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Thomas and The Magic Harp (also known as I Want a Thomas 2: The Magic Harp) is a 1995 British/German/American Traditional Animated Family-Adventure-Drama-Comedy Film Which is Directed By Philippe LeClerc and Elphin Llyod-Jones and Was Produced By Walt Disney Future Animation and BBC Films.

This is a Sequel to I Want a Thomas!.


After The Events of I Want a Thomas!, Thomas and Sadie Comes Back to the White Deer Park to Find Their Way to New York, as They Met The Bear to Get the Magic Harp Back (Which The Harp was Captured by the Dogs and Scarface).



  • Jeremy Barrett as Mr. Rabbit/Ben/Mole/Boom! The Cat/Hollow Black Cat/Mossy/Friendly
  • Rupert Farley as Fox/Mr. Hare/Thomas/Jeeps The Tabby Cat/Shrew (Uncredited)/Drips The Cat
  • Sally Grace as Owl/Weasel/Hen The Cat/Younger Sister/Lazy Woman/Mirthful/Charmer
  • Joey Lawrence as Oliver
  • Jon Glover as Scarface/Bold
  • Stacy Jefferson as Vixen/Adder/Kestrel/Mrs. Hare/Mrs. Rabbit/The Owl/Mrs. Shrew (Uncredited)/Dreamer (Deceased Off-Screen)
  • Ron Moody as Badger/Toad/Mr. Vole/Mr. Mouse/Green The Cat/Hoppy Happy The Cat/Squirrel 
  • Paul Winchell as Dr. Robbie/Veterinarian #1/Bob Denison/Dennis Bobby 
  • Susan Sheridan as Marie 
  • Pamela Keevilkral as Mrs. Squirrel/Candie The Cat/Sadie The Cat (Adult)/Molly Wilburts/Mrs. Pheasant (Uncredited) 
  • Lucille Bliss as Younger Sister‘s Mother/Sam Kendo/Lynn Markerson/Sally Johnson
  • Jim Cummings as Jack Benny/Terry Wilburts/Henry Jackson/Thomas’s Owner (Known as Harry Foxworth, Jenny‘s Brother)/Hillbilly the Cat
  • Matthew Corbett as Harry Bankers/Jim The Cat/Brad Henchman/Stan HillBilly 
  • Alan Young as James HillBilly/Angus Foxworth/Kenny Thomas/Thomas James 
  • Lara Jill Miller as Susan Derryberry/Baby The Cat/Sadie the Dog
  • Ken Sansom as Henry Woods/Lucas Derek/The Big Black Cat/The Bear
  • John Fielder as Glen Larson/Colin Dann/George Scribner/Heffy Henderson/Jeffery Williams 
  • Peter Cullen and Dave Foley as The Cat Twins (Jeremy and Harry) (Adult)
  • Ben Burtt as Dilly Drew The Deer/Deer #1/Deer #2/Blue Fox #1/Goodbyes The Hare
  • Natalie Gregory as Young Girl/Misses Williams/Little Girl #1/Kirby the Kitten
  • Myhanh Tran as Jenny Foxworth 
  • Various Moles (Voiced by Frank Welker) 
  • The White Stag (Voiced by Ron Moody) 
  • The Dogs (Voiced by Frank Welker) 
  • Richard Briers as UnNamed Weasel 
  • Peter Davison and Nancy Hendry as Various Blue Foxes/The Various White Deers/The Various Cats/Lion 
  • Stuart Lock as Tiny the Cat 


Thomas and The Magic Harp/Transcript


  • This is Based off the Bastei Comics Als Die Tiere Den Wald Verließen.
  • Thomas is a Part of Oliver and Company’s Major Characters.
  • as The Old and New Characters were Still Alive, Thomas and Sadie Went to Get Back the Harp from Scarface and the Dogs.


  1. While the Sky Awaits - Stuart Lock
  2. The Magic Harp - The Bear
  3. It’s a Great Big Cloud - Nancy Hendry
  4. While the Sky Awaits (End Credits) - Rupert Farley


  1. Opening
  2. It’s a New Day
  3. Sadie Adopted
  4. The Hearts of Romantic
  5. Lost in White Deer Park
  6. Meeting the Great White Stag
  7. Welcome Back
  8. The Confusion
  9. The Magic Harp Kidnapped
  10. It’s Them!
  11. The Meeting
  12. Meeting the Adult Cats
  13. Sadie the Dog Returns
  14. The Blue Fox Stuck in Trap
  15. The Machine Chase/Thomas to the Rescue
  16. Mole, Mossy, Mirthful, Badger, Hare and Weasel are Saved
  17. The Training
  18. The Felines at the Park
  19. Let’s Say Too Much 
  20. Finding the Harp
  21. Trouble with the Eggs
  22. The Lion Attack
  23. The Pool Rescue
  24. Don’t Be Such a Sissy, Sadie/The Bear 
  25. The Garden in Painful
  26. The Plane Crash/Rescuing Henry Woods
  27. Talking to Glen Larson/Watching Pinocchio 
  28. The Lakes Called
  29. Hello! He Bit Me!
  30. The Magic Harp was Found!
  31. Final Battle/Goodbye Scarface!
  32. Goodbyes Comes Again
  33. The Animals Says Goodbye to Thomas and Sadie
  34. Taking the Harp Home 
  35. The Magic Harp Meets Jenny/Ending

Release Date

July 7, 1995


88 Minutes


David Newman (Composer/Songs)

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