The World of Shopkins is a 1980 animated television special written by Romeo Muller, directed by Charles Swenson, and produced by Swenson, Muller and Fred Wolf. this shows released in May 31, 1980.


  • Russi Taylor as Jessicake/Apple Blossom
  • Robert Ridgely as Rotten Cake Man
  • Romeo Muller as Narrator
  • Julie McWhirter as Jesse Cake/Kooky Kody/Kooky Cookie/Lippy Lips
  • Joan Gerber as Rainbow Kate/Jamie Cake/Strawberry Kiss
  • Pamela Anderson as Marsha Mallow/Coco Cookie/Cheeky Chocolate
  • Frank Welker as Pupkin Cake/Custard Cake


  • Shopkins are debut in the 1980's. in the toyline in Ideal Toys
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