Tom and Jerry's Adventures with Mighty Mouse is an animated direct-to-video superhero action-adventure comedy film staring William Hanna and Joseph Barbera's classic cartoon characters Tom and Jerry. Based on the Mighty Mouse franchise created by Paul Terry at his Terrytoons studio, the film serves as a continuation of Bakshi-Hyde Ventures' Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures, and the grand finale of the television series with the addition of Tom and Jerry, as well as characters from Osamu Tezuka's Ambassador Magma, Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball, Robert L. May's Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and Steve Nelson and Jack Rollins' Frosty the Snowman. It also features a guest appearance of DC Comics' Krypto the Superdog.

The film is an American, Canadian and Japanese joint venture, produced by Warner Bros. Animation, Toei Animation and Tezuka Productions for Turner Entertainment Co., Funimation Productions, Terrytoons and Rankin/Bass Productions in association with Dentsu, Yomiko Advertising, the Fuji Television Network and Tokryu Agency; with some voice casting being recorded at Studiopolis, OkraTron5000, and Voice Box Productions.


Three months after the whole gang's Christmas adventure in the Nutcracker Ballet, one spring day, Muscles Mouse gets a letter from his old friend Mike, who is actually Mighty Mouse, the famed superhero from Mouseville. Then the super-strong mouse invites his former enemy Tom, his cousins Jerry and Tuffy and their good friends, Goku and Chi-Chi from their own Earth in the seventh universe (also known as the Dragon World in the Dragon Universe) and Ambassador Magma's son Gam from the robots' home planet Kanata in the ZRF Galaxy, to come with him on an important journey to town. Once arrived in Mouseville, they meet Mike and his new wife, former girlfriend Pearl Pureheart, as well as their new adoptive son who was a big fan of Mighty Mouse, a former orphan named Scrappy. Together, as Mighty Mouse's new team which he calls the Mighty Squadron, they have another big adventure; in fighting crime and saving the real world. But unknown to these super heroes, a new enemy has appeared in Mouseville. It's Mondo Mega Mouse, a super-villain from the Planet Mondo, who's been studying Mighty Mouse for all these years and is now determining to defeat him, so that he can surpass his rival as the strongest fighter in the universe and rule the world as the overlord, with help from the Cow. When Mighty Mouse is severely injured, will Muscles take over the Mighty Squadron leadership? And will he, Jerry and Tom show Mondo Mega Mouse who is the much more strongest of all heroes of the animal kingdom?


Cat and Mouse Families

  • Thomas "Tom" Cat/Were Cat (new name for Monster Tom)
  • Jerry Mouse/Were Mouse 1 (new name for Monster Jerry)
  • Toodles Galore
  • Toots "Chérie" Mouse
  • Slats Cat
  • Jackie Cat
  • Coffee Cat
  • Tanner Mouse
  • George Mouse
  • Leo Mouse
  • Dorothy Mouse
  • Timothy "Tim" Cat (Tom & Jerry Kids)
  • Thomasina Cat
  • Baby Booties
  • Geraldine "Mariana" Mouse
  • Nibbles "Tuffy" Mouse/Were Mouse 2 (new name for Monster Tuffy)
  • George Cat (also known as Cousin George)
  • Maurice "Muscles" Mouse/Muscle Mouse
  • Mrs. Mouse: Jerry's mother and Muscle's aunt.
  • Uncle Pecos: A cowboy mouse, older brother of Uncle Harry and Cousin Muscles and Jerry's uncle.
  • Uncle Harry (The Tom and Jerry Show, 2014) Jerry and Tuffy's uncle / Uncle Pecos, Jerry's Mother and Cousin Muscles younger brother.

Starling and Figg Families

  • Robyn Starling (mentioned)
  • Mr. Starling (mentioned)
  • Aunt Pristine Figg (mentioned)
  • Lickboot (mentioned)
  • Ferdinand (mentioned)

Others (Tom and Jerry)

  • Spike Bulldog
  • Tyke Bulldog
  • Karras the Vampire Bat/Mouse Bat (The Tom and Jerry Show, 2014)
  • Olive Mouse (The Tom and Jerry Show, 2014): Muscles' girlfriend.
  • Miss Betty Sue

Space Avengers

  • Ambassador Magma
  • Silvar
  • Gam
  • Methusan

Mura Family

  • Mikko Mura (mentioned)
  • Tomoko Mura (mentioned)
  • Ito Mura (mentioned)

Others (Ambassador Magma)

  • Kita (mentioned)
  • Rodak (mentioned)
  • Lugo Warriors (mentioned)
  • Rodak's Monsters (mentioned)

Dragon Team

  • Goku/Great Ape Goku
  • Chi-Chi
  • Krillin
  • Yamcha
  • Bulma
  • Oolong
  • Puar
  • Tien Shinhan
  • Chiaotzu
  • Launch
  • Master Roshi
  • Turtle
  • Fortuneteller Baba
  • Grandpa Gohan
  • The Ox King
  • Korin (mentioned)
  • Yajirobe (mentioned)

The Pilaf Gang (mentioned)

  • Emperor Pilaf
  • Agent Mai
  • Shu

Others (Dragon Ball)

  • Master Shen:
  • Mercenary Tao
  • Ninja Murasaki

Christmas Town Gang

  • Santa Claus (mentioned)
  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
  • Scratcher the Reindeer
  • Robbie the Red-Nosed Reindeer
  • Frosty the Snowman
  • Snowden the Snowman:
  • Willie the Snow Dog

Dog Star HQ

  • Krypto the Superdog
  • Streaky the Supercat
  • Ace the Bat-Hound
  • The Dog-Star Patrol
    • Brainy Barker: A purple Saluki, she is the leader of the Dog Star Patrol. Brainy Barker possesses telepathic/telekinetic powers, allowing her to read minds, project forcefields, and levitate objects. She has a crush on Krypto the Superdog.
    • Mammoth Mutt: A pink chihuahua with the ability to inflate her body to an enormous ball-shaped size, allowing her to use her size to attack foes. She can also expand other parts of her body.
    • Bull Dog: A lavender bulldog with a stereotype British accent and two big, bull-like horns that can be used for attacking foes and breaking objects.
    • Paw Pooch: A yellow and brown basset hound with eight legs, allowing him to dig and run quickly. His legs can grow as seen in "Puss In Space Boots".
    • Tail Terrier: A green Scottish terrier with the ability to stretch his tail and use it like a lasso. He also has a stereotype Texas accent.
    • Tusky Husky: A sky blue Siberian Husky with a stereotype French-Canadian accent and a giant front tooth which he can use as a drill. His tooth is also claimed by Mechanikat to be the hardest substance in the universe. He is also the tallest member of the Dog Star Patrol.
    • Hot Dog

Justice League (mentioned)

  • Superman
  • Batman
  • Wonder Woman
  • Green Lantern
  • The Flash
  • Martian Manhunter
  • Hawkgirl

Teen Titans (mentioned)

  • Robyn
  • Cyborg
  • Starfire
  • Raven
  • Beast Boy

Quest Team (mentioned)

  • Dr. Benton Quest
  • Jonathan "Jonny" Quest
  • Bandit
  • Race Bannon
  • Jessie Bannon
  • Hadji Singh

Others (Jonny Quest:)

  • Dr. Zin
  • Dr. Jeremiah Surd
  • Julia
  • Lorenzo

Main Characters (Mighty Mouse)

  • Mike Mouse/Mighty Mouse
  • Pearl Pureheart
  • Scrappy Mouse
  • The Cow
  • Mondo Mega Mouse/Buster Mouse



  • Doc Morgan - The Narrator
  • Richard Kind - Tom/Were Cat
  • Stephanie Nadolny - Jerry/Were Mouse 1
  • Dee Bradley Baker - Mike Mouse/Mighty Mouse, Mikko Mura
  • Christopher R. Sabat - Ambassador Magma, Shenron, Grandpa Gohan, Turtle
  • Colleen Clinkenbeard - Goku/Great Ape Goku, Young Muscles, Baby Max Mouse
  • Maurice LaMarche - Maurice "Muscles" Mouse/Muscle Mouse
  • Kath Soucie - Tuffy Mouse/Were Mouse 2
  • Brad Garrett - Mondo Mega Mouse/Buster
  • Anndi McAfee - Robyn Starling
  • Bill Farmer - Mr. Starling, Puggsy
  • Alicyn Packard - Toodles Galore
  • Kari Wahlgren - Chérie
  • Reece Thompson - Slats (Cat)
  • Chantal Strand - Jackie (Cat)
  • Michelle Ruff - Coffee (Cat)
  • Robert Martin Klein - Tanner (Mouse)
  • Mona Marshall - George (Mouse), Silvar
  • Benjamin Diskin - Karras/Mouse Bat, Leo (Mouse)
  • Tara Strong - Dorothy (Mouse)
  • Spike Brandt - Spike
  • Brianne Siddall - Tyke
  • Jason Marsden - Tim
    • Laura Bailey - Young Tim
  • John Michael Higgins - Uncle Harry
  • Jeff Bennett - Cousin George
    • Kara Edwards - Young Cousin George
  • Tabitha St. Germain - Olive (Mouse)
  • Melissa Altro - Melissa
  • Lara Jill Miller - Trina
  • Tress MacNeille - Mrs. Mouse
  • Charlie Schlatter - Chip
  • Emma Jackson - Tomoko Mura
  • Sonny Byrkett - Ito Mura
  • Maggie Roswell - Pearl Pureheart
  • E.G. Daily - Scrappy Mouse
  • Chris Rager - The Cow
  • Cynthia Cranz - Baby Millie Mouse
  • Greg Cipes - Gam
  • Tony Amendola - Methusan
  • Dameon Clarke - Rodak, The Snow Mouse
  •  ???? - Krillin
  • Ted Cole - Yamcha, Korin
  • Matt Smith - Tien Shinhan
  • Cathy Weseluck - Chiaotzu, Puar, Thomasina
  • Maggie Blue O'Hara - Bulma
  • Bradford Jackson - Oolong
  • Elise Baughman - Pocky
  • Michael Donovan - Master Roshi
  • Linda Young - Fortuneteller Baba, Lady Wisteria
  • Kyle Hebert - The Ox King
  • Andrea Libman - Chi-Chi
  • Meredith McCoy - Launch
  • Brian Drummond - Yajirobe, Eagle, Streaky the Supercat
  • Sean Schemmel - Rudolph
  • Myriam Sirois - Clarice
  • Billy West - Scratcher
  • Kathleen Barr - Robbie, the Tooth Fairy
  • Vanessa Morley - Zoey
  • Roger Craig Smith - Arrow
  • Seth MacFarlane - Frosty
  • Nicole Oliver - Crystal, Booties
  • Kate Higgins - Millie
  •  ???? - Chilly
  • Jason Gray-Stanford - Snowden
  • Scott Innes - Willie
  • Juan Chioran - Snow Miser/Miser Man (shared with Frank Welker)
  • Frank Welker - Heat Miser/Miser Man (shared with Juan Chioran), Young Tom and Young Jerry
  • Scott McNeil - Hermey the Elf, Yukon Cornelius, Ace the Bat-Hound, Uncle Pecos
  • Garry Chalk - Bumble
  • Corey Burton - Jack Frost
  • Samuel Vincent - Krypto the Superdog
  • Ellen Kennedy - Brainy Barker, Mariana
  • Kelly Sheridan - Mammoth Mutt
  • Michael Dobson - Bull Dog
  • Dale Wilson - Paw Pooch
  • Peter Kelamis - Tail Terrier
  • Terry Klassen - Tusky Husky
  • Trevor Devall - Hot Dog

Additional Voices and Vocal Effects

  • William Hanna (archive recordings)
  • Mel Blanc (archive recordings)
  • Bill Thompson (archive recordings)
  • Masao Nakasone (archive recordings)
  • Kohji Moritsugu (archive recordings)
  • Goro Naya (archive recordings)
  • Saburo Shinoda (archive recordings)
  • Ryu Manatsu (archive recordings)
  • Hatsunori Hasegawa (archive recordings)
  • Sonny Strait


  • Setsuji Sato - Tom Cat
  • Junko Hori - Jerry Mouse


  • Produced and Directed by:
    • Warner Bros. Animation, Inc.:
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  • Written by:
    • Warner Bros. Animation, Inc.:
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    • Funimation Productions LLC:
      • John Burgmeier
  • Based on:
    • "Tom and Jerry" by William Hanna and Joseph Barbara
    • "Barney Bear" by Rudolf Ising
    • "Droopy" by Tax Avery
    • "Mighty Mouse" by Paul Terry
    • "Ambassador Magma" by Osamu Tezuka
    • "Dragon Ball" by Akira Toriyama
    • "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" by Robert L. May, Johnny Marks
    • Based on "Frosty the Snowman" by Steve Nelson, Jack Rollins
    • Superheroes Published by DC Comics, Inc.
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  • Music by:
    • US:
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  • Featured Songs:
    • "Ambassador Magma" (insert song)
      • Music by Naozumi Yamamoto
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      • Performed by Call Tokyo, Mari Shimizu
      • English Translation by Steven J. Simmons
    • "Mystical Adventure" (insert song)
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      • English Translation by Steven J. Simmons
    • "Krypto the Superdog" (insert song)
      • Music by William Kevin Anderson
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    • "Krypto Romp" (insert song)
      • Music by William Kevin Anderson
      • Lyrics by Lisa Silver and Patty Way
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    • "I'll Give You Romance" (end credits song)
      • Music by Takeshi Ike
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      • English Translation by Steven J. Simmons
  • Production Administrator: Daphne Fei
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  • Production Supervision: Bobbie Page
  • Production Management: Ed Adams
  • Executive in Charge of Production: Jay Bastian

Company Credits

  • Presentation: Turner Entertainment Co. and Funimation Productions LLC
  • Co-Production: Warner Bros. Animation, Inc., Toei Animation Co., Ltd., Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd.
  • In Association With: Terrytoons, Rankin/Bass Productions, Inc., DC Comics, Inc.
  • Collaborative Supporters: Dentsu, Inc., Yomiko Advertising, Inc., Fuji Television Network, Inc., Tokyu Agency, Inc.
  • Voice Casting Facilities: Studiopolis, Inc., OkraTron 5000, Inc., Voice Box Productions, Inc.
  • Audio Re-Recording: Dick & Rogers Sound Studio
  • Animation Services: Toei Animation Co., Ltd., Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd., Digital eMation, Inc.
  • Additional Animation Services: Wang Film Productions Co., Ltd., Top Draw Animation, Inc.




Concept Art

Character Designs



Sound Effects



  • Mighty Mouse (opening theme song from Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures)
  • Maguma Taishi no Uta (insert song)
  • Makafushigi Adventure! (insert song)
  • Krypto the Superdog (insert song)


  • Mighty Mouse vs. Buster Mouse (Mondo Mega Mouse)
  • Muscles Mouse vs. Buster Mouse (Mondo Mega Mouse)
  • Mighty Mouse, Muscles Mouse, Karras, Gam, Goku and Chi Chi vs. Buster Mouse (Mondo Mega Mouse) and his Thieves
  • Goku and Muscles vs. Buster Mouse (Mondo Mega Mouse)


Solar System

  • Earth (The Real World)
    • North America
      • United States of America
        • New York
          • New York City
            • Starling Enterprises Headquarters
        • Mouseville
          • Mike and Pearl's House
          • Mighty Gym and Fitness Center
    • Asia
      • Japan
        • Tokyo
          • United Press International

ZRF Galaxy

  • Planet Kanata

Dragon Universe (The Seventh Universe)

  • Earth (The Dragon World)
    • West City
      • Capsule Corporation
    • Mount Paozu
      • Grandpa Gohan's House
    • Kame House
    • Training Island
    • Mifan
      • Chiaotzu's Palace


  • Dumbbells
  • Luggage
  • Hair Brush (mouse-sized)
  • Diapers
  • Vehicles
  • Weapons
    • Power Pole
    • Chi Chi's Helmet
    • Swords
    • Guns
  • Saiyan Tail
  • Flying Nimbus
  • Instant Paint


  • Flight - Used by Tuffy
    • Dragon Dash - Used by Tuffy


  • Rockets
  • Mighty Mouse
  • Great Ape


  • Rated G for General Audience, allowing Infrequent mild bad language, threat, violence, rude humour.
  • Running Time: 90 Minutes (NTSC), 86 Minutes (PAL)


Parts 1

Opening Credits (Scott Bradley's Tom and Jerry and Theme from Mighty Mouse)

A Letter from Mike Mouse

(After the credits, the story starts with a matte painting illustration of New York City during a very nice spring day, then fades into where Jerry Mouse's cousin Muscles lives. Inside his mouse hole, the strong brown mouse, who resembles Jerry is exercising with his two silver weights until the sounds of knocking at his mouse-sized door. Hearing this, Muscles stopped his weight-lifting to go see who it was.)

