Sir Topham Hatt has trapped the narrator in a cage and takes over his reading, and Sir Handel moves in to Standard Sodor but will he wait for his old home to be fixed in time for the cartoon to be back in order or will the kids see what Sir Handel's home looks like when it's done?


  • The Narrator
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • The Kids
  • Thomas
  • Annie
  • Clarabel
  • Sir Handel
  • Duncan
  • Skarloey
  • Rusty
  • Peter Sam
  • Rheneas (Non-speaking)
  • Mighty Mac
  • Duke (Returns)
  • Mr. Percival
  • The Narrow Gauge Railway Construction Engine (debut)
  • Gordon
  • James
  • Henry
  • Edward
  • Toby
  • Mavis
  • Rocky
  • Molly
  • Diesel
  • Lady
  • Harvey
  • Emily
  • Rosie
  • Neville
  • Rebelle the French Quarry Engine (debut)
  • Duck
  • Donald and Douglas
  • Oliver
  • Cranky
  • Salty
  • Bertie
  • Percy (Engine Roll Call)
  • Harold (Mentioned)


  1. Percy didn't appear in this episode but in the Engine Roll Call.
  2. Harold also didn't appear but was mentioned
  3. When Sir Handel suggests that Cranky knows Toby's Cousin Rebelle, he tells him that she's a Quarry Engine that speaks French, Salty realizes that all engines don't speak French when only person and engines really are in France.


Act. 1

The Narrator says that a VHS tape of the Never-to-Be-Seen-Again but Never-Before-Seen Episode of Thomas and Friends is recorded at a Television network, he's trapped inside a cage of Sir Topham Hatt, and he turns everything from a thundery day to a sunny day in November 4th, 2006 just by saying it as a flashback, he tells the kids to come home from school to watch the Lost Season 10 Episode of Thomas and Friends on a DVD Disc, but the didn't know about that because it's lost, so they found a map on the bus that'll help them find the Lost Episode of Thomas' Tenth Season they lost, they drove a bus to Target in Chicago (Just in case they need a toy to cuddle if they get jumpscared) then take a path between St. Babara Elementary School and Football/Soccor Field, and last of all they arrived at Petersfield (House Number 9939 in the German version) where the kids looked in the backyard for the Lost Thomas and Friends Episode, which the DVD is about to fall of a broken tree branch, they all went to the TV room with a TV and DVD above the fireplace, they put the DVD in they began to talk so excitedly Sir Topham Hatt thought so to, in the Television Version Sir Topham Hatt freezes the screen and wonders if Thomas wants him back on the Sodor Railway and tells the audience "Stay Tuned to find out!".

Act 2.

the DVD started and showed the 2010 HiT Entertainment Logo but the difference is that had the 2009-2013 fanfare instead of complete silent, then it went to the Lionsgate logo but the logo says something different, "We are finally gonna make Lionsgate videos, again!" and it went to the intro after the "Making Tracks to Great Destinations" Segment faded to black and it went to the Island intro just like the Other Seasons it was normal and went like this: "The Island of Sodor is surrounded by beautiful blue sea, it has fields of green and sandy yellow beaches, there are rivers, streams, and lots of trees where the birds sing, There are windmills and a coal mine and Docks where visitors to the island arrived, The Island also has lots and lots of railway lines, Who's that puffing down the track? It's Thomas, Hello Thomas!" the Narrator said as Thomas says something even more sarcastic instead "If you want to watch the real Lost Season 10 Episode of me, you have to learn how I, Gordon, and Toby got to our Coaches in a learning segment first!" and the Island intro ends and went straight to the segment, The kids offers to help Thomas guide to Annie and Clarabel, Gordon to the Express, and Toby to Henrietta and just like that They graduate Thomas, Gordon, and Toby for their help guiding to their coaches.

