Thomas' Tales from Sodor is an American-British 2022 animated web television series based on The Railway Series books by Wilbert & Chrstopher Awdry and a television series Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends by Britt Allcroft. The series is created for Disney+ (later airing in television) and produced by Pixar Animation Studios with their involvement from Marc Forster's 2021 film, sharing a same universe as it's spin-off sequel series.


Major Characters

  • Thomas the Tank Engine: Daniel Radcliffe/Lewis Tan/Tom Holland, Corey Burton/Ringo Starr (as a narrator) - TBA. He is now more mature, like how he was portrayed in Seasons 3-5 on the original television series.
  • Emily the Stirling Single: Emma Stone/Karen Gillan - The series' female protagonist. A kind, helpful and compassionate engine, who acts as a sisterly figure to others. She works in a branch line at Ffarquhar alongside Percy (who sees her as his mother figure similarly to Edward and Thomas' father-son relationship), Toby and Thomas, as she's a bit lighter than other tender engines and the latter's duty as her guardian.
  • Percy the Small Engine: Tom Holland/Roman Griffin Davis - TBA. Has his original head-strong and cheeky, yet naive personality from the books and classic series.
  • Edward the Blue Engine: Arnold Schwarzenegger/Jim Broadbent - TBA. He was chosen as one of the major protagonists alongside the former three, because of his role in the Railway Series books.
  • James the Red Engine: Silvio Simac/Vin Diesel/Robert Pattinson - TBA. Despite still acting sometimes vain, he has matured a bit and showed a caring side to himself.
  • Gordon the Big Engine: John Cena/Hugh Laurie -
  • Henry the Green Engine: Pierce Brosnan/Asa Butterfield -
  • Toby the Tram Engine: Andy SerkisDaniel Craig -
  • Duck the Great Western Engine: Simon Pegg - TBA. He also developed a rivalry with Diesel during his visit in Sodor and later ran his own branch line with his two autocoaches Alice & Mirabel and Oliver after he was rescued by Douglas.
  • Rosie the Lavender Engine: Chloe Grace Moretz - A lively little tank engine and station pilot of the Main Line. She had a rivalry with Emily over Thomas' affection in a pilot episode, though after she helped him rescue her, they became firm friends and she established a brother-sister relationship with him.
  • Molly the Yellow Engine: Nicola Stapleton - A female tender engine, who is the newest member and shy/sensitive, getting easily embarrased or upset by conflict and sometimes feeling afraid of her own strength. She developed feelings with James after he helped her with empty trucks when Gordon laughed at her.
  • Diesel: Willem Dafoe/Iko Uwais/Andy Serkis (main villain; only appears in some episodes such as one adapting Duck and the Diesel Engine) - The steam engines' arch-enemy since the events of World War II, who seeks vengeance towards them since he was sent away, making himself the dreaded enemy to Thomas and Duck. He was overhauled to work with his fellow diesel shunters in the Mainland.

Minor Characters

  • Alfred and Cecil/Crovan: Jim Cummings and Tom Kenny (only appears in the pilot episode) - TBA. They were sent away from the island of Sodor by the Fat Director after a former has bullied Emily into becoming bossy alongside Gordon and James, until she confessed about this with Thomas and Rosie's help after her flour incident.
  • Donald and Douglas the Scottish Twin Engines: David Tennant (shares a same voice actor, just like coaches) - Tender engines who lived in Caledonian Railway before their arrival, who are strong performers and firm with others, though they often argue despite hating to be parted from each other and used to have a strong dislike of diesels.
  • Oliver the Great Western Engine: Richard Hammond - Duck's best friend, who is overconfident, yet a obedient, trustworthy worker and escaped from being scrapped with Douglas's help. His companion is a break van named Toad (who is voiced by Colin Firth).
  • Bill and Ben: James and Oliver Phelps - Young tank engine twins, who are cheeky and mischevious as they love playing jokes on bigger engines. They work in the china clay pits and quarries, taking trucks on the mainline and for ships in the harbour.
  • BoCo the Diesel Engine: Joe Thomas - A green-painted, kind mixed traffic diesel engine, who resides on Edward's branch line at Wellsworth, occasionally helping him out with Bill and Ben's tricks. He also gives engines some advice as well.
  • Mavis the Quarry Diesel: Alex Kingston - A female diesel shunter who works for Ffarquhar's quarry company in its branch line. She is one of the diesel engines, who shows respect for steam engines, most particularly Toby.
  • Bear: Noel Clarke - A mixed traffic diesel engine, who is polite and friendly. He was originally known as Diesel 7101, but got his name from the growling noises his engine makes.
  • Stepney the "Bluebell" Engine: Robbie Amell - A tank engine who lives on Bluebell Railway in the Mainland, when he came on loan to Sodor and worked briefly with his cousin Thomas (as they were both built by Brighton Works).
  • Rex, Mike and Bert: TBA - Small tender engines who resides and works in Arlesdale Railway. Rex is a hard worker who sometimes has problems with traction, Mike being the strongest who prefers goods trains to passengers and Bert being quietest, oldest and easy-going.