Muscles Mouse: All right, all right, hold on, hold on.

(He put his weight down and came to the door and opened it up. There stood in front of him is a mouse in the suit of a mailman.)

Mail Mouse: Muscles Mouse?

Muscles Mouse: (smiling:) Yes?

Mail Mouse: Mail for you.

(The mail mouse gave Muscles the letter in an envelope.)

Muscles Mouse: (taking the envelope and flicking a coin for the mail mouse to catch:) Thanks.

(The mail mouse then walks away, putting the coin in his pocket, while Muscles shuts the door lightly to not scare him. The camera cuts back to Muscles in his mouse hole where he is examining the envelope before opening it. It had a stamp saying it was from Mouseville.)

Muscles Mouse: Ah, mail from Mouseville...

(He then opened up the envelope to read the letter. Then the camera cuts to a matte painting illustration or background of the letter with Muscles arms and hands holding it.)

Muscles Mouse (off-screen): "Dear Muscles: How are you? I know that you must still be as strong enough to handle any cat or anyone that tries to push you around. Anyways, if you're up for it, there's a house that's for sale in Mouseville and I thought that maybe you would like to move here. Oh, and did I forget to mention that the building is also a part of a gym which is why I thought you'd like to move in? Well, give me your answer as soon as you can. From Mike Mouse."

(The camera switches back to Muscles after he had finished his reading.)

Muscles Mouse: (looking all around his home:) Hmm... I suppose I could use a change of scenery.

(He soon brought out a piece of paper and mouse-sized pen. Outside, the cats of Muscles's neighborhood, including Butch Cat and his gang, nervously shivered as they weren't sure what to do as they expected him to come out any minute to beat them up.)

Muscles Mouse (off-screen:) "Dear Mike..."

(Seconds later, back inside Muscles' hole, he was done with his letter as his answer to Mike. Muscles soon came out of his hole which made the cats run away as he then put the letter into the mail box and put the flag up as outgoing mail. The mail mouse soon returned and got the letter before running back to Mouseville, just before any cats would get him. Muscles then decided to pack up and get ready for his upcoming move into Mouseville, and where he would have to tell his cousin Jerry, his former enemy Tom and their friends that he was moving after packing and where it wouldn't take that much time as he had gotten faster after his adventure with them.)

Discussion of Spring Break/Further Invitations

The Journey to Mouseville

(Back on the real world; which is Planet Earth, and in New York City, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and Muscles are having a meeting on the street. Tom is wearing a yellow neck tie, and Jerry was wearing a red bow, just like when he was a kid mouse.)

Jerry Mouse: (smiling:) Thanks for letting us come too, Muscles. This feels like a dream come true; meeting Mighty Mouse in the fur.

Muscles Mouse: (carrying his luggage:) I had a feeling you would want to come.

Jerry Mouse: You know us so well.

Tom Cat: I had to agree with Jer. Though we learn about him form, Gam, we both had never seen this Mighty Mouse, nor heard about that guy before.

Tuffy Mouse: Me too, fells. Muscles, who is exactly is this guys?

Muscles Mouse:


Jerry Mouse:

Karras the Vampire Bat

Tuffy Mouse:

Karras the Vampire Bat

Tom Cat:

Muscles Mouse: No, Thomas. Only a foolish pussycat can challenge Mighty Mouse to be the strongest.

Tom Cat:

(Then the sounds of a rocket are heard as Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Karras and Muscles look up to the sky. It was the rocket form of Gam, son of Ambassador Magma, with two young martial artists, Gohan's grandson Goku and the Ox King's daughter Chi-Chi. Carefully, the rocket Gam landed on the road.)

Tom Cat: Hey! Look who's back in our real world?

Jerry Mouse: Yeah! It's Goku and Chi-Chi!

(Gam's rocket window opens itself, and Goku and Chi-Chi jumped out of him, before the rocket changes back into a robot boy with his white helmet that has built-in antennae, who resembles Mikko, wearing the same clothes as his friend.)

Gam: Nice spring day, guys. We have just arrived in time.

Muscles Mouse: Well, well, well. I see that you've grown a little faster than ever, Gam. And Goku is still 15 years old, isn't that right.



Tuffy Mouse:



Karras the Vampire Bat

Tom Cat:

Muscles Mouse:



Muscles Mouse:


(A mouse sized taxi soon arrived, and before he, Jerry and Tuffy got in, Muscles look back to Tuffy.)

Muscles Mouse: Gam, I'll never get used to a rocket like you flying with much more speed than an airplane or this taxi cab.

Gam: Don't worry, robots in their rocket form can suppress some of their fuel strength to control their speed, be it slow and fast.

Goku: Hey, Gam, aren't you gonna create Nimbus.

Gam: Sure thing, Goku. It's safe inside my helmet.

(Gam fired his gamma ray up in the air from the antennae of his helmet, and in an flash of light, Goku's Flying Nimbus, a magic cloud that only the pure in heart can ride on, appears floating down to Goku and Chi-Chi. The instrumental version of Shunsuke Kikuchi's Mystical Adventure, the opening theme of Dragon Ball, went playing at that time.)

Goku: (laughing:) All right!


(Then Goku and Chi-Chi hopped onto Nimbus.)

Gam: That should do it. (looks down at Jerry, Tuffy and Muscles) You guys go ahead, we'll meet you there. Just pretend we're having a race, wheiter on land or in the air.

Jerry Mouse: Okay, Gam.

Tuffy Mouse: Whatever you say.

(Muscles shrugged a bit as he soon got in first with Jerry and Tuffy in the middle.)

Muscles Mouse: (to the Taxi Driver:) To Mouseville.

Taxi Driver: Ya got it.

(The driver nodded and drove them out of town. Then Tom, Gam, Goku and Chi-Chi looked at each other.)

Tom Cat: Okay, kids, your turn.

(Goku and Chi-Chi nodded before their turn to their direction where the taxi cab is taking their other friends to Mousevillle.)

Goku: Let's go, Nimbus!

(The magic cloud then started to fly faster with Goku and Chi-Chi sitting on, leaving Tom and Gam behind.)

Gam: Need a lift, Thomas?

Tom Cat: Sure.

Gam: What about you, Karras?

Karras the Vampire Bat: Nope. I can fly with my own wings like bats do.

Tom and Gam: Okay, have it your way.

(Gam then transforms into a rocket, opens his glass door and lets Tom hop aboard him. Then the instrumental version of Naozumi Yamamoto's The Song of Gam started playing as the blue/gray cat closes the door, and the rocket Gam ignies his fuel, taking off into the sky to join Goku and Chi-Chi on a high-flying trip to Mouseville. Karras flew at high speed to fly along with the rocket Gam)

The Narrator: Gam, the son of Ambassador Magma, transforms from a robot boy to a rocket. And together, he, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Muscles, Karras, Goku and Chi-Chi are now on their way to Mouseville, home of the legendary Mighty Mouse.

(With Jerry, Tuffy and Muscles in the taxi cab, Tom on the rocket Gam, and Goku and Chi-Chi on Nimbus, the journey to Mouseville continued.)

Part 2

Mike and Pearl's Trash Day/The Mysterious Figure Watches Mike

(In Mouseville, a strong black mouse in the said town, named Mike Mouse, had gotten a letter from Muscles. He is currently reading it, after taking the letter's envelope that was inserted in the mailbox)

Mike Mouse: "Hey, Mike, it's Muscles. Thank you so much for your letter. We'll be right over, also, make sure you keep Pearl Pureheart safe."


Mike Mouse: 'We'? Sounds like he's bringing some guests with him.

(A beautiful brown female mouse with fluffy blonde hair in a pink dress with a matching bow soon sang to herself as she walked down the street, passing by Mike's home. She is known as Pearl Pureheart, Mike's new wife.)

Mike Mouse: (to himself:) And I'll be sure to keep Pearl safe. I better tell her that Muscles is coming.

(Pearl kept going, until...)

Mike Mouse: Erm... Pearl? (comes to the female mouse.) Hey, Pearl!

Pearl Pureheart: Oh... Hello, Mike.

Mike Mouse: Pearl, do you remember Muscles?

Pearl Pureheart: Wasn't he that one mouse who became your student in gym?

Mike Mouse: Yes, that's the one.

Pearl Pureheart: What about him?

Mike Mouse: Well, he's coming over with some guests.

Peal Pureheart: That's great! It sure has been a while since we saw him.

Mike Mouse: I was hoping you didn't mind.

Pearl Pureheart: I don't mind at all and I can't wait for him to meet Scrappy.

Mike Mouse: It'll be a lot of fun.

Pearl Pureheart: Here, I'll help ya clean up.

Mike Mouse: Thanks.

Pearl Pureheart: No problem, Mike.

(And so, the two of them got started on cleaning up. While they do so, looking

Pearl Pureheart:

Mike Mouse:

Pearl Pureheart:

Mike Mouse:

Pearl Pureheart:

Mike Mouse:


Mysterious Figure (silhouette): Mighty Mouse...


Mysterious Figure (silhouette):


Mysterious Figure (silhouette): Heh, no matter. I hope you will prepare, Mighty Mouse... because I have come from my home world, Planet Mondo, to have some score with you. And when I defeat you, I will finally possess the Earth.


Mysterious Figure (silhouette): But first, I need to disguise myself as a crook leader, an ordinary citizen of Mouseville. Now, if I had some puny criminals to work with me, what should I do first? Hmm...

Arrival in Mouseville/Meeting Mike, Pearl and Scrappy

(Meanwhile, Jerry, his nephew Tuffy and his cousin Muscles, inside the taxi cab, are getting near Mouseville. They are looking forward to meet Tom, Gam, Goku and Chi-Chi there. Muscles looked out the window of the cab as they rode off.)

Tuffy Mouse: (smiling at Jerry:) Uncle Jerry, how's Robyn?

Jerry Mouse: (smiling back:) She's doing great, Tuffy.

Tuffy Mouse: I guess she and Mikko are still dating, huh? Ever since back in Japan, we team up with the Space Avengers in defeating Rodak for the Earth's freedom?

Jerry Mouse: Yep.

(After driving for a while, their taxi driver finally got them to Mouseville.)

Taxi Driver: We're here, gang.

(The driver told the trio behind him as he pulled up beside Mike's home. Then he surprisingly saw Gam, in his robot-human form, Tom, Karras, Goku and Chi-Chi standing nearby.)

Taxi Driver: And lucky, your friends have come here, too. So did another mouse who's...dressed like a bat?

Jerry Mouse: No, sir. He's a real vampire bat with the face of a mouse with black nose and whiskers. But he won't harm anyone.

Taxi Driver: Ohh, eh, in that case, my apologies.

Karras the Vampire Bat: That's all right, buddy.

Muscles Mouse: Thanks for the ride.

Taxi Driver: (nodding:) Sure thing

(Muscles, Tuffy, and Jerry then came out of the cab, and they, Tom, Karras, Gam, Goku and Chi-Chi waved to the driver once they reached their destination. The driver soon drove off after dropping them off.)

Muscles Mouse: Right this way, gang. (turns to the others) Karras, Tom, Goku, Chi-Chi, wait here.

Tom Cat, Karras the Vampire Bat, Gam, Goku and Chi-Chi: Okay.

(Jerry, Tuffy and Muscles soon went up to Mike's house. Muscles knocked on the door, before the voice of Pearl came to respond.)

Pearl Pureheart's Voice: Who is it?

Muscles Mouse: (to everyone:) That must be Pearl Pureheart. (turns to the door, calling through it:) It's me, Muscles Mouse!

(Then Mike's voice went next happily before the door was opened.)

Mike Mouse: You can come in!

(Muscles soon came inside, followed by Karras, Jerry and Tuffy.)

Muscles Mouse: Mike, long time no see.

Mike Mouse: Ah, Maurice "Muscles" Mouse! Good to see ya!

(The two of them hugged as they were friends as well as mentor and student.)

Muscles Mouse: Wow, you sure haven't let up on lifting weights.

Mike Mouse: (chuckles) I'm a Mighty Mouse, what can ya do?

Pearl Pureheart: (teasing:) Easy.

Muscle Mouse: (smirking:) Yeah, you sure are a 'Mighty Mouse'. (winks at Mike with a ding sound effect)

(The two soon laughed together before giving each other a friendly hug.)

Mike Mouse: How long have you known?

Muscles Mouse: Oh, a pretty long time. I was always wondering why I never saw you two in the same place, but no worries, your secret is safe for us.

Pearl Pureheart: Me too. It's so good to meet new friends. Oh, Muscles, I think my sister would love to meet you~.

Muscles Mouse: And I'd love to meet her. Anyway, this is my cousin, Jerry, his bat friend Karras, and his nephew Nibbles or Tuffy for a different name.

Jerry Mouse: (waves:) Hi there.

Tuffy Mouse: (smiles:) Hi.

Karras the Mouse Bat: Pleasure to see you.

(Pearl closely studies at Tuffy, looking at how whiter his diaper really is.)

Pearl Pureheart: Oh, look how cute this little fellow is, and how brighter and shinier his diaper get to be.

Jerry Mouse: That's right, and we got other friends, waiting to see you outside.

Mike Mouse: Really?

Muscles Mouse: That's right. Would you like to meet them?

Mike Mouse and Pearl Pureheart: Sure thing.

(Jerry, Muscles, Karras, Tuffy, Mike and Pearl went out the home to see Tom, Gam, Goku and Chi-Chi standing and looking down at them. Mike looked surprised, and so did Pearl.)

Mike Mouse: Oh, gosh. I didn't know a cat is with you.

Tom Cat: They does now, Mike. I'm Jerry's friend. The name is Thomas, but you can call me 'Tom', just like you can call his nephew either 'Nibbles' or 'Tuffy'.

Mike Mouse: Why, yes, Thomas. We already know on whether this toddler mouse is either Nibbles of Tuffy, thanks to Muscles.

Gam: And I'm Gam, son of Ambassador Magma and Silvar.

Mike Mouse: Wow! (looks at Goku:) And you?

Goku: My name is Goku, and this is Chi-Chi. She's the Ox King's daughter.

Chi-Chi: (nodding in agreement:) Mm-hm.

(Mike and Pearl are amazed to realize who Chi-Chi is.)

Mike Mouse: Holy Toledo! An Ox Princess!

(Both he and his girlfriend kneels before her, making the girl confused.)

Chi-Chi: (blinks two times before smiling:) You don't need to bow before me just because I look royalty. You can just stand.

(Mike and Pearl gets up back, and the moment they did, they even see Goku's tail swaying back and forth behind him.)

Mike Mouse: Well, what do you know? A tail.

Pearl Pureheart: This kid kind of looks more like a part human, part monkey.

Goku: Actually I am. My tail is real, because I was born with it.

Mike Mouse: How?

Goku: Well, according to the wise wizard Methusan from space, and Bulma's DNA works in her dad's laboratory at Capsule Corporation on our own Earth, I am a Saiyan from a far away planet called Vegeta, raised on my adoptive planet by my Grandpa Gohan. Chi-Chi, on the other hand, is from this same planet that I now live on, that you can call the Dragon World.

Pearl Pureheart: Planet Vegeta? And the Dragon World?

Mike Mouse: Then you mean, like... (gulps) You three are like aliens? Or extra-terrestrials?

Chi-Chi: Don't worry, we never wanna hurt you guys.

Gam: You know Goku? He's a strong kid in the universe, with his incredible power that no magic could ever see.

(Mike whimpers at the mentioning of magic)

Jerry Mouse: What's wrong with him being an alien with his strength.

Mike Mouse: Oh, no! No! It's not that, boy. It's that I'm vulnerable to magic, and most importantly, Limburgerite.

(Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Muscles, Karras, Gam, Goku and Chi-Chi are confused.)

Tom Cat: (confused:) Limburgerite?

Jerry Mouse: (wondering:) Is it like Kryptonite, the source of Superman's weakness and uncomfort to his strength?

Mike Mouse: (nodding:) Yes, but instead, it's very old cheese.

Tuffy Mouse: (disgusted:) Ooh... That kinda sounds gross.

Mike Mouse: It is. Trust me.

Pearl Pureheart: (smiling:) Oh, and before we forget, we have someone for you to meet, Muscles.

Muscles Mouse: (curious:) Uh, and who would that be?

Mike Mouse: You'll see. (looks back from behind with a smile:) Scrappy? You can come out now!