and it finally got to the title of the episode "Sir Handel Loses His Home!" the narrators tells the kids that it's a bright and sunny morning on the island of Sodor and The Narrow Gauge Engine are in for a big surprise, Mr. Percival said that he's gonna throw a party that's going to be dedicated to the Narrow Gauge Railway, and Peter Sam, Rusty, Duncan, Skarloey, Mighty Mac, Duke, Rheneas, and Sir Handel discuss what they'll do for the Narrow Gauge Railway's party, just as they began bringing streamers (Duke, Rusty, and Skarloey), Bringing the Cake (Rheneas and Duncan), and Bringing Balloons, and Cards Etcetera (Peter Sam and Mighty Mac), Sir Handel just stood there with nothing to do, until he forces to take the cake when Sir Topham Hatt tells him as the narrator, Sir Handel give the Cake Car that Rheneas and Duncan were bringing a swift bash and causes the cake to be sent flying and it lands on Sir Handel's shed by accident and it crashes to the ground, Sir Topham Hatt said "Luckily, no one was hurt!" the New Engine which named The Narrow Gauge Construction Engine saw what happened, just as Mr. Percival exclaims "Look what you done to your shed, you lost it you idiot!" and Duncan said "Now we have to get a new cake, you silly old engine, go move to Sodor now!" even though Rheneas doesn't speak he agrees with him, Sir Handel says in a crying voice, "Oh yeah? If you want me to move, well I'll move to Sodor, I'm sorry and Goodbye!" as he went to the Sodor Railway, just as he is at Sodor he says in a sad voice, "Oh, How did I let this happen, I made the cake for the party fly and it landed on my crushed home, and now I ruined the party for the Narrow Gauge Railway, and all the other engines hate my guts now I moved here." the kids said that Sir Handel never cried in Most Seasons.

He sadly arrived at Knapford Station, Gordon, Henry, James, and Edward said really angry with him "You should've made a mess at this party, Us steamies do the same way too, What makes you feel sorry? I bet the my passangers are gonna make you their slave" the Kids are jumpscared when Sir Handel is being chased by new people, he saw Thomas (who was asleep) woken up by Sir Handel's "Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! Help me! Help me!" Thomas tells Sir Handel to slew himself down and tell him what the matter is, Sir Handel said after he took a deep breath "You see, I gave the Narrow Gauge party cake a swift bash and my home is a mess, that's all I could say." after he chuffs away Thomas was concerned about the engine feeling sad and blue like him.

He then a little bit sadly arrived at the Quarry, Toby, was there and Rocky is helping Mavis out of the quarry dust and back on the tracks, Toby tells him to see the Happy side to do so, because he'll propably agree to find his cousin Rebelle in the quarry somewhere, and Sir Handel agreed and he search for the new engine Rebelle the French Quarry Engine, he asks Molly first, then Diesel, then Emily, Harvey, Rosie, Lady, Neville, The Scottish Twins, Duck, and his last hopes are Oliver, and Bertie.

When he arrives at Brendam Docks, Sir Handel thought it was hopeless, 'til Cranky looks down at him saying "What are you doing, finding Toby's French cousin?" Sir Handel responses No and says "But he remembers her, and she'll remember you!" Cranky asks "Why? she only speaks French." and Salty shows up and says "Well, All engines don't speak French, matey." and the Kids are amazed to see Rebelle the French Quarry Engine herself saying "He's right and I do speak a little bit of English and a lot of French." they all shouted "Hooray! Whoa! Rebelle is French!" and one of them said that She is Colored French Blue in the front and French Red in the back, Sir Handel wonders If his home is all fixed, The Kids asks the other kid what Sir Handel's home looks like when it's done, he said "It's gonna have a trapezoid-shaped roof of some sort, and the bars will remain the same!" after the Narrow Gauge Railway Construction Engine fixes Sir Handel's Shed, Sir Handel got back in time for Duncan to accept his apology for causing confused and delay, Duncan luckily got a new cake from the Sodor Bakery and Rheneas helped, and Everyone celebrated the Narrow Gauge Railway party and had a good time, and the episode ends with the Engine Roll Call, and the kid saying the engines name as they're called out, Thomas, James, Percy, Gordon, Emily, Henry, Edward, and Toby, and it went to the end credits and the copyrighted date November 4th, 2006 which is the year after the Season 10 Finale, and it just ended with no HiT Entertainment Logo just nothing.

The Kids are delighted just as Sir Topham Hatt is about to eject the disc, the disc was scratched, the kids all scream in panic "Failure, What were we thinking? We ruined the Lost Season 10 episode of Thomas and Friends, and now it's lost forever!" Sir Topham Hatt tells them not to worry because the Lost Thomas and Friends Season 10 Episode will not remain lost later until May 15, 2008, the year after the Loving Memory of Scottish Football Player and Manager Tommy Burns, but DVD or no DVD, as long as they're together We will always do what's best like Thomas, and the Narrator is out of his cage as he made his escape as the episode storyline ends.

New Engines

  1. The Narrow Gauge Railway Construction Engine
  2. Rebelle the French Quarry Engine

Learning Segment

  • Which Coach Belongs to Thomas, Gordon, and Toby



Narrow Gauge Railway Construction Engine

Rebelle the French Quarry Engine

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