Thomas And Friends (Series 1)

Thomas And Friends season 1 is the first season of the show it aired in 1989.

List of episodes:

Thomas And Gordon: Thomas likes playing tricks on Gordon so Gordon gets revenge on his friend by leaving the station in a hurry.

Edward And Gordon: Edward shunts trucks in the morning it's up to him to safe the day by rescuing Gordon on Gordon's Hill.

The Sad Story of Henry: Henry refuses to leave the tunnel because of the rain so he gets walled up in the tunnel.

Edward, Henry, and Gordon: When Gordon gets stuck near Henry's Tunnel Edward and Henry takes his coaches.

Thomas Train: Thomas wants to pull the express but he leaves in a big hurry and forgets his coaches.

Thomas And The Trucks: Thomas wants to see the world so he pulls Edward's trucks instead.

Thomas Saves The Day: When James has a accident Thomas is there to help.

James Learns A Lesson: James accidentally sprays steam on Sir Topham Hat's brand new hat.

Troublesome Trucks: James gets a job to pull 10 trucks up Gordon's Hill.

Thomas And The Guard: Thomas leaves Annie's Guard behide.

Thomas Goes Fishing: Thomas gets fish in his boiler.

Trernce The Tractor: Thomas teases Terernce about his wheels.

Thomas And Bertie: Thomas and Bertie have a race.

Tenders and Turntables: Gordon has trouble with the turntable.

Trouble In the Sheds: Gordon, James, and Henry refuse to leave the shed.

Percy Runs Away: Percy almost gets hit by Gordon.

Coal: Henry needs Special Coal.

The Flying Kipper: Henry pulls The Flying Kipper on his morning shift.

Whistles And Sneezes: 3 boys break the coaches so Henry gets revenge.

Toby the Tram Engine: Toby introducedes himself.

Thomas In Trouble: a police officer thinks Thomas was speeding.

Dirty Objects: James teases Toby about Messy Objects.

Off the Rails: Gordon falls into a pond.

Down the Mine: Thomas falls down a mine.

Thomas Christmas Party: Thomas and his friends celebrate chirstmas eve.

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