Thomas the Tank Engine 2: The Adventure Continues was a British-American children's fantasy comedy-drama film that was supposed to be the sequel of the 2000 film Thomas and the Magic Railroad. It was originally set for release on 12 June 2002, but the film was cancelled due to the negative reception and low box office of its first film. This film was later reworked into the 2005 special Calling All Engines!

Supposed Plot

Mr. Conductor, Junior finally decided to get a job on the Island of Sodor, and the engines are very happy that he gets to be with them. But, Diesel teams up with 'Arry and Bert to take over the Magic Railroad to control the Island of Sodor to remove the steam engines. Meanwhile, Mr. Conductor's 22-year-old son, Mr. Conductor IV, accidentally transports to the Island of Sodor and ends up meeting the engines and Junior, who thinks he's his twin brother. What makes it worse, Mr. Conductor was currently looking for his son, and the diesels plans are succeeding! Will Thomas and Junior bring Mr. Conductor IV back home to his father before he gets in deep trouble, and will they stop Deisel, 'Arry, and Bert from destroying the Magic Railroad?

Possible Cast

Voice Cast

This film has two English dubs.

The first dub uses some of the cast from Thomas and the Rainbow Railway and is used for the cancelled original version. The second dub is a redub that uses the current cast of Thomas and Friends and some celebrities to voice the engines, and was used as a bilingual option on newer TV airings of the film in Spain and Latin America.

Character Voice Actor (original) Voice Actor (Redub) Notes
Thomas Brian Dobson Michael J. Fox
Percy Stephanie Naldony Keith Wickham
James Samuel Vincent Rob Rackstraw
Diesel 10 Steve Staley Arnold Schwarzengger
Edward Richard Ian Cox Rowan Atkinson
Gordon Michael Angelis Ringo Starr
Henry Tony Oliver Hugh Laurie
Toby Troy Baker Jim Broadbent
Duck Samuel Vincent Steven Kynman
Donald and Douglas ??? David Tennant It is unknown who voices them in the original dub.
Rusty Saffron Henderson

Diane Michelle (1 line only)

??? It is unknown who voices him in the redub.
Lady ??? ??? It is unknown who voices her in both dubs.
The Fat Controller Brian Drummond Kerry Shale
Bill and Ben Jillian Michaels Johnathan Broadbent

??? (one line only)

Troublesome Trucks Michael E. Rodgers Ben Small
Master Troublesome Trucks Jillian Michaels Rob Rackstraw As a joke in the original dub, the Master Troublesome Trucks were voiced by a woman, but used a manly voice
Oliver Tony Oliver Joe Mills

Live-Action Cast

  • Michael Brandon as Mr. Conductor
  • Didi Conn as Stacy Jones
  • Tom Jackson as Billy Two-Feathers
  • Unknown as Schemer
  • Michael E. Rodgers as Mr. Conductor Jr.
  • Unknown as Mr. Conductor IV, Mr. Conductor's 22-year-old son who looks like Junior. Due to his actor having a German nationality, he speaks in a slight German/Swiss accent.


If this film was released, it would've been the second cinematic Thomas film to date, and the film would be more focused on the engines, Junior, and Mr. Conductor IV than the other human characters.

Some of the scenes of this film, like Thomas, Junior, and Mr. Conductor IV meeting Diesel 10, then running away, a new airport being built, Thomas meeting Lady in a dream sequence, and Diesel 10 helping out the engines later on, are later on included on the 2005 special Calling All Engines!, a reworking of this film, but without the human characters and the magic.

Some of the cast members of Shining Time Station return for this film. Michael E. Rodgers also reprises his role as Junior and voices the Troublesome Trucks in this film.

This is the first time that a German actor (an unknown German voice actor that voiced Stan in the German dub of Hamtaro) joins the cast of an English-language Thomas and Friends production. He also voices the same character in the German dub of this film. He voiced Bill and Ben at only one point in the redub. The reason why he was cast as Mr. Conductor's son was because he could speak in fluent English and he looked very similar to Michael E. Rodgers.

This film has been developed by Destination Films, unfortunately it was cancelled due to the box office bomb of Thomas and the Magic Railroad. Although, Columbia/Tri-Star Film Distributors International distributed this film in Europe and released the film in various European countries, and Shogakukan Video has released promotional trailers of the film and has a promotional VHS tape from 2001-2002.

References : The second to last paragraph mentions a sequel being developed. : A past revision of the Thomas and the Magic Railroad Wikipedia article mentioned an IMDB rumor about a sequel being made. The person who started the rumor claims to have seen it on a DVD release of Thomas and Friends: Really Brave Engines.

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