(Pearl giggled as she did the same while Muscles looked curiously with Tom, Jerry, Karras, Tuffy, Gam, Goku and Chi-Chi. Scrappy, a young orphan gray mouse with some blue pants, a single tooth, and a red tuft of hair on his head came out, looking a little shy.)

Muscles Mouse: Oh, who's this little guy, huh?

Scrappy Mouse: (nervously smiling:) Uh, h-hi. I'm Scrappy.

Muscles Mouse: (smiling:) Aw, nice to meet ya, Scrappy. I'm Muscles.

Scrappy Mouse: Whoa, you look as strong as Mike and Mighty Mouse.

Muscles Mouse: (chuckles) Aw, thanks. Your pal Mike here helped me get to where I am today.

Scrappy Mouse: Cool.

Muscles Mouse: Yeah, very. By the way, This is Tom and Jerry, with Tuffy, Karras, Gam, Chi-Chi and Goku.

(Scrappy But then, the little mouse curiously gazed up at Goku, only to see his monkey-like Saiyan tail wiggling)

Scrappy Mouse: Is this monkey-tailed guy your friend?

Goku: (smiling:) Yes, I am.

Scrappy Mouse: This is amazing.

Chi-Chi: Yep. Sure is.

Muscles Mouse: (to Mike, about Scrappy:) New sidekick?

Mike Mouse: Nope, he's my adoptive son.

Muscles Mouse: Congratulations.

Mike Mouse: Thanks.

Fire Rescuers/The Mighty Squadron

(Then suddenly Mike and Muscles soon heard fire engines.)

Mike Mouse: Do you hear what I hear?

Muscles Mouse: (nods:) Sounds like a fire.

(The camera switches to Tom and Jerry clearing out their right ears.)

Jerry Mouse: I didn't hear anything.

Tom Cat: Me too.

Tuffy Mouse: Well, I do, Uncle Jer.

(Goku looked serious as he bet)

Goku: I think it could be one fire-breathing monster in this town.

Gam: I'm thinking the same thing too, Goku. Not like any of Rodak's monsters or King Winterbolt's Snow Dragons.

Scrappy Mouse

Karras the Vampire Bat:

Mike Mouse: (to Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Goku and Chi-Chi:) Well, whatever this case is, I've got a job to do now.

Chi-Chi: We understand.

(The black mouse turns to his wife and son.)

Mike Mouse: Pearl, make sure you cannot tell anybody else about my secret, and the same goes to you, Scrappy.

Scrappy Mouse:

Pearl Pureheart:

Mike Mouse: Now, here I come to save the day!

(Then suddenly, Mike changed into the famed superhero: Mighty Mouse.)

Muscles Mouse: Want some company?

Mighty Mouse: Sure, but maybe you should have your own superhero guise.

(Scrappy nodded in agreement to that.)

Muscles Mouse: (nodding:) Sounds like a good idea.

Mighty Mouse: Anyway, I gotta get goin'!

(He started zipping off to save the day like he always did in Mouseville.)

Karras the Vampire Bat:

Jerry Mouse:


Jerry Mouse (off-screen): Body paint, instant dry, but washable.


Karras the Vampire Bat: Hey, thanks, Jer. This letter M could make me a superhero.

Jerry Mouse: Yeah, and since your face is that of a mouse, Karras, you should be called Mouse Bat.

Karras the Vampire Bat:

Muscles Mouse: Goku, call the Flying Nimbus! And Gam, give Tom, Jerry and Tuffy a ride.

Goku and Gam: Right!


(Then, from the sky above Mouseville, the same magical cloud named Nimbus returned and flew down toward Goku and the others. He and Chi-Chi jumped onto Nimbus, Karras spread his wings to prepare to fly, and Gam turns into a rocket, so Tom, Jerry and Tuffy can hop aboard him. Then they flew after Mighty Mouse's direction. Muscles soon joined him after putting on a similar outfit only with different color, maintaining his ability to fly which he, Tom, Jerry and the others have unlocked from their battle with Ambassador Magma's arch-enemy Rodak in Japan and Rudolph's arch-enemy King Winterbolt in Florida long ago. From their high speed in flying, a blue aura is surround him and leaving behind a trail, which means his energy is boosting)

Mighty Mouse: So, who are you both? Muscle Mouse? And Mouse Bat?

Muscles Mouse: (smirking:) Yeah, that sounds about right.

Karras the Vampire Bat:

(Mighty Mouse then notice his other friends flying next to them on Nimbus and, unknown to him, the rocket Gam)

Mighty Mouse: And I have no idea some of you guys can ride on one rocket and one yellow cloud. But where's Gam?

(The camera cuts to Goku and Chi-Chi on Nimbus, and Tom, Jerry and Tuffy on Gam, with the faceless rocket that is alive replying to Mighty Mouse.)

Gam (rocket form): I'm still here, Mighty Mouse. I can transform from being a human-robot to a rocket, like my parents.

Goku: And about Nimbus, it can allow a person who has a pure heart to ride on it. Those who are dishonest or bad in tought don't.

Mighty Mouse: (nodding:) All right, then let's go.

(The team soon came to the fire which called them to the rescue. Once the nine heroes got to their destination, they found a building that had caught on fire. Goku and Chi-Chi remained in the air on the Flying Nimbus next to Mighty Mouse, Muscles and Karras to see what they can do, while Gam landed on the ground where the mouse people are watching the building burn, releasing Tom, Jerry and Tuffy and turning back into a robot boy. The camera switches to Muscles, Karras and Mighty Mouse. The people who have already escaped from the flaming building where confused to see one rocket-turned-to-boy, and see two human kids from another Earth on a magic cloud helping Mighty Mouse and Muscles)

Mighty Mouse: Another burning building? Guess I should've seen that coming.

Muscles Mouse: Then that means, there is no monster, which means Kaiju in Japanese.

Mighty Mouse: No, they isn't.

(The fire seemed to be bigger than a normal burning building.

Mighty Mouse: Come on, Muscle. Goku, Chi-Chi, watch closely.

(Muscles, Goku and Chi-Chi nodded as Jerry's cousin then helped his superhero mouse friend to save the day. The two of them soon flew to the building and started to take in big deep breaths. Mighty Mouse looked to Muscles and counted down from three with his fingers and then Muscles nodded to that, and they blew the fire away like it was a simple birthday cake candle, and where everyone in the building was safe now. Mighty Mouse smiled to his friend as they saved the day together. When the black smoke cleared away, a father mouse, a mother mouse and a baby mouse appeared along with more mice. They were all a little covered in smoke dust, but uninjured.)

Father Mouse: Look, there's another hero with Mighty Mouse!

Mother Mouse: A new hero and sidekick!

Muscles Mouse: Sidekick? I'd rather go with 'partner'.

(The mice from the building cheered, while Gam, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Goku and Chi-Chi smiled.)

Mice Crowd: Hooray for Mighty Mouse and his new partner!

(The camera switches to the two mice superheroes with one of the unburned mice, a female mouse unknowngly smiled down at Muscles in his new superhero suit from the building.)

Female Mouse: What's your name?

Muscles Mouse: My name is... Muscle...

(He decided to just go by that as a hero since no one in Mouseville really knew him.)

Muscles Mouse: Muscle Mouse... A good friend and partner of Mighty Mouse's. And next to us are our two allies from another planet, the Monkey Prince Goku, and the Ox Princess Chi-Chi.

Mice Crowd: Yeah!

Mighty Mouse and Muscle smiled together as they helped save them and soon flew off, with Goku and Chi-Chi joining them. landing back on the ground again.

Female Mouse: What a mouse!

Tom Cat: Well, done, champions.

Gam: You've done a great job, though you'd need some training to work like a real superhero.

Muscles Mouse: It was nothing, Gam.

(They were all about to head back to Mike's house only to be stopped by the sound of guns firing.)

Muscles Mouse: Ugh... I don't like guns. What could that be?

(The group soon looked at the source and found the source at a bank.)

Mighty Mouse: Looks like it's time to play Cops and Robbers.

Muscles Mouse: Yep, sure looks like it.

(Then Muscles, Mighty Mouse, Goku and Chi-Chi flying off to the bank with him.)

Gam: Tom, Jerry and Tuffy, stay here.

Tom Cat, Jerry Mouse and Tuffy Mouse: Okay!

(Immediately, Gam transforms into a rocket and joins Mighty Mouse and his new squadron. At a bank, a gang of robbers are threatening a teller to hand over the man they can take for themselves, holding their guns.)

Robber 1: All right, freeze! And put your hands up!

Robber 2: Yeah, if you know what's good for you.

Teller: Well, which is it? Do you want us to freeze or put our hands up?

(A big strong mouse smirked as he came from behind the teller. His voice is similar to the voice of the same mysterious figure who is obsessed with Mighty Mouse)

Big Strong Mouse: I say we just shoot, that's what we want.

(The crooks evilly laugh until the teller soon screamed, startling them.)


Big Strong Mouse: Yeah, just let him come here so I can... (smashing the counter with just his right fist:) crush him!

(Mighty Mouse and his team, now including Gam in his human-rocket form, soon flew in. The crooks looked surprised, and the teller smiled in relief.)

Teller: Mighty Mouse, and his new partners!

Muscles Mouse, Karras the Vampire Bat (in an OmniShoutmon-like accent) and Mighty Mouse: That's us!

Big Strong Mouse: Oh... (pounding his right fist into the palm of his left hand:) Twice the fun then.

Muscles Mouse: Aw, you bad guys make me laugh. I take on my share of cats, and now you're next on my beating up list.

Big Strong Mouse: (cracking his knuckles:) We'll see about that. My name's Buster... Buster Mouse And I'm unlike most mice.

Karras the Vampire Bat (in an OmniShoutmon-like accent): You're what?

Muscles Mouse: How's that?

Buster Mouse: Because I'm stronger than any ordinary mouse, and I know all about Mighty Mouse.

(Mighty Mouse looks confused as he heard that Buster knows him.)

Mighty Mouse: (confused)

Buster Mouse:

Muscles Mouse: Wanna bet?

(He came toward Buster, while Gam, Goku and Chi-Chi watch from their current spots.)

Gam: Muscle, be careful.

Chi-Chi: This mouse can be a lot tougher than we expected.

Buster Mouse: Tough guy, huh? Well, I'll take care of you two next after Mighty Mouse.


Karras the Vampire Bat (in an OmniShoutmon-like accent): (confused:) After Mighty Mouse?

Muscles Mouse: Why not now?

Buster Mouse: Just watch and learn, new guys.

(Then the leader of the robbers soon jumped and tackled Mighty Mouse down to the ground.)

Mighty Mouse: Oof!

(The camera cuts to four shots of Muscles, Karras, Goku, Chi-Chi, and Gam on one screen as they watch in horror.)

Muscles Mouse: Gam, Goku and Chi-Chi: Aah!

Muscles Mouse: Mighty!

Goku: Oh, no!

(Buster turned his head towards Muscles, grinning sadistically)

Buster Mouse: How do ya like me now?

(Mighty Mouse began to grunt as he tried to get free.)

Buster Mouse: Stop struggling! There is no escaping from me, and you're dead, Mighty Mouse! (looks at his gang of thieves:) Let's have a little chat, shall we, boys?

Robbers: YEAH!

(Buster then starts beating the superhero up with heavy punching and fighting sound effects which was a horrible sight for the citizens of Mouseville to see. And Goku, Karras, Chi-Chi and Gam couldn't stand this with the monkey-tailed fighter growling angrily. Then suddenly, Buster was soon knocked off Mighty Mouse from behind by Muscles. Landing on the floor with Muscles pinning him down, he glared back at the seemingly transformed mouse.)

Buster: Hey!

Muscles Mouse: (smiles:) Hi.

(Buster began to grunt and struggle as he began to try to get free from Muscles's grip. And if that's not enought, he attempted to punch Muscles. But the disguised superhero blocks the attack. Mighty Mouse got up, but then felt an actual pain in his side. He is amazed to see Muscles taking over his duty. Then Muscles throws Buster through the window with Karras, Gam, Goku and Chi-Chi clearing aside, sending tumbling to the road. His men are then driven out, and rush to their boss.)

Robbers 1 and 2: Buster!

Robber 3: Buster, are you okay!

(Muscles and Mighty Mouse then came out of the bank, and stood before the gang. Buster gets up on his feet, growling.)

Buster: (angry:) Grrr, you! What kind of freaks are you?

Mighty Mouse: Not freaks, Buster. Let us perform our poses to tell you who we are.)

(Then Mighty Mouse and Muscles started to pose martial arts stances.)

Mighty Mouse: Mighty Mouse!

Muscles Mouse: Muscle Mouse!

(Then Karras appear swooping down to them, and after landing, he spreads his wings to his pose while showing the letter M painted on his chest.)

Karras the Vampire Bat (in an OmniShoutmon-like accent): Mouse Bat!

(Then Gam took his turn as he jumps to Muscles and Mighty Mouse and perform his fighting stances, drawing the robbers' attention.)

Gam: The Robot Boy from the ZRF Galaxy, Gam!

(Goku jumps down from Nimbus to land next to Muscles, performing his Rock-Scissors-Paper technique)

Goku: The Monkey Prince, Goku!

(And Chi-Chi is the last to join in as she follows Goku and does her stance, too.)

Chi-Chi: The Ox Princess, Chi-Chi!

(Then Mighty Mouse made an announcement before his team joins in)

Mighty Mouse: Together, we are...

Mighty Mouse, Karras the Vampire Bat (in an OmniShoutmon-like accent), Muscles Mouse, Gam, Goku and Chi-Chi!: The Mighty Squadron!

(Buster and his gang are confused and outraged.)

Buster: The Mighty Squadron?

(The camera cuts to Mighty Mouse and his Mighty Squadron)

Mighty Mouse: Correct, recently formed by me to restore peace to the world!

Buster: Oh, yeah? (looks at his ten robbers:) Come on, boys! Show them how silly there are!


Goku: Power Pole, extend!

Part 3

Scrappy's Homework/Reviewing More Memories


The Narrator:

Mike Mouse: That was intense.

Muscles Mouse: You said it.

Scrappy Mouse: Ooh, ooh, you gotta tell me all about it!

Mike Mouse: Well, first there a building on fire, though the fire was bigger than usual.

Scrappy Mouse: Bigger, huh?

Muscles Mouse: Yeah, I'd swear it was like a human house fire. And where the two of us blew it out like a birthday candle.

(Scrappy laughed as he listened to the story. Pearl giggled to that as she decided to show Goku, Chi-Chi, Gam, Karras, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy where to sleep. Then Mike continued his story as he went to a fridge to bring out ice for an ice pack for his side.)

Mike Mouse: After blowing out the fire, we soon flew off and we heard guns shooting.

Scrappy Mouse: (shocked and concern:) It hurt you?

Mike: Huh? Oh, the guns didn't, but this mouse the thieves' leader Buster did.

Scrappy Mouse: (shocked and concerned:) Another mouse hurt you?

Mike Mouse: (keeping the ice pack on his side:) Yes, he is a mouse with plenty of massive muscles and strength, but Goku and Muscles were able to overpower him.

(Then Pearl came to Mike.)

Pearl Pureheart: Oh, poor Mike.

(She hugged her husband before kissing him all over his face, which made Scrappy, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Karras and Chi-Chi to blush upon seeing this.)

Pearl Pureheart: Why don't I make you a special dinner to cheer you up?

Mike Mouse: That would be nice.

Pearl Pureheart: (smiling:) Of course. (kisses him again) Oh, my poor Mikey.

(The camera cuts to behind Scrappy who saw his adoptive parents sharing in each other's feelings.)

Scrappy Mouse: Do you have to do that in front of me?

Mike Mouse: You could always go and watch TV.

Scrappy Mouse: Thanks.

(Scrappy goes off to watch television anyway. Mike and Pearl rolled their eyes before chuckling as Scrappy was a typical kid.)

Pearl Pureheart: Wait, doesn't Scrappy have homework?

(Scrappy looked back nervously.)

Mike Mouse: Do you, Scrappy?

(The camera switches to Tuffy watching a program on the television set.)

Mike Mouse (off-screen): Do you have homework?

Scrappy Mouse: (looking away nervously:) Uh, sorta...

(Mike smirked as he saw homework in his adoptive son's backpack with his X-Ray vision.)

Mike Mouse: I think sorta is yes because I see homework in your backpack.

(The camera cuts back to Scrappy who looks like he as been foiled by his adoptive father.)

Scrappy Mouse: Aw, darn...

Mike Mouse:

Pearl Pureheart: Get to your homework, you still have plenty of time until dinner.

Scrappy Mouse: Ugh...fine...

