing some hand gesture:) (tsk tsk tsk tsk!) We came to inform you that everything you hear from this King Winterbolt is not true.

Jerry: You guys just found out something earlier today or last night?

Professor Hinkle:

(Hocus nodded before he made imitations of Sam Spangles and Winterbolt respectively, before imitating melting and crossing his fingers)

Professor Hinkle (off-screen):

Hermey: Yes, I agree that it's no lie that Spangles and King Winterbolt are ruthless crooks and it melts our hearts that they exist, but that's not helping.

Hocus Pocus: (slapping his forehead with a punch/ping sound effect, groaning and thinking to himself) Now he tells us.

Professor Hinkle: No, Hermey. We're both saying that we earlier back at the circus lot, we heard Sam is saying that King Winterbolt lied about the amulets' powers ending if the truth was confessed

Tuffy: Huh! I think you're right, Professor Hinkle. Isn't that correct, Hocus, my hippity-hoppity boss?

Hocus Pocus: (nodding) Yes, Tuffy. Everything we said the truth.

Rudolph: Professor, do you know about Sam Spangles' plans to take over the circus, just like Milton.

Professor Hinkle: Precisely, Rudolph. And I don't want to cause a greater commotion about his jealously with Mrs. Loraine, but what I even need to say, that Sam Spangles that we know is my twin brother.

Rudolph: (confused): Huh?

Tuffy: Spangles, your twin brother?

Jerry: All full of jealously

Tom: The same as you and Jack were about Frosty before?

Professor Hinkle: Yes. There, I've said it.

Hocus Pocus:

Hermey: How is it we got to deal with these multiple situations?

Jerry: Wait! Rudolph, don't you know what Lady Boreal told you before she disappears.

Tom: If you have to become very brave, then the star inside the snowflake on your hoof and the light of your red nose will come back together, no matter the problems or dangers.

Rudolph: You're right, Tom and Jerry. I guess I have to do what is right, without holding back. That means I can still get my nose back! Come on, guys, we gotta go set things straight.

Tuffy: Okay! Back to the Circus By the Sea!

(Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and Hermey hop aboard Rudolph, and he started rushing all the way back to the circus lot. Professor Hinkle and Hocus Pocus then follows them with speed to catch up)

Hocus Pocus: Hey! Wait for Professor Hinkle and Hocus Pocus!

Winterbolt Reveals his Evil Plans/"Catch Me First!"

(We now cut back to the circus grounds where Winterbolt is waiting for Frosty to give up his magic silk hat, his soul and his icy heart, eager to use the hat for the next phase of his purpose for world domination. Robyn, Karen, Tyke, and the rest of the Rudolph, Cat and Mouse families watch in sorrow as Frosty was about to hand his hat over to Winterbolt. Scratcher, while on a lookout for Rudolph, Tom and Jerry, turns to see this happening.]

Winterbolt: (impatient:) Now...give me your HAT.

(Robbie, Zoey, Arrow, Slats, Jackie, Coffee, Tanner, George, Leo and Dorothy tremble a bit at the seemingly nasty tone of Winterbolt, but remained calm to watch Frosty return as a bodiless, faceless spirit made with magic dust from the body of a snowman to the magic hat.

Clarice: Goodbye, Frosty.

Karen: We'll never forget you.

Robyn: And we'll always be friends to the end.

(Frosty slowly begins to remove his magic hat from his head, but all of a sudden, Winterbolt snatches the hat away from him. Clarice, Robbie, Zoey, Arrow, Tyke, Toodles Galore, Toots and their cat and mice children gasps in surprise and shock)

Frosty: (whimpers as he freezes:) I'm sorry, guys.

(Then the sparkling sound effects are played when Frosty quickly turns back to being an ordinary snowman with coal eyes with a trail of magic dust which is then sucked into the hat that WInterbolt is holding, much to the sorcerer's amusement, and another horror of Clarice, Robbie, Zoey, Arrow, Tyke, Toodles Galore, Toots and their cat and mice children gasps again, in horror)

Winterbolt: (evil laughter)

Karen and Robyn Starling: Frosty!

Robbie: Uncle Frosty!

Zoey: It can't be!

Arrow: Oh, no!

Winterbolt: Oh, yes! Ha ha ha ha ha! And now, Scratcher and I just have to deal with the rest of you, and I'll have dominance over the planet!

Scratcher: That is right, Winterbolt!

Karen and Robyn Starling: (gasps in surprise, confusion and horror)

Robbie: (angrily turning to Winterbolt, growling) YOU!


Rudolph: (off-screen/ curious:) What's going on here?

(Hearing Rudolph's voice, Winterbolt and Scratcher turns to see him, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Hermey, Professor Hinkle and Hocus Pocus all walked to them.)

Robyn Starling: Tom, Jerry, everyone!

Karen: You're back!

Clarice: Rudolph!

Hermey: King Winterbolt!

Rudolph: Scratcher!

Winterbolt: Ah, Rudolph, Hermey, Tuffy, Tom and Jerry. You returned here, too, with Sam's twin brother Professor Hinkle the Magician and his lucky rabbit Hocus Pocus. Very good.

Scratcher: Yeah! We thought you were supposed to be gone for good.

Tuffy: (notices Frosty's hat in Winterbolt's hand) Hey! That's Frosty's hat you're holding!

Tom: (confused:) But what just happened?

(While Winterbolt lies to them, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Professor Hinkle, Hocus Pocus and Hermey and Rudolph then stared at the lifeless Frosty, becoming surprised and shocked)

Winterbolt: The poor frozen fool give me his hat along with his own soul and his grandfather's solid ice heart within them, when I promised to return Rudolph's nose.

Robbie: (fierst) That's a lie, you monster! Uncle Frosty was going to give you his hat, but you just snatch it from him, and transfer his spirit from being inside an ordinary snowman's body to the hat where he inhibits!

Winterbolt: But of course, I did, Robbie. If only I hadn't done that, things would've been much more worse than not only letting him and his family melt anyway, but to have your father, Tom and Jerry destroyed.

Robbie: Wh..what!?

Rudolph: Destroyed?

Tom and Jerry: Just the three of us?

Winterbolt: Yes! Just the three of you.

Clarice: Why are you wanting to destroy Tom, Jerry and Rudolph.

Hermey: Yeah, and don't say "because I'm a villain, pure and simple". That's so lazy.

Professor Hinkle: That's not it, Hermey. Honestly, King Winterbolt, how come you need these three to be exterminated? And why being jeleous of Santa Claus, the same as Jack Frost and I were with Frosty?

Winterbolt: I'll tell you all, Professor Hinkle. I want Rudolph, Santa and all the other Christmas promoters out of the way so I can rule the North again as I did long before that old fool showed up and took it all away from me. And as a bonus, I would get to control the entire Earth once the children of the world... (turns to Karen and Robyn) ...including your friends Robyn Starling and Karen, look up to me by next Christmas Eve!

Rudolph: But I thought Jack Frost and Snow Miser always ruled the North.

Winterbolt: Those egotistical frozen fool mallard sons of Mother Nature and Father Winter? They may have granted them rights, but I've been around as long as they have, and their rules have never applied to me once, and I have total superiority over that duck in every way!

Clarice: I bet you know why Santa isn't here, do you?

Winterbolt: Let's just say he, Jessica and your fellow reindeer got caught in a storm! My storm.

(The good guys gasped.)

Robbie: And Grandpa Donner's with them!

Winterbolt: Yes, Robbie. And you, Zoey and Arrow, especially your mother and father will never see him, your family and friends, and most of all, your precious Santa Claus ever again!

Tom: Hey! What about us?

Winterbolt: Good question, Thomas. My reason that I must get rid of you and Jerry is because you are the chosen ones to help Rudolph crush my dream of becoming a supreme emperor of the world, as being prophezied. I will have the chance to kill you and Rudolph, and make sure this prophecy will never come true. But don't worry. You three won't be alone, your wives except Clarice, and your children will get their turn to die next, after you.

Toodles Galore: (gasps)

Toots Mouse: No, no, no, no...

Slats, Jackie, Coffee, Tanner, George, Leo and Dorothy: (whimpering)

Arrow: He's serious.

Winterbolt: Once you families, including the Frosties, are all done away with, I'll be sure to carry out the next phase of my plan of conquest; to duplicate Frosty's magic hat and use it to create a snowman army to overthrow all of Christmas Town, and claim this city and Santa's castle mine for the taking.

Scratcher: While were doing this, we're going use Winterbolt's Snow Scyphozoa to drain all of Clarice's memories of you—everything on who you are, erase them and implant them as thoughts of me into her, so that she will be loving me for eternity!


Rudolph: (fierst:) You know you can't do that!

Jerry: (fierst:) Absolutely no way you can take over the world, even if it means to kill us and our families first

Tuffy: (fierst:) That is wrong to trick Frosty into giving up his hat, soul and heart to you, so you could just use it for your own crazy schemes!

Clarice: And you're not gonna make me lose my memories of Rudolph, and have them as thoughts of Scratcher with whatever your snow monster is.

Winterbolt: Yes, I know. (looks back to the magic dust soul of Frosty with his real eyes and blue pupils trembling in fear) But your friend, as an magic dust-made, bodiless, faceless soul inside his own hat, didn't! (evil laugh) Too bad, I prevent him from warning you about my plans of world domination, even though you have learned from me, long enough. (evil laughter)

(Tom, Jerry and Rudolph get more angrier with the grayish-blue cat and the brown mouse growling. Hocus Pocus cracked his knuckles to get ready to fight Winterbolt, but is stopped by Professor Hinkle. Even Hermey got out a dentist tool he brought.)

Tom: (fierst:) That's it, Winterbolt!

Jerry: (fierst:) You're now gonna get it this time for harming Frosty like that!

Rudolph: (fierst:) And you asked for it!

Winterbolt: If you want the hat back, you have to catch me and Scratcher first! (evil laughter)

(In an instant, Winterbolt starts flying away with Scratcher joining him, leaving Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Rudolph and the gang including the lifeless Frosty.)

Tuffy: We'll watch over Frosty while you guys fight those two bullies and get the hat back.

Proessfor Hinkle: And we'll tell the other Cat and Mouse Family members, and the rest of the Frosties of what has happened.

Rudolph: Right! Tom, Jerry, Hermey! Hop on, and hang on!

(The few anime sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation and Swara Productions play in the background as Tom, Jerry and Hermey jumped onto Rudolph's back.)

Hermey: This cause for some action, Rudolph! Misfit style!

Robbie: Dad, I'm coming too!

Rudolph:No, Robbie, you have to stay with your mother. I don't want you to get hurt!

Jerry: Toots, Toodles, stay out of our confrontation with Winterbolt.

Tom: We'll be right back safety.

Toodles Galore:


(Rudolph, with Hermey, Tom and Jerry on his back, also took off and chase Winterbolt through the air. Next, we see Professor Hinkle, Hocus Pocus, Tuffy, Toodles, Toots, their children, Clarice and her three fawns staring at the lifeless Frosty sadly, before they then hear Crystal's voice.)

Crystal: (off-screen/ curious:) Frosty?

Tuffy: (hears Crystal's voice) *gasp* Mrs. Frosty.

Zoey: It is, Tuffy! Aunt Crystal's back with Millie and Chilly.

Crystal: Frosty? Frosty, where are you?

(Clarice, her three kids, Toodles Galore, Toots Mouse, their children and Tuffy ran to Crystal, Millie and Chilly)

Tuffy: Mrs. Frosty! You're back!

Crystal: Yes, but where's Frosty?

Professor Hinkle: (sad:) Well, Crystal, we just hate to tell you this...but we're afraid you're too late.

Millie and Chilly: Huh?

Crystal: (confused:) Too late? What do you mean, Professor? What just happened now?

Hocus Pocus: (sad:) What the professor's saying is... see for yourself.

(Hinkle, Hocus, Tuffy, Clarice, Robbie, Zoey, Toodles, Toots and their children all cleared aside from Crystal's path, and she notice the lifeless Frosty, becoming horrified)

Crystal: (gasps, shield her face) Oh, no! (looks at the lifeless Frosty, sobs) No. (blocks Millie and Chilly when they walk to her) Don't look, children.

Robbie's Decision to Help his Father and Friends /Clarice Remembers Lady Boreal's Words About Robbie's Destiny/ "Have Faith in Robbie"


Robbie: dad is...


Tuffy: Hey!





Robbie: I..I have to follow them.

Tuffy, Cat and Mouse Families, Professor Hinkle, Hocus Pocus, Clarice, Zoey, Arrow, Crystal, Millie and Chilly: Huh?

Tuffy: (runs up to Robbie) Your dad, Uncle Jerry and Tom?

Robbie: Yes. They need me.

Tuffy: But...they told us not to get involved in their fight with Winterbolt.

Robbie: Look, I can't explain it, Tuffy. But I just know Dad, Hermey, Tom and your Uncle Jerry are in danger. If I don't help them beat Winterbolt and get Uncle Frosty's hat back, something terrible will happen to them. Like they are to be killed, with Dad becoming the first to die.

Tuffy: (giggles) Aw, come on, Rob. This is Rudolph we're talking about here. I mean, the one red-nosed reindeer who saved Christmas and the New Year, and solve the case of the stolen toys with Frosty, and in doing so, makes new friends and allies out of our former enemies including Bumble, Eon and Mr. Cuddles?

[The camera then switches to a close-in the left side of Robbie's head looking up at the direction where Rudolph, Hermey, Tom, Jerry and Winterbolt had disappeared into.]

Tuffy (off-screen): Besides, we consider that your father will not let himself, Uncle Jerry and Tom be killed by Winterbolt. The reason why they had us stay where we are to be safe, is that they're doing their best to protect us. After all, they love us, we love them, everybody love each other. Be about us, we're not as much strong as your dad, and we cannot stand a chance against the mighty Winterbolt. Should we assist our friends, then it is us who will be killed first.

Robbie: (closes his eyes) Yeah, you're probably right. But...

Tuffy: Huh?

[Professor Hinkle, Hocus Pocus, the Cat and Mouse families and the rest of the Reindeer and Frosty families look in confusion as Robbie began to vibrate, growling. Then the scene take us to a close-in at his red nose which then suddenly glowed with a beeping sound, surprising Tuffy and the others.]

