Well I have an idea for an OVA crossover between Tokyo Mew Mew and King Kong

This crossover takes place between the events of episode 19 and 20. In episode 19 they were at the beach for summer vacation, so having another adventure involving the ocean would make the most sense during that time.

And here's the plot of the crossover:

The Mew Mews are enjoying a day at the beach as they take to the ocean on a motor boat. They then fall asleep, however the boat is pulled out by the waves and when the Mew Mews wake up they find themselves far from the beach and they come upon a storm where they fall over board and wash ashore, stranded on an island called Skull Island where they encounter several prehistoric creatures and a giant ape called Kong, who is the god of the island. While on the island the girls learn that while Kong is the Guardian God there is also the "Devil" who lives on the island. This gets the attention of Kishu who wants to take control of the this "devil" creature to one-up the Mew Mews. Meanwhile Ryo and Keiichiro, with the help of a sea captain named Englehorn, go out to find the girls.

And Kong will bond with Bu-ling/Kikki since she's fused with a monkey. So she'd be able to communicate with him.

Anyway I was wondering if you could help me out with this crossover what do you say?

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