Thomas & Friends: The Old Tale is a cancelled movie originally meant to be released sometime in 2019. It was cancelled so Thomas & Friends: The Unknown Track could be produced.


The movie would feature Skarloey telling his friends about an engine that turned trees into tunnels. Thomas overheard the conversation and went into a forest to see if the tale was true. Nothing happened in the forest but a golden engine puffed past. Thomas was scared so be raced back to the wharf. He crashed into some flatbeads and pipes knocked over Duncan.

Help was brought but Duncan was angry. He tricked Thomas into taking a route that was very dangerous. A bridge that was rusty led back to Thomas' Branch Line so he puffed over. But the bridge fell. Thomas fell down the canyon and Duncan hid because he thought he would be scrapped for tricking Thomas. He hid in a shed. His driver and fireman left him because he wouldn't move. Duncan then couldn't move.

The end of the movie would have Thomas telling the story to his friends back at Tidmouth Sheds. Then, Emily would tell Thomas that the engine was Stephen who had a glitter accident.

Duncan would stay in the yards, shunting mud barrels. A new engine called Lily took over his work but she forgot many things. She even forgot to deliver some new wheels for Duncan, causing him to get stuck at the sheds!


  • Thomas
  • Emily
  • Duncan
  • Skarloey
  • Stephen (doesn't speak)
  • The other Narrow Guage Engines (possibly)
  • James (possibly)
  • Percy (possibly)
  • Gordon (possibly)
  • Henry (possibly)
  • Edward (possibly)
  • Toby (possibly)
  • Rebecca (possibly)
  • Nia (possibly)
  • Sir Topham Hatt (possibly)
  • Mr Percival (possibly)

Characters introduced

  • Lily
  • The Golden Engine (mentioned)


  • The Wharf
  • Raven's Bridge
  • The Abandoned Shed
  • Tidmouth Sheds
  • The Transfer Yards


  • The writer of this movie revealed what had been written before the movie was cancelled. He also mentioned that The Golden Engine wasn't originally Stephen. It was it's own character.
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