Robbie: (opening his eyes in determination) SO WHAT?! I JUST CAN'T STAND HERE, DOING NOTHING! I HAVE TO HELP MY DAD, TOM AND JERRY! THAT'S ALL THERE IS TO IT! (looks to Tuffy) And Tuffy, you're coming with me!

Tuffy: (pointing at him) Me?

Muscles Mouse (off-screen): Exactly.

Tuffy: (looking back) Huh?

[The camera switches to Thomasina, Tim, Baby Booties, Cousin George, Tom's Grandfather, Mrs. Mouse, Uncles Harry and Pecos, Karras, Geraldine and Muscles standing]

Tuffy: Guys?

Muscles: We came to tell you that Robbie is correct on what he's saying. The fate of your Uncle Jerry, Tom and Rudolph at the hands of King Winterbolt is hanging in our families' balances.

Geraldine: And I suppose you're not going there like Robbie is, are you?

Muscles: Correct, Geraldine. I know Rudolph and Robbie, two reindeers with magical red noses that glows. And yes, I can help too. Tuffy, I hereby volunteer to participle in the fight for Frosty's magic hat and the freedom of our world.


Cousin George:


Tuffy: But Muscles...

Muscles: (grabbing Tuffy by the back of his elf suit and picking him up) No arguments, kid. It's time for the heroic family's teamwork against one icy fiend of the North Pole.

[Carrying Tuffy, Muscles leaped onto Robbie's back and gently puts him down right behind him while Geraldine is watching from behind.]

Geraldine: Muscles!


Toots: Oh, dear, not them, too.

Toodles Galore: I agree with you, Toots.


Muscles: Ready, Robbie?


Robbie: Ready, Muscles!

Muscles: Okay! Full power!

[Robbie's nose glow brighter than ever with even the loudest humming sound, then the young reindeer started galloping toward the same direction that Rudolph, Hermey, Tom and Jerry went to chase Winter. Professor Hinkle, Hocus Pocus and the Cat, Mouse, Reindeer and Frosty families worriedly watch Robbie go.]

Crystal: No, Robbie, don't!

Professor Hinkle: Come back here this instant!

[Ignoring his friends, Robbie kept galloping until he jumped over the wall and went flying in the air.]



Fighting Winterbolt's Snow and Ice Minions/Round 1

(Rudolph, Hermey, Tom and Jerry are seen chasing Winterbolt in the air. Later, the five landed in the desert where they prepare to fight.)

Winterbolt: Here we are, our fight in the desert.

Allies, Transformations, Fusions and Summonings/Round 2/ Miser Man vs. the Ice Gorilla

[Meanwhile, Robbie, with Muscles and Tuffy on his back, are still on a high-flying search for Rudolph, Tom and Jerry, hopping to assist them in a battle against the evil Winterbolt who have stolen Frosty's magic hat. Using his glowing red nose as a searchlight, Robbie look side to side.]

Muscles: Robbie, any sign of Tom, Jerry, your father and Hermey?





Tuffy: Hey, look who's coming with us.

[Appearing next to Robbie, Muscles and Tuffy, riding on a flying white cloud are Snow Miser and Heat Miser.]

Robbie: Miser Brothers?

Heat Miser:


Snow Miser:

Heat Miser:


Heat Miser: (pointing at where they're heading:) Look! There they are, Robbie!

Rudolph vs. Scratcher/Miser Man vs the Ice Gorilla (part 2)/Round 3 (Final Round)

[At our heroes' battle with Winterbolt and his army of ice warriors and monsters, Rudolph and Scratcher clash like wild animals in a rivalry duel. One at a time, and one by one, each of the strikes were dodged and blocked. Even their long antlers clang like blades. After another blocked attack, they jump away from each, and stare at each other.]

Scratcher: (chuckling sinisterly) You may have the rights of owning some leadership to Santa's sleigh team, Rudolph, but I will steal it back from you, thanks to Winterbolt. Before I do it... I WILL KILL YOU MYSELF FIRST!


Rudolph: (calmly and gently:) Scratcher, please no more.

[Seeing his red-nosed rival stopping and refusing to fight him anymore, Scratcher becomes enraged.]



Clarice: (shocked:) Ahh, Rudolph!

Monster Tuffy: We gotta help him!

[Unfortunately, there is not time to do so, because Monster Tuffy and Clarice are dealing with the other ice warriors. Clarice dodges the ice warrior's sword and headbutts him away, then gives a buckaroo-style kick to another. Back with Miser Man, the superhero fusion of Snow and Heat Miser, he is still battling with Winterbolt's ice gorilla, far away from the war between Winterbolt and the Christmas Town Gang with Tom and Jerry, with both John William's Duel of the Fates and the sound effects of the Toho Sound Studio continues playing in the background. The two giants circle around their area, face to face, and stood for a moment. The ice gorilla roars, then Miser Man ran toward the kaiju and locked onto it in a judo grappling.]

Chorus: Korah.... rahtahmah...

Miser Man: [picking up the ice gorilla and holding it above him] Hea!

Chorus: ♪ Yoodhah...

Miser Man: (throwing the ice gorilla:) TEEE!

[The ice gorilla slides down the sandy grounds.]

Chorus: ♪ Korah...

Reinsnake Surprise/"Father-Son Time is Over!"/Bumble and the Snow Mouse to the Rescue

(Now that they have destroyed Winterbolt's ice warriors, and thus completing all three rounds, and with Miser Man still fighting the giant ice gorilla, Rudolph, Clarice, Robbie, Hermey and Monsters Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and Muscles turn back only to find Winterbolt gone quickly. They realize that Winterbolt took cover behind a dune.)

Rudolph: (calling out:) Come on out of there, Winterbolt! We know where you're hiding!

Robbie: (calling out:) We've passed the three rounds you gave us, and now we can fight you for Uncle Frosty's hat!

Winterbolt (off-screen): Come and get me then, but I even encourage your father, Thomas and Jeremy to do it alone!

Rudolph: Okay, we will.

Monster Jerry: Fine by us! Time to kick some icy butt!

Monster Tom: Yeah!

(Rudolph is scrapping the ground with his hoof, while Monsters Tom and Jerry howled at the full moon which have given him, Tuffy and Muscles the Blutz Waves to transform into their non-savage, heroic, beastly forms.)

Clarice: Rudolph, Tom, Jerry, wait! It could be a trap!

Rudolph: We'll be careful, Clarice! You guys get back!

(Rudolph and Monsters Tom and Jerry starts dashing around the dune, to dig out Winterbolt. But to their shock, the big reinsnakes were there, in front of Winterbolt, as he reppeared holding Frosty's hat and the snakes hissed evilly.)

Winterbolt: Surprise. Ha ha ha ha ha! SURPRISE! (maniacal laughter)

Hermey: Big snakes!

Monster Muscle: No problem! We can take them! 

(Rudolph, Robbie, Hermey, and Monsters Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and Muscles stood firmly, ready to take on the huge serpents.)

Winterbolt: Oh, and did I mention they are poisonous, too?

Monster Tuffy: (meekly:) Uh-oh, THAT may be a problem.

(One of the snakes leaped out at Rudolph, coiling the red-nosed reindeer up, either trying to squeeze the life out of him and preparing to poison him. More of the snakes coiled up Clarice, Tom, Jerry, Muscles, Tuffy and Hermey, gagging them as they struggle to crush them to death as well. Robbie was left alone, unharmed and scared to see his parents and friends under a squeezing attack.)

Robbie: (horrified:) Guys!

Winterbolt (off-screen): Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Robbie: (turns angrily at Winterbolt, growling:) YOU!

(The young son of Rudolph then dashes toward Winterbolt, yelling. Rudolph, in the grasp of the reinsnake, opens his eyes to see Robbie attempting to attack his foe.)

Rudolph: No... don't!


Winterbolt: You like my telekinesis, huh, boy. Now, let's just play with gravity.


Winterbolt: (evil laughter:) Sorry, Robbie! But father-son time is over!


Rudolph and Clarice: Robbie!


Santa Claus (off-screen): Winterbolt's reinsnakes has trapped Rudolph, his wife Clarice and his friends in their coils, and on the verge of crushing them to death. Despite Tom, Jerry, Muscles and Tuffy's new strength from being monsters, they are obviously no match for the evil king.

(The camera switches to the desert hill where Robbie is sent crashing into by Winterbolt's telekinesis with dust still flowing around.)

Santa Claus (off-screen): Poor Robbie was the first to be killed by this terrible tyrant, and to make matters worse...

(Back to Miser Man, he is now getting beaten violently by Winterbolt's ice gorilla kaiju with the sound effects of the Toho sound technician Ichiro Minawa, the Toho Effect Group and the Toho Sound Studio playing in the background.)

Santa Claus (off-screen): Miser Man is having the toughest and hardest fight of his life with Winterbolt's ice gorrila monster, for it is overpowering him without stopping with brutal beating. Of course, while in his giant form, the energy which he gets from both fire and ice were quickly exhausting. He is growing weaker and weaker.


Santa Claus (off-screen): As his energy decreases, Miser Man's color timer, an "M"-shaped buckle, changes from blue to red.

(Miser Man's color timer turns blue to red and went flashing with the warning chime sound effects of Ultraman Taro's color timer by the Toho Sound Studio, before the ice gorilla spins him around with a fist and grabs him by his next with his arm.)

Santa Claus (off-screen): When its red, the color timer blinks on and off for less than the remaining fifty-nine seconds, this means that the Miser Fusion Time is running out. Should this warning light go out completely, then it will mean that Miser Man exhausted his power, and he will split back to Snow and Heat Miser. Hang in there, Miser Man! Keep fighting for Rudolph's sake, and Tom and Jerry's!

(Back in the group's life-threatening fight with Winterbolt's reinsnakes, Rudolph, Clarice, Hermey and Monsters Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and Muscles struggled to get out of their coils. Back with Winterbolt, he has another idea to make this battle even more worse.)

Winterbolt: Now for my Snow Scyphozoa.

(He fire an energy beam from his ice scepter, and materializing in the air comes another of his monsters, the Snow Scyphozoa. As memorized, it was a giant jellyfish-like crature with long tentacles protruding from its sides. Its yellow eye is located on a green diamond just in front of its bulb-shaped head, which is sitting on its cone-shaped body made of snow.)

Winterbolt: My Snow Scyphozoa, Clarice is being held by one of my reinsnakes. You may now have your chance to take her, drain all her memories of Rudolph for good, and implant unlimited thoughts of Scratcher in her mind for good. Go for it!


Hermey: (while grunting:) Wait! I got one of my dental tools!

Monster Tuffy: Well, come on, Hermey! Use it, quickly! The Snow Scyphozoa is about to affect Clarice with memory-alternating!

(So he grabbed one of his blunt dental tools he hid somewhere in his jacket, and he used it to jab into the snake with an anime sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation and Swara Productions playing in the background, making it hiss in pain before flying and the elf got free of its coils. Rudolph bites the snake, forcing it to free him. He flew up to catch his elf friend while one of the other snakes ends up chasing after him. At this time, Rudolph, carrying Hermey, was flying up to the snake, which finally releases Clarice, now exhausted and weakened from the snake's hard squeezing. The Snow Scyphozoa wraps its two tentacles around her, encasing in a red aura and rendering immobile with arms and hoofs prevented from getting lose, then it levitates her above the ground as Winterbolt watch with delight. Next, the Snow Scyphozoa places its three tentacles to Clarice's head; two at her temples and one at her forehead in front of her bow. It then begins to drain Clarice's memories with the humming energy and sucking sound effects, making her fell into a trance with a gasp. As we can see, the memories which the Snow Scyphozoa from siphoning out from Clarice's head are glowing pinkish fluid flowing through its tentacles and into a brain-like organ in its bulb-shaped head which flash from absorbing. This means the monster is replacing her memories of Rudolph with thoughts about Scratcher, just like Winterbolt had wanted. But Rudolph and Hermey landed, only to see the Snow Scyphozoa continue its absorbing and implanting processes on Clarice.)

Hermey: Oh, no you don't!

Rudolph: Put her down!

(Hermey threw the blunt dental tool into the head of the Snow Scyphozoa. It impales the monster through its head, making it screech in pain and dropping the beige reindeer before exploding into ashes, meaning death. By then, most of her seemingly absorbed memories reappear as pink magic dust and goes back inside the now-unconscious Clarice's head, before Rudolph and Clarice ran up to her.)

Rudolph: Clarice! Clarice!

(Groaning softly, Clarice slowly blinks her eyes before opening them and looking at Rudolph.)

Clarice: Wha..what happened?



Rudolph: Now do you still know who I am?

Clarice: Yes. I know about you, Rudolph. Thank you.

(With Monsters Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and Muscles, they freed themselves with super-strength and starts to wrestle with the other snakes.)

"The Hat is Mine!"/ Rudolph's Nose Glows Again/Miser Man and Bumble Destroys the Ice Gorilla

[While Bumble and Miser Man continue to clobber his ice gorilla kaiju with the Winter Warlock watching, Winterbolt looked back to watched as Rudolph, Clarice, Hermey, and Monsters Tom, Jerry, Muscles and Tuffy managed to dodge that snake, and then, four of the snakes were ramming at the good guys from every corner. However, the reindeer, the elf, the cat and the three monster mice got out of the way quickly, and the snakes ended up colliding, getting tangled in each other and falling down. Rudolph and Clarice fell on the ground with thudding sound effects, grunting and panting. We now see Monsters Tom, Jerry, Muscles and Tuffy landing back safety, carrying Hermey, and putting them down gently.]


Monster Tuffy: No sweat, fellas.

[Then as Rudolph and Clarice then turned his vengeful face toward Winterbolt, willing to avenge the assumed death of Robbie, the next scene shows the evil sorcerer laughing at him.]

Winterbolt: You don't frighten me, Rudolph. (places Frosty's hat on his head without laying his hand off:) The hat is mine!

[The camera switches back to Rudolph glaring at Winterbolt as he then took off into the air.]

Winterbolt (off-screen): Try and get it! (laughing tauntingly)

[Rudolph grunted like an angry steer before preparing to fly up and charge at Winterbolt, when suddenly, the voice that sounds like a human boy is heard calling out to Winterbolt.]

A familiar voice: That's what he's going to do, Winterbolt!

Rudolph and Clarice: (looking out) Huh?

Winterbolt: (looking from behind:) What?


