Three Lionhearted Kats: How the Ogre Stole A Great Christmas is an upcoming Christmas special of the winter in 2024 on Disney Channel.


The Kats have a Christmas special at the kingdom of Petallia, there is a stubborn ogre who hates Christmas all the time, will the Katroids get him into the Christmas spirit of the Petallians?


This premiere starts when the Wilds are packing up to spend the night at Petallia for a family Christmas with the Lexingtons, there was a mysterious ogre who lives in the Mangoove Cave who always hate Christmas (almost every holiday other holidays). Minerva Brightmoon and her niece, Chlora, visits Petallia and meets the Wilds and Lexingtons.

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  • This movie is referenced to How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
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