• Please stop, they're just cluttering up the place, what point is there in making them, when they're basically all the same?

    Like Wazzup said at least flesh them out before you make more pages.

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    • Naruto and Korra do not go together anyway

      But that's just my opinion.

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    • You said the same thing about mashing the Simpsons together and Family Guy and that's even stupider (well you have KKDisney to blame for that because he doesn't know how Alternate Universes work)

      >Disney owns Fox

      >Family Guy and the Simpsons are now the same show or are at least in the same universe (wasn't the crossover enough?) IIRC you did that with Rick and Morty and American Dad too Alternate Universe doesn't mean the two shows are the same thing, it means same characters in a different universe

      Forgive me, I'm in a sour mood today

      Protip: Never work with KKDisney, he sucks at AUs.

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    • I wasn't being rude, I was just making a point, you did the Rick and Morty one didn't you?

      And what I meant was until he learns to write a proper AU idea, don't work with him (I'm sure you can do one that's a million times better) and yes I was saying that to you.

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    • Yeah, what you gotta know about KK is that when it comes to AUs he's kinda lacking in creativity

      usually what he'll do is take two shows that have nothing in common and mash 'em together. He also has the tendency to shoehorn in characters that have nothing to do with the original

      In order to do the AU concept correctly you've got to understand the characters and how things work in their universe, and then you have to try to write them as they would behave in that universe. So if you were in charge of his South Park AU how would you do it?

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    • Muppet, if you have problems/stress with the wiki and its content, i would suggest you to ask ClarentBloodArthur and SecondOpinion for help.

      Draft227 wrote: I won't work with him because he can't accept others' ideas and think that just because he started a collaboration project then he is the only to control the universe. He even threatened blocking others when he was admin.

      So KK was just as petty as Bricky?

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    • Exactamundo, but KK is not as whiny as Bricky.

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    • Matias Sepulvida Pinilla aka Deerboy (or that one kid that won't shut up about being Chilean)

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    • A FANDOM user
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