Winterbolt: You!

Rudolph: Robbie!

Clarice: You're still alive!


Hermey: Now!

[Monsters Tom, Jerry, Monster Tuffy and Monster Muscles let out their monstrous roars as they follow Robbie up in air, with Clarice, who caught her breath, following up in determination. When they locked to Winterbolt in a joint-lock grappling ambush, they all fell down and crash into the sandy grounds him. As Rudolph look on, the dust cloud clears away, and it shows Winterbolt, surrounded by Monster Tom, Monster Jerry, Monster Tuffy, Monster Muscles, Clarice and Robbie.The six animal heroes are punching, kicking, elbowing, kneeing, karate-chopping, bitting and pulling on him.]

Clarice: (angrily punching Winterbolt's face with her hoofs like knuckle fists): Harm any of our friends and try to brainwash me into loving Scratcher, will you? Well, we'll just see about that!

Monster Tom: (looking at Frosty's hat in Winterbolt's hat:) I'm taking Frosty's hat, you ice-block of a tyrant! (places his hand on the hat)

Winterbolt: Not this time!

[As they kept beating him up, Winterbolt's ice scepter glowed, and suddenly, the sorcerer became surrounded by an energy barrier which blasted away his opposers. One by one, Clarice, Robbie, Tom and the three monster mice slide on the ground after hitting them a few times. But Robbie, now with nearly over 55 injuries all over his body, with blood coming out of his wounds and his mouth, gets up, refusing to give up. He again charges at Winterbolt, who hold out his ice scepter as a sign of both defense and sneak attack. But by then, Robbie suddenly disappears, surprising Winterbolt.]

Winterbolt: Wha...?

[Then Robbie reappears with only his head coming closer to Winterbolt's face.]

Robbie: Care a little light show? SOLAR FLARE?!

[Robbie's nose glows unleashes a gigantic flash of red light. Winterbolt screams as the light grow bigger, while everyone shielded their faces. When the light faded away, Robbie jumps off of Winterbolt.]

Hermey: All right!

Monster Muscles: Nice light show, Robbie!

[Robbie landed on the ground to see Winterbolt waving his arms, crying out in pain.]

Winterbolt: AAAAUGH! My eyes! MY EYES! (yelling in pain)


Miser Man: Dewa!

Bumble: (roars)

Ice Gorilla: (roaring)


Miser Man: Miser Firecrackers!


Bumble: (laughing beastly at the ice gorilla's soot-covered body:) Burnt toast! (laughs)

[Back to Winterbolt, he is still blinded in his eyes thanks to the bright light of Robbie's red nose as he was still shielding his face while holding Frosty's hat.]

Winterbolt: (groans and screams) I can't see! (grunts) Curse you, brat! (resumes his screaming)

Robbie: I am not a brat! (turns to Rudolph) Now, Dad!

Rudolph: Yeah, thanks, Robbie!

[Now that Winterbolt is distracted due to his eyes' blindness by the glow of Robbie's red nose, Rudolph then charged at Winterbolt and rams him on the chest.]

Winterbolt: Ooh!

[Because of the blow to his body, Winterbolt lets go of Frosty's hat, before hitting the dirt. The hat then up in the air, which Rudolph quickly flew up to and caught with his head. Then something miraculous happened: the light of his red nose came back on, glowing bright once again.]

Rudolph: Hey!

Robbie: Daddy!

Clarice: Rudolph, your nose is glowing again!

[Winterbolt was on the ground, groaning, but he is unharmed because one of the reinsnakes broke his fall and unfortunately for the snake, its body and neck. Of course, Wintebolt failed to notice the dead snake because he was blind. By now, he opened his eyes which is now fully-recovered, only to see Rudolph's nose glowing again.]

Winterbolt: (shocked) Oh, no! NO! It's impossible!

[Rudolph lands on the ground as Clarice, Robbie, Hermey, Tom, and Monsters Jerry, Muscles and Tuffy ran him.]

Monster Jerry: Rudolph, you did it!

Rudolph: It's like Lady Boreal said. We just had to do a brave deed of redemption.

Monster Tom:

Hermey: What about the star in the snowflake?

[Rudolph looked at his hoof and saw the star and snowflake mark once again on it.]

Rudolph: It's back for good.

Clarice: Come on, guys, we've got some other wrongs to rectify!

Monster Tom: You betcha!

[Rudolph, Clarice, Robbie and their friends laughed joyfully as Monsters Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and Muscles hop aboard Rudolph, while Hermey jumps on Robbie, before they all taking off into the sky, while Winterbolt finally saw the dead reinsnake squashed under him.]

Winterbolt: Ah! One of my poor precious rein-snakes! (hugs it) There aren't any left in the North-lands to make up an even team!

[The furious snow-and-ice sorcerer growled at the good guys up in the sky as he got up and shouted.]

Winterbolt: (shouting:) I'm warn you! I WARN YOU ALL!

[The camera then cuts to Winterbolt, zooming slowly at him as he wave his arms in anger]


Miser Man (off-screen): Guess again, kingy!

Power and Money Restored/♪ We're a Couple of Misfits

(Back at the circus lot, morning was approaching, and Crystal, Clarice, their kids, Professor Hinkle, Hocus Pocus, Lilly Loraine, Captain Kiddies, and the rest of the circus crew were around the lifeless Frosty, feeling sorry for him. We hear Lilly's daughter and Milton's future wife Laine crying. The camera then shows Frosty in his lifeless form with coal eyes and a sad face, the zooms away to show Lilly, Crystal, Frosty's snow dog Willie, her snow twin children Millie and Chilly, Clarice, Zoey and Arrow, Karen and her parents, Professor Hinkle, Mr. Starling, Robyn, Aunt Pristine Figg, Lickboot, Ferdinand, Hocus, Spike and Tyke, Mrs. Mouse, Tim Cat, Cousin George Cat, Laine, Milton, Butch Cat and his gang of alley cats, and everyone else looking at him sadly. Laine was seen crying in Milton's arms.)

Lanie Loraine: (sobbing)

Millie: Oh, Daddy.

Chilly: But...but, can he get another hat, Mommy?

Crystal: I'm sorry. There'll won't be another magic hat.

Millie: How horrible, to see our father gone forever.

Crystal: (hugging her the snow twins:) Children, remember him as he was alive.

(The camera pans from the still the lifeless Frosty.)

Laine Loraine: (continues sobbing)

Milton: (hugging Laine with comfort) It's alright, Laine.

(Cut to Spike and Tyke)

Spike: (praying in shame:) Frosty dies as he lived, a very "jolly-happy" snowman.

Tyke: (walks up to the lifeless Frosty:) Frosty, forgive all of us for being angry at our friends. (sniffs, mournfully howls)

Lilly Loraine: Poor little rolly-polly son of a gun.

Captain Kiddie: (sad:)

Squawk: (agreeing sad:) Awk...

Professor Hinkle: If I had not been so cruel and selfish to Frosty seven years ago, none of this would have happened.

Hocus Pocus: Don't feel bad, Professor and Miss Figg. This has nothing to do with your pasts.

Karen: And we hope Rudolph, Tom, Jerry and the others aren't lost forever, too.

Sam Spangles: Alright, all you jerks, except you, my dear brother Hinkle!

The Siamese Trio: Clear out of here, and take this snowman with you!

Professor Hinkle: Sam, is it true that you now have to money to claim the rights to this circus?

Sam Spangle: That's right, my twin brother. You should be lucky to become my partner. The show is mine, and yours now!

Rudolph, Tom & Jerry (off-screen/ all): Not so fast, Mr. Spangles!

Sam Spangles: Huh?

(Rudolph came flying down, with Tom, Jerry, Officer Kelly and Droopy the Master Detective Hound on his back, holding a bag and familiar briefcase, and so did Robbie and Clarice with Tuffy, Muscles and Hermey on their backs. At this time, since it was morning, Tom Jerry, Tuffy and Muscles are now back in their normal forms because the moon which gives them the power to transform into one Were Cat and thee Were Mice has gone away for the day. Even Tuffy's white diaper is returned back to its previous size in the same way as it did stretch to fit in his monstrous form without ripping apart. Rudolph's nose lit up, to everyone's surprise.)

Sam Spangles: Hey! You got your beak back!

Professor Hinkle: Of course, he did. What else?

Rudolph: Do tell your brother, Professor Hinkle. (to Sam Spangles:) And you should at least know one person who is just like me when I was little.

Robbie: My dad is right. He's not the only one who has a red nose that glows. (lighting up his nose too) My nose works too.

Tin: What!?

Alley: It can't be!

Pan: You shouldn't be...

Tom: But he can be, Siamese boys.

Jerry: He is the son of Rudolph, born with his same blood, his same magical red nose.



Professor Hinkle: (smirking back at his brother and the Siamese trio) See?

Rudolph: But that's not all we got back, guys.

Tom: Go ahead, Officer Kelly and Detective Droopy.

Droopy: With pleasure, Mr. Cat.

(Along with Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Muscles and Hermey, Droopy and went off Rudolph and Robbie and walks to Lily Loraine, while Toodles, Toots and their children ran happily to them. Officer Kelly walks up to Lilly Loraine and Captain Kiddie with Squawk.)

Officer Kelly: Here's your money, Mrs. Loraine. Rudolph, Tom and Jerry were tricked into taking it. They're innocent like new born babes.

Lily Loraine: Well, I'll be blasted!

Captain Kidde: Like a high-speed boat for next summer at Captain Kiddie's Carnival. We are happy to thank you, Officer Kelly.

(Lilly and Kiddie puts their hats back on, before the cowgirl takes her case. Then the captain turned angrily to Sam Spangles)

Captain Kiddie:


Sam Spangles: I didn't think you fellas would be that sneaky. Okay, maybe the little man, but not the talking cat and mouse. But you, Mrs. Loraine and Captain Kiddie are right, Rudolph. I almost succeed to take over the circus, and I've would've gotten away, too... (turns back to Rudolph, Tom and Jerry:) If it weren't for you three meddling kids.

Captain Kiddie: Ha ha! Very funny.

Officer Kelly: (nods at Captain Kiddie in agreement) Mm-hmm. One other thing.

(The blond-haired policeman takes out Frosty's hat out of the black bag, much to everyone's surprise, especially Crystal's.)

Officer Kelly (off-screen): Rudolph, along with Tom and Jerry, risked their lives to get this back.


Droopy: Besides, our friend Frosty would never be a magical snowman without his hat since I first seen him on my train last year.

(Officer Kelly pass Frosty's hat to Droopy, who then turns to the lifeless Frosty.)

Droopy: Here you go, Mr. Frosty. I believe this is yours.

(Tom and Jerry both crossed their fingers, bitting their bottom lips nervously. Then with anime sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation and Swara Productions in the background, Droopy toss the magic hat, which spins around like a boomerang and lands bullseye on Frosty's head. Then with sparkling sounds, the trail of magic dust reappears, transforms Frosty back to his living form, and disappears. Everyone stared in surprised as the Cat, Mouse and Rudolph families, and the remaining snow family gasps when Frosty starts stretching his arms and his body, yawning. But it didn't take long before the snowman stops doing so, looks at his friends around and then his own hat back on his head.)

Frosty (joyful:) Happy Birthday!

(Everyone cheers with joy as Crystal hugs Frosty.)

Frosty: (curious:) Hey...what are we celebrating?

Crystal: *giggling* You, that's what, my dear.

Frosty: Oh, good idea.

Willie: Frosty!

Frosty: Ah! Willie!

Millie and Chilly: *ran towards Frosty, hugged him* (joyful:) Daddy!

Frosty: Millie, Chilly, my two little children...*brimmed in tears* Thank goodness, you're okay.

Arrow: Welcome back, Uncle Frosty.

Frosty: Thanks, Arrow. I'm sorry that I almost scared you, Zoey, and your mom.

Clarice: There's no need to apologize.

Zoey: It's all clear now.

(Sam Spangles, Tin, Pan and Alley prepares to walk away, vowing to get even. But seeing the man and his three Siamese cats leave, Lily, Kelly and Drooper look at each other and nod, ready to play a trick on the crooks in order to arrest them.)

Lily Loraine: (pretending to surrender her case of money to Sam Spangles with a smile): Here's your dough, Mr. Spangles. The money may belong to you and your cats now, but the circus is still mine.

Officer Kelly: (taking the case from Spangles): Actually, Detective Droopy and I will be taking it.

Tin, Pan and Alley: WHAT?!

Sam Spangle: But..but why, Officer Kelly?

Officer Kelly: Why? You and your pussycats won't be needing it in jail.

Detective Droopy: And together, you will have the right to remain silent until spoken to first. If not, the judge will hold any words you say; be them as disagreement or back-talk, against you in the court of law.

(A few anime sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation and Swara Pro. are playing out as Kelly grabs Sam, and Droopy makes the handcuffs appear with his magic, having the Siamese trio tied individually with the cuffs' attaching chains.)

Officer Kelly: As for the money, I'll be taking it to the bank as I originally intended two days ago. Come with us, Mr. Sam Spangles.

Professor Hinkle: *runs to Officer Kelly and Detective Droopy* Wait, Officer Kelly! (sneered:) And besides, my brother, you won't be attended to my magic show with me this time...'*removing Sam's badge from his jacket* 'cause you'll be under arrest in jail! Ha-Ha!

Officer Kelly: (drags Sam)

Sam Spangles: D'ohhh...!

Professor Hinkle: And that's what you get for, know what I mean, trying to talk me into becoming your co-ringmaster of the circus! And you'll be grounded by our parents once you're out of jail! *curiously turns to Crystal, talking to Rudolph and Robbie*


Professor Hinkle:


Hocus Pocus:

(Cut to the Reindeer family, the Frosty family, and the Cat and Mouse families)

Crystal: Rudolph, dear. We're so sorry for the way we acted. *turns to Tom and Jerry* And Tom and Jerry, please forgive us. We should have discovered the truth.

Laine: Clarice? I didn't mean to insult your husband, Tom and Jerry. What can we do to make it up?

Rudolph: Oh, it wasn't your fault.


Tom: Yeah, you don't have to feel bad at yourselves, guys.

Jerry: We were with Rudolph, Hermey, the Miser Brothers, North Wind and Muscles the whole time in a battle with Winterbolt.

Robbie: Besides, with Tom and Jerry's martial arts skills, I manage to help my dad beat up Winterbolt.