Narrow Gauge Engines

  • Skarloey: Topher Grace - An old, faithful engine in a narrow-gauge railway named after himself, Skarloey Railway. Calm-natured, quaint and mature, he may often try to guide or watch over less experienced narrow gauge engines in his firm, but fair and friendly manner.
  • Rheneas: Mark Wahlberg - The brother of Skarloey, who is highly determined, brave and courageous, yet tough, committed worker despite his age and takes great responsibility in his work.
  • Sir Handel: David Krumholtz - Originally called Falcon during his younger days, he has been known for being impulsive, arrogant, pompous, rude, stubborn, naughty and bad-tempered. Years later, he became a steady, thoughtful and mature engine who is ready to offer advice and be put in charge, despite him still remaining a bit stubborn.
  • Peter Sam: Chris Pratt - Named Stuart under the supervision of Duke, he is extremely enthusiastic, eager and bubbly, despite being occasionally cheeky and somewhat prone to being a little naive at times, but kind-hearted, well-meaning and good mannered.
  • Rusty the Little Diesel: Billy Crystal - A diesel engine who does maintenance work and odd jobs on the Skarloey Railway, being trusty, quick-thinking and a dedicated worker who often ends up in arguments with Duncan. While he was portrayed as gender-neutral in the original television series, he is male like in the Railway Series books.
  • Duncan: Mike Myers - A grumpy Scottish engine, who has a strong temper and rough manners, being prone to boisterously bouncing about, which became known as "rock 'n rolling", which once led to wedging in the north mouth of Rheneas Tunnel and derailing on a stretch of line near Crosn-ny-Cuirn.
  • Duke the Lost Engine: Dustin Hoffman - One of the oldest, wisest and most experienced engines of the Skarloey Railway, who is also the mentor of Peter Sam and Sir Handel from their younger days on the Mid Sodor Railway. A friend of Edward and Thomas, who often tells stories about him, which made him widely respected and considered a hero amongst other engines.
  • The Mountain Engines - Narrow-gauge mountain-climbing engines, who works in Culdee Fell Railway, Sodor's only rack railway. They only appear in a episode, which adapts their titular Railway Series book.
    • Godred: TBA - Very arrogant, supercilious and reckless engine, who believed that nothing bad could ever happen to him and put too much faith into his automaic brakes until his unfortunate demise, which led him to be scrapped.
    • Ernest: TBA - An old and wise mountain engine, who is good friends with Wilfred and Culdee.
    • Wilfred: TBA - A kind and hard worker, who gets upset at the carelessness of other engines. He is also known as the "musical engine" by others, because he loves to whistle as he ascends and descends the steep hills.
    • Culdee: TBA - A careful, cautious and friendly engine, who is the sensible one in a railway named after him and often tells stories about others.
    • Shane Doolney: TBA - Named after a Sudrian mountain, he is careful and cautious like other mountain engines.
    • Patrick: TBA - Previously named Lord Harry, he was very arrogant, pompous and reckless like Godred, but became more responsible and mature after his mountain rescue, only taking risks if absolutely necessary.
    • Alaric and Eric: TBA - Mountain engines, who are known for being nice and quiet.


  • Annie and Clarabel: Brie Larson -
  • Martha and Jennifer: TBA - Emily's passenger coaches, who she got after having saved Percy from an accident during her first day at work in Sodor.
  • Henrietta: TBA - A old coach, who is Toby's partner since they worked together in their old tramway before they were transferred to Sodor to work in Thomas's branch line.
  • S.C. Ruffey: TBA - A privately owned ballast truck, who is the former ringleader of the Troublesome Trucks and was known for his ruthless behavior. He met his comeuppance when he was pulled apart by Oliver, causing the trucks to become fearful of him and decide to not do any tricks for other engines again.


  • Terence the Tractor: Patrick Walsh -
  • Bertie the Bus: Michael Sheen -
  • Trevor the Traction Engine: Robin Atkin Downes -
  • Harold the Helicopter: TBA - A helicopter who patrols the Island of Sodor, searching for emergencies and is very proud of being able to fly, being somewhat cocky for believing that "railways are slow and quite out of date", causing a bit of rivalry between him and Percy.
  • Cranky the Crane: TBA - A tall, grumpy crane who lives and works at the docks. He used to tease Thomas and Percy after his arrival, until his comeuppance came up after he fell down by a fuel tanker explosion and Emily (who have noticed everything) scolding him under a shed's roof with other engines.
  • Big Mickey: TBA - An another crane, who lives in the docks alongside Cranky, being more friendly and experienced than him, working as his mentor after Thomas and Percy rescued him. He originated from TUGS and some of the classic era's episodes since Season 3 (while he was faceless).



While most of the episodes are original stories, some of them are adapted from the original show's first five seasons with changes in addition to other kinds of unadapted The Railway Series stories with interesting concepts.

List of Thomas' Tales from Sodor (Disney+ Series) episodes


  • Unlike the theatrical film in which is a live-action/CGI hybrid, the television series is fully computer-animated, while using models, elements, environments and such Pixar originally created for that.
  • In addition to remaking the plots from previous Thomas storylines, the series also adapts newer, yet interesting storylines that aren't adapted as well (albeit with changes to reflect with the 1940s-50s time period of the series).
  • During the series' development, following the movie/film's big success in box office and critical reception, Disney acquired the franchise's distribution and production rights from Mattel, having also bought HiT Entertainment (listing them as special thanks and keeping their logo on Disney+ airings, replacing Mattel's in Season 21 and the film), while Richard Awdry, Christopher's son, continues The Railway Series with "The Little Blue Engines" (which tells the story of Edward and Thomas' adventures when they first arrived on the North Western Railway) and an adaptation of the film itself.
  • TBA
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