This is the content guide of the unreleased 1997 European-American animated/live-action children's comedy-drama fantasy adventure film Thomas and the Magic Railroad (AKA Thomas and the Rainbow Railway)

Sex and Nudity

None. Although, there are some slipped innuendos from some of the engines and Mr. Conductor Jr.

Status: 0/10


There are scenes of train crashes, diesel crashes, and characters getting into danger.

There is also a scene where Diesel ran over Junior's parents. Although, there is no blood, but the violence and the parents' dead bodies are seen on screen, uncensored.

Status: 3/10, the violence can be a bit dark, but it is not graphic.


No actual swear words were used, but Mr. Conductor Jr keeps using dialogue that is considered mean and offensive (EX: Junior telling his dad to "shut up" and calling him an "inconsesable jerk" during an argument, Junior calling 'Arry and Bert "idiots", Junior calling his older cousin a "slacker", etc.)

Status: 2/10, can be a bit offensive for some people, but is very mild.

Drugs/Alcohol/Tobbaco Use

In some scenes, The Fat Controller and Mr. Conductor Jr smoke bubble pipes.

Status: 1/10, very mild and infrequent

Frightening/ Intense Scenes

There is a scene where Mr. Conductor Jr is lost after he goes to the wrong path. He panics in fear and breaks down in tears as he gets more lost.

There is also a scene where Junior and Thomas end up in the scrapyards, where Devious Diesel, 'Arry, and Bert are remained.

There is also a scene where 'Arry and Bert breaks down in oily tears after Diesel yells at them.

Almost every time Thomas and Mr. Conductor Jr gets lost, and/or Mr. Conductor Jr worries about his older cousin, he cries.

The scene where Junior's parents get run over by Diesel and the uncensored sight of their dead bodies might frighten some people and make them say, "Isn't this supposed to be a kids' movie!?!"

Junior's constant use of offensive dialogue can make people uncomfortable, too.

Status: 5/10

Total: 15/50, although, it can be a little dark for younger children, but all ages might handle this.

MPAA Rating: None, this film was never released in the US.

BBFC Rating: None, this film was never released in the UK.

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