Rudolph: You did very well, Robbie. For a strong-willed son of mine, I'm proud of you. *turns to Tom and Jerry* And I'm just glad you guys were here to help the whole day through. *chuckle* And speaking of martial arts, Tom and Jerry, I have no idea that you, Tuffy and Muscles can turn into non-savage monsters by looking at the the full moon.

Robyn: (thinking after hearing what Rudolph




Tom: Yes, Muscles.

Frosty: *walks to Rudolph and rubs his head, smiling* Gee...thanks, Rudolph.

Rudolph: Thank you. You give everything you had for Tom, Jerry and even me.

Tom: *smiles* Yeah, you did!

Jerry: *smiles* It's true, big fella!

Frosty: Well, you three give everthing you guys had for me.

Jerry: (confused:) Huh?

Tom: (confused:) Wh..what do you mean, big guy?


Frosty: That's right, Hermey. I mean, us misfits gotta stay together, especially you two, ever since last year you two became heroes to me. *take out his hands* Put it there, my pals.

Warning About Winterbolt/The Two Armies' Conflict (part 1)



(Everyone quiets down to listen to Rudolph.)


Clarice: (seriously:) Now everyone, listen. The time to celebrate will have to be put on hold, because Winterbolt is still out there.

(The circus staff and other animals mutters in confusion, for they don't know Winterbolt.)

Everyone: Who's Winterbolt?

Rudolph: That king and wizard of the North Pole, who pretended to be nice and got us all here in July, as a plan to get rid of my nose's light and kill Tom and Jerry for good!

Tom: He's the reason Santa hasn't arrived! Winterbolt trapped him, Jessica and the other deer in a storm with his magic, so he could be the new Santa Claus and then take over the world staring on Christmas Eve






Rudolph: And now that we've foiled his plan to take away my light for good, he'll stop at nothing until he exterminate us not becoming his slaves and servants, and taking over the whole, round world.







Winterbolt: Not so fast!

(Everybody, including Karen and her parents, Robyn, Mr. Starling, Pristine and Lickboot Figg, Ferdinand, turned to Winterbolt and become scared again as Tom and Jerry gasped with the cat's vocal effect performed by William Hanna.)

Rudolph: Winterbolt! Scratcher!


Winterbolt: Did you honestly think that... (points his finger at himself:) I, King Winterbolt, would let you win the war with lots of more allies, and have a happy ending afterwards? NEVER!


Winterbolt: I am the master of all the North before that stupid jolly Santa Claus, my treacherous student Winter Warlock, and those imbecilic spirits of winter, Father Winter, Jack Frost and the Miser Brothers!


Winterbolt: I refuse to be defeated by Lady Boreal's goodness within Rudolph, or the likes of you anymore like I was beaten by him every December 24th, or to let Robbie succeed him in the future just because of the same glowing red nose he has!


Winterbolt: I believe that in addition to Rudolph, Robbie, Frosty, and Tom and Jerry, you are all turning into even more greater danger to my master plans.


Tuffy: (turns to Tom and Jerry, whispering:) Hey, this guy sounds like Willy Wonka's employee Mr. Wilkinson, whose alter ego is Arthur Slughworth.

Jerry: We know, Tuffy. He was pretending to ruin his own boss' candy-making secrets.

Tom: Even Spike works for him. Just in case you don't know, he may be cute on the outside, but on the inside, he's man.


Spike: I heard that, Cat and Mouse!


Pristine Figg: What are you talking about, you old lunatic?


Winterbolt: I was the one who made the foggy and stormy Christmas Eve possible and would have finished Santa's reign...

(He points his Ice Scepter at Rudolph:)

Winterbolt: ...if he hadn't picked Rudolph, carrying Lady Boreal's last hint of good power, to lead up front instead of Scratcher!


Scratcher: Keep telling 'em, boss!

Winterbolt: Since that day of our first battle, year after year, I've been repeatedly trying to stop Rudolph to no avail, but this will be different! I will use the source of my powers...

(One anime sound effect play in the background as Winterbolt shows his Ice Scepter to the group with one swing:)

Winterbolt: Ice Scepter, to put an end to our little red-nosed hero who started it all, two years before the rebirth of his "all-living" snowman friend, the grandson of another snowman who lives longer until either mid or late July! And what's more? When I'm finished with Rudolph, I must stop the prophecy, even if it means killing Tom and Jerry next in order to do it! And Robbie will share in his father's fate!

(The entire group glared at Winterbolt as they gathered around Rudolph, Tom and Jerry in protection, not willing to let him kill them.)

Winterbolt: Stay out of my way, all of you! Those two red-nosed rejects and their cat-and-mouse allies are not worth risking your lives over. As I'd say, this rematch of ours does not concern the lot of you.

Laine Loraine: Oh, trust us. They're worth a million guys like you, and they WILL be concern about our three friends to us.

Milton: The world couldn't afford another Rudolph or Robbie, but you're not worth risking to keep around.


Crystal: If you want to kill Rudolph, Robbie, Tom and Jerry, you'll have to deal with us first.

Professor Hinke: Especially a strong-willed magician like moi, the temperoally own of the magic hat that is belonging to Frosty the whole time!


Winterbolt: (sighs) I am terribly sorry you feel that way. And if I have no choice but to do as you ask, then I will.


Winterbolt: However, without the necessary of taking you down either one by one or at once myself, this will put on the new show.

(He snapped his fingers, and then, his remaining reinsnakes, the ice soldiers and some evil and scary-looking arctic creatures appear through instant teleportation. Some the monsters included other animals from different continents or countries in their beastly states, and the others were the hybrids of dinosaurs and prehistoric mammals, which make a large army of kaiju or monsters. And above all the gruesome surprises, they are lots and lots of soldiers built of solid ice. They backed Winterbolt and Scratcher up, to the good guys' alarm.)

Winterbolt (off-screen): Ha ha ha ha! Do you like my new and improved army, no?


Winterbolt: As Rudolph and his friends flew off with Frosty's hat and soul, and Team Bumble and Miser Man, the superhero fusion of Snow and Heat Miser, destroyed my 50-foot ice gorilla, my reinsnakes, Scratcher and I retreated back to the North to round up fifty-five prisoners of the Cave of Lost Rejections, to take care of all of you. And as an extra to this organization of mine, I have created over 1,020 ice soldiers, with the general and lieutenant leading them. 

(The soldiers except their general and lieutenant raise their weapons in the air, yelling in agreement, and the creatures hissed, roared and showed any other feature of intimidation at the good guys.)

Scratcher: Winterbolt, shall we wipe those guys out and anybody else who get in our way?

Winterbolt: Yes, Scratcher. Take care of whoever you wish, but leave Clarice to you, and our four rightful targets to me!


Scratcher: Right! *looks over to the Ice General and Lieutenant* Your king's orders are orders!

(The ice general and lieutenant nodded before the high commander shouts out his direction to the one thousand and twenty ice soldiers, the reinsnakes and the.)


(The one-thousand and twenty ice soldiers, the rein-snakes and the monstrous rejected creatures then charged at the good guys, but this sequence plays in extreme slow-motion with their battle cries. One vocal effect, that is heard from within them, was a scream from Home Alone character Kevin McCallister when he tries some burning after-shave cream for the first time. We now cut to all the human and animal heroes who then suddenly got a boost of courage as they make a fighting stance, with the camera panning over them from the left.)

Clarice: Here they come!


Cousin George: (in Bill Thompson's voice:) Ahh...

(We now cut to Frosty, who then took off his yellow scarf with orange squares and toss it clearly aside, and then powers up his broomstick into an iron-fist mode.)

Frosty: (fierce:) Alright, let's do this!

(The next shot of the scene takes us to a close-up at Frosty's right eye with the reflect of Winterbolt's army slowly charging on his blue pupil.)

Frosty: (fierce:) So, by my ice brain's estimation, fellas...


Frosty: ...our quota is a hundred and seventy ice soldiers with over five rein-snakes and ten rejected animals each! That should hold the line 'till Team Bumble and the Miser Brothers get here.

Professor Hinkle: It's settled, Frosty. The war for the fate of Christmas Town and our world starts now!

(Then the heroes charged, too. And then an epic battle broke out between two teams with the many classic anime and tokusatsu sound effects of the Toho Effect Group, Toho Sound Studio, Fizz Sound Creation, Swara Productions and Anime Sound Production playing along as they all fought like mad with each.)

Tom: Ho-wah!

Jerry: Kiai!

Tuffy: Hi-yah! Aie-yah! Yah!


(Frosty: (thinking:) Frosty Breath!


Frosty: Oopsy.


Frosty: Oh, well. This calls for another broom.


Professor Hinkle: The odds are way too high againstus!


Professor Hinkle (off-screen): Don't fight here in the circus lot as one place! Spread out! Use your magical abilities that Frosty and I gave you!


Winterbolt: Ahh, yes! Spreading out to move seprate fights to give room for my enemies. I like it. Very good!

The Two Armies' Conflict (part 2)


Toodles Galore: You guys make me...


Toodles Galore: Sick, sick, sick...


Toodles Galore: Sick!


Muscles: Whoa!


Muscles: Back off!


Muscles: Have a nice flight!


Muscles: Later, fellas.


Thomasina: Hiii-yah!


Baby Booties: Purrrrgh...


Thomasina: Thanks, Booties. This is gonna be one scaredy day, because you're enormously bigger than small animals.

Baby Booties: Mama!


Tom and Tim: MEROOOOOOW!


Tim: Thomas, behind you!


Tim: Going airborne!


Jerry: Not bad for twin brothers!


Tom: These guys don't know when to quit.


Tom: Double whammy?


Tim: You're on, twin brother.


Rejected Tiger: Huh?


Rejected Tiger: Uh-oh!


Karras: For King Winterbolt's army, they're a pretty motley crew, which works for a single vampire bat like me.


Ice Soldier E: What the--?


Karras: That's it, two can play teeth fight. I know that I don't drink blood from other animals, but this is the one time that I do.(????)

Karras: No...didn't think so!


Karras: Okay, I've changed my mind. No bloodsucking, 'cause I'm a vegetarian.


Karras: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Ow!


Karras: Gotta jet!


Quacker: Hey, Mr. Eagle!

Fifi: You won't need our help?



Quacker and Fifi: Double Ostri-Kick!


Quacker: Talon Twist!


Eagle: Meteor Wing!

Quacker and Fifi: Spiral Twister!


The Two Armies' Conflict (part 3)

(Back at the circus grounds, the first battle continues. Professor Hinkle, who was nearly breathless, but not willing to give up, is charging his magic wand for another of his spells.)

Professor Hinkle: Hocus...


Professor Hinkle: D'ooh!


Professor Hinkle: You should learn to respect your elders, like I'd said to Karen long ago when Frosty first comes alive.


Professor Hinkle: ...POCUS!!


Professor Hinkle: Eh...


Professor Hinkle: Oh, ho ho ho ho...


King of Cats: One riddle, bobcat. Whose gonna be king of the alley cats?

Rejected Bobcat: Perhaps I should be?

King of Cats: No, the right answer is...


King of Cats: Me!


Butch Cat: Lightning, show these beasts your sonic speed of light!

Lightning Cat: Roger, Butch!


Jerry: Thunder! Ya!


Robyn Starling: Dad, behind you!


Gilbert Starling: Thanks, Robyn. Your mother will be happy to see you grow strong.


Pristine Figg: Robyn!


Robyn Starling: I can't let these soldiers kill you and Lickboot as payment for your mistakes from long ago, will I?


Lickboot: No, not on your own watch.


Robyn Starling: Heads up, Cousin Karen!

Karen: I'm on it!


Robyn and Karen: Goal!

(Some clowns and animals slinged pies at some of the monsters, who kept eating them, and then one clown aimed a cannon at a wolf creature, to Tuffy's disbelief as the little gray mouse clobber the wild artic rabbits with kung fu moves.)

Tuffy: You gotta be kidding! A confetti cannon?

Clown #1: Just watch closely, Tuffy.

(When the clown pulled the cannon, it shout out not only confetti but a cannonball that hit the wolf right in the groin while sending him flying through the air, howling, before hitting a pole, which collapsed onto the arctic wolf creature, knocking him out cold. Tuffy was impressed.)

Tuffy: Ohhh, okay, an actual cannonball.

(Another artic rabbit's landed in front of Tuffy and attempted to punch him, but the diaper-wearing mouse blocks his attack, grabs his arm and throws him to the ground.)

Tuffy: (thumbs up to the clown) I'll give props to you.

(Three of the ice warriors and some vicious venomous penguins were about to attack the frightened Crystal, Millie and Chilly, with the soldiers chuckling sinisterly, when they hear familiar whistles from behind.)

Ice Soldiers and Rejected Penguins: Huh?

(They turned and saw Frosty, Willie and Professor Hinkle glaring fiercely at them, with Frosty's broomstick now in iron-fist mode with its dark colors, and the snow dog growling.)

Willie: Grrr!

Frosty: No one touches my wife and kids, buddies!

(Frosty punched the warriors and penguins around, and spinning his broomstick, performed karate moves on them, inflicting them with pain.)

Professor Hinkle: And for you...


Professor Hinkle: Up, up, up and away!


Crystal: Nice work, boys!

Professor Hinkle:

Crystal: I was stalling them so I could fight back. And you spoiled my chance.


Frosty and Professor Hinkle: We're bad.

(The reinsnakes were cornering Clarice, Robbie, Zoey and Hermey, with the misfit elf narrowing his eyes at them.)

Hermey: So you think you're dangerous just you got venom, do you? Well, that's not as dangerous as... *pulls out a set of dental tools* dentistry!

(Before the snakes could bite him or Rudolph's family, he tackled the first one down and started plucking its teeth out with a tool. Then he used dental clamps to break some of the other snakes' teeth, and even an anvil to break one snake's teeth. For the two scared snakes remaining, Clarice simply bucked them hard, sending each of them flying into a cotton candy machine. Hocus hopped by and grabbed onto a lever.)

Hocus Pocus: (smirking:) Cotton candy, anyone?

(He pulled a lever, activating it and sending the two snakes swirling around, getting covered in cotton candy. Milton saw this as he spoke to Lilly Loraine.)

Milton: I hope you get that sanitized later.

Laine Loraine: I'm alright, Milton.

