Tom and Jerry: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a Warner Bros Movie based on the novel by Roald Dahl. From the Creators of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Tom and Jerry's Giant Adventure, and the Directors of Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.



  • Tom- A blue-grey cat. In this movie; he is Charlie Bucket's pet cat, along together with Jerry. He and Jerry dislike the other kids.
  • Jerry- A brown mouse. In this movie; he is Charlie Bucket's pet mouse, along together with Tom. He and Tom dislike the other kids.
  • Charlie Bucket- A boy from a poor family who hopes that they will soon have money to pay back their depts. He owns Tom and Jerry and becomes Willy's new heir.
  • Grandpa Joe- Charlie's grandfather. He used to work at the Chocolate Factory, now Charlie brings him back during the tour.
  • Willy Wonka- The man who owns the Chocolate Factory. His father wouldn't allow him to eat any candy when he was young. He invites five children to his factory so he can find an heir because he never had any kids himself.
  • Oompa-Loompas- Willy Wonka's pygmy employees.
  • Sophia Bucket- Charlie's mother and Albert's wife.
  • Albert Bucket- Charlie's father and Sophia's husband. He works at a toothpaste factory.
  • Grandma Josephine-
  • Grandpa George-
  • Grandma Georgina-
  • Cherie- Jerry Mouse's love interest in the Chocolate Factory.
  • Tuffy- A grey diaper wearing mouse, Jerry's ward. In this movie, he goes with the lot into the Chocolate Factory.
  • Toodles Galore- Tom Cat's love interest in the Chocolate Factory.
  • Butch- Droopy Dog's co-star.
  • Droopy- A droopy but noble bulldog; In this movie, he's serves act Willy Wonka in the Chocolate Factory.
  • Spike- Gruff but just bulldog.
  • Tyke- Spike's son.
  • Augustus Gloop- A Fat Boy; A great fat greedy nincompoop. Obese, repulsive, rude, and gluttonous, He is the first person to find the golden ticket and the first to get the boot from the factory tour for lapping up the chocolate from the chocolate River.
  • Mrs. Gloop- Augustus's Mum
  • Mr. Gloop- Augustus's Dad. A butcher.
  • Violet Beauregarde- A gum-chewing Girl. Boastful, despicable, beastly, competitive, arrogant, rude, and ill-mannered. So far, she has won over 263 trophies and medals. She is the third ticket winner, but the second to get kicked out of the tour for turning into a blueberry.
  • Mrs. Scarlette Beauregarde- Violet's Mum. A former champion.
  • Mr. Beauregarde- Violet's Dad.
  • Veruca Salt- A very spoiled little girl. Pampered and spoiled, bratty, greedy, jealous and selfish. She is the second person to obtain the golden ticket and the third to get evicted from the factory tour for going down the garbage chute.
  • Mr. Rupert Salt- Veruca's Dad. He owns a peanut shelling company called Salt's Nuts.
  • Mrs. Salt- Veruca's Mum.
  • Mike Teavee- An aggressive little boy who does nothing but watch television and play video games all day. He dislikes candy and Mr. Wonka. He is the fourth ticket winner, but the fourth to get eliminated from the tour for shrinking.
  • Mr. Teavee- Mike's Dad. A high school geography teacher.
  • Arthur Slugworth- The Nasty Man who steals the secrets to Mr. Wonka's success. He's really a good guy named Mr. Wilkinson who's working for Willy.
  • Tin, Pan and Alley- three Siamese evil cats, In the movie; they serve Arthur Slugworth, but then feel betrayed once they find out that Slugworth actually works for Mr. Wonka.
  • Dr. Wilbur Wonka- Willy's father who is a dentist and therefore refused to let Willy eat candy when he was a child. Willy makes amends with his father in the end.
  • Prince Pondicherry- An Indian Prince who asks Mr. Wonka to build him a palace made entirely out of chocolate.
  • Princess Pondicherry- Prince Pondicherry's love-interest and makes the bricks for chocolate.
  • Shopkeepter-
  • Fickelgruber-
  • Woman in Shop # 1-
  • German Reporter-
  • Moroccan Market Vendor-


  • Wonka's Welcome Song
  • Augustus Gloop
  • Violet Beauregarde
  • Veruca Salt
  • Mike Teavee