(The young gray mouse took his backpack and went to his room to do his homework. Tuffy watch Scrappy leaves before turning to Jerry.)

Tuffy Mouse: Hey, Uncle Jerry, can I watch Scrappy do his homework?

Jerry Mouse:

Tuffy Mouse: Okay!


Muscles Mouse: So, Mike and Pearl. We have plenty of memories to review. Now how long have you two been boyfriend and girlfriend before you are married on New Year's Eve? And what makes you adopt Scrappy to be your son during your holiday wedding?

Pearl Pureheart: Well, I'd say I fell in love with Mike here, though when he was Mighty Mouse, and when he saved me from Oil Can Harry.

Mike Mouse: Also, we've known Scrappy for a long time. Pearl here first met him on his first day of school when he was upset because all the friends he made had plans with their own parents, and he soon admitted that he didn't have a family of his own.

Muscles Mouse: That's nice.

Pearl Pureheart: (smiling:) I remember when I first met him and told him all about Mighty Mouse from what I knew. From then on, he was a friend to us, but once Mike and I were starting to get serious, we decided to adopt Scrappy as our own son.

Muscles Mouse: So, when did that happen?

Mike Mouse: When we got serious? Oh, you don't wanna hear about that.

Muscles Mouse: Oh, yeah, I do.

Mike Mouse: No, no, no, wouldn't you rather hear about some sports, including basketball, soccer, baseball and martial arts?

Muscles Mouse: (smirking:) At least, tell me when you originally planned on getting married. I mean, come on, The Bride of Mighty Mouse? That sounds like an adventure itself, but romantic at the same time for the chicks.

Pearl Pureheart: Come on, Mikey, let's tell him.

Mike Mouse: (smiling:) Well, all right, for you.

(Pearl giggled as she then hugged him.)

Muscles Mouse: (chuckling:) Well, go on, don't keep me in suspense.

Mike Mouse: Okay, okay. Well, the day it happened was about a week after Pearl had driven Oil Can Harry crazy.

Pearl Pureheart: (innocently:) My best work.

(A flashback covers the scene, showing stock footage from different scenes of an unnamed episode of Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures. We see a normal day for Pearl as she was hostage of Petey "Bald Head" Pete.)

Pearl Pureheart: Let me go!

Petey Pete: Never! (laughing:) But once Mighty Mouse comes and sets off my traps, I'll be rid of him for good!

(Pearl screamed for dear life for help. Mighty Mouse was resting on top of a cloud like it was a lawn chair before he heard Pearl's cry for help and went to go and save her like he always did.)

Petey Pete: He should be coming any minute now.

Pearl Pureheart: (glaring:) What are you so happy about? Once he gets here, you'll be back to where you belong!

Petey Pete: Oh, I am counting on him to come to the rescue. So then he'll set off my traps!

Pearl Pureheart: What?! No!

Petey Pete: Yes!

(Then Petey laughed at Pearl until Mighty Mouse came to the rescue with a glare.)

Petey Pete: Ah, Mighty Mouse, right on time! On time for your destruction!

(Mighty Mouse glared toward Petey)

Mighty Mouse: What are you talking about?

(He stepped forward and which caused the ground to shake.)

Pearl Pureheart: Mighty Mouse, be careful!

(A giant robot fist came out of the roof and pounded down on Mighty Mouse. Pearl flinched and cringed with tears in her eyes. Mighty Mouse grunted as he then began to lift the fist above of his body.)

Petey Pete: Thought that might not work.

(He pressed a big button with a robot on it.)

Mighty Mouse: Gotcha!

(Mighty Mouse lifted the robot with ease since he was a superhero animal after all. Petey is stunned with his sweat dropping.)

Peter: Oh, right.

(Mighty Mouse flew up with the robot out of the lair and threw him into outer space. And after taking care of the robot, Mighty Mouse soon tied up Petey Pete and freed Pearl Pureheart.)

Pearl Pureheart: Oh, my hero!

Mighty Mouse: That was too easy...

(He carried Pearl in his arms like a bride, and he soon flew off with her. Then we see Peter smirking toward his rodent nemesis)

Petey Pete: I hope you enjoyed your feast, Mighty Mouse, because that was just the appetizer.

Mighty Mouse: (rolling his eyes:) Like I've heard that before.

(Then as the flashback continued, Muscles' voice is heard over the stock footage as he talks with Mike.)

Muscles Mouse (off-screen): That doesn't sound as bad as you made it sound.

Mike Mouse (off-screen): I'll get to the part where I revealed that I was both Mike and Mighty Mouse.

Muscles Mouse (off-screen:) Okay...

(Then the camera cuts to another of these new animated sequences where Mighty Mouse brought Pearl back to her home.)

Pearl Pureheart: Oh, thank you, Mighty Mouse. You've done it again... You're so amazing.

Mighty Mouse: (smiling:) Thanks, Pearl.

(Then Mighty Mouse sighed before continuing.)

Mighty Mouse: But there's something I have to admit to you.

(Pearl frowned to the superhero of Mouseville.)

Pearl Pureheart: What is it, Mighty Mouse?

Mighty Mouse: This is a secret that I've been keeping from you.

(And to show Pearl who he really is, Mighty Mouse pulled out his alter ego's outfit from inside his cape, much to the girl's surprise with her eyes widdening.)

Pearl Pureheart: W-What...? M-Mike Mouse?!

Mighty Mouse: (finishing his transformation into his alter ego:) Yeah.

Pearl Pureheart: (whispering:) No way...

Mike Mouse: I'm sorry I had to keep this from you. But it was the only way to make sure none of my enemies would put you in even more danger.


Pearl Pureheart: I suppose so... So, you've been Mighty Mouse this whole time? I can't believe I never picked it up before.

Mike Mouse: The power of a secret identity, my dear.

(Pearl didn't hesitate in giving him a kiss on the lips. Mike's eyes widened and his tail stood on end, though in a good way. Then the flashback ends, going back to the scene with Mike, Pearl, Muscles, Tom, Jerry, Karras, Gam, Goku and Chi-Chi. It was by then, Karras came in.)

Karras the Vampire Bat: Aw, that sounds like a lovely story. Still a better love story than Twilight.

Mike Mouse and Pearl Pureheart: What?

(Karras widens his eyes as he realized what he shouldn't mention, sweating all over his head.)

Karras the Vampire Mouse: Oh, sorry.

(He grinned, showing his normal human teeth behind his two vampire fangs which are to suck juice from different fruits and vegetables, not blood from humans and other animals)

Karras the Vampire Bat: I stole that from a wrong story and movie.

Pearl Pureheart: Anyway, ever since that day, we've been going out.

Mike Mouse: She was my best friend, my companion... My rock...

Pearl Pureheart: Aw.

Muscles Mouse: So, again...when did you adopt Scrappy during your wedding on New Year's Eve?

Mike Mouse: (smiling:) Another excellent story, Maurice. We've known him for a good while of course.

Pearl Pureheart: It wasn't until Mike popped the question last autumn... (sighs sadly) Also, social services found out that Scrappy was living alone, and was about to take him away, we didn't know where he'd live and neither did he, he of course didn't want to go.


Pearl Pureheart: Since Mike and I have thought about having a future together with our own family, we stepped in, and we filled out some paperwork, and luckily, we got to adopt Scrappy.

Tom Cat: I think a good flashback will explain it a lot more.

Pearl Pureheart: Why don't you start it, Mikey? I'm gonna start dinner..."

(Perl then looked at Tuffy What would you like?"

Goku: I'm alright with anything to eat.


Pearl Pureheart: That settles it. (walking into the kitchen) Cheese, it is.

(Mike chuckled to that.)

Gam: So, about Scrappy's adoption before the holidays?

Mike Mouse: (nodding:) Aw, right...

(Then a flashback returns, with some new animation sequences that represent Scrappy's life as an orphan. It was another day in Mouseville School during the autumn of fall solstice, and inside the schoolhouse, Scrappy sat in his desk while he and his fellow students were learning another thing for the day until the final bell would ring to dismiss them, and where it seemed like it would be another normal day for Scrappy as the lessons weren't as exciting as his experiences of what he would learn with Mighty Mouse. The bell soon rang, and before the sudents leave, the Mouse Teacher spoke to them.)

The Mouse Teacher: All right, class, before you go, one more thing... Next week is Parents' Night, so your parents will come to school to hear all about you, and how you're doing...

(Scrappy was nervous to hear that, then he gulped.)

Scrappy Mouse: Uh-oh...

The Mouse Teacher: Anyway, off you all go.

(The students then cheered and ran off out of the door.)

The Mouse Teacher: Scrappy, I can't wait to meet your parents.

Scrappy Mouse: Oh, yeah, um, they can't make it, because of work...? Yeah, that's it! They're too busy for work, I mean, they gotta get up really early in the morning, like at 5:00 AM.

The Mouse Teacher: Really?

Scrappy Mouse: (smiling nervously:) Yeah, um, sorry about that, have a good weekend, see ya Monday!

(With that, Scrappy began running out the door.)

The Mouse Teacher: Hmm...

(Just then, the social services arrived and the teacher saw the car of the company outside. Back with Scrappy went the camera, he rushed off to get out of school as a firm adult mouse woman came out of her van. The orphaned young mouse noticed the adult mouse woman and had a bad feeling.)

The Mouse Teacher: May I help you, ma'am?

Child Services Mouse: I'm with social services, and I have questions concerning your student by the name of Scrappy.

The Mouse Teacher: This is Scrappy. Why? Is there something wrong?

Child Services Mouse: There are no reports of an adult in his home, whether a parent or a guardian...

(The camera cuts to Scrappy listening to the conversation between two women.)

Child Services Mouse (off-screen:) ...and we have Intel that his biological parents have perished in a fire when he was a baby, leaving him to be orphaned. He must be taken into custody for a foster home with a foster family right away, and to be relocated.

(Scrappy looked paled at the truth.)

Scrappy Mouse: (thinking:) My real parents are killed in the fire...when I was a baby?

The Mouse Teacher: T-To where?

Child Services Mouse: Possibly away from Mouseville so he'll be safe from the danger Mighty Mouse saves us from. Surely you knew Scrappy was an orphan when you enrolled him.

The Mouse Teacher: I'm sorry, ma'am, I didn't, but I was wondering why I'd never met his parents.

Child Services Mouse: Well, I'm here to pick him up.

(Scrappy tiptoed away from the van so he wouldn't be seen as the teacher talked with the woman from child services. The teacher saw Scrappy and decided to stall the woman from child services.)

Child Services Mouse: Is something out there?

(The woman was about to face the window, but it was too late, she saw him from the corner of her eyes as he ran off.) 

The Mouse Teacher: Run, Scrappy, run!

(Scrappy soon ran off into town, passing by houses he often visited to try to get adopted into since he hated being parent less, especially when his birthday was held on an annual celebration that no one paid attention to him like a family would. Although, they did celebrate his birthday on that day while celebrating the annual celebration.)

Child Services Mouse: SCRAPPY! WAIT, STOP!

(The camera cuts to a close-up at the running Scrappy.)

Scrappy Mouse: I gotta get away from her! I'll never see Mouseville again if I go away with her, and that means I can't be pals with Mighty Mouse!

(Soon enough, Scrappy bumped into Mike and groaned as he fell back on the ground)

Mike Mouse: (smiling:) Well, hello there, Scrappy.

Scrappy Mouse: Mike, quick, hide me!

Mike Mouse: What's going on?

Scrappy Mouse: Child Services. They're gonna take me away from Mouseville forever!

Mike Mouse: What? But what about your parents?

(Scrappy frowned as he put his hands in his pockets with his ears drooping downward.)

Scrappy Mouse: I don't have any.

(Mike frowned at this as he does remember Scrappy being an orphan with no parents, and he knew just what he had to do.)

Child Services Woman (off-screen): Scrappy?

Scrappy Mouse: Aw, nips, she's coming this way! At this rate, I'll be in the middle of nowhere with probably no television or cartoons! And worst of all, I won't see you ever again!

(Mike frowned at this detail from Scrappy.)

Mike Mouse: Yes, you will, because Pearl and I will adopt you.

Scrappy Mouse: W-What? (then smiling:) Ya mean it?

Mike Mouse: Of course I mean it.

(The child services woman came over here, straight to Mike and Scrappy. Thinking quickly, Mike acted like Scrappy's father.)

Mike Mouse: Scrappy, there you are! Your mother and I have been worried about you.

Child Services Woman: (blinking her eyes in surprise) What?

Scrappy Mouse: Sorry, Dad, I just got out of school.

Child Services Woman: (disbelieved:) Scrappy is your son?

Mike Mouse: (hugging Scrappy:) Oh, yes. I've been driving a bus around the world lately, so I haven't been able to be home with Scrappy for a while.

(The child service woman foled her arms like she didn't believe Mike.)

Child Service Woman: And as for his mother?

(Just then, Pearl came by at the very minute and Scrappy looked to her, becoming amazed to see her as his new mother.)

Scrappy Mouse: (smiling:) Mama!

Pearl Pureheart: (confused:) Mama?

(Mike appears next to Pearl, whispering to her.)

Mike Mouse: Go with it.

(Pearl was about to ask, but soon saw the child services woman and decided to ask later. Scrappy hugged Mike and Pearl like they were her parents and smiled innocently to the child services woman, though hid a smirk since now she couldn't take him away. The child services woman soon decided to leave. And as soon as the female mouse is gone, Scrappy turned back to Mike and Pearl.)

Scrappy Mouse: Man, that was a close call. Thanks, guys, I appreciate it.

Mike Mouse: You know we love you, Scrappy.

Pearl Pureheart: We sure do, now mind explaining what that was about?

(Child Services found out that I was living alone. That lady was gonna take me away to send me away from Mouseville and give me a foster family.)

Pearl Pureheart: (frowning:) Oh, my...

Scrappy Mouse: I guess I'll leave you guys alone now.

(Scrappy shuffled his feet as he was about to leave, when...)

Pearl Pureheart: Wait.

(Scrappy turned back to Pearl and Mike as he stopped.)

Scrappy Mouse: For what?

Pearl Pureheart: Why... Why don't you live with us?

(Scrappy smiled at the request of Pearl.)

Scrappy Mouse: Really?

Pearl Pureheart: Of course. Mike and I were just talking about starting a family of our own someday, and maybe you'd like to help be a part of it?

Scrappy Mouse: I'd love to.

(Mike and Pearl opened their arms for Scrappy.)

(Scrappy laughed and jumped into their arms and hugged them.)

Scrappy Mouse: I got my own family!

(Later, they signed the adoption forms.)

Mouse Caretaker: Scrappy, enjoy your new parents... Mike Mouse and Pearl Pureheart.

Scrappy Mouse: (hugging Pearl:) Mom!

Pearl Pureheart: Oh, look at you.

(She hugged him back while the caretaker let him enjoy his time with his new parents.

Pearl Pureheart: Aren't you just the sweetest little guy?

Mike Mouse: Isn't he adorable?

Scrappy Mouse: (smiling:) My new dad's gonna be Mighty Mouse? Awwwwesome!


Mouse Caretaker: (confused:) Mighty Mouse?

Mike Mouse: Uh, I'm a mighty happy mouse to have Scrappy as my new son.

Scrappy Mouse: (thinking:) Whew. What am I saying?

(This was the start of a beautiful future, and so, the flashback ends, turning back into a sequence with Mike Mouse, Pearl Pureheart, Muscles, Tom, Jerry, Karras, Goku, Chi-Chi and Gam.)

Mike Mouse: (smiling with Pearl:) And that's how we adopted Scrappy before our New Year wedding.

(Tom, Jerry, Karras, Gam, Goku and Chi-Chi looked touched by the story Mike has told.)

Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse: Aww...

Pearl Pureheart: Now it's our turn for a question.

Mike Mouse: Yeah, like when did you get superpowers, Muscles?

Muscles Mouse: (flexing his arms:) Other than my amazing muscles?

(The camera switches to Pearl as she continue making dinner.)

Pearl Pureheart: Come on, we're serious.

(The camera cuts back to Muscles and Mike.)

Muscles Mouse: Okay, okay, sorry. Well, long after Tom and Jerry are adopted by Robyn and her dad, sometime during the Halloween season...

(As he continued, yet another flashback covers the scene, showing the part where Muscles had left his home and decided to visit a fair that was happening in Central Park.)

Muscles Mouse (off-screen): I was visiting this medieval fair that represents the culture of our world's countries in the Renaissance era, including Britain, France and Greece. There was a mouse-sized area too, where each and every more get to enjoy the parade of knights, eat food and play games.

Jerry (off-screen): Is it like the feast of fools at the Notre Dame square in Paris, cousin?

