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The Worst Band in the Universe is a British-Australian 3D stop-motion animated science fiction musical comedy film produced by Aardman Animations. Inspired by the 1999 children's book of the same name by Graeme Base, it is Aardman's first musical film. The film follows a band of musical aliens who are on a crusade to break all the rules & restrictions on music.

Plot Summary

A young alien named Sprocc, who lives on planet Blipp, wants to live a life of discovery & creativity & play his music on his Splinterwanger. But on his planet tradition rules--& that includes music. Only the Ancient Songs of ages past can be heard & nobody is allowed to change a word or a note. The Musical Inquisitor decides Sprocc must leave Blipp. And so he does in search of musical freedom & ends up entering the Worst Band in the Universe competition.


  • Cody Simpson as Sprocc
The main protagonist of the film, a 13-year-old alien musician who seeks freedom to make his own after being banished from his home planet Blipp.
  • Taron Egerton as Stick Man
An overweight alien drummer who joins Sprocc's band.
  • Pixie Lott as Breather
A three-mouthed alien who also joins Sprocc's band; she plays some sort of blowy kind of instrument.
  • Judi Dench as The Eldest One
The Queen-style leader of Blipp, aged 160; she is somewhat a mother figure to Sprocc.
  • Sting as Skat
A feline-like alien musician who was exiled to the junkyard planet, Wastedump B19.
  • James Corden as Button Pusher
Another exile on Wastedump B19 who appears to be a genius in mechanics.
  • Peter Capaldi as The Music Inquisitor
The main antagonist of the film; the leader of the imperial authorities who rule the majority of the universe & set strict rules regarding music. 

Also, Simon Farnaby does the voice of the Announcer in the Worst Band in the Universe Competition.


The film features music from the bonus CD that came with the original book. Some of these songs are performed by some popular British bands, such as Bastille.

Video game

A video game adaptation of the film is released on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, & Xbox One. This game contains elements similar to that of Rock Band.


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