The Velociraptor Warrior
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Created by

Bryan Andrews
Rob Renzetti

Developed by

Bryan Andrews
Rob Renzetti

Voices of

Keith David
Kath Soucie
Jess Harnell


Tyler Bates

Country of

United States



No. of seasons


No. of episodes

132 (List of episodes)



Bryan Andrews
Rob Renzetti
For Nickelodeon:

Running time

22 minutes


Nickelodeon Animation Studios


MTV Networks




Original release

November 5th, 1999-September 23rd, 2005

The Velociraptor Warrior is an American animated television series being created by Bryan Andrews and Rob Renzetti. It is being produced by Nickelodeon Animation Studios and aired on Nickelodeon from November 5th, 1999 til September 23rd, 2005.


In the fictional region of Thundriso, a Velociraptor is chosen to be the hero as he, a female ground sloth and a stupid triceratops stop vary evil from going over his home.



  • Velocity (voiced by Keith David) - a brave and heroic vegetarian Velociraptor who wields a hammer, using it for heroic purposes as well as caring for his home.
  • Kayna (voiced by Kath Soucie) - an athletic ground sloth who accompanies Velocity and Shunky.
  • Shunky (voiced by Jess Harnell) - a goofy Triceratops who is influenced with Velocity and wants to be him, usually ending up at goofy and, at times, bad mayhems.


  • Prime (voiced by Mark Hamill) - a wise tyrannasaurus rex who is Velocity's mentor.
  • Ron (voiced by Jason Marsden) - a warthog warrior who loves to pick on Velocity, though he cares for him and will do anything to keep his citizens safe while Velocity is usually away, and is also Velocity's best friend.
  • Nancy (voiced by TBD) - a human wearing a prom dress who has powers of telekinetic.
  • Leader Rumble (voiced by TBD) - a wise triceratops who is the leader and the ruler of Thundriso and is Shunky's father, as well as an old friend of Prime.
  • Boulder (voiced by TBD) - an Ankylosaurus who crushes the rocks for resources.
  • [Pterodactyl]
  • Metalhorn (voiced by TBD) - a rhinocerous with a metal horn who is a blacksmith, and revealed to be a great-great grandson of the creator of Velocity's weapon.
  • Jason (voiced by Rob Paulsen) - a trickster spider monkey archer who is a Robin Hood-like figure.
  • Brielle (voiced by TBD) - a Face Paint girl who lives in Thundriso.
  • King Jungle (voiced by TBD) - a mandrill who is the king of Monkatopia.
  • Lena (voiced by TBD) - a Face Paint girl who is the leader/ruler of [Face Paint kingdom].
  • Squealyton (voiced by TBD) - an annoying monkey who is King Jungle's assistant.
  • Michelle


  • Brimstone (voiced by Clancy Brown) - a scorpion-demonic creature who wants to take over Thundriso and the main antagonist of the series.
  • Lord Apeos (voiced by Diedrich Bader) - a gorilla lord who wants to invade Monkatopia.
  • The Dark Humans, consisting of:
    • Malware (voiced by Corey Burton) - a Dark Human who serves as the leader of the Dark Human clan.
    • Ashton (voiced by TBD) - a Dark Human assassin who is Malware's girlfriend, as well as the trusted one.
      • Horace (vocal effects by Joe Alaskey) - a black horse/beetle hybrid who is Ashton's pet, where she usually rides in.
    • Clay (voiced by TBD) - a Dark Human hunter who TBD.
    • Baylee (voiced by TBD) - a stupid and ditzy Dark Human who usually foils Malware's plans thanks to her stupidity.
    • Maria (voiced by TBD) - a masked Dark Human who wields a crossbow, loves to hunt.
    • The Goldtoucher (voiced by TBD) - a Dark Human who turns anything he touches to gold.
  • Shockyra (voiced by Jennifer Hale) - a sadistic mercenary who can turn her claws into electricity.
  • Dr. Johann Phobos (voiced by Jeffery Combs) - a monkey mad scientist who is obsessed with fear and the mind.
  • Goldie and Rondie (voiced by Tara Strong and Richard Steven Horvitz, respectively) - twin goldfish who has been stealing all over the Thundriso region, even annoying Brimstone.
  • Captain Blackclaw (voiced by TBD) - a cruel panther pirate.
    • Blubba (voiced by TBD) - a hippopotamus who is Blackclaw's keen eye as well as the smartest
    • Krackers (voiced by TBD) - a dumb parrot who is the stupidest member of the team.
    • Clubber (voiced by TBD) - a strong, muscular lion who is the strongest.
  • Strangley
  • [Spinosaurus]
  • TBD
  • [Bring Grimm back or nah?]



The series' animation is being outsourced to [Rough Draft, eMation, AKOM or TMS Entertainment].


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  • This is the first Nicktoon series to focus mainly on action, while still having comedy.
  • This is the final Nicktoon to come out in the 90s.
  • The series ended on the same day where Me and the Moose premeired.
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