Video Collection International was a video company based in the UK. It was opened in 1984. Originally part of the Prestwich Group, based in New Southgate, London, the company was subject to a management buyout headed by Steve Ayres CEO and Paddy Toomey (ex-Woolworths) as MD. The vision of "sell through video" was born with the strong Woolworths association driving the retail sales.

In 2004 Video collection international was emerged to form 2 Entertain it was dissolved by a year.

In 2020 after sixteen years since it was been formed as 2 entertain. Until Disney/ BBC had re-established this Video Collection International label is now became a home media division of the Walt Disney company. 2 Entertain and BBC worldwide are also became Disney subsidiaries. It will be three years after acquisition of 20th Century Fox assets since December 2017.

VHS releases:

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