Tom and Jerry: Frosty Returns is an animated direct-to-video musical-fantasy comedy feature starring Tom and Jerry, produced by Warner Bros. Animation for Turner Entertainment Co. in association with DreamWorks Classics and Rankin/Bass Productions. It is the newly retold version of Bill Melendez's Frosty Returns — an unofficial sequel to the 1969 TV special Frosty the Snowman without the involvement of Arthur Rankin, Jr. and Jules Bass, and with the use of characters from the Tom and Jerry series and the 1964 stop motion TV special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. The film serves as a chronological sequel to Tom and Jerry Meet Frosty the Snowman, meaning to be take place after Tom and Jerry: The Movie and before Tom and Jerry: Frosty's Winter Wonderland. It is also the fourth sequel in the direct-to-video film series of the Tom and Jerry franchise. The film reunites only Elisabeth Moss as Holly DeCarlo, Brian Doyle-Murray as Mr. Twitchell, and Andrea Martin as Ms. Carbuncle, and re-introduces Richard Kind as Tom, Stephanie Nadolny as Jerry, Kathleen Barr as Rudolph and Seth MacFarlane as Frosty. It was primary animated overseas by the Japanese studios Madhouse and OLM with the South Korean studio Digital eMation sharing in their animation services, and with anime and tokusatsu sound effects provided by the Toho Sound Studio and Swara Productions.

The film is currently suggested for a 2022 release to coincide with the 30th anniversary of Tom and Jerry: The Movie and Frosty Returns, becoming the second Tom and Jerry film of the same year, with the first being Tom and Jerry Meet Curious George.


Three years after the events of his first original story, Frosty (Seth MacFarlane) travels to an American town called Beansboro, followed by his three pals, Tom (Richard Kind), Jerry (Stephanie Nadolny) and Nibbles (Kath Soucie). There, an annual winter carnival is held at the Gooseberry Park on three Saturdays in January following the end of the holidays, Frosty befriends a lonely girl named Holly DeCarlo (Elisabeth Moss) and her only friend Charles (Elizabeth Daily), and Tom and Jerry goes on a date with their girlfriends, Toodles Galore (Grey DeLisle) and Toots (Kari Wahlgren). However, Frosty is in danger of melting once again, but not from the sun or a nearby thermometer. A new threat to the magically living snowman, Mr. Twitchell (Brian Doyle-Murray), creates a chemical substance called "Summer Wheeze" to erase all the snow from Beansboro, hoping to win the "Monarch of Winter" talent show on the carnival's final Saturday and use the same title to control both the town and the whole world. Only Tom, Jerry, Frosty and their gang can meddle in Twitchell's evil schemes, and their old pals including Jerry's stronger cousin Muscles (Maurice LaMarche), Frosty's former magician rival Professor Hinkle (Peter Woodward), and Rudolph (Kathleen Barr) will help them in their secret mission. Can they show the inventor of Summer Wheeze and the citizens of Beansboro the true meaning of both snow and magic for all the girls and boys?


The special begins with a musical number showing that Beansboro Elementary School is canceled for the day due to a seven-inch snowfall. While the adults incessantly complain about the problems snow and ice cause, the children enjoy the opportunity to play outside.

The scene then shifts to Holly DeCarlo, a lonely young girl and aspiring magician with only one friend, a tone-deaf, somewhat geeky character named Charles who has a knack for climatology. While practicing a magic act with Charles, the wind blows Holly's hat off her head, out the window, and onto a snowman who comes to life as Frosty, thus revealing that Holly's hat was "that old silk hat" featured in the original song and previous adaptations.

Meanwhile, a new product appears in Beansboro that successfully causes snow to instantly disappear (and Frosty to scream in agonizing pain), an aerosol spray called "Summer Wheeze." Summer Wheeze's inventor, Mr. Twitchell, hopes to use the product to win over the people of Beansboro so that he will be crowned King of the Beansboro Winter Carnival, apparently believing that the title will give him actual dominion over the townspeople (at least once, Twitchell also indicates he is waging war against Mother Nature, implying he is actually seeking world domination and that Beansboro is simply his first step). At a presentation before the town council, one of the trustees voices concern about the environmental impact of the untested product, to which Mr. Twitchell responds by opening a trapdoor beneath her seat.

To Twitchell's delight, and Frosty's dismay, the town of Beansboro falls head over heels for "Summer Wheeze," causing Frosty to first-time fear for his long-term safety. When many of their classmates rally for the elimination of snow when in class the next day, only a day after singing about its virtues, Holly and Charles take on the duties of protecting Frosty, including hiding him in a freezer and securing refuge for him in an ice castle built for the Carnival. Later, Holly gets Frosty to appear at the Winter Carnival in an attempt to persuade the townspeople to rethink their hatred of snow. Singing about the joy of winter, Frosty is unanimously declared king of the carnival. Out of revenge for ruining his business, Mr. Twitchell tries to run over Frosty with his delivery truck but misses and falls in a frozen lake. In the end, Frosty and Holly make amends with Mr. Twitchell (where he now realizes that he's no match for Mother Nature) let him wear the crown and cape and let him ride in the sled of the carnival king. Later Frosty must leave Beansboro, but he assures Holly that he will be back again someday (as alluded to in the song).


  • Tom - A blue-grey cat.
  • Jerry - A brown mouse.
  • Toodles Galore - A little yellow cat who is Tom's girlfriend.
  • Toots - A light brown mouse who is Jerry's girlfriend.
  • Nibbles - A diaper-wearing grey mouse who is Jerry's nephew.
  • Robyn Starling (mentioned)
  • Mr. Starling (mentioned)
  • Aunt Pristine Figg (mentioned)
  • Lickboot (mentioned)
  • Ferdinand (mentioned)
  • Spike - A bulldog
  • Tyke - Spike's son
  • Jerry's Mother (mentioned)
  • Muscles - Jerry and Tuffy's super-strong cousin and Mr. Twitchell's executive mouse.
  • Joey
  • Butch Cat
  • Meathead Cat
  • Lightning Cat
  • Topsy Cat
  • Droopy
  • Screwball Squirrel
  • Butch Dog
  • Red
  • Slick McWolf
  • Frosty (in between 1969/ 1992 Versions) - An enchanted snowman with a red button nose, a corncob pipe and a broomstick, who was granted to live without his own magic silk hat with a flower for the rest of the winter around the world, thanks to Hermey's girlfriend, the Tooth Fairy. In this film, he wears his red bow with white polka dots and borrows Holly's top hat which she use to practice her magic acts for the winter carnival at Gooseberry Park in Beansboro.
  • Holly DeCarlo - A little girl who wants to be a magician like Frosty's former rival Professor Hinkle.
  • Lilly DeCarlo - Holly's mother.
  • Charles - A boy who is Holly's best friend.
  • Mr. Twitchell
  • Jonathan Winters - The toy or doll-size narrator who rides his snowflake and possesses magic.
  • Santa Claus (mentioned)
  • Jack Frost (mentioned)
  • Rudolph
  • Clarice
  • Hermey
  • The Tooth Fairy (flashback):
  • Karen (flashback)
  • Professor Hinkle
  • Hocus Pocus
  • Popeye the Sailor Man (briefly mentioned)
  • Queen Elizabeth II (mentioned)
  • Emperor Puyi (mentioned)
  • Emperor Hirohito (mentioned)
  • Kim Il Sung (mentioned)


  • North America
    • United States of America
      • Beansboro
        • Holly's House
        • Gooseberry Park
          • Winter Carnival
        • Summer Wheeze Headquarters
          • Boardroom
          • Mr. Twitchell's Bedroom
        • Beansboro Town Council (mentioned):
        • The Beansboro Hotel
          • The Fitness Center
        • Beansboro Elementary School
      • Starling Enterprises (mentioned)
        • Starling Enterprises Mansion (mentioned)
      • Karen's Hometown (mentioned)
        • The Hat Store (mentioned)
        • Karen's school (mentioned)
        • The Greenhouse (mentioned)
      • Winnipeg (mentioned:)
  • Europe
    • United Kingdom (mentioned)
      • England (mentioned)
        • London (mentioned)
          • Commonwealth of Nations (mentioned)
    • France (mentioned)
      • Paris (mentioned)
        • Notre Dame (mentioned)
          • Feast of Fools (mentioned)
  • Asia (mentioned)
    • China (mentioned)
    • Japan (mentioned)
    • North Korea (mention)
  • The North Pole (mentioned)
    • Christmas Town (mentioned)
      • Santa Claus' Castle (mentioned)
      • Christmas Town Academy (mentioned)
    • The Island of Misfit Toys (mentioned)
      • King Moonracer's Castle (mentioned)
    • Castaway Cove (mentioned)
      • Queen Camilia's Castle (mentioned)

Objects and Acessories

  • Snow
  • Ice
  • Winter Clothes
  • Vehicles
    • Cars
    • Sleighs
      • Horse-Drawn Sleighs
      • Winter Carnival Sleigh
      • Santa's Sleigh (mentioned)
    • Bicycles
    • Summer Wheeze Vehicles
    • Snowmobiles
    • Hermey's Tooth Mobile (flashback)
  • Food and Beverages
    • Candy
    • English Breakfast
    • Cereal
    • Milk
    • Coffee
    • Turkey
    • Apple
    • Cocoa with Whipped Cream
  • Shovels
  • Trash Cans
  • Holly's Magic Acts Accessories
    • Holly's Hat
    • Cutting Box
    • Saw
    • Charles' Turban
  • Frosty's Corncob Pipe
  • Frosty's Button Nose
  • Frosty's Coal Eyes
  • Frosty's Hat
  • Bowties
  • Frosty's Broomstick
  • Summer Wheeze
  • Posters
  • Holly's Refrigerator
  • Weight Training Equipment
    • Bench

    • <p lang="en">Barbell

  • <p lang="en">School Desks

  • <p lang="en">The Winter Carnival's Sights

    • <p lang="en">Amusement Rides

    • <p lang="en">Food Stands

    • <p lang="en">The Ice Castle

    • <p lang="en">Winter Carnival Stage

  • <p lang="en">Martial arts weapon

  • <p lang="en">Straw

  • <p lang="en">Sacks

  • <p lang="en">The Tooth Fairy's Wand

  • <p lang="en">Professor Hinkle's Wand

  • <p lang="en">Hermey's Hammer (toy-making)

  • <p lang="en">Hermey's Toothpaste

  • <p lang="en">Mr. Twitchell's Mirror


Physical Movements

  • High Jumps - Used by Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Muscles and Spike
  • Belly-whopping - Used by Frosty
  • Cartwheeling - Used by Frosty


  • Invisibility (mentioned) - Used by Frosty
  • Magic Dust - Used by Frosty
  • Flight - Used by Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Frosty, Rudolph and Clarice
  • Rudolph's Nose Glow
  • Professor Hinkle's Magic
  • Holly's Magic

Transformations and Power-Ups

  • Max Power - Used by Tom and Jerry (via potion)
  • Frosty's "All-Living" State (used via Frosty's Hat with Soul Insertion)
    •  2½-Year "All-Living" State (used via Tooth Fairy's magic)


