Why sit on the toilet doing nothing when you could be doing a million other things.

Music Seat

Have a toilet seat so when pressure is applied, then music begins to play. Have a small electronic switch in between the porcelain base and the seat cover.


Doesn't play music when the seat cover is up.


Makes noise over bathroom sounds.

Pressure Sensitive Seat

A seat with a force sensor in it to be able to detect a weight from a person. By taking an initial and final weight and measuring the displaced water a connected computer can figure the amount of waste lost therefore letting the computer know how much force is needed to flush the toilet. Each person can be stored in the memory of the computer to have be able to track there weight progress. As more time goes by, the computer can have a larger interval for the weight of the person to be in, so if they are gaining weight, they will still be recognized by the computer system. This may needed Pressure Sensitive carpet where the user would put there feet, so they can measure the total weight of the person using the toilet. The data from these sensors can tell when there is a drop in weight, the air freshener can go off for a certain amount of time depending on the weight loss.

Clay Seat

A toilet seat made of clay would enable a comfortable place to sit, and keep a nice suction around the rim. The Actual seat could have a small heater to keep the clay warm enabling the clay to form easier. If a vacuum could be made toward the main bowl, then the smell would be able to leave the area quicker and it could suck the dangaling waste off the body if it needed a boost.


The clay may keep a residue ring on the skin where pressure was applied. The clay would need to be non-sticky and non-smelly.

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