This is the third episode of the YouTube Premium Series, Throwback Rapping.


TBD as Maxwell Atoms


  • Maxwell: I can’t wait for this..
  • Jaiden: ...?
  • Maxwell: I mean- I can’t wait to insult Tom! He even created the Muppet Babies! and The Kids Next Door! (laughs) This is gonna be easy.
  • Jaiden: Alright.. Uh, good luck...?

Maxwell then sights a shadow of Tom.

  • Maxwell: Oh shit, the nerd’s here. Get ready, Maxwell! Time to show this guy what the future aholds of him!
  • Jaiden: You know, he only did it for his-
  • Maxwell: Shut up and toss me my microphone!

She does.

  • Maxwell: Ten more seconds before showtime!

10 seconds later..

  • Annonucer (VO): Welcome to the third Throwback Rapping episode! Today’s rappers are two former creators of the hit-2000s animated series on Cartoon Network.
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