  • Tom vs. Butch
    • Tom, Jerry and Nibbles vs. Butch, Lightning, Meathead, Topsy
    • Tom, Jerry, Nibbles and Spike vs. Butch, Lightning, Meathead, Topsy
  • Tom, Jerry and Nibbles vs. Tin, Pan and Alley
  • Tom, Jerry and Nibbles vs. Muscles (pretended)
  • Muscles vs. Bones
  • Muscles vs. Tin, Pan and Alley
  • Tom, Jerry, Nibbles and Muscles vs. Bones, Tin, Pan and Alley
  • Muscles vs. Mr. Twitchell's Lions (flashback)



  • Mandy Patinkin - Jonathan Winters/ The Narrator
  • Richard Kind - Tom Cat
  • Stephanie Nadolny - Jerry Mouse
  • Kath Soucie - Nibbles Mouse
  • Grey DeLisle - Toodles Galore
  • Kari Wahlgren - Toots Mouse
    • Tara Strong - Chérie Mouse (singing voice)
  • Clancy Brown - Butch Cat
  • Frank Welker - Meathead Cat
  • Roger Craig Smith - Lightning Cat
  • Jim Cummings - Spike Bulldog
  • Sam Lavagnino - Tyke Bulldog
  • Maurice LaMarche - Muscles Mouse
  • Seth MacFarlane - Frosty
  • Kathleen Barr - Rudolph
  • Myriam Sirois - Clarice
  • Scott McNeil - Hermey
  • Peter Woodward - Professor Hinkle
  • Sonny Strait - Hocus Pocus
  • Elisabeth Moss - Holly DeCarlo
  • Nicole Oliver - Lilly DeCarlo
  • Elizabeth Daily - Charles, Topsy Cat
  • Andrea Martin - Ms. Carbuncle
  • Brian Doyle-Murray - Mr. Twitchell
  • Greg Ellis - Tin Cat
  • Jess Harnell - Pan Cat
  • Richard McGonagle - Alley Cat, Barney Bear

Additional Voices

  • Steve Stoliar - the News Announcer, The People of Beansboro, Mr. Twitchell's goons (archive recordings)
  • Gail Lynch - the People of Beansboro (archive recordings)
  • Phillip Glasser and Mindy Ann Martin - The Kids (archive recordings)
  • Jeff Bergman - Droopy, Butch Dog, Bugs Bunny
  • Charlie Adler - Dripple, Screwball Squirrel, Lightning Bolt the Super Squirrel
  • Jim Cummings - Slick McWolf, Lion (Tom and Jerry)
  • Brian Drummond - Eagle (Tom and Jerry)
  • Dameon Clarke - The Snow Mouse (Tom and Jerry Tales)
  • Meredith McCoy - Mearle
  • April Winchell - the Objective Woman



Part 1

  • Warner Bros. Pictures (WarnerMedia Byline)
  • A Warner Bros. CARTOON
  • Turner Entertainment Co. and Warner Bros. Animation presents
  • "Tom and Jerry"

Part 2

  • "Tom and Jerry: Frosty Returns"
  • Starring the Voices of...
    • Mandy Patinkin as Jonathan Winters
    • Kath Soucie as Tuffy
    • Nicole Oliver as Lilly DeCarlo
    • Andrea Martin as Ms. Carbuncle
    • Brian Doyle-Murray as Mr. Twitchell
    • Elisabeth Moss as Holly DeCarlo
    • Grey DeLisle as Toodles Galore
    • Kari Wahlgren as Toots
    • Elizabeth Daily as Charles
    • with Richard Kind as Tom
    • Stephanie Nadolny as Jerry
    • Kathleen Barr as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
    • and Seth MacFarlane as Frosty the Snowman
  • Produced in Association with DreamWorks Classics, Rankin/Bass Productions, Inc. and Bill Melendez Productions, Inc.


Part 1

  • The End
  • A Tom and Jerry CARTOON, Produced in Hollywood, USA

Part 2

  • Produced and Directed by Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone
  • Written by Gene Grillo
  • Based Upon:
    • "Tom and Jerry" by William Hanna and Joseph Barbara
    • "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" by Robert L. May
    • "Frosty the Snowman" by Steve Nelson and Jack Rollins
    • "Frosty Returns" by Bill Melendez Productions, Inc.
  • Original Screenplay and Story by Oliver Goldstick and Jim Lewis
  • Executive Producers: Sam Register, Jules Bass
  • Associate Producer: Jim Wyatt
  • Line Producers: Monica Mitchell, Kimberly S. Moreau
  • Edited by Dave Courter and Philip Malamuth
  • Music by Michael Tavera
  • Original Scores from:
    • "Tom and Jerry" by Composed by Scott Bradley
    • "Tom and Jerry: The Movie" Composed by Henry Mancini
    • "Tom and Jerry Tales" Composed by Tom Erba
    • "The Rankin/Bass Holiday Classics" Composed by Maury Laws
    • "Frosty Returns" Composed by Mark Mothersbaugh
  • Casting Direction: Maria Estrada, Wes Gleason
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  • Featured Songs:
    • "We Love The Snow"
      • Written by Mark Mothersbaugh, Denis M. Hannigan
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    • "Let There Be Snow/No More Snow"
      • Written by Mark Mothersbaugh, Denis M. Hannigan
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      • Performed by Seth MacFarlane, Elisabeth Moss, Richard Kind, Stephanie Nadolny, Kath Soucie, Brian Doyle-Murray
    • "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer"
      • Written by Johnny Marks
      • Produced by Michael Tavera
    • "Our Hearts Will Go On"
      • Written by James Horner and Will Jennings
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      • Performed by Grey DeLisle and Tara Strong
    • "Let There Be Snow" (reprise)
      • Written by Mark Mothersbaugh, Denis M. Hannigan
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      • Performed by Seth MacFarlane, Elisabeth Moss, Debbie Lytton, Richard Kind, Stephanie Nadolny, Kath Soucie, Grey DeLisle, Tara Strong, Elizabeth Daily, Maurice LaMarche
    • "Friends to the End" (short version)
      • Written by Henry Mancini, Leslie Bricusse
      • Produced by Michael Tavera
      • Performed by Richard Kind, Stephanie Nadolny
    • "Frosty the Snowman" (end credits)
      • Written by Steve Nelson and Jack Rollins
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      • Performed by the Beansboro Choir
    • "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" (end credits)
      • Written by Johnny Marks
      • Produced by Michael Tavera
      • Performed by the Beansboro Choir
  • Footage from "Frosty the Snowman" and "Frosty Returns" Provided by Broadway Video, DreamWorks Classics, CBS Productions
  • Production Administrator: Daphne Fei
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  • Production Supervision: Bobbie Page
  • Production Management: Ed Adams
  • Executive in Charge of Production: Jay Bastian
  • © Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.
  • TOM AND JERRY and all related characters and elements are trademarks of © Turner Entertainment Co., Inc.
  • FROSTY THE SNOWMAN and all related characters are trademarks of © Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. and Classic Media, LLC. Based on the musical composition FROSTY THE SNOWMAN © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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Frosty Returns is not a direct sequel to the original Rankin/Bass Christmas classic, Frosty the Snowman (1969), as the two were produced by different companies (Rankin/Bass produced the original, while this special was made by Lorne Michaels' Broadway Video, with help from longtime Peanuts director Bill Melendez, for CBS), and feature different characters, setting and voice actors. Because of Michaels' involvement, most of the cast consisted of sketch comedians from Michaels's other shows; Andrea Martin had starred in The Hart and Lorne Terrific Hour, while Jan Hooks and Brian Doyle-Murray were cast members on Saturday Night Live (a show where John Goodman had made frequent guest appearances). Since Broadway Video produced this special and owned the 1969 original prior to Golden Books' acquisition of the Videocraft International catalog in 1996, Frosty Returns follows the CBS showings of the original and is coupled with the original on all DVD releases.

Although Rankin/Bass had produced a sequel, Frosty's Winter Wonderland (1976), with most of the original cast and in the original style, the rights to the original and the sequel were broken up when the company dissolved in 1987. The original, having been produced prior to the 1974 dividing line, had been owned by CBS in terms of the broadcast license, but Frosty's Winter Wonderland was produced after 1974 and thus is part of the package now owned by Warner Bros. and licensed to Freeform.


Voice Casting

Concept Art

Character Designs (Model Sheets)

Storyboards (workprint gallery)


Sound Effects


Frosty Returns is a musical special, with two songs featured prominently on the soundtrack. Frosty the Snowman is featured at the beginning as an instrumental and sung by the entire cast at the closing credits. Let There Be Snow is an original piece composed for the special, with three verses (each sung by a different character) sung at various points in the special. The opening theme for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's classic Tom and Jerry cartoon series by Scott Bradley is featured in the film.


  • We Love the Snow - sung by the children and adults of Beansboro
  • Let There Be Snow/There's No More Snow - sung by Frosty, Holly, Mr. Twitchell, Tom, Jerry and Nibbles
  • My Heart Will Go On (later renamed Our Hearts Will Go On) - sung by Toodles Galore and Toots
  • Let There Be Snow (reprise) - Frosty, Holly, Charles, Tom, Jerry, Nibbles, Muscles, Toodles Galore, Toots, the animals and the adults of Beansboro
  • Friends to the End - sung by Tom and Jerry
  • Frosty the Snowman (ending credits) - sung by the Beansboro Choir
  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (ending credits) - sung by the Beansboro Choir


  • Rated PG for Parental Guidance with very mild fantasy violence, threat, mild peril, very mild comedy.
  • Suggested Running Times: 91 Minutes


  • This is the fourth Tom and Jerry feature film to be animated in Japan.
  • Despite its association with Rankin/Bass' Frosty the Snowman (1969), Frosty Returns has a notable lack of continuity with it. For example, Frosty has a different physical appearance, more knowledge of the world, and a more streetwise sense of humor compared to the naïve original Frosty. He has the ability to live without his magic hat, which would immediately cause him to revert to being an inanimate snowman in the original version and its other sequels. Even so, Frosty still has his corncob pipe and his broomstick. As with Frosty's Winter Wonderland there is no mention of Christmas or Santa Claus, and Charles suggests making a "fertility goddess" in the snow.
  • As a sequel to Tom and Jerry Meet Frosty the Snowman, the film is set between three years after the events of the previous film, and two years before the events of Tom and Jerry: Frosty's Winter Wonderland. At this time, Tom and Jerry are not yet married to Toodles Galore and Toots, for they were still dating.