Muscles (off-screen:)


(And there was a female mouse fortune teller who seemed to be looking right at him from behind the shadows.)

Muscles Mouse (off-screen): And there was a fortune teller, I decided to talk with her..

(Muscles noticed that the fortune teller was looking at him and decided to see what she wanted. She greeted him; her voice resembles the voice of Fortuneteller Baba, sister of Master Roshi.)

Fortune Telling Mouse: Come in... Come in, my child...

Muscles Mouse: Hey, there.

(He sat down in front of her crystal ball.)

Fortune Telling Mouse: I am Lady Wisteria. I understand that you are more than a mere mouse.

Muscles Mouse: (flexing his arms:) Did my muscles give it away?

Lady Wisteria: Yes, yes, you seem as brave and heroic... You must know of The Tale of Despereaux, written by the American book writer Kate DiCamillo. But let's talk more about you...


Lady Wisteria (off-screen): You could be strong as god-like mice...


Lady Wisteria: Almost like Mighty Mouse himself or any other mouse hero in this world, from all over the universe, or any other generation...


Lady Wisteria (off-screen:): I may seem like a simple fortune teller attendant, but I, like you, am more than I seem to be.

Muscles Mouse: (sweating:) Me? Like Mighty Mouse? (shaking his head:) No, no, no.


Lady Wisteria: I know, but you could probably have much more strength in you. Perhaps, strong enough to be like a Mouse God of some sorts.

Muscles Mouse: Really? How?


Lady Wisteria: In London, England, following the death of the recently-born Arthur's father King Uther, there is Excalibur, the Sword in the Stone.


Lady Wisteria (off-screen): And there, on that magical sword are the words that act like a prophecy. They said, "whoso pulleth out this sword of this and anvil is rightwise king born of England."


Lady Wisteria (off-screen): Many knights, as well as peasants have tried and failed, as Excalibur give them the power, magic, and strength of a mouse unlike any other as a reward, but no one has been strong enough to obtain the sword.


Lady Wisteria: But maybe, you are the lucky one, my friend.

Muscles Mouse: Cool, where is it?

Lady Wisteria: It is in the center of the festival. But as you will see, similiar to the Sword in the Stone, this one is the Sword in the Blue Cheese. The human wizard Chip is holding a ceremony to determine who is like being born the rightful king of not just England, after removing Excalibur from the Blue Cheese.

Muscles Mouse: Gee, thanks, lady.

Lady Wisteria: (smiling:) My pleasure... Maurice "Muscles" Mouse...

(Muscles stopped in his tracks.)

Muscles Mouse: How did you know my first and middles names?

(Wisteria giggled innocently at Muscle's question.)

Lady Wisteria: I told you, I am a lady of fortune.

Muscles Mouse: Ohh. Well, anyway, thanks, Lady Wisteria!

(The stronge brown mouse then gets out of Lady Wisteria's tent to find the center of the festival.)

Lady Wisteria: Anytime, my child, anytime.

(Back with Muscles,

Muscles Mouse:

Tom: Chip?

Jerry: Yeah, that's him.


Chip: Mice of New York City, do you all know about the legend of King Arthur, his magic sword Excalibur and his Round-Table Knights from Camelot?




Chip (off-screen):






(Next, we see Muscles standing in line as many of the other male mice tried to pull the sword out of the old block of cheese which was hard as a stone by now, and where each one seemed to fail, with Chip watching. For example, one mouse which is a wrestler tried to extract Excalibur from the blue cheese, but it's no use.)





Chip: Nice! You're too close, from what I saw, you are making a sword sliding up a bit, which means you almost pull it out. But that's good.

Asian Mouse: (in a Korean-accent:) Yes, Mighty Chip. I thought I was one of the best martial artists in the world.

Chip: (chuckles) You are the best martial artist.


Muscles Mouse: (chuckling:) Just like Tom and Jerry.

(Next, an android mouse with robotic arms is unable to pull out the magic sword.)

Chip: Watch it, dude. You don't wanna ruin your own circuits.

(Muscles soon went up next, and Chip looks down at him.)

Chip: Ah-ha! Maurice "Muscles" Mouse, cousin of Jerry!

Muscles Mouse: (smiles:) Chip!


Muscles Mouse:


Muscles Mouse:


(Muscles rolled up his sleeves and puts his hands on the sword.)

Muscles Mouse: I'm ready, Chip.

(The other mice are now seen watching in concern.)

White Mouse: (smirking:) Oh, please if we couldn't, how is he going to--?

(Muscles was seen able to take the sword out of the old cheese. A heavenly glow seemed to shine all around him and all of the mice gasped in shock.)

White Mouse: Never mind.


Chip: All right! You have freed Excalibur from the Blue Cheese. You have won this magical sword!

Muscles Mouse:




(All the mice cheered in joy as they should know Muscles as the king of the festival, much like the pope or king of fools that Quasimodo once became in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Lady Wisteria appear among the crowd, delighted to see that happen.)

Lady Wisteria (astonishment:) The prophecy has been fulfilled... He will now have all the power and magic to be a very extraordinary mouse, like never before risen on this Halloween.

(The other mice puts a costume of the king's royal cape, removes his hat and puts a golden crown on his head. All the others knelt before him.)

Mice: Hail Muscles, king of the festival, god of Halloween!


Muscles Mouse: (thinking:) Hey, this ain't bad... This is better than when I showed that pussycat Tom how to treat a mouse like Jerry. After all, Toodles, Chérie and their kids want them to be friends for the rest of their lives.

Chip: Well, that's all the magic of the "Sword in the Blue Cheese" giveaway. Until we meet again next year, may you enjoy the rest of your day here at our medieval festival. Take care, and Happy Halloween!

(The flashback ends back to the scene of Mike Mouse, Tom, Jerry and the others.)

Muscles Mouse: And that's how I'm the king of this festival, that is until next year.

Jerry Mouse: Wow, Muscles! To think that Chip can work at this medieval festival where he'd play the role of the younger version of Merlin.

Muscles Mouse:

Mike Mouse: Do you still have this sword?

(Muscles took out one suitcase and opened it before unveiling his new sword.)

Muscles Mouse: Here is it. Excalibur, owned by King Arthur from Camelot. I feel like the He-Man of mice with this sword. And I'm not just saying that because of my increase in muscles.

(Mike and Pearl giggled to this, but were amazed by the sword.)

Tom: Um, Muscles? Is it a real sword.

Muscles Mouse: (chuckling:) No, Thomas. It's an actual fake one, a promotional item of "The Sword in the Blue Cheese" giveaway at the fair, along with the costume of the king that I can always were every Halloween Night.


Jerry Mouse: Oh, yeah. That's right, it's almost there was a watch and win sweepstakes called "The Big Giveaway", sponspored by the alien jack-o-lantern's Silver Shamrock Novelties and featuring the magic pumpkin.






Muscles Mouse: I could be a superhero like you. Muscles told Mike.

You sure have come a long way since we first met." Mike smiled as he felt proud of Muscles.

Muscles Mouse: I sure have.

(He pounded his own cheese with his fist, which made Tom tremble a bit, that Jerry, Karras, Goku, Chi-Chi and Gam giggle at him a bit. Then Scrappy's voice is heard exclaiming.)

Scrappy Mouse (off-screen): Awesome!

(Everyone then turned to behind the couch to find Scrappy there.)

Scrappy Mouse: Oh, uh, hey there.

Mike Mouse: Are you done with your homework already?

Scrappy Mouse: Yes.

Tuffy Mouse: Guilty as charged, Mike.

Mike Mouse: Prove it.

Scrappy Mouse: Okay, I will.

(He then went back to his room to show his dad his homework. After a little while, Scrappy and Tuffy came back with the former orphan mouse's homework. Mike and Pearl decided that they, too, should check it out to make sure Scrappy actually did it.)

Scrappy Mouse: Whoever invented homework needs a serious therapist? (putting his hands in his pockets:) What'd it ever do for me?

Tuffy Mouse: Good grades?

Scrappy Mouse: (rolling his eyes:) Whatever...

Mike Mouse: (looking at how the homework looked so far:) Hmm... (nodding:) Good, good.

Pearl Pureheart: (smiling:) Oh, Scrappy, if you keep this up, you might make the Honor Roll in school.

(Scrappy's eyes widened and his tail and ears even stood on end.)

Scrappy Mouse: But that's for nerds!

Muscles Mouse: Not just for nerds.

Scrappy Mouse: (scoffing:) Oh, it so is... No one ever cool ended up on the Honor Roll.

Pearl Pureheart: (smirking:) I ended up on the Honor Roll when I was your age.


Scrappy Mouse: Huh?

Tom Cat, Jerry Mouse, Tuffy Mouse, Muscles Mouse, Gam, Goku and Chi-Chi: Huh?

Scrappy Mouse: Y-You did...? Uh, I didn't mean it like that! I'm sorry!

Pearl Pureheart: It's okay.

(Scrappy shrugged, groaning quietly)

Mike Mouse: Good job, Scrappy. I guess you can have ice cream after dinner.

Scrappy Mouse: (trying to compromise:) What if I had dessert first and then dinner?

Mike Mouse: (smirking:) Nice try.

Scrappy Mouse: (shrugging:) Aw, well, can't blame a kid for tryin'...

Tuffy Mouse: (smiling:) You're not the only one, Scrappy. I've been making tricks and lies, to which Jerry does not like, and so don't Tom.

Jerry Mouse:

Tom Cat:

(Scrappy sighs before thinking of another idea.)

Scrappy Mouse: Hey, guys, can I take Tom, Jerry and Tuffy to the movies on Saturday? They show old Mighty Mouse cartoons all day.

Mike Mouse: (smiling:) Well, since your homework is very well done, sure. Just remember your manners.

Pearl Pureheart: Yeah, no talking during the movie.

Tom Cat: The same thing goes to you, too, Tuffy.

Tuffy Mouse: Yes, I understand now.

Scrappy Mouse: When do we ever do that?

(And give Scrappy an answer to his question, Pearl and Mike began to have flashbacks of when Scrappy talked during the movie, resulting the three mice to be thrown out of the motion picture theater.)

Tuffy Mouse: Old Mighty Mouse cartoons?

Scrappy Mouse: Aw, yeah, they're awesome! Please come with me, all the other kids will be there!

Tuffy Mouse: Okay, okay, Scrappy. I'll go.

Scrappy Mouse: Yes! This is gonna be awesome! (turns to Goku and Chi-Chi:) Won't you join us, Goku and Chi-Chi.

Chi-Chi: Thanks for the offer, Scrappy. But we cannot afford to go there. We have to keep on training in martial arts, the way that Master Roshi taught my daddy and Gohan long before Goku and Krillin.

Goku: Just like we told you about us, I want to get even more strong, and even want to fight some guys that are much strong.

Tom Cat: (smiling:) Surely, we want to be as strong as this kid and your dad.

Scrappy Mouse: Ohhh, okay. Suit yourselves.

(The camera then switches to a close-up at Muscles thinking to himself about Goku:)

Muscles Mouse: (thinking:)

A Talk Over Cheese Dinner/Bedtime Preperations

(Soon enough, the cheese dinner was ready and Pearl began to serve everyone at the table, and where everyone – including Tom, Jerry, Karras, Tuffy, Gam, Chi-Chi and Goku loved this meal with no complaints. On the table, they are several cheeses from not just America, but from different countries worldwide. There is also red wine just for Tom, Jerry, Karras, Muscles, Mike and Pearl, and plenty of orange sodas for Tuffy, Gam, Goku and Chi-Chi.)

Goku: Wow! All the cheese. That looks good. I'm starving.

Chi-Chi: We all are, Goku. It's a good thing you're learning table manners when it comes to special new friends like Tom and Jerry.

Goku: (laughs:) Yeah, you're right. I guess I need to be careful to eat slowly and politely.

(The camera then shows Karras, Jerry and Tuffy looking at the cheese.)

Jerry Mouse: (amazed:) Oh, sweet Gouda... The awesomeness of Swiss... The passion of pepper jack...

Tuffy Mouse: And some harvest chedder, and his royal British majesty, Wensleydale too, Uncle Jerry.

Jerry Mouse: (looks at Pearl:) Pearl, you are amazing.

Tom Cat: (smiled:) Just like a professional human person who can make wine and cheese.

Pearl Pureheart: (smiling:) Oh, thank you, Tom and Jerry.


Scrappy Mouse: (placing his drink back on the table after his first sip:) So, Tom and Jerry, why do you look different as just one cat and one mouse? Were you like bitter enemies or evil beings?

Jerry Mouse: (shaking his head:) Nope. We were just ordinary rivals long back when we originally live in Mammy Two Shoes' house.

Tom Cat:

Scrappy Mouse: Really, Thomas? Does you attempt to eat Jerry?

Tom Cat: (cutting another slice of cheese with a knife:) Yes and no, Scrappy. I do attempt to eat Jerry, but in fact, I'm only pretending to do so.

Scrappy Mouse: I don't get it. How do you live together?

Jerry Mouse: We just do.

Scrappy Mouse: How long?

(Tom and Jerry shrugged.)

Tom Cat: As long as before we can even remember.

Jerry Mouse: Sure, Tom and I had our fights, but we're getting along better these days ever since Robyn Starling adopted us as her pets.

Tom Cat: (confused:) A cat and a mouse getting along? No wonder why Tom had to be gentle.

Jerry Mouse: We learned how to become friends from two strangers we met the night we were abandoned back in the big city. They were a dog and a flea.

Tom Cat: And their names are Puggsy and Frankie.

Scrappy Mouse: Wow.

(Everyone continued to eat their evening meal with more talk about all of Tom and Jerry's other adventures in the past, such as with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman, then teamwork with Robyn's boyfriend Mikko Mura and the Space Avengers to defend the Earth against the space conquer Rodak with support from the monster Godzilla and the six Ultra Brothers from the Nebula M78 in the 40th Galaxy, and even searching for the seven magic Dragon Balls with the Dragon Team on their Earth in the seventh universe far away from the duo's own solar system. And after they ate by nightfall where a full moon lasts only three nights, they went to get settled in. Tuffy was going to stay with Scrappy in his room while Tom, Jerry and Muscles would share a room, and Goku and Chi-Chi gone away to find a wilderness where the young Saiyan can transform into a Great Ape through the moon's energy, the Blutz Waves, and let Chi-Chi sleep safely on top of his body's front size when he lay down, knowing that her boyfriend's monstrous form will scare away any wild animals who looked upon the gigantic beast that is half-monkey, half-ape. Even Gam is preparing to turn into a rocket to fly back home to the Planet Kanata in the ZRF Galaxy. Tom and Jerry couldn't help but notice that there were baby stuff around the house, though Scrappy obviously wasn't a baby, unless...)

Jerry Mouse: Thomas, do you see what I see?

Tom Cat: (confused:)

Jerry Mouse: (smiling:) I think Pearl and Mike are going to have a baby.

Mike Mouse (off-screen:) You got that right, Jer.

(Tom and Jerry look to Muscles who spoke to them.)

Mike Mouse: We might be gone when you guys get up and Gam, Goku and Chi-Chi return in the morning. Pearl and I are gonna have a check-up with the doctor.

Muscles Mouse: Take your time.

Mighty Mouse: (smiled:) Thanks, Muscles. I knew you'd understand.

Rescued by the Cow

(Meanwhile, in the prison facilities of the Mouseville Police Department, Buster Mouse is sitting silently, thinking about how he should get out of jail and find Mighty Mouse and his Mighty Squadron.)

Buster Mouse: (thinking:)

(The police mouse is walking pass the other cells containing the other prisoners. He stopped to look at Buster still thinking to himself. He is puzzled by his silence.)

Police Mouse: (thinking:) That's weird. How come a big crook like Buster get to be so calm?

Buster's Real Identify/A New Scheme for Round 2

Part 4


(The next morning came, but Mighty Mouse's enemies were planning a surefire way to destroy him and be rid of him and his so-called Mighty Squadron membership in Mouseville forever. At the hospital, which is now known as Mouseville Medical Center, Mike and Pearl came to the doctor with excited smiles after doing some tests.)

Mouse Doctor: (smiling:) Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Mouse. You'll be having triplets.

(Mike and Pearl gasped in unison.)

Mike Mouse and Pearl Pureheat: TRIPLETS?!

Mouse Doctor: (nervously:) Oops, um, sorry, I read it wrong; you'll just be having twins.

(Mike and Pearl were still shocked at the idea of having more than one baby at once.)

Mouse Doctor: And would you like to know if they'll be boys or girls or a boy and a girl?

Pearl Pureheart: Well, we wanted to wait, but if you can tell us, yes, please.