(Some arctic wolves surrounded the couple but then they fought them off as well with some hard objects they found. But the moment they knock them away, the ice soldiers goes next to confront them.)

Ice Soldier D: Nice thinking, ice cream man and ballerina woman.

Ice Soldier C: Yeah...


Ice Soldiers: But not for long


Laine Loraine: Prepare for round two!


Milton: Can I borrow your sword for a while?

Ice Swordsman: Uh, sure.


Milton: Watch out for the king-sized ice cream!


Laine Loraine: Amazing!

(Meanwhile, Spike wrestled with a demonic polar bear and had the upper paw, while Tyke knocks down the savage cubs with Taekwondo kicks and some more evil polar bears surrounded Lilly and Uncle Pecos, who feigned worry.)

Lilly Loraine: Now let's see. (pointing and counting around:) One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.


Lilly Loraine: *points at the bears* So there's ten of you... *points down at Uncle Pecos* of him... *points at herself* ...and one of me. Whatever a poor girl and an old mouse shall do?


Uncle Pecos: How about usin' our pyrotechnic-shootin' guns, M..M..Mrs. Loraine?


Lilly Loraine: Oh, yeah! Thanks, Pecos!

(Then, without warning, both the cowgirl and the cowboy mouse yelled as they draw out their guns and then blasted each bear down with its pyrotechnics, one by one.)

Rejected Polar Bear: (snarling:) Blast you!


Lilly Loraine and Uncle Pecos: Bang.

(The bears then fell to the ground, holding their feet as the crinch and groan in severe pain. Then Pecos hopped onto one bear's muzzle.)

Uncle Pecos: I need to borrow your whiskers for guitar strings.


Rejected Polar Bear: Ouch!

Uncle Pecos: Thank you.

The Two Armies' Conflict (part 4)

(The remaining creatures tried attacking, but were tossed around by elephants' trunks, chased by little clown cars which fired big cannonballs, squirted by clowns' water flowers, tossed around by the strong man and sent slipping to the ground unconscious, thanks to the monkeys throwing banana peels around. Meanwhile, Muscles is running along the battle with a bunch of arctic puffins chasing him. He halted and turned back around to stand, prompting the puffins to stop and face him.)

Muscles: Hm hm...

(Then the Jerry look-a-like in brown takes off his green bowler hat and holds it for a quick moment)

Muscles: Got a present for you.

(The super strong cousin of Jerry toss his hat to the first puffin.)

Rejected Puffin #1: (curious:) Huh?

(Then, to the Puffins' surprise, the bowler hat suddenly grows to its larger sentient being. It opens its mouth with sharp teeth, and the first puffin screams before it devours the creature with one chomp. The hat went munching with its mouth closed and swallowed it before belching, which disgusted the other puffins.)

Rejected Puffin #2: (angrily:) Hey!

Rejected Puffin #3: (angrily:) What was that about, freak?!

(As the puffin began to slowly charge at Muscles, he even took off his yellow shirt with black stripe, showing that he looks almost exactly like Jerry without clothes, and with lashes over his eyes, of course.)

Muscles: Don't worry, I didn't forget you. (throw his shirt in the air above the remaining puffins:) Take this too.


Rejected Puffins: Hu—aaah!


Rejected Puffins: Ooh...


Muscles: Ah, that takes a load off, and nothing can tell which one is Jerry because of how we look alike with clothes.

(Then Muscles jumped up higher into the air and halted in the sky above the ice soldiers and the rejected animals. He smiled with a single growl.)

Muscles: Grr! SAY YOUR PRAYERS!!


Muscles: (groans) These guys just don't let up.


The Two Armies' Conflict (part 5)


Uncle Harry: Aah!


Uncle Harry: (dazed:) Hey, Tom, Jerry. Thanks. That was close.

(The cat and mouse duo looked down to the brown mouse with a smile.)

Jerry: Sure, you'd do the same. Right, Uncle Harry?

Uncle Harry: (dazed:) *nodding* Mm-hmm. 

Tom: Stay here and get some rest. We'll be right back.


Uncle Harry: (dazed:) Go, boys.


Ice Soldier E: Full force, attack!


Karras: Whoop!


Karras: Oh, yeah!


Karras: Later!


Ice Soldier F: *firing an ice arrow* Ya!


Ice Soldier G: No way!

Ice Soldier H: A giant swordfish?!


Ice Soldiers: AAAAAHHH!!!!


Karras: Thanks for being my back up, pal.

(The swordfish smiles and winks at him with a chuckle. His human voice sound a bit beastly.)

Swordfish: Mm-hmm.


Karras: Whoa!


Karras: Looks like the game's not done yet!

Swordfish: Grrr, no!


Morizzlo: En garde, my fishy friends. Translation; on your guard.


Morizzlo: Thank you, Green Crab. This tyrannosaurus-hybrid kick off more than he could step.

Green Crab: Hmph!


Morizzlo: Maybe not. Go, monsieur!


Morizzlo: I am not just another handsome fellow, and I doubt a certain purple octopus who shares my ink either.


Uncle Harry: Hey, Karras, I may don't know much about you, but you've got some moves, and your wings are like battle armors.


Karras: The feeling's mural. Who are you again?


Uncle Harry: I'm Jerry's uncle, and I'm just a mouse that go through the same workout as our him and Tom, and knows how to fight!


Karras: Really? I thought you were too weak, and too-funny looking to be from here.


Tom: Toodles!

Jerry: Chérie!


Toodles Galore:



Spike: You won't lay a finger on Tom! The only one who gets ta do it will always be me. Get the point?


Tom: Thank you, Spike.

Spike: Spare me your comedies, Cat.


Napoleon: I thnk it's time we use Dr. Bigby's cookies tained with superpower formula!


Napoleon: Watch out, cats! Here comes the rat-nator!


Napoleon: (deeper voice:) Mama was right, milk is good for you.


Napoleon: (deeper voice:)


Napoleon: (deeper voice:) I...hate...cats.


Napoleon: (deeper voice:)


Napoleon: (deeper voice:) Anyway, let's continue to rumble.


Hamster: Hey!


Hamster: That record is mine.


The Two Armies' Conflict (part 6)/"Beserk Ready!"


Scratcher: No. How come all these humans and animals are winning? This can't be!


Winterbolt: Oh, calm yourself, Scratcher. This is not surprising me in the least.


Winterbolt (off-screen): That Rudolph and Robbie could shoot an energy wave from their red noses to wipe out my 1,020 ice-soldier army in an instant, if they were so inclined.


Winterbolt: Watch them closely and you'll see their attacks are deliberately non-lethal at first. The red-nosed father has a soft heart and does not intend to kill any creature who attack him, and neither did his red-nosed son.


Winterbolt: Despite all my heinous provocations back at the North Pole every December, including my power to turn into a Snow Dragon, Rudolph and his heroic Team Bumble still have the right to chance me away rather than destroy me. They're a noble organization of great moral clarity. *takes his Ice Scepter with his left hand* Sure pure...


Winterbolt: (growls) It makes me want to vomit!


Jerry: Gravity!


Lion: Hey, unpaw me!


Lion: And never again touch the king-to-be-soon.


Muscles: Thanks, Jeremy.

(Muscles and Jerry then turned back as the creatures and rein-snakes rejoined together and saw them glare at them.)

Muscles: Now, do mice roar like lions?


Jerry: Then watch us

(Both Jerry and Muscles inhaled a deep breath, expanding their chests, followed by Lion and the MGM lions. And then, they gave out a huge roar. This made that creature scream like a little girl, and then the rein-snakes flew off in the air, retreating like cowards, as did the other various creatures, although they ran for the hills, leaving Winterbolt stunned as he looked back at the heroes.)

Winterbolt: That's not what I had in mind.


Ice General: King Winterbolt? Scratcher?

Scratcher: Huh?

Ice General: Permission to join in the battle?

Ice Lieutenant: The general's right, we can take on them and that baby mouse with the diaper.

Scratcher: Uh, good idea.

Winterbolt: Ohh, you could say that again. *smiles evilly* But fine, do as you wish, my general and lieutenant.


Winterbolt: Scratcher? It's time for your rematch with Rudolph.


Scratcher: You betcha, boss!


Scratcher (off-screen): Hey!

Rudolph and Robbie: Huh?


Scratcher: I'll start with you, Rudolph. It's rematch time!


Rudolph: Fine by me, Scratcher.


Robbie: Dad!


Rudolph: Sorry about that.


Rudolph: Uhh!

Scratcher: Apology accepted!


Ice Soldiers: Aah!


Tom, Jerry and Tuffy: Rudolph!


Ice General: We think you three should worry about yourselves.

Ice Lieutenant: And this swordplay, too!


Tom, Jerry and Tuffy: Okay...


Ice General and Lieutenant: Three musketeers?



Tom: Why care about what I'm wearing. Two musketeers mice need one cat musketeer. That's why I'm wearing this same design as you two.

Tuffy: Oh, yeah! That's why we're now the three musketeers!


Tom: All for one!


Tom, Jerry and Tuffy: And one for all!


Ice General and Lieutenant: Oh, rats!


Ice General: Fine then...


Ice General and Lieutenant: Taste our ice bazookas!


Tom, Jerry and Tuffy: Whoa!


Tuffy: C'est la guerre.


Tuffy: Translated to "It can't be helped."


Ice General: Hold still, you three hair balls!


Tom, Jerry and Tuffy: Beserk ready!

(Then the three animals lower their bodies to being nearly above the ground and starts glowing red, while Santa Claus, our narrator, is heard explaining about being berserk)

Santa Claus (off-screen):


Santa Claus (off-screen): But in this reality, the berserk that we know is a power-up skill which allows the user to be surrounded by an aura of red smoke, gathering energy from wherever they were and building up their level of strength to the max. Once succeeded, then the user explodes with not just uncontrollable rage, but incredible fighting spirit.


Tom, Jerry and Tuffy: RAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!


Ice General: (stunned:) What?!


Ice Lieutenant: General!


Ice General: Don't just stand there, lieutenant! We must keep attacking!

Ice Lieutenant: Y-yes, sir!


Tom and Jerry: Adieu, ice monsieurs!


Ice General and Lieutenant: AAH!


Tom, Jerry and Tuffy: Touché.


Ice General: K..K..King...Winter...bolt... 

Ice Lieutenant: We...have failed you...


Ice General and Lieutenant: FORGIVE US!


Robyn Starling: Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, you did it!


Robbie: Hey, Daddy!


Arrow and Zoey: Robbie!


Rudolph: I had him, Robbie.

Robbie: Maybe so, father. But let's not take any chances.


Scratcher: Holy Toledo!


Scratcher: Aah...Uhh..uh... N-no... It's not fair... I...I'm supposed to be...the winner.


Snow Dragons and Superheroes/The Chase Into Town


Winterbolt: Heh, heh, heh. Ha ha ha ha ha!


Winterbolt (off-screen):




Professor Hinkle: Yes, Winterbolt, Rudolph IS worth risking our lives over! And, speaking of which, considering how badly you are outnumbered, I would say YOU are taking a FAR bigger risk than WE are.


Winterbolt: Ha! Shows what little you know, I brought more than you'd expect to see.

(He lifted it up to conjure up a massive ice blast which teleported his two Snow Dragons from his liar in the North to aid their master, startling them.)

Winterbolt: These are my two Snow Dragons, the cause of a snow storm that trapped Santa and Jessica Claus.


Winterbolt: And, in case two's NOT enough to surprise you, I need one more, and I pick... ME!

(With an evil laughter, Winterbolt engulfed himself in a giant cloud of white fog with rises immediately. When the smoke cleared away, it shows yet another Snow Dragon in the middle of the others. But this time, that Dragon is as big as a ten-story building, complete with really long and sharp claws, teeth as big as a tall man and muscles that would make even the greatest body-builder green with envy. The mightiest Snow Dragon let out a powerful roar.)

Tuffy: Oh, boy! That is one dragon, larger than those two.

Tom: Yeah, but it has the same white hair and beard.

Jerry: Then that means this dragon...

Tom, Jerry and Tuffy: IS WINTERBOLT!?


Rudolph: (thinking to himself:) His form, it looks familiar.




Snow Dragon Winterbolt: (laughing before speaking in his booming monstrous voice:) Yes you remembered our previous battles every December 24th!

Tom: (confused:)

Jerry: (confused:)

Snow Dragon Winterbolt:


Snow Dragon Winterbolt:


Snow Dragon Winterbolt:

[The camera cuts to Rudolph while the transformed Winterbolt is talking to him unseeningly]

Snow Dragon Winterbolt (off-screen):

Tom: That's impossible! How would we supposed to defeat you in your form!


Snow Dragon Winterbolt:

[Moving his tail to where his finger is pointing, the tip of it transforms into his ice scepter]

Snow Dragon Winterbolt:


Snow Dragon Winterbolt:

Muscles: (smirking:) Thanks for your information, Winterbolt! Now, it's time for us to transform again!

Snow Dragon Winterbolt: How? Don't you think you should wait until tonight, the final night of the full moon, which supposedly occurred on three nights?

Muscles: No way! (starts creating a white energy sphere:) This ball of energy will be the moon of our daytime!


Muscles: [making a fist] BURST OPEN AND MIX!


Muscles: Fu...ha...haa!



Tom: Ugh... Heh heh... Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Karen: Ah, ah... No... way.

Robyn Starling: (amazed:) They've transformed!


Monster Tom: Well, girls? How do we look now?


Robyn Starling

Snow Dragon Winterbolt: Nice transformation, boys. But you're still no match for me, for the tables have turned.


Snow Dragon Winterbolt: This is the end for you!

[The camera cuts to Milton and Laine]

Milton: What should we do about him, Laine? Tom, Jeryr, Tuffy and Muscles couldn't be have to beat Winterbolt, even with their current forms.

Laine Loraine: (shrugs) Well, at least it adds more build-up to the climax. We should be simply cutting the ice scepter off his tail, and turning him back to normal. (turns to Laine) Hey, Mother, speaking of which, maybe you could try and...

Lilly Loraine: We'll way ahead of you, dear. What we all need to do is to make this a battle between one whole army and three Snow Dragons first, by joining Tom, Jerry and Rudolph's team.

Milton: Wonderful idea, Mrs. Loraine!

Snow Dragon Winterbolt: (turning to the circus staff:) Not quite.

