Going to the bathroom doesn't have to be a boring lazy thing to do. Instead, it can be a clean, informative way to learn about your body.

Laser Toilet

Lasers in the bowl of a toilet can collect incoming data down from the top of the bowl. By having lasers constantly scan the bowl ring for falling waste, it can sense how much power is needed to flush the bowl, how much Toilet Paper will be needed, how much air freshner to spray out and how much junk food has been eaten. This data can then be printed on the toilet paper to have a current print out of a health status.

Transparant Toilet Bowl

The bowl could be made of a transparant substance like a kind of plastic or something. You could implement artistries into it, like colours or beads or whatever...

Toilet E-mail

A LCD screen can be installed inside a toilet (for men) so that as they begin to urinate, they are able to log in by the authentication of their urine. They can then proceed around the screen to various e-mails by peeing in different directions on the screen, similar to that of a mouse pointer. Double clicking would need to be done somehow. By flushing the toilet, it log's out of the e-mail and removes the waste.


A bubble, created by soap or some other bubbly solution, can be created above the water so the smell of the waste in the bowl does not leak out. the entering object can be sprayed with the same type of solution so it can enter the bubble without penetrating of the big bubble. Therefore encasing the smell of the waste. As the toilet is flushed, the bubble goes down with the water and waste, leaving the remaning air in the bathroom Breathable.

Toilet Water

The toilet bowl water level can vary depending upon how much waste is needed to be dumped.

Salt Water

Instead of flushing clean pure water down the toilet, salt water from the ocean can be added, to save the effects of purifying water.

Here's an example of such a system in use on a boat - the only barrier to using it in the home is supply and logistics. Talk to your local council, or if you live by the ocean, improvise!

Water Smell Blocker

A small pellet or a drop of solution can be added to the water tank so the water that is flushed through the toilet will not contain any odour. This is helpful when waste is smelly and stinks up the bathroom from the leakage through the toilet bowl water. This new water mixture would contain that smell.

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