Character Quotes

Jonathan Winters

  • Some folks say, "You really want to see the country? Take a bus, hop a train, or ride a bike or even a horse. Me? I'm an old-fashioned kind of guy. Stick to what I know: snowflakes. And since I look familiar to you, please call me Jonathan Winters. Now, I know that snow is not for everyone, but as long as you pack light, I mean, and wear at least three layers of undies, it's a lovely way to spend the winter. Oh, and a cautious way to crunch some rock or hard candy.
  • If my calculations are right, we should be landing in Beansboro in two seconds. It's a nice little town with plenty of parking space and lots of cocoa.
  • Ahh, there's nothing like the first snow of the season. And believe me or yourself, nobody likes it more than the folks of Beansboro. They got this annual Winter Carnival at Gooseberry Park, just two weeks after New Year's Day, which follows Christmas Day, you see? And I've been coming to it since I was knee-high to a snow cone. So when I heard about this seasonal event, it might not happen this year while I... Whoa! Ooh-ohh-ohhh! I'll have to catch up with you later! Alright?
  • Hello, it's me again. You probably recognize this familiar face too. This is Frosty the Snowman, from Christmas Town in the North Pole. Who else beside him?
  • Good introduction, Nibbles. You remember the story of how Frosty respectively came to life through the magic silk hat that formerly belongs to a magician named Professor Hinkle, but you're probably wondering what he's doing here in Beansboro with Nibbles. And more to the point, why is he unexpectedly wearing Holly's hat instead of his own which gave him life. Well, Nibbles and I let him explain that in a bit. Because right now, this is where Frosty and Nibbles meet Tom, Jerry and Holly, these main characters of this story. Now, Nibbles, to draw your uncle and friends' attention to Frosty and you...
  • Here they come, Nibbles. Get ready, and stay behind Frosty.
  • And so, the folks of Beansboro got their winter carnival after all. That tradition was saved, thanks to Frosty the Snowman with support from Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse. Summer Wheeze was permanently canned, and Mr. Twitchell decided to make sleds instead of trouble. Of course, he did learn his lesson that he was no match for Mother Nature or a little girl like Holly DeCarlo. And Tom and Jerry? Well, they both go home back to Robyn and her her family at Starling Enterprise. And as you know, like Frosty, they are more jolliest and more happiest than ever to plan on going on more adventures around the world. I need to do the same thing, too. Next stop, Winnipeg. Nice town, plenty of parking space and lots of cocoa.

Tom Cat

Jerry Mouse

Nibbles Mouse

Toodles Galore

Toots Mouse

  • Hi, Jer.
  • Now, what would your mama think about that kind of behavior?

Butch Cat

Muscles Mouse

  • At your orders, Mr. Twitchell.

Joey Mouse

Spike Bulldog

Tyke Bulldog


Screwball Squirrel


Slick McWolf

Tin, Pan and Alley

Frosty the Snowman

  • Oh, no you don't. If you wanna take something, take a tie, unless you think I need it.
  • Of course, I'm alive. I thought it'd look nice on me here. How do you all dress for this Winter Carnival anyway? I mean, I don't wanna under-dress, but if I could get away with a tank top or something more "cas."
  • The name is Frosty. Frosty the Snowman.
  • Uh? Hey, Tom, Jerry! I was wondering where you two went off too!
  • Oh, excuse me, little girl. What's your name.
  • No... Not the Holly DeCarlo, one of the world-famous magicians? Ha, imagine that! Just in case you don't know how Nibbles and I had quietly overheard from outside the window of your house through invisibility earlier, a little girl we meet in this town, like yourself, could be the second famous magician after an old friend of mine, Professor Hinkle, along with his rabbit Hocus Pocus. I bet it might surprise my other friend Karen when she and her mother come here to Beansboro for a winter vacation, the same as Tom and Jerry are now. And of course, even Robyn and her father Mr. Starling, head of the Starling Enterprises military base, her Aunt Pristine Figg and her lawyer Lickboot, and ther skateboarding dog Ferdinand.
  • That's not what your friends say. Just listen carefully to what we were saying. One friend is a lot different than no friends, kid. Uh, I mean, Holly. One friend is plenty, but since you befriended Tom and Jerry, three should be better, don't you think?
  • Oh? Well, like say a snowman doing a cartwheel? Or tooting his pipe like some one-eyed, muscular sailor man? Or performing martial arts like Tom and Jerry, but with magic this time? Or belly-whopping... ...or flying like other magical snow people and reindeers including my red-nosed pal, Rudolph? Or even singing like Giacomo Puccini? Or maybe dancing to the mean mambo?
  • So, uh, what do you, Tom and Jerry say we find a safer place to talk? Say Siberia?
  • Oh, no.
  • Upset? "Upset" is waking up and finding out somebody forgot to give you a belly button. "Upset" is finding out somebody stole your nose to play foosball. Uh, I mean, football. This ain't "upset", guys! THIS IS PANIC! I'M TWO SQUIRTS FROM BEING HISTORY!
  • You gotta be kidding me.
  • Not all of us.
  • You better think fast, fellas. Or I'll be going back to the North Pole in a bowl.
  • Nibbles is correct, we'll be back. Just as Santa promised, remember? We'll always come back again someday, particularly on Christmas Day which is celebrated every December 25. And Tom and Jerry? Just as only you and I know, While you guys wait until then, Holly, just give me some time to find a new bowtie. This time with no polka dots, maybe green or blue. I like blue, which brings out my eyes. Well? Goodbye, Holly! Goodbye, Tom and Jerry! 

Holly DeCarlo

Lilly DeCarlo

  • Holly? Well, there you are.
  • Yes. I am Lilly DeCarlo, Holly's mother. Aren't you Tom and Jerry, the talking cat and mouse?
  • Holly, you locked your best friend in a box and just ran off. Now, how are you going to feel when poor Charles grows up and has to join a support group?
  • Well, it's the greatest invention since microwave pancakes. It's called "Summer Wheeze."


  • Holly, why aren't you playing outside?
  • Neither was I, but it's excellent packing. Holly, Tom, Jerry, let's go outside and make a fertility goddness.
  • There's no such thing as magic. Everything has an explanation, the proper term is science.
  • Can we at least crack a window? I'm roasting in here.
  • WHOA-OHH-OHH! Does this thing have brakes!?

Mr. Twitchell

  • Removing snow's a breeze with one blast of Summer Wheeze, said Mr. Twitchell.
  • Hmm... Catchy, isn't it? I want those words painted on buses, billboard, large dogs, etc.
  • Ooh! You want an environment about what would happen to Summer Wheeze, do you?
  • Good! Then that's exactly what you're gonna get with a little drop. Bones, hit the button!
  • Tin, Pan and Alley! Release the lions! Chowtime!
  • Hey! Look here, do not assume this is murder. It's a capital punishment for anyone who objects as disagreement. That's how the way my justice is. Any other objections? Because if so, do you like to join her and share in her death sentence as lunch or dinner for my lion kitties?
  • Good. Now, let the fun begin!
  • Muscles, supervise the operation! The time has come to start the demonstration of Summer Wheeze, right here in Beansboro!
  • Hold it! Stop the car! STOP THE CAR! And stop the music.
  • That snowman is flaking on one of my sidewalks!
  • Bones! Who is this frostbitten clown?
  • Oooh! Tin, Pan and Alley! Do you know who this snowman is?
  • Frosty? Heh! Whoever he is, he must have come from the park. But not only it's him we see, but there's probably dozens of other snow-critters in there, just waiting to soil my sidewalks.
  • Tin, Pan and Alley, you first! Take care of that snowman!
  • Now, what's going on?
  • What? Beaten by a cat and mouse?
  • You are total incompetents!
  • Don't just sit there, Bones, you overgrown bag of lint! Get them!
  • Muscles, deal with that cat and mouse! We can't let them interfere with me!
  • Well, did you spray that snowman?
  • Tell me the truth, Bones. There's a tuna casserole in it for you.
  • Hmm, I thought so too. And Muscles? Have you destroyed those meddling cats and their mice companion including the one brown mouse that resemble you?
  • Very good, Muscles!
  • Darn you, Muscles! YOU TRAITOR! I'LL GET YOU YET!
  • Aah! You idiots, watch it!
  • What do you want?
  • I did know! You got your snow back, Missy. Why you won't you, that cat and that mouse to leave me alone. It's just better for me to do this way.
  • Going to jail, paying for everything I did, including executing my own staff members of my Summer Wheeze headquarters.
  • I did?
  • Muscles, how do you know about what I was doing two days ago?

Ms. Carbuncle

  • Is this how you spend your day off, young lady? Organizing a game and naming it "Tackle the Teacher"?
  • Why don't you save your story for tomorrow's composition? And while you're at it, please teach your cat and mouse to learn some manners on who they'd run into next. Right now, Ms. Carbuncle... That's me. ...has a sidewalk to plow. Before you know it, this darn snow turns into slush. And when there's slush, there's ice. And when there's ice, there's broken hips. And when there are broken hips, then there are substitute teachers!
  • Not that I don't like the snow, Holly. Just prefer it in its proper place, like on mountain tops and poetry, and songs by Bing Crosby.
  • Yes, goodbye, Holly. But remember what I'd say. It's no winter wonderland when you're skidding into a telephone pole!
  • Holly, what is that sticking out of your desk?
  • Don't you think you should cook it first?


Workprint A - Early Version (Storyboards)

Main Titles (♪ Overtune ♪)/Jonathan Winters

(into another background painting, a night night where we saw snowflakes falling. Once, the Tom and Jerry logo in the form of snowflake flew away, the snowflakes keeps on falling when a man's voice humming a familiar tune came along.

Man's Voice: (humming) ♪ Na-na-na-na-na...


(After humming the song, the man's voice then spoke to us as the stock footage of a family sequence continue to play.)

Man's Voice: Some folks say, "You really want to see the country? Take a bus, hop a train, or ride a bike or even a horse.


Jonathan Winters: Me? I'm an old-fashioned kind of guy.

(Jonathan munches one piece of fruit-flavored rock candy)

Jonathan Winters: Stick to what I know... snowflakes. (puts his hand on his chest:) And since I look familiar to you... (removes his hand from his chest:) ...please, call me Jonathan Winters. Now, I know that snow is not for everyone, but as long as you pack light--

(While continuing, Jonathan took out a handful of rock candy from his paper bag.)

Jonathan Winters: I mean, and wear at least three layers of undies... (bowing:)'s a lovely way to spend the winter. (looking at his candy): Oh, and a cautious way to crunch some rock or hard candy.

Introduction To Beansboro/No School (♪ We Love The Snow ♪)

(After the opening titles, the stock footage of the story begins the next morning as the camera pans down to where the park of this town is. The snow continued to fall, while Jonathan Winters' voice was heard.)

Jonathan Winters (voice over): If my calculations are right, we should be landing in Beansboro in two seconds.

(Then we see Jonathan holding onto the wind, as it blew him near a tree, swiling himself around.)

Jonathan Winters: It's a nice little town with plenty of parking space, and lots of cocoa.

(He then landed safely and softly in the snow, burring himself in the process. And in a close-up shot through the camera, he then got out and dusted the snow off himself, before continuing his story towards us.)

Jonathan Winters: Ahh, there's nothing like the first snow of the season. And believe me or yourself, nobody likes it more than the folks of Beansboro.

(Jonathan then points out a familiar carnival on which the camera than quickly pans over wherever it lead us. And there, the carnival looks very nice, but not yet opened with nobody there.)

Jonathan Winters (voice over): They got this annual Winter Carnival at Gooseberry Park, just two weeks after New Year's Day, which follows Christmas Day, you see?

(Then the camera cuts back to Jonathan on the snow.)

Jonathan Winters: And I've been coming to it since I was knee-high to a snow cone. So when I heard about this seasonal event, it might not happen this year while I--

(However, Jonathan was interrupted when he felt the "ground" shake as he yelped. Up from the snow came a bulldog named Spike, who was buried in the snow Jonathan was on.) 

Jonathan Winters: Whoa! Ooh-ohh-ohhh!

(Spike shook the snow and the toy-sized Jonathan Winters off, but he still managed to hang on to Spike's collar. Spike sneezed a bit, before taking off, as Jonathan called out to us, while hanging on and yelling)

Jonathan Winters (voice over): I'll have to catch up with you later, alright?