  • Ian James Corlett as Tom
  • Alison Brie as Jerry
  • Lincoln Melcher as Charlie Bucket
  • Frank Welker as Grandpa Joe
  • Alan Tudyk as Willy Wonka
  • Veronica Taylor as Sophia Bucket
  • Eric Stuart as Albert Bucket
  • Dawn French as Grandma Josephine
  • David Morris as Grandpa George
  • Jennifer Hale as Grandma Georgina
  • Tara Strong as Mrs. Beauregarde, Cherie
  • Kath Soucie as Tuffy
  • Grey Griffin as Violet Beauregarde, Toodles Galore
  • Clancy Brown as Butch
  • Jeff Bergman as Droopy
  • Spike Brandt as Spike
  • Townsend Coleman as Tyke
  • Jeff Bennett as Oompas Loompa # 1, TV Reporter
  • Derek Stephen Prince as Augustus Gloop
  • Joanna Lumley as Mrs. Gloop
  • Jim Cummings as Mr. Gloop
  • John DiMaggio as Mr. Beauregarde
  • Kelly Sherida as Veruca Salt
  • Tom Kane as Mr. Rupert Salt
  • Francesca Hunt as Mrs. Salt
  • Matt Hill as Prince Pondicherry
  • Tabitha St. Germain as Princess Pondicherry
  • Steven Blum as Arthur Slugworth
  • Grey Ellis as Tin
  • Jess Harnell as Pan
  • Richard McGonagle as Alley
  • Tom Kenny as Shopkeepter
  • Tony Kirwood as Fickelgruber
  • Debora Weston as Woman in Shop # 1
  • Hubertus Geller as German Reporter
  • Nayef Rashed as Moroccan Market Vendor
  • Paxton Whitehead as Dr. Wilbur Wonka


  • Mr. Bucket: I will be working late tonight. Thomas, could you and Jerry please take Charlie home?
  • Charlie: Hi, Dad!
  • Tom / Jerry: Hi, Mr. Bucket.
  • Mrs. Bucket: Come on, Charlie, I think it's time for bed, Thomas and Jerry.
  • Charlie Bucket: Okay, Mum.
  • Tom and Jerry: Okay, Mrs. Bucket.
  • Charlie Bucket: Goodnight, Grandpa George
  • Grandpa George: Goodnight, Charlie
  • Charlie Bucket: Goodnight, Grandma Josephine.
  • Grandma Josephine: Goodnight, Charlie
  • Charlie Bucket: Goodnight, Grandpa Joe.
  • Grandpa Joe: Goodnight, Charlie, my boy.
  • Charlie Bucket: Good Night, Grandma Georgina.
  • Grandma Georgina: Nothing's impossible, Charlie. Goodnight.
  • Charlie Bucket: And Goodnight, Tom and Jerry.
  • Tom / Jerry: Goodnight, Charlie.

(Charlie Bucket went up to his bedroom)

  • Charlie Bucket: Goodnight!
  • All: Goodnight Charlie.

{Tom climbs into his bed basket and yawns}

{Jerry goes to bed in his mouse hole}

  • Violet: Who are you?
  • Grandpa Joe: He's Willy Wonka.
  • Charlie Bucket: Really?
  • Willy Wonka: Good morning, star-shine, the earth says hello! Dear Guests, Greetings. Welcome to the Factory. I shake you warmly by the hand. My name is Willy Wonka.
  • Veruca Salt: Then shouldn't you be up there?
  • Droopy: Yeah.
  • Willy Wonka: Well, I couldn't very well watch the show from up there, now, could I, little girl?
  • Grandpa Joe: Mr. Wonka, I don't know if you remember me, but I used to work here in the factory.
  • Willy Wonka: Were you one of those despicable spies who everyday tried to steal my life's work and sell it to those parasitic copy-cat candy-making cads?
  • Grandpa Joe: No, sir.
  • Willy Wonka: Then, wonderful. Welcome back. Let's get a move on, kids.

(Willy catches Augustus drinking from the Chocolate River)

  • Mrs. Gloop: Augustus, my child, zat is not a good zing to do!
  • Tom: What is the fat boy doing now?
  • Willy Wonka: Hey, little boy! My chocolate must be untouched by human hands.
  • Jerry: Stop!

{Augustus falls into the chocolate river}

  • Augustus: Help! Help!

