The Transformers: More than Meets the Eye
Genre Science fiction
Created by Hasbro
Based on

by Hasbro
Developed by Adam Beechen
Duane Capizzi
Eric S. Calderon 
Voices of See Voice Cast
Composer(s) Brad Breeck
Country of
United States
No. of episodes 26
Nicole Dubuc
Stephen Davis
Jae-Myung Yu
Producer(s) Adam Beechen
Eric S. Calderon
Allspark Animation
Studio Mir
Distributor Hasbro Studios
Original network Cartoon Network
Preceded by The Transformers

The Transformers: More than Meets the Eye is an upcoming American animated television series, produced by Allspark Animation and animation outsourced by Studio Mir. It the sequel to the 1984 series The Transformers which takes place in an even more futuristic setting and will featured in the same animation style as Voltron: Legendary Defender


In the year 2060 decades after the events of the first series, Optimus Prime and his fellow Autobots awaken to find themselves in a future where humans, aliens and robots live together in peace and are befriended by Daniel Witwicky's daughters Alex & Sabrina Witwicky and their friends, Meanwhile Galvatron and the Decpticons continue their goal to control both Cybertron and Earth, now the battle between Autobot and Decpticon continues will decide the fate of both the future and the universe.

Voice Cast


A follow-up series to the original series was being developed most of the original cast from the 1984 series who are still alive will reprise all of their roles and along with new cast as well, along with characters from all the previous Transformers shows will appear, any knowledge of The Headmasters and Beast Wars: Transformers will be ignored. Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery executive producers of Voltron: Legendary Defender will showrun the series with the crew of Legendary Defender participating in production, Studio Mir in South Korea is attached to animate the series with crew memebers from all the previous Transformers shows. Victor Caroli will be returning as narrator.

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