Tom and Jerry's Pumpkin Bash is a 2020 American Tom and Jerry film, and the fifth in the Tom and Jerry Bash! Saga 1, preceded by September's Tom and Jerry's Fall Bash, July's Tom and Jerry's Summer Bash, April's Tom and Jerry's Easter Bash and February's Tom and Jerry's Valentine Bash.


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This is the second to last Bash! Movie of Saga 1. The last Bash! Movie of Saga 1 would be Tom and Jerry's Christmas Bash.

This is the shortest Bash! Movie. Valentine Bash was 120 minutes, Easter Bash was 117 minutes, Summer Bash was 126 minutes, Fall Bash was 119 minutes and Christmas Bash was 132 minutes.

The movie was shown in a shortened, 75 minute version on Boomerang on October 31, 2020 that cuts out all Halloween Party Planning scenes and Nibbles' Pumpkin Play, as well as large sentences got shortened, like Spike's line when Tom is running down Phantom Street. In the original 116 minute theatrical release, Spike said "Hmm.... what do we have here?? A cat, a foolish one, too, dressed in a pitiful crayon box chasing down Coconut Wads?? I think so, to be honest, I really do." This was changed to "Oh my, Tom looks a treat to eat as my candy tonight." This was the first time they would shorten the sentences, which we would see a lot in Tom and Jerry's Christmas Bash, like the shortening of Butch's Christmas Speech.

This is the last time Quacker appears until Bash! Saga 2's Tom and Jerry's Year of The Ox Bash.

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