{Tom and Jerry are laughing at Augustus Gloop getting stuck in the pipe}

  • Violet: There he goes.
  • Augustus: Help!
  • Mrs. Gloop: Call the fire brigade.
  • Mrs. Beauregarde: It's a wonder how that pipe is big enough.
  • Charlie: It isn't big enough. He's slowing down!
  • Mike: He's going to stick.
  • Mr. Teavee: I think he has.
  • Mr. Salt: He's blocked the whole pipe.
  • Charlie: Look, the Oompa-Loompas.
  • Mike: Back off, you little freaks!

(The Oompa-Loompas are dancing)

  • Veruca: What are they doing?
  • Willy Wonka: Why, I believe they're going to treat us to a little song. It is quite a special occasion, of course. They haven't had a fresh audience in many a moon.

{Tom, Jerry, Cherie, Tuffy, Droopy, Butch and Willy Wonka are copying The Oompas-Loompas to Dance by the fat boy is Augustus Gloop}

  • Dr. Wonka: Now, let's see what the damage is this year, shall we?

(He dumps Willy's candy into a bowl and picks up a caramel)

  • Dr. Wonka: Caramels. They'd get stuck in your braces, wouldn't they?

(He picks up a lollipop)

  • Dr. Wonka: Lollipops. Ought to be called cavities on a stick.

(He picks up a piece of chocolate)

  • Dr. Wonka: Then we have all this chocolate. You know, just last week I was reading in a very important medical journal that some children are allergic to chocolate. It makes their noses itch.
  • Young Willy: Maybe I'm not allergic. I could try a piece.
  • Dr. Wonka: Really, but why take a chance?

(He dumps Willy's candy into the fireplace and it gets burned up, Willy is disappointed)

  • Veruca: Daddy, I want you to get me those mice and that kitty-cat!

(Points to Tom, Jerry, Cherie and Tuffy)

  • Tuffy: Oh, no, you're not going to eat us like Tom, Jerry, Cherie.
  • Tom/Jerry/Cherie: Yeah.
  • Veruca: I meant as pets.
  • Tom: We already belong to Charlie.
  • Jerry: And you've probably already got some pets of your own. You've got two dogs, four cats like Tom, six rabbits, two parakeets, three canaries, a green parrot, a turtle, a hamster, a bowl full of goldfish, a cage full of white mice, and one pony.
  • Veruca: Never mind, Daddy.
  • Veruca: Daddy, I want you to get me a squirrel. Not just any ol' squirrel, a trained squirrel.
  • Tuffy: Hoo, boy. Not this again.
  • Mr. Salt: Mr. Wonka, how do you want for one of these squirrels? Name your price.
  • Willy Wonka: They're not for sale, she can't have one.
  • Veruca: Daddy.
  • Willy Wonka (impersonating Mr. Salt): I'm sorry, darling. Mr. Wonka's being unreasonable.
  • Veruca: If you won't get me a squirrel, I'll get one myself.

(Jerry scurries down and whispers in one of the squirrels' ears)

  • Squirrel: Don't worry, pal. We're survivors.
  • Mr. Salt: Veruca.
  • Willy Wonka: Little girl.
  • Mr. Salt: Veruca. Come back here at once, Veruca.

(Willy calls out to Veruca heading straight for one of the squirrels)

  • Willy Wonka: Little girl? Don't touch that squirrel's nuts! It'll make him crazy!

{Suddenly The Squirrels look at Veruca Salt and she is about to grab one}

  • Veruca: I'll have you!

(Mike heads for the control panel, Tom gets in his way)

  • Tom: Don't even think about it.
  • Mike: Out of my way, flea bag!

(He pushes Tom aside)

  • Jerry: Stop! Come back!
  • Mike: I'm not listening, cheesy.
  • Willy Wonka: Hey, little boy. Don't push my button.
  • Dr. Wonka: Good heavens. I haven't seen bicuspids like these since... since... Willy?
  • Willy Wonka: Hi, Dad.
  • Dr. Wonka: All these years, and you haven't flossed.
  • Willy Wonka: Not once.


  • Running Time: 110 Minutes - 105 Minutes Long.
  • PG-rated for mild comic threat, rude humour, mild comedy, mild peril, and very mild slapstick violence.
  • At the End Cherie and Jerry kissed together while Toodles kissed Tom.
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