Thomas & Friends is an upcoming 2019 American television computer-animated/(Live-Action) Netflix original series based on the Railway series by the Reverend W. Awdry of the Reboot 1984's Thomas & Friends. The series is produced by Hit Entertainment, Sony Pictures Animation and Sony Pictures Television, airing on Netflix and it will be released in March 2019.


The Netflix Original Series Voice Cast And (Live-Action) Cast

  •  Martin Sherman as Thomas
  •  Maria Darling as Rosie
  •  Chris Hardwick as Edward
  •  Kerry Shale as Henry
  •  Owen Wilson as Gordon
  •  Rob Rackstraw as James
  •  Joseph May as Percy
  •  Tara Strong as Emily
  •  Jim Hanks as Toby
  •  Jeffrey Garcia as Duck
  •  Cam Clarke as Oliver
  •  Joe Mills as Toad
  •  Ringo Starr as Bash
  •  Kevin James as Dash
  •  John Cena as Ferdinand
  •  Ashleigh Ball as Mavis
  •  Michael Brandon as Diesel
  •  Jack Black as Cranky
  •  Kyle Rideout as Harold
  •  Peter New as Bertie
  •  Neil Crone as Donald
  •  Kevin Frank as Douglas
  •  Michael Angelis as Arthur
  •  James and Oliver Phelps as Bill and Ben
  •  Peter Kay as Arry
  •  Will Arnett as Bert
  •  Blake Clark as Terence
  •  Matthew Broderick as Trevor
  •  Tom Kenny as Fergus
  •  Mike Myers as Spencer
  •  Jim Cummings as Murdoch
  •  Tabitha St. Germain as Molly
  •  Tom Stourton as Duncan
  •  Edward Glen as Skarloey
  •  Matthew Lillard as Mighty
  •  Breckin Meyer as Mac
  •  Matt Wilkinson as Rusty
  •  Steve Burns as Peter Sam
  •  Chris Rock as Sir Handel
  •  Kevin Frank as Duke
  •  John Hasler as Rheneas
  • Rob Paulsen as Fearless Freddie
  •  Alec Baldwin as Stepney
  •  John Goodman as Boco
  •  Helena Bonham Carter as Daisy
  •  John Cleese as Sir Topham Hatt And Alicia Silverstone as Maggie The Baby Rainbow Engine

Netflix Episodes

(Season 1) Deep Sea Thomas

(Season 2) Thomas Saves The Sea Turtles

(Season 3) Thomas And The Whale To The Rescue

(Season 4) Thomas Underwater Mission Part 1

(Season 5) Thomas Underwater Mission Part 2

(Season 6) Thomas Underwater Mission Part 3

(Season 7) Thomas Underwater Mission Finale Part 4

(Season 8) Thomas Slipping At The Bottom Of That Slippery Sand Slide

(Season 9) Thomas And Daisy Go On The Date

(Season 10) Thomas And Daisy Are Getting Married

(Season 11) Thomas And Daisy Have A Baby Train Part 1

(Season 12) Thomas And Daisy Have A Baby Train Part 2

(Season 13) Thomas And Daisy Have A Baby Train Part 3

(Season 14) Thomas Has A Name For Baby Train Its A Girl Named Maggie

(Season 15) Maggies First Job

(Season 16) Maggies First Word

(Season 17) Maggie is All Grown-Up


  • Thomas & Friends Theme (The Bc-52s)
  • Engine Roll Call (The Bc-52s )
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