(Now, in another part of the stock footage, we see many of the houses in the town, now known as Beansboro, as the voice of a young man was heard.)

Young Man's Voice: Hey, kids? There's seven inches of snow on the ground. And you know what that means

(The next thing we know, all the kids, wearing their winter coats, came running out of their homes happily, excited for the snow as they cheered.)

Kids: (excitedly:) No school! No school! Alright, come on! Let's go! Whoo!

(We dissolve to the next shot of the scene where the kids all began having snowball fights, making snow-angels, building forts, and any other fun thing to do in the winter as they sang.)

Kids: ♪ I love when the clouds burst open

Like one giant pillow fight

You stick out your tongue to taste them

The snowflakes so soft and white

I can't wait to make some angels

Or construct an icy fort

You need something to hide in

(Then, a boy with a pink coat, his blue shoes, his red hat and his red mittens sang a part.)

Boy: ♪ Especially if you're wide and short

(He then got some snowballs thrown at him, before the other kids continued singing.)

Kids: ♪ We love the snow

(The adults, on the other hand, were annoyed with the snow, as they were shoveling it from their yards. One of the three men is wiping on the windshield of his car.)

The People of Beansboro: ♪ Oh, no, not snow

(The kids did the next part with two boys building a snowmen when one drops a snowball on top of the other.)

Kids: ♪ We love the snow

(The other adults also sang their next part.)

The People of Beansboro: ♪ Who needs the snow?

(An annoyed white-grayish-haired lady with a pointy beak-like nose, wearing glasses, and at the moment, winter clothing, named Ms. Carbuncle sang as she shoveled her sidewalk.)

Ms. Carbuncle: ♪ It's badder than rain...

The People of Beansboro: ♪ That causes such pain

Kids: ♪ The rain you can throw

(Then the adults sing the rest of the song with two people opening the doors of their house to come out.)

The People of Beansboro: ♪ When the pipes begin to freeze

And everybody greets you with a sneeze

(More people comes out of the doors of a house-like apartment.)

The People of Beansboro: ♪ What the heating bills will cost

The time it takes us to defrost

(And in the final shot of the stock footage, every adult in Beansboro sing their last part to end the musical number.)

The People of Beansboro: ♪ Oh, I could live without snow ♪ ♪

Tom And Jerry's Winter Vacation/Holly DeCarlo

(After the song from the people of Beansboro have ended, we now dissolve into a new animated sequence where all of the kids played outside and the adults shoveled their sidewalks in annoyance. During that time, a single silhouette appears driving a bicycle on the snow-covered road, to which the camera zooms onto. Then it cuts to a close-up at the bike's front wheel moving in mid-speed, then pans onto one of the legs that is pushing the pedals up and down. But the rider's legs not only wears some purple winter boots with a singe yellow line and blue bottom on each one, but has either gray or blue fur. Next, the camera cuts to the top of the snowy grounds where the bicycle and its rider pass it, revealing the mysterious driver himself to be an anthropomorphic grayish-blue cat who has an orange or brown mouse holding on top his head, with their backs; including the cat's tale with a white marking on the tip, facing the camera and the kids being seen in their place time. In another shot of the continuing sequence on ground, the cat's bicycle stops at the camera's close up, obviously by the feline's hands pressing the brake levels on the handlebars and his feet holding back the pedals. And through other camera shots, the cat press down kickstand to keep the bike standing, then leaps down with his feet touching the snowy ground. Finally, the camera pans up the body of the cat with a torso marking, a pair of indigo or blue mittens with purple parts and a purple scarf, and halted at the sight of his face with another gray marking that was on between his yellow eyes with green irises, a white muzzle with black whiskers and a black nose. Still remaining on the cat's head was the brown mouse with a light marking on his torso and his winter clothes with red polka dots. They were known as Thomas Cat and Jeremy Adam Mouse, otherwise known as Tom and Jerry, both from a chain of military bases called Starling Enterprises, owned by Gilbert Starling with his daughter Robyn, who are the cat-and-mouse team's best friend. Tom and Jerry looked around to see all the houses and even noticed the children still playing in the snow, with only Tom becoming excited.)

Tom: Oh, boy! Oh, boy! Oh, boy! It's great for the two of us to come here, on a winter vacation from our duties with all of Starling Enterprises' military operations, even though the holidays including Christmas and the New Year are done.

(On Tom's head, Jerry is confused to see Tom becoming more happierer than ever. His voice is still identical to the child-like voices of Goku and Gohan from Dragon Ball when he replies to his feline friend, ever since they first meet Puggsy Dog, Frankie Da Flee and even Robyn in another city. Then he, too, smiled.)

Jerry: Yeah, our first-ever winter vacation from our jobs given to us by Robyn's dad.


Jerry: Golly, you seemed to be extremely more happier than Frosty used to be when he is reborn in Karen's hometown.

(Tom looked up at his former mousy rival.)




Jerry: By the way, Tom, are we on the way to Alaska where they is more snow?

(Tom soon gave a smirk to Jerry's question.)

Tom: Jerry, we're here in the town of Beansboro

Jerry: Really?

(The brown then took his turn to looked around with his eyes, since Tom have finished his turn to check.)

Jerry: So this is Beansboro.

  • Tom: YES!
  • (Tom and Jerry knocking on Holly's door)
  • Holly: Who is it?
  • Tom: Hi, i'm Tom
  • Jerry: and i'm Jerry
  • Holly: You mean the Tom and Jerry
  • Jerry: Yes

Practicing Magic On Charles/Ms. Carbuncle

  • Holly: Charles, this is Tom and Jerry
  • Charles: Hi
  • (Her hat blows off)
  • Charles: Whoa!
  • Holly: My Hat
  • Tom: Look at your hat
  • Jerry: It's blowing!

Holly Meets Frosty And Nibbles/Summer Wheeze

  • Frosty: Hi, i'm Frosty
  • Nibbles: And i'm Nibbles
  • Jerry: Hey, Nephew and Uncle
  • Holly: Hi, i'm Holly DeCarlo
  • Frosty: Holly DeCarlo? The Famous Magican?
  • Holly: I'm not a Magican, i'm not Famous

Mr. Twitchell's Boardroom/Frosty Panics

(Somewhere else in Beansboro, there was small factory or a manufacturing plant that was surrounded by a large-wide fence with yellow trucks that have strange electronic objects on top. The camera zooms closely to the sign that was on the brick wall, and the scene dissolves to a sign which is a logo for the snow-erasing "Summer Wheeze" with the picture of an old-aged bald-headed man's face above the words. Then his voice is heard recalling the introduction of this invention.)

Old Man's Voice: "Removing snow's a breeze, with one blast of Summer Wheeze!", says Mr. Twitchell.

(We now dissolve to an re-animated sequence taking place in a boardroom, the same old man, who was really Mr. Twitchell, was sitting down for a discussion with his board of directors, thinking about how well he have recently recited the words of his Summer Wheeze eariler. An orange cat was sleeping on top of Twitchell's chair, and standing on the right side next to Twitchell were three antropormorphic, civilized Siamese cats, who are called Tin, Pan and Alley. The window behind one the large plant vases containing green leaves of the tree gives a view of the plant where smoke comes from two towering chimneys.)

Mr Twitchell: (pondering:) Hmmm, catchy, isn't it? You know, if I do say so myself? I want those words painted on buses, billboards...

(We now cut to a stock footage which shows a close-up at the sleeping cat on the chair with Mr. Twitchell being heard finishing his words with his Summer Wheeze company members.)

Mr. Twitchell (voice over): Large dogs!

(The mention of 'dogs' made the cat, Mr. Twitchell's pet, woke up and look around with an alarmed mew to see if there are really dogs, although there wasn't any in the plant. Then we cut to a new animated sequence where Tin, Pan and Alley)

Tin: You think maybe television or radio commercials across America would do, Mr. Twitchell, for extra measure?

Alley: I'm with him, commercials on TV and radio wouldn't hurt. 

Pan: Yeah, commercials always grab people's attention for something.

Mr. Twitchell: We'll see about that, my Chinese kitty boys. Any other suggestions?


Summer Wheeze Co-Director (voice over): Mr. Twitchell?

Mr. Twitchell (turning his around around:) Yes?

(In the stock footage where the table has a set of four pushable buttons, the four co-directors of Summer Wheeze were starring at their unseen leading employer with one of the two twin men speaking to him.)

Summer Wheeze Co-Director: I suggest we hang a banner at Saturday's winter carnival.

(Then we cut to a re-animated sequence with only Tin being seen next to Mr. Twitchell as he spoke to the man.)

Mr. Twitchell: By Saturday, there should be multiple cans of Summer Wheeze on every shelf of every store in Beansboro. Just wait, I'll go to that carnival at Gooseberry Park as a guest, but I'll leave it as a king.

(And back in the stock footage's close-up, the man is confused as some dramatic music started playing in the background.)

Summer Wheeze Co-Director: (confused) A king, sir?

(Next, we see Tin, Pan and Alley next to Mr. Twitchell, with the Siamese trio looking confused to hear about their boss becoming the king of Beansboro's Winter Carnival.)

Tin: Oh? You mean, like the King of the Festival of Fools 

Pan and Alley: Yes, as in The Hunchback of Notre Dame?

Mr. Twitchell: Oh, shut up!

(He lands a single blow to Tin's head with a fist, which made the leader of the Siamese trio lands his head onto Pan's, causing the second Siamese cat to hit Alley's head, too, and leaving them all dizzy.)

Mr. Twitchell: Never mention any more references from wrong stories again. Got it?

Tin, Pan and Alley: Yes, sir.

(Then we go back to the first shot of the re-animated sequence where Mr. Twitchell menacingly bangs his fist on the table like a gavel to keep his co-directors quiet while he is talking.)

Mr. Twitchell: You heard me? I'm about to give this town the greatest gift ever. A winter with no shoveling, no slush, and no frostbite. Clean streets and dry sidewalks only. By this weekend, snow tires will be ancient history.

(Mr. Twitchell stands up on his chair, grabs Bones who mew again, and carefully gets his feet back on the floor.)

Mr. Twitchell: And in return, all countries of the world will make me their king. 

(And in the stock footage, Twitchell spoke to Bones, pointing at him.)

Mr. Twitchell: That makes you prince, tuna breath.


Mr. Twitchell: And the three of you... my prime ministers, outsourced from Hong Kong!


Mr. Twitchell: I could even offer the same position by sharing power over the planet with my schoolmate, Hinkle Tinkerton, but he's too busy with his job as the world's handsome and famous magician and his goody-goody little son, Thomas.


Mr. Twitchell (voice over):


Mr. Twitchell (voice over):


Mr. Twitchell:


Mr. Twitchell:



Tin: Uh, you really do realize that they'll only make you king of the winter carnival, not the king of the world, right?

Mr. Twitchell: Precisely, Tin. So what's wrong with that?

(We see a close-up at Tin as he answer Twitchel's question.)

Tin: We're not sure what the Mayor of Beansboro would say to you being in charge of the town and the entire planet.)



(????) Mr. Twitchell: Hey! One step at a time, or better yet, pipe down.


Mr. Twitchell:


Mr. Twitchell: If the Mayor of Beansboro grow tired of his current title of leadership, maybe he'll plan to retire and call me over to his town hall, where he can appoint me as the next Mayor.


