The Vigilant Spider is an American thriller comic book series, being published by Marvel Comics since TBD 2017.


When Yuri Watanabe gets bitten by a radioactive spider, she decides to become a vigilante, heading for anyone who commits crime.



  • Yuri Watanabe/The Spider - a detective who becomes a web-slinging vigilante after being bitten by a radioactive spider.


  • Jefferson Davis - an honest cop who holds a grudge against Kingpin for killing his wife and his son.
  • May Parker - a mentor figure to Yuri who gets TBD.
  • Martin Li - the head of the F.E.A.S.T. centers who TBD.
  • Betty Brant - Jameson's former assistant who after learning that he was manipulating her, quit the Bugle and joined the police department.


  • J. Jonah Jameson/Mr. Negative - the corrupt head of the Daily Bugle who is secretly a mobster who TBD.
    • Eddie Brock/Anti-Venom - one of Negative's enforcers who TBD.
    • Flint Marko/Sandman - TBD
    • Lonnie Lincoln/Tombstone - an albino enforcer who Negative TBD.
  • The Sinister Six, consisting of:
    • Norman Osborn/Doctor Octopus - TBD
    • Peter Parker/Green Goblin - an insane man who uses a goblin suit to cause havoc and mayhem.
    • Mary Jane Watson/Sliver Sable - a mercenary who takes any case that TBD. She ends up being hired to join the Sinister Six, being in an on and off romantic partner to Peter.
    • MacDonald Gargan/Scorpion - a sadistic wrestler who TBD.
    • Maxwell Dillon/Electro - a former shock jock who TBD.
    • Adrian Toomes/Vulture - a blind teenager who TBD.
  • Richard Fisk/Kingpin - a rival mob boss to Negative who aims to find the Vigilant Spider and kill her while overtrowing Negative as the most powerful mobster in New York City.
    • Gwen Stacy/Shriek - an enforcer to the Kingpin who has the ability to cause TBD, sometimes clashing with Silver Sable due to being in love with Peter.
    • Herman Schultz/Shocker - a German enforcer who alligns with Kingpin to gain TBD.
    • Captain George Stacy - Gwen’s father and a corrupt cop under Kingpin's payroll.


  • Yuri Watanabe/The Spider - designed after her appearance as Wraith, but colored after Doctor Octopus' Spider-Man guise in Superior Spider-Man.


  1. Prologue - Yuri Watanabe learns that she TBD.
  2. Sandy - Continuing her hunt to figure out who Mr. Negative is, Yuri suspects that Martin Li is him. However, Mr. Negative has Flint Marko aka Sandman to kill Li.
  3. Sable - Mr. Negative hires a mercenary known as Silver Sable to find and kill Yuri.


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