(With a mighty roar, Winterbolt breathed ice at most the circus staff, the Starlings, the Figgs, Karen and her family, and even the Cat and Mouse families.)

Circus Staff: (gasps) Mrs. Loraine, Captain Kiddie!

Rudolph and Clarice: Milton, Laine!

Tom: Robyn, Mr. Starling!

Jerry: Pristine, Lickboot, Ferdy!


Pristine Figg: Oh, dear! What just happened?

Lickboot: (noticing his own legs been trapped in solid ice:) That's what happens, Pristine! Look!

(Along with Figg, everyone else, including Robyn, her father, her cousin Karen and her parents, and the circus staff discover that their legs are covered with ice, stiff as stone.)

Mr. Starling: He must have frozen all our legs! We can't move! (grunts)

Robyn Starling: Me too, Dad!

Snow Dragon Winterbolt: Yes. (chuckles) I'm sorry I had to freeze your legs to disable your walking, but to me, it's rude to involve in my combat with Rudolph's team. You didn't even think I would let any of you idiots try to destroy my powers that easy, did you?


Snow Dragon Winterbolt: Good! (realizing he is forgetting something:) Oh, yes. (looks down back to Rudolph, Robbie and Monsters Tom and Jerry) Rudolph, Robbie! Listen to this, when I'm done with you, I will see to it that anyone who supports you, Thomas Cat and Jeremy Adam Mouse will suffer the same fate as you four!

Jerry's Mother: Oh, no, you won't!

King of Cats: That's what I'm about to say, Mrs. Mouse. Ready, cats and mice?

Butch Cat, Meathead, Topsy and Lightning: Ready!

Toodles Galore, Toots, Geraldine, Uncle Pecos and Uncle Harry: Ready!

Tim, Thomasina, Tom's Grandfather and Cousin George: Ready!

Baby Booties: Ga, ga! (Ready!)

Slats, Jackie, Coffee, Tanner, George, Leo and Dorothy: Ready!

Cats and Mice: CHARGE!

(Tom and Jerry's family relatives and the alley cats charged at Winterbolt, but he and his two snow dragons started to breath icy breath all over, freezing some all unlucky circus animals in the way, while the others, including Quacker and Karras hid inside the circus tent, and Cousin George went yelling in fright with his vocal effect performed by Bill Thompson before getting frozen too, leaving the Frosty and Rudolph families, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Muscles, Hermey, Professor Hinkle and Hocus, Yukon Cornelius, Bumble, Miser Man, Winter Warlock and the Snow Mouse alone with the three ice-breathing dragons.)

Monster Tom: Oh, no!

Monsters Jerry and Tuffy: Our families and friends!

Snow Dragon Winterbolt: Heh! Patience, pussycats and pussy-mice. You'll get your turn, like I've spoken.

(Monsters Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and Muscles look back to the Snow Dragon Winterbolt, growling. He notices Frosty, Crystal, Millie, Chilly and Willie are still standing, unharmed, unfrozen and angry. Then the mightiest Snow Dragon puts his right hand on the tip of the circus tent's top, freezing the whole thing solid]

Snow Dragon Winterbolt: Frosty! Your wife, dog and twin children may stand the cold since you are all made of snow, but the rest of your friends won't be able to last, neither will those who used to be Rudolph's fans and yours, too. Try to keep up with us dragons, if you can!

(The transformed wizard lets out an evil laughter, then look at his dragons side by side.)

Snow Dragon Winterbolt: My pets, lure Miser Man, that Snow Monster and that Snow Mouse back to the desert where I fought Rudolph last night. I have a different place to rampage on!

(Winterbolt flew away around the corner to the town nearby, while his two Snow Dragons are flying out of sight to lead some of the heroes back to the desert where the battle took place last night. The good guys frowned.)

Professor Hinkle: He's heading straight for the town, Frosty!

Frosty: We have to stop him!

Monster Jerry: But how? His two dragons are leading us away back to the desert where our fight started last night!

Monster Tom: We can't handle just two battles at once, at the same time!


A Cold Ending/"Get the Ice Scepter!"

(Back to Hermey, Frosty, Crystal, Professor Hinkle and Hocus, after leaving Winterbolt's snow dragons to be have difficult fights with Bumble, Miser Man and the Winter Warlock which was now done, they saw Rudolph, Clarice, Robbie and Monsters Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and Muscles attacking Winterbolt, with each of the transformed animals striking, dodging and blocking, despite getting knocked down and aside with each crash. Frosty and Crystal lay their bellies down on the icy road, and when Hermey, Hinkle and Hocus hop aboard them, the snowman and the snow woman belly-whoops down road to reach the battle, almost like skateboarding a loop de loop. He whooped, enjoying this.)

Frosty: Oh, yeah!

Hocus Pocus: That reminds us of our winter festival in Karen's hometown!

Crystal: Yes, but but now, Frosty and Hocus!

Hermey: I think she's serious, Frosty.

Professor Hinkle: We can have fun later.

Frosty: Oh, right.

(The snow couple continued sliding until bringing themselves and their friends to safer spot where they see the fight closely. Back to Winterbolt against Monsters Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and Muscles, Rudolph, Clarice and Robbie, the three reindeer amd four were-animals were again knocked down by the Snow Dragon, separated from each other. Then Winterbolt was about to approach Steven, his wife, his daughter, Mr. Cuddles to attack them. But Monsters Tom and Jerry, Rudolph and Robbie flew down and landed in front of the living toy and Steven's family.)

Monsters Tom and Jerry: Enough!

(The monster cat and monster mouse growls at the mightiest snow dragon who then grows back at them. Mr. Cuddles looked toward Rudolph and starts to recognize him by noticing his red nose.)

Mr. Cuddles: (amazed:) Rudolph!

Rudolph: (looking back at the living teddy bear and smiling:) Mr. Cuddles.

Mr. Cuddles: Thank goodness, you're here just in time! And look how you and Clarice are much older than the last time I first see you, back when I was a Toy Taker!



Rudolph: Steven, get your family and Cuddles away to safety. Hurry!

Steven: Thank you, Rudolph. How can we ever repay you.

(The moment Mr. Cuddles, Steven and his family ran away to to safe, Rudolph, Robbie and Monsters Tom and Jerry turn back to the Snow Dragon Winterbolt)

Snow Dragon Winterbolt: Feeling like little tokusatsu superheroes with big kaiju allies, aren't we?

Robbie: Yeah, it kinda does feel that way! (looks at Rudolph:) Doesn't it, Daddy?

Rudolph: I guess so, son. Weird. (focuses on the situation) I get it, you want me, Robbie, Tom and Jerry dead. But why attack these innocent townspeople? They've done nothing to you.

Snow Dragon Winterbolt: Oh, I'm not TRYING to attack them. I just wanted to scare them all by destroying their town. That would be a bad image for my new position as the world's beloved toy delivery man, and supreme emperor.




Snow Dragon Winterbolt: Wrong answer! The correct answer is that I'm merely using these people as bait to get the FOUR OF YOU! Only a small group of good-hearted saps like yourselves can't resist helping others in need, so...

(A mixture of the sounds of punching and grappling by Toho sound technician Ichiro Minawa plays in background when Winterbolt clenched Rudolph, Robbie and Monsters Tom and Jerry in one of his monstrous fists before placing the other on it, crushing nearly every breath out of him with both claws.)

Snow Dragon Winterbolt: I have you all in my clutches now!

(He laughed maniacally before Monster Tuffy and Clarice flew right by, and yelled at the mightiest Snow Dragon.)

Clarice: Drop them, you monster!

(Winterbolt only rolled his eyes and swat them away like bugs with his tail, making a heavy punching sound effect, sending the bow-wearing beige reindeer and the diaper-wearing monster mouse screaming and falling.)

Rudolph: (gasps) Clarice!

Robbie: Mommy!

Monsters Tom and Jerry: Tuffy!

(Monster Muscles saw Clarice and Monster Tuffy falling down, and so did Frosty, Crystal, Professor Hinkle, Hocus Pocus and Hermey. While Monster Muscles jump up in the air and catches Monster Tuffy, Professor Hinkle and Hocus hops off Frosty, who runs to the upper direction, and in the process of stopping, he quickly turns his body upside down)

Frosty: Frosty Growth! Alakazam!

(Similar to Monkey D. Luffy's Gum Gum Balloon in Eiichiro Oda's One Piece, Frosty's body pumps up like a big balloon, and he uses it as a soft landing for Clarice. She landed on him, unharmed.)


Clarice: Yeah! Thanks, Frosty.


Monster Muscles: Are you okay, Tuffy?

Monster Tuffy: Yeah, Muscles. But Tom, Uncle Jerry, Rudolph and Robbie are in Winterbolts grip.

(Then, the group and the townspeople, who were watching them fight to protect their town, were horrified to see the dragon carry the red-nosed father reindeer and red-nosed son reindeer over to a very tall building.)

Frosty: We're getting a sense of King Kong deja vu right here.

Monster Muscles: Not this time, Frosty, as long as we have plenty of magic and super human strength. Tuffy, Hermey, keep an eye on Clarice with Professor Hinkle and Hocus.


Monster Tuffy: Okay, cousin!

Hermey: You can count on us.


Monster Muscles: Frosty, Crystal, go rescue our friends.

Frosty: Right away.

Crystal: Come on!


Bumble: We've found Winterbolt!

Miser Man:

Winter Warlock:

Miser Man: All right!

Bumble and the Snow Mouse: Roger!

(Back in the twon, and on the tall building, Winterbolt again transforms the tip part of his tail into an ice scepter which is fused with his body and grows it out to point at Rudolph, Robbie, Tom and Jerry, preparing it to conjure up a freezing spell to freeze his enemies and shatter them to death for good.)

Snow Dragon Winterbolt: Now this is what I would like to call a "cold ending".

Rudolph: (groans) Oh, brother!

Robbie: Darn it!

Snow Dragon Winterbolt: Before I eliminate you four, how you like to give up and let the world kneel before me? If you do, in return of your cooperation, I'll do you a favor and spare you, your Santa Claus, and all your friends and families alike.

Monster Tom: (grunting:) Shut up!

Monster Jerry: There is no way we'd ever do that!

Rudolph: Even if you have the Earth, you can never be its ruler forever

Robbie: And if we have to save this planet, we'd rather die than surrender to you!

Snow Dragon Winterbolt: Hmm, then playtime is over!

(The wizard's ice scepter starts charging up with energy as it is powering up for the attack, and Rudolph, Robbie and Monsters Tom and Jerry look at it, not becoming scared.)

Snow Dragon Winterbolt: (laughing, then singing cruelly) How 'ol Winterbolt ended him, as he shouted out with glee!


Snow Dragon Winterbolt: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, you'll freeze for eternity! Or better yet, may you and your son perish, together with Tom and Jerry! NOW, DIE!

(Just as the ice scepter and tail was about to send the freezing spell at the four animal heroes, Frosty's voice shouted.)

Frosty (off-screen): Hey, ugly!

(He growled in anger and saw Frosty and Crystal down below, grappling onto his feet and smirking)

Frosty: Gotta say, that was a dumb idea to sing a parody of our pal's theme song you just did right now. 

Crystal: Here's an idea. How about we bring you back down to the desert where we fought last night? And from there, why not let Miser Man and Winter Warlock take your Ice Scepter first, and THEN you sing?

Snow Dragon Winterbolt: (annoyed:) You've got a lot of nerve! If I only had fire powers like all dragons do, I could melt you snow people to puddles instantly! Now get lost before I'll squash you both to a pulp!

Frosty: (smirking:) Oh, why don't you spare us the threats, Old Timer?

Snow Dragon Winterbolt: (angrily:) Don't call me that!

(The merciless Winterbolt starts pressing his feet, trying to crush both Frosty and Crystal.)

Winterbolt: (darkly:) Once I finish off with your four friends, I will transport you two... and every other good-hearted... to the sun!

Frosty: Not today!

Crystal: Says us!


Snow Dragon Winterbolt: Wh..what?


Monster Jerry: That's it, Frosty and Crystal. Keep charging your ki, this mean energy!

Monster Tom: You can do it! Don't stop!


Clarice: There goes Winterbolt!

Tuffy: They're throwing him back to the dessert, with Rudolph and the others in his hand!


Winter Warlock: Precisely! Quickly, Professor Hinkle and Hocus Pocus, take my hand! We're moving back to the desert where this battle continue.

Professor Hinkle: Right, Winter Warlock! Clarice, Hocus, Hermey, Muscles and Tuffy, join Frosty and Crystal as they follow Winterbolt. Quickly!

Monster Tuffy and Clarice: Right!


Miser Man: Welcome back, Winterbolt! Now, Miser Volleyball Fist! Here we go! (looks down to the Snow Mouse) Snow Mouse, you first!

Snow Mouse: Right!


Snow Mouse: ONE!


Yukon Cornelius: Bumble!

Bumble: Yes, sir!


Bumble: Two!


Miser Man: SPIKE!


Snow Dragon Winterbolt: (grunting, coughing out his saliva) No... (groans) How could I, king of the North Pole... be severely wounded... by the likes of... those fools?! This is humiliating!

(Then the Winter Warlock reappeared with only Professor Hinkle and Hocus Pocus through his teleporting spell, and Frosty, Crystal, Monster Muscles, Clarice and Monster Tuffy flew down to stand next to them. Then Bumble, Yukon Cornelius, Miser Man and the Snow Mouse join them as they face the injured Winterbolt)

Miser Man:

Yukon Cornelius

Snow Dragon Winterbolt:


Snow Dragon Winterbolt: Rudolph, Robbie, Tom and Jerry are still in my grip. And they are my hostages

Miser Man: Hey, you cannot do that to them! Let go of them!

Snow Dragon Winterbolt: Never!


Snow Dragon Winterbolt:

Bumble: If you kill them, we're gonna...

Snow Dragon Winterbolt: YOU WILL DO NOTHING, YOU SOFT-HEARTED SNOW MONSTER! Think about this again! Kill me, then you'll kill your four friends, too! I will not die alone, they'll be coming with me to the next world!

(However, at this time, Clarice, with Monster Tuffy standing on her back, was flying right behind Winterbolt, trying to remove the medallion and talisman. But the mightiest Snow Dragon notice them as he caught on to what was happening.)