Mike Mouse: That way we can narrow down names too.

(The doctor brought out Pearl's personal file, smiling.)

Mouse Doctor: Okay, they're a boy and a girl.

Pearl Pureheart: One of each. That sounds perfect.

Mouse Doctor: Now, just remember, it's too early to see any more, but come back in, oh, I'd say three weeks, and we can find out more about your babies.

Mike Mouse: That's great.

Mouse Doctor: They should be very happy and healthy, and I'm happy for you, Mr. and Mrs. Mouse.

(Mike starts shaking hands with the doctor, though he was so happy about being a father, he couldn't control his strength.)

Mike Mouse: Thank you so much, Doctor!

Mouse Doctor: Uh, Mr. Mouse? Could you loosen your grip, a little? I'm gonna need that hand later!

Mike Mouse: Huh? Oh, sorry, Doc!

(Gently, he lets go of the doctor's hand. The doctor's hand now almost looked crushed.)

Mike Mouse: (nervously smiling:) Sorry... I guess I got too excited.

(The doctor chuckled, though winced from his hand's pain.)

Mouse Doctor: Who do you think you are, Super Mouse? Ooh, I better call a nurse.

Pearl Pureheart: (nervous:) Well, we'll just be on our way out.

Mike Mouse: So long, Doctor, thanks for the news.

Pearl Pureheart and Mike Mouse: Bye!

(In an instance, Mike and Pearl zipped out of the doctor's office. Once they were far enough away, it was safe for them to talk.)

Pearl Pureheart: (sighing:) Twins... A boy and a girl... Well, I guess we better decide on names...

Mike Mouse: How about Mortimer for the boy?

Pearl Pureheat: (shrugging:) Hmm... Maybe... Mortimer Mouse sounds a little obnoxious in my opinion. This name might be a confusion with Mortimer Snerd. You know? One of Edgar Bergan's two dummies? And the other one, Charlie McCarthy?

Mike Mouse: Hmm... Yeah, you're right, that name does sound obnoxious.

"We'll think it over a little more." Pearl decided as they soon went back home.

Mike nodded in agreement.

Jerry's Difficulty in Workout

(When Mike and Pearl came home, Muscles, Karras, Tom, Gam, Goku – now back in his human form with his Turtle-Hermit gi restored by Gam's Gamma Rays after the first full moon night in the wilderness, and Chi-Chi were working out while Jerry read a book, though Tuffy and Scrappy went to the movies to see the Mighty Mouse cartoon marathon they had every weekend. Muscles is doing push-ups, while Goku, Chi-Chi, Gam, Karras and Tom are sparring match in martial arts, dodging, blocking and jumping.)

Muscles Mouse: So, how'd it go?

Mike Mouse: Went smoothly. We're having twins.

Pearl Pureheart: A boy and a girl.

Muscles Mouse: (smiling:) That's great.

Jerry Mouse: Scrappy and Tuffy went to the movies.

Pearl Pureheart: We had a feeling that they did.

Muscles Mouse: I thought I'd try out your equipment, Mike. I hope that's okay.

Mike Mouse: (chuckles:) That's fine, but I'll need those for crime fighting later, even though it was Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Goku, Chi-Chi and Gam are responsible for defending our universes with adventurous courage and martial arts skills.

Pearl Pureheat: (rubbing her husband's muscles to playfully make him weak:) Why not share?

Mike Mouse: (playfully pouting:) Hey!

(Tom, Jerry, Karras, Gam, Goku and Chi-Chi chuckled to that. Then Pearl playfully used her puppy dog eyes as she held Mike's right arm, making him sweat all over his head.)

Pearl Pureheart: Please, Mikey?

Mike Mouse: (smiling:) Well, okay. For you.

(Pearl giggled and hugged Mike, then she turned to Jerry who is still reading.)

Pearl Pureheart: Say, Jerry, why don't you, Tom and the others in the workout?

Jerry Mouse: Uh, that's okay, Pearl. I get enough exercise from Tom chasing me all day.

(The camera switches to Tom, who is blocking Gam's strikes in defense before the cat and the robot boy looked to Jerry.)

Tom Cat: Yep, that you do, little buddy.

Gam: Let see how do you build up your strength, Jerry.

(Back with Jerry went the camera, we soon flexed one of his arms to show a muscle only for it to lag.)

Muscles Mouse: You could use some upper body strength, cous.

Jerry Mouse: I guess being chased by Tom isn't enough.

Muscles Mouse: Uh-huh.

(With that, Muscles gave a barbell to his cousin. Jerry yelped as fell to the floor with the barbell due to not being that strong. Tom, Karras, Gam, Goku and Chi-Chi are shocked in surprise with the blue-gray cat letting out a high-pitched scream-like gasp, voiced by the late William Hanna.)

Goku: Hey! What did you do that for? Are you trying to hurt Jerry?

(Muscles turned to Goku.)

Muscles Mouse: Relax, kid. I'm not gonna hurt him just because he is my little cousin. (turns back to Jerry while talking to Goku:) I was only wanting to do what's best for him, to train him to be just like me.

(The camera cuts to Jerry under the barbell on which he is struggling to take it off him, grunting.)

Jerry Mouse: Maybe I should try to start off with something easier. I thought Tom and I did train with everything in our last adventures.

Pearl Pureheart: This is gonna take a lot of work.

Mike Mouse and Muscles Mouse: (in unison:) We've got a long way to go.

Gam: No sweat. This is just like why my father train me to get stronger, like he is. And in the future, more strongest than Rodak and Mefilas.

(Back to Jerry, he got free from the dumbbell.)

Jerry Mouse: Do you have any less heavier weights?

Mike Mouse: Hmm... Let me see...

(Mike hummed in thought as he went to the back part of his gym to find equipment for Jerry to begin with since he was a beginner before he then thought back to when he first met Muscles.)

Mike Mouse: Well, I don't have anything for you to use, but you might wanna visit my old gym.

Jerry Mouse: Hmm... Sounds like a good place to start.

Muscles Mouse: Sounds good to me.

Mike Mouse: Why don't we go there since Scrappy and Tuffy are at the movies?

Jerry Mouse: Okay!

(They all soon went to do just that.)

Part 5

Tuffy and Scrappy's Other Things to Do

(That evening, at the movies, Scrappy and Tuffy are watching a Mighty Mouse motion picture.)

Scrappy Mouse: (alarmed:) Look out, Mighty Mouse!

(Several child audience members including a mouse girl beside him glared, hushing.)

Mouse Girl: (whispering:) Shh! Keep it down, will you?

Scrappy Mouse: (whispering:) Sorry.

(The camera switches to Tuffy thinking to himself.)

Tuffy Mouse: (thinking:) Now I understand what Mike and Pearl meant, and this is why Mama and Uncle Jerry want me to behave appropriate like Pippi Longstocking.

Scrappy Mouse: (laughing:) Oh, man, this is the best part, Tuffy! This is when Mighty Mouse sends those Martian Cats back to where they came from!

(This caused the rest of the mouse kids to groan out of annoyance as the next part was ruined. Luckily for the rest of the audience, the Mighty Mouse movie was soon over.)

Scrappy Mouse: (smiling:) Ah, that was awesome. Mighty Mouse in the Great Space Chase.

Tuffy Mouse: It sure was something.

(They soon left to go and do something else.)

Scrappy Mouse: So, what you wanna do now, Tuffy?

Tuffy Mouse: Hmm... Not sure. Are there any arcades here?

Scrappy Mouse: Yeah! Let's go!

(Scrappy then led Tuffy to the video game arcade so that they could play some video games together. When they got there, they saw a new video game that looked like virtual reality and had an image of Mighty Mouse.)

Mouse Vendor: (smiling:) Hey, kids. You should check out the new Mighty Mouse game.

Tuffy Mouse: (smiling back:) What's it called, sir?

Mouse Vendor: "The Adventures of You and Mighty Mouse." It's a virtual reality game where you can actually make your own character in the game or fight Mighty Mouse himself as a villain.

Tuffy Mouse and Scrappy Mouse: Awesome!

(Scrappy and Tuffy then smiled to each other as that sounded amazing.)

Mouse Vendor: Wanna try it out?

Scrappy Mouse: (hopefully:) Can it have 2 players at a time?

Mouse Vendor: Sure.

Tuffy Mouse: Scrappy, why don't you play it first?

Scrappy Mouse: You sure, Tuffy?

Tuffy Mouse: (smiling:) Yeah.

Mouse Vendor: And remember, it's just a game so even if you choose to be the villain, it's not like you'll be hurting the real one or really destroying Mouseville or the Earth.

Scrappy Mouse: (coming to the game:) Right, right, anyways, let's play!

(The vendor gave him a helmet with gloves to show him the virtual world of the video game.)

Scrappy Mouse: Wait, don't I need tokens?

Mouse Vendor: Oh, right.

(The vendor said before giving him four tokens.)

Scrappy Mouse: Thanks.

(The mouse child put a token in to play the game. Then suddenly, the instrumental version of the Mighty Mouse theme song played in the game on the title screen so that Scrappy could play. Scrappy soon tapped start and it soon showed a character creator screen. Tuffy smiled as he felt happy for Scrappy.)

Scrappy Mouse: This is so cool!

(He was surprised that he created his own character. He decided to go with someone big and strong. Tuffy felt so happy and excited for Scrappy.)

Scrappy Mouse: (excicted:) I'll take that, and that, and that, and that...Ooh, and that.

(Once he was finished, his character now looked like he was bigger and stronger and more powerful than his adoptive dad. Next was his choice of powers.)

Scrappy Mouse: Let's see... Laser vision... Super strength... Yadda yadda...

(Scrappy looked at the selection of powers for his character avatar. He went with powers similar to his adoptive father's, only making them ten times stronger and decided that his super breath should be vortex breath with freeze breath.)

Scrappy Mouse: Is there a limit on powers in the game?

Mouse Vendor: (shaking his head:) Nope.

Tuffy Mouse: Wow!

(After the choice of powers, was next was the choice of weakness.)

Scrappy Mouse: Aw, come on, do I have to pick a weakness? I wanna be the best hero in all of Mouseville!

Mouse Vendor: If you don't want a weakness, you can skip that part. And you don't have to choose to be the hero in the game, you can first be the villain if you want.

Scrappy Mouse: All right!

(He skipped the weakness part. He was soon shown two different screens one was facing against Mighty Mouse and the other was fighting along side Mighty Mouse. Now, being the adoptive son of the town hero, Scrappy was going to choose to fight alongside him, but then, a second thought came to his mind. Three mice were coming along to check out the arcade as Scrappy played. Scrappy soon tapped on the screen of fighting Mighty Mouse. Just then, the three mice came in the arcade as Tuffy looked at them.)

Tuffy Mouse: Who are you guys?

First Mouse: We're the MiceFits. I'm Moe, this is Bum, and that's Frum.

Tuffy Mouse: Nice to meet you.

Moe: You with Scrappy?

Frum: Yeah, 'cuz he's our pal.

(Frum laughed, sounding like a big fat idiot.)

Tuffy Mouse: Uh, he's actually playing the new Mighty Mouse game.

Moe: New Mighty Mouse game, eh? Ya hear that, fellas?

Mouse Vendor: Yeah, but you'll have to wait your turns.

Scrappy Mouse: This is the best! I'm the coolest hero in all of Mouseville!

(We are soon shown in the video game as the theme song played as a familiar black mouse was flying in it. Scrappy sang along to the Mighty Mouse theme song.)

Scrappy Mouse: (singing:) ♪ Here he comes to save the day...

(The Mighty Mouse NPC was soon tackled by him. Scrappy laughed as he fought against the virtual Mighty Mouse.)

Mouse Vendor: A success.

(The vendor chuckled as Scrappy enjoyed the game so far. And where unknown to any of them, what was going right there would actually happen to the actual Mighty Mouse. The vendor seemed to know, but he did his best to hide it. Tuffy had a strange feeling, but shrugged it off as he continued to watch Scrappy.)

Mighty Mouse vs. Mondo Mega Mouse?

(Meanwhile with Mike, he is overseeing the excercise that Tom, Jerry, Karras, Goku, Chi-Chi and Gam are doing. Then suddenly, there was stomping heard outside in Mouseville with screams.)




(Mike nods in agreement with Goku and Gam, then turned to Tom and Jerry.)

Mike Mouse: Thomas, Jerry, I gotta go now. You guys keep working on those crunches, okay?

(Tom and Jerry gasped as so much exercise got to them, most importantly the brown mouse with a male child's voice that is similar to that of Goku, voiced by the character's second voice actress at Funimation, Stephanie Nadolny.)

Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse: We'll try.

Muscles: I'll keep them company

Mike Mouse: Thanks, Muscles, be back soon. Mike smiled

(Mike, Goku, Chi-Chi and Gam dashed away, out of the gym and into the street. Mike became Mighty Mouse and Gam transforms from a human-robot to a rocket before they took off to the sky.)


(Immediately, Nimbus flew down to Goku and Chi-Chi, and the two kids hopped aboard the cloud and followed Mighty Mouse as they are all flying to see what was troubling Mouseville. And what he and his four Mighty Squadron members saw was a single mouse. It was a familiar mouse that Might Mouse and his team had dealt with at the bank the other day, who looks normal by his head, but only with a super suit this time. Could it be Buster?)

Buster Mouse: (smirking:) I'm baaaaack!


Gam (rocket form), Goku and Chi-Chi: Buster?!

Mighty Mouse: You again?!

Buster Mouse: Yep, and where I'm more powerful than ever, thanks to the Cow. So what do you say?

(The big strong super villain mouse smirked as was Scrappy as he thought he was just playing a game.)

Buster Mouse: Wanna dance?

Mighty Mouse: Oh, you are so on!

(Then Mighty Mouse and his team flew up toward the super villain mouse with the superhero mouse's fist ready to pound him with. Back at the video game arcade, Scrappy and the super villain mouse grabbed his fist with a smirk before starting to spin him into a tornado at super speed. Tuffy, the diaper-wearing gray mouse kept watching Scrappy play. The two boys are not aware that the real super villain is out in the city fighting the Mighty Squadron.)

Tuffy Mouse: Never thought you'd go on the dark side, Scrappy.

Scrappy Mouse: Ah, relax, I'm not hurting anyone.

(He was not knowing that he actually was, and that someone was his adoptive father who he idolized even before his adoption.)

Scrappy Mouse: Anyway, time for this Mighty Mouse to have a hard crash on the moon.

Tuffy Mouse: (shrugging:) Well, it'd be something to see Mighty Mouse lose a match.

(Outside, to the citizens of Mouseville...)



Buster Mouse: Now for you and your team to have a crash course on the moon!

(The super villain mouse smirked as he threw the superhero mouse at the moon with the Mighty Squadron members watching in horror, all except Goku, who knew that this is the second night of the full moon and it's not yet time for him to transform by looking at the bright, round orb of the night. He had is eyes closed as if he can see what's happening inside his mind. Mighty Mouse screamed as he actually flew to the moon.)

Buster Mouse: (mockingly singing:) Fly me to the moo-ooooon!

(Mighty Mouse soon crashed into the moon, causing it to crack and break. Goku, Chi-Chi and Gam gasped, before the rocket flew after their leader.)

Buster Mouse: (thinking to himself): Now let's see what else this kid has in store.

(Back to Tuffy and Scrappy at the video game arcade...)

Tuffy Mouse: Whoa, you broke the moon! Now it's not a full moon anymore, and without it, Goku cannot turn into Great Ape, even if he does have his tail.

Scrappy Mouse: Hey, don't be silly, Tuffy. Good thing it's not the real full moon, now to take the fight in space.

Tuffy Mouse (giggling:) Awesome.

(Scrappy then flew himself to the moon to continue the fight with Mighty Mouse. Back in the city, the citizens of Mouseville were worried about their hero and his team, and they wondered what was going on between them and the villain, who is really Buster, escaped from prison.)

Tuffy Mouse: So, what's your character's name?

Scrappy Mouse: Mondo Mega Mouse. Homeworld, Planet Mondo.

Tuffy Mouse: Ooh, sounds powerful. Good thing I'm not fighting him in this virtual reality that would be far greater than QuestWorld, invented by the QuestTeam from the future including Jonny Quest, but duplicated by that mean old Dr. Jeremiah Surd.

Scrappy Mouse: (chuckles:) You can say that again.

(Back to the Mighty Squadron against Buster as the super villain...)

Buster Mouse: You and your team will never beat me, Mighty Mouse!


Mighty Mouse: That's what you think, Buster!

Buster Mouse: Ha! Buster, indeed! Now I am Mondo Mega Mouse, just like you should know me by now, and you will be destroyed!

