The Walt Disney Masterpiece Garfield and Friends and Oliver and Company: The Series was a 2011 American Cartoon Animated Crossover series will be released on Disney Channel and Cartoon Network in November/4/2011 and aired on Boomerang uk January/6/2012 and aired on Boomerang March/6/2015.

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It talks about Garfield and Friends and The other good likeable Cartoon Characters going on magical Wonderful Adventures to on Magical Places, Magical Adventures and Magical Planets to make good Wonderful Adventures with Garfield and Friends,Oliver and Company,Toy Story,Phineas and Ferb and Other Cartoon Animated Magical Good Crossovers. And Good Christmas Cartoons and Movies and Fun with Popeye the Sailor Man and More.


Additional Voices


Tv Series Release

This Tv Series will be released on November/4/2011 on Cartoon Network and Disney Channel and in this series will be released on January/6/2012 Boomerang uk and it will be released aired on March/6/2015 Boomerang.


List of Episodes

Here's the List of The Walt Disney Masterpiece Garfield and Friends Oliver and Company:The Series

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