The Amazing World Of Gumball: The Movie is a movie canon to the Amazing World Of Gumball.   Synopsis After Elmore Junior High was sucked into The Void, Gumball and his friends, and one sworn enemy now must save the world from being destroyed. The fate of the universe is now in their hands.


The film opens on an event that happened in 2019, right after Season 6. At the School Miss Simian says that there is an earthquake and everyone hides in the classroom and they find out that the earthquake is a portal to the void that is sucking up the whole school. Miss Simian then says that they have to evacuate the school and everyone runs out, except Rachel, who was sucked into the void but no one remembers her. Afrer that we see a montage that show clips from show.

The Team find themselves in The Void after the school was sucked up. Banana Barbara then paints a portal out, but soon realizes that this ending is inevitable. Then they hear knocking on the door. They rush to the door and see that a paranoid Rachel is there. She comes in and says that she has been in the Void for eight years. 

The gang use Superintendent Evil’s lab as a secret base. Darwin tells Carrie that he has feelings for Rachel and Carrie understands but feels sad. They see that there is damage at the front entrance of the school and they rush to see what it is. Then they get captured by a ship.

Meanwhile, Chi Chi is testing his hologram technology. The Van Shopkeeper says that the technology is perfect for tricking people. William says that he is the one who wants to trick Gumball and his friends into tearing each other apart. Chi Chi’s Mom warns everyone that she has detected the heroes in a part of the Void.

Everyone thinks that it is a bad thing and then they are captured by some mysterious spaceship, but the pilot removes his helmet and he is a shark named General Bites-Alot. He flies them to his headquarters and on the way, Johnald Bites-Alot tells the gang that he has no memories outside of The Void. Then they arrive at Bites-Alot HQ. Johnald shows them around and gives them gifts. 

Even with those gifts given to them, Gumball still believes that Johnald is up to something. So he and Anais decide to take the case, even though Anais strongly disagrees with Gumball. Then Johnald tells them that it’s lights out time. Darwin feels worried about the coming event and Rachel feels bad for him. So Rachel goes into Gumball, Darwin, and Anais’s room to comfort Darwin. Darwin says that he’ll walk Rachel back to her room. They walk together and hold hands until they arrive. Then they attempt to kiss each other until Gumball and Anais find them. Darwin tells Gumball that he wants to have a sleepover with Rachel. Anais goes back to her‘s and Gumball’s room. Then Penny approaches Gumball and says that she too believes that Johnald is evil, so they decide to take the case in the form of a date. 

Gumball and Penny see that Johnald’s master bedroom has a huge button. In it. They almost press it until they are captured by a spaceship. In the spaceship is Chun-ni and Miao Cheng Gong, The rip-off versions of Nicole and Richard. They try to call Darwin and Rachel, but they are asleep. Then Johnald Bites-Alot presses the intruder alert button and the alarm goes off. Everyone gets into their Johnald-branded armour and get into battle. They try to defeat them, but get captured by the enemy. 

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1h 48 min



  • After it’s theatrical release, the film/episode received 93% on Rotten Tomatoes.
  • This is the very eventual episode of The Amazing World Of Gumball, other than spin-offs and miniseries.
  • The Van Shopkeeper is the main antagonist and his real form is Rob’s interdimensional self, Lord Bob.



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Soundtrack was written by Michael Giachoinno and KASHMIR. End Titles Song "This is it" was sung by X-Factor 2018 winner Dalton Harris.

The Opening 2:30 by Michael Giachoinno 

Not so Amazing World 2:12 by Michael Giachinno 

Voided Flashbacks 2:43 by Michael Giachinno

World of Mistakes 1:32 by Michael Giachinno

Villainsolation 0:43 by Michael Giachinno

Song of Rachel 1:21 by Michael Giachinno

Johnald Theme 2:31 by Michael Giachinno


An unexpected date 1:54 by KASHMIR

Destruction 101 3:12 by KASHMIR

Cultural References

  • The characters’ heads on the doors of Johnald Bites-Alot’s ship resemble similar doors in the popular TV series, Teen Titans GO
  • The line that Rachel says “You trapped me in here for eight years! And in doing so you made me the most furious girl in the universe” is a reference to one of Thanos’s lines in the film, Avengers: Infinity War.
  • On one of walls in Void there a graffiti with words "Princess in Another Castle." This is a reference on Super Mario Bros
  • Line of Lord Bob "We starting The Ultimate Show!" This is a reference from Dimentio from Super Paper Mario.


Much like many previous episodes the film is a musical.

  • The Amazing World of Gumball Theme song 
  • Don’t you remember, I was the one - by Rachel
  • TBA 
  • There can only be one (Tobias cover) - by Carrie
  • Welcome to the greatest place in the universe - by Johnald
  • Let me explain my evil plan - by Rob
  • I’m Singing (cover) - by Gumball and all of his friends.
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