Three Lionhearted Kats: Adventure to the Express is an upcoming adventure game in the winter 2024 developed by Cosmix Interactive Games.


The development is referenced to the SpongeBob SquarePants PC games.


The Kats and their family go on an adventure on the express to the Northern Lights Festival, first thing to do is deal with some things in Petallia before they embark.


Chapter 1: Time Flies When You're Doing Boring Chores

The Katroids are doing chores after making a mess at the treefort and they need to clean it up, they are unable to go to Petallia after the treefort is clean.

Chapter 2: Three Weird Cliques of the Kingdom

The Kats arrive to Petallia when they discover there are problems in Petallia and the cliques that aren't in stable, the Kats will make everything back to normal.

Chapter 3: Big Cake-y Recipe of Peace

The Kats and Chef Fausto are making a big cake, but ran out of the ingredients. The Kats go get ingredients to make a cake, and later have dinner with the Lexingtons.

Chapter 4: On the Express and a Darkling's Evil Plan

Lord Draven and the Darklings are upset and wants to find a way to stop the Katroids before they reach the festival, so it's up to Draven Jr. to find the parts for Draven's plan.

Chapter 5: Three Lexingtons to the Rescue!


Chapter 6: A Katroid's Tragedy


Chapter 7: Final Curtains of the Northern Lights Festival



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Major Cast

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