Mighty Mouse: We'll see about that, Mondo Mega Mouse.

(He got up and tried to knock the wind out of him as he punched him in the gut.)

Mondo Mega Mouse: (laughing:) Is that the best you got? I have no weaknesses!

(Mighty Mouse, Goku, Chi-Chi and the rocket Gam gasped as they didn't know that, but Mighty tried to uppercut him. Mondo Mega Mouse smirked as he grabbed Mighty Mouse's fist and then flew up in the atmosphere with him before dropping him to have a hard and painful landing on the craters. Then the scene changes into a line with sequences. The scene with Mondo Mega Mouse is on the left, and the scene with Scrappy is on the right.)

Mondo Mega Mouse and Scrappy Mouse: Now to use my speed!


Mighty Mouse: You... are.... unreal!

(The camera switches to the rocket Gam and Goku and Chi-Chi on Nimbus looking down.)

Chi-Chi: Mighty Mouse! You been fighting well and hard enough! You have to stay down, we can handle him!

Gam (rocket form): Just let us take our turn!

Mighty Mouse: No, my friends! You must stay where you are. It's between him and me!

Goku: Uhh, but Mighty--

(Then Mondo Mega Mouse laughed, interupting the Mighty Squadron's conversation.)

Mondo Mega Mouse: I'm afraid your leader is right, kids. Will you just stay out of my affairs with him? The fun's not over yet.

(Mondo Mega Mouse soon flew at super speed and pulled Mighty Mouse by his cape. Mighty Mouse gagged slightly as that choked him. Mondo Mega Mouse grinned and dragged Mighty Mouse behind him, and where as he was dragging him it was looking like he was plowing the moon. Back with Scrappy and Tuffy at the video game arcade...)

Scrappy Mouse: Take that, Mighty Mouse!

(The former orphan mouse laughed as he continued to play. What he and Tuffy are still not aware that the Mouse Vendor who is watching Scrappy is the Cow in disguise, and he is the one who created a virtual reality game as a dirty trick for Mondo Mega Mouse's rematch with Mighty Mouse and his Mighty Squadron.)

Scrappy Mouse: Man, this is so cool!

Mouse Vendor: I thought you might like it.

Tuffy Mouse: Say, you're kinda big for a vendor.

Mouse Vendor: (innocently:) Well, I'm an adult.

Tuffy Mouse (nods) True. You are an adult, just like my friend Thomas, my Uncle Jerry and all relatives of the Cat and Mouse families.

Scrappy Mouse: (smiling:) Cool, I can even make my fists bigger like in a cartoon.

Tuffy Mouse: Oh, do it! I love that trick! Uh, I mean a counter attack!

(Back at the gruesome fight in the city, Mighty Mouse rubbed his head before gasping as Mondo Mega Mouse made his fists grow into a larger size. After the supervillain mouse blew into them from his thumbs like balloons.)

Mighty Mouse: Aw, curds...

(Mondo Mega Mouse then slammed his fists into Mighty Mouse like two cymbals crashing into each other, and where that left him flat as a pancake, making him scream in pain. Goku, Chi-Chi and Gam were horrified at this terrible violence on their friend. Then Mondo Mega Mouse grabbed Mighty Mouse by one of the giant hands. the injured superhero mouse looked in pain and dizzy before he shook his head and panicked as he looked like he couldn't win against this insane criminal. Next, the camera shows another sequence with a line that has two images. The first image above is Scrappy playing, and the other down below is Mondo Mega Mouse attacking.)

Mondo Mega Mouse and Scrappy Mouse: Hmm... I think you'll look better as a ball.

(As the camera cuts to a full scene, it shows the super villain mouse started to mold the superhero into a ball.)

Mighty Mouse: No... Please, don't...!

Mondo Mega Mouse: (mockingly and musically:) Too late. (speaking in a serious tone:) Let's play some basketball.

(Back at the video game arcade, Scrappy unwittingly began to treat his adoptive father in the game like a basketball.)

Tuffy Mouse: What're you doing now?

Scrappy Mouse: What does it look like I'm doing?

(He soon spun Mighty Mouse on the tip of his character's finger of his right hand.)

Scrappy Mouse: I'm about to score three points!

(Then Scrappy laughed with the villain he created and slid Mighty Mouse all around his arms like a professional basketball player like in the Harlem Globetrotters. He soon shot Mighty Mouse like a basketball at Saturn. Mighty Mouse screamed as he was flying through space and swished through Saturn's rings like through a basketball hoop.)

Mondo Mega Mouse and Scrappy Mouse: Oh, yeah, three points!

(Mighty Mouse screamed, but no one would hear him, it was like they always said.)

The Life-Threating Battle

(In space, no one can hear him scream. But back on Planet Kanata in the ZRF Galaxy, the Dragon Team, Methusan, Ambassador Magma and Silvar sensed the greater danger on Earth as they saw everything from the viewing portal created by the wise wizard of he planet.)

Silvar: Methusan, Mighty Mouse and his Mighty Squadron are having a harder fight with this new super villain, Mondo Mega Mouse. What if Gam, Chi-Chi and Goku become the first two victims to be destroyed.


(The Ox King walked up to the viewing portal, standing behind Methusan and Silver and next to Magma.)

Ox King: Those kids are the brave fighters that anyone could ever see, but I think we should go to Tom and Jerry's Earth to help them, Gam and Mighty Mouse? But then again, where are they, Tuffy and Muscles?

Grandpa Gohan:

Master Roshi:


Launch (blonde-haired):

Tien Shinhan:




Ambassador Magma:


Ambassador Magma: (nods) Yes, sir. (turns to the Silvar and the Dragon Team.) We're heading for Mouseville. Let's go.



The Narrator: Transforming into rockets, Ambassador Magma and Silvar took the Dragon Team with them on their serious trip to Planet Earth, to help Mighty Mouse and his Mighty Squadron including their son Gam and their friend Goku.


Mondo Mega Mouse and Scrappy Mouse: Hmm... Now, what to do?

(The game soon stopped for right now as it demanded another token to continue the game. Tuffy and Scrappy are surprised.)

Scrappy Mouse: (frowning:) Darn it!

Tuffy Mouse: Don't you have more tokens?

(Scrappy reached into his pocket to check for more tokens while the vendor smirked from behind his stand. Scrappy soon found some more tokens in his pocket. Mighty Mouse sweated and shivered nervously as Mondo Mega Mouse seemed to be paused until the next token was put into the game, and where Scrappy had put in all of his tokens. The vendor seemed to grin at that. Mighty Mouse yelled out as Mondo Mega Mouse came back to life and started to rearrange him like he was a balloon animal, and now the strong superhero mouse now looked like a poodle.)

Tuffy Mouse: (laughing) You turned him into a poodle. (laughs)

Scrappy Mouse: (laughing back) This is the most awesome day of my life!

(Back to Mondo Mega Mouse versus Mighty Mouse with the rest of the Mighty Squadron watching in horror, with an angry Goku growling.)

Mondo Mega Mouse: (laughing) This is the most awesome day of my life!

Mighty Mouse: Please... stop this!

Mondo Mega Mouse: I can't do that. Now, to finish the job.

Mighty Mouse: No...more... I'll... give you... whatever.. you want. Just... please... stop this.

Mondo Mega Mouse: Shut up, runt!

(Mighty Mouse groans in pain. Back to Tuffy and Scrappy in the video game arcade...)

Scrappy Mouse: This Mighty Mouse is such a wimp.

(He grabbed Mighty Mouse to end the game.)

Moe: You did do a number on 'em.


Scrappy Mouse: (waving to his friends:) Oh, hey, guys. I'm almost done, Mighty Mouse is dead meat once I finish this game.

Tuffy Mouse: Do a wrestling move!

Scrappy Mouse: You mean like a piledriver?"

Tuffy Mouse: No, no, like something that could send him flying down back to Earth; the real world, not the Dragon World.

Scrappy Mouse: Hmm... Let me see...

(Scrappy paused to think of what to do next for Mighty Mouse.)

Moe: Why not just spin him into a tornado before punching him, sending him plummeting into Earth?

Scrappy Mouse: Mmm... That just might do it.

Frum: Yeah, and pound him!

Bum: Idiot.

(Then Bum rolled his eyes about Frum's stupidity. Scrappy soon decided to do what Moe suggested. Back at the still-continuing battle in the city, Mighty Mouse yelled out as he was having the worst torture of his life, this was beyond worse than any other villain he had faced before. He was now being spun around into a tornado was now looking like a tornado. Mighty Mouse looked as though he could be sick to his stomach.)

Mondo Mega Mouse: (grinning:) Say bye-bye, Mighty Mouse!

(Then he went punching the superhero into the Earth, and where the superhero mouse was now plummeting to the earth at rocket speed, and in it said that Scrappy won the game, not realizing that he has now severely injured his own adoptive father and nearly killing him.)

Scratcher: I won!

Tuffy Mouse: YAY! Victory!

(The mouse vendor, who is really the disguised Cow, grinned, chuckling sinisterly, but quietly.)

Mouse Vendor: You most certainly did.

Part 5

The Cow Thanks Scrappy

(The arcade soon shook after Scrappy had won as it look like beginning to collapse. Tuffy saw this happening in confusion and shocking surprise. Scrappy smiled as he took off the helmet and gloves.

Scrappy Mouse: Sir, I beat Mighty Mouse!

The Mouse Vendor: Yes, yes, you did.

(Smirking, he then laughed so much that his laughter started to sound like a familiar villain cow, much to Tuffy and Scrappy's confusion.)

Scrappy Mouse: That laugh... It sounds familiar...

Tuffy Mouse: Who this laughter belong to?

(The mouse vendor stops laughing)

Mouse Vendor: Want to know who?

(The vendor soon ripped his own fur and clothes, or apparently a costume, revealing his true self as a large cow to Scrappy and Tuffy.)

The Cow: Ta-daaa!

Scrappy Mouse: (shocked:) It's the Cow!

(All the other mouse kids gasped upon hearing that name, and turning to this villain.)

Mouse Kids: (alarmed:) The Cow?!

(The mouse kids soon ran for their lives.)

The Cow: (laughing) Finally, Mighty Mouse is defeated! And it's all thanks to you, Scrappy!

Scratcher Mouse: What're you talking about? All I did was play a video game!

Tuffy Mouse: Yeah, can't you see that?

The Cow: Or so you both thought.

(He then removes the cover of the game to show that it was actually a machine that controlled the new villain.)

Scrappy Mouse: What?!

Tuffy Mouse: (starring angrily at the Cow:) You tricked him!

The Cow: You better believe it.

Tuffy Mouse: Why, you...

(Then Tuffy starts to perform his various Chinese martial arts stances before finishing and preparing to fight the Cow. When he speaks in the Chinese-language, the sentence appears on the below center of the screen, saying "Seppear ot Pruff!")

Tuffy Mouse: (speaking Chinese:) (Prepare to suffer!)

(Scrappy looked at Tuffy's in-correct threatening sentence, and becomes confused with a few sweats on his head when he finds it wrong. The Cow soon discovers this too.)

The Cow: (confused:) Uh, kid? (points at the sentence:) Your sentence is wrong.

(Noticing the errors of his threat, Tuffy gathers each and every letter to fix the sentence, until he finally restores it back to what is now said "Prepare to surfer!" He then shows the correction of his words, giggling. Scrappy smacks his forehead, groaning. And after checking the right sentence which then disappears, then he went back to stare at Tuffy, evilly.)

The Cow: So, you want me to suffer? Make me.

Tuffy Mouse: Gladly.

(With that, Tuffy lunged out to attack the Cow. But the Cow simply stepped aside, dodging the baby/toddler mouse in a white diaper. Tuffy then crashed against the counter with a glare toward the bovine.)

Scrappy Mouse: (scared:) Tuffy!

(Then the former orphan mouse gets angry as he looks back at the Cow:)

Scrappy Mouse: You fiend! You made me hurt Mighty Mouse!

The Cow: Oh, trust me, I wish to take credit for this, but it was actually the new guy's idea.

(The camera cuts to a sequence with a line that has the image of Tuffy and the image of Scrappy.)

Tuffy Mouse and Scrappy Mouse: What?!

The Cow: Yep! And Scrappy, you named him.

(Scrappy felt devastated with himself.)

Scrappy Mouse: What have I done? I'm a terrible kid...

The Cow: I couldn't have done it without you, Scrappy. You kids are so gullible when it comes to video games. Now Mighty Mouse has Mondo Mega Mouse from the Planet Mondo, an unbeatable new villain with no weaknesses and not even he or his so-called Mighty Squadron including that robot boy, the monkey-tailed boy or the girl with blade on her helmet can stop him.

Tuffy Mouse: We'll see about that, you big bully!

(Then Scrappy and Tuffy rushed outside to find Mighty Mouse, Gam, Goku and Chi-Chi.)

Mondo Mega Mouse Betrays The Cow

(Back in the city. The citizens of Mouseville were crowded in alarm and dismay. Scrappy and Tuffy excused themselves through various citizens and soon came to find Mighty Mouse in a worse pain than he could ever imagine, with Gam in his human-robot form, Goku and Chi-Chi trying to help him. Tom, Jerry, Karras and Muscles did the same as they arrived after training in the old gym. Mighty Mouse looked quite miserable and in pain.)

Muscles Mouse: Oh, my gosh... What happened to you?

Mighty Mouse: Mondo... Mega..Mouse (coughing) has... won.


Jerry: Mondo Mega Mouse?

Mighty Mouse:

(Scrappy and Tuffy looked to each other nervously.)

Muscles Mouse: Save your strength. You might need to go to the hospital.

(Without a second to spare, an ambulance arrived. Two nurse mice rushed outside and helped Mighty Mouse into the ambulance to take him to the hospital. While he was taken to the hospital, Mondo Mega Mouse then spoke to the citizens of Mouseville.)

Mondo Mega Mouse: Citizens of Mouseville.


Mondo Mega Mouse:



The Cow: Mondo Mega Mouse! You've won!

Mondo Mega Mouse: You did a great job on your part. Now I can take over the world!

The Cow: Right! A deal's a deal. I knew these two kids would be stupid to fall for the whole new video game that we both create here in the arcade. And without Mighty Mouse, not even the Mighty Squadron can stand a chance against you.

Mondo Mega Mouse: Yep, and now I don't need you anymore.

The Cow: Excuse me...?

Mondo Mega Mouse: You didn't really think that you would get anything out of this, did you?

(The Cow glared at Mondo Mega Mouse)

The Cow: You said we would make a deal!

Mondo Mega Mouse: Actually, it's a lie. I just used you, playing you for a fool. Now I can turn the entire Earth into my own!

The Cow: (stuttering:) You... You betrayed me...

Mondo Mega Mouse: (mockingly:) We made a business deal. It's just business.

(The Cow now realized that being evil was a bad thing.)

Mondo Mega Mouse: Well, so long, Milkshakes. (taking off and leaving the bovine villain all alone.) I'm off to make this planet mine for the taking!

(The Cow just couldn't believe he was tricked himself in a double cross from his own genius, and where he was now starting to regret being evil.)

Part 6

Scrappy and the Cow's Apologies

(In the hospital...)

Mighty Mouse: Ugh... (opening his eyes:) Where am I?

Mouse Doctor: Why, you're in the hospital. I'm surprised to see someone like you in here.

Mighty Mouse: How'd I get here? (grunts)

Mouse Doctor: The nurses said you were knocked out downtown.

Mighty Mouse: I remember I got beat by Mondo Mega Mouse.

Mouse Doctor: (frowning:) Yes, you're severally injured. I'm so sorry, Mr. Mighty Mouse, it looks like you have many broken bones.

Mighty Mouse: Whoa.

Mouse Doctor: I know, I'm rather surprised myself, Mr. Mighty Mouse.

Mighty Mouse: (concerned:) Was anyone hurt in my crash landing?

Mouse Doctor: Hmm... I haven't heard any reports of others injured other than yourself... (he checking his clipboard:) A lot of sources say you just fell from the sky and crash landed almost like a comet.

Mighty Mouse: With how I crash landed, I guess that would be natural.

Mouse Doctor: Don't worry, you're in good hands here, I should do my best to take care of you, Mr. Mighty Mouse.

(He went smiling sheepishly before taking out a lunchbox. By the way, when you can, can you autograph this lunchbox for my niece and nephew? They're such big fans.

Mighty Mouse: (smiling:) Sure.

Mouse Doctor: (excited:) Oh, thank you, thank you.

(He soon walked out to see that Mighty Mouse had some visitors.

Mouse Doctor: Mr. Mighty Mouse, you have some visitors.

Mighty Mouse: Please send them in.