Mr. Twitchell: If Queen Elizabeth the Second, leader of the royal British, can tour the world by visiting countries from which some of them are owned by her Commonwealth of Nations, then so can I with a delivery of over 1,4000 cans of Summer Wheeze. 

(Then a woman spoke up her protest which made Twitchell frown at her.)

The Objective Woman: But, Mr. Twitchell! May I interject for one moment, if you please? I have concerns, like what about the environment? We might not know if Summer Wheeze is safe in all six of the world's continents, for all we know, this product may cause--

(But Mr. Twitchell intrupted the woman by pretending to be nice and gentle to her.)

Mr. Twitchell: (sweetly:) Ooh! You want an environment about what would happen to Summer Wheeze in every continent on this planet, do you? You know for example, the result our company getting filed for bankruptcy, eh?

The Objective Woman: Yes, sir. I do.


Mr. Twitchell: (sinisterly:) Good! This is exactly what you're gonna get, with a little drop.

The Objective Woman: Uh?!

(And back in the first shot of the re-animated sequence, Mr. Twitchell signals to Bones while speaking out his command to him.)

Mr. Twitchell: Bones, hit the button!

(In the stock footage of the original sequence, Bones giggled greedily as he rubbed his paws and pressed a button on Twitchell's remote control-like object with his single clawed finger. This resulted in a trap door to open up beneath the woman's seat, making her fall in the hole, screaming. A thud was heard at the bottom, alarming the other members of the board and the pigs. Back to Mr. Twitchell, he wasn't done yet, for he moves onto the next stage on how to punish those who defy him. Then we cut to the same flower vase by the window, where a certain brown mouse appear behind, watching it this terrible punishment with a stern look. He is partially similar to Jerry, but with a green bowler hat and even a business suit.)

Brown Mouse: Hmm...

(Back to Mr. Twitchell, he wasn't done yet, and he is now launch the second stage of a punishment for anyone who disagrees with his plans.)

Mr. Twitchell: Tin, Pan and Alley! Release the lions! Chowtime!


Mr. Twitchell: Hey! Who do you think I am, a murderer? I have limits of justice! My justice.


Mr. Twitchell: Don't worry, co-directors of Summer Wheeze. She won't be dead, not forever.


Mr. Twitchell:


Mr. Twitchell (voice over):


Mr. Twitchell:


Mr. Twitchell: Now, any other objections?

(He gave a short time for the others to answer but they didn't. Alley was about to answer but Mr. Twitchell cut him off.)

Mr. Twitchell: Good! Then I say we let the fun begin!

(Then he looked down to the same brown mouse resembling Jerry standing on the floor, having already seem to be coming out from hiding behind the plant vase.)

Mr. Twitchell: Muscles, supervise the operation! The time has come to start the demonstration of Summer Wheeze, right here in Beansboro!


Mr. Twitchell: But please, take my warning. Do not fail me, or you will be the next loser to perish at the lions' jaws.

(In a close-up shot, Muscles, getting used to the threat, saluted at the unseen Twitchell.)

Muscles: At your orders, Mr. Twitchell.

(Later that day, as we dissolve to the next part of the stock footage, many "Summer Wheeze" trucks with the same mechanical arms that sprayed the cans sticking out of the roofs had driven out of the Summer Wheeze manufacturing plant. Muscles is driving a motorcycle and wearing the uniform and helmet matching the same design as the trucks. The trucks drove around the neighborhood in Retroville and sprayed all the snow in every yard away. The adults in the neighborhood sprayed some snowy parts with cans of their own, while waving to the passing trucks. Meanwhile, Nibbles is observing the procession of Summer Wheeze trucks, and even notice Muscles on his motorcycle leading them, but he didn't recognize him because of the helmet covering his head.)

Nibbles: Fellas, the Summer Wheeze parade is coming!

(Nibbles ran up to Tom, Jerry, Frosty and her their new friend, Holly DeCarlo who witnessed what was going on and the magical snowman looked very worried.)

Frosty: Oh, no.


Jerry: Frosty, what's the matter?


Frosty: Those trucks are spraying this so-called "Summer Wheeze" across the snow on the grounds of Beansboro, and like dark magic, it just disappeared... like immediate melting!

(He then began sweat-dropping, whimpering before gulping, much to Tom and Jerry's shock.)

Frosty: I think I just watered a little from seeing this. That is sweat-dropping as you can see in an anime.


Tom: Listen to us, big guy. They were only

Jerry: Besides, we're not even near the sidewalks while


Frosty: Uh, yes, I can see that. But still...


Frosty: It looks pretty scary to me!


Nibbles: Aw, great. Now he tells us.


Holly DeCarlo (voice over): I think they were right.


Holly DeCarlo: Don't get upset Frosty.

Frosty: Upset? (pants) "Upset" is waking up and finding out somebody forgot to give you a belly button. "Upset" is finding out somebody stole your nose to play foosball. 

(The camera zooms onto the group with Frosty continuing and even increasing his tone of voice.)

Frosty: Uh, I mean, football. This ain't "upset", guys! THIS IS PANIC! I'M TWO SQUIRTS FROM BEING HISTORY!!

(Tom, Jerry and Nibbles were horrified at what Frosty have said, with their heads also producing sweat drops, and they then stared at each other.)

Tom: Mouse, do you suppose that Frosty think Summer Wheeze is more dangerous than the sun, a thermometer, or even the warm air of the greenhouse located far from Karen's town?

Jerry: I think so, Cat. Maybe it really is. No wonder he is scared of Summer Wheeze.


Nibbles: (thinking:) I hope you are right, fellas. Even Rudolph watches over use with some magic crystal snowball.


Nibbles: (thinking:) Oh, If only Jack Frost was here... Though, our first counter with him won't happen until two years later, after Christmas. That's how our next story will go on in the real timeline.

(Then the scene ends, fading into darkness.)

Hiding Frosty/Tom and Jerry Drops Off Holly to School

[The next morning, Jonathan Winters was speaking to us as he sat on the roof of Holly's house, with the area around it no longer covered in snow, due to the effects of Summer Wheeze.]

Jonathan Winters: Holly didn't sleep a wink at her home that night, neither did Tom and Jerry who have checked into the Beansboro Hotel, and now, Frosty the Snowman, too.

[The camera zooms in toward Winters' spot, but then quickly cuts us to a close in at him, in this newely re-animated, but extended sequence.]

Jonathan Winters: Instead of becoming a lovely winter tourist destination, Beansboro had suddenly become a scary place, at least, to a happy-go-lucky cold-loving guy like Frosty himself, who thought living through warm weather or in January with no socks were such dangerous ideas.

[Then the camera zooms slowly onto his closer look at Jonathan.]

Jonathan Winters: We all know that yesterday, as he have clearly revealed not just to Holly, but Tom, Jerry and Nibbles, Frosty now lives for 2½ years without his own magic hat with a pretty flower, which is the true source of his "all-living" soul, thanks to a certain spell that Lady Boreal, the Queen of the Northern Lights, have casted on. He even claimed to be possessing a magical ice heart given to him by his grandfather, the Snowman in July, when he was a snowboy.

[While finishing his explaination on how Frosty lives without his magical hat, Jonathan makes a stern face.]

Jonathan Winters: If his body quickly melt into a puddle as a result of an exposue to Summer Wheeze, then Frosty's heart and soul will be permanently lost together for good, just like his beloved snow grandfather.


Jonathan Winters: But since he is still lucky to remain unharmed and far away from Summer Wheeze users, then it everything for him could be okay.

[We now cut to the inside of Holly's house, where she, in her usual clothes, Tom and Jerry, who have recently arrived from the Beansboro Hotel, are sitting down to breakfast at the table, looking worried on what to do about Frosty. Holly stirred the spoon around in her bowl of cereal, while Tom and Jerry were finishing their own hot dish which they cook and share with: a full English breakfast with a cup of coffee and a glass of milk.]

Jonathan Winters (off-screen): Now Holly knew she, Tom and Jerry had to do something if they wanted to protect Frosty. A thing I must point out is that usually the folks of this town like winter, but they do complain about it due to work-related reasons, colds, diseases found in snow and such.

[Tom, Jerry and Holly pondered and pondered, before Holly finally gets an idea.]

Holly DeCarlo: (smiles) Yes, I got it!

Tom: (swallows his food with a gulping sound effect) What is it, Holly?

Holly DeCarlo: I know where to hide Frosty, so he wouldn't get caught in the shower of Summer Wheeze.

Jerry: Where?

Holly DeCarlo: (points to the refrigerator:) In a refrigerator, where you keep your food cold.

Tom: Then what are we waiting for? We got to make sure Frosty is at least saved.

Holly DeCarlo: That's exactly what I'm going to do.

[Immediately, Tom, Jerry and Holly got up from the chairs and dash to the door. Holly then opened the door, with Frosty and Nibbles coming in, with Holly shushing them. Frosty quietly closed the door behind him, and he, Nibbles, Tom, Jerry and Holly snuck over to the fridge and Riley opened it.

Holly DeCarlo: Alright, Frosty, this is where you have to hide at least until I'm done with school.

[Frosty looked at how narrow the inside of the fridge was, before frowning.]

Frosty: You gotta be kidding me.

[Jerry hushes Frosty as he and Tom give stern faces to Frosty.]

Jerry: Shhh! It was the only place Holly could think of on short-notice.

Tom: We know you'd not like it, Frosty, neither do we. But we must do what is your own safety. Now hurry.

Frosty: Okay, but I'll have to remove some of this food.

[He took out a few food items, including a turkey leg, and handed them to Holly.] 

Nibbles: Tom? Uncle Jer? Do I need to go inside the freight, too?

[Jerry smiles at his cute little nephew.]

Jerry: No. You might end up become frozen in ice. You're no snow-mouse.

Tom: And if you're frozen food, you'd give us bad tastes to our tongues.

[Then the voices of Holly's mother, Lilly, was heard.]

Lilly DeCarlo (off-screen): Holly, better hurry, or you'll be late for school!

Tom and Jerry: (gasping) Mrs. DeCarlo.

[But with no more time to cower, Tom, Jerry and Holly quickly stuffed the food supplies back into Po's arm, without knowing she still had the turkey leg in her hands, as she closed the fridge door quickly.]

Lilly DeCarlo: Holly?

[Lilly came into the room as Holly got her school supplies ready, and she, Tom and Jerry put their winter clothes on. They was too much in a hurry, that Holly didn't even take time to notice she still had the turkey leg with her. And without paying attention, she stuffed it in her backpack with the rest of her stuff.]

Holly: I'm going, Mom.

Tom: We'll be walking her to school in no time, Mrs. DeCarlo.

Lilly DeCarlo: (sitting down at the table, smiling at Tom and Jerry) How very kind of you to do some good job. Do what you need.

Jerry: Yes, ma'am.

Nibbles: On it!

[Tom, Jerry, Nibbles and Holly left the room as Lilly drank her cup of coffee that she has been sitting out.]

The Beansboro Hotel's Fitness Center/Muscles Visits Tom and Jerry

Date With Toodles Galore and Toots/"Butch Cat is Back in Town!"


Jonathan Winters: Well, no sooner did they completed their 30-minute exercise at the Beansboro Hotel's fitness center, Tom, Jerry, Nibbles and Muscles hit the road by touring around Beansboro, since our heroice cat-and-mouse duo were still here on vacation.


