The Tale of Croc is a video game franchise being developed by Avalanche Software and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, being a reboot to the Croc duology by the now-defunct Argonaut Software. The franchise is being created by TBD. It has its start since TBD 2018


In the fictional Gobbo Island, Croc and his pet gobbo embark on adventures to stop various bad guys while TBD.



  • Croc McCrocos (voiced by Matthew Mercer) - an adventurous and brave crocodile who tends to stop bad guys, especially Baron Dante.
    • Gobbo Gobbo (voiced by TBD) - a mischevious, yet loyal Gobbo who is Croc's pet.


  • The King and Queen of The Gobbos (voiced by Phil LaMarr and Tress MacNeille, respectively) - Caring husband and wife Gobbos who rule the Gobbo Island, being the adopted parents of Croc and Ma'Kayla.
  • Ma'Kayla McCrocos (voiced by Jessica DiCicco) - a crocodile who is Croc's sister.
  • [give Croc a love interest?]


  • Baron Dante (voiced by Khary Payton) - a evil magician who TBD.
    • Tooty the Feeble (voiced by TBD) - a bird-like monster who is Baron Dante's stupid assistant.


  1. The Tale of Croc (2018)
  2. The Tale of Croc: The Undiscovered World (2020)


Changes between the original and the reboot

Original Reboot
Croc does not have a sister in the original. Croc actually has one sister in the reboot.
Tooty was turned back to the duck. Tooty was always been a bird-like monster, created by Baron Dante.

Television adaptation

See The Adventures of Croc.


See The Tale of Croc/Tropes.


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