Tinymon is first anime series on Disney Channel. From the makers of Pokemon



Main Characters

  • Blast Ketchum: a 10-year old boy (voiced by Kyle Johnson) His dream to be come a Tinymon Master. He earns Gym Badges,friends,and new Tinymon. He has a parnter Tinymon named Kangachu whom pick by Professor Clay as a Twigchu. He looks like Ash Ketchum from Pokemon like his same dreams,same goals,and same partner who wanted be come stronger
    • Twigchu/Branchu/Kangachu: Blast Ketchum's Starter Tinymon and his best friend
    • Sleaf/Grassloth/Frenzloth: Blast's First Tinymon found in the forest
    • Finpup/Hounshark/Sharhusky/Mega Sharhusky: Blast's Second Tinymon found in the river near the forest.
  • Pokemon Star Wars

Supporting Characters



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