Jonathan Winters: (whispering:) Of course, unknown to those three fellas, Muscles, who is Jerry and Nibbles' superstrong cousin, is working for that catastrophic Mr. Twitchell, who schemed to rule the world by encouraging all the countries in each continment to try using his newly introduced invented Summer Wheeze to erase the snow from every location.


Muscles: Well, boys, this 30-minute workout at the Beansboro Hotel has left us hot like we're in the Southern Hemisphere. Am I right?





[With a smile, Muscles puts his hand onto of the baby mouse's head and gently rubs it.]


School Presentation/Charles' Scientific Project

[We now dissolve to a view at the building, labeled "Beansboro Elementary School", which was the school Holly, Charles and the other kids went to.]

Jonathan Winters (off-screen): Meanwhile at school, Holly's plan seemed to flow without a hitch, thought it wasn't really well-thought-out, until later that same day, when Ms. Carbuncle discovered something different.

(Inside the building and in the classroom, Ms Carunclel, who was now wearing a blue dress and blue shoes, frowned upon seeing a certain turkey leg sticking out of Holly's desk.)

Ms. Carbuncle: Holly! (tapping Holly's deck with a pole:) What is that sticking out of your desk?

Holly DeCarlo: It's just my lunch, turkey.

Ms. Carbuncle: Don't you think you should cook it first?

(Then all the kids started laughing.)

Ms. Carbuncle: That's enough!

(The kids stopped laughing as the old teacher looked cross before continuing to speak to the unseen Holly.)

Ms. Carbuncle: Young lady, a school desk is no place for poultry, unless you choose to present it as a science project.

The Winter Carnival (♪ Let There Be Snow/There's No More Snow ♪)/A Talk About Professor Hinkle and Hocus Pocus

[Outside, Holly DeCarlo was in her winter clothing, walking worriedly. She passed a couple who were spraying the snow off their driveway with Summer Wheeze, and she passed a woman who sprayed the snow off a fire hydrant. She then saw Tom, Jerry, Toodles Galore, Toots, Nibbles and Frosty standing at the entrance of Gooseberry Park with Frosty still pretending to still and lifeless, and with Tom and Jerry looking out for Holly. Then Holly came and called out to them.]

Holly DeCarlo: Frosty! Tom! Jerry! Nibbles!

[Tom, Jerry, Nibbles and Frosty notice Holly, and Toodles and Toots look at her curiously.]

Tom and Jerry: (amazed:) Holly!

Nibbles: Welcome back!

Holly DeCarlo:


Holly DeCarlo:

Toodles: (chuckles) We're Toodles Galore and Toots Mouse, Tom and Jerry's girlfriends.

Holly DeCarlo:


Holly DeCarlo: What are you doing out there? It's okay for Tom, Jerry and Nibbles to be outside, but you two shouldn't be out here. It's dangerous.

Frosty: I know, but I couldn't sit in there any longer. First I got this cramp, and then this freezer burn.

Nibbles: Shouldn't you be in school though, Holly?

Holly: I had to make up a lie to the principal that I was coming down with something, and that I should leave school early. Still, Frosty shouldn't be out here, (frowns) if one of those trucks comes by...

Frosty: (smiles) No, Holly, I think we finally found a nice, safe place where we could hide. 

[He then pointed to a big ice castle in the park.]

Frosty (off-screen): An ice castle! Pretty magnificent, huh?

[We now cut back to Tom, Jerry, Toodles, Toots, Nibbles, Holly and Frosty.]

Holly DeCarlo: (sighs) Won't be there for long.

[The six friends looked concerned.]

Toodles Galore: What do you mean?

Holly DeCarlo: That's the reason I had to lie to leave school. All of my classmates, except for Charles, were all chanting "No more snow! No more snow!". It was terrible.

Frosty: What did you say?

Holly: Nothing, I was too scared. Whenever I try to talk to someone other than my friend or my parents, my mouth gets all dry and my hands get all clammy. I let you down, didn't I?

Frosty: You know, Holly, maybe it's time you've tried a different approach.

[Then Jonathan Winters appeared right next to Frosty.]

Jonathan Winters: And that you're going to explain with a good song, Frosty.

[The narrator then blows in a harmonica a bit to begin a tune, and then disappears. Then Frosty's song, "Let There Be Snow", started playing.]

Rhythm Dance/Mr. Twitchell Tries To Eliminate Frosty/Animal Battles

[In a re-animated sequence, the seven walked out of the park and saw Charlie waiting for Holly to show up]

Holly DeCarlo: (noticing Charles:) Hey, Charles. This is Frosty, and Jerry's nephew Nibbles.

Frosty: (extends his snowy hand) It's nice to meet you.

Nibbles: (extends his paw out) Pleasure, Charles.

[Charles looks closer at Nibbles, giving confused eye contact at his white diaper.)



Tom: I highly doubt that, Charles. Despite being covered in his fur like us animals, and although he's growing up, Nibbles must obviously be wearing his diapers all the time.

Jerry: And in case you don't know, he never even take them off once.


Tom: But for curiosity's sake, is it because he's too scared to do it, or is it because he doesn't want to be seen completely naked?

[Then we see a familiar animated sequence where Tuffy angrily walks up Tom's chest and into his face, but it is flipped.]

Nibbles: Don't say it! My body has an insecure fur coat.

[After Nibbles jumps off his chest, we see Tom with Toodles and Toots standing behind him.]

Tom: Cool down, Nibbles! Can't take any jokes like that?

Toodles Galore:

[Charles then looked around Frosty for something, to the group's confusion.]

Frosty: I take it he doesn't dance, doesn't blink much either.

Holly: What are you looking for?

Holly: Batteries.

Nibbles: (sighs) Listen, Charles. Frosty's not an animatronic or robot, as you assume. He's an actual being made of snow who can move.

Charles: Oh, really? Well, what brought him to life? Some electronic hat-shaped device that brings inanimate matter to life?

Frosty: Well, you're right about the hat, but less scientific. (chuckles) Lighten up, kid. Some things just can't be explained.

[Then mambo music was heard as Frosty began snapping his fingers with some visual effects, including magic dust.]

Frosty: (slyly): Like... rhythm.

[Next, Frosty started dancing.]

Frosty: Come on, don't make me dance alone! (to Charles:) Not even you, Charles.

Charles: Uh, you sure?

Nibbles: Come on, we're tame!

[Then Tom, Jerry, Nibbles and even the confused Toodles Galore and Toots, and the still reluctant Charles joined in the dance. Then Mr. Twitchell's limo drove nearby, with the bald-headed man, Bones, the Siamese Trio and Muscles spotting them dancing and snow all over the park.]

Mr. Twitchell: Hold it! Stop the car! STOP THE CAR! (spreading out his arms:) And stop the music.

[The driver then hit the brakes, stopping the car and sending Tin, Pan, Alley falling to the floor and Bones flying to the windshield. In the stock footage, Bones is being slammed against it hard that it cracks. Mr. Twitchell got out of his sunroof and pointed at Frosty.]

Mr. Twitchell: That snowman is flaking on one of my sidewalks! (looks backs to the unseen Bones:) Bones? Who is this frostbitten clown?

[Inside the car does the new animated sequence take place, Bones shrugs to say that he doesn't know]

Mr. Twitchell: (frustrated:) Oooh! (turns to the Siamese Trio) Tin, Pan and Alley! Do you know who this snowman is?


Tin: It must be Frosty the Snowman, and he still have his two friends, Tom and Jerry?


Mr. Twitchell: What?! Tom and Jerry?


Mr. Twitchell:


Mr. Twitchell: It seems to me that those three would pose a threat to me.


Mr. Twitchell: They must've come from the park.


Mr. Twitchell:


Mr. Twitchell (voice over): Just waiting to soil my sidewalks.


Animal Battles/Muscles Spares his Friends/


Mr. Twitchell: Don't just sit there, you overgrown bag of lint! Get him!

(The orange cat got out the limo and went into the park to spray Frosty, who were sneaking away, trying to avoid him. When he got near the ice castle, the kids poked their heads out and they quickly grabbed the "all-living" snowman, taking him inside. Bones sprayed the substance around the area, with some of it making its way inside the ice castle through the door. Frosty's group peeked and saw Bones departing back to the car, with none of them noticing a newly-sprayed hole in Frosty's stomach.)

Charles: Phew. I think we lost them.

(With Tin, Pan and Alley, he got back into the car and sat next to his master, who have been defeated by Tom, Jerry and Nibbles.)

Mr. Twitchell: Well, did you spray him? Tell the truth, Bones. There's a tuna casserole in it for you.

(Bones nodded as he giggled mischievously. In the ice castle, Holly and Charles were stacked on top of Frosty's head as they, Tom, Jerry and Nibbles, who were using the ability to fly taught to them by Rudolph in their training at the North Pole, saw the limo departing.)

Holly DeCarlo: They're leaving. I think we're safe.

(They the kids hopped down, and Tom, Jerry and Nibbles floated down to land next to Toodles and Toots, with Frosty looking worried at the hole he finally noticed.)

Frosty: (putting on Holly's hat:) Not all of us.

(The kids and the two cat-and-mouse teams saw, and they, too, looked very worried. Tom and Jerry lets out their high-pitched gasps, and Toots gave a worried squeak as they all looked at the holes.)

Holly DeCarlo: Frosty, what happened?

Tom: You're slowly melting again! Bu-bu-but how?

Charles: Isn't it obvious? It's the work of Summer Wheeze.

Nibbles: WHAT?! There's no way the spray of Summer Wheeze can get through these ice breaks of that castle!


Charles: No, but in my option, the solid ice bricks have absorbed Summer Wheeze with Frosty's bellow leaning on right where it happened.


Charles: And this is how it got Frosty without even reaching out for him.

Jerry: Aw, man! We've should've realized this.

(in the re-animated sequence, we see a close up at Holly outside Frosty's hole, with Nibbles appearing, too.)

Holly DeCarlo: Oh, no. There's hardly any snow left on the ground.

Nibbles: For all we know, that Twitchell guy's cat probably sprayed away the snow that was all around, too!


Toodles: And they'll probably be back to finish off the rest of them.

Toots: How are we going to help you, Frosty?


Frosty: (weakly:) You better think fast, guys, or I'm going back to the North Pole in a bowl.

Jerry: Ya mean... if your whole body turns into a puddle again, then your soul and your snow grandfather's ice heart will disappear forever.

Frosty: (weekly:) Right. And since my hat is inside my igloo house at the North Pole, I might not be able to go back there. I'll just be on a one way trip to heaven, to see my kind snow grandfather.


Frosty: And poor Karen will be extremely heartbroken when you either send her a letter or call her on the telephone.


Frosty: So, it's goodbye to me... for good.

(The scene then fades into the darkness, halting the story.)

Frosty Is Patched Up/Tom, Jerry And Holly's Idea/Re-Introducing Frosty to Lilly

[We now dissolve to Jonathan Winters resting on a whipped cream floating in a mug of cocoa somewhere, with steam coming out].

Jonathan Winters: Sometimes, it pays to have a man of science on your side. Most of us panic in a time of crisis. Me?

[He snapped his fingers, and in a flash of magic dust, a straw appear right next to him in his hot drink.]

