The Urban Face Paints
Television show information



Created by

Susie Lewis

Voices of

Aubrey Plaza
Kristen Schaal
Kate Micucci

Country of

United States





Susie Lewis

Running time

22 min.


Comedy Central Productions


ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks



Comedy Central

Original release

August 26th, 2015 - present

The Urban Face Paints is an American adult animated sitcom television series, being created by Susie Lewis. It is produced by Comedy Central Productions and it has aired on Comedy Central since August 26th, 2015.


In the city called New Urbia, three face paints live in the same apartment after moving from the Face Paint World to Earth, as they try to fit into human society.



  • Grace Paintmoore (voiced by Aubrey Plaza) - a Face Paint who is a goth. She is basically the leader of the trio since she tends to lead Angelina and Yasmine to random places.
  • Angelina Brushhare (voiced by Kristen Schaal) - a Face Paint who is the girly one. She is also the nicest, yet the dumbest out of the trio.
  • Yasmine Paintonya (voiced by Kate Micucci) - a Face Paint who is the smartest of the trio.


  • Edward the Landlord (voiced by Patton Oswalt) - a grouchy guy who is the landlord of the girls' apartment and usually tries to TBD.
  • Stefan Alejandro (voiced by Matthew Gray Gubler) - an athlete who grows a crush on Angelina.
  • Salem S. Clums (voiced by Patrick Warburton) - a man who is Yasmine's boss.
  • E (voiced by TBD) - an anthropomorphic eggplant from Angelina's dreams who is rather perverted.
  • Hammy the Ostrich (vocal effects by Dee Bradley Baker) - an ostrich that escaped from the zoo who was later kept by Angelina, who though he was a lost pet who left his "owner's house".
  • Moria Expo (voiced by TBD) - a goofy teenage girl who is the daughter of the CEO of Mr. Video.
  • Mr. Video (voiced by TBD) - a fictional anthropomorphic video player who is the mascot of the video store, Mr. Video.
  • Lauren (voiced by Olivia Hack) - a very shy and awkward woman who is rather strange.
  • Patient 7 (voiced by TBD) - an innocent teenage girl who is an asymptomatic carrier of the strange disease that's been going around New Urbia.
  • Sarah [a paint-related pun, similar to Grace, Angelina, and Yasmine] (voiced by TBD) - a Face Paint who loves to have fun, and is Angelina's long time friend, though Grace and Yasmine are both annoyed by her.
  • Aurelie (voiced by Carl Faruolo) - an ugly Face Paint who was slowly dying from her bleeding.
  • Megan Fox (voiced by TBD) - a famous actress who has gigantic boobs, in which everyone adores.


  • Anthony Jones (voiced by TBD) - a teenage boy who stalked Yasmine and is extremely perverted.
  • The Businessman (voiced by TBD) - an evil business man who blackmails people.
  • Greta (voiced by TBD) - a teenage girl who loves eating, with her favorite food being girl scout cookies.
  • Ashley (voiced by TBD) - TBD
  • Liam Manningham (voiced by TBD) - TBD
  • Claws (vocal effects by Fred Tatasciore) - a malicious bear that attacks and murders random campers.
  • Grisly Izzy (vocal effects by Melique Berger) - a malicious spirit of a young woman who causes chaos once she is summoned.
  • Snappy (voiced by TBD) - a creature called a Snapperclaw who, despite being young, is very intelligent.
  • Dr. Bailey Cuna (voiced by TBD) - a mad scientist who is in charge of the Lamia Project, an experiment to kidnap women and turn them into skilled killing machines.
  • The Pets, consisting of:
    • Bombo (vocal effects by TBD) - a hostile dog who leads the Pets.
  • Raelynn (voiced by TBD) - an ugly Face Paint girl who led the "Ugly Lives Matter" protests and is tired of media portraying every Face Paint girl to be very cute and beautiful.
  • Daughters of the Blood Moon (voiced by Lilimar Hernandez, TBD, TBD, and TBD, respectively) - a creepy cult of females who are all also werewolves as they induct every new member in their ranks every blood moon.
  • Monstree (voiced by Ashley Johnson) - a monster that led the other monsters to infest Grace, Angelina, and Yasmine's apartment and tried to kill them so she can have the apartment to herself and her allies. It's been revealed that she killed other people in cold blood, including her own parents.
  • The Hemomorph (vocal effects by Fred Tatasciore) - A strange alien monster who can enter through an organism's blood stream and corrupt them into creatures called the Morphed.
  • Tiffany (voiced by Barrett Wilbert Weed) - a sarcastic employee at ChompBurger who loves to make fun of people, and has even once tried to torture a minor.
  • The Farmer (voiced by Bill Farmer) - an old farmer who hates everyone and forced Grace, Angelina, and Yasmine to work for him since he was too lazy.
  • D.I.C.K. (voiced by Jason Issacs) - an evil AI who likes to treat everyone like they're dumb.
  • Jill Markus (voiced by Phillipa Soo) - a powerful psychic who can mess with reality.
  • Henry Grizzle (voiced by Ron Funches) - a radioactive homeless person who is now a cannibalistic bear creature.
  • Vampire Flies (vocal effects by TBD) - vampire flies that when they suck their blood, the person that got bit by them is turned into a blood-sucking vampire.


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  • The girls are confirmed to be in their twenties.
  • It is confirmed that Grace is bisexual, while the others are straight.
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