(The visitors were soon brought before the injured Mighty Mouse. It was Pearl, Scrappy, Gam, Goku, Chi-Chi, Muscles, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy. They are happy to see that Mighty Mouse is still alive.)

Tom Cat: (smiling:) Good evening, pal.

Jerry Mouse: (smiling:) Hey, buddy.

Pearl Pureheart: Are you okay?

Scrappy Mouse: Is anything broken?

Mighty Mouse: The doctor said some of my bones have been broken.

(This caused the group to gasp. Then Scrappy started to weep with tears shedding out from his eyes.)

Scrappy Mouse: This is all my fault!

Jerry: Oh, Scrappy, it couldn't have been your fault.

(Scrappy began to tell them how this was his fault.)

Scrappy Mouse:

(The others were shocked about what Scrappy just told him, but Tuffy then intervene to defend Scrappy )

Tuffy Mouse: (angry:) It wasn't all his fault though! The Cow tricked him and me!


Pearl Pureheart: That, we believe.

Scrappy Mouse: I just had to play that stupid game.

(He sounded like he was going to cry.)

Scrappy Mouse: I just beat up you as I'm about to do the same to my own new dad, he'll probably disown me and send me back to the orphanage!

Mighty Mouse: Not a chance.


Scrappy Mouse: (sniffing:) He-he won't?

Mighty Mouse: Of course not.

(Scrappy wiped his eyes.)

Scrappy Mouse: I'm so sorry, Mighty Mouse, I didn't mean to hurt you with my character, we thought it was just a game, and I wanted to see what it would be like to be the bad guy for a change, I would never want to hurt you in real life

(They were soon surprised when they saw The Cow come in.)

Mighty Mouse: (angry:) Why, you?!

(Mighty Mouse tried to sit up only to wince in pain.)

Pearl Pureheart: Stay down... You're still in quite critical condition...

(She turned angrily at the Cow.)

Pearl Pureheart: Anyway, Cow, what do you want?!"

The Cow: I'm here to apologize.

Everyone: Apolozie?!

Scrappy Mouse: (scoffs) Yeah, right...Why don't you leave so Mighty Mouse can heal before he kicks your udder into another dimension or something wicked cool like that?

Goku: No, I'm gonna beat him! He won't get away with using this Mondo Mega Mouse-guy to try to kill Mighty Mouse.

(The monkey-tailed fighter then glared back to the Cow:)

Mouse Doctor: (worried:) Oh, dear, not in here.

Goku: (growling:) Get ready!

Mighty Mouse: Wait, Goku.

Goku: Huh?

Mighty Mouse: Cow, what do you mean you want to apologize?

The Cow: Well, you know, apologize... Say sorry to you for those years of pain and suffering.

Pearl Pureheart: But why now?

The Cow: (sighs) Mondo Mega Mouse only used me... And that made me realize that being evil isn't great at all.

Mighty Mouse: Hmm... I'm not sure if I can still trust you or not... This is so sudden.

The Cow: I promise that I will never do anything evil ever again.

Pearl Pureheart: Mighty Mouse, I know it sounds wrong, but I trust him.

(She took a long look in The Cow's eyes.)

Mighty Mouse: I trust him too.

Muscles Mouse: I ain't too sure about this, but if you trust him, M.M., I do too.

Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse: Same here.

The Weakness Plan/Mighty Mouse's Request

Mighty Mouse: Thanks, guys, this'll be a new transition for us all, but let's just hope for the best. Mighty Mouse nodded.

The Cow: We'll need to think up a weakness for Mondo Mega Mouse and then use the machine to transfer it into his body.

Scrappy Mouse: But I didn't give him a weakness.

The Cow: That's true... (whispering:) But we can give him a weakness without him knowing.

Scrappy Mouse: Oh?

The Cow: (whispering:) Trust me. He may be a genius, but the whole video game was my idea, so I'm sure I can help you."

Scrappy Mouse: Why are we whispering?

(The orphan mouse then remembers the powers he chose.

Scrappy Mouse: Oh, right, super-hearing.

Tuffy Mouse: (nodding:) Yes, you can never be too careful against superpowered villains, Scrappy

The Cow: But we'll need to distract him.


Jerry Mouse: (quietly:) But how? All I know is making a cat like Thomas chase me and falling for his own tricks.

Tom Cat: (quietly:) I think so, too, Jer.


Scrappy Mouse: I know, how about Limbergurite?

(Mighty Mouse shuddered about that with a disgusted whimper.)

Scrappy Mouse: Sorry, Mighty Mouse, but not on you. On Mondo Mega Mouse.

Mighty Mouse: (smiling:) Ohh...

Scrappy Mouse: It couldn't hurt to try.

Muscles Mouse: But for your safety, you'll need to stay here.

Mighty Mouse: I can't really go anywhere for a while anyway. It's like you all will have to save the day without me.

The Cow: Muscles, Goku, you'll have to distract Mr. Big Bad and Muscle Brain.

(Goku and Muscles are confused before the 15-year old Saiyan blinked and smiled.)

Goku: Sure, no sweat.

Muscles Mouse: M-Me? Ya sure?

Mighty Mouse: Please, Muscles, it might be for the best. Besides I taught you everything I know from the gym, including new martial arts skills.

Muscles Mouse: (nodding) That's true.

Mighty Mouse: Help me, Muscles Mouse. You're my only hope.

Muscles Mouse: Did you rip that off from Star Wars?

Mighty Mouse: (smirking:) I thought you were on my side.

Tuffy Mouse: So, while Muscles and Goku are distracting you-know-who, what will the rest of us be doing?

Mighty Mouse: You must find a way to win without me. You should join in the Mighy Squadron membership, do whatever you can do.


Pearl Pureheart: (sobbing:) But what if we can't do it without you? You always save the day, without you, it's impossible!

Mighty Mouse: (soothing Pearl:) Nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself, in justice, and in miracles.


Tom Cat: It's just like when we befriend Frosty the Snowman long ago, he told us that if Jerry and I believe in ourselves, he and Rudolph will always be there for us.

Jerry Mouse: Gosh, if only they and some of their family members would come here withouth the snow guys melting this spring, our combined forces would grow bigger.

(Then came two familiars voices from somewhere. The first one is similar to the voice of the late Jackie Vernon.)

Familiar Voice 1:

(And the next one came next, similar to the voice of the adult version of Goku.)

Familiar Voice 2: Besides, you won't need to wait until this year's December.

(Tom and Jerry looked up ahead, and so did the group. Having also entered the hospital are two snowmen with corncob pipes, button noses

Rudolph and Robbie: Hey.

Frosty and Snowden: Happy Birthday.

Willie: R'Happy Birthday.

Tom Cat (off-screen): (amazed:) Frosty! Snowden! Willie! Rudolph! Robbie!

Jerry Mouse (off-screen:) You're here in Mouseville!


The Cow: Well, great boiling milk! Two living snowman and one living snow dog, and two deers.



Rudolph: I'm Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and this is my son, Robbie.

Robbie: Nice to meet you.


Mighty Mouse:

Scrappy Mouse:


Tuffy Mouse:




The Cow: Pearl, you keep Mighty Mouse busy.

Pearl Pureheart: I can't leave him anyway. I can't even stand to see him in such a condition.

The Cow: Scrappy, you know what to do in the 'game'.

Scrappy Mouse: Do you think I can do it?

The Cow: That's the thing with your generation. You know everything about video games that sometimes we adults don't know.


Tuffy Mouse: So that's a yes.

Scrappy Mouse: (deciding to give in:) Well, I guess I could give it a try.


Mighty Mouse: Good luck, members and supporters of the Mighty Squadron. And may Muscles be our substitute leader.

Everybody: Right!

The Cow: Let's get going then.

(Pearl stayed behind while everyone else left the hospital with Willie growling in getting ready.)

Return of the Mighty Squadron

Meanwhile, with Mondo Mega Mouse.. The supper villain smiled evilly as within moments, he was going to make Mousville all his and no one would be able to stop him.)

Mondo Mega Mouse: Now, where to have my throne?

(The rest of Mighty Mouse's villains soon gathered together to see if they could rule the world with Mondo Mega Mouse, only for them to be blown away by him, literally. The super villain is only deeming them not worthy enough to assist him in taking over Mouseville)

Mondo Mega Mouse: Stay out of my way. None of you are worthy.

One villain: Surely you—Mondo Mega Mouse: (mockingly:) Nope! Now bye-bye, go play somewhere else before I either blow you all out of Mouseville or I'll burn you into ashes; this means death.

(The villains soon looked to each other and left Mondo Mega Mouse alone, not wanting to choose any one of the two consequences.)

Mondo Mega Mouse: That's what I thought.

(Soon he was all alone, but this didn't seem to bother him, it seemed to please him.)

Mondo Mega Mouse: Now, back to where my throne should be.

(There were going to be some changes in Mouseville, but of course, not all would be good. Mondo Mega Mouse soon found the perfect spot for his throne. He pushed it in the right spot and was soon going to declare himself as President of Mouseville, and supreme ruler of the planet Earth. But all of a sudden, he is interrupted by a sudden gust of wind.)

Mondo Mega Mouse: Who's there now? I'm trying to rule the world here!

(Then Muscles' voice is heard.)

Muscles Mouse (off-screen): You'll have to get past me first.

Mondo Mega Mouse: Huh?

(The super villain turned around only to see Muscles in his hero disguise.)

Mondo Mega Mouse: You, eh? Who do you think you are, Mighty Mouse Jr?

Muscles Mouse: No. You should listen to this motto again.

(Muscles then started posing his martial arts stances to announce his name.)

Muscles Mouse: I'm Muscle Mouse!

(Then the Mighty Squadron members and supporters, now including Tom, Jerry, Rudolph, Robbie, Frosty, Snowden and Willie – now shape-shifted with only the muscular body of a snowman and his normal head and tail as a snow dog, appear to join in the motto appear far behind him. At that time, Tom, Jerry has the ability to fly, like Frosty, Snowden and Willie.)

Tom Cat: We're Thomas "Tom" Cat!

Jerry Mouse: And Jerry Mouse!

Tuffy Mouse: And Nibbles "Tuffy" Mouse!

Goku and Chi-Chi: We're Goku and Chi-Chi from another Earth in the far away universe! Also known as the grandson of Gohan and daughter of the Ox King!

Frosty: We're the snow people and reindeer from Christmas Town in the North Pole. Frosty!

Snowden: Snowden!

Willie: R'and Willie!

Rudolph: And you can call use the Red-Rose Team, featuring me – Rudolph!

Robbie: And Robbie!

Gam (rocket form): And I am the son of Ambassador Magma from the Galaxy ZRF, Gam!

(Then one by one, the heroes swoop down into where Muscles is standing, and landed on the ground with half of the team standing on his left side, and the other half by his right side. Gam then quickly changes from a rocket to a human-robot boy.)

Muscles Mouse: Together...

Tom Cat: We're...

Jerry Mouse: Known...

Tuffy Mouse: As...


(Mondo Mega Mouse crossed his arms)

Mondo Mega Mouse: Is that right?"

Muscles Mouse: Yes, that's right. And we challenge you for the safety and freedom for Mouseville and the entire planet of Earth!

Mondo Mega Mouse: Hmm... Very well. I accept.

Muscles Mouse: Care to make this interesting?

Mondo Mega Mouse: How do ya mean, eh?

Muscles Mouse: Whoever wins has to banish the loser from the Earth.

Mondo Mega Mouse: Sounds like a deal to me. Ready to lose?

Muscles Mouse: Ladies first.

(Chi-Chi blinks her eyes before her cheecks blushes, then she giggles.)

Mondo Mega Mouse: Oh, you are all dead!

(And in the fit of furry, he charged at the Mighty Squadron. They glared as they soon got ready to defend themselves and fight back without any trace of fear in their bodies. While the Mighty Squadron are attackin Mondo Mega Mouse in the fight, Scrappy went to the game. Scrappy's rather con artist friends were shown there, of course.)

Scrappy Mouse: (waving:) Hey, guys.

Moe: We've got your back, Scraps.

Scrappy Mouse: (smiling:) Yeah?

Moe: You know it.

Scrappy Mouse: Thanks, guys. You guys are real pals!

(He soon got to the game and turned it on. Moe, Bum, and Frum stood on the sides of Scrappy as he started up the game and got ready to play, and where he got to the weakness part of the game.)

Scrappy Mouse: Okay, I'm gonna give my guy a weakness this time.

Moe: But what?.

Scrappy Mouse: Easy.

(He tapped on the image of Limburgerite. The others shuddered about that.

Scrappy Mouse: There we go. No mistakes this time, especially for good old Mighty Mouse.

Moe: Luckily he's far from you-know-who.

Bum: Duh, this is great! Right...?

Frum: Yes, Bum, it's good.

Moe: Let's go watch the fun.

Scrappy Mouse: Almost done, guys. I'll be right with ya.

Moe: Well, make it quick! I can't wait to see the tail kickin'.

Part 7

Mondo Mega Mouse's Monsters (Kaiju) Attack

The Space Avengers and the Dragon Team


Into the Black Hole

Part 8 (Final Part)

"The Babies Are Coming!"

Scrappy's Twin Siblings

Kyrpto and Company/Strength Testing

(Later that day, things were wrapping up nicely for this visit to Mouseville for everybody, especially Tom and Jerry with the Christmas Town Squad from the North Pole, the Space Avengers from the ZRF Galaxy and the Dragon Team from the Dragon Universe.)

Tuffy Mouse: This was a great experience, Thomas and Uncle Jerry. I got to meet Mighty Mouse, and it's almost Spring Break for Mikko and Robyn! Could this time get any better?

Jerry Mouse:

Tom Cat:

Ambassador Magma:





Scrappy Mouse: Hey, I see some animals flying in!

Everybody: Huh?

(The four hero teams take a look where Scrappy looked, and where he saw a familiar white Labrador Retriever, an orange somali cat and group of canines.)

Tuffy Mouse: (widening his eyes in shock and pleased surprise:) Is that... Is that...? K-Krypto the Superdog?!

Gam: Yes, that's him, accompanied by Streaky the Supercat and the Dog-Star Patrol.

Jerry Mouse: Um, is he going to land into the city?

Tuffy Mouse: That's what it looks like, Uncle Jer! Oh, boy, they are coming to see all of us!

Tom Cat: But since they're much super special than the us, won't that be dangerous?

(Tuffy shrugged as he was just excited to see Krypto, Streaky and the Dog-Star Patrol coming into town.)

Muscles Mouse: I think we might need to meet him outside of Mouseville.

Tuffy Mouse: Aww... I wanted to see him now...

Jerry Mouse: Tuffy, they might crush the city by accident.

Tuffy Mouse: Aw, okay... I guess you guys have a point.

(The four hero teams soon went outside of Mouseville. The super dog, the super cat and the Dog-Star Patroll soon came over and flew towards the while army of heroes once it was safe.)

Tom Cat: SUPER DOG AND COMPANY! Somebody pinch me!

(Muscles walks up to Tom and stomps on his foot with one jump and one smirk.)


(The blue/gray cat looked at his injured foot which is pulsing with the sounds of heartbeat before glaring at Muscles with an angry groan.)

Muscles Mouse: What? You said you'd be pinched, Tom.

(Tom rolled his eyes, but along with all their friends, he, Jerry and Tuffy smiled to Krypto, Streaky and the Dog-Star Patrol.)

Tuffy Mouse: We can't believe you guys are actually here... What are you doing here though?

Krypto: (smiling:) Tuffy, remember your visit at the Dog Star HQ, when you are a robot mouse under the spell of the wise wizard Methusan?

Tuffy Mouse: (wagging his tail in excitement:) Uh-huh!

Jerry Mouse: Take it easy, Tuffy.

Tuffy Mouse: Sorry, Uncle Jerry.





(Then a familiar voice is heard, a voice that is similar to that of Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z, voice by Scott McNeil.)

Familiar Voice: I'm right here, above you.


Tuffy: Ace the Bat-Hound, too!



Ambassador Magma:






Krypto: Well, Thomas, Jerry and Tuffy, you're going to be members of Dog Star and the same goes for Mighty Mouse, courtesty of the Justice League and Teen Titans.

Tuffy: Mighty Mouse is going to be a Dog Star too?

Krypton: (nodding:) Yep, and so are Spike Bulldog and his son, Tyke.


Tom Cat: They are?


Spike Bulldog:

Tyke Bulldog:

Spike Bulldog: (laughing:) That's my boy!

(Krypto is confused when he gazes at the Dragon Team for the first time)

Krypto: By the way, who are those guys? And what is with this kid with a live monkey's tail?

Home Again Across The Universe

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