Jonathan Winters: I reach for a cup of cocoa. (holds the straw) It helps me focus. (starts sipping his drink from the straw)

(At the Winter Carnival in Beansboro's Gooseberry Park, Charles was dragging a big bag back inside with Tom and Jerry's help, and there wasn't an inch of snow left on the ground.)

Jonathan Winters (voice over): But a kid like Charles... Well, he looks at a problem as something to solve. So just when Holly, Tom, Jerry and the others were about to give up, Charles remembered something.


Jonathan Winters (voice over): So he, Tom, and Jerry hauled it all the way to the winter carnival's ice castle.

(Holly DeCarlo came rushing out of the snow castle, with Nibbles going after her.)

Holly DeCarlo: What's in that sack?

Charles: Snow. I was saving it in the freezer for an experiment, but I figured Frosty need it more than I do. (looks at the place) Gee, this place is starting to be drier than Ms. Carbuncle's knees.

(Tom shuddered a bit, with Jerry look back at him.)

Tom: I'm gonna have quite a time getting that image of that mad lady out of my head.

Holly DeCarlo: Mr. Twitchell's trucks drove through while you were gone. Come on, we'd better hurry.

Nibbles: Yeah, Toodles and Toots were guarding Frosty who is still melting.

(Holly, Charles, Tom, Jerry and Nibbles went inside the castle with the bag, with the remaining snow still on the floor of the castle, where the saggy Frosty were still standing, and where Tom and Jerry's girlfriends, the yellow kitten Toodles Galore and the Jerry-look-alike girl mouse Toots, were looking at him worriedly until they see the boys coming in. During that time, Jonathan is heard narrating once more.)

Jonathan Winters (voice over): So, Tom, Jerry, Nibbles, Holly and Charles went right to work.

(Only Holly and Charles took out all the snow from the bag, puffed it and patched it back into the Frosty's hole, and also made the snowman less saggy. During that time, Jonathan is heard narrating once more.)

Jonathan Winters (voice over): They patted, they puffed, they packed, and they patched...

(When the group have finished their work, Frosty was as good as new. The magical snowman tipped Holly's hat which he is currently using as a substitution for his own magical hat that was clearly the true source of his "all-living" soul, now granted to live in his snow body without it only for two-and-a-half years after having his wisdom tooth extracted by Hermey the Elf and the Tooth Fairy back in the North Pole.)

Jonathan Winters (voice over): And by the time they were finished...

(Then Frosty hugged his friends, with them hugging back, before they did a ring-around-the-rosie, with the house animals looking at them. Above them, Jonathan sat on a tower of the ice castle, watching this, before speaking to us.)

Jonathan Winters: They had no feeling left in their fingers...

(The camera then zooms up to Jonathan, but then cuts to a close-up at him on the ice brick.)

Jonathan Winters: And there was plenty happening in their hearts. But their smiles didn't last...

(They all walked out of that castle, and their smiles disappeared upon seeing the whole area without snow.)

Jonathan Winters (voice over): ...when they checked out of that castle. They realized there was no place for Frosty in a snowless town.


Tom: (upset:) Oh, drat! Ohhh, drat!



Tom: (to himself:) Way to go, Mr. Twitchell.

Holly DeCarlo: This is terrible.

Charles: Don't worry, Holly. Frosty will last, at least until tomorrow.

(Frosty is confused for what is going on by tomorrow.)

Frosty: What's tomorrow?

(We cut behind Frosty's left side with Holly and Nibbles being seen with the little mouse standing on top of her head.)

Holly DeCarlo: The final day of the Winter Carnival.

Nibbles: You tell him, Holly!

(We now cut to a close-up at Nibbles on Holly's shoulder.)

Nibbles: Come to think of it, this may be our last chance to have some fun, going on rides, eat cotton candy, and even participating in the Feast of Fools' Piece de Resistance, determined that only one person with the ugliest face can be crown the new King of Fools! It's all carnival fun.

(Then we cut to a full sequence shot with Tom, Jerry, Toodles, Toots, Holly, Charles and Frosty still standing together.)

Frosty: But without snow?

Tom and Jerry: (looking deadpan:) Guess so.


Frosty: Gee, guys, if there was ever a time we needed more of the real magic, this is it.


Familiar Man's Voice: I think I can help you with that!

(They looked confused at where the voice came from as they looked around.)

Toodles: Who said that?


Toots: Oh, Frosty, who's this handsome man, a cute white bunny, and a funny little man coming down on two flying reindeer?

Frosty: Meet our friends, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Clarice the Doe, Hermey the Elf, Professor Hinkle the Magician and Hocus Pocus the Rabbit.

Toodles Galore: The ones you told us about earlier?

"Promise Us, Tommy and Jerry"/♪ Our Hearts Will Go On ♪ (Toodles and Toots' Song)

[We dissolve to Tom, Jerry, Nibbles, Toodles Galore and Toots at Gooseberry Park's winter carnival at night.]

Jonathan Winters (off-screen):

[Nibbles, Toodles and Toots look in concern as Tom and Jerry are looking at the full moon.]

Jonathan Winters (off-screen):

[We cut to the back of Tom and Jerry with the full moon shining above them to the point where shadows are from behind their backs.]

Jonathan Winters (off-screen):

[The camera zooms in toward the moon, passing Tom and Jerry, and it stops. Then the images of Tom and Jerry's relationships with Robyn and her family, and then with Frosty, Hocus Pocus and the children including Karen as it happen in Tom and Jerry Meet Frosty the Snowman, meaning that the cat and mouse duo are remembering.]

Jonathan Winters (off-screen):

[The camera cuts us back to Tom and Jerry continuing to watch the full moon, then zooms away to where Toodles, Toots and Nibbles walk up to them]

Nibbles: Uncle Jerry? Tom?

[Both Tom and Jerry turns to Nibbles, Toodles and Toots]

A Snowfall For The Carnival/Holly And Mr. Twitchell Face Off

Let There Be Snow (reprise) ♪/"On A Royal Sled"

(Continuing where it stops, the sequence shows Mr. Twitchell finishing his wicked, disagreeable words with his enemies, Tom, Jerry, Nibbles, Muscles and Holly DeCarlo.)

Mr. Twitchell: Now that you five had made your point, small fries, I can ask you to get off the stage and stay out of MY way. And I can assure you that there's nobody here who finds anything magical about snow.

(Then a familiar magician and the anthropomorphic white rabbit came walking down onto the stage.)

Professor Hinkle: Don't be so sure, Mr. Twitchell.

(Twitchell, Bones, Tin, Pan and Alley yelped at the sight of Professor Hinkle, an old schoolmate from Twitchell's past, standing right in front of him.)

Mr. Twitchell: Hinke?!

Professor Hinkle: (smirking:) It's been a long time, my old friend.

Hocus Pocus: (laughs) That's my professor!

(Hinkle and Hocus then turned around at the surprised people of Beansboro, who were murmuring in concern.)

Professor Hinkle: That's right, ladies and gentlemen, it's I, Professor Hinkle the Magician, and I'm here with Hocus Pocus the Rabbit to help out a group of friends in deed to remind you all of what makes winter so wonderful.


Professor Hinkle: Sure, it tends to bring problems every so often, but there is, in fact, something very magical about winter. Now, my magic, that type of magic isn't good enough alone.

(Charles, Toodles and Toots then pulled up the wagon near the stage, and Holly hopped off and came near the surprise underneath.)

Holly DeCarlo: (smiles) That's right, Professor Hinkle. The best kind of magic that winter can bring comes in a big snowy bundle that dances and sings.


Tom, Jerry and Nibbles: And two talking reindeer, including this one with a red nose

[Tom, Jerry and Nibbles removed the blanket, revealing Frosty. The "all-living" snowman waved to the crowd, as Rudolph and Clarice ran up to him with Rudolph's nose glowing with a high-pitched humming sound, surprising Mr. Twitchell, Bones, Tin, Pan and Alley. Holly passed her top hat to Frosty.]

Frosty: (putting Holly's hat on his head) May I?

[The people of Beansboro, who have never seen a red-nosed reindeer like Rudolph and a living snowman named Frosty, already gasped in surprise. Luckily, Lilly remained calm for she knows Frosty after her daughter introduces him to her.]

Frosty: Now don't be alarmed, citizens of Beansboro. I mean no harm, We're just a friendly, "all-living" snowman and a red-nosed reindeer, who are here to restore your town's love for this season.

Rudolph: And to help it, my best snow pal just wanted to sing you all a very, jolly happy song of his.

[The camera cuts to Nibbles with Muscles looking down at the little diaper-wearing mouse with a happy face, smiling.]

Clarice (voice over): Not to mention his own theme song about himself.

Muscles: (nods:) Uh-huh.

[Next, we see Tom, Jerry and Holly as they nod in agreement, too. Then the camera cuts to Frosty, who then turned to the band members.]

Frosty: Now, can somebody give me a b-flat?

[The camera switches to the band members including the first trumpet who is revealed to be Screwball "Screwy" Squirrel.]

Screwy Squirrel: B-flat? You got it, Frosty!

[With that, Screwy Squirrel blew the note into his trumpet, bringing another snowfall. And that led Ms. Carbuncle into conducting the band to play a certain tune from yesterday, with Frosty beginning to sing.]

Frosty: ♪ Let there be snow

Let there be snow

This kind of weather

Brings people together

So friendships can grow

[Frosty, Tom, Jerry, Nibbles, Holly and Charlie began leading all the kids of Beansboro in a parade as Toodles Galore, Toots, Muscles and the townspeople and animals watched, while Mr. Twitchell, Bones and the Siamese Trio left the stage in anger. Back at the parade through the winter carnival, Tom and Jerry do their singing part.]

Tom: ♪ Why should we sit around and wait...

Jerry: ♪ For summer days to celebrate?

[The five foes were at a Summer Wheeze truck with the door open, and Mr. Twitchell pointed inside angrily, demanding his pets to get inside and put this all to an end.]

Nibbles: ♪ Such a magical sight

When the world's dressed in white

Frosty, Tom, Jerry and Nibbles: ♪ Whooo-oo-oooa... ♪

♪ Let there be snow


Frosty: ♪ The days may grow short and grayer

Holly DeCarlo: ♪ The cold may nip at your nose ♪

[Charles does his part, but in the off-key mode which caused Frosty, Holly, Nibbles, Tom and Jerry to wince at his bad singing voice.]

Charles: ♪ But once there's a six-inch layer

[Next, we see a repeated sequence of Frosty and Holly as they point at the air, and then their feet.]

Frosty: ♪ Those soft flakes beneath your toes

[The townspeople and animals, feeling a change towards their feeling of snow, decided to chuck the cans of Summer Wheeze away.]

Tom, Jerry, Nibbles, Frosty and Holly DeCarlo (off-screen:) ♪ You can't help but want to taste it

Or jump in a snowy pile

[Meanwhile, Mr. Twitchell, the Siasame Strio and Bones got into the truck and drove up to where the ice castle was, but what they didn't see is that Muscles, Toodles, Toots and every Beansboro citizen and animal was gathering near that place. The camera cuts back to a another repeated sequence of Holly and Frosty with Tom, Jerry and Nibbles.]

Tom, Jerry, Nibbles, Frosty and Holly DeCarlo: ♪ Why not build a fort or igloo

Or find a window to print your smile?

Bones, who was driving, was nearing Frosty, Tom, Jerry and the parade of kids, when the adults and the animals joined together in arms, getting in the villains' way.