Snow Dragon Winterbolt: So, this argument we're having was a way of stalling me while trying to destroy my powers, was it? Very well-played. I almost wish I saw it coming.

Clarice: Well, I bet you won't see THIS coming!

Monster Tuffy: Just try it on for size!

(Clarice halted in the air and lets Monster Tuffy jumps off her back to fly. Powering up with a red aura, the little monster mouse starts flying around Winterbolt's head, making it difficult to keep him still with his eyes. While the distraction keep on going, Clarice flew down toward Winterbolt's feet with high speed, and slam her two front legs into one foot, causing him to scream/roar in pain. Then Tuffy stops in front of Winterbolt's face and fires several energy blasts at his eyes, hitting them and resulting greater pain to his body. This cause the dragon to lose its grip on Rudolph, Robbie and Monsters Tom and Jerry, who quickly got out and landed on the ground)

Miser Man: Now!

(With a trademark shout of Ultraseven, Miser Man jumps over the blinded Winterbolt and landed behind him, ready to launch another attack.)

Miser Man: Miser Ice Slash!

(The giant warrior creates a buzzsaw-like disc made of solid ice, similar to Ultraman's Ultra Slash, in his hand and toss it at Winterbolt's tail. The disc slices through the Snow Dragon's tail, separating his ice scepter from it.)

Rudolph: Yes!

Monster Tom: I got it!

(The monster jumped up high in the air, caught the ice scepter with his hands and arms, and landed back on the ground.)

Monster Jerry: All right!

(Monsters Jerry, Tuffy and Muscles, Rudolph, Robbie and Clarice smiles to Frosty, Crystal, Professor Hinkle, Hocus Pocuus, Yukon Cornelius, Bumble, the Snow Mouse, Miser Man and the Winter Warlock who smiles in agreement. Then suddenly,

Snow Dragon Winterbolt: Darn it! M--my ice scepter...!

(And almost immediately, Winterbolt starts shrinking as he turn from a Snow Dragon to his precious form. Now exhausted, he then saw Monster Tom still holding the ice scepter though the transformed cat is accidentally shooting out more icy beams of energy out of the staff, bringing more slippery roads all over the desert.)

Winterbolt: Give me back my scepter, you wretched pussycat!

Monster Tom: You want this scepter? Then here!


Frosty: Got one word for you, Winterbolty! FORE!

(With one golf-style hit from his broom, Frosty sends Winterbolt flying through the air, and he then fell again. But his fall was broken by the top of an ice-made slope, making him slip and slide all around over the frozen desert grounds and hills as he yelled some more. He slid up another slope and was about to fall towards a set of jagged icy spikes. He yelped out of fear of being impaled, but before he could reach them, Winter Warlock stopped him by grabbing his cape and flying him away safely, to his surprise.)

Winter Warlock: I cannot afford to let you die quickly, my master. Not on our watch.

Miser Man: Let's just say, we're all going back to the circus lot, and we'll have to talk about this.

(Then the Winter Warlock, Miser Man, Rudolph, Robbie, Clarice, Frosty, Crystal, and Monsters Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and Muscles, with Professor Hinkle and Hocus Pocus on their backs, flew Winterbolt back to the circus where all their friends and families are partially locked in solid ice by the wizards' evil powers, with Bumble, Yukon Cornelius and the Snow Mouse walking to follow them.)

Winterbolt's Demise/"Death Is My Answer" (Scratcher's Pyro-Suicide)/"The Storm is Gone!"


Scratcher: Ow... Painful...


Scratcher: (gasps) Winterbolt!


Scratcher: Oh, no! He's must be already defeated!

(They all saw Rudolph, Tom, Jerry and the others flying him back toward the group at their current spot at the circus ground, with Winter Warlock carrying Winterbolt by the back of his robe with one hand, while Tom is holding the evil king's ice scepter. As Frosty and Professor Hinkle returned, and Rudolph, Clarice and Robbie with Hermey, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and Muscles floated down in front of him, and the Winter Warlock gently lowers his master on the ground.)

Rudolph: It's over, Winterbolt!

Winter Warlock: If I destroy your scepter, my former teacher, your powers including the storm spell of your Snow Dragons you use to trap Santa and Jessica will be gone.


Winterbolt: (fearfully:) No, Winter Warlock! You are right, but you can't do it now.


Winterbolt: If my scepter is destroyed, not only will my powers, it will cause the entire Earth will blow up to nothing by space dust in a terrible explosion

Tom and Jerry: (horrified:) Really?


Winterbolt: Yes, I mean it! Give me the ice scepter, please. You won't want to Earth to explode to, will you?


Robbie: No way.

Rudolph: Why should we?


Winterbolt: Are you no better than I am? You, Tom and Jerry are not criminals, Rudolph! And my warning about the Frosty Family melting when you claim your innocence was a bluff!


Winterbolt (off-screen): Please... I beg for your forgiveness and Winter Warlock's, for everything I've done.


Winterbolt: You've won, you are the leader of Santa's sleigh team, and the defender of Christmas!

Rudolph: If we give it back to you, will you promise to bring back Santa. Jessica and the sleigh team, leave everyone and the North Pole unharmed and never bother any other innocent beings again?


Winterbolt: Yes, Rudolph, yes, I swear it.


Monster Tom: Alright, Winterbolt.

Monster Jerry: Here you go.


Winterbolt: Oh, thank you so much, Rudolph, Thomas and Jeremy.

(Then, with his evil smile and another sparkle in his left eye, he quickly, viciously grabbed the two red-nosed reindeer, the monster cat and the three monster mice with another of his paralyzing telekinesis from his hand, raising them up in the air and laughing evilly.)

Winterbolt: Thank you for being incredibly stupid again!


Winterbolt: And you, too, have fallen for my trick, Miser Man and Winter Warlock!


Winterbolt: Or should I know you as Snow and Heat Miser, and a different Winter Warlock?


Winterbolt: And guess what?

(He looks back at the giant energy sphere in the sky, the artificial moon that Muscles had created for him, his cousin Jerry, Tuffy and Tom to transform)

Winterbolt: You won't be need to the moon to maintain your monster forms.


Robyn Starling: Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and Muscles!

Mr. Starling: They've turned back to normal.

Pristine Figg: (sobbing:) Ohh, the poor, helpless things!


Winterbolt (off-screen): You may have beaten me nearly more than five to ten times with your team mates in one battlefield last night, and even let Miser Man and your Abominable Snow Monster destroy my beautiful ice giant gorilla, and chase my Snow Dragons away! But like I told you, I won't be defeated just yet.


Winterbolt: Like I said, I still have my scepter, and before I take over this planet including YOUR precious North Pole, Scratcher and I will, at least, have one more try and chance to exterminate you once and for all, my little red-nosed enemy! (looks to the gang and the crowd) But who shall freeze and smash first?

Scratcher: Yeah, who's first?

Winterbolt: Hmm... (looks at Clarice, smiles evilly and points his scepter at her) How about you, little Clarice?

Clarice: (horrified gasp)

Rudolph and Robbie: (angrily stepping up in front of Clarice, defending her:) LEAVE HER ALONE!

Tom and Jerry: (joining aside Rudolph) Yeah! Don't kill her!

Winterbolt: (evil laughter) Why, yes! It's you four I want. But, no, I won't do away with her first. But perhaps this should be better... Destruction and death, TO YOU ALL!

(Everyone gasps in horror)

Lilly Loraine: (draws out her iron guns) This one looks like my job!

Laine Loraine: But, Mama, there are only blanks in those guns.

Lilly Loraine: (smiles at Lilly) Yeah... (looks back at her guns) ...but the guns are made of iron. (spinning the guns:) So... (throws her guns at Winterbolt's scepter with a grunt)

(Upon getting hit by Lilly's iron guns, Winterbolt's ice scepter shatters into pieces, horrifying the snowy villain and Scratcher.)

Scratcher: Aah!

Winterbolt: No... NOOOOO! My... my powers are gone!

Scratcher: But, Winterbolt, can't you just shoot magic from your hands?

Winterbolt: No, Scratcher! I can't do that! (looks back at his destroyed scepter melting) When the scepter dies, so does my magic, I go, too!

Scratcher: (seeing Winterbolt growing tree roots underneath his robes, gasps) Winterbolt, what's happening to you?

Winterbolt: I turn... (raise his arms as he begins to transform) I turn, turn!

(Scratcher looking on, whimpering with fright, and the gang and the crowd are also witnessing Winterbolt's metamorphosis.)

Winterbolt (in his dying voice): I turn... into... (finally turns into his tree form:) a... treeeeeeee.

(Winterbolt's right arm snaps, then everybody gasps and sighs in relief.)

Lilly Loraine: Well, I'll be blasted!

Squawk: (annoyed:) Arwk! You said that before, Mrs. Loraine.


King of Cats: Look, fellows! The ice is melted away! We're all free!


Robbie: It's finally over.

(Back to Scratcher, he is looking at Winterbolt in his lifeless tree form and took one close step toward it.)

Scratcher: (becoming distressed and shedding tears:) No... Winterbolt, my last hope... (knees on the ground with an anime thudding sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation) ...gone. (moves his head down, sobbing)

(The Cat, Mouse, Rudolph and Frosty families, the Starlings, the Figgs, Karen and her family and the circus staff look on to see Scratcher crying, confused.)

Jerry: (wondering:)








(As Scratcher is heard continuing to sob, Rudolph, Tom and Jerry began to walk toward the grieving reindeer, until he sees the three animals approaching them.)

Scratcher: (on his side, halting Rudolph, Tom and Jerry) Stop! I won't let you three be the cause of my death...for everything I've done in the past.

Tom and Jerry: (confused:) Huh?

Rudolph: Why die at all, Scratcher? Your assistance can be useful for us again, just like right here in this circus lot.

Scratcher: (on his side again, silencing Rudolph for a moment this time) Don't be nearest, Rudolph, and don't even think about becoming as soft as Speiltoe. I did not want to return home back to Christmas Town, or go to the pound to be destroyed. It is not in my nature! You, all your family and friends, and Santa never cared for me, and how I feel about being replaced by you and fired, just because you had your shiny nose and my attempt to stop Santa from delivering gifts. (raising his body up to stand on his hind-legs:) My to have REVENGE! (lowers his body back down)

Rudolph: (gently:)



Rudolph: That's right. You're are a great reindeer. There will be extra work you can share with me, toy-making, baking goodies, naughty-and-nice list cheeking, all other things that prepare for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. But the most important of all jobs is to join me on guiding Santa's sleigh through the fog on the night of December 24th. If only I can convince you that peace on Earth and goodwill toward men will be victories, greater than Winterbolt, then you got to see the error of your hateful and revengeful jealous ways...

(The caemra cuts back to Scratcher)

Rudolph (off-screen): And you must put your past behind you right now, and move onto your better future, Scratcher.

Scratcher: It's too late for me. You can't even teach me to have a glowing red nose like you and Robbie. Jealously, hatred and crime are long remembered, and happiness, love and justice are too difficult to sustain.

Rudolph: (starts walking along with Tom and Jerry toward Scratcher:) Scratcher...

Scratcher: (halting Rudolph, Tom and Jerry again) NO! You stay back, or you'll die with me with a bang! (points his hoof to the nearby explosive supply) Over there!

(Rudolph, Tom and Jerry look on to the set of explosives, and become horrified)

Rudolph: (looks back at Scratcher, realizing he is planning his suicide) No, you wouldn't...

Scratcher (makes his suicide smile) Oh, but I would and I will! (his left eye sparkles) And yes! Death is my answer!

(The anime sound effects of Fizz Sound Creation and Swara Productions play in the background as Scratcher jumps up higher and higher into the air as everyone look up, then powers up in a gold aura of energy and turns his direction toward the explosive supply.)

Tom: He can't do that!

Jerry: That's crazy!

Scratcher: (looking back down and shouting out:) RUDOLPH, TOM, JERRY, EVERYBODY, GOOD BYE! AND FORGET ABOUT ME!

Tom and Jerry: (both shaking in shock)

Scratcher: (starts diving down toward the explosives): YEEEAAAAAAGGGHHHH!!


(The families and the circus circus staff all hit the dirt as Scratcher crashes into the explosive supply, and then suddenly came a fiery explosion with flames shooting up in the sky, but did not reach or touch the circus tents. The crowd gets up to see the fire lowering very slowly with smoke, then the remains of Scratcher's undamaged antlers falls down from the air and lands in front of Rudolph with a clang sound. And then Tom, Jerry and Clarice walk up next to him.)

Rudolph: (sad:) Scratcher...

(The emergency siren sound effects are heard in the background as everyone watches the flames de-rises while mourning Scratcher's suicide death. Meanwhile, Santa, Jessica and their reindeer are struggling through the snow storm which then unexpectedly disappears and lets the sun shine)

Santa Claus: (amazed:) Look, Jessica! The storm is gone!

Jessica Claus: Like...a miracle!

Donner: You both can celebrate later. We got still got an important mission, do we?

Santa Claus: Yes, Donner, you're right. Your son, Frosty, Tom and Jerry and their friends are waiting for us. Now, back up in the air! Up! Up! Dash away all!

Donner, Blitzen, Coach Comet, Dasher, Cupid and Prancer: Sir, yes, sir!

The Frosty Family's Melted /Big Ben Brings Jack Frost/ "Santa Claus is Finally Coming to Town!"

(Back at the circus, Milton, Captain Kiddie and Squawk, Lilly Loraine, Rudolph, Clarice, Robbie, Hermey, and even the now de-transformed Tom, Jerry and Tuffy stood by the posters advertising the Christmas program.)

Lilly Loraine: Well, what do you know, back to normal. Though it feels kinda dull, huh?

Milton: Well, I'm glad old Winterbolt is gone, and so is his so-called world domination plot.

Rudolph: Me too, Milton.

Tom and Jerry: So do we!

Clarice: And best of all, Santa and the North Pole will have no further threats.

Robbie: Yeah, all seems well again.

Rudolph: Not everything's gonna be peaceful, especially for Scratcher.

Tuffy: That reindeer who double-crossed you?

Rudolph: Yes, it's too bad he did not have his chance to see happily ever after.

Tuffy: I bet it serves him right, letting him commit suicide.

Jerry: We don't know.

Tuffy: Oh, really? Then why caring about him?

Tom: Scratcher wasn't as much evil as Winterbolt.

