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   The Super Smash Bros. Movie is an adaptation of the most beloved fighting game of all time. Based on the Super Smash Bros. created by Massahiro Sakurai. The computer-animated movie will be rated PG and made by Columbia Pictures.


adrenaline | imovie song - Trailer Music

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Main Theme - Title

epic battle music - the final confrontation - Master Hand Battle

The Encounter by Yoko Shimomura - VIllain Battle

multi-man smash from super smash bros. for nintendo 3ds - Smash Tournement Theme

Flameheart by Two Steps from Hell - Master Core/Final Battle Theme

shooting quasar dragon theme - Mewtwo battles Master Core

master core theme - Giga Bowser Battle Theme

master core (final form) - Bowser Battle


Mario Smash

Charles Martinet as Mario (Good)

Luigi Smash

Tony Rosato as Luigi (Good)

Donkey Kong Smash

Richard Yearwood as the Voice of Donkey Kong (Good)

Duck Hunt Dog

Wayne Knight as the Voice of Duck Hunt Dog (Good) and Rosie O'Donnel as the Voice of Duck (Good)

Kirby Smash

Dane Boedigheimer as Kirby (Good)

Pikachu Smash

Craig Blair as the Voice of Pikachu (Good)

Villager Smash

Haley Joel Osment as Villager (Good)

Yoshi Smash

Andrew Sabiston as the Voice of Yoshi (Good)


Mega Man Smash

Cole Howard as Mega Man (Good)

Master Hand Smash

Liam Neeson as the Voice of Master Hand (Neutral)

Heroes at the top, neutrals in the middle, and villains at the bottom.                                                                                  

Mewtwo Smash

Dan Green as the Voice of Mewtwo (Neutral. He eventually becomes Good.)

King Dedede Smash

Ted Lewis as the Voice of King Dedede (Neutral)

Master Core

Master Core (Evil)

Kerozene Smash

Kerozene (Evil)

Giga Bowser Smash

Giga Bowser (Evil)

Bowser Smash

Scott Burns as the Voice of Bowser (Evil)

Meta Knight Smash

Eric Newsome as Meta Knight (Evil)

Darkrai Smash

Scott WIlliams as the Voice of Darkrai (Evil)

Yellow Devil Smash

Gerald Matthews as the Voice of Yellow Devil (Evil)

Lucario Smash

Sean Schemmel as the Voice of Lucario (Evil)

King K. Rool Smash

Lance Henriksen as the Voice of King K. Rool (Evil)

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