Tifa Lockhart is one of the Playable Protagonists in Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII Remake, making her one of the Playable Square-Enix Representatives for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate/Great Fray Smash Bros. Special who would become one of the Game's DLC Fighters.


Special Moves


Just like Cloud did back in the 3DS and Wii U game, she will have one additional stage (complete with Music Tracks included).

Mako Reactor

W.I.P. (P.S.: This Stage is based off it's remake counterpart).

Classic Mode: Tifa's Fisted Touchdown

Her Classic Mode is her pitting mostly against Fighters who use their Fists, though some of them are her pitting against opponents that reflect the ones (like her friends and enemies) in her Universe. Like in the original game and it's remake, Cloud would accompany her in the Classic Mode as her CPU-Controlled Partner.

  1. Terry (Stage: Midgar)
  2. Ryu and Ken (Stage: Port Town Aero Drive)
  3. Captain Falcon (Stage: New Donk City)
  4. Rival Battle: TBD.
  5. Final Boss: A White Haired Marth wearing Black Clothes (Stage: Final Destination; reflecting Seprioth)


P.S.: The Spirits will have their artworks based on the Remake.

  1. A Dark Skinned Mega Man in Black Armor (Spirit: Barret Wallace)
  2. A Brunette Zelda with a Staff (Spirit: Aerith Gainsborough)
  3. A Black Haired/Raven Haired Marth (Spirit: Zack Fair)
  4. A Red Jacket Tuxedo Mario (Spirit: Vincent Valentine)
  5. A Black Haired Dr. Mario (Spirit: Professor Hojo)
  6. A Brunette Lucina (Spirit: Yuffie Kisaragi)

Boxing Ring Name

"Heartfelt Fighter"

Kirby Hat

The Kirby Hat is based on her Hair.


Intro Quotes

Clash Quotes/Quotes Against Everyone Else

Victory Quotes

Alternate Skins

Alternate Costumes

Palette Swaps


Mii Costumes

Mii Brawler

  • Clair Andrews (Ehrgeiz)
  • Lee Shuwen (Ehrgeiz)
  • Han Daehan (Ehrgeiz)
  • Ken Mishima/Godhand (Ehrgeiz)
  • Kazumi Takemura (Front Mission)
  • Maxine Claufield (Life is Strange)
  • Wei Shen (Sleeping Dogs)

Mii Gunner

  • Royd Clive (Front Mission)

Mii Swordfighter

  • Lady Montbarron (Dungeon Siege)
  • Onion Knight (Final Fantasy)

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