Tom, Jerry, Nibbles, Frosty and Holly DeCarlo: ♪ Whooo-oo-oooa... ♪

♪ Let there be snow

[Bones, Tin, Pan and Alley were alarmed to see the townspeople interfering with them.]

Mr. Twitchell: Aah! You idiots, watch it!

[He took the wheel and tried to avoid the crowd, with Bones and the Siamese trio still holding onto the wheel, and they were driving the truck insanely through of the ice castle until it came out to a balcony and crashed into a frozen pond, breaking the ice and sinking into it. The crowd, not caring, sang along as well with the parading ones who stood there. Even Professor Hinkle, Hocus Pocus, Toodles Galore, Toots and Muscles have joined in the big finale.]

Everybody: ♪ Let there be snow

Let there be snow

[Mr. Twitchell, Bones, Tin, Pan and Alley came back up, with their heads sticking out of the icy water.]

Everybody: (singing) ♪ This kind of weather

Brings people together

So friendships can grow... ♪ ♪

[Once the song was over, all the citizens applauded as Frosty, Tom, Jerry and Nibbles bowed. In a stock footage, Frosty takes Holly's hat off and takes another bow, while holding on to it. Then in a new sequence, Lilly went up to the group, carrying a golden crown.]

Lilly DeCarlo: Well, I don't think we even need to vote this year, people of Beansboro. I mean, Frosty the Snowman is responsible for giving the snow with his fantastic magic, but then both he, along with Tom and Jerry, helped us remember how great snow is.


Nibbles: You know, Mrs. DeCarlo, I think Mr. Frosty should be this carnival's king. He deserves it more than being a magical snowman.


Nibbles: Although it'd be great to feel like a king of winters again, after winning against my Uncle Jerry in the second and final match of my very own event, the Winter Wonderland Martial Arts Competition, three years ago.


Nibbles: I'm just glad that I'm recognized here for this "all-living" snowman's guardian I am.

Lilly Loraine: Well, Nibbles, there could only be one king in this crowd. And yes, we should crown him King Frosty,

[Lilly crowned Frosty, while Toodles, Toots and Muscles put a royal cape around the snowman. Frosty smiled at this, as everyone applauded.]

Tom, Jerry and Nibbles: (leaping in the air) Hooray for King Frosty!

Muscles: (smirks) Hey, cousin and pussycat, guess that makes you his grand dukes, and Nibbles his advisor.

[Tom, Jerry and Nibbles smiles at Muscles.]

Nibbles: Yeah, I guess so.

[Soon, Frosty, Tom, Jerry, Toodles, Toots, Muscles and Nibbles, along with Charles and Holly, who is wearing her top hat again, got in the royal sleigh. Jonathan Winters appeared behind the rails and, amazingly, pushed the sleigh without any problem, making it go down the road fast.]

Frosty: ♪ Why should we sit around and wait ♪ ♪ For Summer days to celebrate?

Holly DeCarlo: ♪ It's such a magical sight

Charlies: (off-key:) ♪ When the world's dressed in white

[The group cringed at the boy's bad singing again, but tried to go with it as they continued singing.]

Frosty, Tom, Jerry, Toodles, Toots, Muscles, Nibbles, Holly DeCarlo and Charles: ♪ Whooo-oo-oooa, let there be snow

[Mr. Twitchell, Bones and the Siamese trio saw the sleigh stop near where they were, and they frantically tried climbing out of the pond until they came out, shivering as Holly, Tom and Jerry came up to them.]

Holly DeCarlo: Mr. Twitchell?

Mr. Twitchell: What do you want? 

Holly: Jerry, Tom and I want you to know I was just helping some friends.

Mr. Twitchell: I did know! You got your snow back, Missy. Why you won't you, that cat and that mouse to leave me alone. It's just better for me to do this way.

Jerry: Do what?

Mr. Twitchell: Going to jail, paying for everything I did, including executing my own staff members of my Summer Wheeze headquarters.

[Muscles, Mr. Twitchell's former employee, jumps off the sleigh and walks up to his boss.]


Mr. Twitchell: I did?


Mr. Twitchell: Muscles, how do you know about what I was doing two days ago?



Muscles (off-screen):

[The flashback ends, turning back to the scene with the group and Mr. Twitchell.]


Mr. Twitchell:



Mr. Twitchell: And that's that?

Holly DeCarlo: Any chance you'd want to take a toboggan ride before you leave, on the royal sled?

Mr. Twitchell looked surprised that she was inviting him on the sled, and he and Bones gave unsure looks. Frosty, Toodles, Toots and Alec then got out.

Frosty: (shrugs) You only live once.

Frosty Says Good Bye/"Back To Starling Enterprises! (♪ Friends To The End ♪)

[Tom, Jerry and Holly DeCarlo look back, only to see that Frosty and Nibbles are not with them. After becoming confused, they notice Frosty and Nibbles walking away a nearly ten inches from them.]

Holly DeCarlo: (running up along with Tom and Jerry) Frosty, Nibbles, where are you going?

Frosty: Oh, we think it's time for us to move on, Holly. Refresh our memories, Nibbles. What's our next purpose?

Nibbles: To visit another town, and make snow new friends.

Holly DeCarlo: But you've got in Beansboro.

Frosty: Well, at least one friend like you, even though you were with Tom and Jerry.

Holly DeCarlo: One friend is a lot different than no friends.

Jerry: And not one, but two... uh, three friends are plenty.

Frosty: You're right. (hugging Tom, Jerry and Holly together:) Especially when it's all three of you.

Holly DeCarlo: Don't leave us, Frosty.




Frosty: Nibbles is correct, we'll be back. Just as Santa promised, remember? We'll always come back again someday, particularly on Christmas Day which is celebrated every December 25. And Tom and Jerry? As only you and I know, if you believe in yourselves, then I'll always be there with you, even if neither of us travel around the world, where there is winter here in the Northern Hemisphere from December through March, and in the Southern Hemisphere from June to September. While you guys wait until then, Holly, just give me some time to find a new bowtie. This time with no polka dots, maybe green or blue. I like blue, which brings out my eyes. Well? Goodbye, Holly! Goodbye, Tom and Jerry!

Conclusion/"Next Stop: Winnipeg."

We now see our storyteller Jonathan Winters floating on a snowflake again with other snowflakes falling down, and he spoke to us one more time.

Jonathan Winters: And so, the folks of Beansboro got their winter carnival after all. That tradition was saved, thanks to Frosty the Snowman with support from Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse. Summer Wheeze was permanently canned, and Mr. Twitchell decided to make sleds instead of trouble. Of course, he did learn his lesson that he was no match for Mother Nature or a little girl like Holly DeCarlo. And Tom and Jerry? Well, they both go home back to Robyn and her her family at Starling Enterprise. And as you know, like Frosty, they are more jolliest and more happiest than ever to plan on going on more adventures around the world. I need to do the same thing, too. Next stop, Winnipeg. Nice town, plenty of parking space and lots of cocoa.

[The snowflake then swiveled away, and the ending words appear to show that the story is ending to make way for the credits as the instrumental version of Frosty the Snowman started playing.]

The End

Music: (♪ Frosty the Snowman, had to hurry on his way ♪)

A Tom and Jerry Cartoon Produced in Hollywood, U.S.A. Tokyo, Japan and Seoul, South Korea

Music: (♪ But he waved good bye, saying don't you cry, I'll be back again someday ♪)

(The music ends, so did the film.)

Closing Credits (♪ Frosty The Snowman ♪/♪ My Heart Will Go On ♪)

[On a black background, the credits began to roll, showing the names of the cast and crew of the film, and the extended version of Steve Nelson and Jack Rollins' Frosty the Snowman began its opening music. Then the citizens of Beansboro are heard singing as a choir.]

Music: (♪ Thumpity-thump-thump, thumpity-thump-thump, look at Frosty go. Thumpity-thump-thump, thumpity-thump-thump, over the hills of snow. ♪)

Beansboro Choir: ♪ Frosty the Snowman ♪ ♪ Was a jolly, happy soul ♪ ♪ With a corncob pipe ♪ ♪ And a button nose ♪ ♪ And eyes made out of coal

Frosty the Snowman ♪ ♪ Is a fairy tale, they say ♪ ♪ He was made of snow ♪ ♪ But the children know ♪ ♪ How he came to life one day

There must've been some magic ♪ ♪ In that old silk hat they found ♪ ♪ For when they placed it on his head ♪ ♪ He began to dance around

Frosty the Snowman ♪ ♪ Was alive as he could be ♪ ♪ And the children say ♪ ♪ He can laugh and play ♪ ♪ Just the same as you and me

(♪ Thumpity-thump-thump, thumpity-thump-thump, look at Frosty go. Thumpity-thump-thump, thumpity-thump-thump, over the hills of snow. ♪)

Beansboro Choir: ♪ Frosty the Snowman ♪ ♪ Knew the sun was hot that day ♪ ♪ So he said "Let's run ♪ ♪ "Then we'll have some fun ♪ ♪ "Before I melt away." ♪

♪ Down to the village ♪ ♪ With the broomstick in his hand ♪ ♪ Running here and there ♪ ♪ All around the square ♪ ♪ Saying "Catch me if you can." ♪

♪ He lend them down the streets of town ♪ ♪ Right to the traffic cop ♪ ♪ And he only paused a moment ♪ ♪ When he heard him holler "Stop!" ♪

♪ Frosty the Snowman ♪ ♪ Had to hurry on his way ♪ ♪ But he waved goodbye ♪ ♪ Saying "Don't you cry ♪ ♪ I'll be back again some day." ♪

Thumpity-thump-thump ♪ ♪ Thumpity-thump-thump ♪ ♪ Look at Frosty ♪ ♪ He began to dance around ♪ ♪ Thumpity-thump-thump ♪ ♪ Thumpity-thump-thump ♪ ♪ Over the hills of snow

♪ Frosty the Snowman ♪ ♪ Had to hurry on his way ♪ ♪ But he waved goodbye ♪ ♪ Saying "Don't you cry ♪ ♪ I'll be back... again... some day ♪

[This jolly, happy song ends, and as the credits continue to roll, the song My Heart Will Go On from Titanic began to play. Tom's girlfriend Toodles Galore was the first to sing this song.]

Toodles Galore: ♪ Every night in my dreams ♪ I see you, I feel you ♪ That is how I know you, go on

♪ Far across the distance ♪ And spaces between us ♪ You have come to show you, go on

♪ Near, far, wherever you are♪ I believe that the heart does go on ♪ Once more you open the door ♪ And you're here in my heart ♪ And my heart will go on and on

(Then Jerry's girlfriend Toots "Chérie" Mouse took her part)

Toots: ♪ Love can touch us one time ♪ And last for a lifetime ♪ And never let go till we're gone

♪ Love was when I loved you ♪ One true time I hold you ♪ In my life we'll always go on

♪ Near, far, wherever you are ♪ I believe that the heart does go on ♪ Once more you open the door ♪ And you're here in my heart ♪ And my heart will go on and on

(Finally, Toodles and Toots sing together for the rest of the song)

Toodles Galore and Toots: ♪ You're here, there's nothing we fear ♪ And we know that our hearts will go on ♪ We'll stay forever this way ♪ You're both safe in our hearts ♪

♪ And our hearts will go on and on ♪ ♪

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