The Super Time Travel TV Remote allows you to rewatch TV events and view TV guides from history. It is the successor to The Time Travel TV Remote.

What it can do

  • Allow you to rewatch past events and schedules.
  • Allow you to view TV guides for each day.
  • Allow you to record past or future events.
  • Allow you to watch future events.

What it can NOT do

  • Access websites from the past or future. They are making The Time Travel Smartphone for that.
  • Listen to past or future radio, view each day's radio guides, or record past or future radio broadcasts. However, The Time Travel Radio Remote is in development to do that.
  • Use past or future computer software. That's also for the Time Travel Smartphone.
  • Make or listen to to past or future phone calls. The Time Travel Smartphone is for that.
  • Send or receive past or future text messages. The Time Travel Smartphone has that capability.
  • Create or get past or future e-mail. The Time Travel Smartphone has that function.
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