Rudolph: He was consumed by his hurt, his jealously and his hatred, and yet he died, paying dearly for all that before I could stop him. It's all my fault. As to show signs that I didn't mean to have him left out and upset, I should've been the one to be killed instead of him.

Clarice: Do not feel ashamed with yourself, Rudolph. He'll be forgiven, and may yet to rest in peace in heaven. He'd thank you for freeing him from Winterbolt's servitude. You just did your best, we're proud of you.

Rudolph: Thanks, Clarice. (realizing something not right.) Hey, wait a minute!

Lilly Loraine: What's the matter, blinky?

Rudolph: If Winterbolt's powers are gone, those amulets and that collar are no good either.

Clarice: (realizes) Then that means...

(Rudolph, Robbie, Jerry, Tom and Jerry gasped upon remembering a certain family.)

Rudolph, Robbie, Tom and Jerry: FROSTY! CRYSTAL!

Clarice: The twins!

(The group dash off to the beach, only to meet up with Laine, Robyn, Karen and their families, Professor Hinkle and Hocus Pocus, and the rest of the Cat and Mouse families near the puddles of Frosty, Crystal, Millie, Chilly and Willie with the snow people's clothes and the snow dog's brown socks, his ears, lying in each respective puddle. Laine was sobbing, so were the remaining Cat and Mouse families, while Mr. Starling, Pristine, Lickboot, Ferdinand, Karen's parents, and Professor Hinkle and Hocus Pocus were watching sadly, as they are mourning their melted friends.)

Rudolph: Laine, what's wrong?

Laine Loraine: Well, the sun is still up, and they just...just... (sniffs and points at the snow families) Look!


Rudolph (off-screen): (sadly:) Aw, gee whiz! After all we went through. I should've realized ahead! It's too late now.


Hermey: We got too excited to celebrate Winterbolt's defeat that we forgot about those so-called magic amulets and collar's end by the heat of the summer sun.

(The red-nosed reindeer slumped down in agreement, shedding some mournful tears, while Tom, Jerry and Tuffy starts to cry with tears falling down like waterfalls)

Rudolph: (sobbing:) When Frosty melts, nothing except a magic December wind can unmelt him. And this is July!

Lilly Loraine: Yeah, but where we'd find a Christmas wind like that in July?

(Then, as if another miracle came, Big Ben's voice came calling once again.)

Big Ben (off-screen): Right here!

(They turned and saw Big Ben returning with a familiar winter spirit riding on top of him.)

Big Ben: And I brought Jack Frost, the one who works for Father Winter, with me!

(The camera switches to Jack as he takes off his hat and waves it.)

Jack Frost: Hey, Rudolph!

(Tom, Jerry and Tuffy becamed amazed to see Jack Frost once more)

Tom, Jerry and Tuffy: Jack Frost!

Rudolph: How'd ya do it, Ben?

Big Ben: Haven't I told you last night? I had to go all the way to South America, that's where winter goes in July.

(The clockwork whale chuckled a bit, as Jack nodded in agreement.)

Jack Frost: Yeah, that's my assignment that Father Winter gave to me for this month. So Big Ben has told me that some magical amulets and collar Frosty, Crystal, Millie, Chilly and Willie have been given, and they won't last if you prove your innocence, along with Tom and Jerry's. So I thought I'd arrive and create some personal flurries to float over them even in warm weather, and maybe teach this Winterbolt fellow a lesson.

Milton: I'm afraid you're way too late for that, Jack. Rudolph got his nose's glow back and proved he was innocent, without Frosty's family melting at first, and then when Winterbolt and his whole party of warriors and monsters tried to destroy us, we ended up destroying his powers by shattering his ice scepter.

Clarice: Then he ended up turning into a tree.

Jack Frost: Mmm... So he did.

Tom: We have won nearly more than five battles, but lost one ultimate war.

Jerry: Because of his powers disappearing, Frosty, Crystal, Millie, Chilly and Willie are...well...

Tuffy: See for yourself.

(Jack Frost saw the five puddles and look horrified, but remain calmed.)

Jack Frost: Oh, I'm very sorry about that. Then again, I can fix that.

(He flew off the whale.)

Big Ben: Looks like my work here is done. See y'all again whenever I can.

[Tom, Jerry and Rudolph's group, the ones who knew Big Ben, waved goodbye to their whale friend as she swam away.]

Rudolph: Jack Frost, do your stuff.

(We dissolve to a scene where Jack Frost is now near the five puddles with the entire group standing behind him)

Jack Frost: I've got to aim carefully, or I'll give colds to all the kids on the beach. Well, here goes!

(He took a deep breath and exhaled some icy winds from his mouth at the five and miraculously, the puddles froze and transformed back into their respective snowy shapes, thus also transforming into the top halves of their bodies. They all came back to life immediately, surprisingly and magically.)

Frosty, Crystal, Millie and Chilly: Happy Birthday!

Willie: R'Happy Birthday! (howls and does a Scooby Doo-like giggle)

(The others cheered as an instrumental version of Holly Jolly Christmas plays in the background.)

Rudolph: Come on, gang, let's dig them out. Keep that cold breath on them, Jack.

Tuffy: Yeah, and afterwards, maybe you can give them those flurries you suggested earlier.

(Then Laine saw something up in the sky.)

Laine Loraine: (points) Look!

(They saw Santa, Jessica and the sleigh team arriving, to their happiness.)

Rudolph: (happily) Santa, Jessica, dad and the others! They've made it!

Lilly Loraine: Great jumpin' geraniums! Santa Claus is finally comin' to town!

Clarice: And not a minute too soon.

Going Home/A Flying Circus Parade /♪ Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (finale) ♪

(A bit later, after explaining everything that had happened from both sides, Jack, Frosty and his family, back in their full shape, Hermey and Tuffy had boarded Santa's sleigh. Since Jack ran out of breath when the Frosty family were dug out, he had to create four small flurry clouds to hover over their heads and protect them from the heat.

Jack Frost: These flurries won't last very long.

Jessica Claus: Jack's right, Santa. We better get going before they fade away.

(The Rudolph, Cat and Mouse families, along with the Starlings, the Figgs, Karen's family and Professor Hinkle and Hocus Pocus, went up to the sleigh with the red-nosed father speaking)

Rudolph: My family and I will stick with the show, sir, until they're out of debt.

Tom: Afterwards, we're gonna return home to New York...

Jerry: To testify Sam Spangles in court.

Professor Hinkle: Then we'll have to make sure he goes back to jail before he can cause more trouble.

Santa Claus: Well, the circus should be out of debt real soon. Ho ho ho ho! I gave Lilly some of my magic feed carn, created by the Winter Warlock.

Frosty: The kind that makes certain animals fly.

Tuffy: You tell 'em, Mr. Frosty!

Rudolph: Wow, a circus by the sea is one thing, but a flying circus by the sea.



(The snow twins were very excited at the thought.)

Millie and Chilly: (eagerly) Daddy, Daddy, can we stay and see it?

Crystal: Oh, Frosty, could they?

Frosty: No deal, Crystal.

(His corncob pipe slipped out, but he caught it in time and put it back in his mouth)

Frosty: Enough's enough. Besides, Jack's new flurries won't last that long.

Santa Claus: (laughs) Then...then let's get going! (pulls reigns and calls out) Away!

(So the reindeer took off into the sky, and the rest watched them leave as the families, their friends and the circus members kept on waving.)

Rudolph: You know, Clarice, Tom and Jerry? I kind of miss not being with Santa. I mean, doing something else other than leading the sleigh seemed kind of refreshing.



Clarice: (gasps) Rudolph, are you saying what I think you're saying? You can't still be serious about wanting to give up your life at the North Pole, can you? I thought you made a break through at Castaway Cove, long ago.

Lilly Loraine: Blinky, you, Tom, Jerry and your families want to lead something through the sky, you got it!

Cat, Mouse and Rudolph Families: What?

Lilly Loraine: Forget the sleigh, at least for now. It's time for the flying circus parade with you right up front!

Rudolph: (eagerly) Okay!

Clarice: Fine, but let us hope it better not mean we're leaving the North Pole for good just to become circus stars.

Tom: We won't be all the times

Jerry: After all...

Tom and Jerry: We're all friends to the end!

"It's Getting Late."/A Christmas Party in Santa's Castle/Lady Boreal in Human Form Again

(A year and some months had passed as we go back to Santa Claus, speaking to us once again.)

Santa Claus: And thus, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was loved by everyone again, the same as Frosty the Snowman, while Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse were hailed by the entire world as true heroes once more. For what you've seen is that the Cat, Mouse and Rudolph families led Lilly Loraine's circus parade through the sky above the half-demolished town which is fully restored back to its former self with the magic of the Winter Warlock and Professor Hinkle, and that is the story of how Rudolph's nose almost went out permanently, and how the prophecy about Tom and Jerry being chosen to team up with Rudolph and Frosty on saving the Planet Earth from King Winterbolt has finally come true. Though if you're wondering what else happened, I'll show what is happening next...

(Bending down to the snowy ground, he build a magic crystal snowball)

Santa Claus: ...with one magic crystal snowball.

[The crystal snowball shows us a flashback of various events that ever happened throughout the story.]

Santa Claus (off-screen:) Well, Winterbolt's snow dragons, after being defeated by the Winter Warlock, Miser Man and Team Bumble, lost their powers due to their master's death, and they were transferred to other creatures as a necessity for wind power. As for the Cat and Mouse families, the Starlings and the Figgs, Karen's family and even Professor Hinkle, they testified against Sam Spangles and his Siamese trio in a trial at the courthouse in New York City. And from there, that nasty circus-stealing showman and his pussycats are found guilty and sentenced to ten years at a maximum security prison in the Big Apple.

[The flashback ends and turns back to a scene where Santa is noticing how pink the sky was getting, this means evening.]

Santa Claus: Oh, dear. It's getting late. We're having a little celebration at our castle in Christmas Town with everybody from all over the Antarctic lands, from the heavens, from every holiday world, and from many different countries around the world that we've already invited. Everybody including ourselves in which you know as us characters of the Rankin/Bass universe. Even Tom, Jerry, Robyn, their families and their friends are included as well, and they are on their way to meet us in the castle. And speaking of more new guests, you're more than welcome to join if you'd like.

[The mailtruck with a driver in a mailman suit appears on the left as Santa look back.]

Santa Claus: Special Delivery Kluger, I'm on my way back to my castle. Can you give me a ride so I won't be late for the party?

Special Delivery "S.D." Kluger: Sure thing, Santa. Hold on tight.


Santa Claus (off-screen):

(The night came with the stars and the full moon illuminate the lands, and at the castle, Rudolph and Clarice, now a couple of middle-aged adults with Rudolph closely resembling Donner in his previous age with longer antlers, but with his red nose, and Robbie, Zoey and Arrow, who are now teenagers with Robbie and Arrow resembling Rudolph in his young adult state with long antlers, are being led to the main party room, blindfolded, with Tuffy, his cousins who don't wear diapers like the gray mouse does, and Hermey helping him. Rudolph's voice is now completely different, as if he sounds like the adult version of Goku from Dragon Ball.)

Rudolph: Come on, guys, what is it already?

Clarice: It's not even the time of the dark ages again.

Tuffy: Trust us, Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph! You'll see what's going on!

Hermey: Just a little bit further, and...

[The blindfolds are then removed, and the Rudolph family were surprised to see not only the inhabitants of the North Pole gathered in one room, but also the Cat and Mouse Families, Spike and Tyke, the Snow Mouse, Droopy, Butch Dog and Red, the Starlings and Figgs, Karen, her parents and all her classmates who are the same age as her, the woodland animals from the glen far near Karen's hometown, Professor Hinkle and Hocus Pocus, Captain Kiddie and Squawk, Lilly Loraine, Milton, the circus staff, Father Time, General Ticker, The Great Quarter-Past-Five, Nanny Nine O'Clock, Mother Nature and her crew including the Miser Brothers and their minions, Queen Camilla and her Gingerbread Guards, King Moonracer and the Misfit Toys, One Million B.C. or O.M., Sir 1023, 1776 or Sev and Eon, the Cottontail family, Seymour S. Sassafrass and Antoine, and many, many, many more from different holiday worlds and across America. Even other characters from the Rankin/Bass universe including Pinocchio with Geppetto, Cricket and the Blue Fairy, Willy McBean, Pablo the Monkey and Professor Rasputin Von Rotten, Smokey Bear, Baron Felix Flanken and Francesca, Tobias the Reluctant Dragon and Mr. Toad, and even the fairy-tale characters from Festival of Family Classics are among the entirely expanding group.]

All: Merry Christmas, Rudolph!

(Rudolph was stunned to see the number of friends whom he made over the years here.)

Rudolph: Everyone I've met and befriended over the years all here.

Tuffy: That's right, Mr. Rudolph. Santa invited them, and our families over for a big Christmas party.

Rudolph: Well that's really awesome, guys! Thank you so much.

Jerry: It was nothing, Rudolph.

Tom: And by the way, Rudolph, we hear that your voice is now different.


Clarice: That's because we're now about middle-aged reindeer.

(Santa and Jessica then arrived near the group.)

Santa Claus: Ho ho ho ho! Thank you all for joining

Laine Loraine: Well, thank you for inviting us, Santa.


Tom: Um, shouldn't we be concerned that the circus staff might tell the world about the North Pole's location?

Jerry: Tom's right, Santa. They were just curious about it?

Santa Claus: (quietly) Not to worry, Tom and Jerry. The magic that the Winter Warlock sent in their dreams will make sure they don't remember anything about where the North Pole truly is. I did that for the guests at Father Time's New Year Party after all.

Captain Kiddie: I can say, for all of us, Santa. It's... (shivers:) cool to be here up at the North Pole.

Squawk: ARRWK!

Lilly Loraine: This is probably the best way we could thank you for coming to us in July to help us with our show, even if it wasn't planned by yourselves.

The Ghost of Scratcher (with Halo)/Forgiveness and Suggestions

Tom and Jerry's Promise to Meet Again/The Party Continues (♪ Grand Finale/Overtune ♪ )

Closing Credits/Post-Credits-Scene: Tuffy's Announcement to the Viewers

[Before the credits starts rolling, on a black background, Tuffy, still wearing his elf suit, appears on the left side of the screen, walking to the center. Once there, he turns to the camera to talk to us.]

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